Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hertzler Doings~March 24-March 30, 2014

Mon.-Busy Day. Susan's Easter egg business is starting up. We both went out to town separately to do our things. I visited with Judy and got to hold Gracie, Dane, and her new little grandson, Logan. Met with a friend at Shogun's for supper where owner's little girls were telling each other the Creation story from a little book they had. "Adam played with a monkey and Eve played with a dog. Then she ate an apple. Or a banana." So precious.  Went to a homeschool softball meeting around 6. Stopped in at Walmart on the way home.

Tues.-Got at least 3 inches of snow before noon. Michael and Susan both decided not to chance the roads with their light weight cars. Birds are having a hayday at the feeders. Counted 13 cardinals at one time, lots of finches, a flicker, chickadees, junkos, black birds,  and a big fat robin awaiting his turn. Earlier, the robins were congregating in the front lawn before it was covered with snow. They were slurping up half frozen worms and freezing their innards. Susan is doing lots of food prep and dipping eggs. She is adding strawberry eggs and chocolate cream eggs to her choices this year at a local store's request. After things cleared up in the afternoon we went out to Appomattox and bought more egg supplies at Kroger-just as it started to snow again. Hit the sack early but Susan stayed up late, forming and dipping eggs.

Wed.-Cleaned house, made food, visited with Janelle and Micah a little while she showed me where to write an Amazon review for her leather necklaces, hit the sack early again. Susan out to town to deliver eggs, go to gym, and go to church. Philip joined her there. Michael studied a lot today.

Thurs.-Took Tommy over to Helen's after he worked here in the morning. Lynn F. and girls are up from Fl. They are cleaning the house and will be making 500 little cupcakes for Michelle's wedding on Saturday. What a Godsend Lynn is. Helen has a kitchenette set up in the basement along with a table to sit around. She has a fridge/freezer completely stocked for people from Pa. who have come down for the wedding to come in the back door and help themselves. She has set up places for every one to stay. What an amazing woman! Hospitality at its' finest. Stopped in to see Danielle on the way home. Cleaned the mancave/bathroom this afternoon and had a breakdown. Cleaned our house too. Susan went to Dennis and her back is already better. She's busy making eggs. Selling at Miller's and on her own as well. Signed up for youth camp. Probably her last year to be able to do it. Selling eggs to make money to go. Mom and Dad and Karalee came today to Helen's. Haven't seen them but will tomorrow.

Fri.-Sun.-What a weekend! Michael and Karl's wedding-the wedding of the century, took place at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon at Evergreen Baptist Church in Evergreen Va. But first, relatives came down from Pa. Anne, David, Debra, Jordan, his girl friend, Dianah, and Bradley, and Karalee, all came over for supper on Friday evening. Freeman and Alli joined us as well. So did Mom and Dad. Then we took Mom and Dad and Dianah back to Tom's and Jordan, Bradley, and Logan-who arrived around 10 from Fla., all stayed in the mancave. Karalee slept in Susan's bed with her. Little baby in her belly is due in August, I believe. I made chili and vegetable soup, corn bread, applesauce, hot fudge sundae cake, and ice cream for supper. We ate in shifts.

Sat.-Kel stopped in to visit. Debra came over to visit with Logan. She, Anne, and little David spent the night at Freeman's. Jordan and I went over to pick up Dianah. Busy place here with Michael making a big breakfast, Susan dipping and wrapping eggs, and most of the boys getting a hair cut by Philip. Phil and I picked up Mom and Dad for the wedding. Everyone of us got there in one way or another. The wedding was like a big Hopewell reunion with lots of Va. homeschoolers thrown into the mix. I wrote this on face book. "My favorite moments of yesterday's wedding: Phil, walking his sweet mama down the aisle, his dad savoring each stepping moment as he followed them; Philip, escorting the mother of the bride to the stairs as she went up to light a candle, and the gentle way he helped her back down the steps; Freeman, singing a great fun song about a smile with a friend of Michelle's while the bride and groom shared communion, Michael, MCing the re-entry of the bridal party-announcing the flower girl and ring bearer first and having Karl and Michelle peak their head around the corner. "Surprise!" he improvised. The groom, saying his words of thanks, and pausing as he tried to control his emotions, and then the poignant favorite words of the hour, "I thought this day would never come." Phil's dad, weeping, as he watched the bride walk down the aisle on her father's arm. Tom saying, "Her mother and I," and Tommy, from amidst the groomsmen, raised his hand and piped up, "Me, too!" A standing room only reception with chairs on the sidelines was like a Hopewell reunion with many Va. homeschooled families thrown into the mix. And then, family from Pa. at our house in the eve. for pizza, chili, and hot dogs, and then, this morning (Sunday), listening to my nephew Taylor play original songs on the guitar, and his precious brother, hugging me hard when he left, and saying, "I love you, too." My heart is full and overflowing." And then I added, "And seeing (Bunny) and hiding in the corner and talking in depth was probably the best thing that happened to me all day! And seeing the Furhman's and filling out a prank prayer card with Jim egging me on that may get Cynthia S. some time under the spotlight. So many great memories."

Sun.-We stopped in at Tom's on the way home to say good bye to Mom and Dad and stayed for a few hours eating leftovers and 'new' food. Helen is amazing. Went over to Michelle's house with Bethany and Joanna. Got to see a surprise and also got to see Tommy's lingerie gift to Michelle. He could go into a Redneck Lingerie business. All he needs is a shotgun and a t-shirt. Said good bye to Anne, Jim, Debra, and boys in morning. What a great weekend. (Writing these Sunday notes a week and a day later.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Courtship of Truman Hertzler and Virginia Mast~

~as told to Annette Hertzler on October 31, 2013~

I think it will be easiest to write their account in interview form. Thus, when a question is asked, it will be understood that I am the one asking a question, and their answer will follow.

First, Mom and I sat down together. I asked her some questions.

"When did you meet Dad?"

'I was standing at the front door of our family home. My parent's had invited his father and Martha(his sister) and Truman over to our house for dinner which was the noon meal.'

'I was at the front door with my father to welcome them.  I had never bothered looking at any guys before but I thought, "He's a pretty handsome guy!"'

'When it was time for them to go,  I went to the boy's bedroom and watched him leave and it was another favorable impression. He was 18 1/2 years old. I was 15.'

'I didn't pay much attention to him until I was 16.  I went to Laurelville one summer with several siblings and he was out there and we paid attention to each other there.  He got me into some scary places. He convinced me to climb some big rocks with him. I had on a dress. It wasn't like he would have known the rocks real well.  He didn't.  We had good fun.'

Later, I asked Dad, "When did you first notice Mom?"

He said, "She was one of Martha's friends. I noticed that she was pretty and nice.  I had thought red hair wasn't pretty until I noticed her.  We went to her place for Sunday dinner.  Mom opened the door for me and I thought she was quite congenial and very nice.  Later we went to Laurelville for a Young People's Institute. We went on hikes together and went through rocks.  I gave her my hand and helped her up through the rocks."

(It was fun to hear these stories from both of their perspectives. Dad did not know that she had already told me her side of the story.)

Dad continued, "One Sunday afternoon, I asked her for a date. "I'll try," she answered."

Ginny said that she asked her mother for permission and her mother said that she could have this one date but no more until she graduated from high school. They went to a musical program.

Their church had an active young people's group. They saw each other at youth activities every other Friday night and on one Sunday a month, the youth evangelized by going to the town of Reading to distribute 'The Way' into people's door boxes.

On Christmas eve, the young people would Christmas carol until milking time the next morning. Ginny's dad furnished the truck. The group of young people would stand on the back facing the four foot sides of the truck and carol through the town. At 1:00 in the morning, they would stop and have refreshments-hot dogs, cookies, hot chocolate, and coffee-and then would return to the truck to carol some more. They also walked through Morgantown and Elverson and stopped at different people's homes. Dad remembers them stopping at his home when he was a small boy. They would come to sing for his grandma. One of the children would wake up to the singing and they would go around and wake up the others in the house.

One Christmas morning, when Truman was about ten years old, the family car wouldn't start. They-his father, his brother, and himself-walked to church and Jacob E. Kurtz insisted on taking them home even though his station wagon was already full.
His daughter, Fanny, was in the car. Truman asked her, "Do you like to hear the carolers?"
"I am one," she replied.
"I never forgot that," said Dad.

Mom continued, "We officially started dating after I graduated from LMS in June of 1951.  Mama left us have a few dates before I graduated. During my last semester of high school, he was in his second semester at EMC.  We were writing.  I remember he gave me such a beautiful fancy blouse for Valentine's. I wore if for special occasions. It had lace around the front and buttons down the back. It was a beautiful dark green.  Cape dresses were in vogue in the Mennonite Church. I guess he didn't think that a cape dress was necessary."

"That summer, Dan and Mary got married. (Dan is Truman's older brother.) Mama left Truman and I drive out to Ohio by ourselves. The day we came back, we both went to Snowhill, Md. to teach Bible School for two weeks. We taught the fourth grade.  Truman and I would go out for walks. I got bit by mosquitoes but they didn't bother him."

Dad went back to EMC that fall. They wrote more letters.

"In September of '51, my brother, Ernest, died," said Mom. "Dad came home for that funeral. He was unsure of where he belonged at the funeral but he wanted to be there for me.
I had mumps in August of that year. Truman stopped in to see me before he left for EMC."

Miriam, Mom's older sister, was dating Alan at that time. Mom wished that she could go out on dates.
She chummed around with her cousins while she waited for her chance to date. 

It was during the next summer of 1952 that Truman and Ginny became engaged. They didn't tell anyone. Mom was ready to settle down but Dad decided he wanted to serve in PAX-(Peace)-after WW11 ended in 1945. (He would serve from July of '53-August of '55, rebuilding houses for refugees in Germany.)

Ginny went up to NYC to the pier to watch the PAX boys leave by ship.  His father, his Uncle Milford, Chris Kurtz, and others from their church were there to see the 'Good Ship Edom' depart. They didn't know if they would ever see those boys again.

Truman and the other young men had one week of orientation training at Grantham Brethren in Christ College.(Messiah College) He and Ginny wrote to each other almost every week.

After he came back, they found out that two other couples were also engaged before the fellows left.

Ginny went to EMC during his second year away. She took a year of Home Economics.

That second year he began to call her on the phone. There was a six hour difference and she spent some time hanging around the phone.  Life moved a bit faster during that second year.

At one point Ginny did not hear from Truman for two to three weeks and she was worried. She found out later that he had a car accident. He suffered with a concussion and had to lay still. They put him in a Children's Home to get the nursing care he needed.  An American girl would bring him his meals. She was dating one of the other PAX guys.  After feeling better he was able to write. Martha, his sister, did not know what had happened either. 

There were those he worked with who wanted him to stay longer in Germany to teach Bible School. Someone told him he needed to come home, saying, "You're engaged."

Mom said, "If he had stayed on, that might have put me over the edge."
He came home in August and they were married on Nov. 26, 1955.
Phil was born on September 19, 1956.

Back to the summer of 1952.
Truman says that his heart would start to beat faster whenever he got closer to Ginny's home.
They enjoyed going for walks out the Mast Farm Lane.
There was a wheat field right beside the lane.
Ginny's daddy liked to play tricks.

One evening, on their way back from their walk, a ghost-like creature jumped out of the wheat field.
Truman said loudly, "I'm gonna throw a stone at the thing!" ("I didn't," he assured me.)
Truman ran over and grabbed a white sheet from off the trickster.
There was Ginny's Daddy in his undershorts.
He ran to the house while they all laughed heartily.

Miriam and Alan were also dating. Whichever couple got home first got the rights to the living room. The others had to stay in the kitchen. One evening, Ginny served Truman tomato juice. He hadn't liked tomato juice before but he liked it ever after. Maybe because it was made with love. 

Ginny shared about a very special time.
"One Sunday evening we went to a meeting at Zion. Truman was planning to propose to me that evening but young people came over to our home. The next evening he wanted to walk up the field lane where there was a nice cherry tree. We sat there talking for awhile and then Truman said, "Will you marry me?" This is when we shared our first kiss." ( Prior to this, they would hold up their hands to their faces and kiss through their hands.)
 Ginny said that soon after she said 'Yes', there was a little rain shower. "That was a shower of blessing." 

Mom said, "The day after we were engaged, Miriam said, "What's wrong with you?  Did you get engaged or something?" I don't remember what I said to her."(They were keeping their engagement a secret.)
Skip forward to their wedding on November 26th, 1955.

After the ceremony at Conestoga Church and the reception at Morgantown Fire Hall,
they came back to Ginny's parent's home. Truman forgot his wallet in the bedroom.

They spent the evening at the Morgantown Hotel-Room #19. They left there on Sunday morning while everyone was in church and headed for West Virginia. This is how they lost their would-be followers.

John Shenk, a PAX pastor, had a cabin in West Virginia which he said they could use. It was on Dove Holly Road.

They got there on Sunday.
On Monday evening, Pop Shenk came around 9:00.
He had received a call either from Truman's father or Kathryn Mast.
Pop Shenk said, "Your father is in the hospital."

Truman's father, Melvin Levi,  had a stomach ulcer.
It had ruptured, calling for emergency surgery.

Truman and Ginny packed up and left by 10:00 the same evening.
The temperature had dropped to zero and they couldn't start the car.
Earlier they had visited the neighbors and now they asked these kind folks to give their car a push.
They pushed it with another vehicle for several miles until they got to the top of a mountain.
They put it in gear and started down the other side of the mountain in second gear.
Before they got to the bottom, it started.

They arrived at Ephrata Hospital in the dark of morning and talked with Truman's father.
He was standing and the surgery had already been performed.
Dave Bitler and another neighbor had done the morning milking.
Truman milked the cows in the evening and could hardly stay awake.

His dad recovered and was able to do regular chores.
He passed away December 10, 1964. He was 70 years old.
Truman worked for him for nine years.

Truman and Ginny lived in one bedroom in the big farm house with Truman's family while they fixed the little house next door. They ate their meals with the family. One month later, they moved next door.
Phil was born in September of '56 and Tom was born in May of '58. 
Martha, Truman's sister, was teaching at Conestoga Christian School.
After Tom was born, Martha encouraged the school to hire Ginny to teach Home Economics.
Ginny taught one day a week while Kathryn Mast watched the boys.
Omar Kurtz was the principal of the school which consisted of eight grades at this time.
Well, there you have it.
A bit dis-jointed because my notes were dis-jointed since I interviewed them separately at first
and then together.
I will hit 'print' in order to save it.
Then I will call them and get them to help me edit it.

What a lovely story.
What a lovely couple.
What a lovely legacy.

Thank you Mom and Dad.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hertzler Doings~March 17-23, 2014

Mon.-Sleet. Snow. Ground is covered. Roads are slick. We're tired from our trip. Made some toffee and chicken corn noodle soup. Did some wash. Caught up on blog. Cleaned desk and bedroom. Guys working around here.

Tues.-Big event of today-Writing up Mom and Dad's Courtship story on this blog and then copying it to face book. Lane too slick for Susan to go to drama. Ice everywhere. She went to the gym this eve. when Phil went to the board meeting. Michael went over to Chace's to study with the use of faster internet service. Philip and I had a nice talk and then went our separate ways and hit the sack early.

Wed.-Fri.-Busy days of running errands, staying at home, catching up with friends, being with Judy, hearing Naomi's wildly embarrassing Shady Maple Christmas story (Hint-the man behind her was not her husband (as she thought)), etc. Went to Peebles on Friday and found all kinds of nice clothes for the little guy on sale. I was surprised at the check out that after I made a donation to a charity, I received 30% off all my purchases which far exceeded what I had given. Phil picked up a big copper kettle with a stirrer beyond Roanoke. He's pleased. Michael flew over Smith Mountain Lake and has some beautiful pictures to prove it.

Sat.-Cleaning house. Getting ready for Alli's shower tomorrow. Seeing Dennis with hopes he can help me with injury from Davi knocking me over a few months ago. Pain keeps me awake at night and meds give me vertigo. Susan seeing him this morning and then heading to drama practice all afternoon. Julie with her. Michael studying all day. Dave Plank here this morning for a short visit. He appreciated the big wooden stirrer. Phil working around farm. Freeman busy with a to-do list in prep for party. Philip working on his property.
Several statements I put on face book this week that I want to remember.
"Entitlement and gratitude cannot co-exist. If we think we deserve more, we will not be grateful for what's already been given."
"Sometimes, the only 'cure' for injustice is forgiveness. If we spend our energies looking for vindication for an injustice done against us, we will have no energy to enjoy the freedom's of life-love, laughter, friendships, and the pursuit of God. Instead, let us entrust ourselves to Him who judges justly, yank up the root of bitterness that defiles many, and look to Jesus who used the injustices done against Him as a way to lay down His life for us."

Sunday-Great morning. Pastor Bill spoke on sex and money and four people got saved. Came to Alli's from church with Amy H. We packed the back of her vehicle with chairs. Sandridges brought more chairs. Had a nice baby shower for Alli. It was good to see the Streams again. Played lots of games. Alli got beautiful gifts. The decorations and food were wonderful and the love was out of this world. The guys came here. They dropped their wives off and some of them brought their children and they had a great time visiting in our house, watching The Three Stooges, and eating hot dogs, baked beans, sauerkraut, chips, cookies, ice cream, cole slaw, and mac salad, not necessarily in that order. Took me awhile to calm down and sleep. Love and prayers for M and S tonight.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hertzler Doings~March 10-16, 2014

Mon.-Phil and guys started working a job in Chesterfield today. Johnny left around 8:30 as did Susan and I. Dropped her car off at Bailey's and we picked out a new fridge at Poulston's since ours died yesterday. Johnny took it all apart since he 'knows' this stuff but it was unfixable. Came home and Susan packed and we waited for the fridge to arrive so we could go out to Farmville to get her car, run errands, go to the gym (Susan), and head to New Life for the Basketball Potluck Supper. Good times. Came home and realized that the Amtrak ticked was bringing Susan home two days later than we expected with a 5 hour layover. Cancelled it. Will have to figure something else out. Didn't sleep really well.

Tues.-Got up early. Susan and Michael left around 7 to go to Lynchburg to get ready to fly. Michael is flying Susan to Kentucky to see Makenzie. It is his birthday gift to her. Lynn will pick them up at the Moorehead airport and take them to Pasquali's for lunch and then back to their place and then back out to the airport around 4. Michael will leave Susan there and head for home all by himself. I am home alone for the first time in a long time and I have so many things I want to do. Cleaning, phone calls, writing, preparing for Grams and More, etc. And it's to be 70 today. I need to do something outside. I don't know where to begin.
Had a great day. Vacuumed and washed floors. Did 5 loads of laundry. Caught up on phone with CJ, Lindsay, Dianna, and Judy. Cleaned my desk. Worked in garden out front. Picked up trash outside. Sat in the sun. Filled out Publishing Clearing House papers-hoping to win a lot of money to do wonders with it-caught up with Phil, brought in summer clothes, took a gator ride, etc. Michael is now home. Total flight time to KY and back was under 5 hours. He said that Susan and Makenzie were so happy to be together and he was glad that he could make it happen for them. Johnny's eye compound was taken over by someone and now they want to rent out the building and sell the water. Distressing. He called Pastor Bill and he prayed for him right away and was headed into staff meeting and I imagine they prayed for him there as well. So little he can do in the natural from so far away.

Wed.-Had a lovely day in the town of Farmville. Mack cut my hair and when he was finished he said, "There you go, Hot Stuff." And I loved it. But I tried to hide my silly grin. Then I met DDF at Riverside Café. We talked and talked and I just love her. Then I stopped at Judy's and had the munchies and held Gracie and Dane and didn't want to leave. Went to Belk's and found a few things on a double sale. Stopped at the bank and Walmart and came home. Phil and I soon left to go back to Farmville for a date to see 'Son of God' at the Sunchase Theatre. Only about 8 of us were in there. My longing to really see Him just got worse. This date was Phil's idea. I think I will create the next one and maybe we'll take turns. We had a great evening.

Thurs.-Michael made some caramel corn for a friend who had foot surgery. He's taking it over to them tonight. The guys were working on fencing in this frigid windy weather. So cold. I made carrot cake cupcakes for Grams and More and made a quiche for supper. Also did wash and took care of Lucy and the chickens. The winds were blowing trees down around Philip while he was on his property yesterday and he got out of there. We lost power yesterday for 2 hours but it was while we were at the theatre so we didn't even realize it. Except for the fact that Philip called during the movie to find out where we were and Phil answered it. Philip didn't see the note on the counter telling him where we were because the lights were out. Freeman is paying attention to Lucy and she seems to be surviving without Susan. She looks around for her in the mornings. Poor little doggy. Susan is having a happy time at Makenzie's. I 'talked' with her on fb for just a little bit today.

Fri.-Alli spent the day here nursing a kidney stone while I made a big batch of sweet dough and made pizza, bread sticks, cinnamon rolls, and donuts. It was a lovely day.

Sat.-Grams and More today. Had a great time with about 18-20 ladies. Sang hymns, did a sewing project, played Pick One, shared in a terrific potluck lunch, heard some dear ladies sharing about their lives, played a great get-acquainted game, and relaxed. Came home and cleaned the house and did some wash.

Sun.-Left earlier than we had planned to pick up Susan in Beckley since weather was coming earlier to KY. Got home between 6-7. Traffic tied up. Snowing. 33 degrees.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hertzler Doings~March 3-9, 2014

Mon.-Rain turned to freezing rain turned to blizzard snow. Susan not feeling so well. Slept a lot. I'm working on cleaning up clutter. Liberty was cancelled. Freeman and Philip saw an accident on their way home from Jamerson's and parked in a safe place and checked on her. She was shook up and her car was in an accordion shape after spinning around and hitting guardrails on either side. Guys are working on the barn today. It's almost 3 and the snow has increased again. It's beautiful. I love it. I think my mother loved every kind of weather because I do too.

Tues.-Michael couldn't make it out the lane. Tail end started going to cliff. He got out and pushed it back and came back home. So glad drama was cancelled and that Susan didn't try to go up that hill. Guys are working in barn, moving freezers to one place. Susan decided to make some goodies for Alli. She's still feeling sick and it's her 17th Birthday! She was born on a snowy day. I'm so glad she was born. I love her and all of my kids so much. Philip got us the new Lone Ranger from the Red Box and we watched it together in the eve. I was cleaning out cupboards most of the day. Feels good.

Wed.-Started making Sunday's lunch. Also made quiche for lunch and turkey burger, rice, and green beans for supper. Did a little cleaning but the guys were in and out all day taking our old shower out and putting a new shower in. When they went under the double wide they found that the shower had not been hooked up. What a mess. Philip and Susan went out to youth and Michael came home and visited with Phil and I for awhile. Judy went into the hospital last night with some health troubles. Hope to visit her tomorrow.

Thurs.-Guys worked around here today. Took Susan out to Farmville to get her car at Bailey's. She got her hair trimmed, went to the chiro., then to the gym, while I stopped in to see Judy for a second and got groceries. Michael spent the evening with a friend. Philip went to worship practice. He is encouraged with J's word to him. Phil, Susan, and I, watched a whole disc of Monk.

Fri.-Guys made sausage, sausage gravy, and homemade biscuits for breakfast. Freezing rain and snow have left a treacherous coating everywhere. Ground is white. Birds can't get into their feeders so I've sprinkled food on the deck railing. The wind ruffs up their feathers and they look like they are having a bad hair day. Susan and I made 7 layer salad for the African mission team reunion this eve. Johnny Brynan is on his way down to spend the weekend with us. I'm doing wash, cooking two chickens, tidying the house, etc. Susan is going to make some peanut butter eggs. Guys are working on fences around here while the weather comes down. I'm hoping we don't have to cancel gathering this eve. (We did.) Johnny arrived safely and we had a pleasant afternoon/eve. visiting and catching up with the latest in his life. He asked about each of the kids and they told him what they were doing. Alli and Freeman came over and had supper and visited for awhile. Johnny and Phil checked traps and Johnny looked at his rocks. They are two peas in a pod and share such rich history. Both love snakes, trapping, rock collecting, arrowhead hunting, God, and adventures. Johnny remembered a story Phil told him when they were thirteen about digging a hole and finding a Christmas tree shaped arrow head. Phil still has that arrowhead. It's nice to have someone so interested in his rocks. He remembers where he found each one. Michael's been playing the guitar, Philip's looking at his phone, and Susan is communicating with a friend. Earlier, Freeman and Susan were tousling, The Three Stooges were playing, Michael was playing guitar, people were talking, I was giving Alli a backrub, and everyone was doing their own thing with someone and Johnny said, "There is so much energy in every corner." I love my family. Such a happy day. It's good to have Johnny here too. He is Phil's longest and oldest friend. He is planning to come down for the Pig Roast before he goes back to Kenya.

Sat.-Phil and Johnny went down to see Phil's cousin, Dennis, in NC. Johnny was so encouraged by Dennis. We cleaned up around here and got ready for tomorrow's meal. Susan went out to the gym and met us in the evening at Helton's for a Kenya Mission Team Reunion. (I had written everything about the weekend earlier but for some reason it didn't 'keep.' This will be a shortened version.) Johnny showed pictures and shared about his life. He is going to start using face book to keep in touch with the team, etc.

Sun.-Clocks spring forward. Good church service. Went to SS for the first time in awhile. Dianna is a great teacher and loves to teach. McIntoshes came for lunch as did Pastor Alvin to meet Johnny. I served chicken curry with rice with 10 toppings. Great time. Nice relaxing evening.