Monday, March 30, 2015

Hertzler Doings~March 30-April 5, 2015

Mon.-Beautiful windy sunny day. The guys worked on the one acre property down the road. Susan worked on her bedroom and later went to the gym, got groceries, and cooked up some food. I worked outside, inside, went down to the river, and attended CCA's Civil War Recitatio. It was fun to see the kids and teachers.

Tues.-Busy day towards Richmond. To Ross where I found Nathan's birthday gifts and a few blouses. To a dental consult. Then to Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Talked with Lindsay on the way. Got home after dark. Put things away and went to bed.

Wed.-Processed honeycomb from Philip's tree. Did some wash. Went over to say good-bye to Tom and Kathy and came back with the food they didn't eat. Such precious friends and we miss them when they go. Guys are working over at Happy Valley laying down stone and Doyne is fixing the lawn. Later, Alli, Nathan, and I, went back over and walked. They came back and we visited awhile. Peter T. came over to work on a job bid with Phil and we got to hear part of his life's story. Everyone has a story. People amaze me. Susan took Davi to the vet today and then treated her to a McD ice cream cone afterwards. Davi could hardly believe the whole thing was for her. She watched Susan out of the corner of her eye, thinking Susan was going to eat it. Philip worked on his house. He had his shirt off today and got seriously sunburned. Michael studied outside and started a small group with Pastor Mike tonight at New Life. I made some food for the troups since tomorrow I'm going to the dentist and will need to sleep off meds.

Thurs.-Made meatballs, chocolate cake, exercised, etc. before Alli took me to the dentist. Then I slept all afternoon. Watched Monk in the eve.

Fri-Food prepped for Sunday. Cleaned house for Sunday. Washed clothes. Took two walks. One of them was with Alli and Nathan. It started to drizzle. Almost 80 degrees. Michael studied. Philip worked on house in eve. Susan home alone. Phil and I went to Calvary Chapel for their Good Friday service and saw dear friends and family.

Sat.-Shopped in Lynchburg for prom dresses with Jeannie and Claire. Susan found one at our last stop-Absolute Bridal and Formal. Found one exactly the color and style that she wanted on the sale rack for $180. Then, take 70 % off and it cost 56.69. Black strapless floor length. She looked stunning. So classy. Needs to be taken in a tiny bit. Otherwise, it looks like it was tailored just for her.

Sun.-The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed. Mom called with these words and I responded. Picked up Ivona on the way to church. Wonderful church service. Came home and rested and got ready for company. Somewhere around 5, Freeman, Alli, Nathan, Peter, Ivona, and Janelle came for a supper of ham, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, seven layer salad, red beet eggs, Peter's homemade bread and rolls fresh from the oven, chocolate cake, and Freeman's blueberry cheese cake. We had a great time. I asked my kids to keep their phones away and we talked, played Monopoly, and crawled around on the floor with Nathan. It was a good day and God really does make all things new.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hertzler Doings~March 23-29, 2015

Mon.-Caught up on wash and vacuuming. Rested. Dizzy. Watched a movie with Susan and Michael. Susan had basketball pictures this morning and then went to the gym this eve. Michael used the internet at a friends. He had 13 hours of sleep last night which helped him catch up. Phil went with the guys to Richmond and had a pretty good day. Philip's working on his house this eve. I made brussel sprouts. I cleaned them, halved them, and added them to half cooked pieces of bacon in the oven along with mushrooms. Baked at 400 until edible. Delicious. Also made homemade peanut butter cup bars. So healthy that they almost don't taste good.

Tues.-Feeling great. Caught up with house, wash, and Alli and Nathan! Met with Jenny Murphy before homeschool grad meeting at Faith Bible. I like her so much. She never worries about anything and she's so calm, funny, and pro-Susan, and pro-her family. Meeting went well. Left early and went to Lynchburg. Spent the night with Betty G. Kelly and her friends came over for eve to watch a show. Betty made them cookies. Betty has chocolate everywhere and she said, "Help yourself," so I did. Spent the night.

Wed.-Betty woke me up at 4:30 and we were at Lynchburg General Hospital by 5:30 checking her in for gall bladder surgery. I cannot say enough good about that hospital. Everyone was kind and competent, from the guy who met us at the door and parked my car, to the office people, nurses, surgeon, cafeteria people, etc. I love hospitals. I am not sure why. I'd like to work there. I'd like to be in the surgery. I'd like to serve in the cafeteria. I'd like to be a Chaplain and wait with people and be there 'holding space' for them. The doctor met with me after her surgery and I asked him all kinds of questions and then he asked me if I had any questions and I asked, "Can I have your cell phone number?" I was joking but we both knew I was serious and so he answered me by telling me how to contact the hospital, etc. and that they could contact him, etc.  We were in her recovery room for awhile and then got settled at home after dropping pain med prescription off at Walmart. She slept and I dozed and neighbors brought flowers, apple bread, and a fed-ex guy brought a package with Kelly's wallet in it sent to her from a friend. We had a good day. A great time. And I loved it because I love Betty but I also loved it and am wondering about doing it as a job. Being a companion. Picking someone up and taking them to the hospital and bringing them back to their house and taking care of them for 24 hours. Stopped at Fresh Foods on the way home. Susan had the house cleaned and the sink shining. Wow.

Thurs.-Slept until 9:30. Catching up with wash, emails, blogging, etc. Phil and Philip made a quick run to Richmond to look at a house with water damage. Susan went to the gym and to a sports massage. Michael must be at school. Did my exercises outside on the porch to get some Vitamin D. Took a run/walk and cleaned up the yard and pulled some weeds in the flower garden. Dug up a cold frame section and planted 3 packs of lettuce and one of spinach. Mom called and we caught up a bit. Her brother's wife-Barb, passed away this week with cancer. Ollie, husband, played the harmonica for her as she slipped into heaven. Phil is still coughing and feeling tired. Philip isn't feeling so well either and they struggled to stay alert on their way home from Richmond. I borrowed a book from Betty entitled 'Prince Edward' and am learning some of the history of racial issues in Farmville Va. Watched 'Stranded' with Susan and Phil. Based on Swiss Family Robinson. 65degrees today. Left windows open overnight.

Fri-Raining. Visited with the guys here in the morning before they started working around here. Phil worked in the office. I went to Appomattox-Walmart, Granny Bee's and Baine's with DDF-Lisa H., The Little Things in Life, Country Charm, B&L, Southern States, and the Library. Made a huge pot of just vegetable soup. Susan went to CE's for the weekend. Michael and I watched a movie-"Prestige"-and Phil joined us about halfway through. It was hard to follow but definitely intriguing. Buck Night in the man cave. Supposed to get cold tonight and maybe snow.

Sat.-Busy day-made a turkey, sweet potatoes, (served Phil a sweet potato with watercress on top for lunch.), vacuumed, washed Kitchen floor, cleaned the Tupperware cupboard, and tonight, Phil and I went out to Bedford to Liberty Station with Tom and Kathy L. and we had the best salad, bread. crab dip, steak. ever! Kathy and I started singing along with the music in the bathroom and decided to sing that song for the pig roast. "Winter, spring, summer, or fall....all you have to do is call....and I'll be there...." Lovely time was had by all. Michael and Chace helped the Yoder's moved and made some money. Philip worked on his house. Phil rested a lot today and talked with his parents this morning. They were headed to Barbie's memorial service. It's 35 degrees here today. Susan's overnight at Claire's but we brought Lucy in and put her in her cage in Susan's room. She broke out of her cage last night and was sleeping on Susan's bed this morning. Chatting with Lindsay on face book. Great way to end my great Saturday.

Sun.-Picked up Tom and Kathy and took them to church with us. They loved it. Went out to Pino's afterwards. Freeman, Alli, Nathan, and their friends, Brian and Heidi, joined Susan and the four of us. Came home and rested. Watched a movie-can't think of it's name-with the boys. Happy ending. Michael and Philip cut each other's hair. Good evening and good night of sleep.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hertzler Doings~March 16-22, 2015

Mon.-Another beautiful sunrise/sunset. A day at home to read, exercise, walk with Nathan and Alli, flip Nathan, snuggle with Nathan, collect eggs, clean out another drawer, tidy the house, clean up the junk outside, make vegetable soup and a chicken, read a book outside, read a book and take a nap, watch two Monks with Susan and Phil and trust God.

Tues.-Went to Dr. F. then to Farmville. Met Alli at Tractor Supply to show Nathan little chicks. Went to Walmart and saw them there, too. So much fun. Got my hair cut and then went with Jenny to Hampton Sydney. Chi Alpha had lemonade outreach there. Saw the history teacher who sang at our Pig Roast. Tripped on way back to car. Jenny caught me. Jammed both hands and twisted my back. Stopped in at Judy's on my way home. She gave me a late lunch of chicken soup and chocolate cake. Came home to sick Phil. Running a temp and coughing. Achey. On the sofa.

Wed.-Went back to Dr. F. and she refixed me. Feel much better. Susan took me to dentist as soon as I got home. On dental drugs but wouldn't have had to be. He took x-rays and said uh oh and sent me to a specialist for an extract and implant. Went to Encounter meeting in eve. with Alli. She drove. Slept well but sick in my stomach every few hours. Phil's temp up to 102.9. He slept on the sofa and his fever broke in the night.

Thurs.-Phil better but exhausted. Needs to get a bid in. I'm running a slight temp of not quite 100. Tickle and a cough. Susan headed out to Farmville for sports massage and haircut. Stopped and visited Judy between appts. Guys are in here for lunch. I'm working on Encounter today. Getting little done. Susan out to gym in eve. Michael passed his flying test!  Yay! Philip working on house in eve. Phil and I laid out with flu like symptoms. Dianna setting things up so I'm covered at Encounter if I can't come. Headed to bed before seven. Phil already asleep on the sofa. Turkey is cooking in crockpot. Not quite finished. I guess I'll deal with it in the middle of the night.

Fri.-Phil passed out this morning and Philip and Freeman helped him lay on the floor. Got him a Drs. appt. Diagnosis-pneumonia. On hefty antibiotics. I'm still running a slight fever. We're quite a pair. I think we both got what Nathan had-a fever for a few days-and then Phil developed a secondary infection. Resting a lot. Watched old Sherlock Holmes movies in the eve.

Sat.-Another day of rest. Missing Encounter at church. Have a slight fever. Phil's temp is normal finally. He looks rough. He's trying to get up and do things and then rests for awhile. I made a turkey potpie. Freeman is taking care of Nathan today while Alli is at Encounter. She is teaching. So proud of her. Philip worked on his house. Michael went out last night with Chace to Midlothian and treated Chace to Hong Kong food for C's birthday. Tonight, Michael, Philip, Chace, Jordan, and Ricky, are going out to Lynchburg to eat, then see The Hobbit, then go to Liberty's several hour talent share that starts at 11:30 pm. Claire was here overnight last night. They watched a movie in the mancave and Philip scared the wits out of them. They went to the gym today and over to HV to lay out on the bridge.  Susan's staying home tonight with us old fogies. It's hard to believe that family and friends in Pa have 6 inches of snow.

Sun.-Phil and I stayed home from church. He's coughing a lot and I'm dizzy. We had our own church service of sorts and we both read and I filled a page in my idea book. We watched some old Sherlock Holmes TV series and rested. Susan went to Richmond after church to attend a nutritional seminar. I'll hear more about it later because she got home while we were watching a movie with Philip. Philip took a long hike this afternoon. Michael had lunch with a friend and we didn't see much of him because he went to bed when he got home having only three hours of sleep last night. I sat in the sun a little too and I am feeling pretty good this eve. Phil went out to sleep on the recliner because he just wants to cough and this will help his lungs to be on an incline. He plans to go to work tomorrow. God bless him. I haven't seen Nathan for such a long time. Philip held him during worship today and he fell asleep during the second song and he held him for most of the service. Made him so happy.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Mar. 9-15, 2015

Mon.-Doing wash. Eating vegetables that Susan made. Oh my. She wrapped white asparagus in bacon and baked it. So good. Also baked cauliflower. And made beets. They taste like candy. Tidied the house. Talked with Michael this morning before he headed to the river for a day of reading, resting, studying, listening. Susan is focused and bright this morning and she headed off to their last tournament game. Susan called after her game. They won by 5 points. They had an unbeated season of basketball. Good for them!  Went with Phil to Farmville in the truck to pick up chicken pellets and milk replacer. Nice date.

Tues.-Nathan came over this morning and we had a sweet catch-up time together. Yesterday it was in the 60's. Today it's chillier and wet. In the 40's. Phil's working at the dining room table. Susan is cooking broccoli, chicken, and beets. Michelle had her baby this morning at 3:10. He was born on 3/10 and they are in Room 310.  Yay! Another baby to love. I cleaned out the back room closet and also a cupboard in the living room. My goal is to clean one shelf/cupboard/area/closet per day. I didn't get it done yesterday so I did two today. I have too much stuff. But if I know I am working on one area a day it won't consume my life and I can enjoy my kids and grandbaby and the weather and friends and writing, etc. I made trout, sweet potatoes, corn, and salad for supper. Philip and crew worked on his house. Susan had basketball practice. They start three days of tournaments tomorrow. They will be playing homeschool teams from the east coast at Liberty. I think I'll go tomorrow and Friday. On Thursday, the car will be at the garage. Susan made a lot of food for the week and got groceries but not in that order. Michael didn't go flying due to the iffy weather and instead, he went over to Happy valley and went fishing. He went to Chi Alpha in the eve and Philip went back to work on his house. Susan and I watched a movie.

Wed.-Went out to Liberty to watch Susan and her team play homeschool basketball. Many different east coast homeschool teams played against each other in the Lahaye Fitness center. They won their first game and lost their second. Betty G. came and watched the second game with me and then we went to Kohl's and then to her house. Great day.

Thurs.-Went to Bailey's to get car worked on. Dianna picked me up and we went to breakfast at Riverside and ate two biscuits with sausage gravy, two eggs, home fries, a pile of bacon, and coffee. I went with her to run her errands and then back to get my car. Visited Judy for two hours and loved on Logan. Went to Belk and Walmart. Came home. Visited with Michael. Found a candy bar from him with a nice note. Went back to Farmville with Phil to pick up glass. Came back home and made lots of little quiches with sausage, potatoes, cheese, peppers, onions, broccoli. and asparagus. Claire and Susan came home hungry. They ate and then went over to Philip's house to see how it was coming along. They took him supper and ice cream. They lost their first game today and won their second. Their legs are seriously bruised. Susan fouled out during the last game. But that's easy to do.

Fri.-I invited Nathan over today. He is so much fun and quite the communicator. As soon as he is leaving, I want him back. Got lots of household jobs done today. Visited with Michael, Susan, and Claire. The girls left around noon to head out to Liberty for one last game. Michael left soon afterwards to head towards Georgia to attend Jordan B's wedding. First he made delicious egg rolls from whatever he found in the fridge. I made a lemon sponge cake and added extra lemon flavoring to the cake and glaze. Too delicious. Phil and I went to Susan's game in the eve. and Philip came too, with Ricky B. It was a tough game and our girls lost. Mary got hurt in the last second of the game. Pastor Bill was there and he and Phil prayed for her while her mother smoothed essential oils on her leg. The girls won a second place trophy in their division and their picture was taken in the Vine Center. Later they went to Hibachi with their friends to celebrate. Phil and I went to Outback because I found a gift certificate when I was going through old Christmas cards this week. But there was a 45 min wait and every place was so crowded. We ended up at Golden Corral. Philip told us later that he and Ricky got turned around and were going the wrong way up 460. It was raining and hard to see. They got turned around. Also, his windshield wipers got tangled up together and Ricky held the wheel while Philip reached out the window and straightened them up. But everyone got safely home.

Sat.-Phil worked on the books and went over some building plans with Peter. He took some shells from Thailand to Ivona and she was thrilled and thankful. She collects shells from around the world but we didn't know that. Susan relaxed and went to the gym. Philip went to an auction and got a little truck and some farming items for Phil. Michael attended Jordan's wedding in Georgia. It's been nice to see some pictures of him on face book. I relaxed all day. Slept. Ate chips and chocolate and read Little House on the Prairie books. True story.

Sun.-So good to be back in church after missing four Sundays. Great sermon. Wonderful people. I love my church. Relaxed in afternoon with a good book. Nathan came around 4:30 and his mom and dad went to church for the Worship Evening. What a delight he is. He almost fell asleep across Captain Mike's chest when it was nearing his bedtime. We watched an action movie-RED. Had some pizza. Earlier, Susan hiked the property following the creeks during the warmth of the day. Phil read. Philip and Ricky B. hiked surrounding areas for antlers. Michael rested after his quick weekend trip to Georgia. Nathan loves music. He pretends to feed his little pink tiger. He calls for Susan when he can't see her. He may want me to hold him but he wants to see what she's doing in the kitchen. If she is cooking at the stove, he wants to be in her arms. If she isn't anywhere to be found, he wants to 'walk' to her bedroom door and find her. He wants everyone he loves to be together in one room, preferably singing  or cooking. He hums little tunes to himself and he says 'Da-da-da and ma-ma-ma'. He said 'Sto...' (Stop) to Alli the other day when he didn't want to eat anymore. Held up his hand and gave the command. He loves to examine lights, fans, and chair legs and rockers. He's figuring life out. What a guy.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Mar. 2-8, 2015

Mon.-Stopped at Waffle House and had a cheesesteak omelet and hashbrowns with sausage gravy. Phil took us to Sanibel island and we walked along the beach and gathered shells. (We got a ticket for parking illegally even though we didn't park right where the no parking sign stood.) It was a lovely time. We stopped for an ice tea and left the island after relaxing there several hours. We drove into Sarasota and then out again. Stopped at a Chik-fillet and drove north all afternnoon. There is a winter storm warning for Pamplin Va. until tomorrow afternoon. It's 85 here. Slightly sunburned.

Tues.-Spent last night at Country Inn and Suites near the southern border of Georgia. Phil got us a king size bed with a Jacuzzi in the room. Continental breakfast. Headed north. Listed to 8 Andy Andrew's CD's on the Traveler's Gifts. Got home around 6. Did some wash and put things away.

Wed.-Happy 18th birthday to Susan! Made a peanut butter pie for her cake and chilled it. Went with Alli out to Appomattox. On our trip, my tooth crown came loose and I almost swallowed it. Thankfully, I did not, and Dr. Harvey put it back on during his lunch break. My dentist is also the mayor of Appomattox. Alli found something for Nathan to wear at the wedding.  Came home and vacuumed and washed floors and made 5 pizzas. Michael made the dough, browned the sausage and bacon earlier in the day. We had a wonderful family night, celebrating Susan, and sharing with her our love, appreciations, blessing, and our 18 year old memories. It was a significant happy night.

Thurs.-Happy Birthday Judy O.! It's been a weathery kind of day. First rain, then freezing rain, snow, then freezing rain, then snow again. Phil, Alli, Michael-all out in it and had to travel carefully. Philip is still out. It took Michael 1 1/2 hours to come home from Liberty. Usually takes 45. Alli took N to doctor for his check up. Had to travel slowly in back roads. Pa. is getting hit with snow. Both dogs are in the house. Susan and I watched two movies. 'First Wives Club' and 'How to lose a guy in 10 days.' Didn't get much done today. Just chillaxing. Lindsay and I were messaging writing news. Great fun and exciting. I said something about a 'real writer' and she said, "You are a real writer. You're in the Bible!" Something like that. (Mom's Devo. Bible)

Fri.-Clothes are too tight. I shouldn't be eating a bag of malted milk easter eggs. Finally found something somewhat comfortable to wear to a wedding tomorrow. Got some other things ready. Tidied the house. Cleaned up a corner in our bedroom and got rid of a big bag of trash. Sun melted snow on the lane and off the roof. Puddles everywhere. Wore flipflops outside to do chores. Made a big quiche for a quick breakfast for tomorrow. Entered Chicken Soup for the Soul writing contest yesterday and submitted a Christmas Cookie Story. Guys have Buck Night tonight. Celebrating. Eating pizza. Susan got out to the gym and feels better. Hasn't been feeling great since Wed.  Planes are flying low and Davi is barking at them. Nathan is running a lowgrade temp.  Only symptom. He giggled when he heard my voice on the phone.

Sat/Sun-Trip up to Pa to attend my nephew, Jordan's wedding. He married lovely Dianah whom we all love.Stopped in at Naomi's around noon on Sat. and she gave us lunch and we used her showers/bedrooms to change for the wedding. Wedding was at Petra and there were so many special moments. I especially liked watching Jordan's face as he watched her come down the aisle and he went to meet her. Her father passed away some time ago. Jonathan and David were ring bearers and they were dressed in suits and wore sunglasses and carried a box with the ring. I think the music went along with their Blues Brother/secret service appearance. Susan and I went to Shady maple to buy fruits and veggies in between the wedding and the reception. The reception was so much fun. Good food. Good company. Great dancing by nephew Brads. I got to hold great niece Lydia and because she was in my arms, I also got to dance. Visited with old friends, Leila L and Ilsa M. Got to Joe and Karen's after 10 I think. Clocks moved forward.

Sun.-Woke up early. Visited with Karen. Susan and Michael over at their cousins for overnight. Philip at Joe and Karen's. Nice breakfast of Karens homemade yogurt and zucchini bread and coffee. Mom and Dad stopped in on their way to church. Michael prayed for Dad and it was a very special time. Freeman came and visited for a little and then Michael and Susan went home with him. Philip went to Rockville Menn. Church to visit some friends and headed home after 3. Phil and I took our time. Visited with Taylor and Logan a little before heading home. Sometimes I feel like I could move back and not skip a beat. I really miss my sister in laws and my mother in law. I wish I could watch David and Jonathan grow up and be there for Karen and Anne as they raise their young boys. I would like to hold Lydia more. So, on the way home I cried, because I miss Karen, Anne, Debra, Linda, and Mom. And Lydia. And all my nieces and nephews and my brother in laws and Phil's dad. And my family, too. And Naomi. And now I'm crying again.