Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hertzler Doings~July 27-Aug.2, 2015

Mon.-Brads and Taylor stopped over this morning. They went fishing with Susan and had supper here. We had our family and roasted hot dogs and s'mores and ate picnic food until it threatened to rain. They came inside and played Quelf. Great to see them. Wonderful nephews.

Tues.-Went out to Appomattox today to get some TL advice. Had lunch with Lisa at Granny Bees after getting groceries and then met Brads and Taylor at the Confederate Museum. Also went to the Info Center and then got hand-dipped ice cream at the store next door. Made taco salad for supper and then everyone went to Chi Alpha. Freeman and Philip put in a new vanity in our bathroom. Beautiful.

Wed.-Busy Day but got in a gator ride with Nathan in the eve.

Thurs.-Another busy day. Watched Julie and Julia movie in eve with Susan and we made bruschetta about 1/4 of the way through. Crazy thunderstorms in the eve. Yellow sky.

Fri.-Phil and I left around noon for Williamsburg and spent the afternoon/eve/night with Eldon and Sandy at their Timeshare. Went to the Mongolian Restaurant and enjoyed their buffet. We thought the waitress had put the utensils on the wrong table so we took them and she was aghast,"You ROBBED their utensils?!" She warmed up to us considerably by the end of the evening. Thank goodness. Played Pick One for an hour or so and munched on nuts. Had such a good time alone with Sandy while the guys looked at a building Phil built. 

Sat.-Went to a great restaurant and had the Plantation special. Bought some homemade soap, earrings that match a set that I lost, and a little beach house for Naomi that lights up. Headed towards Pa around 9 and got stuck on I-95. Just made it to Joe's. Had no time for a shower and my clothes were wrinkled and my hair wild but had the best time at Brandon and Amanda's wedding. Sat with Paul and Linda, the Karwiks, and Russ and Teri at the reception. All four sets of grandparents were there and had a special prayer for the couple during the ceremony. Everything was relaxed, happy, and holy. It was one of my favorite weddings ever and it is the continuation of a beautiful love story. Got to be with old Hopewell friends and we basically knew or were related to almost everyone. Nathan fell asleep in my arms toward the end. He was enthralled with the chandeliers and fans and kept gasping and pointing. He enjoyed watching the dancing and I even danced with Phil a little bit. He's got it. I don't think I really do. Spent the night at Joe and Karen's.

Sun.-Went to breakfast at Geigertown Firehall. $8 for an all you can eat buffet. Almost all of the Hertzler's were there. Left from there to go home. Susan rode with Philip and Michael and Phil and I stopped quite a bit but still made it home in six hours. What a wonderful weekend. My heart will be warm from it all for a long while.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hertzler Doings~July 20-26, 2015

Mon.-Today's highlights. Time with Teresa and her children and talking to Lindsay Lou and planning a Writer's Retreat and taking Nathan for a gator ride in the eve. When I showed up, he scolded me for not coming sooner. It was so funny.

Tues.-Farmville day. Called Lisa-DDF. Sent mother's Bible verse and quote journal to Abigale as she requested in the front. Visited Judy. Rocked Logan to sleep. Ran a few errands. Met Ginger at Bailey's and had lunch and a great visit with her and the boys while they fixed my tire rim. Went to Walmart. Saw Fernando and his wife and his sister and her son. Came home. So exhausted. Philip got some things out of the old house. Michael mowed. Freeman worked with the bees. Phil's out mowing the fields. I think I'm going to watch a movie and dip ginger snaps in milk.

Wed.-Had Nathan for a little bit this morning while his mommy got groceries. We took three gator rides. He almost fell asleep several times. I took a nap after he left and then started my day all over again with a quiet time and exercise. I talked with the neighborhood dumpster lady and now we can take our trash about a mile down the road for a little over 8 bucks a month. I made some stewed tomatoes and Phil and I ate that over corn fritters for supper. Made a pasta salad like Ginger served me yesterday. Also froze green beans and made a carrot cake. Phil's out mowing with the tractor and Michael's at the mens group at New Life. Susan is at the beach with Claire this whole week. DDF Lisa called and Sara butt dialed me and I tried to call her back alas. Talked with Judy and they think Logan's leg may just be sprained/bruised. He pulled a wooden trash container down on himself and he's been limping ever since.

Thurs.-I was going to go to Lynchburg with a friend but she was still away with family so I went by myself and had a great time. I got some tops, capris, shoes, books, some yarn, a box of musical toys for Nathan, Mexican food by myself (read a book while eating), and some frozen yogurt. Came home and took some lids to Alli for canning and got in some snuggle time with Nathan. Later, did some wash. Highlight of today? Helping a little 3 year old girl find her lost mommy in Kohl's, receiving a 40% off coupon from a complete stranger at ACMoore (Bought the musical instrument set-had priced them yesterday on Amazon), and coming home. Shopping wears me out. I heard a baby in one of the stores and I thought, 'That's it. I'm going home to Nathan.' Phil's working on the tractor. Freeman's putting up some fence for the calves. Susan's still at the shore. Michael's at an essential oil class-learning things for his soap making business. He's been working for Ron M. putting together boxes and packing them for a client. Got to meet the guy and was inspired.

Fri.-Lori K helped me order two pairs of zennioptical glasses for 2/5 of the price of the glasses I'm wearing now. And one is fun-turquoise blue half rim! Alli and Nathan came over in the afternoon/eve and we had supper and took gator rides and blew bubbles. Michael was here for supper. The guys were at a business meeting at Peter's. He fed them pork and other good things.Phil's working in the fields until after dark. He drove down the lane on the tractor, grandson in his arms, and N's mommy picked him up at the bottom of the hill.

Sat.-Spent the day cleaning. Jessica helped. Philip and Michael helped Phil on the farm. Officer H here to check out bear damage. Went to bed early. Didn't sleep well last night.

Sun.-Church. River. Happy Valley. Susan home from beach. Movie. Freeman, Alli, Nathan. Gator rides. Bath. Bed.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hertzler Doings~July 13-19. 2015

Mon.-Such a busy day. Delivered some corn to a neighbor, picked and froze green beans, worked in old house, weeded cold frame, cooked all of the beets-just two meals worth came from it, washed Grandma H's homemade teddy bears, prepared corn for the 'IF' gathering at the Bartows, and had a wonderful eve. with our church ladies. In fact, I was so happy, I didn't sleep. And there was a crazy storm, so I opened the blinds, and turned around the opposite way in my bed, and watched the storm beside my sleeping Phil.

Well, it's Thursday already. It's hard to get back in the habit of writing a little each day when I stopped doing that for a week or so. We did up some corn one morning here and now I have about 28 packs. About half of what I normally do. Have sold the corn we have. Making bruschetta from the garden tomatoes. Had Nathan for a few hours one day and he fell asleep on the gator and we took a little nap together. Michael's been busy with church, picking corn, mowing, making soap. Susan's busy mowing, helping cut corn, going to the gym, and packing for her trip to the beach with Claire.
Tomorrow, our Thai friends are coming. They will sleep at Janelle's tonight and then she'll bring them over in the morning. Around 2, Phil and I will take them back with no interpreter along. I just want to open my mouth and speak Thai!

Sat.-We had a wonderful day with our friends here yesterday and we took them back to Harrisonburg last eve. They had black snake adventures, fishing adventures, and sitting around with the family just talking adventures. It was great to see Carol Tobin again, too. Today, I made 6 pints of salsa, froze two bags of green beans-seems they are getting their second wind; and froze 11 bags of corn. I husked, cleaned, blanched, chilled, cut off, and froze them myself and watched a movie about Rich Mullin and it was a wonderful time. Tonight I'll have Nathan for a little while his mom and dad go out on a date. I'm glad things are slowing down with the corn and that I'll have more time to be with N.

Sun.-Nice day of rest. Great church service.