Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Oct.29-Nov.4, 2012

Mon.-Rainy and windy. Guys worked around here. Washed and cleaned in the morning. Alli came over and Susan, Alli, and I watched 'The Bucket List' and  'Sense and Sensibility.' I made some peanut butter cookies. Had toasted cheese and tomato soup for supper. Judy called telling me that she accidentally threw away a vital part of her smile. She found it later.

Tues.-Slept little last night between Sandy's storming and Phil's snoring. Took Susan out to Anatomy class. Met Candi at the Japanese Restaurant by Sun Chase. So thrilled with her happy news. Picked up Susan, went to Bailey's to figure out car lock situation, then to Walmart and the Post Office to mail a package to Makenzie, then to Healthy Living, and then back to the Japanese Restaurant to have supper with Betty and Kelly. Just starting to catch up with Betty and we had to leave for a 6:00 basketball meeting at the school. Came home and put groceries away and then I went down to our KNIT group house and got to hear the last half of Beth Moore's first teaching on James. There are 17 ladies signed up for the class. We are from the neighborhood. Alli was there for the first time. I met Dawn S. We range in ages early 20's to late 50's. We're from a number of different churches. My mother belonged to a neighborhood Bible Study group for over 25 years. They had great times together. I'm thrilled to be part of something that encourages unity across church cultures and unites us in the truth that is ours in Christ. Got to home around 10:30. A lone coyote was howling. It wasn't far away. I started to walk towards it. It had to be just on the other side of the first gate behind the silos. Suddenly I thought again and decided not to face the lone coyote alone.

Wed.-Susan studied muscle names and functions for Anatomy while I went to Lynchburg to the leg doctor, Sam's, Walmart, and Kohls. Came home and canned nuts. Put nuts in glass mason jars. Do not put on lids. Put in oven at 200 degrees for one hour. Take out one or two at a time. Wipe edge of jar with damp cloth and screw on lids. They all sealed. These will keep for years and years. Saw this on homestead survival on face book.
Read that 62 are dead from the hurricane Sandy, and that 6 million are without power. Atlantic City, NYC, have really been hit. We don't get the news but I read about it online. Some people are sarcastically joking about the lack of the storm in these parts and the hype that accompanied the storm. I am thankful that it didn't hit us, but there are those whose lives will be forever changed because of this storm, and I don't think we should make light of it. Many  prepared more than those of us who didn't need it but all of their preparation did them no good and things got way out of their control. Gleaning for the World was at Sam's Club today asking for donations to help those on the east coast. I think they are a good group to give things too. They'll get supplies to where they are needed. As will MCC-relief.
Took Susan to CC for youth group. Was following a car on the way home and then realized it was Janelle. I followed her into her driveway and she had just been trying to call me to see if I wanted to see scary Micah. He was dressed like a bloody person with a knife through his head. I'm not so sure I liked it but I think he liked that it scared me a little bit. Phil picked up Susan for me so I could soak in the tub with a good book.

Thurs.-Profitable day. Got the remaining years schedule written out for Susan day by day week by week all on one paper. Made some vegetables and beans and black bean soup. Need to lose 15 pounds in two weeks! Insurance company is after me! Did wash, exercised, saw Dr. F. Watched two movies with Susan that I can chalk up to Social Studies after she had worked on school for several hours. One movie-'Lost in the Barrens' filmed way up north and the other in Australia.(Captain Johno.) Guys working in Richmond and getting home late. Potato soup is warming on the stove for them.

Fri.-Dragging all day. Doing a serious detox. Eating mostly vegetables and beans. A bit of rice. Rice crackers. Applesauce. A piece of cheese and a few walnuts. Feel shaky and hungry. Headachy. I'm breaking out in hives and my right arm, right leg, and scalp itches. Am quite sure I also need to stay away from corn. I've been wheat free for about 6 weeks and now I'm going deeper. No more raw sugar or sucanat in my coffee. Weaning off of caffeine. Took a walk to the river and thought I lost Ollie to a female turkey. He went right in the river after Angel and enjoyed it so much he started to walk down the edge of the river. I couldn't call him back. Finally, I left and thought I'd walk down the field aways and try to cut him off. But just that quick, he was running beside me. He would run up to be beside Angel and then wait for me to catch up and then run up to be beside Angel and then wait for me. I brought in alot of green tomatoes and most of the red ones. The frost had already hit the plants last night. Also cut most of the lettuce and pulled up more radishes. It's supposed to frost really heavy tonight. I covered the crops in the cold frame with a blanket and the Thai mat. Susan is feeling lousy too. Detoxing. Exercising. Studying British Lit. We made a huge container of applesauce and I baked an applesauce cake from The Mennonite Cookbook that my mother used to make. I served it warm with warm applesauce over it for dessert at suppertime. Alli picked up Susan around 6 and then went to dance practice at New Life. Got the nicest note in my message box from Becky and Mark. Encouraging words. Life giving words.
Meredith came by to pick up the trailer to get more apples tomorrow. She brought me two pints of honey from The Rancks and also some of her own apple cider. She's bringing us more apples, too, as a thank you for using the trailer. I love my nieces and nephews so very much. Listened to a few sermons on-line today and took some notes. Phil's washing his hunting clothes in no-scent detergent to get ready for muzzle loader season tomorrow.
Wendy B. posted on face book that she thought we should post what we like about the candidate we endorse instead of posting negative comments about the one we do not. I posted, "Mitt is so handsome." She haha-ha-ed and said that was not exactly what she had in mind.

Sat.-There was a heavy frost last night and my beautiful flower garden is fried. I brought in green tomatoes yesterday and put them in the back room in a cardboard box to see if they will ripen. Today was a great day. I called Crystal, my best friend from grade school/high school who is a pediatrician with a medical question as a favor for a friend and she had ready professional kind answers. Freeman, Philip, Michael, Susan, and Phil were getting their weapons ready to go muzzle loader deer hunting in the late afternoon/eve. As I write this, they are still all out and it will be dark in half an hour. I tidied the house, washed clothes, made some food, and went to visit Dianna and had a wonderful time with Henry and Isaac, two of the greatest little boys God ever made.

Sun.-Nice morning at home with the family. Got to church a little late. Good service and learned some things about the anointing oil that I'd like to blog about on its own. Came home and had vegetarian chili and watched Monk and visited with Michael before he went back to Liberty. Philip went to Lapps for the eve. Susan took a nap.  Ollie is adorning our hood as I type. Earlier he was pecking at the door and we let him in for awhile. It's not quite 5 and the sun is setting. I'll like getting to bed early and waking up early. Detox Day #4. Third day of hives. Lost 2 pounds only. Staying on this side of hungry. Mind is clear and joints are not as stiff. I have never detoxed this deep before. Missing my wheat and popcorn, especially on a Sunday. But nothing tastes as good as healthy feels and I'm getting there. So, help me God.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Oct. 22-28, 2012

Mon.-Catch up day. Michael flew over the guy's working, Travis included, and waved his wings. Inspired them. Mom and Dad called in eve. and Phil and I had a nice chat with them
Thinking about 'underbelting.' In the karate tournament this past Sat., a number of the kids were under belted. They wore a 'lower skilled' thus different colored belt to compete with lower skilled kids even though they were higher skilled. They did this so they would win more medals. The lower skilled kids were frustrated to tears and their parents were totally ticked off. And who were the real losers? The kids who won because their parents encouraged them to cheat in order to win more medals.

I wonder if we do this in Christendom. I wonder if I under belt so I look like I am less so I look like I am more in comparison to others. I wonder if I under perform so people don't know what I really can do so I won't be made responsible for more. What color is my belt of truth?

Tues.-Took Susan to Anatomy class and had lunch at Appleby's with DDF. Susan found a ride out to Liberty Baptist with the Rozier's for play practice. Found a book at Goodwill last week about 3 sisters running a B&B. One of them is on the pastoral search committee. The story tells about their search and find of a pastor. The former pastor was their father and the pastor of the church for 50 years. Relevant book.
We met Kathy and Tom L. at the Babcock House for supper. Had the most incredible medium well done steak, mashed sweet potatoes with apples, asparagus, salad, and spinach crab bisque, and shared 'a slice of sin' with Phil-gluten free chocolate 'cake'. Oh my. Jerry was insulted that I didn't want my steak more rare. He says it ruins it to make it less rare. We all went over to Liberty afterwards so they could hug Susan good bye. When she and Philip were over at Happy Valley the other day, Kathy's brother and wife and their friends were there. They saw Susan and asked, "Is this the Susan who mows your lawn?" "Yes," said Kathy. "And she sits in that tree with her weapon and brings home the bacon, too." We brought Susan home from LBC and Philip and Phil moved all the roaster chickens over to their new pen. Much easier to do in the dark.  A few more weeks until butchering day. Fun Fun!

Wed.-Achy and dizzy. Arm itchy. Ate out twice yesterday. Dessert. Too many tortilla chips Mon. and chips all weekend. Not getting enough water.
Read Heb. 11. By Faith Sara received strength to conceive and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised. Or, we could say it this way. Because she judged God as faithful to keep His promises, she herself had faith to receive strength to do the impossible. Too often, we try to conjure up faith to believe God to keep His promises, but if we believe that God has faith-that He Himself is faithful to keep His own promises to Himself-then we can have faith to receive the strength to do our part in His keeping of His promises.

Canned 17 jars of applesauce from most of the 3 bushels Meredith gave us for using the trailer to transport apples for her to resale and make into apple cider. For supper, I made a kettle of chunky applesauce, Freeman's bear/pork link sausages, mashed potatoes, and succotash.
Graham came out to Calvary Chapel tonight for youth group. Doreen and I caught up in the parking lot. We both headed our own ways and I met her after church at our meeting place on 460. Hopefully, we'll start getting together on some Weds. and we'll bring Graham to CC. That's the plan, anyway.
Michael flew to Dulles Airport and back this eve. He had three new experiences added to his 'file.' Cross country flying, 2 hours night flying, and landing in a very big airport. He was thrilled and nervous at the same time.

Thurs.-Nice morning at home. Sat on my mother's chair on the porch, reading Rosalee's George MacDonald book while sipping on a mug of coffee. Sun bright and warm. Beautiful days are about to replaced by a Frankenstorm. Systems from north, west, and hurricane from south are about to converge on the northeast in a few days. We may lose power and get lots of rain. I want to make potato soup and vegetable soup ahead of time so it will take less energy to heat them up. Will keep tub full of water and fill up our drink coolers with water too. Oil lamps are ready to go. Must freeze some large containers of ice to put in fridge in power goes out to keep things cool. Must gather all the lettuce and tomatoes too before they are ruined. It's supposed to hit us Sat. and by Tues. eve. it's supposed to get down to freezing. I am loving these warm fall days. But, I'm praying for a cold winter. We must have the ticks and bugs killed off. Lord protect the bees and good little insects but the ticks must go.
Made apple oatmeal muffins. These are a winner. And no sugar. Just honey. Put two mystery meat roasts in the crock pot. Tidied house. Went out to LBC for play practice from 2-8. Dropped Susan off and went and got my hair cut. Yikes! It's really short. Went to Walmart and Krogers and then back to LBC to set up pizza supper for kids and then watched the performance, "Get Smart."

Been having internet troubles. Apparently, the downloading of blueprints used most of our internet time for the month. Haven't had a chance to write much. Maybe because I am in taking in mode. Reading and reading and reading and thinking and thinking and thinking. It will have to come out eventually.

Fri.-Warnings of big storm headed this way. Cold air coming down from north, rain from west, and hurricane Sandy from south all to meet in the northeast. Made potato soup, chili, pb oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies, baked oatmeal. Took Susan out to Liberty for play performance. I went to Baine's during the Jr. Play and got a decaf and sat outside at the little table writing pastor appreciation notes. Went back over to church and 'helped' the senior girls get ready during intermission. They didn't need my help. Enjoyed watching 'Get Smart', especially appreciating the miracle of Hunter as he played Maxwell Smart. It was nearly a year ago that he had that terrible accident and where his brain was badly damaged. I remember when his family rejoiced that he could brush his teeth. Now he has memorized hundreds of lines and is more himself than ever which is truly a wondrous miracle. Thank you dear God.
The white dove is flying around with other birds of his kind. Philip says they are pigeons. But that white pigeon looks like a dove.

Sat.-Cleaned house. All wash finished. Took Susan out to Liberty for another performance. Walked on the sidewalks around the church for about 20 min. with walking sticks. Watched the Jr. Play. It was so well done. Fairy Tales in a courtroom setting. Phil came bringing Tommy and Bethany with him for the Sr. drama. Went until about 9:30. Susan played a blond and she did really well as did all of them. We stayed for awhile afterwards, cleaning up to get ready for their church service tomorrow. Then took Susan to MacDonald's while I ran to Walmart for a quick trip. Guy in parking lot was battening down the cart holders in the parking lot with cement blocks. When high winds come, they start to move across the parking lot since they are not anchored down.  Went back to MacDonald's and joined the rest of the cast and their parents for a late night french fry. Got home around 11:30. Michelle was there, picking up Bethany and Tommy.
Michael worked around here today and got the wood stove up and running and a load of trash to the dump.

Sun.-Sweet Sunday Celebration Service-baby dedication, communion, baptism, pastor appreciation, and good sermon. Came home and had lunch with Michael, Philip, Travis, and Jordan. Philip and Michael made spaghetti with sausage and Alfredo sauce. They had left over ribs from their party last night that they saved for Susan, Phil, and I. Mike went back to school. Philip went hiking and the boys went their own merry ways. We three watched the Bucket List. My first time. Liked it. Also watched an Alaskan movie about a couple who gets stranded.
Concerned for Pa. Del/Md., Conn. family and friends. Looks like Sandy is going to be rough on them. Pa friends posted pics of empty shelves in Walmart.
I am pretty ready but I will be glad if we don't lose power.  Some are sarcastic about 'the big storm' that we don't seem to be getting, but that means that somewhere else, others are getting it. I'd rather have practice runs before we get really hit because someday, it will be our turn. Just as knowledge is power, so is the practice of that knowledge power. The more prepared one is, the less one will be scared to face the storm. But some 'storms' come suddenly without warning and one can only trust that one's well is deep enough and one's pantry is stocked enough to survive the ferociousness of the storm.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Oct. 15-21, 2012

Mon.-Freezer open. Cooked thawed bear meat and fish. Soup for weekend melted too. Went swimming with Alli and Susan. Overdid it and was so stiff and sore afterwards. Susan picked up some swimming tips quickly. Alli is a good swimmer. Showed her how to do the side stroke and she got it right away. Unpacked after CS weekend. Watched American History AP DVD.

Tues.-Out to Farmville. Used tire replaced at Baileys. Walked into Healthy Living and right away, a man hanging out there, pointed at me and said, "She smiles! What is the secret?" I am sure I looked like a deer in the headlights and and then I said quietly, "God within...I believe." He shouted, "Yes!" and gestured victoriously with his fist. Than I got shy and looked for my things. For some reason, it made me think about Sunday, when I sat down beside Sara. She said, " smell good." I said, "It's Jesus." And then we laughed hysterically. Went to goodwill to get a different outfit for Susan's drama. Some others were there from her homeschool co-op and helped her pick out something that had better work.

Wed.-Finished reading 'The Mermaid Chair' by Sue Monk Kidd early this morning all bundled up with a sweatshirt and sweatpants under my covers. Cup of coffee beside me and socks on my feet and I got comfortable. The book didn't make me exactly comfortable. I cried and cried and loved Phil even more than before. And now I am inspired to write. And paint. I have a date to begin painting. Mid January 2013. After Christmas is boxed away. I can't remember ever being this excited for Christmas. I'd put up decorations right now but Susan won't let me.  Back to the art idea. I am not sure if my art will be good to look at from a human perspective but I am longing for another 'tongue' to express the Allness of God; His beauty and darkness and light.

I've been thinking about extremes. The sadder one has been, the happier happiness is.
The more profound one's happiness; the sadder sadness is. If you trust and are betrayed, that betrayal runs as deep as one's trust. And if you have betrayed someone, the trust bestowed upon you is all the more treasured.  One appreciates wealth more fully if one has been poor. And one feels the pang of poverty more deeply if one has been rich. The darker the room, the more brilliant the light when it appears. The deeper the despair, the more room there is for hope.

Cleaned over at Happy Valley. Phil and crew have been setting trusses. Hard and difficult work.

Thurs.-Spent the day in Lynchburg, mall shopping and Goodwilling. Looking for drama items. The best way to make Susan happy is to surrender the steering wheel to Susan. One of the pigs is having babies. Another pig will be made into sausage on Sat. Molly will be in hog heaven that day.

Fri.-Janelle, Micah, and I left before 9 and headed towards Jamestown. (Susan is home alone taking care of Buddy, studying, cleaning, etc. Alli picked her up at 3 and then they went out to musical dance practice in the eve. ) We enjoyed Jamestown-the museum, shipyard, and fort. Micah was especially interested in the ships, the blacksmith, and the leather maker. We sat in on a lecture in the church. The only thing I remember is the fact that one could be executed if one missed attending church for three Sundays. Not in a row, either. We checked into the Powhatan Time Share resort shortly after 4. Janelle's friend, Faith, had given her a few days of her vacation time. I got the queen size bed. Micah found his TV channel and Janelle and I heated up our suppers. Later we went into the jacuzzi which is an interesting and somewhat dangerous experience with a lively 8 year old diving here and there. Janelle and I watched 2 Monks and we were all in bed by 10:05.

Sat.-Slept straight through until 5:30. Got into the jacuzzi after locking both doors and did my stretches. Janelle and Micah woke up around 7 and we ate breakfast and watched the movie, Yogi Bear. From 10-4, we were at a karate tournament. Micah participated 2 or 3 times. A karate teacher/judge talked to me for awhile. Found out much about his life in a short time. His name was Frank. Bruce Lee, the famous karate guy, got Frank's signature before he himself became famous. Bruce Lee is the one who made karate famous in the 70's. Karate is on the table for the next Olympic Games. Chuck-oh, what's his name-the guy from Walker Texas who does karate....anyway, Frank and him were just talking a few weeks ago.(Chuck Norris!) Frank said he is just an ordinary guy. Frank has 10 children and is married to a woman who is 30 years younger than him. He has four year old twins. He served in the Vietnam War and studied karate in Japan. Anyway, that was interesting. People are people.
We stopped at Martin's on the way back and got microwave popcorn and broccoli salad. Enjoyed the eve. watching a movie and eating popcorn and playing in the jacuzzi. Micah had us close our eyes and try to find his right pinkie toe. That was an experience.

Sun.-Exercised alone in the hot tub again. Leisurely ate breakfast and packed up. Headed towards Williamsburg which is beautiful in the fall. Met a local author who was friends with Martin Luther King Jr. and was employed under GWBush Sr. He championed the 401k's. I bought his book and he signed it. It's quite a story. I think everyone should have a book written about them. The human spirit is amazing. Micah was interested in everything. I developed a loud case of hiccups. I said to Micah, "You're going to have to figure out a good way to scare me." A few seconds later, he began telling me a story about a ghost. He kept on for a good 10 min. or so. After awhile, he asked, "Do you still have your hiccups?"  They were gone! He did a good job scaring me without me even realizing he had a plan. We talked with a re-enactor. He asked Micah if he was apprenticed. No..What skill would you like to learn? He said, "Blacksmith." As we walked away, he said, "I really wanted to say 'Astronaut' but I knew he wouldn't have known what that was." Pretty smart little man. Ate at the Cheese Shop. After we came home, Fitz's dogs were here. I called her and she came over. She got to meet Ollie, who pecked her tires. Her captured dogs began to growl and Angel barked ferociously at them. "Don't mess with my turkey!" said she. Had a nice time catching up with Susan, Philip, and Phil. They butchered yesterday and Mike had two of his friends from Liberty there to help. (The Internet wasn't working all week. It's nice to have it back.)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Oct.8-14, 2012

Mon.-Cold outside and in. No heat in the house. Outside wood stove not hooked up yet and besides, wood is drenched. Rained most of today, too.  Guys set trusses in precarious conditions. They had a story to tell. Susan and I put in a good day of school. I made turkey vegetable soup, venison chunks, grilled sandwiches, and raw vegetables to have on hand. Phil got home, changed his shoes, found a hat, and grabbed some sandwiches and went back out to Farmville for a meeting. Looking up more about aquaponics in Va. Have several email addresses to write too. Wore three shirts and a hat and sweat pants to stay somewhat warm.
Thinking alot about yesterday's sermon and wondering if I'm too cynical to serve. But then, one doesn't truly love, until one is on the other side of disillusionment. And then one can love after one has forgiven. Perhaps we can only love ourselves as well, after we are disillusioned with who we are. Perhaps, there is no need of grace if one has never been disillusioned with oneself and others. Perhaps, there is hope for me. Perhaps we need to give each other the grace to be double minded. Jesus said in one breath the Peter, "Blessed are you...for God has revealed who I am to you..." and in the next breath, or so it seemed, He said to Peter, "Get behind me Satan, for you are not thinking about things God's way." Jesus kept Peter on as a disciple and friend and founder of the church. Even though he wasn't consistently 'godly.'

Tues.-Thinking about being on the outside looking in and realizing how much I don't want to be in the chaos of the inside and how much I enjoy those who are also on the outside looking in and thinking it's time we enjoy ourselves with each other instead of wasting energy thinking we should be somewhere we don't want to be anyway. I wrote pages and pages about this in my blog notebook and now I feel better so that's all you'll hear about that.
Took Susan to co-op. Met D. for lunch and afterwards, found myself at the gas station down the road with a very flat tire. Baileys bailed me out. Got my glasses fixed. Picked up Susan. Ran more errands. Went to Goodwill and found some clothes for the co-op drama. Found a lode of new books. Some of them I've been wanting to read for awhile. Went to Belks. Nicest people work there. Went to Japanese restaurant to get strength to go to Walmart where everyone smiled at us. Every corner I turned, people smiled. Home again. The men had a challenging day setting trusses. As soon as they got home they had to rustle up the cows that had broken through the fence to get to the fields of harvested corn. Then they had to fix the fences. Got in around 9:30. 

Wed.-Thinking about Doubting Thomas. He wouldn't believe unless he saw. Have some difficult things I"m praying about. It is hard not to stay worried until I see proof that He is answering. The proof of His promise that all will be well. I want to see Him and place my hand in the dent in His side. Then I'll believe. But it's no way to live. Locked behind doors of fear and isolation. Waiting until the proof comes walking through the walls. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. My unbelief is not deliberate doubt. It is sorrowful. I don't want to be this way. Help me to quietly trust and hope in You before I see the answer to my prayers.
Susan took me to the dentist today. I had to take antivert medicine and it really knocked me out. I slept most of the afternoon and the whole of the night. It was wonderful.

Thurs.-1 Tim. 4:10-"We trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe. " That's worth reading a time or two. Baked cinnamon rolls for guys to take on their trip to a cabin up north. Made granola. Susan made baked oatmeal. I also made sugar and gluten free pumpkin bread. It is not that good. Also added some walnut oil and honey to almonds and sesame seeds and roasted them in the oven for about half an hour at 325. Kept stirring them. They taste just like that sesame candy. Delicious. Made pizzas with wheat free premade pizza squares and bagels. In the eve., Phil and I went to be with John and Jeanne, who are mourning the loss of John's father. We had a sweet time visiting with them and his sister, and Peter and Ivona.

Fri.-Susan spent the day with Meredith at HV, mulching the flower beds, etc. I cleaned the house, listening to Handel's and some of Mother's other CD's. Washed clothes and packed for Cleansing Stream. Left for Chesapeake around 4 and had a nice leisurely supper at Cracker Barrel. Got to bed early but people in the rooms about us, the air conditioning going off and on, and the snorer beside me created so much noise, I really don't think I slept a wink. The snorer wasn't that bad, actually, because he didn't sleep well either. But sleep isn't all that it's cracked up to be so it didn't stress me out. But who talks loudly at 2 in the morning. If I held a cup to the ceiling, I may have been able to decipher what was being said! Oh well.

Sat.-Went to Waffle House for breakfast. All eight employees looked up from what they were doing and greeted us loudly. It was amazing. We heard a counselling session going on between three co-workers. A domestic abuse situation. They were like a big happy family that deeply cared for one another. Hospitality starts at home and draws everyone else in. If they hadn't been enjoying each other's company, no amount of friendliness to those of us coming in, could have influenced the atmosphere to make us feel at home. (I'm writing this after Sunday. I was with some people discussing the core value of hospitality and I was too excited to sleep for several hours afterwards.)
When we came into the Cleansing Stream Retreat Sanctuary, there were people lined up along the aisle, clapping and cheering for us as we entered. It was a little overwhelming but I liked it. We had a great day there. It's hard to explain unless you've done the studies and then go on the retreat. On the way home, we stopped at a little BBQ joint. Everyone was so very friendly there, also. there was a sign that said, "Beware of Attack Waitress." When our cute waitress came over, Phil said, "Let me see your teeth." She willingly opened wide her mouth and showed us her beautiful teeth. Then he said, "Are you the attack waitress?" "Not today, " she laughed. She loved it. She told her co-workers and they were talking about it. I can't believe that she opened her mouth on command like that.
When we got home, Alli, Freeman, and Susan, were just ready to watch The Goonies. We relaxed and joined them. Alli worked today. Freeman took Susan bow hunting in the morning and she barely missed a buck. So disappointed but she was close. Then he took her to the Appomattox Railroad Festival. They enjoyed some funnel cakes there. Freeman also made some great food while he was here. A prize winning looking and tasting apple pie and some marinated chicken and shrimp which was out of this world. He really should open a restaurant. I wonder if we could have food here every Sat. He could grill all kinds of meat and we could set up picnic tables and people could bring their side dishes and buy their meat.  How fun would that be?

Sun.-Just erased somehow everything I wrote for Sunday. So I'll do a quick re-cap. Loved the worship song about leaning back against Jesus and feeling His heartbeat. We think of gentle Jesus when we do that. This weekend, at Western Branch Community Church, they had a big black and white painting of Jesus's face on the stage. The crown was red. He looked scary. I told Phil that He looked like a warrior. I said, "I'm glad I'm on His side."  And now, I think about leaning back against the chest of a warrior and feeling His heartbeat. I tell Him my worries and troubles and He says, "I'll take care of that for you." And He's too scary not to believe. Like a lion. He'll roar my enemies of fear and doubt away.
Great sermon on 'Growing Up.' It was rich and full and something everyone could relate to. I still have alot of growing up to do.
Just a thought. Angel, our German Shepherd, is imprinted on Ollie, our turkey. Ollie acts like a dog, eats dog food, lies down beside Angel on the porch, runs after cars, wants to come into the house, and any day now, I expect him to start barking. God the Father, imprinted Himself on Jesus, His Son, and we are imprinted with Jesus. We are little Christ's, bearing His nature, His character, His moods, His purposes, His countenance. He in us and we in Him and fruit abounds. This was part of the sermon.
Learned more about hospitality in the evening. It's easy to snub people we have been disappointed by. It's easier to welcome the new people then to invest in long term relationships with the people we know all too well. It's easy to be friendly; much harder to be a friend. We think we have to show our disapproval of others behavior by being unfriendly towards them.  Like that's going to help them do better.  I know this, but I have a long way to go. Jesus was and is the friendliest guy around. But not everyone approved. Why would He befriend so and so and such and such. Like that woman, who went into Simon's house, and was more hospitable to Jesus that Simon was to Him. She was hospitable in a hostile situation where she was not welcome and Jesus was on probation. Not exactly a friendly atmosphere for Him either. But she broke through the walls of hostility in the house, and out of gratitude and love, washed Jesus's feet with her tears, and dried them with her long fragrant hair, and anointed them with costly oil. Oh that we would learn from her. Oh that we too, would love Jesus, and minister to His body, and in the midst of a hostile situation, make Him feel welcome.

Went to Country Cookin' for lunch. Came home. Phil walked down to the low grounds. I drove the gator to O'Brien's and took pictures and rested in the sun and the brown fall beauty. Susan vegged out on the sofa watching Monk, sleeping off and on. Lucy woke her up numerous times last night. Phil and I watched a few Monk's with her and then went off to a meeting where we learned some things about ants. There are 10,000 different kinds of ants. They can carry 20 times their body weight. They have two stomachs; one the fill for themselves and the one they fill to feed other ants. They work together and alot of their work is done underground where no one sees them. They have a plan. They know what they want. They want food. Napoleon Hill said, "All great achievements start with great desire." Most creativity takes place during a time of crisis and great need. Ants push themselves until the job is done. Even if they are injured, they keep going. Ants think ahead. They prepare for winter and scarcity. They never work for themselves alone. They are team players working for the good of each other. We are supposed to be like ants. We're supposed to learn from them. Go to the ant and observe. We need the imprint of ants to be on us. I think I will be more careful about stepping on ant hills from here on out. If they come into my house, then they are over-stepping their boundaries. Maybe I'll take some food outside and scatter it around so they don't need to come in anymore.
Learned about hospitality. Hospitality is that quality in a church or a person that makes people feel welcomed and loved. Honored and appreciated. Christ accepted us. So we accept one another also. I experienced hospitality last night. And I was too excited to sleep for a very long time. A new day dawns. This is where it is at. It starts at the top. And the trickle down effects will be huge.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The heart of the matter

Once upon a time, there was a doctor. He had a patient. The patient had an accident. The patient, I'll call him, Fred, decided to go to a doctor who administered natural treatment. His former doctor was insulted that Fred didn't come to him for treatment. He became cool towards Fred and barely returned his greeting. Fred felt bad. He became angry that the doctor was more interested in having him as a patient than in having him healed. It was hard enough to be crippled. The doctor's behavior added more injury to his injury.  Finally, he realized that it was the doctor's problem and not his own.  He wondered at the heart of a doctor who cared more about having patients than he cared about the patients well-being. He thought that a real doctor would be happy that another doctor's treatment was helping him to recover from his accident.
 Perhaps his doctor forgot why he had become a doctor in the first place. Perhaps it was time for the doctor to search out his heart and see what was the matter. Perhaps then, there would be hope that the doctor would not be called doctor because of his degrees. Perhaps then, the doctor would be called doctor because he wanted others whole, no matter who brought the healing.

Hertzler Doings-Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2012

Mon.-Rainy dreary cozy kind of day. Alli, Susan, and I drove about 7 miles and discovered the indoor pool we had seen advertised. What a wonderful treasure and wonderful people. $5 an hour. Open for parties and volleyball. I think I'll have my 55th birthday there come spring with a pile of women. There are plenty of chairs and a kitchenette. Came home and watched Monk and ate leftover chili. Alli went home to clean and Susan studied Anatomy and I did some paperwork and made corn bread to go with more chili for the evening supper.

Tues.-Rainy dreary cozy kind of day. Susan ran out at 6 in the morning and brought Lucy in during a down pour. Lucy didn't want to leave Susan's lap. Went out to Farmville at noon for Science and Drama co-op. I met Janelle for lunch at Country Cookin'. She is enjoying her teaching job at Longwood. Went to Walmart afterwards and then to Lowe's after picking up Susan. We both took a nap of sorts after putting groceries away. Guys had chili for supper again. It just gets better with age but tomorrow should probably be the last day it is served.

Wed.-Rough night. Right arm itching and painful. Finally took Benedryl at 2:30 this morning and then slept until 8:30. Dragging all day. Susan was full of energy and did all kinds of work-outs and school. She's feeling so much better. Wanted to order Civil War DVD's from a company and it was over $500. So I checked Amazon and got the same thing for under $22 shipping included. Ordered some SAT resources while I was at it. Susan drove us out to Calvary tonight. Phil will go pick her up. It will be her first time driving in the dark-if he lets her drive, which he will. (Which he didn't because he didn't think about it and apparently, neither did she.)  For supper, we had fresh lettuce from our garden, NY venison chunk gravy, and real mashed potatoes.  Rave reviews. Ollie was running all over the roof today. When I went out back, he was on the porch, waiting to be fed. Dog food. I think he was trying to tell me he was hungry. He also was knocking on the front door this morning, wanting to come in. It's time to power wash the front porch again. Ollie isn't potty trained. Oh, Annie called today.  It was nice to hear from her.

Thurs.-Got lots of odd jobs done this morning and talked with Lindsay too. Always a treat. Ate our one and only watermelon from the garden. The tomatoes have revived and we have a whole other crop coming. Ate watermelon, cheese, and peanuts, and got very sick for awhile. Judy came with Sammy Jo for a photography shoot with Susan. It was great fun. We changed her outfit several times and for many of the pictures she held a little chick. Ollie and Angel hovered nearby, unwilling to be excluded. We left the gate open when we went down to the river and as we came up, the cows were pouring into the bottom field. Susan and Angel shooed them back in. It took some doing and Susan was barefoot and brave. Phil was home planting radishes as a cover crop. I ate some today. Really good. They're daikon radishes and as they grow down long and deep, they penetrate the soil and 'dig' it up. When they rot, they add nourishment to the soil. I read a little about pickling radishes. I think I'll try it. We have acres of radishes and the field won't mind if I borrow a few.  Phil walked up from the fields at lunch so Ollie would come up with him. He runs right in front of the tractor and right alongside of it and Phil ran over his foot. The ground was soft so it didn't hurt him. Phil started his truck so Ollie wouldn't hear it start and come after him. Then he came in the house to eat and as I talked with Ollie on the back porch, Phil and Susan snuck out the front and Susan drove him back down to the field again. Phil said, "Ollie is complicating my life." I said, "All animals and rich women love you." He laughed a little. That was at lunch. Later in the day, Judy said, "I'll never forget the first time my mother saw Phil. She said he was the handsomest man she ever laid eyes on." We laughed and she went on to say, "He kind of looks like Pastor Frank."  Phil is handsomest when he is driving a tractor because he is the happiest then. His tanned  face glows and I wish I was sitting up there beside him. Ollie played tag with Sammy Jo today. She chased him and ran in circles and he stayed just out of her reach. SJ saw the little pigs too, and got her picture taken with a little calf. Read more of a George MacDonald Book-'The Quiet Neighborhood.' I wish it had been a quieter night. Hunting dogs were baying and I couldn't sleep. I write this at 4 0'clock on Friday morning. Perhaps now, I'll give it another try.

Fri.-Slept until 8:30. Read story in chapel about Moses going up into Mt. Sinai. He entered into the thick darkness where God was. Why does this thought always make me weep? Is it because in the darkness, there is only One we can see and hear, and in the light, there are so many things to distract us that we sometimes cease to incline our ear and heart toward Him? Perhaps we've had it wrong.  We talk about mountaintop experiences with God where we can see Him clearly like the 3 disciples saw Jesus on the Mt. of Transfiguration.  But Moses' Mountain top experience with God was in a dark cloud with no visible visibility to be seen.  And this is where He stood closest to God-face to face-in the darkness.  O dear hearts who are straining to see light in the darkness, don't endeavor to leave the thick cloud too quickly. Wait for the tablets of stone to be placed in your hands. Wait for the Word of the Lord. Wait until you have talked with Him face to face. You know not what awaits you when you leave the dark cloud. He never leaves us or forsakes us even if the behavior of others angers us so greatly that we are tempted to throw down the very stones etched with the finger of God. Thank God, for His mercy, and His willingness to write again.

I cleaned out the fridge today and made a flock of food-chicken breasts, salad, raw vegetables, rice and veggie stir fry, hummus, avocado dip, homemade mayonnaise, gluten free macaroni salad, regular macaroni salad, mushrooms and zucchini, beets, turkey bacon, and baked garlic. Some of these things I made to use up the odds and ends in the fridge. Susan worked on British Lit and mowed the lawn. Phil went to work nearby and Philip brought him home at lunch and then Phil planted more cover crops and Philip went back to work. Philip posted a video of himself on facebook. He filmed himself walking on a board and honestly, I broke into a sweat. Did I mention it was quite high off the ground. Later Michael posted a picture of a new airplane that he was going to fly. How is it that some of my kids love heights so much? I'm not real good with heights. ( I went parasailing in Cancun and that was as high as I want to get. Just as they were buckling me in and asking for a tip as they did so, the previous parasailer hit the beach hard. He was slightly overweight and it made quite an impression on me but there was no turning back at that point.) I fly in a plane if I must. But I'm drugged when I do so. It's good our kids aren't limited by my limitations. I do want them to soar.  I just want them to land safely.

Sat.-I lost 10 pounds this past month by going gluten and sugar free. I'm starting to feel better. Phil said he can tell that I feel alot better. I am so thankful that God gave me an answer. The amazing thing is that I don't crave anything. I don't keep eating even if I'm full. I even have no desire for chocolate. And I ask God every day to help me eat in a healthy way. It is His mercy that gave me this answer and His strength that is helping me do it.

I noticed something in 11 Tim. 1. We often quote verse 7-"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind." But verse 6 says, "Stir up the gift of God which is in you"---and then--"For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind." Sometimes we are afraid to use our gifts and we let the good things of God settle down to the bottom of our life's pot. We need to stir it up-stir up the gifts, because God has given us the power to use them and the sound mind to use them and the freedom from being afraid of using them.

Paul's action words for chapter one: Stir up the gift; Be bold-do not be ashamed-Share in the gospel's sufferings; Hold fast the pattern of sound words; Keep by the Holy Spirit within you the good thing that was committed to you. This makes me think of Gil and Lindsay because they do these things in such a practical, intentional, honest way.

Got ready for Michael's party and then took Susan out to Liberty Baptist for drama practice from 1-4. I went grocery shopping and then to my favorite little shops in Appomattox. I found some pants for Micah and an LLBean bag for $6 at 'The Little Things in Life' consignment shop. I bought some Macintosh fragrance beads for the car at Country Charm. And then to B&L to tell Linda that my shore girls loved their jewelry but she had just left. I then bought 5 pairs of earrings there for $5.00. They're getting rid of their extra earring inventory. Two of them had no prices in the back. But three were marked 8.99, 5.99, and 9.99. The ones that Susan liked were the ones I had picked out for her. Silver long dangles with light blue beads. Also went to Salvation Army to look for props for Susan's photography business.

Came home and there were some kids here for Michael's party. More came as the night went on and there were at least 28 that I counted. It was a mix of old New Life friends, a few from Calvary, and many from Liberty. It was nice to meet Michael's roommates. Sweet Tea is not his roommate but said that Michael is his best friend in America. He is from Nairobi. He thanked us for making such a nice person as Michael. The fire was crackling, the volleyball set was getting a workout, hot dogs and s'mores were being 'cooked', hot chocolate mix was being stirred, stories were being told, friendships were being forged, stars were shining, pigs were being viewed, and everything was going along nicely. Hopefully, it still is. A few have gone home but the rest of the gang has gone for a flashlight-free walk down to the river. I can't imagine that they won't step in any cow pies. I mean, the odds are against them and it's dark.  Phil and I are debating about hiding somewhere and scaring the living daylights out of them but there's probably enough crap out there already.

Sun.-RAIN! Church by the riverside cancelled and moved back to the building. Guest speaker spoke about Doubting Thomas. Good. Lunch served after church. Phil and I went to see 'Obama-2016' and Susan went with her brothers to see 'Taken 2'. The Gordon's were there and we visited with them a little bit. Came back home and snuggled in and watched Monk and drank hot chocolate made with dark cocoa and sucanat. Michael took the rest of the hot chocolate mix back to college with him. The kids were enjoying it last night. Recipe: 1 med. box of dried milk powder, 1 large container of powered creamer, 1-2lb container of Nestles chocolate quik. Mix well. Take 1/2 cup of mix and put in mug and fill with boiling water. Add marshmallows if you like. I saw some kids putting in caramel marshmallows. Yumm...Philip spent the afternoon/eve at the guys house. He told me this morning how many times and in what ways he scared the kids as they walked down to the river last night. One time, he dropped down from a tree right in their midst and snarled. I hope we don't get sued. Susan edited her pics of Sammy Jo and put them on facebook. It's a good night for snuggling.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Hertzler's birthday card to Michael

Michael turned 21 this year. Philip turned 24. Phil turned 56.  Michael was born on Phil's 35th birthday.  When I was pregnant with Philip, I was sure he was a girl. Phil knew better. He had seen the sonogram. But I 'didn't want to know' even though he tried to tell me.  So, I was glad when Philip was born but I decided not to predict the sex of the child in my womb from then on.

When I was pregnant with Michael, I would say to Phil, "I don't know whether it's a boy or a girl but I know he/she has red hair and will be born on your birthday." He was born on 9-19-91. My doctor said I should have played the lottery.

Five years earlier, on Phil's 30th birthday, we were celebrating at his parents house. We were having a double party. I think we were having a shower for Linda who would have been pregnant with Karalee.  The phone rang and it was my middle brother. He told me that my oldest brother's wife had been killed by a drunk driver. She was 35. She was beautiful. She taught Junior High kids. Someone is walking around seeing life with her lovely brown eyes.

When Michael was about five, my oldest brother asked me the date of Michael's birth. I said, "September 19th."  He said, "I'm glad something good happened on that day."

My brother remarried a few years later and I have another wonderful sister-in-law who is also a teacher. She teaches high school Math. She's one of my favorite people. I'm thankful.

But this was to be about Michael's birthday card from his Hertzler grandparents, so here goes.

This card has a picture of a dog with its head burrowing into the sand. On the outside it says, "Happy Birthday!" On the inside it says, "Now if I could only remember where I buried your gift!"

Grandma wrote:

Dear Michael,
The beagle on the front reminds me of our beagles we had in the past.  It may only be a "mutt." Whatever, he's searching!! and working.  We are waiting to see you make a flight in our area and are eager to hear of your progress in flying.  Grandpa picked apples at the neighbors tree.  He got bushels of apples.  Today we're going to make them into sauce and a later date he wants to make a big batch of apple butter. We'll cook it the old-fashioned way and have jars of apple butter to share with family and friends.  We wish you a Happy Birthday.
Love, Grandma
"I will not worry about anything, but pray about everything." Phil. 4:6

And Grandpa:

Dear Michael,
I'm glad you have the privilege of studying aviation. That was a dream I had, but as Uncle Jim says, I have a 30's mentality. In the 30's there wasn't money to buy more than food and clothing and the Apostle Paul wrote by inspiration "having therefore food and raiment let us be therewith content". Shakespeare wrote, "Men at some times are masters of their faith.  The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings."  When I was about 18 years I bought a car to be like my peers and had I given myself to the dream of flying, it could have happened. Well, I'm glad you have the privilege.  Whatever we do, let us commit our way to our Lord and endeavor to honor Him and trust Him to lead us into fullness of life and blessing.  Grandma and I asked the Lord if we should buy the farm, and His answer was very clear.  We got awake about 2 AM on Christmas of '64 and to me the room got light and I heard His voice say, "Buy the farm and take up the work your father laid down on the farm, in the community, and in the church." We've tried to do that.  Originally I had planned not to farm but I'm thankful that I did.  God will surely guide you in the important decisions of life if you ask Him.
I'd better go now and help grandma with the apples.
My prayer is that God will guide you in the important decisions which will be before you at this time of your life.
With love, your grandpa Hertzler

Two of Phil's brothers have taken over the farm and Grandpa helps out where he can. They continue to be light and salt in our family, in the community, and in the church.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Grandma and Grandpa Hertzler's birthday card to Philip

Dad told me that sometimes he doesn't know what to write in our birthday cards. I told him to just tell us about what they are doing. It doesn't have to be anything profound. Just give us a snapshot glimpse into your lives.  I so enjoyed reading the birthday cards they wrote to the three September birthday men around here, that I decided to blog them, after asking the boys if I could.  They thought it would be a nice way to preserve their grandparents/parents words.

Philip's card had a painting of a  Atlantic Puffin in the front with fish in its mouth. Inside, Grandma had hand-written 'Happy Birthday.' Then she wrote:

"Dear Philip,
Hope you can enjoy the "Puffin" with fish in its mouth for the young hungry babies, waiting expectantly for a delicious dinner.
This afternoon we had a carriage ride with Carl and Hilda Stoltzfus.  They have beautiful "Halflinger" horses whose origin is from Halflinging Austria.  On the ride we went past your old house. The owner was in the lawn playing or training with his dogs.  Before we got to French Creek we made a right turn traveling through the woods and another right unto 345 and connecting with Harmonyville Road and on toward home going past the cottages your dad repaired.  We all enjoyed the ride and fellowship.
Love you and come see us soon. Grandma

Dad wrote:

Dear Philip,
One interesting thing we have here is a perky little pup they gave Bradley for his 12th birthday.  He's part lab-his body and head are black, and he's part Blue Australian Heeler.  He joyfully runs around and sticks his nose in everything; he is the picture of happiness and the cats have their various responses according to their personalities.  Some cats keep their composure when a dog comes close and some don't.  That reminds me of a little jingle about personalities that kind of defines people-
Some are and some aren't.
Some do and some don't.
Some can  and some can't.
Some will and some won't.

So when you know how the person you're dealing with fits into that system of actions you can judge how best to respond to them.  The book of Proverbs is surely the best teaching along this line.  There's one chapter that deals with fools and another that deals with mean-spirited people.  The best I can gather is watch out for the mean-spirited man: you won't get a break from him, and watch out for the fool: don't deal with him as one who will reciprocate for a fair deal.  In other words, guard yourself.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but know who you are dealing with.  Proverbs also says, "Like a mad man who throws fire brands, arrows and death, is the one who deceives his neighbor and says, "I was only joking.'" Another proverb states, "It is better to meet a female bear robbed of her cubs than to meet a fool in his folly."  So know who you're dealing with.  The Book of Proverbs is divided into 31 chapters, so read 1 chapter a day and cover it every month.

We've had good rains here.  I don't believe we've ever had better pastures this time of year.  We used to pasture the milking cows day and night, which meant we had the job of getting in the cows before milking.  Bringing them across the road from the pond field in the afternoon was my job when I was old enough.  We did have a dog to help part of the time.  Then later we were given an Australian Shepherd pup.  I asked a man who knew how to train him.  He said, "The only thing you can teach him is to come to you.  He knows all the rest."  We called him 'Buddy.'  When you went to the field and there was a cow way off in the far corner and Buddy was with you, all you needed to do was point at her and Buddy went and got her promptly.  He  wasn't a Blue Heeler, he was light brown with some white.  He got a bit rough on the cows and one time it seemed they agreed they weren't going to put up with it and they stampeded at him and he ran for his life and got away.  The herd seemed to have a different attitude and since then even the heifers seem to act silly when I walk thru their pasture.  They come walking after me and smell at me.

God bless your cattle business.  Keep looking for ways to play fair and make a profit.  Look to God for LIFE.  He desires to guide you into the best experiences of joy and satisfaction.  And remember: whatever happens to you is the best thing that could have happened to you.

grandpa Hertzler

Through the years, these special cards and letters have been collected into a special box or drawer.
Precious words with history and wisdom entwined amidst precious personalities and a blessed heritage.