Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Service-Oct. 18, 2009

It was Pastor Appreciation Sunday. Greg C. got up with his lovely wife, Roberta, and took charge of giving out flowers and gifts to the pastors and their wives. But first, he preached a rather good sermon. He preached from Eph. 6:13-the armor of God. The armor is for a warrior. Put it on every day and go into the trenches. The armor will never be pierced because no weapon formed against it will prosper. He said that pastors are box cutters. They let God out of the box that religion packages Him in. ~~
We love all of the pastors at New Life. When we stood up for Pastor Frank and Lisa, Greg said, "You love them, don't you?" I think we love them because they first loved us.
Song-"Let it rain....Let it rain...".(I knew Phil was thinking, "No more rain. No more rain,)" but I sang it anyway, "Open the floodgates of Heaven..."
We had a guest speaker-Lowell ? I never did catch his last name.
Lowell shared some traumatic events from his life that caused him to doubt the character of God.
He asked us the question, " Are you spiritually and emotionally ready for crisis and trouble?"
"What do you do when God doesn't....?"
What if God disappoints you?
What if your expectations are not met?
What if He doesn't behave in the way you think God should behave?
What will you do in that day?
Are you going to protest or praise; give up or keep on going; view things from His perspective or yours?
God collects our life experiences and puts them in a memory bank-not to weigh us down but to use as a spring board into ministry.

We are most effective when we minister out of the broken areas that Jesus has healed.
Do we trust God?
Do we trust Him with the things that have betrayed us and made us disillusioned with Him?
What do we do when we have prayed our most faith-filled prayer and God says, "No." Not maybe or wait, but "No."
Sometimes, it is just too uncomfortable to deal with disappointment in God, so we quit.
We don't want to risk being hurt again, so we close our hearts to Him.
Judas quit.
Peter quit.
All 12 disciples quit.
They ran away.
God did not behave in the way they thought He would.
When He had died and they didn't know that He had come back to life, they went back to their old way of living. They said, "I didn't sign up for this."

You can be told that things will work out but when you're in the thick of battle, you forget the promises.

Pastor Lowell said, " I've come through the fire and it hurts. There are certain parts of my memory that are still raw. And I love Him more than I've ever loved Him before."
( I didn't tell the part of his life story when some terrible things had happened to him and he had turned away from God. He couldn't understand why God had not protected him. It was the love of Jesus that eventually brought him back to Himself.)

If we read Hebrews 11:32-35, we find out about the mighty men of old who worked many exploits through faith. Dead people were raised to life, lions mouths were stopped, armies were destroyed.
This gospel sells.
But continue reading vs. 35b-40 and you will find out all the dreadful things that other believers in God experienced. Torture, stoning, scourging, imprisonment, afflictions, etc. etc. And these folks had faith too, but did not receive the promise.
They had a good testimony through faith but they didn't see the end results of their faith.
We have a choice to make.
We can choose to love God and trust Him with all of our hearts. We don't get loopy in this process and cast our brains aside. We have a solid faith and are authentic in our struggles.
We can lead a religious life, desiring to escape our struggles and hoping for Jesus' quick return. We forget about those who would die in their sin and go to hell if He came back right now.

We can either embrace life with its difficulties
or we can have an escape mentality-"God, get me out of here."

A perfect God in relationship with an imperfect person equals a perfect relationship.
Allow God to be your dance partner. Let Him lead and you follow a split second behind. Rest on His shoulders. Determine to make every day count whether you have one day or 50. This is a great description of faith.
God wants to give you a different perspective in all things.
Don't worry about the next step. Follow His lead, and rest on His shoulder.
"Don't worry, I've got you," your dance partner says.
And if He doesn't show you what is going on, just dance.
I desperately needed this message.
I was reminded of the words that Jesus said to Peter when He wanted to wash His feet. " You don't understand what I am doing now, but you will later on."
Lord, bless the pastors and their wives and children. If they are discouraged and heavy laden, encourage them. When their well is dry, give them time alone with You.
Show them how to balance home and church and their own spiritual life. Bless them financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Strengthen and protect their marriages. Help them know they are loved. Help them see the big picture and build the foundations, so they won't have to waste time dealing with houses built out of straw and the people who are driving them crazy with their cries of "Wolf! Wolf!"
Give them peace.
Give them unity.
Give them You.

Hertzler Doings-Oct. 12-18,2009

What a week.

This week, a student at school has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. She had surgery to remove wisdom teeth and the whole process of causing trauma to her head has caused trauma to a nerve on one side of her face. It is basically paralyzed. She cannot even close her left eye. This should be temporary but there is no guarantee. I love this girl. And her smile. It's one in a million. She has to be able to smile again. Dear Jesus, please heal her. I am an absolute emotional wreck over this. Please pray for her and her sweet family and for our school. Thank you.

I met with someone this week who is at the end of her rope in regards to her life situation. I would have been at the end a long time ago had I been in her shoes. I pray God gives her a way of escape and I pray for a miracle. I am emotional about this as well. I am not sure where to turn to for help. But I know that God is paying attention and sees her and will come to her aid.

The clutter in my life is overwhelming. I am trying to clean up and get rid of and I have limited amount of time and energy. Then Phil and the boys cleaned out the abbey and brought home alot of things. I really appreciated the industrial bread pans. I made 2 loaves in them this week. They make a loaf the size of regular bread. And we needed the glasses. But.... oh well. Salvation Army, here we come...eventually. Carleen came on Thursday and organized and cleaned alot of my kitchen for me. I can breathe a bit better. On Sat. Phil got me some filing cabinets and a counter top and I am going to organize a room in our bedroom into an office area for me. I think once I get this paper work organized, I will be more organized elsewhere. Paper, paper, paper. So many great things to read.

Phil was on the roof abbey all of Sat. shop vacuuming an inch of water off the 8,000 square foot roof. He was talking to me on his cell phone while he vacuumed and lost hold of it and it fell into a bucket of water. About 24 hours later, it worked again.

Philip got a deer this week and he and Michael cut it into strips and marinated it. For Sunday lunch, they and their friends roasted it over a fire down at the river and had cheese steak sandwiches. Freeman and Alli came here after church and we ate leftovers for lunch. They went back to church for Christmas music rehearsal. Phil, Susan, and I watched one of the Left Behind movies-Tribulation Force. I wonder if people really will have a second chance to accept Christ after the Rapture. That would be nice.

We had a guest speaker at church and he delivered us mail straight from the heart of God. I guess God had gotten our mail. It was overwhelming to know that God cared enough to send his messenger to us with a direct word of encouragement especially after our discouraging week.

We've been missing Johnny Hertzler. His birthday is coming up. Susan collected eggs and she got very sad, missing him, because the last time he was at our place, he collected eggs with her in the rain. They loaded up their t-shirts and carried oodles of eggs into the house without an accident.

And there are other things I just can't write about.

Sorry I am so blue. I am sure next week will be better.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunday Service-Oct.11, 2009

Great is the Lord,
The Famous One, Famous One
Great is Your fame through all the earth....

Happy 46th Birthday, Pastor Frank!
We won't discuss his card on my blog.
Community in the Church

When we answer the question, "What does it mean to be a community?", we answer the question, "What does it mean to be a church?"
Jesus didn't have the same idea as we do about church.
Church is not what is contained in four walls.
We used to stop by and visit people.
Now people are too busy for company.
We are too busy for community.
From the beginning of mankind, God has warned humanity that it isn't good to be alone.
God has formed the community at New Life and brought people together from all over the place. Satan himself, cannot stop this church; this community of believers.
As we wait for His return, we are to build a community of faith.
The second commandment is a reflection on how well we are keeping the first commandment. If we are not loving our neighbor, we should not say that we love God.
In Acts 2:40-47, we read how the young church were in community with each other. They were being taught the scriptures; they ate together; they shared their belongings with each other, and they prayed together.
Folks on the outside watched this community with awe and many signs and wonders were done through the apostles. Many were getting saved and the church enjoyed the good will and favor of the local people.

If you took the fellowship out, there would be no awe; no miracles; and no people getting saved. !!!!!!!
What is our responsibility?

#1-Consistency-be committed.

Consistency is living a life that is consistent before the Lord everyday; you are the same person on Monday and Tuesday as you are in a Sunday service.

Be consistent in friendship-a friend loveth at ALL times.
Consistency in community is about consistency in relationships.

#2-Encouragement-the arm around a shoulder

1 Thess, 5:11-"So encourage and build one another up..."

#3-Authenticity-Be real

Jesus was authentic. He said in the garden that He was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. He didn't hide His need. He needed His friends to be with Him. He needed that arm around His shoulder.

The 'holiness' thing is over-the appearance of 'having it all together'-'holier than thou'
type of aura.
I need your help. I am just a sinner saved by grace.

Alot of groups can be authentic. Bowling leagues can have community and meet on a consistent basis an be completely authentic.

What is the difference between church community and other kinds of community?

#4-The Presence of God

God takes the things we have in the natural and makes them supernatural.

Like the early church,
if we are consistently committed to one another,
if we are full of encouragement towards one another,
if we are authentic and real,
and if we believe in Him and have His presence with us,
then we will experience genuine community.
People will be in awe of our love for one another,
and signs and wonders will follow,
and people will be saved.

The Presence of God in our midst convicts us of anything in our lives that does not line up with His image. He calls us to give account for every idle word. Our words are to be used to build each other up. The look on our faces, our smiles, the arm around the shoulder, our words; all of these things communicate value and respect to those in our lives.
Amen and Amen.
We don't have to be best friends with everybody.
We don't even have to like everybody.
But we do need to be kind to each other and treat each other respectfully.
If I really love you,
I will want you to increase, even if it means my decrease;
I will smile and say "Hello" even if you don't respond.
I will assume the best about you and pray for you when you seem out of sorts.
I will find that treasure within you and be your friend.
And then we'll have community.
We'll have church.
Someone just shared this story with me.
It went something like this.
Suppose someone is in the middle of the river of life, trying to navigate themselves to safety, over slippery rocks and protruding branches. We can stand on the bank and call out directions, telling them where to put their feet and what they should hold on to. It would be good of us to help them in this way and we would be protecting our own well-being in the process.
Or, we can get in the river with them, and hold their hand, and risk getting wet and injured and having our own weaknesses exposed. Others might misunderstand what we are doing. But we could get in there and have a real relationship with them and guide them to safety with our presence rather than just our words.
It costs a great deal to really relate to people.
Jesus gave His life in order to relate to people forever.
I think dying to one's self and relating to people in true friendship have much in common.
Help us be the kind of friend to others that you are to us, Jesus.
And help us be your friend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CCA Smile Files

On Saturday, as I looked for a place to stand on the Back Street Sidewalk of Appomattox to watch the Railroad Parade, a little girl waved happily at me. She had come to CCA last year and is now in the fourth grade at the local public school. I sat down beside her and told her I missed her. I do, too. She was one who would sob at the beauty of a song, right in the middle of class. "I miss you too, and all the kids at school. You were the best music teacher I ever had," she said with all the seriousness of a college graduate.
I wish she'd come back. I'd like to continue being the best music teacher she ever had.

I took the first graders out to the smelly gym a few weeks ago to fly their giant airplanes. After they color to Mozart or Beethoven, we sometimes turn their drawings into airplanes. As they were coming back from the gym and came by me as I held the door, one of them said, "You smell good!" "What IS that smell?" exclaimed another. "Egyptian Goddess", I murmured. "WHAT?" "Oh, it's just some oil I buy from the health food store." I didn't want to try to explain what an Egyptian Goddess was because I don't really know. I'm going to have to change the name of this stuff. Perhaps "Beethoven's Bath Oil" or "Mozart's Marvel" will suffice.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hertzler Doings-Oct.5-11, 2009

Mon.-Housecleaned my little cottage chapel. A little mouse had made its home in my supply box. Stink bugs everywhere. I washed all the linens, washed the windows, swept the walls and floors.

Tues.-School. Met Lisa H. at Baines. She treated me to lunch and I treated her to one of my favorite books that I found on the shelf-"Julie" by Catherine Marshall.

Wed.-Taught school. I love it. Took Sarah F. along to youth group tonight. Met with Sara.

Thurs.-Ruth came over and she was the brains of the operation and I was the hands. Together we made a lined curtain for her bathroom. Made spice chiffon cake in the eve. to use up 7 of our chicken's eggs. Served with lite cool whip.

Fri-Home alone for the morning; first in a long time. Blogged and cleaned. Went out to Noah's to get an algae eater for Dr. H's aquarium at school. Here he had gone to Lynchburg to get one too. Maybe we'll have lots of little algae eaters before long. Susan likes to sit beside the aquarium in the back corner of the room. We don't have room in our house for one and I am glad that she is getting to experience one of my many childhood joys. I always thought that people would be more sane if they could sit in front of a fish tank for 5 min. a day.
Mickey and her grandson, Oran, 5, came over for a gator ride to the river, to the chapel, and out the lane. She is such a good grandmama. Oran is full of curiosity and this gives him much energy. I enjoyed their visit so very much.
Susan went home overnight with Makenzie. Philip and Freeman came home from Lynchburg and went bow hunting. Philip went to Martin's for the weekend.

Sat.-Had tea/coffee with Phil in the morning while we sat and talked on the sofa. I met Susan, Makenzie, and Lynn at the Railroad Festival in Appomattox later in the morning. Our school, CCA, won first place in the parade. We walked around, ate, watched the kids go on some rides, and bought some pottery on the spur of the moment.
A friend came over and spent a few hours in my chapel while I was gone. She had a good time.
Phil and the guys were doing some farming projects, went hunting and cleaned out a closet in the old house filled with 30 year old food of some kind. Lots of old blue jars. What a mess! Dishwasher worked hard all day. Chickens and ducks are still probably hungover.
Oct. 10-My nephew, Abie Schneck, would have been 24 today. His family is moving from the pain of the shock of his death to the pain of the realization that he is not coming home. I'm so sorry, sister dear.

Sun.-Really enjoyed church today. Felt like a family. Pastor Frank's 46th birthday.
Came home and Phil made me potatoes and eggs with mushrooms. I had it over salad. Watched a 007 movie in the afternoon. Jordan had an accident near Mickey's corner. The boys pulled it out of the ditch with a pettybone. He can't drive it and it is at the end of our lane. He feels fine, and we are thankful that he was kept safe.
I should go make Chace some chocolate chip cookies.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bible Book Report Gala

We have been having computer problems and now my "Blogging Idea" notebook is backed up and there isn't any way I can catch up. So, I am going to let go of some of my ideas about what I need to blog about and how much I need to blog about what I am blogging about and just do some bare bones blogging so I don't get so bogged down.

I have read the following Old Testament books in the Bible:
Obediah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai.

I think the main idea of those prophetic books has to do with the fact that God will judge His people if they turn away from Him, but all of His judgment has more to do with His mercy and His desire to bless the children He loves so much, and He judges them in order to bring them back to Him so He can bless them.

Some verses that stood out to me were:

Obadiah 17-"But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions." WoW! What does that mean exactly?

Jonah 1:8-"Those who regard worthless idols Forsake their own Mercy."

Nahum 1:7-"The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him.

I think these would be the most awful words to ever hear, written in Nahum 3:5. "Behold, I am against you", says the LORD of hosts;..."

Habakkuk 3:6b-"He (God) looked and startled the nations."

Wow! Zeph. 1:12-"And it shall come to pass at that time that I will search Jerusalem with lamps, and punish the men who are settled in complacency, who say in their heart, 'The LORD will not do good, Nor will He do evil.'

Haggai 2:6,7,9-"For thus says the LORD of hosts: 'Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory,' says the LORD of hosts...The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former...and in this place I will give peace,' says the LORD of hosts."
I love how He calls Himself 'The Desire of All Nations.'
His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish that which He pleases.
He will be The Desire of All Nations.
Some will desire Him too late.

Oct. 4, 2009-Sunday Service

New Life Assembly of God Church met at the Riverfront property in Farmville for our church service. We brought our lawn chairs and comfortable clothes and God brought His balmy breeze and sunshine. We were all rather excited because we had spent Saturday in Farmville, doing good things for our community. Although there were many distractions, Pastor Frank maintained his focus and preached a meaningful sermon entitled "Be a Rope Holder."

Here are my notes and perceptions on the sermon.
In the gospels, we read the story of the man who was paralyzed. His friend's heard that 'Jesus was in the house.' They tied some ropes to the man's bed, removed tiles from the roof of the house and lowered his cot by ropes to Jesus, certain that Jesus would touch and heal him.

All we have to do is bring someone to Jesus, and He will do the saving and healing.
In Acts 9, we read the account of Saul's(Paul) life being in danger. The disciples put him in a basket and lowered him by ropes over the city wall to safety. They had no idea who he would become and what he would accomplish.

What did they release when they lowered the basket?

#1-They released the presence of God.
Other communities and towns would also get to experience Saul's passion to know Christ and Him crucified.

Yesterday, we served others in the community and we showed our love for God by our service to mankind.
(At this point in the service, we were handed a 6 inch piece of rope. We were told to tape the rope to a place of reminder. Remember, when you see the rope, that we can release the Spirit of God wherever we go.)
Whatever we bind on earth will be bound in Heaven. There is so much going on in the spirit world. God is raising up a church that Hell cannot destroy. Lord, let your presence be released in this town, this community, our homes, and occupations.

#2-They released the Power of God.
The believers struggled with Paul's radical conversion to the Lord. But someone by faith, got him in a basket and released him.
Some scholars believe that Saul/Paul had the equivalent of two doctorate degrees by the time he was 20. But when he spoke before the Council, he said that he didn't come before them with the excellency of man's speech, even though he could of. Instead of just talking the talk, he walked the walk.

God does nothing outside of the Spirit of Unity. When there is a spirit of unity, God releases His power. In Acts 2, the believers were meeting in one accord, and the fire fell down from Heaven.

There are many different doctrines of men based on what they believe they Scriptures say, but we can be united around this proclamation of Paul's: "I am going to preach Christ...and Him crucified, risen, and coming again."

#3-They released the Plan of God.
God visited Saul on the road to Damascus and blinded him. God knew the anointing that would come on this man's life. The people who tied the rope to the basket didn't know the plan, power, or purpose of God for his life. You and I know the rest of the story and we know in part what he did for the Kingdom of God, the books he wrote, the journeys he took.
Hold onto the rope for someone's basket. Don't let go. You don't know everything that will happen when the presence, power, and purpose of God is released in someone's life.
Farmville is our Jerusalem.
Farmville is our town.
Our Jerusalem is going to experience the presence, power, and plan of God because we are holding the rope for it.

Someone held a rope for us before we came to Christ.

Hold the rope for someone.
Allow God by His presence to speak into the life of that one in your basket.

It doesn't matter what you do in church.
It matters what you do on the sidewalk.
For the gospel to spread we need to break out of the four-walls-of-a-church mentality and bring the gospel to the street corners.
If we want people to desire to seek the face of God, we have to show them what His hands and feet can do. Through blessing others with our hands and feet and words, we give them a glimpse into the face of Jesus Christ.
I want to not only see His face, but I want His blessings too.
He died to give me His blessings of love, peace, hope, forgiveness, health, wholeness, riches, and hunger for Him. It is through His blessings that I see His face.
Where would Abraham be without a blessing?
Where would we be without Abraham's blessing?
Oh God, one glimpse of your face is never enough, and I need every blessing you have to give.
Holding the rope for someone means that I believe they are worth saving.

It means that I will go beyond the normal way of doing things to lower them to safety and/or bring them to Jesus. It may cost me something beside rope burned hands. It may cost me the approval of man. It may cost me time and energy and sleep.
Holding the rope for someone means that I will stay up at night or wake up early to pray for them. Sometimes, others hold the rope for us, when life has us overwhelmed with its troubles or our 'enemies' want to kill us.

I believe that our church lowered the town of Farmville in a basket to a place of safety where it can experience the Presence, Power, and Purpose of God. The town was on the brink of destruction and the enemy of its soul wanted to overwhelm it with paralyzing fear. Those who lowered the basket will still need to contend with the invisible enemies within the town through prayer and intercession and by continuing to overcome evil with good.
But we will hold onto the rope and not let go.
We will pray for the peace of our Jerusalem.
A few years ago, when our church was fixing up the bank building on the corner of Third and Main Street, we took black markers and wrote on the walls. We wrote words portraying the Presence, Power, Purpose and Plan of God. I know right where I wrote my words, even though they are now covered with creamy coffee colored paint. I can picture them there on the wall to the left before you enter the office.

"And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,
The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In." Is. 58:12b

I thought of those words this weekend.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

CCA Smile Files

The 3rd-5th graders are learning a wiseman song for the Christmas program. Following the wiseman song, they will sing the worship song, "Here I am to I am to bow down... We were singing it the other day and suddenly one of the children just lifted their hands in worship. I joined him and so did some others. It was a sacred classroom time.

I was telling/reading a story about Beethoven. I described how Beethoven, when conducting his symphonies, would leap in the air and even shout when he was directing the loud parts of his music. When he got to the quiet parts of his music, he would creep down and be conducting underneath his music stand. I acted out the parts to make my point. A little girl asked me, "Were you there?" "No, I wasn't," I said, "but thanks for the compliment."

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday Sermon~Sept. 27, 2009

Text-Acts 20, Luke 14

(As always, this is my perception of what I heard, mixed in with somewhat accurate notes I took while Pastor Frank preached.)



Many years ago, in another part of the world, there was a severe snowstorm. The pastor of the local church couldn't make it to the service, so he asked a board member, John England, to preach the message. Mr. England had never spoken before. One little boy came to the altar to receive Jesus. His name was Charles Spurgeon, known now as the greatest preacher who ever lived.

Our one great purpose in life could be to speak one time to one child.


Martin Luther said something like this-"A religion that does nothing, serves nothing, costs nothing,....suffers nothing, a worthless religion."


In Luke 14, we read the story of how the Pharisee's set Jesus up to fail the religious law.

One of the Pharisee's invited Jesus to his home on the Sabbath supposedly for a meal. There was a man there who had dropsy and they were watching Jesus to see what he would do. Dropsy swells a person's body up because there is too much fluid in ones tissues. Jesus asked them if it was wrong to heal on the Sabbath. "If your donkey or ox (transportation or livelihood) got stuck in a ditch on the Sabbath, wouldn't you get it out?" Then He healed the man and they didn't know what to say.

When He came into the house, He watched them choose the best seats. He then proceeded to tell them that it is better to take a lesser seat and be moved to a place of honor then to assume the seat of honor and be asked to moved to a lesser seat. He was speaking to the guests.

Then He spoke to the host. He told them to not just invite the important people but to invite those who are needy-the ones who could never pay them back.

He told the story of a man who was preparing a great supper and invited special guests to come. But they gave him ill-devised excuses-"I need to check out a field I just bought."(How many people buy a field they didn't check out first?) " I need to try out my oxen." (How many people buy a team of livestock without checking them out first?) "I'm getting married." (There would not be two major feasts going on at the same time in the same town.)

In other words, their excuses were nothing more than lies.


There are three characters in this story: Jesus, the man with dropsy who could die in a few weeks, or the Pharisee.

Find yourself in this story. You are definitely not Jesus.

Are you the man desperate for a touch from God, or are you the Pharisee?

If you are making excuses about your life with God, you are lying, just like a Pharisee.

A Pharisee assumes a position he does not have.

We are not standing here today because we have something great to give. We are here today because of the grace of God. We are saved by grace. It is the gift of God lest anyone should boast.


The man who was asking everyone to come to his party wanted every seat to be filled. When those who were initially invited found more important things to do, he invited those who were poor, crippled, lame, and blind. He invited those who knew they had nothing to give...those who were empty enough to be given to.


If we just have on a religious looking garment, we are a Pharisee.

If we know we need His garment put on us, then we are a guest at His feast.

#1- It is important to have a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus.

#2-It is important to be consistent in our commitment to Him.

How do the godly live? Before we can invite people into our church, we need to make sure we are consistent in our walk with Christ. Paul shed tears and had many trials. (Acts 20:19) No one said it was going to be easy. Paul didn't run from his troubles. He was committed and was interested in relationships with people.

#3-It is important to be filled with compassion.

Ps. 126:6 says that he who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Compassion tells people that there is room at the table for them.

If I am going to touch people's lives, then I am going to have to have something to give them.

What can I sow into their lives? What will I bring back as my harvest?

If we are going to invite people to come and dine, we must first come and dine.

We must know what we are inviting them to.

#4-It is important to be comprehensive in our approach.

Where there is one prejudice, there is every prejudice. If we can live and tolerate a racial prejudice, then we are tolerating every other prejudice.

Do we really love Jesus?

I would rather have a church that looks more like Heaven than the community.

The church has to be a refuge place-a point of origin-where strongholds are broken.

If we pray and turn from our wicked ways from this point of origin, then God will heal our land and the earth will yield its harvest.

May this place be a place of origin, where the new thing He is doing, starts here.

May a point of origin happen in my life that is not the normal.

Fix your marriage! That's not the norm.

Fight for your children! Don't give up!

Keep praying, doing, and fasting.

What would happen if we didn't start the service until every seat was filled?

Paul taught publicly and from house to house.

We don't just invite people to our public meeting to meet God with us,

but we also go to where they are and bring God to them.

Be the point of origin.

Nothing happens but by prayer and intercession.

Healing, revival, restoration of homes....these kinds of things happen when human need meets the supernatural power of God.


This sermon really hit home with me in several areas.

I have really been thinking about the seats. There are all kinds of seats.

There are seats in friendships. Sometimes we want to have the best, closest, most comfortable seat in our friendship with someone.

Sometimes, we just want to appear as if we have the best seat, but really don't want to pay the price that comes with the privilege of sitting there.

Suppose there is someone in my life who refuses to even say 'hello' to me.

I realize that my desire for them to not snub me has more to do with what I want from them than any love I have for them. I am not feeling that they are rejecting my love, for if the truth be told, I am lacking in love for them. I am merely wanting to not be snubbed. Why is that?

So, therefore, when I am wanting an 'hello', I am wanting a seat at their table. But they have not invited me to dinner. They don't want me around their table.

And who am I to think that they would want me to be around their table? Do I love them? No. And I am not proud of that. I am sad about that.

If I find that I want the warmth of respect from people I don't even like, then truly, I am lacking in love for them, and my desire for their acknowledgment is total selfishness on my part. God forgive me. God, please cleanse me and fill the cold places in my heart with Your love.

CCA Smile File

Little Girl walks into Computer room, kicks Little Boy and leaves. He turns to his side-kick and says with a grin, "I think she likes me."

We studied Mozart last month and are studying Beethoven this month. One of my kindergarten students is troubled by the transition. I was playing 'Moonlight Sonata' and he said, 'This music is making me want to cry. I want Mozart.' I began to play Beethoven's 'Fur Elise' and asked, "How's this?" "It's a little better, but I want Mozart," he said,with a bit of a sob to his voice. So we went back to Mozart's 'Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.' He thinks that is the only song Mozart wrote, by the way.

The 3rd graders were working on a worship song entitled, 'Here I am To Worship', for the Christmas program. The one line goes, 'King of all kings, O so highly exalted..." One of the boys misread the last word, but it seemed appropriate to my finite mind. "King of All kings, O so highly exhausted..."

Hertzler Doings-Sept 28-Oct.4, 2009

Michael is still going to school for half days only.

On Wed. night, we picked up Sara F. and brought her along to youth group. They had a tailgate party Target Night and she wants to come again.

Susan was crowned an Honor Star in the Missionettes program, Wed. eve. She had accomplished quite a number of requirements along with Haley and Macaliah. She was dressed in a white outfit and looked so grown up and beautiful. The parents went up on stage with their daughters and we crowned them with beautiful sparkly crowns and put a sash on them that had the word 'Honor' on it. After the final awards were given to all the other boys and girls, Haley, Susan, and Macaliah performed a human video to the song, 'Who Am I?' They had a special reception for them after the program and their own personalized cakes made by Debbie G. were served. It was a really nice evening and Susan never did get nervous. She is excited about going to Youth Group next week.

On Thursday, I met a friend at Riverside and had that incredible cold salad plate that they serve. I went to Miller's and the fabric store next to it. I bought 4 yards of fleece with frogs all over it and want to teach Susan how to make herself a tie comforter. I went to Lindsay's and met with her and Catherine to discuss craft ideas that we think would bring the generations of women together for fellowship at our church. Adi woke up from her nap and began to cry and I got to be the one who rescued her from her crib. She was so happy and snuggled tight against me for awhile. Emma woke up too and just sat at the table and watched and smiled. Then I went to Walmart. No one should ever have to leave the warmth and happiness of the Banton home to go into Walmart at the first of the month. I saw Karen in there and hugged her for my own moral support. Came home and made Walmart pizzas and enjoyed my eve. with Phil, Susan, and Michael.

On Friday eve., I showed Susan how to make her fleece blanket. I cut in the edges four inches deep and she tied them together. It took us about an hour.

On Sat. over 350 people New Lifers met in the basement of our church to get organized for Farmville First. We had planned weeks ago to meet on this day and go out and serve our community. It was significant to me that God knew all about the horrors that would take place in Farmville several weeks ago and He had us lined up, ready to go out and bless a community and overcome evil with good. It was an amazing day. There was a group up at Haley's with tents and big inflatable toys for the children to play in. There was face painting, cotton candy, clowns with balloons, free hot dogs and drinks, and folks representing their cycles and Jesus. Al0t of teams were out cleaning up the streets and sidewalks and inviting folks to our church service the next day. Some guys were out delivering firewood and others were washing people's windows. There were free oil changes at a local garage. Three groups of women went to the three different Laundromats in town and gave out quarters to help with laundry. I went to one of the laundromats in town with Doris, Glenda, Theresa, and Shirley. We had a great time. Some of the people shared with us that they didn't have the money to do laundry. They talked about how God blessed them. One had prayed that God would make this an easier day for her. At least four of our new friends came to church the next day. It was good for our church and it was good for the community. Alot of the church folks want to do the same thing this Sat. I know they don't realize the mass amount of organization it took to pull this off. I think they should just go ahead and do things for others and not wait for the church to organize it. I know that when I drove home that afternoon, and saw my neighbor's wash on the line, I wanted to take it down and fold it for her. But I did find out that people like to fold their own laundry. I don't blame them.
It felt good to help our community and fill it with God's goodness. I only heard good things from everyone. The hardest thing to do was to convince people that we were giving them something for 'free', that no strings were attached. I forgot to mention that we all wore bright red t-shirts with blue words-"Farmville First." Some folks who did not go to our church joined us with cleaning up the streets when they found out what we were doing.
We brought Haley home with us to spend the night. What a sweetie she is.

Sunday-Our church met outside at the Riverfront field in Farmville. Alot of us brought our own chairs and some of our men had gone to alot of work to set up hundreds of folding chairs. The worship team and pastor were on a platform. There was a children's area set up with inflatable children's equipment, a nursery center, portapotties, and an outdoor kitchen center where they were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for a free lunch after service. The weather was perfect. We sat in back with some of my favorite people-the Bantons and the Davis'. Little Rider let me hold him even while his mom was right there. Phil gave him his pen and helped him draw. I gave him lots of kisses and he laid his little head down on my shoulder. Lindsay was passing out strawberry licorice ropes. How wonderful to have church out in the glorious sunshine and breeze while eating red licorice, worshipping God, and basking in His goodness. I thought that this must be what Heaven will be like.
Phil and I went to Richmond after the service. He showed me the scope of work he and the boys and Rock Raymond will be doing at the Benedictine Abbey. Brother Nolte, the construction coordinator for this project, gave me the tour. He took me into the chapel where there was natural lighting casting its glow on the statues of Jesus. Phil told him, "My wife would live in here." We saw the 'Shroud of Turin' room. This is one of the leading research centers of the 'Shroud of Tirun' in the United States. Nolte is going to Europe to see the real shroud. We saw the actual lifesized reproductions of the shroud. They were stretched on panels of glass with light behind them. I could see Jesus' face, the stripes on his back and legs, the wounds on his hands and feet, the crown marks, etc. Scientists have figured out just how quickly the resurrection took place and the power of energy that was needed to infuse the blood stains and the outline of his face and body into the cloth that was wrapped around and underneath Him. I don't have words to describe this, really.
We drove around Richmond and looked at beautiful homes and dreamed about the one we want to build someday soon. We came back home and I got comfortable in my fall sweats and flannel shirt. What a great day. What a great weekend.

Hertzler Doings-Sept. 21-27

Having Internet problems.
This week, Michael went to school for three half days. Still recovering from mono.
This week, I had a serious wake-up call from Dr. F. that I need to take care of myself now.
This week, Walker's Presbyterian Church buried their pastor, Mark N~~, who was murdered in Farmville last week. I went by the funeral and saw reporters and policemen and much of the community at the graveside service.
The guys are working at the Benedictine Abbey in Richmond. One of the fathers were talking about vertigo and Phil told them that I struggle with it and the father said that he and the others there would pray for me.
Makenzie came and spent the night Friday and the girls slept in the camper.
On Sat., we met her mother at school and she took them to the mall and Red Lobster where Susan had her first try at lobster and loved it.
I stayed at CCA for the Extraordinary Woman's Conference via satellite. I won a door prize from Penelope's. A sterling silver 'Fruit of the Spirit' charm bracelet. The price tag was still on and I left it on as a charm for awhile-$61.99. I enjoyed hearing Stormey Omartian especially since I am reading her book-"Power of a Praying Parent". Amy Grant sang and she was so real and raw. A dear friend of hers is dying of cancer and she knows that a perfect performance is not what matters. She would make mistakes and start over and every one loved her all the more for it. A terribly funny lady, whose name escapes me, spoke and sang. When she closed, she said said, " Give a hug to the woman next to you and let your bosoms say 'Good Evening'." Candace Cameron and Karen Kingsbury were also speakers.
The school is working on having other live-feeds from conferences. We are preparing mentally for the Beth Moore conference in April.
After church on Sunday, we came home and rested and then Phil, Susan, and I went to a Hertzler picnic in Powhatan. Pat and Gene Hertzler had come to our pig roast this summer and said, 'We can do this too," and their church helped them sponsor a community event at their house. They had different groups singing and the served an ice cream bar and bags of popcorn.
Then we came back to Farmville and met others from New Life at The Daily Grind. We had a prayer meeting and prayer walk for the town of Farmville. It was professionally and spiritually done. I sat next to the Roth's on the sofa and enjoyed hearing their voices blend together as we sang, "Holy, holy, holy..."