Friday, July 27, 2012

Hertzler Doings-July 23-29, 2012

Mon.-Ran out to Farmville. Said good bye to Missi, stopped at church for tickets, went to see the notary at Hill and Davis, quick trip to Walmart. Made peach scones with Weaver's Orchard peaches. Phil read 'The Bait of Satan' under the porch roof while it stormed and rained. Angel huddled against the door, Lucy crouched under Phil's legs and Ollie watched the rain from the top step. Animals love Phil. Lucy was devastated earlier when Phil walked right by her without saying a word. I went out to get him to come back and he said, "I'll be in later to talk to her." I said, "You'd better come right now or I don't think she'll ever be normal again." He good-naturedly got up and came in and fussed over her.

Tues.-Washing, mending, packing. Made bruschetta for supper. Remembering Johnny. July 24, 2005-killed by a drunk driver in Thailand while riding his motorcycle to church to preach his first sermon in Thai-'The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life for His Sheep.' I've missed him dearly this year. I've missed him every year. Why? I still ask sometimes. It's also Lucille Z's birthday. She was at church in Thailand when they got the news. She said she'll never forget this date. She's going back to Thailand in the fall. We are planning to visit her sometime this year. Phil wants to meet Pastor Joi and the others. He wants to walk the streets that Johnny walked.

Wed.-Up early. Men went to Crewe to work on church roof. Then Phil went to Pa to finish roof up there. Visited with Tom T. and Mom and Dad and some of the others on the farm. He got some flowers and a card for them in memory of Johnny. He came home the same day. Susan and I headed towards Kentucky around 7:30. We are surprising her friend, Makenzie, for her birthday. At a Travel Stop in W.Va. we parked beside Melva and Marvin Zook, and their grandson, Nick. They were on their way to Ohio to visit their daughter, Becky, and then they were heading back up to Red Lake. I tell Nick that I went to Red Lake the year out of high school too. He is making me want to go back up. It gets in your blood. I remember wanting to live there forever. There is vast beauty against the backdrop of even vaster beauty. And there is poverty too. I worked in the children's homes where the effects of poverty were seen on a daily basis. I wonder where those children are today.
Susan texted Missi to tell her we saw Nick, etc. and Missi wrote back, "That's awesome." We thought so too. Susan and Lynn (Makenzie's mother) were texting back and forth during the trip. She had taken Makenzie to her mother's place to spend the night so she would be able to call us today without secrecy. Finally, around 3:30, we pulled into her mother's apartment complex. Lynn met us in the parking lot and we scurried upstairs. Susan walked into the apartment and Makenzie flew off the sofa and jumped into her arms. Laughing and crying. Then hugging me. Hugging Susan. Laughing and crying. Hugging me. All of us crying. Happy 15th Birthday, Makenzie! I got some nice pictures. We came back to their beautiful home in the mountains. Makenzie's German Shepherd dog, Jade, had a lot to say about Lucy. She 'talked' and 'talked' and got louder and louder. I think we'd have made some money if we had video taped it. we brought in all of our things, including Lynn's shopping excursion to Kroger. She has gotten into couponing and is going to teach me what she knows. 10 Sure deodorants for 10 bucks. 10 toothpastes for 10, etc. and you can interchange them all. She has shelving in her basement and is stocking up. Her husband works on the pipelines and his work is seasonal and she is looking forward to not needing to go to Walmart this winter. Their lane and mountain road is steep and windy and I don't blame them for not wanting to go out in the winter at all. The girls talked, ate, laughed, swam, watched movies, etc. I made up the peanut butter egg mixture and made a shortened version of pbeggs. I lined a jelly roll pan with foil, sprayed it, and spread melted chocolate on top. When it was hardened, I spread the peanut butter filling over it. After that was chilled, I spread more chocolate on top of that and chilled it. Then I turned it out onto a cutting board. I cut up several sections into little squares and froze 4 sections. This should last them for awhile.
Sam got home pretty late. He's working nearly an hour away and comes home every night which is a nice change for them.
I took a jacuzzi bath but could only leave the whirlpool on for a few minutes because I apparently put in too much body soap. Watched Jimmy Swaggart sing when I got in their big bed (they're giving me their bedroom and taking the downstairs apartment). I believe he knows what he's singing about. I think it won't be long until he receives that welcome home. I remember my mother watching him at home. He was preaching with such harsh judgment on those who committed sexual sin. My mother said, "Something's not right. Usually people who judge others this harshly are struggling with the same sin." Sure enough. It wasn't long until the whole world knew. Years later, she would watch him weep and sing and she would say, "Jimmy, don't you know. Jesus has forgiven you." I cried as I listened to him sing because I can tell that he knows for certain that Jesus has forgiven him.

Thurs.-Happy Birthday Sam and Makenzie! Makenzie was born on Sam's 30th birthday. I woke up at 4 this morning and the girls were still awake. They slept until nearly 11.Lynn's dad rang the door bell and knocked early this morning and half scared me. I didn't know who he was and he didn't know who I was. He asked for Lynn and I had to go wake her up. He warned us about a coming storm and brought some tomatoes and corn from his garden. Lynn left to go pick up Sam's gift and came back by lunch. I'm getting some quite time to drink tea, read, write, and munch on Wheat Thins.
Later we went to town to Kim's to give her some prescriptions we picked up and to retrieve Kenzie's gift that she had ordered to come to her place. Kim is president of their couponing club. Came home. I exercised in their pool for a good hour and husked corn to drip dry while watching and listening to the thunderstorm heading our way. We are surrounded by trees. Not a leaf moved and then suddenly, there were high winds, lightning, rain, and thunder. I had made baked potatoes and corn right before the storm so we'd have them ready in case we lost electricity. Sam drove home through the storm. Visibility low and lots of rain on the roads. Makenzie made steak on the grill and we ate late, wolfing down the steak, potatoes and corn. I counted at least 5 storms that came through the night. Checked on face book and others reported storms in their area-Ohio and Pa. I wonder if our corn at home got any rain.

Fri.-Took the girls out to town for 11:00 haircuts. I went shopping and drank coffee and read a book while they were busy. They were finished at the hair shop at 2:30 and then walked down the street to eat. We left Main Street around 3:30. When we got back, Lynn went out to town again with the girls to do some coupon shopping. Meanwhile, I went in the pool again and then made some supper. Was talking to Michael on the phone and he said the winds were high and suddenly we were cut off. Not long afterwards, we got a wild storm here, too. Some time during the night, we lost power. A tree fell on the lines.

Sat.-No power all day until nearly 8 in the eve. They still have water here when they lose power which is nice. We cleaned up porches, etc. to get ready for the party. I read, clipped coupons, and relaxed. The girls played in the pool, made some food on the grill, played with their puppies, did a number of jobs, and talked and talked. They are having such a good time. I go to bed earlier than everyone else and wake up earlier than everyone else. Lynn had a good day today. We think that she has more pain in her joints when there is a storm coming.

Sun.-Went out with Lynn and the girls to pick up the cake and run some errands. Came home and got ready for the party at 5. Sam and Lynn's families and some of Makenzies friends came. We had a nice supper together. My favorite part was when Sam and his sister's husband got out their guitars and played and sang. I sang some back up along with Kathy, his sister, and his mother, Mimi. Sam sang a song he wrote and I told him it would go to the top and he needs to record it. He used to open for Alan Jackson. He's written several songs. The girls had a sleepover and I didn't get much sleep again. I'd travel the distance again though, just to see Makenzie fly out of the sofa to hug Susan. Just to see her surprise. Just to make Susan happy. I'd do it again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hertzler Doings-July 16-22,2012

Mon.-so sleepy. Lucy had me up several times during the night and then I couldn't get back to sleep. Joshua 23:14-"Behold, this day I am going the way of all the earth. And you know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one thing has failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spoke concerning you. All have come to pass for you; not one word of them has failed." Wow.Began working on CS workbook so I could be slightly ahead of the others and help lead. Was reading John 1:3 where it says that all things were made through Him-all things include Me. I was made through Him who is the Word who is God who is Life, the light of men, shining in darkness. We focus on the wrong things about ourselves. Worked around here and in the eve. Mike and I went over to Alli's and watched Robin Hood. Well-done.

Tues.-Mike and I took two vehicles out to Appomattox to get worked on. Came back in the car. Got groceries and gas. Went to Dr. F. Made a cake and a roast and did some paperwork and housework. Went out to Macado's in eve. to celebrate friendship with several other dear friends. Walked to Sweet Frog and had fun being college girls sitting around visiting our new/old friend . Got home near 11 and am too wound up to sleep. Happiness abounds.

Wed.-Michael and I worked around home/farm. Went to pick up 5 girls at the Girls Retreat. Brought Jenny to our house until youth group in eve. They were so tired. Guys got home around 9. Have been working on a roof in Pa.

Thurs.-Freeman brought over boxes of nectarines, peaches, plums, and cherries. Thank you Weaver's Orchard. I cut up 16 cups of mostly peaches and have them ready to make jam tomorrow. Oliver, our turkey, likes to hang out with Angel during the day. He follows Michael around if he sees him. Lucy chases him but so far we've got her in time. I'm not sure what she would do if she caught him. Weather is hot and dry. Lord, send the rain.

Fri.-Took Lucy out to Appomattox to get her shots. Susan and I went to Baine's and sent some pictures to a sibling. Visited Millie and got lots of clothes at her store. She's running a half off sale early August. Went to Krogers and to a roadside market and back to Lucy. Cleaned the house and made peach jelly. Had our first Cleansing Stream meeting at our house. Susan took care of the two little cowboys. There were four couples including us and it was so good to hear the teaching about 'Walking in the Spirit.' We sat around and visited for awhile afterwards. Michael said later, "It's so good to have people here." I need to have company more often.

Sat.-Neck and back are hurting badly today. Sara called and let me know how she is. She gave us a scare yesterday. Michelle caught us up on her fine evening. Talked with Lindsay today. Sent my brother some information. Talked with Steve Fisher. He called from the mountains of Zambia. Nephew Jordan and friends came this afternoon and the guys took them over to the pond to fish. I made some cookies for a snack. Angel(old german shepherd dog) and Oliver are inseparable. When I go outside, they both follow me. Several months ago, Philip found a nest of turkey eggs. A bit later, Phil found a nest of turkey eggs on his tractor. They incubated the eggs and we had lots of baby turkeys. Recently we released them to the wild. Ollie has decided to stay. Philip even petted him yesterday. I come so close. Ollie says, "Turk,turk,turk..." in his high unchanged voice. I find the familiar fear of attachment rising up. I know it will be a miracle if he lasts around here. But, today, as he ran beside me on my walk, I thought, 'I am just going to enjoy him now. I'm going to be thankful that we get to experience his growing nearer to us this day.' And it helped me. 'Fear of loss' is something I need to replace with the 'joy of having at this moment.'
The weather was almost fall-like today. Please Lord, send the rain that the clouds and winds are promising.
Philip brought back little ducklings from Pa. He's going to start raising them. He just incubated/hatched a 'litter' of chicken eggs. They're so cute too. The ducklings are so adorable. They almost are too cute to be real. They are soft and downy and perfect. Susan brought one into me. I was resting in bed. As soon as I gave it back, it 'went' in her hands. Oh crap, she said. Which reminds me. Nate and Daniel came with their three children this morning to buy two little pigs. Little girl had been bugging her daddy for a pig ever since Mommy read her Charlotte's Web. Danielle knocked on the door and surprised me this morning while I was still in my housecoat. She is so cheerful and pleasant that I just wanted to keep her all day. I'd like to get a knock like that every morning. While she was in the house, Philip came in for the paper towels. Littlest One had decided to use the 'outside bathroom.' Poor daddy had to clean it up without mom's help. When they got home, one little piggy ran away. They called Philip, worried. He said, "It will come back. He doesn't like to be alone." Little kids were crying in the background. Sure enough,they called later. Philip was right. What a relief to poor mommy who was supposed to keep the little piggy from running away.

Sunday-Day of Rest.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hertzler Doings-July 9-15,2012

Mon.-Jer. 31:2-'Thus says the LORD, "The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness-Israel, when I went to give him rest."' Took Susan over to Karen G.'s to 'interview' for guitar/voice lessons. While we were there, we experienced a tornado/hurricane-like storm. We thought we'd have to go to the basement. Our corn would have been knocked flat, but thank God, when we traveled homeward, we found just a gentle rain rapping on our windowpanes and cornfields. Alli came over to fax something and stayed for lunch and some Monk. I had just been wishing she'd come over.

Tues.-Jer. 32:33-"And they have turned to Me the back, and not the face; though I taught them, rising up early and teaching them, yet they have not listened to receive instruction." Worked on homeschool plans. Went out to town and ran errands. Dianna treated me to a light coffee caramel cold drink at Barnes and Nobles. Later, I met the KNIT group at Sweet Frog where Danielle treated us for writing up 1000 thanks. Hiked on High Bridge trail with Danielle, Mel, and Ginger(not Davis.)
Brainstormed today about writing e-book 30 day devotionals.

Wed.-Joshua 21:45-"Not a word failed of any good thing which the LORD had spoken to the house of Israel. All came to pass." Susan and I went Goodwill shopping in Lynchburg. Met Jenny at Ross. Susan found a classic black dress for Girls Retreat Banquet. Picked up Lucy at vets. Took girls to youth group. Susan spending the night at Lapps.

Thur.-Got lost on my way to Fredericksburg to see Lindsay at Mia's. She talked me through the many Courthouse Rds. Spent a lovely 6 hours with her, eating out, shopping, drinking coffee, checking out pinterest, etc. Picked up Susan at Jenny's on the way home.

Fri.-Bob M., our neighbor called, and invited me over to get produce-tomatoes, squash, and cantaloupe. Asked me to drop some melons off at other neighbors. Had a nice visit with them and then took them down the other neighbors lane to see the progress in the old house. Every time I leave Bob M.'s residence, I think, 'That is a truly godly man.' And I always want to weep. I've been away 3 days straight and have alot to catch up on. Mike is running errands for Phil and hanging out with friends. Susan and I went to Lapps for the eve. for a youth social. Played volleyball, had ice cream Sundae's and watched the kids do the slippery slide. I haven't been that entertained for a long time. The boys kept adding difficulty to their maneuvers. I did intervene at one time and said, "Don't do that!" And they stopped right away.

Sat.-Phil, Philip, and Freeman got home from Pa early this morning. They're working on a Conklin roofing project in Pottstown. Mike and Susan were playing piano songs on Mike's new ipad. Guys and Uncle Tom were working on the Harvestor. Emotional Day. Sorrow and excitement all in one gulping of both cups day. Canned 8 pt of salsa and 3 qt of tomato juice. Made bruschetta from yellow tomatoes.

Sun.-Left church early due to next weeks work schedule. Michael was with his buddies all day. Susan and Jenny left with some others to go to Girl's retreat until Wed. Alli over to watch movies and eat popcorn and s'mores. She talked Ollie, the wild tame turkey, up into the porch tree to roost for the night. Alli fell asleep on our sofa and I wanted to tuck her in and keep her here.

(Wrote entire week diary in one sitting this Monday after Sunday. That doesn't work too well, but I had left my computer in the car when I was with Lindsay and it stopped working. Michael took out the battery pack a few days later, put it back in, and it started working again. I had to kiss his dear grinning face.)Can it be that I actually feel lost without my keyboard and laptop? What is the world coming to?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just a Slight Adjustment

I've been seeing a sports muscle therapist and he's helping me with the muscles on my ankle, rotator cuff, and neck. He's really helped me with decreasing the vertigo I've experienced for over 13 years. He said that when the muscles in my neck move in a certain way, they remember the injury that caused the beginnings of the vertigo, and that's why I start spinning. 'Muscle Memory' it's called. He said that all I need to do is make a slight adjustment in how I am holding my head and it will move my muscles away from the memory of vertigo and will retrain them. I used to have to make a large cumbersome move to tilt my whole body to the left side when the vertigo hit. Now I just make a slight adjustment to the left with my head and I stop spinning almost instantly. To me, it's a miracle. And I am so thankful.

Sometimes, I get emotional vertigo. I start thinking about some difficult things and I suddenly find myself in a self-spiraling negative descent until I am a sobbing psychotic mess. But, the other day, when I was by myself, and the 'vertigo' out of control thoughts started spinning me downward into their dark abyss, I thought of Dennis's words, "Make a slight adjustment." And so I looked outside the car windows and said, "Thank you for the color green." My emotional vertigo came to a screeching halt. I began climbing upward. "Thank you that you are showing me your goodness in the land of the living. Thank you that if you trusted us with these sorrows, that You trusted Yourself even more. You knew You would bring us through." And so on. It was an almost pleasant hike upward and not nearly as strenuous as you would think.

My world changed from dark to light within seconds, all because I made that slight adjustment with the words, "Thank you for the color green."

There are, after all, so many shades of green to be thankful for.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hertzler Doings-July 2-8, 2012

Mon.-Great day. Freeman was born 28 years ago and his sweet wife came over to help us get ready for his birthday supper. Then we watched a movie she got him for his birthday-Sherlock Holmes. I cooked ribs in the crock pot and Freeman grilled them when he got home. We had belated (I put them in too late) oven fries and cut up vegetables plus a carrot cake and vanilla ice cream to make us completely stuffed in honor of his day. Susan and I went over to Happy Valley to check out things and a tree had lost a huge branch from its ancient arms. Susan took pictures of the water and sunset and then we went over to O'Brien's to see how things were over there. Phil went to the Loy's with Dave P. to see about a project they have on their house. I think the boys went to bed early. Michael had put in 12 hours at Rich's today. Last night, after Phil was already in bed, a song came out of the blue from my mouth, loudly and with great conviction, and I listened to myself singing, and felt greater faith than I had for some time. I wondered, "Why don't I trust Him more?" as I heard, "Beautiful...Beautiful...Jesus is beautiful. And Jesus makes beautiful things of my life...Carefully, touching me...causing my eyes to see...that Jesus makes beautiful things of my life. Wonderful...wonderful...Jesus is wonderful..."
I am thankful for the conversation on the phone I had with Lindsay and then with such a very grown up Little Emma. I am thankful for communication and trust. I am thankful that God sees beyond the urgent need and wants to deal with the long standing need that caused the urgent need. God is deep and wants to heal us deeply.I am so thankful that He is not a frivolous God. He 'frivles' nothing away. He uses everything. He is thrifty and extravagant.

Tues.-Overslept and suddenly had to rush to Farmville to meet a FB friend ;) for lunch. Susan and Kelly had a few hours together while I visited and ran errands. They ate Japanese and swam at the pool and saw Madea. My car has a problem with the starter and it almost didn't start when I went to leave Walmart. After over a dozen tries, it reluctantly yielded to my desperate prayers. Thank you God. And we need a newer vehicle. Ours is ten years old and we've worn it out. Came home and quickly put things away and fed and watered animals and got supper ready. A storm was brewing and the lights were flickering. Used our electricity while we had it to make pizzas from large french bread. The guys will love it topped with turkey kelbasi, onions, cheese, and ripe olives. Susan and I made some fun plans to surprise a friend of hers in a few weeks. Hopefully, her friends' very excited mother will be able to keep it a secret. Angel was driving me a little crazy because she insisted on coming into the house. She has become a big baby when it comes to storms. It wouldn't be so bad but she wants to follow me around wherever I go and it is especially inconvenient when I am in whiz mode, putting away groceries, washing dishes, and making supper as fast as I can. Meanwhile,Lucy had to keep jumping up at Angel's face and Angel growled with intolerant patience. I am thankful that we kept our electricity. Also for happy plans to go surprise a friend a few states away for her birthday coming up. I am so thankful that He is our Redeemer.

Wed.-Prov. 28:14-"Happy is the man who is always reverent, But he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity." And Prov. 29:1-"He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy." Please Jesus, help us not to harden our hearts. I think it is a hardened heart that can be most deceived. A tender, humble heart is teachable. Today we made plans to go away to see some friends. So excited for the end of July. Car didn't start at all today. Waiting to hear back from a mechanic in the neighborhood. Made more dill pickles and red beet eggs. Made a tray of hamburger toppings-onions, lettuce, and tomatoes-for the Timma party. Phil and Michael here today working on putting on new skid loader tracks and building a wall in the garage. The day went fast. Susan and I are working on eating healthier and drinking lots of water. Thankful for the song Susan sang for me for next year's pig roast. She wants to sing it for her dad. Made me cry and she said, "It's especially hard to sing when you are crying." Thankful for the nice time with the Timma's tonight. Too dry to do fireworks but that's ok. The fellowship was sweet. Thankful for the 'slight adjustments' in thinking that take me out of downward spirals.

Thurs.-Finished reading the underlined portions of Mother's Life Application NKJV Bible. I've been thinking about this verse for some time now and she had it underlined in Rev. 22:11-"He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; He who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still." Susan got her new camera in the mail today. She's going around taking pictures like a pro. She notices the little things. Phil walked into something dangling down from the petty bone and cracked his forehead open. The boys heard the sound. Philip looked at it and said, "We're going to need to get you some stitches." Phil said, "You've got to be kidding me." Michael took him in and he got 7 stitches right at his hair line. The guys met me at Bailey's on the way home from work. Our car needs a new starter.

Fri.-Phil and Philip went over to Tom's early in the morning and picked sweet corn for us to freeze. We didn't plant this year because our planter and sprayer were burned up in the barn fire. We also froze 2 gallons of Helen's green beans and she gave us lots of little beets. I forget what else we did this day. I'm behind the times. Oh, Phil took me out to get the car and I did some shopping. Michael had his buddies down to the river and Philip went to the Benson's for a fourth of July party on their pond with jet skis and slides. We watched More Monk in the eve. So nice to watch it without commercials.

Sat.-Leisurely morning waking up slow. Michael took Susan flying. They flew over our place threw times while I did a wild woman waving dance in the front yard. They flew over Peter's place where Phil was helping Peter roast a pig for this evenings party. Phil said, when he got home, that the word 'awesome' is overused. "But," he said, "that was awesome." Susan put her pics on our TV screen and her pics were awesome too. She got a little airsick and they opened the windows for her. She looked a little clammy all day but I am sure she would do it again. I filled out papers for next year for Susan's homeschool to send off to the school district. VA homeschool laws have lightened up. I used to have to explain why I thought I was qualified to teach my own children and then I had to make copies of the table of contents for every book/subject I was planning to teach. Now the fact that I have a diploma suffices. Plus I just list the subjects I am planning to teach. A friend shot himself in the leg accidently yesterday when a bit of his clothing caught onto the trigger as he was putting his pistol into his holster. Bullet went in one part of his calf and came out 7 inches lower. He's very fortunate but a little embarassed. We're relieved that he's going to be okay. Peter and Ilvana, originally from Czeck.., said that we inspired them with our pig roast. They are having one tonight. They are building a beautiful home in the neighborhood with their own hands and we went over there tonight to enjoy the coolness of their thick air conditioned walls, Philip's two pigs roasted to perfection, and other food and good company. Enjoyed a few Monk's. When one finished and it was getting late, one of us said, "Quick, turn it off, before another one comes on." I will say that I cannot watch the murders. The first minute of the story is crucial so I watch what I can and then look away. I can't get used to watching people get killed but I do love to see their murderers brought to justice.

Sun.-New beginnings today. Refreshing worship. A wise Word. Family of Christ interacting. Understanding. Healing. Hope. And lots of love for what was, what is, and what will be. Relaxing afternoon watching Monk. Saw on facebook warnings of severe thunderstorms in our area until 10 this eve. I'm filling the tub, coolers, buckets; doing some wash, and making baked oatmeal, just in case. Candles are ready. Animals fed and watered. Praying for rain. Lord, send the rain.