Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sammy Jo-(Aug. 31, 2008)

Judy Blue-Eyes brought me her Pride and Joy today. Her eyes shown with in-love-ness as she gifted me with her sweet Sammy Jo. I held her carefully in my arms, admiring her perfect smallness. How beautiful and peaceful she is. I could barely give her up and wanted to take a nap after I held her. Judy Blue-Eyes priorities have changed. She is focused on six pounds of precious humanity. The troubles of yesterday are gone and she is enjoying life one day at a time, savoring her moments with Sammy Jo.

She gave what Little she Had

I shared this at our Secret Sister breakfast on Sat.
I read the story of The Widows Mite from Mark 12:38-42.
She gave more than those who gave alot of coins, because she gave everything that she had.

C.S. Lewis says that we will be judged, not by what we've given, but by what we have left. The religious leaders were multi-talented individuals with the appearance of being spiritually and financially wealthy. They gave just a small percentage of what they had. They had a great deal left over. God's economy is different than ours.

The other day, I experienced an epiphany. Anne Lamott says that she believes that we are all the ages that we have ever been. Think about it. How old are you? You can imagine all the ages you have ever been, but you can't really identify with any ages that you have not been.
I am 50. And this is what 50 looks like on me, with my experiences in life, my accidents, my pregnancy's, etc. I will not have the body I had 5,10, 15 years ago... I need to get rid of the idea of what 50 Ought to look like and accept that this is what it looks like on me. Then I can strengthen what remains and be the best 50 I can be instead of trying to reclaim what I used to be. This also helps with the comparing one does with other 50 year olds. "Hmm..I'm in better shape than she is." Or...." How did she stay in such good shape?" Key word being 'shape'. Fruitless and Frustrating and why do it then?

We can apply the same principle to our emotional spiritual state as well. This is where I am at spiritually, emotionally, and mentally due to my choices and God's interventions and leadings, my environment and upbringing, my experiences...This is what I have to bring.

Like the widow, I can give what little I have. The widow gave everything. To others, it didn't look like much. We don't know if God rewarded her later financially or if He blessed her in some way. But He did reward her and she didn't even know it. He gave her what we all want. He praised her to His disciples. "Look at her. She has given everything." He gave her His favor.

Has He ever spoken highly of someone to you? Has he ever said," Look at that boy worshipping me. He has always loved me. He has given me everything he has." Or,"Look at her. She is using all her strength to build my kingdom. She's invisible to alot of people but this church wouldn't be what it is without her. She has given all that she has." Or, "Look at this mother. She has a new baby. She is exhausted. But she gets up at night and feeds her baby and she gives that child what little strength she has. Someday, I will tell her that what she did for the least of these, her baby, that she did for me."

Oh, to be commended by God.
Oh, to be defended by Him and pointed out to His followers.
Who needs the praise of men when you have His praise and defense?

I encourage you to give what little you have and receive what little others have to offer.

This is the amazing thing. We have this treasure in earthern vessels. We have His presence. We have Jesus within. We don't have to do any problem solving. We just need to point people to Christ. No matter how long we've been Christians, our human nature wants to wander away from truth. We always need someone to remind us to Look to Jesus and Keep our eyes on Him.

So relax and enjoy this prayer friendship that could be labeled as the Luck of the Draw. ( We pulled numbers and matched up with the other woman who had the same number. We will be prayer partners for the next 3 months.) Don't miss the Divine in it.

Take turns listening to each other and pray as you listen, giving their burden to God. Listen to God to hear if He has anything for you to share with them. Be quiet if you don't hear anything. Just listen and bring them before the throne.

Give and receive.
Be content with who you are and what you have to offer.
Relax and Enjoy.
Pray and Believe.
Remember that Christ is in you. Therefore the little you have to give is actually a great deal.
Remember that in Jesus great hour of need in the garden, He wanted His Father AND His three closest friends. It's OK and good to need friends and to want them to watch and pray with you.

Too often, when we only have a little to give, we hold it tight to keep it for a rainy day. I think the widow gave all of the little she had because she loved God more than life itself. She may have died later because she had nothing to eat. At the very least, she had to consider that possibility.

Oh God, help me love you more.

Martin/Hertzler Gathering

Last night, we went over to the Martin's to join them for supper. Joyce Martin planned a Martin reunion to take place at Ron and Kathy's. We are related to Ron through Linda, our sis-in-law. Linda is Ron's sister and Linda is married to Paul, Phil's brother. Anyway, we had a blast. Anne and Ed Weaver and Janelle and Eric were there. Laurie and Dean and Kelly and Keith were there. Paul, Linda, Katie, Tom, Helen, Serena, Abigale, Bethany, Tommy, Meredith and Michelle were there. Ron and Kathy and all their to eat and sat around and talked for a long time. Kathy had gotten some of the little light sticks from the dollar store and Helen put one in her front jumper pocket. It looked like a smiley face shining happily on her chest. I got some great ideas for the PJ contest for our Ladies Retreat. I'll have to take a trip to the Dollar Store.

Hertzler Doings-Aug.22-25,2008

I think it was Friday the 22nd that I was talking to Anne on the phone. She often calls on her way to work. Suddenly, I realized that I was talking and she wasn't responding. I heard a crackling and rustling sound. I hung up and called back 5 min. later and got the answering machine. About 45 min. later, I called her work because I was getting worried because she hadn't called me back. They told me that she had been in an accident. Her car was totalled.
She is now home from the hospital after being in several days. Her second lumbar is fractured and she is in a back/body brace for the next 6 weeks. After 4 days, it is starting to get to her. People wonder what we were talking about.(on the phone) I know we talked about her weight loss and that she had only 3/4 of a pound to lose and she would be at her goal weight. She told me she was sending peaches down with Joe and Karen for me to do up. That's all I can remember.

Joe and Karen came down that same day I think and spent a nice long weekend with us. Karen helped me make peach jam. We made freezer jam and the recipe called for sugar, peaches, crushed pineapple and orange jello. We went over to Tom and Helen's for pizza on Sat. eve. Gordon and Alicia were there with their two children. Helen helped save the life of their baby not too many weeks ago. Michelle looked like a little gypsy girl with her hair tied back with a dark flowered kerchief. Our boys were acting absolutely crazy. Freeman can mimic any kind of voice. Michael can mimic any kind of face. Philip can enjoy them doing it. Susan rolls her eyes. We had alot of fun but you had to be there. I think I had to do my rap for them while Meredith taped it.
Karen went with me to school on Monday to take care of filling out forms and paying for ice cream and gym clothes, etc. We had some other good times. We visited Steve and Dianna on Sunday. We ate lots of popcorn and watched the Three Stooges when we came back from their place. Hertzler men love the Three Stooges.

On Sunday, we had a great church service. During a worship song, some members of our church came out one by one on stage and held up a cardboard sign with just a few words. On the first side was a description of their life without Christ or without His intervention in a situation. Then they flipped the sign over and it said where they are now. For example, someone wrote,"I wanted to be invisible."Flip." Missionary to Thousands." or " Grew up in a drug and alcohol family" flip "Kept by the Holy Spirit." People wrote many other vulnerable things involving inprisonment, addictions, abuses, and death. It was an incredible morning; one of seeing how the power of God overcomes the power of destruction . One moment, I would feel the awful pain of someone's life and the next moment, I would feel the ecstacy of what Jesus did for them. It was emotional and faith building. I was so aware that we all have cards we can flip over and we all have cards with only one side written on. Sometimes there is alot of pain and darkness while we go through Side One and its effects on our lives. But God works on a different time table then we do. And God works in the dark and He understands pain. In God, side two is mostly likely written before Side one ever took place.

New Songs and Old

I asked God to give me a new worship song that could incorporate an old hymn. I miss the old hymns because they are ageless and have decent tunes. I watched a special about music and writing it and it said that all songs are made up of parts of songs already written and that the best songs are the simplest. Sometimes, I think the new song writers try to write tunes that aren't familiar musically and the instruments get to do all the moving around instead of our voices. I don't remember those songs because they don't flow. My brain knows better than to try to learn them. That's why I like the old hymns. The words and music take you to the place you want to go. They take you somewhere and then bring you back home and then you have peace. Here is the first song I've written.

The smile in His eyes
Brings me close to His heart
I am His
And He is mine.
I'm sheltered beneath
The strength of His wings
I am His
And He is mine
Keep me near the cross.
Hide me in Your grace.

He sings over me
And He dances for joy
I am His
And He is mine.
I'm bought with a price
He will not let me go
I am His
And He is mine.
Keep me near the cross.
Hide me in your grace.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
Just to take Him at His word
Just to rest upon His promise
Just to know,
"Thus saith the Lord."

Jesus, Jesus, How I trust Him
How I've proved Him o'er and o'er
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus!
O for grace to trust Him more.

You fill me with Joy in Your Presence
Your favor is all that I seek
Your mercies are new every morning
Your song is my strength when I'm weak.
Thank you for all that you've given
Thank you for holding me near
Thank you for washing my feet, Lord
Thank you for keeping each tear

Jesus, Jesus, How I trust Him
How I've proved Him o'er and o'er
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus
O for grace to trust Him more.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freeman's Archives-Take Three

Freeman-"I want to take off this shirt. I've had it on for FOUR DAYS!( everythings been for four days lately)

Freeman asked me to eat the rest of his banana. I asked him to throw out the little tip for me. I said," It's his little tail." Free said, " No, it's his little nipple."

At bedtime I told Freeman a story about Jesus and him doing things together. Then he said,"Jesus is right here beside me," I said,"Good-night Freeman and kissed him. Then I leaned over to one side of him and said,"Good-night, Jesus" and kissed Him too. "No," said Freeman. "Right here is Jesus."(other side of him) "Over there is Peter, James and John."

Freeman, dragging a stuffed bear..."I'm pulling him by his thick skin." Me-"Maybe that hurts him." Freeman, laughing,"No, Mommy. He's dead. "

Me-"What can we give Jesus for His birthday?"

Read story of Paul and Silas.
"Freeman, what would you do if you were Paul and Silas?"
"I'd shoot the jail down."

Freeman to Philip-"This is my shirt! It's not a nipple!!!"

More from Mother's Journal

Quote- "With the knowledge of God comes love." St. Catherine of Siena

John 10:4---"He goes before them and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but they will flee from him---"
The secret to not being led astray by false teachers and leaders then, is to know Jesus' voice.

Pilate, you miserable creature! Why did you have Jesus go through the agony of scourging when you felt he was innocent? ( John 19:4) Could you , perchance, have felt that this would satisfy the Jews and then they would not call for crucifixion? But it is in those stripes that we find healing. How awful not to avail ourselves of that healing, to have You bear that agony in vain.

God didn't just tell them to pick a man from each tribe (Num.1:5-15). He gave them their names.(v.17)-Moses, Aaron took these men who had been mentioned by name. Why is it always so surprising to me when God knows names-especially those of obscure people! I still don't realize how personal He is and how important our names are to Him. After all, they are written in the Book of Life.

What a terrible prospect for the Israelites-wandering a wilderness till death! (Num. 14:26-38) Same food day after day, never a permanent home. All because they refused to believe in the Lord's power that had been demonstrated to them time and time again. What a warning to never forget God's faithfulness in the past and so to trust it for the future.

Hertzler Doings-Aug.15-18, 2008

Aug.15-18, 2008-Jim, Debra, Jordan, Logan, Taylor, and Bradley came down to visit their Virginia cousins. We had a great time shopping, Daily Grinding, fishing, swimming, picnicing by the river, watching movies, playing pick-one, laughing, venting, sharing, sleeping, and last but not least, eating. I cried when they left.
I think twice before I say anything negative. Debra is one of those rare people who thinks a hundred times before she would say something negative about anyone. Therefore, she doesn't. All my children love her and she loves them and sees the best in them. She is listed under Philip's phone as FA-Favorite Aunt. I really miss her.
I miss Jim and the boys, too. Jim thinks deeply and simply, Jordan plays the piano in a soul-grabbing way, Logan hugs hard and loves me, Taylor is smart and reminds me of Uncle Johnny, and Brads grins and enjoys life.
Jim and Debra slept in a single blow-up bed because they wanted to be near each other at night for friendship's sake, I think. "We're little people," Jim said. Jim usually wakes up at 3:30 to start milking cows. I was delighted when he slept in.
I called Mom when they left so she would know that they were on their way back. "My loss is your gain," I sniffed. Hopefully, they will come back next year as they have other years and we will see them on holidays.
Friends are wonderful. Families are forever.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Freeman's Archives-Take two

Freeman-4 years old-

Freeman said he was hiding under the covers because of the wolves and Jesus came and stood by him and said,"It's OK, Freeman." Then he slept with his head out.

After watching a war movie-"Good-Morning Vietnam"-foul by the way, Freeman who was in bed came out and said,"God told me, 'I am very great and I hate war." He said that God's voice was so loud it woke him up.

Sept.11-Birth of Philip-Freeman-"We're twins" and "I like him" and "He's a cute little guy."

Freeman told G'ma D. when he went to the bathroom-"You'd better shut the door now cause I want to be alone."

"I'm in love with my baby brother."

"I have something in my pocket that rhymes with sun."
Freeman-Money doesn't rhyme with sun...It's a gun!" He had a piece of insulation shaped like a gun.

Freeman about Philip-"He has stars in his eyes!"

Freeman to me-"You look beautiful! Your hair looks beuatiful and you yourself look beautiful!"
Me-"Why, thank you!"
Kiss. Hug.
F-"And you smell good too!"

"Man, it's freezing out! Let me see what time it is out there!"

Freeman, telling a story to himself with animal crackers.."Daddy zebra jumped up on the mommy zebra to mate her...and here her tail was wagging all around and she wacked him on the head."

Unless you become like a Child

"Rest when you are tired,
ask for love when you need it,
and eat when you are hungry."

(Geneen Roth)

God Quotes

"An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children. He does not distribute
Himself that each may have a part, but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others." A.W.Tozer

"You've probably heard that there is in every human heart a place God alone can fill. But what George MacDonald was saying was that there is also in God's heart a place that you alone can fill.' It follows that there is also a chamber in God Himself, into which none can enter but the one, the individual.' You. You are meant to fill a place in the heart of God no one and nothing else can fill. He longs for you."
(quote from Captivating by the Eldredges)

"God is looking for a faith that is not shaken by circumstances. Faith is not so much what you are believing for, but whom you are believing in. So often, our faith is focused on a miracle, a sign, a wonder, when our faith should be focused on our God." (Jake Letkeman from The Recorder)

"He judged it better and more in accord with His power to bring some greater good even out of evil than to permit no evil whatsover." (Augustine)-The City of God

"You become like the God you worship." Richard Rohr

God grant we may not hinder those who are battling their way slowly into the light.-
(Oswald Chambers)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just for my own record. No one else has to read this. I don't want to forget this wonderful week. I went back up to Pa. with Susan. Here is our schedule.

Aug.4-Drove to Diane's and spent the night in her glorious house. Swam in her inground pool. Ate her chocolate chip cookies and "whole food" dinner. Talked and talked and caught up and laughed and cried.
Aug.5-Diane took me to meet my niece Kelly and her baby, Noah James at Cracker Barrel. I fell in love. He is adorable and would just watch me as if memorizing my face. What a great belly laugh he has. It was so good to catch up with Kelly too. I cried when I had to give him back.
Spent 2 hours with Kelly and drove to Morgantown and went toBB's grocery store outlet and then to Bev's and had a wonderful talking about heaven. It is our favorite subject and somehow we always get on it. Went to mom and dad's to settle in for the week. Sis-in-law Anne's house broken into that day. DVD player and her DVD's stolen.
Aug.6-Went to Reuzit with Mom, Susan, and Bradley. Debra had put clothes back for me and I hit the jackpot. Went to Hartzes and back home for lunch. Met Naomi around 2:00 up at Hopewell. Went to Lowes and Shady Maple. Had a grreat time with her at her house. Smoked pork chops, salad, corn and watermelon for supper. Walked and talked. Picked up where we left out without a hiccup. Came home to a small fire in the backyard. Janelle and Micah here. Roasted marshmellows. Susan slept out in tent with her cousins. Helen's sister Kim, in trouble after surgery. Nicked her aorta as they put scope in. Too much internal bleeding to do surgery. She needed 8 units of blood. She pulled through, thankfully.
Aug.7- Met Rosalee at Goods Store to copy Mother's poetry book. Went to Mother's and then out to eat Chinese then back to Mother's. Susan napped on her sofa while Mother laid on her bed and Rosalee and I laid on the floor and we talked and laughed. One of my highlights this week. Talked with Alan on the phone. Cleaned up the pavilion at Garden Spot and got it ready for mother's party tomorrow. Went back to farm and to Ron and Nancy's for a beautiful supper in eve. Went fishing. Ron said he got 6 deer in archery season this year. We had fish, hot dogs, mac. salad, cucumber salad, tomatoes, cabbage slaw, beets, homemade bread, ice cream, pie, and brownies for supper. Such fine folks and such good friends to mom and dad. Their grandson Carter was there for 'detective' week. Nancy is so creative.
Aug. 8-Was eating lunch and Phil and the boys came. Such a surprize! We went over to Mother's to get flowers ready. David and Margaret, Abie and Karen, Kyler and Abby, Rosalee and Jim, Annika and Abie were all there plus mother's court family. There are such nice people surrounding mother at this home. Mother had a catered meal of sloppy jo, rolls, cabbage slaw, baked beans, melon and ice cream. We got to meet her smart, beautiful, and kind, kind friends. I asked Mother what her highlight was and she said that it was Abie's prayer. He had me sniffing. Phil and boys left shortly after 6:00 and got home at midnight. I went back to mother's with susan and we talked about the party. Rosalee there too. Stopped in to see Katrina at Shady Maple gift shop on way home.
Aug.9-Met Audrey at Connestoga Menn. Church parking lot at 8:45. Went to Mary's for brunch. Such a sweet time of fellowship. Picked up where we left off and promised to keep in touch better. Stopped at Reuzit and BB's again on way back to farm. Discovered cooties in Susan's hair and made another trip back to BB's for shampoo. My head felt itchy and I made Debra check it several times. Taught dad how to massage mom's sciatic nerve. Did it on kitchen table while Jim and Debra visited.
Aug.10-Went to Hopewell and saw many dear old friends. Great time with Hertzlers all day long.
Aug.11-Left around 9:30. Took Meredith along back. Had a 3 hour delay in Winchester due to broken window regulator . Got home around 8:30. About to crawl out of my skin. Everyone in Winchester area very kind to us. Have been catching up from trip ever since, doing wash, canning 25 quart of tomato juice and putting things away. What a great trip.

In Love

Noah James
Dark, knowing eyes
Long, brown hair
Laughs at my jokes
Listens without interrupting
Thinks I am wonderful
Cuddles in my arms
Noah James
Five months old

(Noah James has a great-aunt Annie)