Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hertzler Doings~June 27-July 3, 2016

Mon.-I love Monday's. Traveled with Phil to Lynchburg to pick up something for business. Talked to Mom on way home and made some plans for while they are down here.

Tues.-Went to SPA-Southside Produce Auction with Susan. Hung out with Cynthia S. and caught on to some of the ropes. Heirloom tomatoes were bringing 25 bucks a single layer flat. Susan has mostly heirloom tomatoes planted. We bought beets, pineapple, potatoes, onions, tomatoes-I think that's it. Went to Cynthia's house afterwards to pick up the potatoes they had dug from their garden. They are so good. Went to Kroger, then to buy 2 beds, then Susan went to the gym and I went to Walmart. Got home and processed the groceries and auction food, watched several Murder She Wrotes, and hit the sack. The sky was beautiful tonight. Somewhere there must have been quite a storm.

Wed.-Holliday Lake with Alli, Nathan, Susan, Jessica, and I. Great fun. Got burned. Went out to town later and picked up new glasses.

Thurs.-Two beds delivered today. Yay! Julie came over and it was so nice to see her. Later, Susan and I made sushi and watched 'MSWrote.'

Sat.-the 2nd. Happy 32nd Birthday to Freeman! He has a gift of comfort and he figures things out. He is an artist with wood and with words. I feel like I get to have another chance to be with him. Nathan reminds me so much of him.

Sun.-Susan went to the shore this weekend with Claire. We are going to celebrate Freeman's birthday next weekend and hope that Grandma and Grandpa Hertzler can join us.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hertzler Doings~June 13-26, 2016

Writing June 25th.

Quick catch up on some things.

Had a great time at the IF gathering of women around Amy Helton's pool.
Made deviled eggs. Disappeared quickly.

Been spending Wed. mornings with Jess. We went out to be with her and she comes here for breakfast. Made sushi for breakfast this week with her. She posted pictures on face book. People want to learn and Alli offered to host a party. Wouldn't that be fun to do every month or every other month? Other people could teach how to make certain things. Michael's good at spring rolls. Erin could teach Chinese dumplings, etc.

Got a massage and my hip felt so much better. My muscles are so tight that chiropractic measures don't hold. I'm going to keep stretching and get a therapeutic massage once a month if possible. Pec muscles are completely tight. Probably from always having to sleep on left side due to vertigo.

I haven't been able to take any pain meds. I stop breathing. After eating a lot of wheat product I stopped breathing the other night.

Since eating this way-basically no meat, dairy, oil,- I haven't choked. I choked all the time before. Have lost about 10 pounds and have much more energy. I still have much joint and feet pain and think I need to go back to cutting out wheat completely and see how that goes. Susan and I have so much fun making food.

Made quiche and cinnamon rolls for Amanda Carneal's wedding brunch. The girls slept over at Dianna's and she baked the rolls and warmed up the quiche and then called me and they all shouted their thanks.
Amanda and Scotty got married on the 18th on the Rainey lawn. It was hot and windy. The reception was in their open barn. Really nice.

Had a wonderful Father's Day time with Phil. Janelle and Micah came. We shared around the table the things we appreciate about Phil and then, surprising even himself, he asked us all to share with Micah a memory we have of his dad. It was an emotional time. Janelle said later that Micah really liked hearing new stories about his dad. He asks her for them and she has to tell the same stories again. Our kids played a game outside with Micah-volleyball in a circle. They all had things to do in the late afternoon. Phil and I played Apples to Apples with Janelle and Micah. I won. Micah almost did.

Found out that Jim and Debra are going to be grandparents for the first time. (Jordan and Dianah). Michelle is pregnant, Karalee is pregnant, my sister's two daughters are pregnant, my brother Abe's daughter, Kendra, is pregnant...I'm going to be a Great Aunt 3 times on both sides within the next 8 months! I loved my great aunts. I look like one of mine.

Been busy working outside mulching the gardens, weeding, watering, etc. We've gotten some good rain in the past few days. Susan has gotten straw down between all of her rows. She's working so hard. She spends time with her friends when she can and she works hard at home too.

Nathan is becoming his own little man. He knows what he wants and communicates well. We all just love him so much. Freeman is still working nights. He's used to seeing his daddy during the day now.

Had a meat crisis when the freezer door was left open. It lost it's sealing ability. Michael and Freeman helped me out by coming and getting meat. Freeman made some stew and soup and canned it. I canned a roast and 4 quarts of wild turkey. Made a huge pan of meatloaf and froze portions of it and cooked up the trout and froze it in bags for Phil's lunch and made some containers of meals with meat loaf or fish with pasta or rice and peas and corn for Phil's lunch as well.

Tonight we're going to babysit Nathan so his mom and dad can have a date night.

In the news, England voted to leave the EU.
WV is in a state of emergency with flooding and 14 deaths so far.
Trump is gaining favor with evangelicals. Some of them. Dobson says that Trump accepted Jesus.
I read what people write and wonder and think and wait.

Sunday-relaxing day. Spent an hour at the river until the flies started bothering me. Watched Bill W. with Phil-about the man who started AA. Watched some 'Murder She Wrote's' with Phil and Susan.

Friday, June 10, 2016

"Daughter", He Called Her.

Jesus called women, "Woman," when He addressed them.
Or, He called them by their first name, as in "Mary."

But one time, and it is recorded as the only time, He called a woman, "Daughter."

I've been thinking about this.

An important leader asked Jesus to come heal his daughter,
and on the way,
a desperate woman touched the hem of His garment
in the hopes of being healed,
and she was!

Jesus stopped everything
and sought out the one
who caused healing virtue to leave His body.

And He said to her, "Daughter, be happy.
Your faith has made you well."

When someone calls you "Daughter"
it makes you feel young.
Cared for.
Like you have a father.

I can imagine that this disease had robbed youthfulness from this precious woman.
And I believe that not only did He heal her body,
but He healed her mind and the way she perceived herself
by addressing her as "Daughter."

She was young again.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hertzler Doings~June 6-12, 2016

Mon.-Had a good day a home following my schedule of QT, walk, garden, old house, exercise, piano. Washed clothes and worked in my bedroom and got a corner of my desk organized.
Susan went out to Lynchburg to meet a friend for dinner. Had a good time.

Tues.-Phil scraped his car against some heavy equipment as he was backing out his lane. Poor guy. I was shocked to see it and called Phil this morning to see what had happened. Stuck with my schedule this morning. Nathan came in afternoon for a few hours while Alli and Freeman did some cleaning up at her GM's house, emptying a drysink. He is such a sharp little guy. Had gotten ahold of my phone without me knowing and had found the video of himself he wanted to watch and was watching it. You show him or tell him something one time and he gets it. We took several gator rides and he wanted to sit in the seat by himself and then he stood and held on and tried to see if he could balance without holding on. Janelle had given me a playdough set for him and he plays and plays with it. He asked for pop pop so I made him popcorn and he wants me to hold him while it pops. He also is going back and crawling up on the bench and playing the piano. He loves the wheelbarrow Janelle gave him and he tried pushing it through the grass but it got stuck because he wasn't lifting up the handles but when I showed him, he never got it stuck again. Susan went to the gym and then to get groceries and she made some of the food when she got back. We've been eating a plant based diet and I am not nearly as stiff and am starting to trim up a little. I have a long way to go but cutting out dairy, meat, and oils, is really helping.
Jessica is coming for breakfast around 6:40 in the morning and then Janelle and I are running errands in Farmville in the afternoon. Most importantly, we are going car shopping.
Then, Thursday, Alli, Nathan, and I, are meeting Lori K. and we're going to meet Bethany and Caed at Amazement Square. It's Lori's birthday. We're going to have lunch back at Bethany's.

Wed.-Janelle brought a Prius home to try it out. Kenny Spencer is a good sales man.

Thurs.-Had a great time at Amazement Square. Need to take Nathan back and let him play as long as he'd like in each area. His attention span is unusual for any age. Went back to Bethany's and visited. Sweet time. Lori will be moving before long and I am sad about that. Janelle bought the Prius.

Fri.-Today's highlight: Nathan spent the night! He slept in our bed with me and Phil slept in the guest room. He did really well. Claire came and the girls had fun on the pond in the boat.

Sat.-Nathan woke up cheerful. We took him to Freeman and Alli's around 8 and the whole family was there for a pancake breakfast. Claire too. It was really nice. We're going to aim to do this once a month. The girls watered plants and spent time at the river. I'm transplanting herbs and cleaning our bedroom and house. It's supposed to be in the 90's today. Phil and I went out to Farmville to go to Lowes, pick up a movie, and pick up take out. How much fun was that?!

Hertzler Doings~May 30-June 5, 2016

Another week gone by without me writing. How quickly I can lose a habit!
So what even happened ?
Well, I found out I am going to be a great aunt again! At least four times in the next year I will have that privilege.
We got lots of little quail and I stayed home from a quick trip to Pa (for Phil and Susan) so I could stir them up and try to keep them from squishing each other. We lost quite a few but still have just as many but it was sad to see their little stiff forms under the pile of clueless other balls of fluff.
Phil and Susan took in a greenhouse, stopped in to see the Horans, Mostellers, and I was thinking someone else. Susie, his cousin, was in from Kansas with her new husband, Lee. Her first husband, Danny, had passed away with cancer over ten years ago, I think.
They had a great time with the family and Jonathan had to be told to let Susan go when it was time for them to leave.
Earlier in the week, Susan had planted 150 sweet potato plants and more peppers, tomatoes, and squash plants.
Philip went catfishing with Tommy T.

Earlier in the week I went out to have breakfast with Jessica and her neighbor, Miss Pearlie. That was such a treat. Oh, the same day, Janelle showed me how to hook up with a card company online. I posted pictures and wrote words and the company rejected all six. Janelle couldn't believe it. Told me to try again the next morning and get another person but I've run out of time. Busy with the outside, old house, and trying to declutter my bedroom.
Got my own sermon on Sunday. Live TODAY. LIVE today. So good.

I stayed home from church to take care of the quail and also missed a bridal shower but I had been overly tired all weekend and I just rested most of the days. Found out Janelle felt the same way and we both were comforted by that.

Betty G. came over Sunday eve. and we had a nice time visiting for several hours and Phil and Susan got home and he had someone with whom to talk politics. They both think about things a lot. I try to avoid thinking about things that scare me.