Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Familar Trumpet Call

I read this yesterday in James Dobson's book,
"Coming Home."
I thought it relevant
and it encouraged my resolve
to keep my post on the wall
and to continue to cry
my warning song.
"Not only can emotions be dangerous-
they can also be unreliable and foolish.

I am reminded of a story told by my mother
about her high school years.
They had one of the worst football teams
in the history of Oklahoma.

They hadn't won a game in years.

Finally a wealthy oil producer
asked to speak to the team
in the locker room and offered a
brand-new Ford to every boy and to each coach
if they would simply defeat their bitter rivals
in the next game.

The team went crazy.

For seven day they thought about
nothing but football.
They couldn't sleep at night.

Finally the big night arrived,
and the team was frantic with anticipation.

They assembled on the sidelines,
put their hands together,
and shouted, "Rah!"

Then they went out onto the field-
and were smashed thirty-eight to nothing.

No amount of excitement
could compensate for the players'
lack of discipline, conditioning, practice,
study, coaching, drill,
experience, and character.

Such is the nature of emotion.

It has a definite place in human affairs
but is not a substitute
for intelligence, preparation, and self-control.
He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hertzler Doings-June 28-July 4, 2010

Mon.-Gathered a few green beans, cucs, and squash from garden. In dire need of rain. Phil and Freeman picked 60 dozen ears of corn and put it in the Abbey fridge. Did odd jobs in morning and went to river with Susan in the afternoon. Mike was hired by Cutco knives today. They were impressed that he had questions for them and hired him at the end of his second interview. Gilliam job started today for Phil, Philip, and Freeman. It began to rain this eve. and we ran in it and screamed and I am still wet several hours later. We got 2 tenths of an inch. Margaret and Clarissa came to pick up corn and we had a nice visit with them. Phil, Susan, and I watched a grizzly bear movie in the eve. Mike ran over Sampson today with his car and he got several cuts. Susan, our resident veterinarian took care of him. He's a tough old coot and is eating up the extra attention. *Thankful that Sampson is still around to love and be loved. Thankful for the Hublers friendship. Thankful for the RAIN!!!

Tues.-Car didn't start this morning. Took Mike's car to Farmville to go to a meeting and run errands. Came home and we all worked on freezing corn. John and Jeanne came over for corn and a visit in the eve. and we enjoyed their company. Susan and Michael went to Amber's birthday party at Billy's and learned some new dances. *Thankful for the fun they both had. Thankful for the Grunerts friendship. Thankful for my temperapedic bed. Thankful for Michael's generous offer to use his car. (Gilliam job on hold because trusses are not ready.)

Wed.-Freezing corn. Made sloppy joe mix and tortilla meat and beans in the morning and then worked on corn most of the rest of the day. Went out to Farmville in eve. and picked up my car, got pulled over and received a warning for going 50 in a 40 mph and ran some errands while Mike and Susan were at church. *Thankful for the conversation of the three youngest regarding homeschooling. They want me to home school their kids. :) Thankful that every time I second guess something I did recently that called for some bravery and honesty on my part, that God sends someone to tell me something good about it, or I read something that affirms what I did. Thankful for Hugh's huge tomatoes growing in my garden. I am thankful for Psalms 84, Johnny's favorite psalm, and the way it makes me homesick for God.

Thurs.-Michael at Cutco training. Guys working at Abbey. Said that they felt like Joseph of Arimathea. They had to take down and put up a 400 pound statue of Jesus on the cross, They had to nail Him up and everything! It was hard on them. Phil kept telling Jesus that he was sorry. sob. Susan and I started getting things ready to go to Pa and got a call from our neighbor, Bob Mck~~~~. So, Susan and I went over to pick a bushel or more of green beans and we spent the greater part of the day processing them. I made Freeman a Chocolate Marvel birthday cake for tomorrow and I also made a banana nut cake that had dark choc. chips in it. It's almost gone. Packed in the eve. Mickey brought Orin down after supper. He is such a nice 5 year old little boy. Susan showed him her rabbits and calves and he asked me for a gator ride. I took him back up to his grandma's after she left. He gave me a long hug and I told him that he is going to be a great man because he is a great little boy and that he had the most wonderful grandmother in the world. He just hugged and hugged me. He comes and sees us each time he visits her and he loves our family. *I am thankful for good neighbors. I am thankful for Phil's good friend who has a good heart and is married to one of my favorite people. I am thankful for Michael's hug this morning and the way he understood that sometimes I have to cry because he is growing up so fast.

Friday-Happy 26th Birthday Freeman! Left around 7:30 for Pa and arrived around 4:30, stopping and shopping and stretching. Listened to mystery stories on tape. Hertzler gathering in eve. with Janelle's parents there as well. Enjoyed Karalee's pics of Spain, Logan's pigs, the new tree house, Brandon's new hair, Katie's injured knee recovering, gifts of Arbonne from Anne, and Joe and Karen's wonderful news! * Grateful for wonderful supper of sloppy joes, chicken salad sandwiches, chili, pot. salad, fruit salad, Klondike bars, homemade sour cherry ice cream. Grateful for Anne's gift of Arbonne, and grateful that Annie and Karen's blessed blessings will make me an aunt again soon after Christmas. Grateful for safe travels and my wonderful daughter. Susan stayed with Brads and I stayed at Joe's. Tom's stayed at Mom and Dad's.

Sat.-Up to Mother's with Susan. Nice visit with Rosalee and lunch as well. Stopped at thrift store and BB's on way back. Up to Boyer's in eve. for their annual fourth of July picnic. Had a painfully hysterical time with Brandon, Janelle, and Katie. We got the uncontrollable giggles just during the reverent time when Uncle Bubba was reciting 'Paul Revere's Ride'. It was my fault. We were squirming in our seats, hiding our faces under our shirts, breathless from laughing too hard, shaking quietly with little high noises, snorting, - well, it was all just so wonderful and terrible at the same time and as soon as the end came and everyone clapped, we burst out with relieved laughter. Janelle said, "That was right up there with Hong Kong." The kids asked, 'What happened in Hong Kong?' and I said, "We can't tell you but my shoes got wet." "Oh," they said. I won't say what happened here either but it rates as one of my top ten serotonin infusion experiences.
Don had patriotic music playing on the record player while the deep south illegal fire works were going off. Joey slept through some of them. Debra and I jumped when the last one started and grabbed each others hands and didn't let go until it was over. Micah said, "Boy, that scared me a little bit." I said, "Me too. Aunt Deb and I had to hold hands because we were so scared."

*I am thankful for love and acceptance and trust and the joy of being with people who believe the best about me. I am thankful for freedom in our country and the freedom to pray that our freedoms will not be taken from us. I am thankful for the wisdom of man that figured out how to make such amazing fireworks.

Sunday-Karen played hymns on the piano. The blessed life within her will love those hymns. Most of the family went to the Geigertown pancake breakfast. Jim payed Susan's way and she thought that was nice. I went up to Mother's and had church with her in her home. I liked that. I drank a cup of hot tea during our sofa service. Susan stayed with Jim and Deb, swimming and playing all day. I went with Mother and Rosalee to Marie and Galen's home to enjoy the Landis Reunion. I saw cousins I hadn't seen for 28 years. It was a wonderful time. My grandparents, Miles and Anna, would have felt gratified to look over this group of people. Among their posterity and their posterity's spouses were represented teachers, artists, musicians, composers, videogaphers, nurses, lawyers, a financial counsellor/stock broker, auctioneers, good mothers, good fathers, an engineer, pastors, global missions traveler, photographers, writers, public speakers and a published author or two. There was not one person that they couldn't be proud of. I couldn't sleep that night. I was overwhelmed with the joy of seeing my closest friends in childhood. I held my cousin's baby, Beulah. She was named after my mother. There was another Miles and an Anna represented as well. It's always a good thing when people want to name their offspring after their relatives.

Mother and I went back to Rosalee's and had a high time with Annika and Katrina and two of their friends, Natalie and Christi. I played the piano and we sang hymns. We got into hysterical laughing over teasing Annika. It's been so good to laugh so much.

*I am thankful for my rich heritage. I am thankful for all my nieces and nephews and for the blessing of aunt-hood and for the opportunity to be one again. And again. I am thankful for the gift of teaching that is prevalent in the Landis family. I am thankful for the signed copy of Dwight's book about fly fishing and fishing streams in Pa.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Anointing

Someone sent me this statement via email this week,
and I am putting it down so I can reread it and understand it better.
I am not sure where it is from but if I find out more,
I will add to this post.

America's Second Great Awakening:

The best way I have been able to describe
the anointing, therefore,
is that it is when our gift functions easily.

It comes with ease.
It seems natural.

No "working it up" is needed.
It is either there, or it isn't.
If we have to "work it up,"
we have probably gone outside our anointing.

If we go outside our anointing
the result is often fatigue-
weariness or spiritual lethargy
that has been described as
"dying inside."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right Words

Taken from "Growing Slowly Wise" by David Roper.

"The heart is the storehouse of the body.
We must be careful, then,
of the things we put inside it.

How can we get our words right?
We must fill our thoughts
with God's words-
meditate on them day and night.

The secret of good words
is the Word of God,
delighted in and meditated upon,
for what is the Word of God
but the life of God
which always translates itself
into human speech."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Intention vs. Action

I was reminded not long ago,
that we judge people by their actions,
not their intentions.

We did not intend to cause fear in a weaker human being,
but we did behave in such a way to cause such fear.

We did not intend to draw attention to ourselves by our behavior,
but our actions betrayed our intentions.

We could recite incident after incident
where our intentions were misunderstood
because our actions belied our intentions.

The problem lies in the fact that even though we judge others
by their actions,
we ourselves want to be judged by our intentions.

"God knows my heart," we glibly say.

I read something in Gretchen Rubin's book,
"The Happiness Project."

She says we should cut people slack. She says,
"The "fundamental attribution error" is a psychological phenomenon
in which we tend to view other people's actions as reflections of their
characters and to overlook the power of situation to influence their actions,
whereas with ourselves,
we recognize the pressures of circumstance. When other people's cell phones
ring during a movie, it's because they're inconsiderate boors;
if my cell phone rings during a movie,
it's because I need to be able to take a call from the babysitter.

I tried to remember not to judge people harshly,
especially on the first or second encounter.
Their actions might not reveal their enduring character
but instead reflect some situation
they find themselves in.

Forbearance is a form of generosity.
....'Find explanations in charity'
is a more holy way of saying,
"cut people slack." "
There are of course situations where devious actions
demand a guilty verdict
and one cannot show much mercy.

But there are other situations
when we can step into another's shoes,
and view their actions through the intents of their hearts.

It is then we are judging others
by the way we want to be judged.

It is then we are playing by the Golden Rule.

You Have Reason to Be

I like people.
I really do.
There are very few people I do not like.
But, occasionally, someone really annoys me.
And recently, I ran into one of the people that has annoyed me for several decades.
(Don't worry; it's not you.)

I struggled that night with how I felt towards that person.
I felt guilty that I did not like them.

And finally, I went to God and said,
"This person still really annoys me."
And dear, sweet God!
This is what I think I heard Him say back to me!
"You have reasons to be annoyed."

I thought of their annoying ways
and realized that they were really annoying.

But God took my annoyance from me
by acknowledging that I had reason for being annoyed.

He didn't condemn me.
He released me.

And wonder of wonders,
I wasn't annoyed anymore!

It happened again today.

Something was just too much and I told God,
"It's just too much."
And He said, "It is, isn't it?"
and suddenly, I was fine.

What if we did this for our kids?

What if, instead of lectures about loving people
and forgiving people,
we would say,
"Oh, that wasn't nice what they did.
No wonder you are mad.
I'm sorry they did that."

When the kids were younger,
and had a complaint against a bully type acquaintance,
I'd say,
"I am going to go get them and hang them upside down."
Or I'd say something else a bit violent with a funny image to it.

They would laugh and say,
"It's okay Mom. You don't have to do that."
Then they would run happily off.
I've gotten too "spiritual."
I want to be more like God.
Because He says things like,
"Vengeance is mine,
and I'll pay them back."

The Wise Bee's

I've been preoccupied with a little word lately.
It's the little helping word-be.
Webster says that it means to exist or live, to remain or continue.

I looked it up in the Strong's concordance and that was a mistake.
There were so many 'be's' that I had to skip back to the appendix and there were zillions of references for the word be, without any words to let you know the idea of the scripture.

So, I decided to wing it and just think of verses that I know of that begin with the word 'Be.'
I call this 'The Wise Bee's'.

Be fruitful and multiply.
Be fruitful in every good work.

Be generous and you will be prosperous.
Be kind one to another.

Be about your Father's business.
Be wary of vain philosophy.

Be thankful unto Him and bless His name.
Be strong and courageous.

Be still and know that He is God.
In other words,
Live fruitfully,
Live generously,
Live kindly,
Live purposefully,
Live carefully,
Live thankfully,
Live courageously,
and Live quietly.

Live in this way.
Exist in this way.
Remain in this way.
Continue in this way.

Such a little word, "be",
but it's meaning is larger than life itself
when attached to words of wisdom.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hertzler Doings-June 21-27, 2010

I decided to write down three things I am thankful for each day. Hence the addition at the end of each entry.

Mon.-Susan and Makenzie were up till past midnight, sitting outside and watching the stars. They saw quite a few shooting stars. Susan fell asleep while they were watching a movie this morning. They helped clean up, picked the garden things and snapped the beans, and did other odd jobs and then, all afternoon, we relaxed down at the river. Freeman and Michael fixed fences. The cows got into our corn Sunday morning before church. Philip is working with Crit's crew. Phil and Freeman working on future housing plans. Sweet corn for supper. We will have alot by the end of the week. Hublers and Thong here to ride around with Phil in gator checking out a property down the road. I was busy cleaning up trash and doing wash,etc. I am thankful for sweet corn, a cabela's lounge chair, and rippling water.

Tues.-Did odd jobs in the morning, made squash/egg casserole, tortilla beans and meat and cucumber salad while the conservationist lady was here talking to Phil. I listened in as I busied about. Took girls to river in afternoon. This time, I wasn't too tired to read. The girls made a fire out front in the eve. and are cooking burgers, corn, craw daddies, potatoes from the garden, and marshmellow fluff and blueberry filling sandwich pies. Philip came home and it was good to see him. He's working hard at the bay. Freeman at Guild's. Phil at Ruritan's Club. Michael happy to have Philip at home. Phil doing paper work and land preservation work all day.
I am thankful for rest, the fact that we didn't renew our dish satellite contract, and the extra ice cream left over from the pig roast.
Wed.-Did some wash and paper work. Guys took down stage and tent. Freeman checked out housing. Took Makenzie and Susan to Appomattox-Salvation Army, Krogers, Walmart, Exxon, etc. Went to river for an hour and half in the afternoon. Discovered that if I sit below the rapids and put my feet in them, I receive a whirlpool type therapy on my hurt foot. Went to church in eve. and waited for Sara to get out of her meeting in town. I enjoyed learning about Hebrews as I sat outside the door of PR's class. Girls made shrimp and crab that Makenzie bought after they got home. It's going to be a late night.
I am thankful for the devotional from Streams in the Desert that Michael brought to read to us this morning. I am thankful for the 10 pack of Arbonne samples that Annie gave me-over a month's supply and for a year's supply of Arbonne protein shakes.
I am thankful for the way Phil takes time to explain things to our children and the way he responds instead of reacts in any given situation. He is knowledgable, wise, and objective and I am amazed at his intellectual and emotional energy.
I am thankful for all of the unopened bags of tortilla chips left over from the pig roast.
I am thankful that Makenzie's mother is letting her stay another day, and for her kind words on the phone this morning when she told us that Makenzie never likes to spend the night away from home and this is the first time she has done it except for a night here and there with a relative. (She's been here since Friday and we love her.)

Thurs.-Today I was praying about Phil's work, etc. and I heard God's voice say, "Praise me." It was wonderful. I sometimes think I am irresponsible when I don't worry about finances and here, when I was worried, He told me to praise Him and my spirit was lifted and my faith grew strong. I know He will take care of us. I made another part of Alli's gift for her shower on Sat. Lynn came to pick up Makenzie before lunch and the girls prolonged their farewells for another hour. I had to cry really hard twice before Lynn even got here, just thinking about Makenzie leaving. She came over and held me and said that she would come back to visit me. She is just so easy to have and I never wished she wasn't here. Michael checked into a part time job in Lynchburg this afternoon. Philip went to King's Dominion with his Harvest friends. Freeman and Alli checked out a property in the eve. Phil worked in the fields, prepared for next week's new house project, and ground corn. He doesn't mind the heat. We ate ice cream and popcorn in the eve. Michael invited me to watch 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' with him and Susan. We had fun singing some of the songs when Freeman and Alli were here. Sweet corn is ready and it is 'Incredible.'
I am thankful for the freedom to praise Him instead of trying to wake Him up while He's sleeping in our sinking boat. I am thankful for water color paints and the chance to paint a little scene this morning. I am thankful for air conditioning when the temperature is close to 100 degrees. I am thankful for Judy and her phone call tonight. I am thankful for the sale of Breyer's ice cream and the four kinds I purchased-peach, Heath bar, Snickers, and coffee. I am thankful for my pleasant man and our pleasant land. I am thankful for Freeman and Alli's sweet deep love for one another. I am thankful that everyone is home safe for the night. I am thankful for Susan's strength and for her ability to communicate clearly with others. I am thankful that it is hard to stop writing about the things I am thankful for.

Fri.-Cleaned house, washed, watered flowers, made large dish of Chinese casserole. Went to Judy's to get the words 'Alli and Freeman' embroidered on the back of the housecoat I made her.
I had made a pair of purple plaid lounge pants for Freeman earlier this week. Alli's housecoat is sage green and Judy embroidered their names in purple. These are the colors of their bridesmaid dresses. Had a great time in Judy's busy household. Sammy Jo is teething and she was enjoying sucking on ice cubes. Phil was power washing large equipment today. Philip and Michael are camping with their friends, C., E., J., T., and D. for the entire weekend. They are at the bend on our river and want to catch their own fish and eat them, etc. They are planning to have church down there as well.
I am thankful that Susan deep cleaned her room today and organized her closet and drawers. I am thankful for Sammy Jo's sweet kisses. I am thankful that Susan made a cake all on her own initiative and cleaned everything up. I am thankful that no one was hurt in the tornado type storm in Morgantown. 75-100 mph winds, trees and power lines down, Andy's barn and equipment destroyed, plus his crop of tomatoes and peppers destroyed by hail. He said it was a soul shaking experience. I am thankful for generous friends. Judy said, when I walked in her sewing room, "Take a look around and see if there's anything you want." Plus she gave me several hours of her time to do something nice for Alli. I am thankful for Jamie D's genuine interest in how we were doing when he stopped in today. I am thankful that our well's not dry and that we can water our flowers. I am thankful that Rosalee likes what I am doing with Mother's writings and that they inspire her. I am thankful that we have a property where the guys can camp and that we are close enough to help if they should need us.

Sat.-The boys came up from the river for coffee and supplies this morn. Michael made Jordan some eggs. They had sausage down by the river. They loaded up Philip's truck with a boat, inner tubes, fishing rods, etc. Last night, I had said to them, "Are you going to get homesick being away from your family's for a weekend. One of them said, "I am never homesick when I am here." Another said, "This IS my home." Today, one of them was eating an ice pop and I said, "What a life you have!" And he said, "It is a wonderful life. Life got a lot better when the Hertler's came along." Another said, "Seriously, my life is a lot better because of you guys." Or something like that. I saw Michael smile and he kept smiling and I had to smile and cry a bit. In Pa., we prayed about having a place for youth to come. We were thinking a basement with pool tables, etc. But God gave us a river and a gang of good guys who have seen each other through some tough times.. Instead of playing video games in a basement, they are fishing from their boat. They caught lots of fish today and are frying them up for supper. Chase came late and I took him down in the golf cart. I gave a holler so they would know I was there. I heard there voices but didn't see anyone.
Not only did we want a place for young people, but for over 25 years, Phil and I wanted to have a pastor's retreat. But now we are trying to sell the property where I thought we would have it. And now I am wondering if our pastor's retreat doesn't look more like my little prayer chapel.
What is in our hands? Who is in our lives? This is where it's at. It's not somewhere out there.
This is IT, and IT is good. Bigger is not always better. Simple is best.

Susan and I went to Lindsay's for Alli's shower. She had the front of her house all set up like a tea room. She had linen table cloths, glass plates and tea cups and hot water and tea and iced tea and cold water, chicken salad sandwiches, pb and J sandwiches, sweet potato ham biscuits, raisin scones, sugar cookies, banana bars, fruit on a stick, marshmallows dipped in chocolate...what else...It was beautiful and amazing. She had little game cards and really cool games. Alli got beautiful gifts, practical gifts, and pretty gifts. She was so sweet and gracious. Lisa and I shared some tearful moments (which Betty caught on camera) and we are just both very happy about this whole thing. It is bitter sweet but mostly sweet. This union is an answer to all of our prayers and it is good. Alli loved the soft green housecoat I made her and everyone raved over the purple names Judy had embroidered in the back. Ran errands after lots of loving time with Adi. "I love you, Aunt Annette." Susan went home with the Streams and was going to see 'Toy Story 3' with Emily and Kelli in the afternoon.
Came home and made arrangements for going to Pa. July 2-7. Susan and I will take in two Hertzler gatherings and a Landis gathering. I will see cousins I haven't seen for 30 some years.
I'm watering the gardens because God is not. Please God, send rain soon.
I am thankful for everything I just wrote about; the boys camping out and the fun they are having, Lindsay's generosity, creativity, energy, and Gil and the girls. Oh-when Gil came in at the beginning, I asked him where the girls were and who was taking them and he said that they were staying there and then he just looked at me and then I realized that I had been holding Adi in my arms since I got there and Emma was on Alli's lap. Oh well, I am thankful that Adi is such a part of me, that I didn't even realize I was holding her. I am thankful that I am getting older and that not only do I forget who I am holding, I also forget who I was mad at and why. (Has nothing to do with anything but it's true.) I am thankful that when I asked Lindsay if Adi was sleepy (because she was laying tight against me) she said, "No, she's just absorbing." I loved that. I love Lindsay's way with words. I am thankful for Alli's thankfulness and the way she read the words on her cards and thanked people for what they wrote before she even opened their gifts. I am happy to have another lover of words in my life. I am thankful for the quiet house and for time to be alone. I am thankful that Phil thanked me last night for keeping the house clean and for keeping tooth paste and other things on hand so we never run out. It's nice to be appreciated for the little things.
This whole thing I've started about writing down three things I am thankful for every day is really making me look at everything through thankful eyes. I am always looking for something to be thankful for. It makes me happy.

Sun.-Awakening Song-"How great are you Lord..How great is your mercy.."Church today. Adi fell asleep in my arms. She remembered that yesterday at the party, I invited her to sit with me in church. Sermon from Luke 9. Pastor Frank exhorted us to count the cost of discipleship. If we follow Jesus, we cannot count on having a place to lay our head. We will need to let the spiritually dead behind and we cannot look back. I am wondering what this looks like in our lives. How do we do this? What does it mean? Where else would we go? Only He has the words of eternal life. And this is the work of God, to believe on Him whom He has sent.
Came home and ate sweet corn, cucumber salad and Chinese casserole. The guys who spent the weekend went home after they had a late breakfast and church service in our house. Phil and I went over to see Freeman and Alli's new home. It is a nice place with land and a great deal of potential. There are even some fruit trees there. Came home and watched a movie about a butler that Mark B. wanted Freeman to see in order to learn how to act like a butler for the dinner theatre coming up. So hot even in the air conditioning. Played Dutch Blitz with Phil and Susan in the eve.
I am thankful for good friends, for Alli's sweet thank you note, and for Susan's blonde hair. I am thankful that God answered a prayer for a friend who has been praying for years about a situation. I am thankful that Kim was in church today and that she seemed good in spite of her injuries and long path of recovery ahead. I am thankful for a wise friend's counsel tonight to keep the peace of God in my heart, and to not operate or respond to someone out of coercion but out of His peace.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Additions

Please check out the new additions to I.B.Lieve blogsite-
insights from my mother's journals.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hertzler Doings~June 14-20, 2010

Mon.-Cleaned up back room in house and tidied Phil's office. He doesn't want me to clean it too well because he knows where things are just like it is. Missing Susan. She's at Girls Camp. Fed her rabbits. Did wash. Blogged. Got lots of squash, a few beans, a tomato and some onions from the garden. Had them for lunch. Janelle called around 4 and she and Micah stopped by. We went over to see her house and then they had supper with us before heading over to Tom's for the week. Terribly hot. Weather report shows that it will be in the 90's on Sat. Guys were working on Janelle's yard most of the day. Philip with other crew.

Tues.-Guys working on Janelle's house in morning. Janelle stopped in here after checking out school.Worked on her website. I worked on house, lawn, garden, freezers and fridges, etc. Everyone so laid back about Sat. One of Susan's rabbits got out. We set the have a heart trap. It came running right up to me and then I started talking to it and it ran away. They come running right up to Susan when they escape. Freeman made bbqued bear ribs for supper. He could become a millionaire with this recipe. He'd be great on TV with his own grilling show. He'd give the different animals that he eats different voices and would have them saying all kinds of things.

Davis guy at the Pontiac place found a $900 part for $300 for us. He was so excited. And it's guaranteed for life. Michael mowed. Freeman weed whacked. Phil and Tom worked on the tractor. Phil was going to practice tonight with a group that is playing on Sat. but they moved it to Thurs. night, so he is over at the Grunerts. They are helping him find tools for skinning the pig on Friday. Phil thought John might enjoy observing and helping with that kind of country living so he'll be over Fri. morn. Philip working with other crew. We miss him.

Wed.-Rabbit caught in trap. Guys at Guilds building book shelf. I made lots of food for the week ahead so can stick with the last min. preps for pig roast. Made Chinese pasta/beef/veggie dish and burger/green beans/rice dish and squash dish and shoo fly cake. Picked at least 25 large cucs from garden. Didn't even know they were forming. Picked a gallon of green beans and squash too. Tidying up around the place. Met Karen with Susan at Pamplin Exxon around 1:30. She had the time of her life at Girl's Camp. I think she will be going for a long time. Had a great time with Meredith and Bethany. We're going to have to have girl cousin sleepovers. Phil mowing fields in eve. Michael mowing grass. We picked up things from Trinity to use for Pig roast-dutch ovens, coolers, and tables. Good talk with Mom this morn. and with Helen in eve. Naomi called late afternoon. Her girls were rear-ended and her car is totalled. Please Jesus, bless and protect them. Thunder clouds are beautiful but sounding ominous. Must get off the computer.

Thurs.-Prepared lots of fly bags-zip lock quart bags with pennies in them. Punched holes on top edge and hung around porches. Theory is that they think it's a hive and they see themselves in the reflection multiple times and thereby scare themselves with themselves. We'll see if it works. They sprayed for flies as well. Did wash and other odds and ends. Janelle went to Appomattox with Susan and I to get some sweet feed and a sonar battery, Walmart, library, Salvation Army, and Krogers. Mitch and Mickey brought me things I ordered from Sam's Club. Took Susan out to get crickets. Michael, Susan, and Phil went out to get the pig. It will be alive until tomorrow morning. Then we'll have a day of it. Michael and Susan rescued the poor duck from the angry rooster. That rooster is scary, even when he's on the other side of the fence. Have had a sore throat and am very tired these past few days.

Fri.-Big Day. Tent set up. Tables up. Fly bags hung up. Bathroom cleaned. House cleaned. Etc. etc. Picked up Makenzie in Appomattox around 9 in the eve. She'll be here until Wed. Oh! And Wilburjene was butchered today!!!! John, our neighbor, came over to enjoy the process. His wife, Jeanne, wrote about it on her blog, Seven Oaks. "Oh, Oink." What a good writer she is.

Anne and Dave got here around 11:30. Nate Bal---got here around midnight and set up his tent out back.

Sat.-Pig Roast! Got things ready and people began to come. Had a great time. People coming and going...people down at the river...Kids playing sports...People singing....I'll write more about it later or maybe Jeanne will. I love everything about it except when people know me and I don't know them. I got completely soaked by Micah, Serena, and Abby, but they were completely soaked too. We were hosing each other down and when that stopped, we continued to get each other wet back in the food tent by emptying the bags of water that I had frozen into ice to keep the cold foods chilled. Not all of the ice was melted and it's a real shock to have ice water thrown on you or ice put down your clothes. As always, I went to bed and thought about the people I didn't really get to talk to, but it's just not possible to have a good conversation with everyone. The young people stayed until after 9 and Michael thrilled us all with a wax bomb. He got a fire going and melted several gallons of wax in a metal bucket. When it was boiling, he tossed a bag of water into the wax and fire ate up the sky, shooting into the air about 30 feet and throwing a wave of heat all around. He did this several times. Don't try this at home. It must be done by a true pyromaniac. Most of my children fit into this category and I blame that on my mother. It skipped a generation with me. I used to have nightmares about fire. Fly Bags Worked!!!

Cassidy celebrated her 16th birthday party here. Her mother, Julie, had a beautiful sheet cake with a picture of Cassidy as a baby in the middle. Helen was searching the crowd for that beautiful baby. Cassidy had her sleepover here too. Kelly G., Makenzie, Susan, and Cassidy slept in the camper and had Sampson barking in the middle of the night due to their shrieks of laughter. Philip scared them badly several times during the night in compliance to Susan's whispered request.

Sun.-Church was great. Better is one day in Your house than thousands elsewhere. Such a mix of joy and sorrow. Joy that Lawrence is with us due to transplanted lung miracles. Sorrow because he received those lungs from a once living person and friends and family grieve even as we rejoice. Joy for the father's who are leaving a good legacy. Sorrow because of those who have not. Pastor Frank shared Ps. 112. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord and obeys His commandments. What will happen for that man? His children will be mighty on the earth..generations will be influenced for good...Prosperity and wealth are in his house...his righteousness endures forever....He'll have light in the darkness...will not be moved...will not be afraid of evil tidings...His heart is firm, established and steady and he will see his desire on his enemies.
I am desirous to write about that which moved me actually see and hear close up what I've always 'known'. Faith became sight and drew us in to overwhelming broken gratitude. Thank you, Thank you God, for being faithful to the faithful and for being good.

Had to leave church early to make it on time to Dr. Hubler's Consecration to Bishop service at Cornerstone. He said to those of us there, that on earth, we sometimes just get to taste of God's goodness and in Heaven, we will feast on His goodness, and that our presence there to support him was a taste of God's goodness and he was thankful. Stayed for the reception afterwards. Dr. H. gave Makenzie and Susan a dollar bill for the soda machine and they came flaunting their Mountain Dews in my face. I tried to glare at him, thinking of the fact that the girls had gone to sleep after 2 this morning, but it's not good to glare at a Bishop too long.

Took it easy in the eve. and tried to stay awake until an early bedtime.


I think Paul gave us an answer to
how to be filled with the Spirit of God
when he wrote his letter to the Ephesians.

Eph. 5:18-21 says,
" filled with the Spirit,
speaking to one another
in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
singing and making melody
in your heart to the Lord,
giving thanks always for all things to
God the Father in the name of our
Lord Jesus Christ,
submitting to one another
in the fear of God."

Being filled with the Spirit
affects our church life
and our personal life.

We encourage each other by singing
the old and newer songs and by
singing a new song in the Spirit.

We make melody in our heart to the Lord
and give thanks to Him for all things.

we submit to one another
in the fear of the Lord.

This is how we are filled with the Spirit.

I've been thinking about these things.

When we are filled with the Spirit
because we are singing those kinds of songs,
and having a thankful and humble heart,
there is no room for anxiety, insecurity,
pride, bitterness, and evil speaking.

It seems so simple
and I am sure that He means for it to be.

I needed the reminder of this truth.

Habitus practicus

I picked up a book on James-
(writer of the book of James and brother to Jesus)
at Goodwill.
The title is "Growing Slowly Wise-
Building a Faith that Works."

David Roper is the author.

It's a scary thing to blog.
I second guess myself all of the time.
Should I have written that?
Should I have printed that?
Should I have thought that in the first place?

(I have written some things just because
I needed to vent,
but you won't read those things anytime soon
because I didn't print them. )

When I read the following in Dave Roper's book,
it resonated with my spirit
because sometimes what I write
is from God
and sometimes it's from my flesh.

But I have to accept the consequences of my words,
whether they be from God or from my self.
What I have written I have written
and I am ultimately responsible for those words.
I can't blame God for anything I write.

Sometimes, I'll get it right
and sometimes I won't.
But the only true failure
is to stop trying to get it right.

Mr. Roper helped me this week.
He wrote and I read,
"...James...was willing to suffer for what he believed.

He understood there is no ministry without misery,
no proclamation without pain,
no renewal without the possibility of retaliation.

He had what ancient Christians called
habitus practicus.

Habitus practicus,
as you might guess,
is an old Latin phrase that suggests
the habit of proclaiming the truth
without fear or favoritism
and a willingness to suffer
the consequences of that proclamation.

It's something of a lost art these days,
yet it lies at the heart
of every call to ministry.

If anyone would come after Jesus,
he must deny himself
and take up his cross
and follow Him."
We are so afraid of the consequences of our words.
We are afraid they will be twisted to make a trap for fools.
We are afraid of hurting people's feelings.
We are afraid of being publicly or privately rebuked.

But what if we spoke the truth with love and courage?
What if it is love that gives us the courage to speak the truth?

What if we are that voice crying in the wilderness,
preparing the way of the Lord,
and if we saved ourselves,
there would be one less voice?

What if we are that watchman on the wall
and when we weary of being perceived
as an enemy
we resign from our post,
and give the real enemy an opportunity
to scale the wall and wreck havoc
within the fortress?

What if we are that Esther,
raised up for such a time as this,
willing to risk our lives
for the sake of God's people?

Dear Raspy Voice,
crying in the wilderness,
cry on.

Weary Watchman on the Wall,
watch on.
Blow that trumpet.
You can see from the wall
that which cannot be seen from the ground.
Courage, my friend.

watch, fast, and pray,
and be prepared to lose your life
for the sake of your people.

it is God whom we serve
and it is His people we love,
and some day,
it's going to be worth it all.

Grandma Hertzler's Way of Life

Michael recently visited his friends and family in Pennsylvania.
He stayed at his Grandpa Hertzler's and slept in his Uncle Johnny's room.
On the wall of that room is a little plaque which has these words:

"There's so much bad in the best of us
And so much good in the worst of us
That it hardly behooves any of us
to talk about the rest of us."
Oh, how I want my children to be discerning.
I don't want them to swallow everything they hear
as if it were the truth.
I want them to think objectively and see if their
negative reaction to what they hear
is due to the message itself
or due to the manner
or method
in which the message was presented.

There can be truth in a message
but the method of its presentation
makes one want to run away.
But a dollar bill,
all crinkled and dirty,
is still worth 100 cents,
even though it has an offensive appearance.

How do we teach ourselves and our
children to respond to the truth in a message
without reacting negatively to the manner
in which it is presented?

How do we deal with the mixture of humanity
and godliness in every arena of our lives?

I think it has something to do with the words
on the plaque on the Hertzler wall.
We must understand our own humanity
so we have grace for another's.

We must pray and say,
"Lord, I receive Your truth.
I reject the lies and methods of the enemy,
but I give grace to this sweetest frame."

And we love.
We love and believe the best.

And we stay awake and pray.

And we read the Book of Truth
so we can always find the value
in every Word of God.

The Meek

I've been memorizing Psalm 37 for the past few months;
reading it daily, and slowly absorbing its goodness.

Verse 11 says that the meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves with the abundance of peace. What a promise!

I turned to my best friend Webster to see what he had to say about meekness.
He says that the meek are patient, mild, not inclined to anger or resentment,
and they are submissive.

So then I looked up meek and meekness in my Strong's concordance.
This is what I found out about meekness.

Moses was meeker than any man on earth
and God used him to lead His people.

The meek shall eat and be satisfied.
They will be guided in justice and taught His ways.
God will arise in judgment
and deliver all the meek of the earth.

The LORD lifts up the meek
and casts the wicked down to the ground.
The LORD will beautify the meek
with salvation.
The meek shall increase their joy in the Lord.

Jesus brings good tidings to the meek.
The meek should seek the LORD.
Learn of me, Jesus says,
for I am meek and lowly of heart.

Blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit the earth.
There is incorruptible beauty
in a meek and quiet spirit.

In His majesty,
God rides prosperously
because of truth,
and meekness
and righteousness.

It is good to plead
to your charges
in a spirit of meekness
and gentleness.

Meekness is a fruit
of the spirit of God.
Restore a sinning brother
in a spirit of meekness.

Walk worthy of your calling
in all meekness.
Put on meekness.
Pursue meekness.

With meekness,
correct those in opposition
to your teaching.
Show meekness to all men.

Receive the word with meekness.
Let your works be done
in the meekness of wisdom.
Be ready to defend your inner hope
with all meekness...
Think on these things,
for you become what you think about.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walking With God

Every place on which
your foot shall rest
I have given it to you...

Walk before Me and be thou perfect.
Walk in My law.
Walk in all My ways.

Walk after the LORD.
Walk through the land.
Walk before Me in truth.

Walk in the fear of the LORD.
Walk in your integrity.
Walk uprightly.

Walk at liberty.
Walk in His paths.
Walk in the Light of the LORD.

Walk in the name of the LORD.
Walk humbly with your God.
Walk in the day.

Walk while you have light.
Walk in newness of life.
Walk not after the flesh.

Walk after the Spirit.
Walk honestly.
Walk as men.

Walk by faith.
Walk in good works.
Walk worthy of your calling.

Walk in love.
Walk as Children of Light.
Walk circumspectly-cautiously, sensitively.

Walk in my example.
Walk worthy of the LORD.
Walk in Jesus Christ.

Walk in wisdom.
Walk after His commandments.
Walk in truth.

Old Testament walking merges into New Testament walking.
Walking is good exercise.
Walking takes us from one place to another;
One foot in front of the other,
one step at a time.
Get your good shoes on.
It's time to get in shape.
It's time to walk.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where I'm From

This poem was written by a young lady I've known for a long time. She is teaching school and wrote a poem to inspire her students to write their own 'Where I'm From' poem. I asked her if I could put it in my blog and she said yes. Her name is Clarissa B.

Where I’m From

I’m from honeysuckle and
minty meadow tea.
I’m from sneaking barefoot
past the cows
to ride on the "bouncing tree."

I’m from flip-flop races under the bridge and
building "secret hideouts" in the brush.
I’m from tree climbing,
knee scraping,
squeezing into the toy dump truck to hurl

I’m from homemade, Pennsylvania Dutch goodness:
sticky buns, brown butter noodles, and
fresh milkshakes from hand-picked berries
(and unhealthy amounts of 10X sugar).
I’m from pancakes or French toast every Saturday morning,
made with love
from scratch and in the iron skillet.

I’m from the arm Grandpa Glenn lost to a tractor,
the poems Grandpa Henry pens,
Grandma Martha’s brushstrokes of oil on canvas,
and the plastic plates Grandma Mary recycles
for the family get-togethers
(waste not, want not).

I’m from high soprano in hymns
-high tenor when singing in five parts.
I'm from Sunday afternoon naps
and Sunday evening games with pretzels and ice cream.

I’m from the golden rules of honesty
(be sure your sins will find you out)
and hard work
(idle hands are the devil’s playground).
Where I’m from, the milk is "all",
the roads are "blutzy", and
"If you have nothing good to say,
then it’s better to say nothing at all."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hertzler Doings-June 7-14, 2010

Mon.-Woke up early (4:00) with thoughts about PR's sermon. We are not to return to Egypt but there is a returning that is good and I looked up the verses on 'former', 'remember', and 'return.' We are to raise up the 'former' desolations. (rebuild the shelters) Remember the former things-the ways God worked and His wonders; Restore the scroll-rewrite the words that were burned(return to the Word of God) and Return to God. Remember where we have fallen from. Do the former things that went along with our first love.

So we return and restore the good things. What are the old ways, the former things, that are a returning to the Lord? What would happen if families, schools, church's, societies, returned to the Lord and remembered His ways? What if we got completely out of Egypt and completely into the Promised Land?
Cleaned up some of the Pig roast room. Put the gazelle out at end of lane with free sign and it was gone after we got back from picking up computer in App.
Susan and I began to 'take back the land' today with our health. We ate well and exercised.

Happy Anniversary to my parents today!

Tues.-Susan at Janelle's, prepping yard for grass seed with Ray and Tommy. 8-12:00. Phil and Freeman fixing a roof at the Abbey in Richmond. Philip on other crew and Michael driving home from Pa. He spent some time with Mother before the grad and hung out with Logan most of yesterday. His parents left him take off school to do so. He went to Shady Maple with his cousins and was rather full when I talked to him. Katrina saw him there. I spent the morning on the computer. So much correspondence to take care of.
Betty called and Kelly's ankle is healed! She has had a miracle! Thank you Jesus!
Alice needs one too, and grace and peace as well. Please Jesus.

Wed.-Cleaned grill porch and worked about an hour in the pig roast room. So dusty from the work in the other room. Went to Michael's Vertical Edge Graduation ceremony in eve. at New Life. Blues Brother video made with Steve and PJ and the video mixed with reality and they brought in a brief case with their treasure-Dr. Suess's 'Oh, the Places You'll Go' book. Adina read it well. Pastor Alvin preached a mighty fine sermon about our spiritual and physical journeys and as I look back through the things he said about David, the children of Israel, Esther, and Paul, I see that the bottom line reason for all of our journeys is to get to know Jesus and learn to know the voice of God. He encouraged us to write down our journey so we will remember the lessons God has taught us. He reminded us that the love of Christ is for everyone and that wherever we go we are called to be a minister of the gospel and of the love of God.

Thurs.-Picked Lindsay and girls up around 9 and we went to Richmond to shop and return some inferior furniture. We had a nice time at Short Pump Mall. Adi had a bit of an accident while we were eating and I walked/ran to the car to get Lindsay's diaper bag. I need to get in shape! It was great to be with Susan too. She was so pleased to sit between the girls in the back where they told her repeatedly how much they love her. She bought two t-shirts at the Christian t-shirt store and the lady prayed with her before she left. They pray with every customer. Came back to Farmville and Susan and I continued shopping but found nothing at Roses and Cato. For some reason, I think I need a nice shirt for the pig roast, but that is silly and a t-shirt will suffice I am sure. Came home and called Phil to give him a phone message. Laid down to rest after he told me he'd be home in an hour and a half and in a few min. I heard his voice. I had fallen asleep! Watched a monk episode in eve. Tomorrow, I'll get more done. Very nice sweet day.

Fri.-Lindsay called and said that Emma had thrown up all night and was concerned about our health. I think it must have been something she ate because we are fine. Both Susan and I walked out the lane and back for our exercise. Ate 10 grain cooked cereal for breakfast and later, Susan made us eggs with yellow squash. She is such a good cook. I worked 30 min. in the old house with a mask on and it still affects my lungs. Half hour a day or every other day seems to be what I can keep ahead of health wise. But it is amazing what you can do in 15-30 min. a day and when the pig roast is over, I want to work over their 30 min. every other day and get rid of alot of things and organize the rest. I am not getting any younger and it bothers me to have all that clutter.

We went to Cut-Ups in Appomattox for my hair cut and ran some other errands. I bought Michael and Phil several pairs of jeans at Salvation Army. We saw Mitch and Mickey at Kroger. Mitch gave me a huge hug in the produce section and my glasses were squashed against him. When he let me go he said, "That was good." And I said, "Yes, it was." Mitch is nearly 40. He is my neighbor. He is a genius in some areas. And he is the sweetest down-syndrome fellow I've ever met.

Came home and made alot of taco salad meat with beans. We had taco salad/tortillas for supper. I am thinking of having that for the rehearsal dinner. I just can't make up my mind. I also made a lasagne for tomorrow and boiled some potatoes for them to slice with their eggs for breakfast. There is a crockpot full of venison tenderloins stewing in the crockpot overnight. That will be great for sandwiches. I have about 4 tomatoes, very big ones, almost ready in the garden. Venison tomato sandwiches for the weekend. I want to be able to work hard tomorrow without stopping to make meals.

Philip is home. He's gone during the week right now. He and Michael laid on the floor during our family meeting about pr (Pig Roast) and they have to tickle each other and play around since they missed each other so much.

Mother's cataract surgery went well and she has 20/20 vision. Karen and Abby discovered the note Michael wrote on the back of his grad card and she liked it very much. She said that every grandmother in the world would be jealous if they read that card.

Sat.-Family meeting regarding pig roast. List revised and everyone to work. I finished the pig roast room as good as it is going to get. Everyone working hard. We are not as stressed about it this year as other years. Perhaps we're getting the knack of it.

Sun.-Church. To Nottoway in the afternoon with Susan, Lydia, and Karen to take the girl's to camp until Wed. Popcorn and movies in late afternoon/eve. Gil in hospital this morning due to dehydration. He had same virus as Emma had Thurs. eve.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hertzler Doings-May 31-June 6, 2010

rMon.-Memorial Day. Susan overnight at Gibb's. I put 10/5 gallon buckets of rabbit doo-doo on garden plants. Cleaned up the walk to the river and the freed the lane to the mailbox from extra large rocks. Everyone working. All boys went to Farmville to shop for the Pig roast. Bought fly spray, charcoal, etc. Phil in fields, making hay. Rosalee, Jim and Katrina home from Israel.

Tues.-Happy Birthday dear Daddy. Out to town to run errands. Meeting at Lindsay's. Kelli S. hung out with us. Susan at her place while I went to lunch with Missi.
So ready to get out of Walmart. Came home with headache. Watched Blind Side with Susan in eve.

Wed.-Phil and I left here at 3:30 and met Jane and Amos at Short Pump Mall. They are in Williamsburg for the week. Ate at Longhorn and then walked around. Went to Barnes and Noble and got book Jane recommended. Called Philip and discovered that his crew was in the parking lot right beside B and N. Came over and hugged us. He's working with another crew while work is slow for Phil. He was travelling 2 hours north yet that night. Met his boss, Crit, and his wife.
Great time with old friends. Jane and I went to high school together and have remained friends. We pick up where we left off. Amos explained to us some cow psychology and I think humans would benefit from it.(He sells milking equipment, robots, etc.)
We told them how our cows have a designated babysitter for the little calves while the mamas go elsewhere to graze. Home at 11.

Thurs.-Worked in garden; cleaned fridge; washed towels. Makenzie and Lynn showed up as a total surprise to Susan around 1:00. Makenzie staying until Sunday. Brought ale-8 for Susan. Makenzie wanted to see Dr. H. so we called him and will try to see him tomorrow. Took them to river and I read as they swam. Dogs were in with them, except for Sampson, who was dreaming loudly in the shade of the trees. Phil making hay. He's farming Stalkers land since they sold it and the folks who bought it want him to take care of it. The thunderstorm brought a torrent of rain to the O'Brien's place and then it completely stopped and didn't get the hay wet at Stalkers.
Truly amazing and saved Phil much work. Michael said you could see the line on the road. We got it too and Stalkers are less than 1/4-1/2 mile by way of crow flying. Made Chinese casserole, salad, and carrot cake for supper-Phil's favorite. Wanted to boost his morale but the rain line boosted him already. Thank you God.

Fri.-Computer lost all addresses. Took it to computer place and ran errands in Appomattox. Took the girls to CCA to see Dr. H. They acted silly while we were trying to seriously converse about Israel. Saw Betty at Peebles and had a nice time with her. Girls bought a movie and lots of snack. Developed pics of the two of them. They had taken several hundred. Watched the movie and had their own pizzas in the eve. over in the rec room.

Sat.-Cleaned house. Made food. River for 2 hours. Makenzie caught a black snake on the way back and they played with it for several hours. Susan had it wrapped around her neck while she sat on the sofa watching a movie. I have a more biblical view of snakes. Both girls call me 'Mommy!' when the other is teasing them. Angel is on Red Alert. She guards them in the river, camper, rec room, house, etc. Wherever they are, she is. Guys are working in fields and weed whacking and mowing. Freeman is miserable with a case of poison ivy. Made his own mix of lemon juice, bleach, and salt water. (Worked)

Finished reading the book I bought on Wed. 'Healing is a Choice' by Stephen Arterburn. Excellent. I highly recommend. I was struck with the understanding, as I read one chapter, that if we do not connect with those we are in authority over, we will try to control them. This can be appropriated in every aspect of our lives. Connect and make opportunities for others to connect.

Sun.-Shared with the teenagers in the Journey class this morning about Johnny and my journey of grief and God. Church service was wonderful. If I get the time, I will write more about it. Met Judy at 12:30 to pick up altered wedding dress. It's perfect. Held Sammy Jo. She's so peaceful and beautiful. Took Makenzie and Susan to the river for 2 hours and then Sam and Lynn came to pick her up. Sorry to see her go. Took Susan out to her small group. Met Candi at Ruby Tuesdays. Split a salmon dish and ate salad. Great time. She's doing good. Michael left around noon to go to Pa by himself. Wants to attend his classmates graduation at Hopewell tomorrow night.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For the past few days,
I've been planted in the Psalms.
As I read Psalm 36:7-11,
it became a prayer for our church.
Perhaps you could pray it for your church as well,
and for Christ's body everywhere.
The words in parenthesis,
are the words that came to me
as I prayed the psalmist words.
I continue to pray this prayer,
knowing that God will answer,
for it His church, His bride,
and His covenant with us.

"How precious is Your lovingkindness O God!
(Help us to be aware of Your love.)

Therefore the children of men
put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.
(Build trust, safety, and friendship under Your wings.)

They are abundantly satisfied
with the fullness of Your house,
(Feed us with Your Word to overflowing
and may the gifts You've given to the body
be used in all their fullness.)

And you give them drink
from the river of Your pleasures.
(May our worship be refreshing to You
and to us as well.)

For with You is the fountain of life,
In Your light we see light.
(May we walk in the light as You are in the light,
and truly fellowship with one another.)

Oh, continue Your lovingkindness to those who know You,
(May we experience the favor and mercy of God.)

And Your righteousness
to the upright in heart.
(May our godliness be free from hypocrisy.)

Let not the foot of pride come against me,
(Help us be humble and protect us from the
pride of man.)

And let not the hand of the wicked
drive me away.
(Keep us from the fear of man.
Let no one be driven away.)

Amen and Amen.
I love watching God answer this prayer.