Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 14-30, 2016

Another busy week. The weather has been warm during the day and cool at night. We got Nathan his Christmas gift-A green wagon from Amish Originals. As I pulled it towards my car, some folks took a picture of it and plan to buy one for their granddaughter. Amish Originals has the best price. I also got a dog bed for the inside and it covers most of the bottom and is so soft. Nathan wasn't so sure of it at first but once he got the hang of it, he didn't want to come inside. He cried and cried and then rested his head on the windowsill and stared at his new green wagon.

Tom and Kathy are in from CA and we went to see them and will take them out to Susan's workplace tomorrow eve. (Thursday) with almost all of the rest of our family.

I made a vegan Shepherds pie with lentils and veggies and mashed potatoes and cauliflower for the top. It is really good. Our own corn helped make it good. I also am making 2 large lasagnes for Phil to take on his hunting trip.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 17-23, 2016

Mon.-Susan didn't have school today so we were making healthy things like rice paper bacon and tempeh bacon and chocolate chip cookie dough and veggie burgers, etc. Steve Majeski and his friend, Better, were here for awhile as well as Matt G and son, fixing the heating situation. Everything comes out of our bedroom closet from the one side and all of what is on floor. Phil and Susan ran to Farmville to take care of his truck. I finished up dishes and wash and blogging etc. Lindsay called earlier and I walked while we caught up. We went to see them last year at this time. Adi enjoyed her piano recital-liked playing in front of people ! Emma has a solo voice but would prefer singing with others. Life is interesting and unexpected and mostly wonderful. Jessica and Susan invited me to be part of their girl's movie night tonight. A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle.

Tues.-Worked in house and old house. Nathan and Alli came and watched a movie she brought-Water Horse. Interesting story.

Wed.-Vacuumed and washed the floors. Had Nathan in afternoon so Alli could do the same at her house. We went to the river for awhile. He was brave and went chasing a leaf down the river. Had to take his clothes off because he was sopping. It's 80 at least. Indian Summer. Phil is working on farm and office. Jacob King-Christi's husband, is doing some planting for Phil on the farm. Susan is at school. Julie is coming over this eve. and we'll have a girl's night. Phil will be working in the fields until late.

Well, life keeps hurrying along. I had Nathan Friday and Saturday so Freeman and Alli could go to Williamsburg to celebrate their anniversary. He did really well and we explained that they would be away overnight and that he would sleep in my bed. It was so cute when they came back and he realized who they were. "Dada Dada!" he yelled and ran to Freeman.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 10-16, 2016

Mon.-A lovely day catching up from the weekend away. Packed up some summer clothes and brought in some winter ones. Alli and Nathan stopped in for a little visit too. Phil, Susan, and I, watched some Diagnosis Murder in the eve. Woodstove needs some work and it's a bit chilly inside.

Tues.-36 degrees this morning. Wrote some notes for Encounter this weekend. Susan's friend, D., came over for lunch. It was nice Phil was home. It's a beautiful day.

Wed.-Great day in Farmville. Lunch with Lisa H. While there with her at Uptown got the news that Freeman and Alli are expecting a little girl. Her name will be Raquel Anne. Isn't that beautiful?!

Thurs.-Had coffee with Jessica at her house. Later, Alli and Nathan came over to our place for a visit. He is just so adorable. Got to see the pics of Raquel also and just had to hold them close for awhile. Apparently Nathan was engrossed in the whole sonogram process and is beginning to understand that there is a baby in his mama's belly. They announced it on Facebook with a picture of a pink pumpkin beside Nathan's bigger pumpkin that he painted. Both were beautiful. I had a nice time with Nathan showing him how jacks spin. I was saying "Stop that" to the jacks when they ran into each other and he giggled and giggled. I decided to see how long it would last. My voice got hoarse from saying 'Stop that" in funny ways. He giggled and giggled and laid himself back to laugh hard, bumping his head and needing kisses. We took a ride on the gator while mimi made herself a toasted cheese sandwich. We saw a turtle and checked the electricity at Happy Valley. (He likes to turn on the lights and fan.) Susan aced her English test plus got extra credit. I made two kinds of granola bars without oil. So delicious. Also packed for Encounter weekend and prepared for it by calling my small group. Michael and Phil are digging up the line that goes from the woodstove to the house. They are laying it deeper and checking to see where it is broken. It's been cold some of these days without any heat. Susan is working tonight. Jessica is babysitting. I saw Mitch Miller's obituary on facebook today. Dave Cook sent it to me. What a great guy. What a dear friend. I am so sad that he is gone. Jonathan's tribute to him on Facebook says it all. I saw it as we drove home from Pa on Sunday and almost made Phil pull off before I told him the news but there was nowhere to pull off and he had already heard my cry of sorrow.

Fri.-Busy day. Went over to be with Nathan while Alli did some things. Packed for Encounter. Went out early to buy something at Jess's work. Went to Encounter meeting and got ready for the eve.

Fri./Sat-Wonderful Encounter at New Life. Spoke Sat. morning. Wasn't very nervous this time. Loved my small group. What a joy it is to watch Women get free. Spent the night at Judy's. Up at 5:45 Sat to be at church by 7.

Sun.-Daniel came to pick up Susan and took her to church. He opens the door for her when they go places. They are now face book official. It is a joy to hear so many wonderful things about him. We all went out to eat at Shogun so the family could meet him. Tommy T. and Allison B. came as well. Watched a movie with Daniel and Susan in the eve. They hung here all day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 3-9, 2016

Mon.-Great day catching up on housework, making potato salad for tomorrow night, and making plans for the weekend. Marvin Glover passed away last week after a long bout with cancer. His viewing is tonight. We are going to his funeral tomorrow. We bought our farm from Marvin and Margaret.

Tues.-So many people came to Marvin's funeral that there was overflow in the fellowship hall. They could hear everything though. Susan and I sat in the last two seats. It was a beautiful day. Margaret and Marvin have been married 60 some years. Tonight we're going to Michael and Jessica's for a good bye party for Erin West. She is heading back to China on the 10th. VP debate in Farmville this eve. Apparently Pence won.

Wed.-Went out to Farmville and ran some errands and visited with Jessica, Judy, and went to Encounter meeting.

Thurs.-Jessica came over for a visit. I got us packed up for weekend and ran Alli and Nathan out to pick up her car and then I got a haircut from Jennifer H. There aren't many people like her. She is just dear. Made sushi in the evening to take along on our trip.

Fri.-Got up early and Phil drove us to Pa in the rain. Went to Anne's to visit, rest, shower, and change for Becca Berg and Andy Hollinger's wedding at the Berg Homestead. What a wonderful wedding. Becca is so special to me because I was there when she was born. Got to meet the midwife that was there. Everything was so beautiful, especially the bride, and the groom's face and demeanor when he saw her was priceless. It was wonderful to be with family and friends and it was also very fun to dance with the young people on the dance floor.

Sat.-Had a hard time moving. Felt like a hangover in my body only I don't even know what that feels like. I guess I should dance more often so my body doesn't go into shock. We had a nice morning with Joe, Karen, and Jonathan. Also stopped in for a quick visit with Mom and Dad and then we went over to Weaver's Orchard to pick up 4 fruit baskets and visit Anne and Ed a little. Then we headed to Rosalee's for a quick lunch of pizza supposedly. The driveway was full. She had a surprise for us. Uncle Paul and Aunt Ann Landis and Marie, Abie and Karen D. were there. She had a big meal which she served on Mother's china. She had homemade bread and jelly, broccoli salad, applesauce, chili, deviled eggs, ice cream, cool whip, and a pumpkin dessert. We had a wonderful time. Then Phil and I went to LMH for my 40th class reunion and had a great time reconnecting with old friends. It was especially good to see Jitter and Freda, Jane and Amos, John Stahl-Wert, Joyce Webster, Loretta Smucker, Nancy High, Twila Frey, Vonnie, and oh so many more. I just love our class. We left there 1 1/2 hours after it was over as did most everyone and went to Mabe and Naomi where we stayed along with John and Bev Wangler until after 11:30. Came home to Joe and Karen's and crashed.

Sun.-Woke up at 5. Had a little visit with Karen before everyone else woke up. Said our good bye's and had a huge breakfast at Mom and Dad's. Paul stopped in and then Logan. Wonderful visit. We left them after 10 and Phil drove us home as we listened to the end of John's book on CD-WITH. Got home in a little over 6 hours. We unpacked and caught up with Susan and are now heading over to Freeman's for homemade pizza and a visit with Joanna Balmer and her husband Rick and two children. We have been quite the party animals and we are tired!