Monday, May 25, 2015

Hertzler Doings~May 25-31, 2015

Mon.-Memorial Day. Picked up Mom and Dad from Tom's a little after 11 and drove them to Happy Valley and showed them the new house. Came back here for lunch with the guys-7 layer salad and berry cobbler. Susan got home from Makenzie's around 2 and Lucy was so glad to see her. Took Mom and Dad on a Polaris ride over to HV. Phil was making hay. Philip was working on his house. Michael worked around the farm in the morning and watched some business videos in the eve. Meredith, Janelle and Micah, Freeman, Alli, and Nathan came for a supper of cold turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion sandwiches on homemade rolls, 7 layer salad, red beet eggs, pickles, canned sweet peppers, potato salad, macaroni salad, ice cream sodas, and I think that's all. Nathan is walking on the grass now. It's just the cutest thing. Susan went to Austin's bonfire. Michael and Philip went over to Philip's house to move some furniture. Phil went back out to the fields. Freeman and Alli and Nathan went home. Mom and Dad went with Helen to Dr. Forands. Janelle and Micah went home. I'm about ready to hit the sack. I put this on facebook this morning. "It is hard to be critical of someone for whom you are praying." Something like that. It really works. When I start to feel critical of someone and I begin to pray for them, I stop feeling critical of them. I invest time in praying and I don't want to cancel it out by criticizing. I think it's impossible to hold both in your brain and spirit at the same time. Sort of like faith and fear. I can only entertain one at a time.

Tues.-Very busy day getting my implant site check up out at Richmond and going to Farmville for Homeschool Grad meeting.

Wed.-Lots of organizing for the next few days-lists, Susan's display, etc.

Thurs.-Went out to set up tables at New Life for grad. Michael had brought them up with Chuck's help last eve. The Shiflets helped and we got it done. Did some chicken pellet shopping and quick walmart run and met Lisa at Merck's for lunch. What a dear friend. Came home and replanted the pepper plants and planted sunflower seeds. Nathan came in the eve. and we took gator rides. Susan and I watched a movie later and Michael is on his way home from a trip to Ohio and back today to pick up a kitchen counter for HV.

Fri.-Grad rehearsal!

Sat.-Graduation Day! Beautiful service and heart-warming surprise thanksgiving video to parents from graduates at end of program. Susan went to Claire's overnight. Congratulations Susan!

Sun.-Good church service. Relaxed in afternoon. Susan and Philip to Jenny's for her grad party. Freeman and Family came in eve. Nathan and I went for a gator ride to Happy Valley. He fell asleep on the way home and slept on my lap when we came in. Susan came home with news of basketball tournaments starting up. Three on three. She's with Danny F. and Josiah J. So excited. Made two angel food cakes tonight because Phil found two nests of eggs outside of the pen and I had to go through each egg. Gave at least half of them to Davi. It's going to be a busy summer. Next thing is Nathan's birthday next Sat. and Chi Alpha camp out here on Friday and Sat. Then the pig roast. On the 20th.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hertzler Doings~May 18-24, 2015

Mon.-Today is hot! Turned on the AC for the first time but it's not working right. We're waiting for the AC guy to come. I built up on of the beds with Philip's old chicken manure and black potash and planted some zucchini seeds. The butter and coconut oil is melted. Susan and I went over to HV to see the new furniture that was delivered. Did some wash. Got all of my winter stuff out of the bedroom. Why has it taken so long? Made a cobbler to put in the freezer so we could have it when Mom and Dad come down. I can't even think straight. Have I mentioned how hot it is? Michael is home and working on his finances and future plans. Susan went to the gym, did some jobs around here, and went out to softball to be with her friends. Philip and Tommy worked on the siding and Philip went and worked on his house after work. He and Michael are going catfishing tonight with some friends. Maybe it will storm soon and cool things off.

Tues.-Another hot day without AC. Guys are working on outside of double wide. Susan went to the gym, mowed HV, visited with Tom and Kathy, got gifts from them and Mickey and Mitch who stopped in, and packed for KY. I went over to play with Nathan in their cooler house this morning and he didn't want me to leave. He's been doing that at her parents too. He doesn't want to leave them. He'd be perfectly happy if all of the people he loves were in the same room. Maybe that will happen at his birthday party. I washed all of the glass dishes and things on the shelves in the kitchen and dining room since we had to take them down so they don't fall with the banging. Visited with Tom and Kathy this eve. and got two fans from Mickey. Kathy and I want to sing, "You've got a friend," at the pig roast. Our voices sound  pretty good together. Phil and Freeman had a board meeting. Philip went to Chi Alpha and to Fishin' Pig with M. Michael worked on the class he is helping to teach at church and also with Aunt Janelle on Amazon ideas-lotion, etc.

Wed.-Susan left for KY today around 10. Tom and Kathy left for CA. I went to Appomattox to see my dentist who happens to be the mayor of the town as well. He did not charge for my visit and thinks the pain on my left side of my mouth has to do with muscle strain and that I should give it a week. Did a big shopping at Walmart. Came home. Put it away. Went out to Farmville and went to Flowers, Millers, the eye glass place to get my glasses adjusted and see my friend Jeannie, church, Baileys, lunch with J, back to Baileys, CVS, Healthy Living, B&M greenhouse, Belk, Food Lion, and I think that's about it. Sitting at Bailey's, waiting for Jenny to pick me up, I had an unusual experience. A man was waiting there as well. He hummed a tiny bit and I said, "Don't stop now." He wondered how I would know that he was any good and I said that I had been a music teacher and that I recognize a good voice when I hear one. "Funny you should say that, " he said. Here he has written 150 songs, has processed 60 of them, puts them on the internet and people buy them, had heard two of his songs on the radio this morning, and his guitarist played for BBKing. Then he sang me a gospel song right there in the waiting room. He writes all kinds of songs. I was given this gift from God. I told him everyone in my family is musical and can sing and he said that he needed voices. He gave me his business card. I have his address now and will send him a pig roast invitation. So cool.  Came home and took care of the chickens, the trash, went over to HV and took care of some things there, came back and put my stuff back up on the shelves and the walls since the hard hammering is finished now, planted peppers, put out three bags of mulch, washed eggs, checked fb and emails, tried to figure out where Michael was and just remembered that he's teaching a class at church for men on hard issues, ate Reeses peanut butter cups, took a bath, and hopefully went to bed. Philip painted the outside of our house today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Oh! And our AC was fixed this morning so it is nice and cool in here. Something was broken and the freeon was gone. I am sure I spelled that wrong because spell check has it underlined but won't tell me how to spell it.

Thurs.-A/chilly 54 degrees today and rainy. Nathan was here for awhile and I played Handel's Messiah and he danced to 'The LORD gave the Word" and "Why do the Nations so Furiously rage together." He was very snuggly. Went out to Appomattox and had lunch at Granny B's with DDF alias Lisa H. DDF stands for Dear Deep Friend. And now you know. Picked up Pig Roast Invitations at Village Print Shop. Bought 'Unbroken' at Baine's. Picked up two bracelets at B and L and a toe ring for Susan. Checked out Peebles and bought some watermelon at Kroger's for when we go to Tom's Sunday eve. Picked up Phil's hard drive from Karissa at the Confederate Museuem and got some silver ointment at CVS. Came home and took Mickey's fans back to her and visited awhile, dropped off sheets at HV and played the guitar and sang, cleaned Susan's bathroom, finished some wash, cleaned the kitchen, dusted, gathered eggs, burned trash, put two turkey breasts in a crockpot, had a good talk with Philip, and watched some Hitchcock with Phil. Michael said tonight, "You have been a good mommy to all of your children." He tells me most days what a good mother I am and speaks encouraging words. He worked on learning the A-business today. Susan is having fun at Makenzies and ran around today with M and her cousin and another friend. She posted a picture on fb and they were all wearing hoodies. It must be cold there too.

Fri.-Michael and I made a batch of shampoo bar soap first thing this morning. Actually, Michael made it. I just added the essential oils of lavender and tea tree oil. Then we headed off to CCA's graduation. What a service. From the guest prayer to Dr. Hubler's introduction of the guest speaker-Miss Virginia. Courtney Garrett from Pamplin. She can speak and she can sing and she lives on a farm. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. The video of the father-son team going for the ironman marathon was moving. And then we wept with Mrs. J. It was great to see 'my' kids and the teachers again. So precious. Michael and I picked up a flat of strawberries on the way home and when we got home, we got the call that his car was finished so back we went to Appomattox to pick it up. I dropped off some olive leaf capsules at a friend's house whose son was just diagnosed with Lymes. This product really helped me. Came home and made egg salad, strawberry shortcake, sliced some turkey that I baked last night, and did all kinds of things. Best thing though was seeing Nathan for about 15 min. when they came to get eggs. He is just wonderful. He walked in his stocking feet on the grass while I held just one hand. Then he took a step on his own. The guys are cat fishing with Ricky B tonight. Susan is at Makenzies graduation in KY and Phil is working the fields. I had some time alone to do my things and then caught up with Lindsay for a good wonderful hour on the phone. Everyone should have a Lindsay in their life. I'm so thankful she's in mine.

Sat./Sun.-Busy days. Showed Mom and Dad Philip's house and then went to Freeman and Alli's. Had supper together in the eve. and then took them to Tom's. Charlie and Joyce brought them to our place around noon. After a meaningful church service we came home and rested and then went to Tom's for supper. Had a lovely visit. Got to hold my new grand-nephew and catch up with my nieces. Sang hymns around the table. Went for a walk around the gardens with Helen and when we came back, the men were standing under the porch light. I thought, "Who is that shiny handsome man?" and it was Phil.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hertzler Doings!May 11-17, 2015

Mon.-Siding is going up around the house. Wood siding which will be painted white and then a green tin roof. It is so noisy and things are falling out of medicine cabinets and off walls. Sent off most of grad invitations and announcements. Went out to Farmville for a hair cut, Susan to softball, me to Cato and Tractor Supply, and then we met up at Judy's. Wild storm in the night. We needed that rain.

Tues./Wed.-Have been sleeping for most of these days due to dental surgery, dental drugs, and pain meds. Susan has been taking care of me plus getting things done over at HV because Tom and Kathy are coming. Michael is enjoying his camp out week. I keep in touch through face book.falle

Thurs.-Day of rest for me. Susan worked hard. We're trying to get pictures downloaded for homeschool grad. Michael stopped in this morning and he helped for awhile. Susan went out to homeschool ball and I hit the sack early. Phil finished up house in Appomattox and planted corn. Our new bathroom vanity came today. I cleaned up the medicine cabinet and organized it after all the stuff had fallen out.

Fri.-Alli and Nathan came for a visit this morning. He's been taking a few steps-but only Freeman and Lisa have seen him. He has the most beautiful smile. It's a kind smile. So precious. Alli helped mulch the front garden. Davi is intent on messing it up. I think she must have buried something. Phil shot a turkey this morning. Tommy and Philip are putting siding up around the house. I went over to HV to see if Tom and Kathy were there but they weren't. PB and H were there fishing. I did some wash, tidied my desk, made a big batch of rice, beans, meat and also two quiches. Steve came over in eve to discuss African work with Phil. Susan went out to the movies with friends and Philip and Michael went grocery shopping and got some food for a cook out over at O'Briens. Michael came over early this morning and downloaded Susan's grad pics on Phil's hard drive and she dropped it off at the museum for Karissa. Mom and Dad called and they'll be coming down next weekend with Joyce and Charlie. Time to plug in my computer.

Sat.-Got up early this morning and heard the birds awaken the dawn. Went to The Herbal Faire with Alli, Freeman, and Nathan at the Lavendar Farms in Evergreen. I got Nathan out of the car and greeted him enthusiastically. A short time later Alli and Freeman were both noticing a sudden rash that had appeared on Nathan's face. I looked at it and said, "Oh, that's just my lipstick."  Bought 5 lavender plants, 1 celery plant, 1 chocolate mint tea, 1 stevia plant, and 1 parsley. Got them all planted, too. Visited Tom and Kathy over at HV and then they stopped over to pay Susan for work and mulch. Tidied the house, made a big batch of potato/egg salad, and went to bed early. Michael is still over at our other property. Philip worked on his house, I think, and then went to softball. Phil's been working on the farm and at two different job sites. Susan went out to the gym, got pictures developed, got groceries, made brownies, and mowed the whole property. She's going to bed early too. I finally moved the flowers out from under the tree because Davi kept laying on them but I think my scolding took hold this time and she's not going under there anymore. She does need some shade, black and pregnant as she is. At least we think she is. Pregnant, that is. She's definitely black. My teeth on the other side are hurting so badly. I am hitting them  and I think the nerves are inflamed. Took a pain med and think that will take care of it while I sleep it off. Oh, my oldest brother Abie called today. Left a belated birthday message. It was so sweet. Almost made me cry. He was in Alaska without cell service on my birthday but now he's where he has cell service and he called and told me he loved me. He called Phil's cell too to make sure he reached me. Sounds like Michael is home from his week away.

Sun.-Great service this morning at New Life. Challenging message by Pastor Lowell Qualls and ordination service of Pastor Bill, Chris, and Kelly. Kathy Lucas came with us and then she and Tom came over for a lunch of trout, potato salad, lettuce from our garden, and homemade applesauce. She brought dessert-dipping chocolate, bananas, and kettle corn. Delicious. Took a nap in the afternoon. Philip had ball practice. Susan went out to Wilke's Lake to have fun with the graduates-to-be. Oh, Nathan was watching Josie B. sign during worship this morning and he was intrigued and was signing too.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hertzler Doings~May 4-10, 2015

Mon.-Michael and I took Susan to get her wisdom teeth out. She was so funny afterwards and we have over an hour of recording to prove it. Pain set it and drugs help. Sleeping it off.

Tues.-Susan recovering. Michael finishing up school this week. Wisdom teeth extraction is no fun. Homeschool grad meeting in eve. Feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done but sure am enjoying getting to know this group of women.

Wed.-So hot. Busy day. Nathan here for awhile. He wants everyone he loves to be under the same roof. He wants his mommy to stay here and he doesn't want to leave. I think he liked our job of chasing the crows away every half hour by riding around the field in the gator. Bees came this morning and I picked them up at the Post Office. Freeman came from work to set them up. Susan resting and uncomfortable. We started addressing envelopes for invitations/announcements today. Phil took Susan fishing in the eve. It's a big jump from what she's been able to do but I am sure if feels good to get out of the house. Did some gardening, housekeeping, food prep, and grad calls.

Thurs.-Susan had such a bad night that we ended up going back to the dentist 1hr. 20 min. away. They treated her for a dry socket on one side and muscle strain on the other. We loaded up on Artic Zero at Kroger and came home. Then I went out to Appomattox Drug Store to get her two prescriptions filled. They are so kind and were asking about her. "Poor thing," they said. I love this small town friendliness where the pharmacist asks about your daughter. I ran to Walmart and got things to have for a quick Mother's Day lunch on Sunday. After putting things away, I went to Dr. Forand-chiropractor. I haven't been to see her since before the shore. We watched a movie I redboxed when I got back-'Night at the Museum' #3. It was entertaining. Hope to hit the sack before 9:30 tonight and get a good night sleep.

Fri.-Busy day working around the house. Susan is much better. She went fishing. Phil and I went out to Liberty to see the passing of the stick ceremony at the airport. I met a wonderful new friend, the wife of one of Michael's instructors. Her name is Sheila and we have so much in common. It was a really nice time. Each student chose an instructor to honor in the passing of the stick. We went to Lowe's afterwards. Came home and Susan was making cookies and Michael was making egg rolls. Phil's planting corn this eve. Buck Night is here tonight. The guys helped Philip move his pool table over to his house. The food is for the guys. And us. It's so hot in here. Tommy and Philip tore off the siding at one end of our house and will be putting up new siding. The house will be insulated better for heat and coolness and will look nicer.

Sat.-Michael graduated from the Aeronautic Program at Liberty today! It was a wonderful service with Mr. Rodgers giving his 7 points for success in life which we all appreciated. I'll write that in later. Lydia Bass, Chace, and Jordan went with us and our whole family was there. We made quite a racket when his name was called. Lydia came back here afterwards and she and Michael visited and made some lotion. She gave him a pen set and paper. Later, in the eve., Chace and Jordan came back and they went cat fishing over at the pond in the dark with a fire. Michael caught a big one. It was a great day.

Sun.-My 57th birthday and Mother's Day. Church was great and we had lunch here as a family. Hard rolls, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mac. salad, cole slaw, potato salad, chips, cake and root beer/orange soda with vanilla ice cream. We played Tenzi and watched Richer or Poorer. Nathan was so precious. Michael went to the river in the late afternoon and Philip and Susan went fishing. David and Rosalee called. David left a message. I missed his call to my cell phone. It was precious to me. I got to talk with Rosalee. I caught up on the nearly 170 messages on face book. I like to write back on each one. It was a really good day.