Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hertzler Doings-June 24-30, 2013

Mon.-Canned 12 pint of tuna. Went to Farmville. Met Michelle at Sweet Frog. Ran some errands and spent some time at Judy's house with Susan before ball. Just missed Judy. How generous she is to be hospitable to us even when we are not there. Homeschool ball winding to an end. Met so many wonderful parents and young people. Will miss it.

Tues.-a day of catch up. Good visit with Dr. F. Set up voice lessons for Susan. Made Philip's favorite meal-lettuce, cuc, venison, rice dish. Boys butchered pig for Peter's party. Peter's arm is healing nicely since my Dr. Phil used super glue to hold the gash together. Good to talk with Lindsay finally. Naomi-we must catch up too.

Wed.-Terribly hot day. Storm in eve. Branches and leaves on ground again. Phil and Michael went and picked up Steve M's old car. Philip and Susan practiced their volleyball skills and later Philip practiced playing his guitar. Barn swallows have flown the coop and are hiding out under different areas of the porch roof. Thinking about the verse...because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow cold. Why is that? Could it be because lawlessness produces fear and perfect love casts out fear therefore fear can also cast out love? Mark K. is doing better. Thank God.

Thurs.-Caught up with Naomi a bit this morning. Feels so good. Has been weeks! Am in the process of making yogurt with raw milk. Hope it turns out. Picked some green beans this morning. Tidied house. Shoulder and hip have been keeping me awake for many days. Thinking about the verse in Proverbs 6:17-the 7 things God hates...Proud looking eyes, lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that thinks of wicked things to do, feet that run toward evil, and a false witness, and one who stirs things up between others. Jesus went through all those things during His last week of life. God hates when we do these things, are hurt by these things, and just as He very much cared for His Son's pain, He also cares for ours. Last homeschool softball. Will miss some dear friends and getting to see Helen. So, I guess I'll start going to Friday night ball next week. Yogurt turned out well.

Fri.-Picked up some branches after the storm. Made tuna salad from our own canned tuna. Pureed raspberries and stevia with homemade yogurt. Delish. Washed. Got more water and milk from the For-'s. Planned next two years of study for Susan and sent in her test grades and plans for next year to school district. Michael flew. Susan mowed. Had an eve. at home with Phil. Michael with Sarah. Philip with Susan at CC ball field. Thankful that my shoulder is slightly better and that I may sleep tonight. Thankful for all the little barn swallows finding refuge and making a mess on our front porch. Thankful that Peter apologized when I asked him what he had done to our front porch. What a guy. He was here to pick up the pig and roaster with Andy and friend or son. Thankful for the beautiful clouds after the storm and for the sunshine during the rain. Thankful that it is good to learn endurance.

Sat.-Everybody home today and it was nice to spend some time together. Some of our corn was sold to the neighbors, little pigs had surgery accompanied with squeals, black snake curled up in hen's nest-bit Michael, Susan had a stomach bug, Philip played his new guitar. Alli and Freeman came over and picked their green beans. I went out to CCA's yard sale and did well. I found a large white terry cloth robe that must have been used at an upscale spa. $1.00! Some new jewelry for 10% it's regular price. Of course some books. A game that Marcie gave me as well as some beautiful plates. And of course I visited with some students. And mom's! And Marcie who always makes me feel like a million bucks. It's always good to go back and visit. Went to the produce stand and Kroger and then to Dennis' and he put my hip and shoulder back into place all without any vertigo. He said I must have been making it up before. I feel so much better and will probably sleep well tonight for the first time in weeks. Michael, Susan, and Philip, all drove separately to Jenny's 16th birthday party because they all have different plans afterwards. Susan plans to come home. Philip is staying late to play Rook. Michael is most likely visiting a loved one. Phil and I are on empty nest watch. He's paying bills and I'm on face book and getting ready to hop in the tub and read my new 50 cent book I got today.
I posted a face book status that has gotten over 70 likes so far and I remembered what Lindsay said about posting blogs. Two a day are not too many but also share personal statuses about what we are doing. This is what I wrote and it felt like a party on face book after I shared it. "I am thankful for the black-eyed Susan's that grace our lane and for the creative blue-eyed Susan in our home. I am thankful for the rusty doe and her two spotted fawns who skittered out of my way on the back roads.  I am thankful that Michael was willing to be bitten by a black snake in order to removed it from the hen's nests.  I am thankful for Philip's infinite love for his baby piglets.  I am thankful that Alli and Freeman have their garden on our farm and that we get to see them when they come to pick green beans.  I am thankful when Phil can spend his day on our farm.  He looks so tan and happy.  I am thankful for my friends, old and new.  I am thankful." Boy, I wanted to edit this as I retyped it. One thing I would change is 'and for the creative blue-eyed Susan 'that graces our home.'

Sun.-Thankful that Phil has a day he can sleep in. Thankful that the skunk that was tormenting our chickens-causing unrest, eating eggs, killing one-will no longer be able to do that thanks to two males who quickly responded to the chickens distress from a distance. Thankful for church. The good word on unity, heart felt worship, and the Boett--'s- miracles in our midst and the sweet fellowship afterwards. Thankful for lunch with Alli, Freeman, and Hannah, at Sho-G-. Thankful that Phil had time to go visit Dennis. Thankful that Philip and Susan went to a party together and had a riot playing volleyball in the torrential rain. We got 2 1/4 inches. Thankful for time alone to read a book and put up with Lucy, whose outdoor pen had become a literal lake in a short amount of time. Thankful that Michael had a nice day with the Warren's. Thankful for a night of sleep.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hertzler Doings~June 17-23, 2013

Mon.-Yesterday, Emma sang a song with her Daddy at their church in CT in honor of Father's Day. It was a beautiful worship song and her voice was flawless. She sang it an octave higher than how she practiced it but it was beautiful. Her mother, Lindsay, sent it to me. It will be the first of many like it, I'm sure. Today I did some wash and putzed around. The previous week and weeks have caught up with me and I am tired. Went to homeschool softball and were thundered and black clouded out. Some of us rushed Cook Out and were there when the rains came and came. I sat at a table with other mothers and we had a sweet time of fellowship.

Tues.-Another day of putzing around. Got some plants from Jeanne and John and planted them along the bank of the lane. Made quiches with scrapple as a bottom base. Not sure if they'll get eaten. Susan went to Bible Study a distance away, stopping for a friend and taking her along. Philip went to play volleyball. Michael and I watched Crocodile Dundee 2 and went to bed early. Phil went out to a meeting after racing home, grabbing a bite to eat, finding his lost wallet with great joy, and saying a cheerful good bye as he apologized for eating and running. The past two days I've done some catching up with fb emails, etc. I borrowed a Monk book from Jeanne-one that was written after the series was filmed, so I am getting ready to settle down for the evening.

Wed.-Went to Dr. F. for sacrum/cranial work. Most of my remaining vertigo has disappeared with just one session. Today was session two. Interesting. Susan did some school today-vocabulary, and filled me in on last night's Bible Study on Evangelism. Really deep and good. Went to town and visited Walmart and then dropped Susan off at the movies with some friends. Haven't done that too many times before. Went to get my hair cut, buy a gift a Sleeping Bee with Elizabeth's help in modeling, and hung out with Judy and her sweet neighbor couple and their two children. She ordered in pizza and I ate it. She also made yogurt, granola, strawberry, blueberry parfaits. Carrie is going to be the German professor at Longwood. What a delightful person she is and her husband is nice too. She reminds me of Naomi's sister, Orpha. Picked up Susan and  came home and put groceries away, watered flowers along the lane, and gathered some firewood and put it under roof for a bonfire later this week. No telling when it might get rained on. Every one is home tonight. Jordan's here too.

Thurs.-Susan went to Dr. F. I went to walk with DDF and have her sweet tea and platter of fruit and wonderful conversation. Michael and Jordan ran errands for Phil. I made sweet tea, egg salad, and chocolate peanut butter fudge for the softball picnic. Got there early to set up. Held Gideon and got wet from his slobber. Stayed for all three games and had some great interactions with people. Michael and Sarah were there and Jenny L. sat on the ground in front of Sarah and leaned against her knees. Sarah gathers in with her warm friendliness and integrity. Came home nearly at 11. Phil still working on his computer. Water pump stopped working suddenly.

Fri.-Water Workers came mid morning and we had water again by 5:30. Just in time for NBBWM. Had a lovely time around the fire. Susan went out to town and picked up Savannah and took her to the ball game. Life is so much easier when one has running water. Ran the dishwasher, emptied it, filled and ran it again. Doing wash and it's 11:16. I'll have plenty of time to do it tomorrow but I am so thrilled I have water now. Never again will I let out the tub water. It just doesn't pay. Had to get toilet flushing water from the river and a friend brought more out tonight.

Sat.-Caught up with wash/dishes, etc. Went to DF in afternoon for milk/water. Visited Helen for detox machine earlier and borrowed movies. Watched two with Susan in afternoon. Susan has flu-like symptoms without the fever. Serious detoxing. LD. Guys had spent the night at Va. Beach and headed south this morning by 3. Went tuna fishing all day. Got several tuna and mahi. Sick and sleepy from meds most of the day. Home by 10:30.

Sun.-Special installation service for the Mc'.s PF and Lisa at church to preach and encourage. Susan at New Covenant with Meredith to learn sound system for Girl's Retreat. Went to Monster's Inc. with several friends afterwards. When Phil and I got home, lunch was almost ready. Freeman, Alli, and Sarah here. Had tuna steak, homemade fries, cole slaw, and strawberry ice cream for dessert. Phil and Freeman finished cleaning and packaging the fish. I took a nap and later watched a movie with Michael and Sarah. Everyone went their own ways in the eve. and Suz came home and told me about her day.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

But Jesus Called Them to Himself

The disciples were being prideful.
They were jostling for position.
They wanted the highest seat.
They were angry at those who asked for it outright.
Read about it in Matthew 20:20-28.

And what did Jesus do?
He called them to Himself.
He called them to Himself.

He didn't give them the cold shoulder.
He didn't slam cupboard doors.
He didn't shame or blame them.
He called them to Himself.

And He said something like,
"You are different from the world.
If you want to be great,
then be a servant.
If you want to be first,
then be a slave.
I didn't come to be served;
I came to serve
and give my life as a ransom for many.
Follow my example;
not the example of this world."

And they did follow His example.
And they did die and suffer for Him.

I dislike the feeling of being a slave.
I don't like when someone orders me around.
But if I look for ways to serve,
I stop feeling misused.

If I look for ways to serve,
I find grace for the difficult person
who wants to tell me what to do.

There is an end to my human ability to serve
and to lay down my life.
But there is no end to God's ability
to serve and lay down His life.

I want to stop thinking about my limitations.
I want to think more about God's lack of limitations.
I want to focus on His endless grace.

I am so thankful that when I get it wrong,
He calls me to Himself
and helps me learn of Him.

Hertzler Doings-June 10-16, 2013

Mon.-Today's Big News! Susan got her driver's license! The first day possible. The lady who was her tester went out with her kind of happy but when she came back, she was so cheerful! She was calling Susan every sweet name and congratulated her, etc. Susan just wants to drive somewhere by herself!
Spent the morning and evening with Ruth Fisher. Steve spent the day with Phil at the Abbey. Most of his time was spent with the Abbott.

Tues.-Todays Big News! Michael got his private license! He is officially a pilot! I went with the Fisher's to Farmville and we shopped till we dropped. Met a man at Subway who bought Ruth's water. He is a deacon at Heritage Baptist. Divine appt. Asked if they were the one's who were at Hertzler's on Sunday eve. Lovely time of fellowship. Ruth makes friends with everyone in the store and everyone warms up to her. Steve picked out blouses for the orphan girls at Goodwill. Ate at Country Cookin'. Other stops-Millers, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, CVS, Cato, Healthy Living. Spent the eve. with the Fishers. Steve M. came over for supper. He has exciting plans for the future.

Wed.-Worked around here all day getting ready for the pig roast. Slept in until almost 8:30! Michael mowed, picked up sound system from Randy, and  music stands, and Dutch oven and cooler from Trinity. Sarah was with him/us for part of the time. Such a cheerful smiling singing sweet young lady. Susan worked at HV. Mowing, weed whacking, etc. I made lots of food for the upcoming days-bear roast, brown rice, burger/bean/salsa mixture. Fisher's and Steve M. came over in eve. to say good-bye. Steve made the peanut butter milkshake he had been longing for and shared it with all of us. We stood in a circle and prayed before they left. Steve wept and said he didn't want to leave us. We always wonder if this is the last time we'll see them.

Thurs/Friday-Getting ready for pig roast. Setting up tents. Butchering pigs.

Sat.-Tenth annual Pig Roast in Va. 12th Annual pig roast for Hertzler Nation. ;) Wow. Best time ever. Many homeschooled families here. Beautiful weather. Wonderful music. Roger started us off with the New Life band. Susan sang with Tommy-Alabama Arkansas, I do love my ma and pa...So many wonderful people and friends. It is a significant time and it is no small thing and I am so glad that God gave us a place here to share and that years ago in Pa. I 'heard' Him say 'Prepare a place for the people of God' and I wonder, 'Is this what He meant?' Person after person tells me that they feel peace here and for that, I am truly thankful. It is a gift from God. Took PBill and Harvest for a ride in the gator down to the cottage and river. It was great to see Johnny and Lydia Fisher here. Paul and Mary Jane came down with some of their kids and they brought the golf cart over for her parents to sit in and get around. Mitch and Mickey got to come afterall. Other neighbors came as well. Don Shore was here and some of his friends and that was nice. Billy Balmer came down Thursday night and helped clean up all day Friday. We had a wild storm Thurs and lost power until around 1 today. This is such a scattered write up. Volleyball and other yard games were in full swing. We need to have two nets next year. We put the sound system and music instruments in the new garage. They stayed a lot cooler over there. Didn't sleep much. Lots of thoughts and my feet hurt.

Sun.-Woke up at 8:30. Happy Father's Day Phil! Pastor Bill preached on fathering, parenting. Comforted by his words that healthy families have battles. Came home and whole family put everything away from yesterday's adventures. Didn't take long with everyone involved. Relaxed and watched movies in afternoon. Boys spent eve. with Erik. Another good day. Susan said something like, "It's a wonderful life." Kids wrote the nicest notes to their dad in a card. Time to hit the sack. Good night.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hertzler Doings-June 3-9, 2013

Mon.-Let's see. Did lots of things today. Highlight was homeschool softball in the eve. The clouds were kicking up gray menacing mountains of moisture and suddenly, we had to run for cover. It was great fun. After 15 minutes of a deluge the game was called off and some of us headed over to Cook Out and continued our visiting there. Sat with the some of Sarah's family. Nissi invited me to come sit with them. So sweet. Came home and cut up the old meat that had been cooking all day and Susan and I bagged it for Lucy.

Tues.-Everyone home today working on different projects. Freeman and Phil working on house plans, Michael studying down at the river had a snapping turtle visit him, Susan finishing up school and working at Happy Valley, Philip working at Guild's, Boyers working on electricity in barn. I worked on making supper in the morning so I could just put it together quickly when Mom and Dad came. Ham loaf, mashed potatoes with sauteed spinach and herbs mixed in, glazed carrots, salad, and cole slaw. Helped Susan finish up history work-reviewed government with her. She got her final science grade in mail, and took achievement tests. School is officially finished for this year. She wants to keep on going through the summer so I ordered chemistry and math for next year and she'll start at it once it comes. Mom and Dad came for supper and then went to see Freeman and Alli's property. Mom and Dad will be going back to Pa. in the morning.

Wed.-Another busy day on the farm. Chimney being rebuilt. Weed-whacking. Sorting of scrap metal. Hay raking. Shop organizing. Dr. Forand for Susan and I. Cooking meat down for Lucy food. Michael to Liberty for aviation test. Did well on his test. 8 hours of all kinds of testing. He flew over Susan and Philip while they were mowing and working outside. Tired. Ate too much ice cream these past few days.

Thurs.-Got so much done today. Everybody but Philip working around here. Cleaning barns and yard. Susan worked on food prep, cleaned her room, etc. I did some wash, made 2 chickens, green beans, potatoes, corn, etc. to have some food on hand. Cleaned the kitchen and bedroom. Spent too much time on face book. No ball tonight due to rain. Thinking about having volleyball here after softball is over so we can keep getting together with these wonderful people. Ready for an early bedtime. Tomorrow eve. is grad at New Life.

Fri.-Another busy day on the farm working in the rain for those outside. Went to town to run some errands and stopped in to visit Judy and Tom. Then went to New Life to see Kelly and Charity graduate and to hear their excellent speeches. Pastor Frank gave the commencement address: 'Be quick to face your fears. Be quick to forget your failures. Be quick to follow your faith.' Excellent and timely for many.

Sat.-Spent the day with Steve and Ruth Fisher and Steve M.

Sun.-Busy day with church, Fishers, and meeting in afternoon and eve. with the Fishers. There were 20 people in our living room listening to them share and looking at a slide show. Had supper outside afterwards. Philip was having a party too so there were many people on the farm.