Monday, February 24, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 24-Mar.2, 2014

Mon.-A good catch up day. Wash. Unpacking. Cleaning old house. Cooking. Exercising/walking in this beautiful weather. My mouth, body, and soul and spirit are quiet. Met Phil in App, with car. Needs to get fixed. Alli came over and we planned her shower. Susan out to town with basketball practice and gym and groceries, etc. Hope to get to bed early again tonight. Michael passed his instrumental rating stage check test today. Studying tonight. Thankful that Phil made me breakfast and called me 'Sweetheart' on the phone. He pretty much does both of those every day. Thankful for the worship songs that were being sung in the house when I walked in the door. Thankful for my beautiful daughter who was singing them while she baked three kinds of healthy goodies. Thankful for a cleaning plan for the old house. Thankful that about 1/5 of the people we invited to the party have already responded positively.

Tues.-Got everything together to can vegetable soup tomorrow. Put meat in crockpot and will cook through the night. All the veggies are in the cooler in the house. Still playing catch up. Went to Susan's game in the eve. We were all there. Freeman and Philip were quite loud as was their mother. Philip and Scotty painted Susan's number 24 on their faces. Matthew and Austin were there to watch her play too. Jenny's family was there to cheer her on. A lot of yelling going on for family members from family members.  Baby Boy didn't like the whistle and kicked about too much. The New Life Lions triumphed again. What a game. What a rush.

Wed.-Been canning all day. Will have to finish tomorrow. At least 50 jars till it's all said and done. Plus three jars I decided to use for supper since a jar broke and those jars were getting all messed up with soup in the canner. Canner and pressure cooker working hard. Remaining jars to can are in a cooler with ice. Did some email work for Grams and More. Caught up with Betty G. somewhat. Made a cake for the tea party tomorrow with Lori and Teresa but Lori's son needs to get to the ER tomorrow to check out why he has so much chest pain. Lord, please heal this young man. Susan cleaned over at Happy Valley. PR was there and she said he was whistling as he came out the door.

Thurs.-Finished canning. Took Susan and two others to their game in Richmond. Followed the Landis'. Lost their game. Sad times. Went to Golden Corral and fed our sorrows.

Fri.-Playing catch up. Was busy studying for Encounter for about 2-3 weeks and didn't notice dirt. But today, my eyes were opened. Washed soup jars. Phil put them up on shelves for me. Made at least 53 quarts of soup. Cleaning house and washing clothes. Birds were thankful for the new food in their bird feeders. Susan ran some errands in town. Philip finished dog pen. Freeman's been at a worship conference in Fla. with some other guys from church. Michael passed his flying test today. Is now licensed to fly in bad weather. Pa. is supposed to get 4-8 more inches of snow next Tues. I feel sorry for them. Naomi will escape it with their trip to FL.

Sat.-Busy day decluttering and cleaning. I wish I had a personal assistant who would clean and declutter and organize my life. Susan cleaned her room and bathroom and did jobs and packed up the truck with chairs and food and blankets for her party later and went to Appomattox with Julie for drama practice. Colton came back with them. Matthew and Isaac came around 6 and Claire, Molly, and Mary came soon afterwards. They are partying with a bonfire and hot dogs and s'mores. All of them know each other and Susan will have a bigger birthday party in May when others can come and play volleyball, etc. I'm so proud of my girl and for who she is and the way she does what she does. Philip, Michael, and Jordan butchered a pig today. Phil spread black dirt all day long. Dog pen is finished and Lucy spent most of the day in it. So much bigger and nicer.

Sun.-Jenny preached and it was good. Feel like I need to go somewhere and catch up with my soul. Or let my soul catch up with itself. Had a relaxing afternoon. Everyone here in the evening for hot fudge sundae cake and ice cream to celebrate Susan's 17th birthday. Went around and blessed her with kind words. Played Apples to Apples. Began raining around midnight.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 17-23, 2014

Mon.-Did odds and ends-cleaning, washing clothes, etc. When Susan left for the gym and basketball, I buckled down to study some more. I'm quite sure I have enough material to teach for a number of sessions and will need to figure out what is most important when the time comes. Guys were working around here today tearing down the old dog pen and building another one. Found 3 friends from the Red Lake Children's Home on face book today. I was in my late teens when I talked with them last. But working together for a year on a daily basis is a good foundation for lasting friendships. I wish I had kept in better touch with them but it sure is fun finding them now. I've been looking for them and then, out of the blue, two of them found me and through one of them, I found another. Gina and Wade had their twins today! C-section. Two little healthy boys. I can't wait to hold them. Susan wants to go over and help her too so we'll have to go visit when things slow down for all of us.

Tues-Thurs.-Blog and internet acting up. At the end of our time I guess. Busy with housework and Encounter. It's like Spring here. And muddy everywhere. Michael took me to the cottage today to settle my soul and Phil picked me up. In the Polaris. Phil's been trapping muskrats. Michael started training other pilots. Guys started working at neighbors to strengthen his house. He has a refrigerator just for eggs. Said even his rooster has started laying. Susan was at the HHouse today to help her with housework. Went to basketball practice and then the gym. Phil and Philip took a load to the auction. Michael and I watched some Monk. So tired. Dr. F. said that my back pain since last Thursdays snow was due to my kidney's. That's why pain meds didn't even touch it. She pushed them back into place and I'm a new woman. Plus I am using a natural anti-inflammatory herb-curcumin. Saw a picture of my nephew Jonathan on fb. Made me homesick for him and his mama and his grandma in the picture background. Headed to bed early tonight.

Fri.-Women's Encounter in the evening. Slept at Judy's overnight.
Sat.-Back at church by 6:30. What a glorious exhausting day.
Sun.-Testimonies from Women's Encounter. Alli brought the house down. Clear. Concise. Powerful. Real. Went to Michelle's shower in the afternoon. To bed early. Words fail me. What a weekend. Thank you God.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 10-16, 2014

Mon/Tues-Busy days. Studying for Encounter. Visited Lori K. briefly. Met Paul and Lisa at tractor supply in Appomattox to exchange blessings. People getting ready for a big snow everywhere.

Wed.-It is 11:00. So far this morning, I made a kettle of potatoes, put a turkey in the Dutch Oven to cook all day, made a huge potato spinach egg quiche, some hot chocolate, and scrapple, and Susan has made 2 coconut zucchini cakes, a batch of her own recipe oatmeal muffins, and crockpot apple cinnamon oatmeal for supper. We've done wash and loaded up the dishwasher, filled bird feeders, fed chickens, brought in a big bag of dog food, sent emails and face book messages regarding Grams and More this Saturday, read fb posts about how much snow we should be getting, listened to Phil do business at the kitchen table with papers and rulers and phone surrounded by storm food. It's like getting ready for Christmas. The dogs will be in during the storm. They are shedding. I brought a cot in in case we have an extra person or two in the house. Freeman fixed Janelle's fireplace so she'll have heat (turned on the knob) and took her a cooler to put her refrigerated items in case of lose of power, and the guys are doing fire wood and fencing with cousin Tommy. Michael's at school. Snow is supposed to start here around 3. PE schools didn't even open today and the Christian School in Dillwyn is closing at 1:15.  Naomi called and said their neighborhood looks like a warzone with downed trees and branches, etc. Some haven't even gotten electricity back. They'll be heading to the beach house this weekend. Hope they can find a parking space!
Jordan W. is spending the 'snowed in' experience here. We all watched The Pacifier last evening. Made regular, cheesy, and peanut butter/maple syrup popcorn.

Thurs.-Started raining around midnight last night and has been drizzling and winter weather mixing all day. Probably got about 8 inches of snow last eve. It really blew around until it rained. The dogs weren't interested in 'going' in the snow. Davi came in and peed on her mat. Couldn't believe it. Phil walked around with her outside and she did her business. Read on face book about others having the same problem with their dogs. Susan made chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter oatmeal raisin cookies. She did some studying for her SAT's. Guys are hanging out in the mancave. They're calling for more snow and wintry mix until Sat. morning.

Fri.-Susan cleaned out the chest freezer in the old house. Made a map of where everything is and how much we have of each thing. Watched Sherlock Holmes in the evening. In the past two days I sewed a housecoat, a pillowcase from the same material, two pillow cases for cylinder pillows Judy gave me, finished sewing my homemade mittens, mended a sleeping bag, and I think that's it. My sewing pile is no longer there. Been studying about the Holy Spirit and taking lots of notes. Guys have been playing video games. Philip worked around farm. Phil doing job business from kitchen table. Hopewell's roof caved in from snow. Upper lobby. Cindy S. discovered it. Pictures on face book. I feel sad for those who feel sad.

Sat.-Slept in. raining. Cancelled Grams and More yesterday for today. Judy's grandbaby, Logan, born at 2:18 this morning. Head of black hair. I studied some more. Vacuumed house. Then we took on a group project and cleaned out the chest freezer in the entryway. Found stuff nearly a decade old. Cooked fish, pork tenderloin, and beef kidney's. Chickens and pigs will recycle the give away produce and meat but we've got to figure out a better way to process our food. Guys worked in their room. Jordan went home. Must have gotten out lane okay. I haven't had courage to try yet and Phil hasn't wanted me to. Hopefully today it melted enough but ruts are already freezing up this eve. Started two bear roasts this eve. in crockpot for men's hunting breakfast tomorrow. Phil will make two packs of scrapple in the morning and leave around 7:15.  Famous Amos is spending the night on his way to their Time Share in Fla. We're making him a spot on the sofa. He should be here in about 15 min.

Sun.-Phil, Amos, and all guys from our family went out to the Men's Hunter Breakfast. Phil made two batches of scrapple to take along as well as the bear roast. Nothing was left. Amos left for Fla. after the breakfast. Church was wonderful. Michael and Phil left for home afterwards. I hung around with Dianna in her car and offices studying and helping until our 4:00 meeting for Encounter. Susan was out in town and called me when she was finished with her Fine Arts Festival practice. I love to hear her sing. Gutsy beautiful voice. Came home.  Philip got hit in the eye with a hockey puck at Lapp's indoor gym. No more playing without a helmet. Went to bed early. Naomi and family spent the weekend at our house at the shore. Makes me a little homesick for heaven just knowing they are there at our happy place.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hertzler Doings-Feb. 3-9, 2014

Mon.-Nephew Logan, 21, arrived this afternoon-just escaping his snow-laden community in time before he was held captive there by the weather. We had a nice time, just the two of us, visiting for awhile. Susan started her 12 week work out /healthy eating program today at the gym. She will go when she is out there already for basketball, etc. I'm giving her a school credit when she completes it, workbook and all. Meredith and Tommy joined Logan and Michael for a Farming Game around our kitchen table in the evening. I made pizza from a box and Meredith made maple syrup dip and had apples and pretzels to go with it. We got in rain what the north got in snow. Almost 12 inches of snow in Lancaster and they're calling for two more storms this week. It's nice to walk around puddles instead of shoveling snow.

Tues.-Michael stayed home from school to spend some time with Logan. Insulation is being piped into our garage. Susan out to Farmville for work out, drama, and basketball. Won their game in Hopewell Va.-something like 55 to 11. Erin W. and Michelle, her friend, came to Farmville yesterday and stopped in for an evening of popcorn, visiting, and a bed on the sofa and cot.  Philip, Phil, and I, were the only ones from our family here. Logan was over at Tom's for the evening. Erin came back from China for her grandmother who was failing rapidly and was able to see her before she passed away. I think she was 95. Erin will be going back for one more term and then we will see what wonderful plans God has in store for her. Davi opted to stay out in the living room with them. She didn't ask to get back into our room at any time.

Wed.-Woke up around 4. At 4:30 Phil got up and made Logan breakfast and we met him in the office and prayed for him as he headed down south to work at a Gator Wilderness Camp School Ministry for a year. We'll see him at Michelle's wedding in March and then again at Christmas. We hope to go down and see him while he's there. It's about 12-15 hours away. He was out of here by 5.  He is such a gem. I am feeling for his mama. We all had breakfast with Michelle and Erin before they left a little after 7. Susan went back to bed and when she woke up put in several hours of school time. I studied for Encounter and worked with Grams and More notes, etc. Made a huge container of venison vegetable soup for supper which should last us several days. Keep reading about the snow/ice/fog in Pa on face book. Makes me nervous for everyone. Some won't have power until sat. Others won't have it for another week. Radio news said that 3/4 of a million are without power in Pa. And here we were in the 50's with sunshine. Thankful. But worried about my friends whose husbands are out working in this mess. Jesus keep them safe. Michael was in a flashmob in Richmond at the Va. library. I wish I could have seen it. Philip and Susan went to youth group. Phil and I are hoping to hit the sack early. I've been reading the red letters of the gospels to see when Jesus mentioned the Holy Spirit. He didn't talk about Him much until near the end of His ministry. It is thrilling to read those red letters. What a man. Intimidating. Powerful. Not afraid. Yet kind. I would have followed Him everywhere.

Thurs.-Lots going on for everyone today. Susan won game in Richmond. I went to visit Lori K. for several hours. Time for bed.

Fri.-Happy Birthday Lindsay! A big box of kool aid playdough kits are being sent your way-for Adi's birthday. And a dipper/ladle for you. And a special little gift for Gil and a notebook for Emma and pj's for Ben. Hope you don't read this. Ran some other errands in town plus had a special visit with Judy. Went to Susan's game and they won again-5 wins in a row. Watched Susan make 3 shots in a row. Phil and boys all went to Encounter. I'm home alone for a little bit.

Sat.-Woke up and house was quiet. Susan slept in and all guys were at Encounter. Susan and I did some jobs and she rested and I studied. Janelle and Micah stopped in to give me a leather necklace to try out to review for her on Amazon. Susan and Julie headed to the roller rink. Cousin Fisher put a party together for the eve. I'm going to hit the books and study some more. My legs are falling asleep.

Sun.-Great morning. Testimonies from Men's Encounter. Michael shared in the morning service along with two others and after a short break after church with celebratory  cake, we met back again in the main sanctuary to hear the other men share including all four of my men. So thankful for all God is doing. He makes all things new and is making all things new.  Michael, Philip, and Jordan, got some food from Walmart and made it in the kitchen and hung out in the man cave all day until Philip went arrow head hunting with Phil later in the afternoon. Susan was in town for a little and then came home. Had a restful day and took a nap and talked with Susan and played dominoes with Phil.