Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Sept. 24-30, 2012

Mon.-Had breakfast with Ashley, Krissy, and Naomi. Vanilla yogurt and granola. Naomi is counter-topless until Wed. morning. The food from her pantry graced the whole of her dining room table and she may be without water to wash dishes unless it is hooked into the dishwasher. She wasn't sure and was going to make a phone call before trying it out. After we said our good byes, I went to Shady Maple to get some gluten free products and fresh produce. Saw Uncle Ollie while I was there and talked with him for awhile. Then I went to BB's and then to Mom and Dad's. Jim and Joe jumped out from the barn and gave me a slight fright and we talked about GMO's and how they benefit cattle. Went into the house and chatted with Dad about the upcoming reunion and the Easter Islands and the stock of people around that region. Then he congratulated me. He said that most people congratulate men on finding a good woman. He congratulated me on finding a good man. An excellent husband. He told me he appreciated that Phil got me a good car to drive and bought me a gator when we moved to Va. and built me a chapel. I said, "He is a fine man. Thank you for helping to make him such a wonderful person." He humbly bowed his head and said, "Praise the Lord," in his gentle way. After prayers and more conversation, I went over to see Karen and Jonathan. They were mowing the lawn. She had him strapped in with her and he looked about half as tall her. Then I went up to see Mom at Hopewell. Mark said, "What a pleasant surprise," when he saw me. She is working on a quilt and hopes that the rest of it will get finished on Wed. at the quilting. She wants to get it done for the school auction before they leave for their trip. We visited for awhile and then she walked me out to the car. She always kisses me on the lips when she says hello or good bye. I have the best in laws in the world. I am blessed in every way. Finally, I was on the turnpike by 12:15 and arrived home about 7:45. I stopped for about half an hour at Marian's Fabric Shop off Molly Pitcher Rd. and bought a tubular scarf pattern-everlasting scarf, and I got two pieces of material to make four scarves. White lacy and chenille pink. When I got home, Phil, Philip, and Susan helped me carry things in and put them away. Got to bed soon after 10. The windows were open and it was cold outside. Snuggling weather.  I miss Naomi and Rosa, but it's good to be home, in my own bed, next to Phil.

Tues.-Catching up. Took Susan to co-op. Went to Walmart. Picked up Susan. Went to tractor supply and got a cushy bed for Angel. She's getting too old to be outside in the cold and I'm praying for a very cold winter in order for all the bugs-stink bugs and ticks especially-to freeze to death once and for all. Home again. Doing wash and unpacking. Made pizza for the combine men. Chicken, potatoes, salad, and green beans too. In the sack soon after 9.

Wed.-Susan not feeling well. Stomach and chest pain. I had more laser done to my left leg. Gil called with happy news. (not expecting) Made wheat free granola and instant oatmeal mix from new book on making homemade things.

Thurs.-Picked up 50 baby chicks at the post office. Dentist at 11:30. Came home and slept. Susan to Dr. at 4:40. Long story short-she's being treated for asthma, allergies, and acidic stomach. She could only breathe out at 54% capacity. She should feel better soon. Guys were combining corn until late.

Fri.-Made food to have on hand for weekend. Bear meatloaf, baked sweet and regular potatoes, rice and beans, salad with lettuce from garden plus peas, turkey bacon, hard boiled eggs, and feta cheese. Cleaned up all porches and outside bathroom. Susan feels so much better with her inhaler. She mowed Happy Valley and worked on photography editing. Phil and Freeman worked in Richmond. Philip finished combining his corn and as he was unloading it into the grain bins the back of the dump truck opened up and spilled the corn onto the ground. He had to hand shovel it into the holding area. He also got a hair cut and went food shopping for his party tomorrow.  Michael and Jordan came late afternoon. Mike told us about Liberty's convocation with Donald Trump. He enjoyed him so very much. We watched Andy Andrews, his favorite speaker, from last October's convocation. Andy said that there is one thing you can do that is far more effective than getting a college education. The secret is this. Smile while you talk and also nod your head.  He said it better than that. Watched a Monk later in the eve. with Phil and Susan. Started a new Thanksgiving journal.

Sat.-Busy day doing wash and cleaning up and preparing for Philip's party in the eve. At one point, Susan, Philip, Michael, Travis, and Jordan, were all cutting up vegetables for the chili. We cooked several pounds of bear meat too. Philip started the chili around 3. After getting the kettle hot over the fire, he added 6 pounds of cut up bacon and cooked it down for awhile and then added the bear meat and simmered the meat together. Then he added the beans, tomatoes, juice, vegetables, chili spices, and 2 pounds of brown sugar, and several packs of homegrown corn. He heated everything thoroughly and the vegetables were still crunchy when we bit into them. He used 3 red onions, 4 green peppers, 2 red peppers, 2 yellow peppers, and 3 bunches of celery.  Meanwhile, we used the apple thingamajig that cuts the apple in spirals, only we used potatoes and made curly potato fries using the outside turkey fryer. People started coming around 4 and they kept coming and we had at least 20 some people here. They played volleyball, Rook, and sat around the fire and talked. They made s'mores and ate more chili and fries. It looks like a full moon outside. I bought some clackers at the shore and Michael especially has been determined to master the skill of making the balls go around. They have lights inside of them and they are especially impressive in the dark. I'll try to list who all was here for memories sake. Freeman, Alli, and the rest of the family. Hamilton, Travis, Ricky, Jordan, Cynthia, Stephen, Tyler and Sara, Joel and Ashley, Tommy T., Erik and April, Samantha, Becky G., Jeremy, Becky's friend whose name escapes me right now but she is studying Women's Ministry at Liberty and we had a nice conversation-Chelsea!, Dawson, one of the Coblentz boys whose mother baked an incredible cake for Philip, and I can't remember who else was here. Ollie and Angel wanted to be a part of everything. Becky said that she thought Ollie must think he's a dog. He most certainly does. He followed me into the house this eve. to have a look around. He liked being with everyone. He's not shy at all. He just doesn't want us to touch him. But I get pretty close. I am thankful for the full moon and the candles burning in the old blue jars with the sand from the river bank holding them in place. I am thankful for the fire. I am thankful for The Light of the World. 

Sun.-Overslept until 8! Was at Journey class by 9:30. Winding up Cleansing Stream. Next stop-the retreat. Pastor Jerry spoke about Gideon. God uses unlikely people and unlikely methods. Had spontaneous company for lunch and served them leftover chili. Nice time. Read most of the afternoon/eve. from one of George MacDonald's books. Alli and Freeman stopped in and Susan went with them to musical tryouts. Michael went back to school. Philip went to hang out with the guys and then later went over to Joel and Ashley's. I am thankful for gentle strength and for those who ask interesting questions. I am thankful for leftover chili and for the freedom to be who we are. I am thankful for a day of rest and reading. I am thankful for family and friends.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Sept. 17-23,2012

Mon.-All night long I kept hearing a song in my mind-"Keep me safe till the storm passes by...for I know He is with me and tomorrow I'll rise...where the storms never darken the sky."  Ollie, our turkey, is running around of the top of our roof.  It is fun having a turkey around the house.  It is not fun that he is not potty trained. Once we took a power washer to the porch. It's about time to do that again. Susan and I have homeschool chapel Mon. Wed., and Fridays.  I read from Egermeir's Bible Story Book, Henri Nouwen's short devotional book. a segment from 'Every Body Matters' by Gary Thomas, a logic question, and a review of an old vocab word and an intro to a new. Susan read an inspiring segment on health from Pinterest by Dr. Oz.  I'm taking areas of interest for Susan's college study-health, fitness, etc. for this year. Next year, Lord willing, we'll focus on another interest-photo-journalism. And then, perhaps, business. We shall see. This way she is exposed in depth to areas she is considering for future study. Exhausted. Washed. Packed. Made a nice supper of chicken and salad and homemade mac and cheese. Got to bed before 9. Am re-reading Chaim Potik's books-'The Chosen', 'The Promise'. Tomorrow, I'll start, 'In the Beginning.'

Tues.-Finished packing. Susan drove us to homeschool co-op in Farmville. Took car to Baileys. Had lunch with Michelle M. at Riverside. Went to Belk. Talked with a lady there who lost her son 5 years ago.  Dear soul. Came home. Made supper. Ready to go.

Wed.-Happy Birthday! 56 for Phil and 21 for Michael. So thankful for both of their lives. Took Susan to Jenny's. Left there by 8. Phil took barrels of goods up towards Baltimore to ship to the Fishers in Africa. I travelled up 15 for a change. Stopped to buy some Mum's from 'Freda Mae' I think her name was. Put a yellow mum near Abie's black gravestone. It looked nice beside the red geraniums and purple flowers Rosalee had planted there. In the back of his gravestone are etched the words, "In His presence is fullness of joy." Rosalee took me to Weaver's where I bought a pressure cooker and some lantern supplies. Rosalee had a wonderful supper of turkey ham, potatoes, green beans from her garden, salad, and applesauce. I picked out another box of books from her ping pong table-mostly George MacDonalds. Jim was working on his dissertation and Benji, Mother's cat, was sitting on the table. He loves to be talked to and petted. She wouldn't believe how friendly he is now. I tried to make my voice sound like mother's and he looked up at me hopefully and then looked away with a look of sad disgust.  Rosalee showed me her curriculum that she assembled for Release time. She and some other's teach a large group of children from the public schools.  It covers the Bible from start to finish. I think it should be published so others can benefit from it as well. I was learning things just paging through it. I had a nice time with Katrina, too. Got to Naomi's around 8 and had fun with Ashley and Krissy whom I've known all of their 24 years of life. Naomi gave me a beautiful purse for my birthday (May) and we got to bed around 11.
I opened my little NIV NT that Mother gave me years ago just to catch a verse to sleep on and I read Philemon 6-"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." I tend to think that I should have a full understanding in Christ before I share my faith but here Paul is saying that as we are active in sharing our faith, we will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

Thurs.-Slept well in Morgan's bed. She's off to college at Temple studying hotel management.  Rosa came. It didn't suit Bev this year. Naomi served a lovely breakfast of vanilla yogurt, granola, and fruit, and coffee. Headed to the shore shortly after 9. Stopped on the way and bought some soggy fries just so we could use the bathrooms. Checked in at Scarborough Inn around noon.Went to the boardwalk to get lunch-salad with chicken and pizza and salad for Naomi and Rosa. Enjoyed the beach and came back to the Inn for Tea Time. Sat on the porch and enjoyed our snacks. Walked up to Sindia Restaurant for supper. Had salmon and a baked potato which had seen a better day. Nice music though. Some older instrumental worship songs. Our server was from Russia. They have alot of exchange students at the shore. We met one at the jewelry store from Thailand, studying business in the states so she can go back and help her family's business. Also met a girl from Turkey at the Inn while she served our breakfast. We watched 'Failure to Launch' and hit the sack pretty early. Naomi and I have twin beds and Rosa has a queen size bed and there is a bathroom in between. 

Fri.-Decided to go to Atlantic City and shop for 5 hours! Great buys and great fun! I am not a big shopper but I really enjoyed this day.We had lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Wow.  Stopped at Acme on the way home and bought groceries for dinner on the beach. Cashews, grapes, gluten free pretzels, a roll, sharp cheese, ring balogna, and sparkling cider. The girls told me to go ask that older gentleman, who was fishing on the beach, if he had a can opener or anything we could use to open up the sparkling cider. We thought it had a screw off lid. So I asked him. He scrambled around looking for something and said, "I didn't expect a nice-looking woman to come up and ask me for a can opener to open some bubbly when I put together my boy scout kit today." He gave me a thumbs up later when he saw that we had gotten it opened. We use the table knife that we had used to cut the cheese and ring bologna. We watched the sunset and the wind picked up and it became dark and we went back up and settled in for the night and watched a chick flick-"13 Going on 30". We won't have to go to Block Buster's this year. They have a library of DVD's for us to pick from.

Sat.-For up early and walked the boardwalk myself and got a pumpkin spice coffee. Had another lovely breakfast and then walked up to Asbury Street to do some shopping. I bought a bracelet and a scarf at Ta-Da's and found socks and a nail file with boxers on them for Susan. Spent the afternoon at the beach and later walked back to Asbury and ate at an authentic Italian Restaurant where I had the best food ever-chicken cordonbleu with roasted potatoes and a very fresh salad. It was owned by this big family and they were working together. We went back up to the boardwalk amidst some flying metal and signs. High winds. Loved it. Came back and watched 'Miss Pettigrew' something or other. Naomi fell asleep. Rosa yawned. And I hung in there.

Sun.-Naomi and I got up in the dark and headed out to the boardwalk. We grabbed some coffee and sat on the beach and watched the brave surfers take the early morning waves. We watched the infinite sun come up in all its red beauty. I took a few very good pictures which I think I'll enlarge. Breakfast included an egg fratata but the best thing of all was our company. To the table next to us, sat a young family including a very pregnant mother, an attentive father, and a little 3 year old boy named Bryce. He was beyond adorable. 'You have a very good vocabulary,' I said. "Thank you," said he. We all took turns talking to him and when we left, he seemed to be coming off his seat and I said, "I feel a hug coming on, " and he hugged me and I told him I loved him. He said, "I love you too." And as we walked away, he said to his mother, "I love her.  I love her." And it made me happy all day. God bless that dear little family and that precious little boy. May He always know you love him and may he always love.
We checked out of the Inn and packed up the car and everything fit in it even thought it was full before we shopped till we dropped. Thanks to Naomi's skill and a miracle from God. We walked out to Asbury again and got a few more last minute gifts. I got some candy for the folks at home and I bought a plaque that reads, "Enjoy the little things in life for someday you will realize that they were the big things."
Went out to the beach and Naomi improvised a swimsuit and that's all I should really say about that. This was the second day in a row that she did this.( I forgot to say that yesterday, we saw a wedding on the beach.) We were watching surfers and suddenly the water came up and hit the bottom of my chair and needless to say, I was a bit damp for the rest of the day. We went to Crab Trap on the way home where I got potato crusted salmon and salad. On the way home, we went through lots of Philly traffic because there was a game. Got warm and dry after a hot shower at Naomi's and she and I watched 'The Lucky One' when Mabe took Krissy out to the Honeybrook Diner for her favorite hotdog. Talked with Phil for awhile and got to bed by 10.

We had a lovely week together. Naomi says we have been doing this longer than 16 years. She and I started going by ourselves and then we started to invite Bev and Rosa.  We found music CD's at the Cricket Box and each of us got one and we sent one to Bev along with a funny birthday card with four older ladies in the front and inside it says, "We will be friends until we're blue in the hair." Oh-when I used my card to check out, the older lady who was waiting on me said, "Hertzler?" Yes, says I.  "My sister married a Hertzler from Lancaster County!" That's where I'm from, says I. "I'm going to call him as soon as you leave," she said. "He's 87." Well, what do you know. We have to be related. I think she said his name was Norman. I am writing this up nearly a week after everything took place. (Sept. 28) I didn't take my computer along to the shore but I jotted down little notes in my blog book.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Sept. 10-16, 2012

Mon.-Slept in. Phil here. Hadn't slept well without him. Susan and I went out for dental check ups. Her teeth are 'perfect.' They wondered when she had gotten her braces off. (She never had braces.) I'll need to go back. Good thing Susan can drive. Went shopping afterwards but for some reason Susan was anxious to get me home. I slept for at least two hours until the antivert drugs were out of my system. I still can't believe I act the way people tell me I act when I am on them. Or say the things I supposedly say. Did some wash in the eve. Phil went out for a meeting. Susan worked on her drama reading for tomorrow. Gave Philip his birthday gift tonight instead of tomorrow, in case he wanted to receive it in a different way. He was happy with the way it came.

Tues. Happy 24th Birthday Philip! He had a great day. People were texting him all day wishing him a happy birthday and on the way home, Freeman treated him to a caramel latte or something like that. I made his favorite venison/rice/salad/dressing dish plus carrot cake and ice cream. He was too full to finish his dessert. Susan and I went out to Farmville for her first homeschool co-op classes on Human Anatomy and Drama. Two separate courses but I imagine there will be some drama involved in the anatomy class. Went to Walmart while she studied and then to Merck's with Judy. A table full of ladies kept giving me the eye because Judy was making me laugh so hard, especially when she told me about the phone call she made to her brother in law on his birthday, (even though it wasn't his birthday but she thought it was.) She said I could tell the story on here but I told Susan instead and she said, "I love her. I'm going to do that to Philip some day." The game warden was here today and I looked out to see what they all were doing. Ollie was up on the hood of his ranger and and the game warden was acting as if it was an every day occurrence. Later, they clipped the wings of the new baby chicks. We hatched them from our eggs and they are beautiful, says Susan. Today, when I made the carrot cake, I made a little double layered cake and then I used the rest of the batter for cupcakes. After I iced them, I put them in plastic containers, and now, Philip can take them to work in his lunches and we won't all be tempted to eat carrot cake all week. I think I'll do that with all of the birthdays from here on out. Especially since we have three in September. Oh, at supper, Philip said, "Guess who called me today? Emma!" He was pretty pleased about that. I think she was too.
I just checked my stats. This week was the first week I noticed that there were more people from Russia that read my blog than those in the U.S. Makes me curious.

Wed.-A good day. Naomi called and we got all psyched up about going to the shore. She laid down the law. "One suitcase each." We are taking her smaller car instead of Bev's SUV. We hung up screaming squeals of excitement. Talked with Lindsay and she listened and encouraged and asked me bean soup advice. Talked with Emma too, who babysat the little ones during their Mom's meeting. Susan worked on Anatomy, studying hard, because she'd like to clep the test after taking the course. Plus, she really likes it, but said it is much harder than Biology. She organized her summer/winter clothing and got rid of more stuff. I brought some of our winter clothing in from the old house and have been doing wash. Also dusted the book shelf and am working on organizing the back room. Made a potato quiche for supper and used a sweet potato in with the mix of regular grated potatoes. Added broccoli, spinach,garlic, and turkey bacon to the egg mixture and then made a side dish of mushrooms for the mushroom lovers in the house. Phil's out mowing hay. Philip and Susan went to CC for the eve. Mickey called and said she saw a bear running really fast across the field. There is no way we could outrun that bear, she said. We saw a gray fox with red markings near Rainey's the other night. And Ollie, our wild turkey, was so overjoyed to see Phil that he was running around in circles, just like a puppy that he thinks he is. Beautiful wildlife everywhere we look. The weather is cool at night and fall is in the air. I love this time of year second best.

Thurs.-Phil home working on a bid and mowing hay. Susan 'did' school in the morning and mowed at Happy Valley. She ran out of gas and we went to Pamplin Exxon to fill up the cans and met another lady doing the same thing. "What does this mean?", she joked,"when the women are out filling up the gas cans?" We saw her later, mowing a field with a tractor. I finally got to the back room today and organized the closet and the floor space clutter onto shelves and rubbermaid containers. Now I can get back to the piano. Made bear vegetable soup in the crock pot for supper. It was pretty good. I'm still a little reluctant to eat bear meat.

Fri.-haircuts-house cleaned-ice cream cake-Cleansing Stream group here-Philip shot a bear for crop damage-10 feet away-the guys joined him to help him load it-and it wasn't there. Found it a few feet away.

Sat.-Susan, Alli, Freeman went Goodwill shopping and Golden Corral eating in Lynchburg. Guys butchered bear. Made pizzas for supper. cleaned bedroom. Had a nice Sept. birthday party with the family. Reminisced about childhood memories. Through a series of events, I am considering the possibility that I may be wheat intolerant. As I thought about the memories of childhood, I realized how hard we tried to be good parents. There's a lot of things I didn't do right. I said that to God and I think He said back, " you can boast in My grace and not in your great mothering."

Sunday-Susan drove us to church in the big white truck since the car battery was dead. Ollie decided to ride on the back and Susan accelerated and swerved in order to dislodge him but he was determined to get to church. After all, he's been reading Phil's Bible for some time now. She had to back up and Michael helped us get Ollie off the truck. Ollie ruffled his feathers and acted indignant. Got to hold Tate in church for a minute or two. He 'climbed' up me and sang loudly. He could see his dad in the sound booth and he kept beaming up to him while he squirmed in his mother's arms. The service was sweet and Jesus was there already when we walked in during the first song. Pastor Jerry taught on Noah's faith and courage to obey God. Came home and spent a relaxing afternoon watching movies, eating leftover pizza, catching up with a few friends on the phone, talking with Jordan, Travis, Michael, and Philip. Mike went back to Liberty and Philip went over to the guys. Didn't sleep most of the night. The combination of ice cream and pizza made me sick again. No more wheat and ice cream for 6 weeks and we'll see how I feel then.
A friend reminded me of the verse in 1 Peter 5:7-Amplified version-"Casting the whole of your care-all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully."
Too often, I worry, as if I didn't have a God who cares.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You are What you Eat

The other day, my 15 1/2 year old daughter got her permit on her first try.
Besides normal congratulatory words, I said, "I'll treat you to lunch." She opted for a large $12 container of berries from Kroger. Blueberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, and strawberries. She shared them with me.

She had earlier shared an insight from a health article she read. The idea is this: If we ate what we are eating now all of the time, what would we look, feel, be like in one year, five years, ten years.
Because eventually, we ARE what we eat.
We become what we eat.

This morning, I read Ps. 37:3-"Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness."


We get to choose what we feed on.

We can feed on His faithfulness, or feed on our fear.
We can feed on His faithfulness, or feed on bitterness and unforgiveness.
We can feed on His faithfulness, or feed on the praises or scorn of man.

If we fed ourselves-our spirits and souls-
on a consistent basis on what we are feeding ourselves now,
what would our spirits and souls look, feel, and be like
in one year, five years, ten years?

Because eventually, we are what we eat.
We become what we feed on.

Feed on His faithfulness.
Feed on the honey from The Rock.
Feed on the finest of wheat.
Feed on the Bread of Life.
Feed on the Good Pasture.
Feed in the Strength of the Lord.

Shortly after I read that Psalm,
I walked out into the living room
and read my C.S. Lewis quote for the day.

In 1994, I gave my mother a little flip-chart calendar
with quotes from C.S. and she used it faithfully
year after year.

I have it now.

Today's quote was this:

"God gives what He has,
not what He has not:
He gives the happiness that there is,
not the happiness that is not.
To be God-
to be like God and to share His goodness in creaturely response-
to be miserable-
these are the only three alternatives.
If we will not learn to eat the only food that the universe grows-
the only food that any possible universe ever can grow-
then we must starve."

I don't totally understand it.
But I get this much.
If we don't feed on the food of His faithfulness,
then we will die.
Because we don't just starve by not eating anything.
We starve by eating the wrong foods instead of the right foods.

I've been thinking about these things.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hertzler Doings-Sept. 3-9, 2012

Mon.-Last night, Emma connected with Phil. Emma is 6, I believe. She has been discussing with her family all of the things that Uncle Phil can build. She was missing him so she had her mommy call. Phil laid on our bed and talked and talked with Emma. Now he is talking about wanting to go up to visit her and her family. Maybe he'll join Susan and I on a road trip one of these days.
Phil was home working on his office and doing paper work. The Internet has been out for several days so this makes office work difficult. Susan studied most of the day for her learners permit test. I finished up last years schooling and organized this years schooling. It's about time! Phil and I worked on getting the weeds out of the cold frame and then I planted beets, green beans, and lettuce.
I quizzed Susan and learned a few things myself about the laws of the road.

Tues.-Took Susan out to Farmville to take her permit test. We had to use the big white truck since my car was at the garage. The boys dropped it off on their way to work. I thought it was going to come apart at the seams when I would put on the brakes as I drove home from Pa. She was nervous and so was I but the lady at the DMV was so very kind. Susan finished the test quickly and came out with her thumbs up. Missed one question out of 35. We ran several errands in Farmville and she drove us home from Walmart. Did a great job, too. We unloaded our groceries and then we headed out to Appomattox. I had a dentist appt. and actually 'needed' her to drive. I still need to take some meds for vertigo when I go to the dentist. We stopped at the post office on the way home. They were doing road work and the communications weren't real clear between road workers/signs and driver's. She navigated those difficulties and also did well with the torrential rain. I find I am changing. Instead of wanting her to not experience those conditions, I want her to experience them, so she knows what to do. Maybe it was the meds, but I don't think so. Came home and I went right to bed and slept almost 3 hours. Michelle M. stopped by with Maddie to visit. It was interesting to watch Maddie and Lucy get acquainted. Both are boxers. Maddie is 7 years older than Lucy. I went to bed early and slept through the night. Not sure what every one else did.

Wed.-Officially started school today. We will have chapel three times a week for half an hour. We have a bit of Bible, logic, vocab., and for this month, I am also reading, "Every Body Matters'" by Gary Thomas. I'm chalking that book up under Bible and health/fitness. Then we discuss the schedule for the day and off we go. Susan worked on British Lit after we got back from the chiropractor. She drove again and I am really relaxed most of the time she is driving. She did her wash and made delicious burgers for supper. She mashed white beans and baked sweet potatoes with a few other ingredients and fried them in a pan. We ate them in a round flat bun with a bit of mayo, tomato, lettuce, and avocado. They were incredible! Phil got to drive with her for the first time. She drove him to Calvary so she could go to youth group. Philip will bring her home. He's hunting with Travis until dark. I've been trying to catch up on correspondence etc. Caught up with Judy and Janelle on the phone. Wrote 10 days of Hertzler doings late this afternoon and again realize that when I am behind in this writing, I feel behind in everything. Caught up with Sara a bit today, too, and I put her on speaker phone while I made fruit shishkabobs.(I was telling Sara what I was making and Susan said, "Be careful how you say that.") I sliced bananas and gently tossed them in orange juice. Then I pierced a grape, a banana slice, and a piece of kiwi and repeated that sequence several times on wooden skewers and then froze them. The recipe said that we should drizzle chocolate over them before freezing. I didn't do that. We'll pull these out when we need something sweet. Another thing I want to do while watermelons are still in season is this. Blend the watermelon and put in muffin tins or little containers and freeze them. Tastes just like Italian ice. Yumm. Time for me to go check why Lucy is barking and to clean up supper dishes and finish wash. But at least I am caught up with my blog.

Thurs.-overcast and rainy. Guys working around here. Phil went out to Lynchburg to pick up some supplies and met Michael for breakfast. Had fun researching fish ponds and smoke house plans today. Susan read the whole first chapter in her Anatomy book-45 pages, for several hours. She helped Phil grade our lane that has been washed out with all these torrential rains. She stands on the old grader as he pulls it with the tractor to give it added weight. I did some more work on the computer, signing up for Cleansing Stream retreat and booking our hotel. Also ordered Susan's driver's online course. Freeman and Phil left in the afternoon to help with fixing up a cabin and Philip, Susan, and I headed to Farmville where he dropped me off to get my car. It needed 4 new tires. I went to Motley's Emporium and picked up an older version popcorn popper in order to roast green coffee beans. Went to Walmart and got a keyboard for Phil's computer and some other goods. Meanwhile, Philip and Susan went out to Concord to check out a truck. Susan drove. Alli was here when I got home and Philip was taking a nap. He's worn out. Alli went with Susan and I to meet Ashley Z. so Susan could ride with her to New Life in order to play basketball tonight. Alli and I came back and watched two Monks. Philip hung out with Travis for the eve. Thinking more about Sunday's sermon and Hebrews 11. Daniel was a man of faith. And God delivered him from the lion's den. There were those whose stories we are reminded of in Hebrews 11 who died without receiving the promise. Some were tortured and others received their loved ones back from the dead. All were people worthy of being heralded for their great faith. Jesus told Paul that he would suffer many things for His sake. Paul's faith wasn't shipwrecked when God did not deliver him out of all his troubles. God's grace was sufficient for him when life gave him too much. I'm thinking of these things. Daniel suffered through the transitions of life.He was captured and was taken from his homeland as a slave. He remained consistent in his loyalty to God no matter which political leader he was serving. He was not swayed by any political, spiritual, or emotional wind. He was steadfast. He and Joseph are my mother's favorite men. David ranks up there too. And of course, Jesus. To think that she is getting to talk with them face to face is mind boggling. I feel a little jealous.

Fri.-Philip worked around the farm today, cleaning up the barn and getting it ready for his piggery. Susan did school work and mowed. I cleaned and incorporated the two old wooden tool boxes into our kitchen counter space. Went down to the river and put sand in old blue jars for candle holders. Alli came over and we took Susan to Jenny's for a sleepover and then we dropped off yard sale items at Helen's. Alli and I watched a red box movie-'The Way.' Or something like that. Martin Sheen. Good movie. I want to watch it again. Made me want to travel. I thought of the places I've been-Mexico, Canada, all but the three western coastal states, Spain, Dom. Rep., Thailand, England. I still want to go to Alaska with Phil and to the Holy Lands. Australia. New Zealand. Switzerland. I am enjoying the Drive Thru History series because it is filmed in different parts of the world. I want this guys job.

Sat.-Philip's been running a fever for two days-achey and tired. He went out to the Liberty game in spite of not feeling so good. Maybe he misses his brother because he was better when he got back. He grilled some venison on our grill for the tailgating party before the game. Alli spent the night and the morning with us. She and I went to pick up Susan at Jenny's. Susan mowed the lawn 'hayfield' over at Happy Valley for the second time in two days. I cleaned up the house, did wash, etc.

Sun.-Phone call from Phil assured us he'd be home around 3. He and Freeman were up at the hunting cabin for work weekend fixing windows and visiting with the guys. We had a good service at church and then a church business meeting in the eve. Susan, Kelly, and I went out to La Parota for lunch. Phil was here when we got home. Susan and I watched 'Mirror Mirror' while he caught up on sleep.

Hertzler Doings-Aug. 27-Sept.2, 2012

Mon.-Still in Pa. Got together with Janet Z. and Shelly K. at Aroma's cafe in Elverson. Had the best cinnamon/brown sugar with cream cheese bagel. Caught up with them but it wasn't long enough. Went with Mom and Susan to Boscov's and found some funeral clothes for me, but none for Susan. Went to lunch at Giant's cafe and then to Annie's. Mom went home after awhile and Annie took us out shopping to Dress Barn where we still found no funeral clothes for Susan. Susan and I both found summer tops and Annie found some funky earrings. David was a little angel in the store. She took us back home. Mom and Dad had already eaten by the time we got there.

Tues.-I went to Naomi's and had breakfast with her at 7:30. Fresh peach pancakes and honeydew. Got to see Ashley and Krissy and Mabe. I parked the car on Mabe's wet grass again. Naomi said it will grow back. Sorry... Naomi loved her silvery birthday gift. She called into work late and we got to spend an extra delightful hour together, sipping cinnabon flavored coffee. Went from Naomi's to sister, Rosalee's. We went to Brethren Village to pick up Aunt Esther. She's 91 and beautiful. She kept telling us how wonderful we were and how attractive we were and treated us to lunch at the Lititz Restaurant. I got chicken croquettes, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad and chocolate ice cream. We went back to her apartment and talked about the end times and other things of that nature. Aunt Esther is a vibrant human being and is always positive and life-giving. She is the only sibling alive on my father's side.
Rosalee and I stopped in at Glennwood Foods on the way home and I got a big block of Farmer's cheese and other goodies. That evening, Dad and Mom took Susan and I to Thai Place. Susan and I both got chicken cashew with stir fry and rice. Everywhere I looked, it reminded me of Thailand and of Johnny.

Wed.-Susan and went to Aroma's and ordered some bagels for tomorrow. Then we went to BB's and loaded up on gum, shampoo, and mayonnaise, etc. at discount prices. We also stopped in at Reuzit shop and visited with Aunt Deb and Aunt Karen and picked up a few items. I love buying Land's End shirts that look new for a few dollars. In the afternoon, from 1-5, Mom hosted a drop in for me. Helen B. came with her three adopted daughters from China. Lizzy, Joy, and Julianna. They are in the 15 year old range. It's like having triplets. They are gracious and talented and we got to hear them sing and play the ukulele and Joy drew a picture for me. Susan and the girls played Dutch Blitz while the rest of us visited. Helen brought me a German Christmas bread-stollen and a journal and a real pearl necklace she got in China. Dad showed the girls around the farm just before they left. Anne L. came. It was her 68th birthday. Lisa B. and Lucille Z. also came and Bev came later to especially see Susan. There was never a dull moment the whole day. Mom was in and out, visiting at times, too. I really liked having a drop in like that. A number of friends had wanted to come and it didn't suit, so maybe next time, we'll make it an all day affair. We had lots of food ready for the day and Mom made iced meadow tea. Then in the eve., Pearl had another drop in for me at her place. It was great to catch up with dear old friends and to hear them catching up with each other too. We've scattered to different places and life has changed but I think they are going to start back up getting together more often now. Linda H., Anne W., Jeannie B., Brenda G., Deborah K., Carol B., Bev W., Pearl B., and I were there. Every one brought a healthy snack and we sat out on the porch. Pearl had sand in old blue glass jars with candles burning in them, giving everything a muted glow. She had square glass vases filled with pink floppy roses. Beautiful. So thankful for dear old friends, where you can pick up where you left off. Got home around 11:30.

Thurs.-Went to pick up Anne and little David. Her car wasn't working. Phil came up for Uncle Milford's funeral and brought Susan her dress black pants and dress shoes. He was driving Philip's car. He took Susan to the funeral and we met them there. It was good to see so many old Hopewell friends and to visit with family. Milford was the oldest of 8 children who lived into adulthood. Phil's mother is one of his younger sisters. Uncle Milford passed away Friday night. He had just talked with Phil on Thursday. Phil went to see Milfords' son, Dennis, this past Sunday. As I looked at Uncle Milford in the casket, it hit me hard, that Susan wouldn't be here,(nor our other children) if it weren't for Uncle Milford. He saved Phil from drowning when he was 16. (Phil later shared this story during the meal.) I told her my thoughts as we stood there looking at him. During the meal, others shared what Uncle Milford had meant to them. All of his siblings and their spouses got up and sang several songs. "Love at Home," and some others. Phil and Susan left to go back home then. Phil had gotten up at 3 this morning to head up and headed back home shortly before 3 in the afternoon. They took Lucy with them. (Plans to go spend the afternoon and night with Diane H. and leave for home from her place were changed due to her work schedule.)
I took Anne and David back home but first we stopped at Reuzit again because I had seen some blouses there that I thought might fit her. While there, we realized that there was a bad fire in Morgantown. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles went whizzing by. Black smoke kept exploding into the sky and later we found out that the paint shop at Morgan trailer had a fire and the cans kept exploding. So far, I know of only one person that had gone to the hospital. Took Annie home and visited with her for awhile. I was so tired and she made me lay down on the floor and take a nap while she rubbed my feet with some sort of pepperminty Arbonne miraculous foot goop. It was wonderful and she sent it with me. I love her. I want to keep coming up and seeing the little boys every few months. They are my two youngest nephews, David and Jonathan, born two days apart, little miracles. Their parents didn't know that the other was naming their child after one of the Biblical friendship duo. They are as different as morning and afternoon. One has worked on his motor skills and the other has worked more on his verbal skills. We compare them because we enjoy their differences. After I left Anne's, I went to Weaver's Orchard and took pictures of their high tunnels. We're interested in setting something like that up on our farm to grow tomatoes, asparagus, berries, and fruit trees. Ran into Ed and he told me that Linda was working at the pick-your-own stand so I chased her down as she raced around on a 'gator' and we sat and visited for awhile. Then I stopped at Joe and Karen's and sat beside little Jonathan who was eating frozen blueberries and he began to plop them into my mouth.(force feeding) Then I went home to Mom and Dad and we relaxed up in the living room, watching the Republican convention, while I showed them the pictures that folks had posted on face book about the Morgan fire. Mom made me a delicious tomato, lettuce, and cheese sandwich. We went to bed before Romney got on stage because we were so very tired.

Fri.-Took my time to have breakfast, conversation, and prayers with Mom and Dad before heading back home. Karen brought Jonathan over for a last good bye. He came right to me and sat on my lap and ate half a banana and stirred sugar in my coffee and helped himself to a sip. (The boys are 20 months old now.) I headed home and ate too much candy and got very sleepy. Stopped in Harrisonburg, after calling Naomi to get directions to the Dayton Farmer's market. I walked around for about half an hour to try to wake up but I probably should have just slept. Fought sleep the whole way and got home around 5 after leaving Pa. around 9:30. Happy to be here. Got every thing put away and hit the sack.

Sat.-Susan had come home a day early and she had things looking nice. I did my wash and puttered around. We went to Larry R's party in the afternoon. That man can croon. I wish I could hear him sing more often. If he had a recording, I'd play it every day. I think most of us were crying as his voice broke while singing love songs. Songs that made him remember with fondness and longing, his late wife, Louise.
Tim and PLou also sang. Phil sang some hymns with his guitar and every one loved that. At one point, one of the men were singing a love song and two couples started slow dancing and it was beautiful. I turned around and asked Susan, Freeman, and Alli, if they would be embarrassed if Dad and I got up to dance and Susan said a bit too quickly, "Yes." So that was that. Again, I felt the riches. In Pa. I was so aware of the wealth. The wealth of a Word from Dad's mouth before every breakfast. The wealth of family and entrepreneurs who are related and pastors and friends and the land. And at this party, I was aware of the wealth again. The wealth of knowing love songs and being able to sing them like that! That man could be in Hollywood, and he's singing in his own little back yard. The wealth of passionate slow dancing by a couple in their 60's. The wealth of a young man saying, "Praise the Lord," when he saw Susan, because now there was someone else there his age. The wealth of the kind man who helped a young man get through 'Amazing Grace' with dignity. The wealth of delight and worship in the hymns and Miss Baker's hug and words, "You two must have a good time at home singing those hymns together." Again and again it is brought to my attention that people, young and old, are hungry for the hymns. They are hungry to hear each other's voices singing them. They are hungry for that which will never go out of style. They long for consistency and constancy. And the hymns offer that stability. They offer the character of God and our experience with Him. And they offer fellowship with one another as we sing them. No one stands out when hymns are sung. The focus is on the God of the words and the voices of His people singing them together.

Sun.-My favorite worship leader was leading a song when we walked into church this morning. (son, Freeman) More people were back in church today. Summer vacations and panic regarding the unknown are winding down. PAlvin spoke about Daniel's courage. To sum it up: {Daniel remained constant in his courage when he found himself in an unchangeable situation because he was constant in his courageous communication with God in the little things before he faced the lion's den. And the unchanging God received the glory because He stepped into Daniel's unchangeable situation and rescued Him. Prepare yourself. You will perform the way you practiced.}
I think Daniel would have served God even if He had not delivered him from the lion's mouths. (Of course it would have been hard to serve him if he was eaten up.) Sometimes, our circumstances are not changed. Sometimes, our husband's do not come back to life when they are dead. Sometimes, our leg does not grow back the muscle and tissue that was destroyed in an accident. (These two situations are close to my heart.) Sometimes, God does not rescue us out of our circumstance. Then what? Will I love Him anyway? Will my faith handle having my God box blown to bits? Can the God that I thought I knew, the God that I thought would protect and rescue, make way for the God who is deeper than the God who rescues me out of whatever lion's den of life I am thrown into? Can my thoughts of a protecting-me-from-all-evil-God survive the surprise of a God who allows evil to make its mark on me? Is a God who is present with me no matter where I find myself big enough to defend Himself after He has destroyed who I thought He was? I read a book earlier this week entitled, "Because I can" by Janet Oberholtzer. She nearly died in an accident that took a large portion of her leg below the knee. She was a marathon runner. She has experienced more pain than most people can bear. I thought of her story as I heard the sermon and I have been trying to reconcile these two story worlds. They have collided in my mind and they are wrestling around in there.
Came home and visited with Michael and Philip, Jordan and Travis, before they headed out to Lynchburg-Hibachi, Liberty, volleyball, and fishing. A whole new world has opened up to them. We watched some Monk. Alli and Freeman came over and we visited while watching a puddle producing thunderstorm make its way across the fields. I stood on the back porch and shouted as it came. Angel had insisted on coming inside. Ollie was near us on the porch but he stood placidly in the rain because he was prepared. He had prepared himself in the pleasant times by being consistent in oiling his feathers so he was prepared for the unpleasantness of a wild rain storm. The wet drops rolled right off of him. One could preach on that. Oh, one already did!
Went to bed shortly after 8 and slept for a good 8-9 hours.