Monday, April 22, 2013

Hertzler Doings~April 22-28, 2013

Mon.~Busy day with Laura Q. in Appomattox. Shopped at little shops and had lunch at Granny B's and then brought her home to our farm. We drove to the river in the gator and visited on the porch on my cottage and then Susan and I took her back home to Farmville. We ran a few errands and went to ball practice where I handed out the first copies of pig roast invitations.

Tues.-Day in Farmville. Homeschool co-op. An hour at the DMV renewing my license. Judy fixing Susan's prom dress. Playing with Sammy Jo on the swingset and showing her what happens when you sit on wax paper while going down the slide. Buying some food at the closing April 14 Kroger store. Busy, full day. Susan challenged me to swallow 1/4 cup of castor oil with her. I paid for that all night long. She did not.

Wed.-Day at home. Washing, preparing, making muffins and egg muffin quiche. Wild windy day.

Thurs.-Drove up to Pa. Stopped at Valley Mall for an hour and half. Didn't mean for it to get that long. Walked in to Joe and Karen's house and Jonathan squealed and then sat on my lap and snuggled for a long time. He was very quiet. I told him that Mommy and Daddy weren't going anywhere and that I had to leave soon and he still seemed quiet and a little bit sad. Karen gave me some strawberry yogurt to take along to the shore. I begged her for some. She makes it and there is no yogurt out there in the market that tastes anything like it. Had supper with Mom and Dad. So nice. Chicken salad sandwiches with tomatoes and watercress and vegetable soup and cherry cobbler. We visited with Jim's in the eve. Spent the night at Naomi's.

Fri.-Up at 4 and left for the beach at 5. Rosa met us at Naomi's. Got to the beachhouse by 6:45. Naomi served us a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, and baked oatmeal. We sat around and talked and then took a nap until Bev got there and we talked and talked and I made taco salad and we ate it and talked some more. Exchanged gifts. We always get each other our birthday gifts for the year. Bev gave us a Bath and Body candle. Naomi gave us a huge mug with a bag of coffee, a chocolate bar, gel pens and a tablet. Rosa gave us a Willow Tree figurine of a woman holding a conch shell to her ear and a devotional book with a different woman from history/missions represented on each day's reading. I gave them a pink pearled silvery bracelet in honor of Bev's mother, who passed away with cancer, and a bath and body hand soap and a chocolate raspberry bar of soap. We walked on the boardwalk and sat on the beach. It was freezing. Wrapped up in blankets. Came home and showered. No hot water. We had forgotten to turn it on. Went to Nonni's Italian restaurant. Our Asbury Street stores had 4 feet of water this fall during Sandy. Every place smelled musty when we walked in. Some have never gotten back into business. We met the chef. He makes the world's greatest chicken cordon bleu.Watched a movie or two.The Count of Monte Cristo and The Vow. Walked on the boardwalk.

Sat.-Day at Atlantic City shopping at the Outlets. I got a 50% off coupon for Dress Barn in the mail before I left. They scratched it off while I was in line but I had held it up to the sun and knew it already. She hadn't rung up anyone who had that much off. Only 2 in 100 are issued. Shopped and went to our authentic Mexican Restaurant. More movies, popcorn, and boardwalk when we got home.Susan went to Homeschool Prom this eve. and spent the night at Julie's.

Sun.-Warmest Day. Slept in. Talked on balcony with coffee. Sat on beach for several hours. Burned my legs. Bev packed up and then we watched another movie before she left. She has to work tomorrow. Walked the boardwalk and caught up with Phil on the phone. Watched another movie. Getting more and more relaxed. Laughed so hard I cried so hard. Twice. Totally wiped out in a good way.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Solomon, a baby, and the Body of Christ

Solomon had a dream and in that dream God said, "Ask! What shall I give you?"
And Solomon asked God for an understanding heart
to judge His people,
that he would be able to discern between good and evil.

And God gave him his request and also gave him long life, riches, and honor.

One fine day, while Solomon held court in his palace,
two women with questionable livelihoods stood before him.

With a broken heart, the first woman presented her case.

"This woman and I live in the same house.
I gave birth to a baby and a few days later,
she had a baby, too.
In the night, she accidentally laid on top of her baby
and he died.
So she got up, and took my baby from my side,
and put hers there,
and took my baby back to bed with her.

When I woke up to nurse him in the night,
I realized he was dead.
But when morning came,
I saw that indeed,
he was not my son.
She was holding my son!
And the dead baby in my bed was hers!"

The other woman interrupted and said,
"Not so! The living child is mine and the dead one is hers!"

And Solomon said something like,
"This is a case of she said she said.
You both say that the living baby is yours.
I know just what to do."

In a loud voice he bellowed,
"Bring me a sword!"

A sword was brought to Solomon.

"Divide the baby in two with the sword
and give half of the baby to each of the women,"
said he.

The baby's mother cried out with compassion,
"O King! Give her the baby!
Don't kill him!"

But the other woman said,
"Yes, let's divide him.
Then he won't be mine or yours!"

And Solomon lowered the sword.
He made his decree.

"Give the first woman her living baby,
and don't kill him,
for she is his mother."

And all of Israel heard about this story
and they had great respect for Solomon,
for they recognized God's wisdom at work in him
to be just and true.
Jesus' prayer for the Body of Christ
is recorded in John 17.

He prayed,
"..that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me,
and I in You;
that they also may be one in Us,
that the world may believe that You sent Me..."

'Don't let them be divided!" was His hearts' cry.
there are divisions in the Body of Christ.

Sometimes, we are too willing to 'divide the baby'
instead of humbling ourselves.
We are willing to destroy instead of having compassion on our 'child'
and allowing our 'baby' to flourish and grow.

But, I think, that if we are the real 'parent'
and we truly love our 'offspring',
we will relinquish our right to own what we birthed
in order that our 'baby' not be harmed
by the sword of division.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hertzler Doings~April 15-21, 2013

Mon.~Highlights from today-going down to the creek and cutting watercress. Getting stuck in my camouflage knee-high boots and having a hard time getting out of the mire. Stayed on grass islands after that quick-sand experience. Bluebells still beautiful after last nights rain. Watched 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead' with Susan and was inspired to juice my fruits and vegetables more often. Took Lucy to vet and found the little growth on her leg was benign. Homeschool softball in eve. Love working the food stand and meeting people. Susan sold all ten pb eggs that she brought.

Tues.-Helen called. She posted a song for me to listen to on fb. 'O the thought that Jesus loves me...' Beautiful and healing balm. Saw on fb about the Boston bombings. Checked it out on on-line fox news. Again that sense that we are in the lower quarter of the spiral...things going faster and faster and out of control....that our present worries will seem small in comparison to our future ones. And that it all boils down to the important Thing-that we can hear God's voice and stay close to Him. To walk in trust and not be afraid. To be part of the answer...the hand lifting up. And to receive that hand and help given to us. The balance of walking in community and being somewhat self-sufficient. And to see these things and lift up our heads instead of burying them in the sand. To lift up our heads because our redemption draws nigh and we don't want to miss seeing any part of the twinkling of an eye. To stand guard at the gate and to be vigilant in guarding our families. To use the waking worrisome hours of sleepless night to pray and to worship. Worship is the antidote to worry. And even if I start worshipping to fulfill an equation, my heart does turn to true worship, as it hears my voice sing. And I stop worrying until the next time. What a battle. Do I really trust Him?
Out to Farmville for co-op and errands. Bought Susan some summer clothes.

Wed.-Transplanted violets from tea plot to lane. Susan mowed most of the day. To Julie's youth group this eve. Phil and I got bug spray for cottage at Lowe's. Came home and read about Waco TX. Fertilizer plant on fire and then explosion. Over a hundred injured and possibly 60 dead. 50 homes damaged or destroyed. Susan to Julie's overnight. Going on a field trip to Stanton tomorrow for Frontier Days.

Thurs.-Phil here for awhile this morning. I sprayed my cottage for bugs of all kinds and sprinkled termite pellets around posts. Worked in front garden. Trying to catch up on blog. This beautiful weather makes it hard to write. It's the 18th. Beautiful Annie's birthday. Phil and I called and sang Happy Birthday to her. David said 'I love you' and threw kisses. I love being an aunt. A year ago, early in the morning, Rosalee called, and said that Mother had passed away. I still feel so relieved. I am so thankful that she is not here. But, oh, I do miss her.
Went to homeschool softball in eve. Met Susan there. She had been to Frontier Days with Kathy and Julie and Julie's sister and boys. Had a nice time visiting with 'old' friends while sitting on the bleachers at the ball field. Everyone is so kind to Susan. It's her first 'real' year of playing ball. Went to Hibbetts afterwards where she bought herself some cleats.

Fri.-Working on my little chapel today. Michael came home just after Freeman and Philip came home which was mid afternoon. All four of them played ball with Susan and taught her how to swing. It was so much fun. So much sweetness. Made me cry. Some of Mike's friends from last year's college experience are spending the weekend. Philip had Buck night. Susan went over to Hertzler's for pizza, shooting, video game playing, etc. Kate found a pit bull boxer puppy mix and brought him in. I stayed. The weather had been like a hurricane earlier and 4 trees were down across Holliday Lake. We had to turn around and go by Featherfin to Tom's. Called 911 once we got there and they sent firemen there to get the trees. There was no way around them and had to be chainsawed away. Lots of man power. Branches everywhere. Phil worked late. When we got home, Lucy had my yarn all over the floor. She was all over Susan, trying to hug her, and was whining and talking incessantly. I'm sure she smelled puppy all over her.

Sat.-Got so much done today. Ham, Matthew, and Brandon-Michael's friends from last years college experience, congregated here this weekend and hung out in our kitchen while Michael and Philip made a big breakfast of scrapple, sausage, bacon, and eggs. I finished cleaning up the chapel in the meadow, did some wash, vacuumed and washed the floor, cleaned porches, edged the flower garden, planted beet and cucumber seeds, and went to a party with Phil in the eve. to celebrate Steve's 60th birthday. He made us wait for an hour and a half. We completely surprised the dear man. Michael and friends from college, Sara, Julie, Susan, and Philip, and some others, had a hot dog roast down at the neighbor's pond. Freeman and Alli dug up the garden and planted potatoes, green beans, carrots, etc. Phil worked on the corn planter. Tom was over working on his corn planter too. It was a good day.

Sun-Today's church-Hearing from Malory about her work in Uganda. Went to Chinese with Laurell and Henry. That was a highlight too. Watched a Marx brother's movie with Michael and Philip. Susan with Julie for the afternoon. She went with Michael and Meredith to Warren's for the eve. Philip to Eriks. I painted 3 glasses when I was by myself today. Don't look at all like Charlotte's. Guess I'll need better paint and some lessons. It is a sweatshirt/sweatpant sort of day. Reading Isaiah 30 and the agony and ecstasy is heart-breaking.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hertzler Doings~April 8-114, 2013

Well, this week completely got away from me. We were busy with drama practices and performances with the Homeschool Drama Group-Nicholas Nickaby. Susan was Madame M.-a dress shop proprieter. Had a nice lunch at Ju dy's with Gwen.  I saw the Body of Christ work at its best this week and experienced the blessing of being part of a caring people in two totally separate instances. Met some very special people via phone. Nice visit with Anne and Ed. They brought a few more apple trees to trade with. We sent them home with some red buds. Anne and I got stuck in the truck at O'Briens. Had to walk out the lane and our rescuing husbands and Ron were just driving by. Killdeers eggs have all hatched safely. We have several families down low on our land. PFrank and Lisa and Lindsay at church this morning. Had a family meeting this afternoon and shared prayer needs and good thoughts. Bluebells bloomed at the river. Went to Tom's for ice cream.
Love blueberries. Last week I loved apple seeds. Got an appleseed video sent our way. Someday soon, I can share why I love them so much. Hopefully next week, I'll keep up with my blog better.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hertzler Doings~April 1-7, 2013

Mon.-Catching up with house and suitcases. Susan's first softball practice with homeschoolers tonight. I helped with food. So did Sherry Fisher. Nice to be near her again. They had been up to Pa for her parents 50th.

Tues.-Susan to co-op. I ran many errands. Michelle M. came in the eve. to talk, walk, and give Susan softball pointers. Made a big difference for her.

Wed.-Playing catch up with everything. Susan and Philip went out to youth group. Migrated to new building in town. They went out to Appleby's afterwards to celebrate Whitney's 21st birthday with many friends.

Thurs.-Finally catching up on blog this eve. Susan mowed lane today. Studied some Algebra. Made peanut butter eggs-half size. Both went to Dr. F's. Hadn't been there since Jan. Michael came home to sleep and catch up. He went out to Richmond with some friends to celebrate Jordan's 22nd birthday at a Texan restaurant. Phil home all day working on spreading potash and also collected scrap metal. Went out to Farmville in eve. to get critter feed. Ollie or Hollie is back. Found out some friends of ours had a visit from her. Softball practice cancelled due to rain forecast. It is snowing, sleeting, and raining, and I am the only one home. Been losing a pound a day since I got home by juicing, eating salads, and walking. Want to get in shape for when we go to the shore and do all that walking. Want to get in shape so I can keep up with a 2 year old. I should have been training for a marathon. I didn't know how hard it is to carry a 2 year old up a flight of stairs! I miss him.

Fri.-Another day of playing catch-up. Washed clothes, cleaned off desk, made food, tidied house, etc. Talked with Karen and Jonathan this morning. She had emailed me. Jonathan was not himself this past Sunday and they asked him if he was sad. He said, "yes." "Why are you sad?" they asked. "Aunt Annette..." he said sadly. Now, every night, that little guy has added Susan, Lucy, Michael, and I, to his prayer list. I called to talk with him on the phone. He was coloring. She said he pressed the phone as hard as he could to his ear. She said that he's been talking about the picnic we had in the living room. I wasn't feeling well and laid down on the sofa. I put a towel on the floor and his supper on a plate on the towel and told him we were having a picnic. Looks like he bought it. Alli came over after work and we visited awhile and made plans to have her birthday lunch here on Sunday. Michael came home and later went out to eat with some friends at Appleby's. Philip had BUCK night with four other young men. Susan made cookies for them from bought cookie dough that Philip had gotten. Mickey and Mitch, our neighbors, came and visited in the eve. Susan and I went over to the other Hertzler's and borrowed an outfit from Michelle for the Nicholas Nickaby Play that Susan is in next weekend. I had borrowed some outfits from Mickey as well and when I went to carry them out, I scared the wits out of Lucy. She didn't know what kind of satin and lace was headed her way.///I'm thankful that I got to catch up with Lindsay today. I'm thankful for ideas and hopes and writing dreams that we share. I'm thankful for all the love in our home. I'm thankful that Ollie/Hollie seems content to be home. Perhaps she will have a nest before long.

Sat.-What a great day! Beautifully sunny and breezy outside. Had a nice breakfast with Phil, which he made for us. Eggs, sunny side up, and Ezekiel bread and coffee, and time to chat and catch up a bit. He and his machinery dug 48 large holes to hold a variety of 48 apple trees. Found a killdeer nest of four eggs. Later, the mother returned and sat on her eggs. It's right next to one of the holes Phil dug. Michael had a nice day flying and then went go-carting with the Warrens. Philip worked around the farm with his pigs and property. I took Susan to Appomattox for drama practice. Then I went to Salvation Army with an actual list and got everything on it! Plus some really nice cushy bedding to use when we have Hertzler sleepovers. Went to Walmart and was home before noon. Did wash all day, made chili and taco topping for Alli's birthday lunch tomorrow, plus made her an angel food cake as well and frosted it with Cool Whip icing. Planted lots of pansies and bluebells. Vacuumed the floor and washed it and cleaned the bathroom as well. Listened to sermons while I worked in the kitchen. Emptied garbage and burned trash. Philip came home and removed the gas can away from the fire. It could have ignited when I was burning trash. I never saw it and it was right by the fire. I burned the trash at a different place than normal.  The can was sealed and they decided to buy that kind of can from now on. Caught up with Janelle and Dianna a bit via phone. Kathy T. took Julie and Susan to the mall after practice and then brought them back here. I took Kathy for a farm tour. She liked the river and the chapel. Dr. T. was here to pick her up when we got back. Julie's spending the night and they left a car for her. Phil, Michael, Susan, and Julie, watched Ice Age-The Continental Divide, and later, I suppose, the girls will watch the movies they borrowed from Freeman and Alli.///Thankful that I am still in one piece. Thankful for the holy marvel of an apple seed. Thankful for the energy to do so many things today. Thankful for popcorn and a movie.

Sun.-It was good to be back at New Life again. Missed the past two Sundays. Loved seeing people again. Henry was full of hugs and kisses. Had a taco salad birthday lunch for Alli here. Angel food cake with Cool Whip icing, strawberries, and ice cream, and a Marx brothers movie in the afternoon. Julie here with Susan. Spent some time at the river. Phil and I walked to see the bluebells and watercress and had a long talk. Jordan over with Michael. Later M. went to Warren's. Philip went to Edge group at Hampton Sydney. ///Thankful for the beautiful day. Thankful that God will bring us 'David.' Thankful for friends who missed me. Thankful for Michael's hug when he said good-bye. "I love you mommy. You're a good mommy."

Hertzler Doings~March 23-31, 2013

Mon.-(writing this on April 4th)-Vernie had Jonathan until late afternoon. Susan still has low fever. Weak. I did some wash and tidied up the house and rested until he got home. Cindy stopped in after he was home. He was so excited to see her. When she left he said, "No. Don't go." It snowed most of the day. Got a good 4-6 inches. Kept snowing even as it was melting. Jonathan looked out the window at the window seat and said, "Lucy's footprints!" He also said, "Daddy!" I looked out to see what he saw. Grandpa was loading the outdoor furnace with fire wood. I wrapped him up in a blanket and we went out to say howdy to Grandpa. Vernie said that Jonathan drank and drank. I had a hard time getting him to eat or drink anything because he wasn't feeling well. He looked really good when she brought him back. She said that he rolled on the floor, happily singing, "Mommy...Daddy." Debra came over and worked on reupholstering Karen's chair. Mom came over and visited too. Later in the eve., Mom, Dad, and Bradley came over to visit. Jonathan was so tired. He just laid on my lap and snuggled with me. I thought he'd go to sleep right away but every time I thought he was asleep and tried to lay him down, he wanted me to rock him some more. I decided to give him what he wanted because it was what he needed and what I wanted too. Brad stayed and watched a movie with Susan. A few days later, he was sick too. ///Thankful.

Tues.-Lindsay, Adi, and Emma arrived around noon. A happy day of playing, talking, little boy adjusting to sharing all of his toys, little girls adjusting to having to share Aunt Annette with Little Boy. Visited Mom and Debra in afternoon. Lindsay, Susan, little girls, and I found some more great buys at Debra's 'jewelry' store set up in their music room. Banton Ladies slept on make shift beds in the living room. So great to have them here. Thankful.

Wed.-Mom kept Jonathan and we girls went to visit The Reuzit Shop and B'B's. 'That was an experience' said Lindsay of BB's. That's exactly what I had wanted to hear. Another great day with the Banton Ladies. Joe and Karen got home around 11. Jonathan started to cry around 4. Karen was awake and went into him. "Mommy!" he cried, and went right back to sleep in her arms. I got to see the reunion through the door. Thankful.

Thurs.-Took Lindsay and girls up to the New Holland area. Susan found her quilt top at Cedarlane Dry Goods. All black and white prints. Log cabin. Beautiful. Called grandpa and he said we had better get it. Mom makes all the grand-daughters quilts for their graduation gifts. She will start on Susan's before long. Also stopped at Yoder's Restaurant for lunch. Buffet. Lindsay took a picture of her lunch and sent it to Gil to make him jealous. Visited the grocery store and also went to Good's where we got Susan a softball glove. Got back to Joe's around 2 and Lindsay had to leave. Jonathan was sad when he woke up to find the girls gone. I think he fell in love with Adi. Took Susan to Shady Maple Restaurant in the eve. to meet Travis and Corinne. I met Naomi at Squire side for supper. We went to Yoder's afterwards and were shrieking with laughter in the parking lot. Anita W. heard us and came over. She had recognized our laughs. Uh-oh. Philip and Michael arrived around 11 at night. Thankful for their safe arrival here and for Lindsays safe arrival at her home. Thankful for the classy quilt Susan will have someday.

Fri.-Met Phil, Alli, Freeman, and many other Hertzler's at Sight and Sound to see 'Noah' around 12:30. Mom and Dad gave us all tickets for Christmas this year. It was an excellent show. I held Jonathan for part of the time. Then he wanted 'daddy' then he wanted me again. When she didn't pass him back, he got fussy, but he had lasted quite awhile. Gathered at Mom and Dad's for our Easter supper of chicken corn noodles soup and bread and salad and other great things to eat.

Sat.-All of us visited friends and family today. Picked up 50 trees from Weaver's Orchard. Philip fished with Ryan P. in the morn and then Michael joined them for lunch at a local restaurant. Michael had gone to Shady Maple with Logan for breakfast. Took Jonathan over to the farm to play with Abby and Serena. Later, Michelle and I took him for a walk in his stroller. He was tired and ready to go down for his nap by noon. In the eve, we went to my sister Rosalee's place. Jim and the girls and Stew were there and Abie and Karen and Abby were there also. We think it was the best time ever. The kids ate and played in the basement-mafia something or other and Katrina recorded Freeman talking in different voices. They were shrieking with laughter the whole time. The six grown-ups over 50 enjoyed talking around the table. We had all kinds of lunch meat, cheeses, sandwich makings, tortilla chips and dip, soup, dessert, etc. for supper. It really was a lovely time. It was just about a year ago that we moved Mother to assisted living. She was there for about 3 weeks until she moved for the last time. It seems so long ago.

Sun.-Went to the Easter sunrise service at Pine Grove Cemetery. Watched the sun come up over Johnny's grave. We were invited by Ryan who goes to Conestoga Mennonite. I had my Easter moment when the man talking said how he was watching 'The Passion' and as they were beating Jesus, all he could think was, "This is the man I love. This is the man I love." I wanted to lay on the ground and sob. And then, Phil and I went to Johnny's grave. We were both crying. I said, "He isn't here." And he said, "He is the first of many who will come. Here, and Thailand. Many will follow after him (because of him). " We came back for breakfast at Joe and Karen's and had an egg quiche and Karen's famous coffee cake. Logan came over to say good bye and shortly after him, came his three brothers, then his mother and father. We had a good time with family all around. Had to cry when I said good bye to Jonathan. He thought he was coming with me. He was in his daddy's arms in the front yard, pointing his little scolding finger at me, saying, "No good bye. No good bye." Something like that anyway. Phil shared a number of things with Jonathan this weekend. His snickers at Sight and Sound and his cider, which he had Jonathan drinking from a quart jug.
We left for home around 9 and got home around 4. It rained hard for awhile. We had a lot to put away. Saving the suitcases for tomorrow. The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!