Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hertzler Doings~March 29-April 3, 2016

Mon.-Had a pleasant day in town. Shopping. Time with Jessica. Highlights? Found her wedding shoes-cowboy boots at Tractor Supply where she received a wedding blessing from the cashier. Seeing their little love nest in town and meeting her neighbor who knows nothing about anything and she is in her 80's and said, "I'll be a mother to you." And earlier, we both got to hold Baby Sterling H. at Greenfront. He is a week old and his mom was celebrating her birthday with her hubby and older son. Well, he's 5. Visited Judy with Jessica and we gave her some sewing work and laughed so loudly about things that Jessica invited us to her bachelorette party. But I don't want to embarrass Susan.

Tues.-Worked around the house and went to retrieve my jean shirt from Helen. I left it there Sunday.Took a picture of her tulips with Tommy's old truck behind them and people on facebook seemed to really love that photo.

Wed.-Got so much done today. Cleaned entryway and bathroom, worked in gardens, took N for a walk over at OBriens and took pics of redbuds and put him to sleep, cleaned up porches, made burgers, got Phil's wedding shirt ready, washed Kathy L's bedding since Mice were playing in there, cleaned up the dining room, vacuumed, etc. It's such a beautiful day. Susan cleaned her room and is finished cleaning the old house at HV and is mowing. Michael is getting off work early and will take care of the Redhot flat tire. I still need to do my stretches, put away the eggs, finish the wash, etc. Tomorrow I need to go to look for the outfit I need for the wedding since the one I ordered from the lady might not come in!

Thurs.-Met Betty G. at the mall in Lynchburg to return her books and she went shopping with me and we found my black flowy pants for the wedding at Christopher Banks!!!! We spent more time together later, at Zoe's kitchen and Fresh Market. I went to a consignment shop right down the road and then headed home and picked up the red hot tire and got some pizzas to make for the guys suppers on their way home from 12 hour work days. Crashed in the eve and watched a Monk with Phil.

Friday-Sunday-Busy, busy. Sunday afternoon we had some time down at the river loving bluebells and Nathan's giggling over the dogs in the water and his love of the sound of rocks plunking in the river. Freeman and Susan practiced their song for the wedding. Later, Susan went over to have supper with Philip and Jessica and Michael made quick tea donuts. We had popcorn and a movie when Philip and Susan came over. Nathan had gotten pretty wet in the river so they went home earlier. Such a nice day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hertzler Doings~March 21-27, 2016

Mon.-Feeling much better.  Still have residual cough but no achiness and fever.  Worked and rested all day. Susan is enjoying the shore with her friends. I hope she can go to the shore with these friends the rest of her life. One of them has a grandmother with a beach house and they are down there with her now. They help her clean it at the beginning of the season and then enjoy their free time together. Phil worked on getting ready for the week after he got home. They are starting a new job with many restrictions. And they have an hours drive both ways. They wanted them to work seven 12 hour days but Phil told them they won't work Sunday's. So, it should be about 2 weeks of early morning until late at night. 6-8. Overtime pay is the reward. MJ signed rental lease on a house. Book Club is reading Ragamuffin Gospel. So, so good.

Tues.-Today I went to Farmville and had lunch at Judy's. She ordered in wings and fries from Pizza Hut and had them delivered. Her daughter in law, Crystal, was there. I've always enjoyed being with her. We had a really nice time. After that I went to see Dr. Travis. He worked me over and got some ribs back in place. I had a coughing fit that put some of them out of place. Then I went to the accountants and got some things notarized, then to the PO to mail those things and to the dry cleaners to pick up the Phil's suit for the wedding, then to Jessica's work to give her a hug, then to Pairets where I bought 2 plain soft tshirts, then to Walmart and then home, glory be. Oh, on my way to town I stopped in to drop some things off at Janelles and got to see her new spelling cards for Micah. They are really great. I gave the info to Judy for Sammy Jo. I put the groceries away and then went to be with Nathan a little. We took a stroll over to OBrien's and he wasn't supposed to take a nap because it was late in the day but I couldn't keep him awake. I turned around and came back and we woke him up and he wasn't happy with us but then I played hide and seek with him and was having a hard time breathing he gave me such a cardio workout and he is completely knowledgeable about the game now so it's hard to pull one over on him. He wasn't happy when I left after about an hour. Came home and took care of the chickens, trash, garbage, and supper. Talked to Judy some more too. What a dear friend to all of our family. Phil got home around 8 and then had to go to Farmville to pick up some things from Lowes from work tomorrow. He said the day went well. He looks tired.
I am so thankful to be feeling better. Fever free and I can move more freely and don't cough so much.

Wed.-Had a long great day shopping in Lynchburg with Jessica. Went to pick up my pants but the lady texted me and said they hadn't come in yet.  First we went to Peebles and used Lori's 40 and 50 % off coupons on things already on sale. Then we went to see Lori and Bethany and Caed and Caed went right to Jessica and liked her. Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory. Then to Lifeway where we got a cake topper and Bible. Then to Michaels where we got more wedding things and ACMoore, Kohls, Rue 21, back to Lifeway where we went Michael and then over to Sam's Club where we got the dry goods for the wedding. Jessica and Michael went their own way and I went to the mall and found the shirt I wanted two weeks ago. It was hanging right where I hid it in plain sight. Then I went to Peebles on the way home and got the shoes that I thought about all day. Stopped in at Evergreen and got some boxes for them to use to pack and came home shortly before Phil. What a day. I found 3 things for Nathan's Easter gift. A little vest that I got for under 4 bucks at Peebles, a Veggie Tale Easter Story, and a huge ball that looks like a tennis ball. The moon is unusually beautiful tonight.

Thursday-Had a wonderful day with Nathan and then with Alli also, down at the river and back up at the house. Nathan played in the sand and threw stones in the river for 2 hours and he didn't want to leave.

Fri.-Did some cooking for Easter and had Nathan while Alli cleaned over at Happy Valley. Susan came home yesterday from the shore but had to work. Tonight she was able to come home and we watched a movie she redboxed about the guys who climbed Mt. Everest. Some returned. Some remain. None of us could understand why someone would do something like climb a mountain that could conquer you. I understand as far as empathizing with someone who wants to do it but I don't understand personally. It's not a mountain I want to climb.

Sat.-Finished up food for tomorrow and cleaned the house I think.

Sun-Wonderful Easter Sunrise service and breakfast at Walkers Presbyterian. Then great service at church and then went to Tom and Helen's for a pleasant afternoon. Nathan and Levi played so well together and one time, I was holding them both. We took pictures of the grandpas-Tom and Phil; their children, Freeman and Michelle, and Nathan and Levi. Altogether. Sang a little too but were I ate too much to sing with gusto. Watched Zorro in the eve with Phil and Susan.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hertzler Doings~March `14-20, 2016

Mon.-A good day. Got an area of the kitchen decluttered and stirred up some dust, etc and am having a hard time breathing. Susan and Jessica went out to Lynchburg to go Goodwilling and Michael was home with Phil and I and we watched a movie and had popcorn. Guys were working around here today. It's nice to have them around.

Tues.-More decluttering in the kitchen. The guys built Susan a hot house in the back. She planted all of the rest of her seeds and put them under the hot house lid. Took Janelle to town to get her car. Stopped in to see Jessica and later met the little girl she babysits-Avery. Such a dear. Got my groceries and came home and made a big pan of lasagna and divided it up into containers for the guys to have for work. They are starting 2 weeks of 12 hour work days plus 2 hours of travel so the suppers already made will save them some time eating on the way home. Susan and I watched a Monk while the food cooled. Got to bed pretty late. Day 2 of reading Ragamuffin Gospel with book club. I wish everyone in the world could read this book.

Wed.-Met Lori out in Lynchburg and we had a great day shopping together. Found the wedding pants I wanted at Pandoras Closet but needed the next size up which she has ordered. Finally found a top to go with it at Maurices of all places. We ate out at Zoe's Kitchen and then at the Mexican place for supper. I promptly spilled my tall glass of ice water and the guys working there had fun cleaning it up. Lori didn't even jump. I guess her nerves are shot by now. Visited Bethany for a little and she was the one who suggested Maurices after we had given up. Came home and wrapped things up and hit the sack. Have a temp of 99.8 and a nasty cough. Got it after getting rid of a rug that had mold in the back.

Thurs.-Had Nathan this afternoon while Alli cleaned at Happy Valley. He's such a little darling. Jessica came over in the eve. and made fried chicken. Susan mowed here and it looks so nice and smells so green. Walked to the river and saw my mother's daffodils blooming. Bluebells are just starting.

Fri.-Had Nathan this morning while Alli cleaned at Happy Valley. He was snuggly and ate my two over easy eggs for his breakfast. Phil took him over in the truck to see the guys working at HV. I worked some outside and the old house and dusted, vacuumed, and washed floors. Rested a lot too. This cough. And low grade temp. Wears me out. Reading Ragamuffin Gospel with the book club. I love this book.

Sat.-Did some things. Rested. 100.3 temp. Cough.

Sun.-Felt better. Went to church. So good. Rested all afternoon. Watched Columbo with Phil, Michael, and Jessica. Susan at shore with girlfriends for a few days.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hertzler Doings~March 7-13, 2016

Mon.-Susan got out and dug in the dirt and got her herb garden prepared. I started working in the back room, dragging everything in boxes out into the living room.

Tues.-Finished up the back room. Got rid of so much and organized the shelves. Nothing is on the floor but 2 containers of Nathans toys. Now I need to clean the closet back there. Susan pruned the apple trees and raspberry plants and planted some seeds. Nathan went to the doctor. He may have that nasty respiratory virus that children get but they will know more by Thursday. Dear little guy.

Wed.-Nathan improved overnight. Fever gone. Appetite back. Thank God. He and Alli came over today and we worked on the yard a little and took a gator ride over to Happy Valley to see the men working on the quarters. I worked on the kitchen this eve. and organized one area. Once you get one area clean the next area looks so cluttered and I wish I had energy to keep on going. Also worked in the old house a little. Susan cleaned out the chicken pen and spread oodles of buckets of chicken poop on the area she is planting a garden. Lucy is running free around Susan as she works and her last months sorrow of having no Susan is forgotten by now. It seems that there are an unusual amount of deaths lately. I've had a running list of people to send a sympathy card to. The closest home to me is the death of Elva Burkholder. She was like a mother to me when I was in Red Lake right out of high school. I wish I could come up this weekend for her service but there is too much going on. I'm so glad I went to see them the last time I came up by myself.

Thurs.-Nathan was grandma's boy today. We drove the gator to Happy Valley to visit Daddy and Uncle Philip and Dave Plank and Austin Gridley. They are replacing an original building over there. Then we went to the river and dug in the beautiful sand that the tornado left us. Then we went back to Happy Valley and Nathan fell asleep and slept 2 1/2 hours. We had to wake him up and he wasn't exactly happy about it. Susan worked in the eve. after being with a friend yesterday. Michael, Phil, and I, had burgers and peanut butter maple syrup popcorn for supper and watched 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treador.'  I am reading an autobiography of a woman named Katrina who lives in the area. Lived. She passed away this week and the friend who gave me her book is broken hearted as are many people. Quite a story. She helped many victims of Hurricane Katrina because of her name and website even though it was created long before the Hurricane came. I was thinking today about Revelation and how one group of people lost their first love. He commended them for their discernment and their lack of tolerance for an evil person and I wondered if we in the process of being discerning can step away from our first love. Even as we see what is evil around us, we can keep ourselves in the love of God, and not lose our first love.

Fri-Sun.-Wow. Forgot to write. Highlight was Sunday afternoon/eve birthday party for Jessica and Susan. Had a wonderful time. Shared what we appreciated about both of them. Of course I end of crying which is why they made me go first this time. Freeman and Susan practices 'Love Me Tender' which they will sing during the ceremony. Phil and I took Nathan for a gator ride in the dark. He almost fell asleep. After church, Phil and I went to Tom and Helen's for lunch. They've harvested great portions of their trees and it takes some getting used to see bare fields.