Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Man, Big Problem, Simple Solution

Once upon a time,
there was a commander of the army of the king of Syria.
He was a really great guy and a honorable man and very important.
He had one problem.
He was a leper.

The Syrians had gone out on a raid
and brought back a captive from Israel.
She was a young girl and she waited on Naaman's wife
hand and foot.

One day, she said to Naaman's wife,-let's call her Lindsay,
just for the fun of it-
"Lindsay. Where I come from, there is a great man of God.
He could heal your husband."

So, Naaman went and told the king of Syria about it
and being his friend, the king sent a letter to the king of Israel.
"Here is my servant Naaman. Heal him or else."
Something like that.

The king of Israel freaked out and said,
"Good grief! Am I God?
Who am I to heal?
He must want to start a fight with me."

And he tore his clothes in the agony of frustration
and probably very real fear.

Elisha heard about it and said,
"What's wrong? Why are you tearing your clothes.
Send him to me and he'll know that there is a prophet in Israel."

So, Naaman went to Elisha's house by way of his horse and chariot.

Elisha stayed in the house, perhaps drinking his tea and reading a book.

He sent a messenger to the door.
The messenger said, "Go to the Jordan river
and wash in it seven times,
and then you will have flesh that is clean."

Naaman was not happy with this bit of instruction.

He said, "I told myself that Elisha would come out to me
and call aloud to the Lord his God,
and wave his hand over the place,
and the leprosy would be gone!
I could have washed in other rivers closer to me
and they are better than the waters of Israel!"

And he was enraged.

But his servants talked some sense into him
saying, "If he asked you to do something great or complicated
you would have had no problem in doing it.
This is simple.
Why not do as he says?"

So, Naaman humbled himself and said, "Okay. I'll go."

And he went down and dipped seven times in the Jordan
and just as Elisha said,
his flesh was completely restored.
It looked as smooth and as clean as a child's skin.

And he returned to Elisha with all of his aides
and said to him,
"Now I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel,..."
which is actually an interesting perspective if you take the time to think about it.

The story goes on.
Greed complicates the beautiful ending.
And leprosy follows the descendants of Gehazi forever.
Read about it in 2 Kings, Chapter Five.
we have a great need.
It can be emotional, spiritual, physical, financial-
you name it.
We go to the Source of All Help
and we have in our minds how He will help us.

We think,
"If our child can just hang out with this group of people,
they will influence him for good, and he'll be okay."
Or, "When the new pastor comes, maybe he'll have the gift of healing,
or his wife will speak a word over me,
and I'll be delivered from this problem."
Or,"Maybe I'll win a sweepstakes and be set for life."

And all that may be true.

But what if we came to God and asked for help and healing
and didn't lose sight of Him during the healing process.

What if we stopped putting our trust in the dramatic
calling out to God and the waving of the hand?

What if we waited for His help,
keeping our eyes on Him,
and obeying Him in the simple things,
like "washing in the Jordan seven times"
or forgiving our enemies,
or eating healthy foods
or anything else He may tell us to do
that seems too simple.

I told Phil about this story on the phone
and he told me a story also.
He had just met a man named Dave.
Dave is the picture of health
and is a body builder.

He had a brain tumor
and to take it out,
they peeled back his face,
cut out the tumor,
and cauterized the arteries/veins,
and sewed his face back down again
using hundreds of stitches.

Then he was able to come home to recuperate.

One day he sneezed.

And the cauterized veins burst open.

He began bleeding from his wounds,
his nose, and around his jawline where his stitches were.

He called his neighbor who was a Baptist minister.
And then the ambulance came and took him to the hospital.

They couldn't stop the bleeding.
They shoved gauze up his nose and on his face,
breaking open the hundreds of stitches.
The doctor was on his way but it would be another 30 minutes until he arrived.

The Baptist minister came into his room
and called out to God.

"God! If you can do anything for this man,
do it now!"

("If you can" is supposedly not the world's greatest faith prayer.)

And, the bleeding stopped immediately.

When the doctor arrived,
the crisis was over.
He stitched him back up again.
We want to put God in a box.
We want to have a formula.

But God is God
and we are not.

God does not have to do things in a complicated dramatic way.
He can.
But He doesn't have to.

We could learn a thing or two from God.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hertzler Doings~May 27-June 2, 2013

Mon.-Memorial Day. Made juice for a few hours. Cleaned out the inside fridge and freezer. Homeschool ball in eve. Visited Katherine M. in hospital between games. I thought she looked great.

Tues.-Worked in old house for several hours. Cleaned metal cabinet. Susan on her final week or two of school. Reading 'Marching Through Culpepper.' Julie came over later in the afternoon. Had supper with us. Michael and Roger worked on the garage. Looks great with cedar siding on the outside.

Wed.-Got so much done today. Finished the 'have to organize before the pig roast' section of the old house. Been putting in an hour or two a day and I can feel it in my lungs. I'm going back to 15 min. a day before it gets hot and hopefully, by the end of the summer, things will look a lot better in there and maybe we can have a guest room set up. Also cleaned out several cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen. Threw out at least 5 bags of junk! Worked in the garden, canned nuts, cleaned up back porch a bit, cooked old Abbey meat to cut up for Lucy tomorrow, (Susan's project), and caught up with Sara. I am so thankful to have this kind of energy. Being diligent about drinking a gallon of water and taking my vitamins. Susan is working hard on finishing up history and getting a tan in the process. Oh, the bonuses of homeschooling.
Johnny Fisher is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. Pictures on face book are making me cry. His grand kids were all around him. He's looking pretty good.

Thurs.-Errand day. Dr. F., haircut for Susan, greenhouse for tomato plants, Food Lion, Walmart, Homeschool Ball.

Fri.-Canned nuts. 1 hour in open mason jar at 200 degrees. Wipe edge with a wet paper towel when you take it out, put on lids, and let it go pop. Making room in freezers by getting out rice, nuts, corn meal, etc. and canning it. Rosalee had surgery to remove her stent and it went well! Praise the Lord! Mom and Dad are down. They are coming over for supper as is Freeman and Alli. We are having sausage, apple, sweet potato bake and homemade cole slaw, salad, and some leftover peanut butter eggs for dessert. Here they are! Had a wonderful time and laughed ourselves silly over Philip's renditions of 'Scaring Ray.'

Sat.-Great Day. Got a lot of work done around here and then went to Bethany's graduation ceremony. Very deep and touching service. Stayed around and visited with others for awhile. Came home and changed and went over to Tom's for a most delicious supper of grilled steak, grilled chicken, ziti lasagna, rolls, seven layer salad, potato salad, olives, grilled veggies, and fresh strawberry pie. Amazing. Sat around and visited until 10 with everyone including John and Sandy. It's always nice to be with them. Got to hug nieces and nephews several times today. And got to almost snuggle with Dad on the sofa while we talked about different Old Testament prophets. My heart is full.

Sun.-Pastor Josh preached today after 8 years and was it 17 days of not preaching to an adult group. We'd like to have him  preach more often. He preached about the lies we believe. 1-we need to be self-sufficient. 2-God's heart is set and things will be as they will be. 3.-I deserve this. I had it coming to me. 4. I am not truly a child of God. After each lie was presented, the truth was shared. Came home and rested for a brief moment and then went over to the other Hertzler family to celebrate Bethany's birthday some more with a good hundred people I'm sure. There was plenty of food, fun, and fellowship. Some of the young men were playing songs and getting ready for the pig roast music fest. Came home after 5 and soon Mom and Dad came over for supper. Michael and Sarah made sausage biscuits and gravy. Some of us watched some Dundee while Mom, Dad, and Phil, looked up Hertzler genealogy on line. Great day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sleepover-May 24-25, 2013 with Abby, Serena, and Micah

I am here with Abby, Serena, and Micah.
Abby is 13, Serena is 11, and Micah is 9.

Last night, we watched The Road to El Dorado, Yogi Bear, and Surf's Up.
We ate pizza, popcorn, ice cream, and drank grape Fanta soda.
They slept on a big homemade bed on the floor.
Abby slept on the sofa.

For breakfast, we had pancakes and vanilla ice cream and watched
The Lorax and Princess Diaries.

Now it's time for Stories and Jokes!

What is white, black, and blue all over?
A frozen penguin.

There are three blondes walking on a beach.
Suddenly a genie appears,
and granted them each one wish.
The first one said,
"I hate being dumb.
I want to be 50% smarter."
So she turned into a strawberry blonde.

The next one said,
"I hate being dumb.
I want to be 100% smarter."
And she turned into a brunette.

The last one said,
"I LOVE being dumb.
I want to be 100% dumber."

And she turned into a man.
(At this punch line,
I gasped, and she said,
"If you don't like it,
I can tell you another one."
Abby has great respect for the men in her life-
just so you know.)
Serena's jokes:

How many blondes does it take to shoot a gun?
One to hold it.
One to pull the trigger.
And one to make sure the bullet is coming out the other end.

(Another gasp from Auntie Annette.)

There was this blonde and she went to the store
and she asked the store clerk,
"How much is that TV over there?"
And he said,
"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes."
So she went home and dyed her hair brown.

And she came the next day and asked the store clerk,
"How much is that TV over there?"
To which he replied,
"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes."
So she went home and dyed her hair red.

And came back the next day.
"How much is that TV over there?"
she asked.
And again he said,
"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes."
So she went back to her house and dyed her hair
green with purple and pink high lights,
and went back to the store.

And she asked,
"How much is that TV over there?"
And the store clerk said,
"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes."
And then she gasped,
"How did you know I was a blonde?"
He leaned over the counter
and said,
"My dear lady, it's not a TV.
It's a microwave."

There were three guys who escaped from jail.
One was a red head, one was a brunette, and one was a blonde.
A genie came from no where and said,
"Whatever you want to land in when you jump off a cliff,
I will grant you."
The red head said,
"What's better than money?
I'll just land in money."
So he ran and jumped off the cliff and landed in money.
The brunette said,
"I want to land in something soft like mattresses and pillows."
So he jumped off the cliff and landed on mattresses and pillows.
And the blonde said to himself,
"As I'm thinking,
I'll just get a running head start."
So he was running as fast as he could
and tripped on a rock and said,
"Oh, poop!"
Micah's stories-last but not least.

There were these three guys.
One was named 'Shut up',
one was named 'Stupid'
and one was named 'Poop.'
And they went on a camping trip.

Poop was riding on top of their jeep and fell off
so they stopped and Stupid went to help him.
A police officer showed up and went to talk to the driver, Shut Up.
"What is your name?" he asked the driver.
"Shut Up," Shut Up said.
"What is your name?!" he asked again.
"Tell me. What is your name!!!"
"Fine. So what's happening here."
"Oh don't worry. Stupid's just picking up Poop."
Abby has another one.

How do you kill a blonde?
Put a scratch and sniff sticker in the bottom of a pool.
(Another gasp from AA.)


I think it's time to go outside and play a yard game or two.
Farewell until next time.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hertzler Doings~May 20-26, 2013

Mon.-Trying to get on-line driving course worked out. It didn't record Susan's test scores and now she has to do them again. Went to Farmville to run some errands and had early supper with Betty and Kelly at RT. Came home and Freeman was smoking the bees. He had his face mask on and gloves. He was taking out the extra queen thingys so the bees wouldn't swarm. Julie is here to spend the night and they'll go to the field trip tomorrow with the Trans.
Talked with Rosalee this morning. It has been 4 years since Abie was killed in a car accident. I can't believe it's been that long. Death is so final. She said, "He isn't coming back." And they were such good friends, all of them. She said that she has to look forward until she can see him again.

Tues.-Susan and Julie left around 7:45 to meet her parents and other homeschoolers at Sheetz. They headed up to DC in a van and won't be back until late tonight. They went to an Anatomy museum as one of their stops. I went to Lynchburg and bought things at Sam's Club for the Pig Roast. It was unusually hot today. My brother, David, turned 50 today. I sang Happy Birthday to him but I hurried because he was in the vets office and the vet walked in as we were talking. He is so much smarter and wiser than I am but I still think of him as my little brother. He's such a great guy. Michael had fun with Sarah on their first real date. Went to Wasabi next to the Dollar theatre and had a real hibachi meal made right in front of them. This was after they saw a movie. Michael is working around here cleaning up the place and getting it ready for the pig roast. The guys are working hard at Richmond trying to make up for lost time that occurred while waiting for a permit. I bought Phil a book for Father's Day today but I think I should read it first, just to make sure it's okay. ;) It's a Sherlock Holmes book about Biblical mysteries. Hope it doesn't get too wet in the bathtub.

Wed.-Picked up Susan at Trans. Worked in old house, made applesauce, cleaned up cottage and prepared futon mats to be exchanged for the massage table in the cottage, worked in garden, etc. Susan mowed Happy Valley. Michael worked around here and got to fly. Saw a complete rainbow. Philip and Susan went fishing in eve. Alli and Freeman worked on their garden over here. Phil worked on fields after a hot day at work. It's cooler outside than in.

Thurs.-Stay at home day. Cleaning, cooking, old house organization. Susan got her on-line Driver's Ed. certificate today. Michael working in Richmond with guys. Ball cancelled because of storm predictions.

Fri.-Went to CCA's commencement service with Susan. So much fun to see everybody again. Bought some groceries at Kroger, rested a bit when we got home, headed out to Farmville, and picked up Abby, Serena, and Micah, on our way home. They are spending the night. We just watched three movies-Road to El Dorado, Yogi Bear, and Surf's up. Michael and Susan had some friends over-Jordan, Haley, and Sarah, and Philip had his BUCK night over in the man cave. Susan, Sarah, and Haley, braved the pond and came back cold. They're playing Apples to Apples in Susan's room now. Philip and his guys are playing Rook after their Bible Study. Phil's reading 'Marching through Culpepper' and I am trying to keep my eyes open.

Sat.-So, the threesome were awake before 7. They watched another movie-The Lorax-while I made them pancakes. Then we had ice cream and watched another movie-Princess Diaries. Then, we did some blogging and played a few yard games. I even played a bit of whiffle ball with them. Oh, that's why I am so stiff. As I made lunch, they watched yet another movie-Blank Check. Then, I took them home, much to their disappointment. Abby and Serena showed me some of their treasures when I dropped them off. Two sets of baby kittens, a banty rooster, Tommy's zipline he made for the little kids, beautiful vegetable gardens, the lost and found puppy that growls while he wags his tail, and their mom's freshly made rhubarb jam and muffins. Yum. Susan mowed and cleaned out the chicken pen, the guys were working on their mancave and other projects, Phil worked around the farm, looking so happy on the tractor, Freeman and Alli picked up a piece of furniture and a flat tire gave them some trouble, and I cleaned the house, did wash, and made a chicken. The guys in the old gang got together tonight. That was nice. They're spending the night and having Big Breakfast in the morning. Susan met the Tran girls at the trail and they went to the homeschool play in Appomattox. Lucy wants to be with me more than usual. I think I will hit the sack early tonight. All these movies and popcorn and ice cream have me worn out.

Sun.-Michael, Philip, and friends, had big breakfast here and church. Michael led worship and Philip had the interactive sermon. Phil, Susan, and I, went to 'regular' church at New Life. All week, I've been trying to sing a particular song and I just couldn't get it together. And we sang it today. "Savior, you can move the mountains, our God is mighty to save..." It was such a joyful relief to sing it since it's been hovering around in my spirit trying to be heard all week. Pastor Lou preached and he did well. There were baptisms and baby dedications (got to hold Elijah) and communion as well. And then we had a little reception afterwards for Pastor Jerry and Laura. We said our good byes and thank you's. We'll miss them but will keep in touch. Had a relaxing afternoon reading and watching Crocodile Dundee 2 and 3. Mom called and Steve F. called. It looks like they all might be down here around the same time. Susan went to J.T.'s for Bible Study and Memorial Day bonfire. Philip went fishing with Erik and Jordan and Michael went to Warren's.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hertzler Doings~May 13-19, 2013

Mon.-Out to town for lots of errands and softball. Michael, Susan, Sara, Abby, Julie, and possibly Meredith, went out to Macado's afterwards. I had a nice conversation with Eileen and Sherri. Making new friends, too. I'll miss softball when it's over.

Tues.-Our to town for co-op. Dianna treated me to Cook Out for my birthday.

Wed.-Busy day at home. Made mashed potato soup and angel food cake for Catherine's birthday dinner tomorrow at Judy's. Caught up with Janelle and Catherine on the phone. Cleaned off my desk and finished mulching the raspberries and peonies. Susan mowed at Happy Valley and our place. Hot sultry day with high winds. Every one seems extra tired.

Thurs.-Today's highlight-Birthday party for Katherine Mac at Judy's. I brought mashed potato soup with chopped hard-boiled eggs and bacon for topping. Judy made chicken salad and which we ate in warm croissants. I used a dozen egg whites in the angel food cake and made a glaze for it and we served that with strawberries and whipped cream. We took lots of pictures and had a great time. She felt dearly loved and unworthy. There was a message from her on the phone when I got back from softball. She said that God meant for us to be friends. I agree. She'd like to get the gang together once a month. Besides Judy and I, these were the friends she asked for and received. Betty, Dianna, Amy, Mabel, Jeannie, and Corrie. Had a great time at ball too. Teresa thought I might have had a little something to drink. I sang her at least three songs. Feelin' a little high on friendships. Michael met with Kevin W. Awaiting an answer.

Fri.-Michael got Kevin's blessing to date his daughter. Whoot! Whoot! Love this girl. Picked strawberries-about 19 pounds-with Susan. Froze most of them for smoothies. Made sausage egg muffins and fish and salad. Guys home early. Phil went to Men's Retreat for the eve. with Chris. Freeman leading worship. Philip with friends up at the Poconos. Michael to Warren's for the eve.

Sat.-Dr. F. put me on a serious regimen to try to get rid of Lyme's. Working on kidney and liver. No sugar whatsoever. No nuts, chocolate, coffee, or fruit. Stopped in to see Janelle and Micah on way home and pick up berry bushes from Helen. Micah hugged me several times and showed me his treasure box. It was his daddy's and it had money from other countries and a full passport, driver's license, little Stein mug, etc. He was very happy. It was nice to visit with them. He also showed me his swords and medals he won in karate. Talked with Janelle about going to Williamsburg together again. Michael hooked me up with Spotify on the computer and God answered my cry for good worship music. I like the quiet and seldom have noise on but there are times when my mind needs help and I'd like to distract it from negative thinking and think on God and worship Him with other worshippers. Am making several gallons of chicken rice vegetable soup. These are the veggies I am putting in. Spaghetti squash, cabbage, collared greens, spinach, celery, onions, carrots, garlic, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, turnips, lima beans...I think that's it. Phil's home working on paper work and talking out loud to himself while he listens to Phil Keaggy. He was supposed to go to Richmond and be a republican delegate but he just had too much catching up to do and it didn't suit Dr. H. to go either which helped him make his decision to stay home.
Sarah and Alan, a friend of her sister's, came by. Michael took them to the river while Susan finished cleaning her room and bathroom. When they came up they watched a movie. The rodeo they were going to watch was cancelled because of rain. They came in the house, ate some supper, made some popcorn, and are watching another movie. I am reading the latest Jan Karon book I picked up at Goodwill and Phil is watching a teaching DVD on the Civil War.

Sun.-Pentecost Sunday. Holy Spirit Come. Went to Raleigh, NC, with Phil in the afternoon to see his cousin Dennis at the rehab center. Had a two hour visit with him and came back home. I love his mind and the way it works. Through a mishap, he has lost the ability to move his hands. Nerves were damaged. Pray that his nerves grow back quickly and that God will give him healing, grace, strength, and joy. Sarah and Michael are posting very cute pictures on face book. She's a keeper, please Jesus.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rain drops, Singing birds, and that 24/7 Beeping

I woke up alone in my king size bed in Ocean City, New Jersey, last Monday.  It was the last day at the beach with my girlfriends and it was raining. I opened the door to the balcony and crawled back under the warm blankets.

I love the sound of birds singing their morning greeting. I love the sound of rain dripping on various  objects. A rain drop hitting a tin roof makes a different sound than a rain drop hitting concrete or plastic chairs. How pleasant the symphony of rain.

And then, in the distance, I heard the beep, beep, beep of a large vehicle backing up. All day and all night and all day and all night for as long as we've been here the crews have been working to build up the beach after Hurricane Sandy's destruction. Large machinery out in the ocean has been sucking up sand and piping it back to the beach. Sand and salt water is then spewed out in big wet sprays on the bare beach. The water runs back to the ocean and a big crane-like shovel scoops up the sand and swings around and plops the sand on the section of the beach they are restoring. Hours and hours of man-power and machine power are at work to prepare for summer guests to have a sandy place to lay their beach towels, get a tan, and read a novel.

I decided to focus on the sound of the birds singing and amazingly, the birds singing became louder than the other noises.The beeping died down. As soon as I stopped focusing on the birds' song, the beeping became annoying louder.Then I focused on the musical rain, and again, the beeping faded in the distance.

But finally, its' insistence broke through my resolve to listen to the beauty of early morning and I got up and closed the door on the beeping and retreated back under the covers with a captivating book.

I've been thinking about that Monday morning experiment all week.
The sound I focused on became the sound I heard the loudest.

In life, there is beauty all around us.
In life, there is always a beeping annoyance.

Sometimes, we have to deal with the annoyance before it goes away.
We have to turn off the key on the equipment that is producing the beep.

Sometimes, that beep may never go away, and we have to get up and close the door.

Sometimes, the annoyance of the beep causes us to search out what is causing the beep.

I am talking of our souls now.

The beep is a warning that something is coming our way.
The beep protects us from injury.

Other times, we are far away from the dangerous equipment.
We are under the blankets and want to focus on the beauty of life.
Then, it is okay to ignore the beep.

In light of that thought, several verses come to my mind.

Jesus focused on the joy set before Him when He was facing the cross.
He endured the pain and despised the beeping shame.
He knew that many would come to Him in glory
because of His death and resurrection.
He focused on you. On me.
We were the joy set before Him.

And then, there are Isaiah's wonderful words-
"You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are stayed on You.
Because we trust in You."

It is possible to have perfect peace in the midst
of terrible suffering.
It is possible to have perfect peace in the midst
of the annoying beeps of life.

Deal with the beeps if you have to
and stay focused on the joy that will
soon be yours.
Stay focused on the singing.
The birds.
The raindrops.

Stay focused on Him.

Hertzler Doings-May 6-12, 2013

Mon.-Good day. Went out to Farmville. Got groceries, etc. Picked up two red box movies. Rain. Rain. Rain. 1 1/2 inches.

Tues.-Went out to co-op. Had lunch with Catherine at Riverside. She gave me her brother's manuscript about Mary, the Mother of Jesus to peruse. Stopped in to see Judy before heading home. Michelle came over late afternoon for a visit. Knit group in eve. Baby shower for Teresa. Good to see the girls again. 1 1/2 inches of rain.

Wed.-Watched 'Lincoln' with Michael and Susan. Chalked it up under 'history' hours. Cleaning back room. Can reach the piano again. Raining more. Making candles. Day 8 of Juice Fast. Eating that salad yesterday made me hungry for salads to eat rather than salads to drink. Officer H. stopped by today. He is interested in buying Philip's pigs. He showed us how his dog performs and told us how he is trained to scent follow humans, etc. He also told us how to barbeque a pig with apple juice. He reminds me of Buddy S. I made the first salad from our garden. Lettuce and spinach. I added cucumbers, radishes, and onions. I decided that it is okay to eat anything I could juice. I made up a salad dressing that is delicious. One avocado smushed. A squirt of olive oil. Twice as much red wine vinegar. Salt. A tsp. of honey and a tsp. of coconut sugar. Mix it up. Then toss it with the salad. I had it for lunch and supper. Susan wants it every day. The supper men liked it also. The sun shone a little this evening. The sky is blue and pink. There is fog in the meadow. The dishwasher is running. A new candle is burning. There is peace in our valley.

Thurs.-Once again, Homeschool Softball unites the Body of Christ, and I am glad.

Fri.-My 55th birthday. Heard from family and friends via face book and phone calls. Last day of 10 day juice fast. Celebrated with homemade ice cream. Mulched front garden. Phil brought home beautiful lilies, peonies, and purple flowers. We dug up a new little garden on the other side of the front porch. Windows open. Breezes blowing.

Sat.-Almost finished new front garden. Cleaned house. Went to a meeting at church to meet-n'-greet some precious people. Visited Buddy S. and Cierra and Ian after we came home. Kids had friends over tonight. Sarah, Jordan, Haley, Erik, and April. They made a big pot of pasta with cheese sauce, bacon, and sausage. They're playing a version of volleyball in a circle and the plans are to play Quelf later. Sara S. gave me a bonsai plant with the word 'Faith' on it. I asked God for the gift of faith and he gave it to me. She wrote a most encouraging note. I love her. I am thankful for hope. I am thankful for the tearily whispered 'Thanks for bringing them to us.' I am thankful for the sound of young voices laughing and the bopping of the ball.

Sun.-Yay! Pastor Bill and Jenny McIntosh were overwhelmingly welcomed by love and votes by New Lifer's this morning. They have four children ranging in ages 8-17. They've been staying with Steve and Dianna this weekend. Our whole family was there together. Michael made me a Mother's Day meal of Fish and Chips. We had ice cream and Freeman and Alli's brownies for late dessert. We watched a movie together in the evening. A Bourne movie. It was a nice day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hertzler Doings~April 28-May 5, 2013

Mon.-Still at the beach house. Raining and a bit chilly. Washed our sheets and towels and cleaned the house. Loaded the car. Went to a little Mexican Restaurant nearby while things were in dryer. Came back and switched things around and went shopping on Asbury Street. Came back and finished putting away towels and dishes. Headed for home around 1:30. Rough traffic in Phila. Went back to Naomi's.Went out to Yoders with Mabe, Naomi, Krissy, and Ashley. Had the soup and salad bar.  Met Bev on her way home from work. Had sent most of my things with her since there wasn't room for everything in Naomi's car. So good to see her again. Came back and watched Pride and Prejudice with the girls until we couldn't keep our eyes open. Slept again in Morgans bed.

Tues.-Visited with Naomi over coffee and then headed to Rosalee's for breakfast shortly after 8. She made everything so special by using Mother's place mats, plates, saucers, and glasses. She served a toasted English muffin with ham, eggs, and provolone cheese. After she made it, she wrapped it in foil, and the cheese melted into everything. So good. Also served hash browns, Grandma Landis' crumb cake, fresh fruit salad, coffee, and orange juice. We had such a nice visit. Then I headed to Glennwood Foods. Bought some ham loaf and a frozen turkey to keep it cold in my cooler. Bought some cereal, etc. Then headed home. I stopped at Marian's Fabric Store off 81 and bought some housecoat material and fell in love with her son-in-law's huge German Shepherd-Damien. I videotaped him on my camera for Phil and he fell in love with him too. Had to keep stopping at rest stops to stay awake. Closed my eyes at one just to rest a bit. Judy talked to me the last half hour of the trip and that really helped. Got home after 6:30 and had left around 11. Put alot of my things away and gave out gifts. I got Susan pretty earrings that had lots of little pieces of color in an oval shape and circular shape.She liked them very much. I got the boys a painted sign that says, "MANCAVE-Women by Invitation Only." They loved it. I got Freeman and Alli a box of Shriver's salt water taffy. I got Phil...well, I came home. And he forgot he had a meeting and he got there late and wasn't here when I got home. Took me a long time to stop jerking awake. Kept feeling like I was about to be run over by big trucks. So much traffic on 81.

Wed.-Catch up day. Washed and cleaned and rested and blogged. Saw Lindsay's announcement on facebook. She announced it with a picture. A clothesline. Gil's white shirt. Lindsay's white baggy shirt. Emma's white dress. Adi's white slip. And a little white onesie. Little darling is now a size of a hershey's kiss. 9 weeks old.

Thurs.-Second day of juice fast. Miserable. Aching. Cold.

Fri.-A significant day. All will be well.

Sat.-Alli got me some tomatoes and herbs to plant. It's cold outside. Heart of Va. Julie and Susan went to Heart of Va. and fireworks. S. spent the night at Julz.  Freeman got a 23 pound turkey at Rich's. Michael is working there today and got to see it. Phil and Philip are fishing. Freeman, Alli, and I, went to Ranck's to pick up our two beehives. Gil and Emma spent the night. They are going to District Council this week. So great to see them. Emma slept in bed with me since Phil was away.

Sun.-Nice breakfast and conversation with Gil, Emma, and Michael. Gil took part of the service at church and represented corporate missions in PAThomas's sermon on missions. They came back here afterwards along with Freeman, Alli, and Susan. We had toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and tortillas with bear meat and beans for anyone who wanted it. They left soon after 3. So great to see them. So easy to be with them. Phil and Philip got home late in eve. with two coolers of trout. Phil got to see Tom T. while he was in Pa. I'm starting to feel better. Day 5 of juice fast.