Monday, December 28, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Dec. 28, 2015-Jan. 3, 2016

Mon.-A special thanks to my sister-in-law, Karen, for her generous hospitality, and the gracious way she shares with us. I know she is washing sheets and towels today or tomorrow and is cleaning up the bathroom and bedrooms. Not only is she my sister in law, she is a dear friend I have had for years, before she was even part of our family. Susan and I went grocery shopping today and came home and did a lot of food prep while we washed clothes, etc. When we finally sat down to eat, we watched some 'I love Lucy,' which is a dangerous thing to do if one chokes as easily as I do. The Amarillas that Susan got me last week is blooming at its finest right now. It is white and the window sills are white and the manger scene she got me is white. It's just so beautiful together. Jess had spent the night and she and I had breakfast together before she left for work. She told me about the kind things that were said to her by the cousins this weekend. It's in the 40's and raining. I have some time alone this evening so I've been catching up on my blog writing. I could take down Christmas decorations but I'm just not ready to do that yet. It's nice to know that my two sister in laws, Karen and Linda, will be reading this soon. As well as Naomi and Lindsay. I love you, dear family and friends.

Tues.-Did some wash and had Nathan time. Susan went to work a double shift and Alli went out to Farmville to run errands. Made some rice,beans, and meat mixture as well as cooked and froze a 2 pound bag of northern beans. Tidied up some more. I'm not quite unpacked but hope to be by evening's end. Still getting Christmas cards in the mail and I'm not near ready to put away Christmas decorations. When one is waiting for Jesus to come, it feels like Christmas is tomorrow every day.

Wed.-Had a day alone and organized a cleaning schedule notebook. Every year I have a goal to simplify. I don't know why I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff. I'm also working on developing a face book book club. Lindsay said she'll co-lead it with me. We're making plans tomorrow. I also did some Christmas clean-up. Later, when Phil got home, we watched some 'Murder She Wrote' with Susan.
Called Karen H. to find out the cookbook cover that Cindy gave to Jonathan. It was full of healthy recipes. I found a used one on Amazon and also ordered the Building a House book that he got for Christmas. She had a good time on Tuesday making donuts with her nieces and nephews. I'm so glad she does this. Makes me want to get back to having sleepovers with Serena, Abigale, and Micah. Haven't done that for half a year and we were trying to do it every 3 months.

Thurs.-Got up early and organized my plan of Bible Study and Memory work for 2016. Someone messaged me on Facebook and thanked me for the postings I've put on FB and invited me to their prayer meeting at the Methodist Church in Appomattox. They meet there and pray for their children.
Met with Lindsay over the phone and we planned our on-line Book Club. Nathan came over for a few hours while his mommy cleaned their house for company. Michael and Elizabeth P. are stopping in overnight on their way to a wedding. N loves electronics and balls. He can whip a ball in the right direction with either hand. He hung on to me when it was time to leave and his mommy is smart enough to be glad he likes to be here. Phil and I watched a mystery or two or three or four, actually, before going to bed and we didn't actually see the new year in neither did it occur to us to do so. Philip had a party at his house and Michael and Jessica were there. Susan worked and then spent the night in town with a friend.

Fri.-Happy New Year's Day. I wanted to find a word for the year. Last year I think my word was Simplify. Today, I read something that I want for this year. It's in John 12:21. "...we would see Jesus." Well, we had a nice surprise this morning. Jessica is wearing a ring! She and Michael went over to Philip's to bring in the New Year with some friends and Jessica fell asleep a little before midnight and Michael told her he'd wake her up to bring in the NY. Camera's were rolling when he woke her up and he said something like, "Jessica, do you know what my New Year's resolution is? I want to marry you. Jessica, will you marry me?" And she said, "Yes," and the rest of the day has been somewhat of a dream. News travels fast these days and as soon as immediate family and grandparents knew, it went on face book. What a happy day. (Hold April 9th  unless you hear otherwise.)

Sat.-Cleaned the house and watched 'Murder She Wrote' with Phil in eve. Michael bought packing boxes and is seriously cleaning his area over there. Susan had a sleepover with Molly, Mary, Claire, and Jodi, last eve. They came over and made pancakes and left late morning. Susan cleaned her room-we are all decluttering-and later, she, Michael, and Jessica, went over to Meredith's to play 'The Farming Game' and Uno.

Sun.-Reading the book of John. Preparing for 21 day corporate church fast beginning tomorrow. Also starting de-cluttering challenge tomorrow. And ChickLits starts for real tomorrow. It's good today is a day of rest. Gave Jessica her second piano lesson. She learns fast. Barrett came over and Susan and him shot guns and later played Monopoly and Uno. Jessica and I watched 'Shall We Dance?' Michael surprised her with ballroom dancing lessons for Christmas. Now she is even more inspired.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Dec. 21-27, 2015

Mon.-Did wash. Tidied up. Watched all of the Downton Abbey we have with Susan. Fever 100 in eve.

Tues.-Did wash. Watched Murder she wrote with Susan. Wrapped Hertzler and Diffenbach gifts. Made more caramel corn for Hertzler Christmas and caroling.

Wed.-Packed, tidied up, watched some Jessica Fletcher with Susan, went to see Dr. F. and got some alternative meds for lungs and throat, watched more JBFletcher with Phil. Michael, Susan, Philip, Jessica, Erik, April, Chace, and I am not sure who all, went to see Star Wars tonight after dinner at Macado's. It's been raining all day. Tomorrow, we'll start to use the leftover lumber around here to start building an ark.

Thurs.-Packed and cleaned and set off for Pa around 1:00. Unloaded at Joe's and changed a little and met the others right up the road and joined our family and friend's for our annual Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. It was great to see my nieces, nephews, in-laws, Boyers, Laws, and all of the people we sang with and for. We gathered back at Jim and Debra's for food, fun, and fellowship.

Fri.-Merry Christmas! Had a nice breakfast with Joe, Karen, and Jonathan. All of us are staying at their place including Jess, who shared the double bed with Susan. Apparently she checks people's faces while she sleeps to see if they have a fever. She fit right in with everything and everybody. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's. They can still get most of us in there. Usually one family is missing. I'm not sure what they'd do if we were all there at once. After lunch we enjoyed some time out in the warm sunshine. Philip reminded me of his Uncle Johnny. He ran around with a little cousin on his back and played tag with the rest of his cousins. Nathan enjoyed the bridge and the fish, Jackson the dog, and his little cousin and a half, Lydia. What a sweetheart she is. She banged her head and cried and Nathan ran into the house to tell his daddy all about it. He was holding his head and crying a little and communicated that he was feeling sorry for her. After we were outside for probably an hour, we went back in and read the Christmas story and sang songs. But first, we exchanged gifts. Later, Janelle and I walked back up to the field beyond the woods and talked and caught up. In the evening, the kids played board games and the grown ups sat around and talked and we all ate leftovers. I got to visit with Shirley, Debra's mother, for a little while, and that was one of my highlights of Christmas. What a wonderful family is this family. I love them all and appreciate the heritage they've preserved and passed on.

Sat.-Had a yummy breakfast casserole handmade by Karen. Michael, Susan, Jessica, and I, went to BB's and the thrift store. They went to Grandma's for a lunch of leftovers. Phil had a good time visiting with his brother Paul several times this weekend. He and Joe caught up too, when Joe was in from work. In the afternoon, I got a mac and cheese casserole ready for tomorrow and did a load of wash. Jonathan came over with Phil and I to visit his parents and around 4 we Diffenbach's left for my brother Abe's house for our family gathering. It took us awhile to get there because there were so many Amish buggies on the back roads. We had a great family time together, eating, talking, singing, playing Mafia, etc. Jessica loved her time there too. On the way to Elverson on Thursday, we had dropped off a quart of fresh oysters and our corn. Abie made oyster filling. Everything was wonderful. My niece, Kelly, and her husband Armand, and her children, Noah and Gracie were there too. She sat beside me at the adult table catching up. We got 'home' soon after 10.

Sun.-Nice leisurely Sunday morning. Church at 10. Worship was wonderful. You could hear the people singing around you. So many dear friends were happy to see us. After church, we had the Mast Reunion. Uncle Allen was there. We sat with family and friends and ate, talked, and sang. Dennis Mast was there, too. Phil was so happy to see him since we just missed the Christmas caroling at their place. Jessica felt so at home. For all of us, really, it was just a wonderful Christmas weekend. I love my nieces and nephews. And Phil's family and my family show their love in different ways but there IS love all around and we are rich and grateful. We headed home around 4 and got home around 9:40. Susan drove the last mile. She had a great Christmas too. Happy Birthday Dear Lord Jesus. We're so glad you were born.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Dec. 14-20, 2015

Mon.-Ran lots of errands in Farmville from noon on and didn't get home until 8:30. Got my hair cut, visited Judy, Ginger, Jessica. Ran into Jenny at Uptown. Went to Walmart, Cato, Tractor Supply, and I forget what all.

Tues.-Busy day tidying up, making veggie burger mix, pretzels with wafers and M&M's, watching Monk with Michael. Alli and Nathan came over in the afternoon and we enjoyed riding the gator in this beautiful weather.

Wed.-Made some peppermint marshmallow candy and caramel corn. Watched a movie with Susan in the afternoon. In the eve. Phil, Susan, and I watched some Downton Abbey. Sent Susan a text while she was at the gym and asked her to tell me when she was coming home so I could turn down the music and put some clothes on. She said she burst out laughing and people looked at her in the gym like she wasn't quite right.  She bought me a beautiful bulb in a vase whose flower will be white. She said she wants to buy me flowers all the time.

Thurs.-Ran out to Appomattox to pick up our Christmas ham gifted from Jamerson. Also picked up my note cards at the print shop and went to Walmart and Kroger. Gil and Lindsay and their kiddos came around 1 and we had a wonderful day together, talking, eating, drawing, exchanging gifts, etc. Susan got to share with them about her upcoming adventure. Adi sat on her lap playing with her new puzzle game for a nice long time. Emma cut out pastry with cookie cutters and we put them on top of the turkey potpie. Emma snuggled with Philip on the sofa and also pretended she was Mary and held baby Jesus. Adi and I enjoyed drawing together. Freeman got to visit them for a little while but Alli and Nathan didn't get to see them yet due to head colds. Jessica came over in the eve. and got to meet them and spent some quality time with Linds. When they are here, it's like they've never left. What a wonderful family we have.

Fri.-Went to Appomattox with Susan and Bantons and had fun shopping in the little shops. A quote I want to remember:"John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach, says you aren't a failure until you start to blame. What he means is that you can still be in the process of learning from your mistakes until you deny them. " From the book, Mindset, by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. 'An Essential Read for parents, teachers, and coaches. ' Went to staff party tonight at New Life.Gil and Lindsay visited Jamie and Ginger and boys and the Atkinsons.

Sat.-Phil and I both have what the others had this past week. Some kind of sore throat head cold thing. I'm writing this a few days late and I forget what we did today. It was nice to be with Gil, Lindsay, Emma, Adi, and Ben. We made some peppermint marshmallows. The family party was held over at Philip's since Phil and I felt sick.

Sun.-Phil went to church. I stayed home. The Banton's stopped in to say good bye before they left. Pastor Bill and Jenny took them out for lunch after church. Had our family Christmas at 4. It was wonderful to have Jessica with us. It was a giving Christmas. I started to list special gifts but was concerned that I'd forget someone. We read a Christmas story and Luke 2. We sang carols. Exchanged gifts. Had a simple supper. And played the Farming Game. It was a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Dec. 7-13, 2015

Mon.-Stayed with Nathan and his house while his mommy ran errands so that someone would be there if a package came and a signature needed to be had. Watched the new Cinderella with Susan-"Have Courage and Be Kind," and "I forgive you," were two of the concepts that makes this movie powerful. Watched more Downton Abbey with Phil and in between the noon show and evening show, I cleaned up clutter areas like crazy. Susan helped coach New Life Lion's. They won!

Tues.-Cleaned hard in our bedroom and back room and found the dead mouse that was making its' presence known. Alli and Nathan came over for a walk. He wanted to ride with Phil in the tractor. He likes big machinery.

Wed.-Went out to Appomattox and caught up with Lisa at Granny Bee's, bought a flowy vest at B&L's, browsed Country Charm and Baines, picked up my notecards and cookbooks at the print shop, bought two shirts at The Little Things in Life, found some great buys at Salvation Army, got some dog food and chicken feed at Southern States, went to Walmart, Peebles, and Kroger. Came home, put things away, wrapped gifts, and when Jessica came to drop off some things for Michael who was in bed since 6 and not feeling well, we sat up and visited until after 11. I love that girl.

Thurs.-I had my Christmas moment today. It lasted for a long time. Lindsay called, asked if I had a few minutes, put her phone on speaker, and she and the girls and I shared in their devotional time. They sang all of the verses of "Be Thou My Vision", Adi read Ps. 103:1-6,7, and then they sang "O Come all Ye Faithful." It was so beautiful and overwhelming to hear the girls singing. I sang with them when I could and the rest of the time I was weeping and feeling like a billionaire. What a gift. One of the best Christmas gifts ever. It gives me great joy to hear the truths they are being taught and to hear how well they can sing and read. But most of all, I felt the love. The love of God and the love of Lindsay, Emma, and Adi.
I worked on another area of my bedroom, did wash, and watched Nathan so Alli could get ready for her party. Nathan and I drove the gator over to Happy Valley. He's trying to help me drive now. He wanted to sleep on the floor at home but he just couldn't knock himself out, although he tried, as he rolled from side to side on the red soft blanket Lindsay gave me one year and the cream colored one that Jenny gave me last year. Later, when I went to Alli's party, I suddenly felt sick in my stomach and had to leave. I went right to bed and slept until late the next morning.

Fri.-Rested much today and then went to Peter and Ivona's for their annual work related Christmas party. Kendra C. was there and it was nice to be with her. She helped Ivona with setting up, serving, and clean up, so Ivona could sit down and enjoy the company. We each received take home containers with the food they served generously heaped inside and they sent home a homemade round loaf of hard chewy crusted bread as well. Susan worked today and then helped coach the basketball team. They lost by one point. Nathan pointed at Baby Jesus in the bread bowl, said something, and ran and hid behind a chair in the dining room. I may have to put Him away.

Sat.-Michael and Jessica left early this morning to head to Pa to pick up fruit baskets from Weaver's Orchard and to stop in to see family. It will be nice for Jessica to meet some of the family before Christmas. They'll be back tonight. Took the truck. 

Sun.-After church, Phil and I drove to the Abbey in Richmond and delivered a fruit basket to the monks and some apple cider for Brother Nolte. I went out to the Women's Chai Time Christmas party at Uptown in the eve and had a blast.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Nov.30-Dec.6, 2015

Mon.-Ran a check out to Lynchburg for Phil and had such fun shopping afterwards and decorating some more in the eve. Watched Downton Abbey with Susan and Phil. Michael, Jessica, Tommy T., and Jordan, went out to Liberty to hear the Christmas Jazz Ensemble.  Raining.

Tues.-The nice addition makes everything else look dirty and cluttered in my house so I've been working on cleaning it up. Went over to visit Nathan in the afternoon so Alli could feed the animals since it would be a late night for Freeman. Watched some Downton Abbey in the eve.

Wed.-Cleaned up kitchen a little today and made carrot cake and processed the carrots Roger gave us. Nathan and Alli came over to visit this morning. He was a little jealous when I held baby Jesus. Life size. He laid his little head down on the sofa, broken heartedly, and I quickly put Jesus back in the Kenyan bread bowl where he belongs.

Thurs.-Out in town, getting two slow leaks in tires taken care of at Baileys. Jessica picked me up there and we visited at her work place for awhile. Janelle picked me up and we went walking on High Bridge, had lunch at Uptown, and went shopping at Miller's and the store next to it, got my glasses tweaked, bought bread at Flowers, and ate our pumpkin whoopee pies. I also showed her Carousels and she got several outfits for Micah. After I got my car I went to Walmart and came home and tidied up and got to bed somewhat early but hardly slept. A lot on my mind.

Fri.-Worked with Susan in getting photos to be made into cards sent to the Village Print Shop as well as other photos sent to Walmart through her phone app. Did some cooking and cleaning but first Alli and Nathan visited for an hour. I just can't get enough of him and I just want to eat him up. Ran out to Appomattox to take the final copy of the Family Recipe Cookbook to the print shop. The cookbooks and the cards should be ready next Tues. Went to Walmart to get photos and frames. Unfortunately, the majority of the order didn't come through into their computer. Made some sand tart dough and luscious lemon bars and Susan came home from work and we watched some Downton Abbey. Travis Mast and his wife and child are over at Philip's as are some other friends. Susan joined them after 9 and Jessica is coming back here for the night.

Sat.-Had a fun day making cinnamon rolls, sand tarts, and chocolate covered peanut butter crackers with Susan, Michael, and Jessica. Cleaned up the house later in the day.

Sun.-Kid's Christmas musical during church service. Nathan loved it. He wanted more. Phil and I went out to Chinese and saw Levi Hertzler and his fine parents and grandpa Joe. Came home and watched Downton Abbey all day with Phil and Susan except for when Freeman's came over for a little visit. Susan took really nice pictures of Jessica and Michael over at Happy Valley.