Monday, April 27, 2015

Hertzler Doings~April 27-May 3, 2015

Mon.-Worked on clothes stored in old house and washed some to consign, packaged some up for Goodwill and others. Planted tomatoes, herbs, and flowers. Made chocolate angel food cupcakes and a white angel food cake for the sports banquet tomorrow eve. Freeman, Alli, and Nathan aren't feeling so well. Janelle called and had the chills. Ran over to her and gave her some Theraflu, a bag of clothes, and two containers of fossils that Rosalee sent for Micah. They were Abie's. Also, a horseshoe crab shell. He was delighted. I didn't go in the house so I wouldn't get germs. Haven't seen Alli and Nathan for the same reason. Susan is getting her wisdom teeth out next Monday and I don't want her to get sick. Went over this eve to see Philip's house. He's really coming along. He could put camouflage curtains on all the windows and they would go with all the colors in all the rooms. It's beautiful. He's certain of what he wants and it's going to be so nice.

Tues.-Busy day working in the front garden and old house. Then to Farmville for Homeschool Grad meeting and Sports banquet. Then to Food Lion and then to Janelle's where we dropped off pizza for Micah and garlic for Janelle. She has the flu. Susan got the leadership award tonight. I am proud of her. I sat with Jenny M and Jenny M. Two great friends. I'm glad they got to meet each other. Michael had his last class today. Final class of college of four years. Planted 3 more tomato plants-total of 12 planted.

Wed.-Busy, busy day. Walked out the lane and up the trail and down the road and back down the lane and then walked out the lane and back with Alli and Nathan a few hours later. Finished digging up the flower garden and ready for mulch. Worked in the old house. Babysat Nathan in eve while mommy and daddy went to church meetings. He was kissing Susan, Phil, and I. He's feeling so much better and ate all of his supper. He's been feeling sick for a week and a half and started antibiotics last night for a sinus infection. Susan went to the gym and mowed Happy Valley. Philip picked up a pool table tonight for his house. Phil planted field corn. Michael has been here and there. Finishing up college and drinking in the spring mornings.


Fri.-Rain. Thinned green beans and worked on old house after the rain and tidied the house and made an angel food cake for Chai Time and ordered a blender because ours just died and watched a movie with Susan and got to bed early but first, I got to see Alli and Nathan this morning at their house and got lots of kisses from the little guy. Michael made another batch of soap-peppermint. Philip worked on his house after work. Michael helped Jordan B move some things. Phil worked in the office and got ready to go fishing. Susan went to the gym.

Sat.-Phil, Philip, and Susan, left early this morning to go to Pa to visit family and to attend the trout rodeo tomorrow. Michael stayed home and relaxed and Jordan came over later in the eve. I went out to Farmville. First I went to Chai Time where I had a great time with Nathan. Then I ran a few errands and went to The Heart of Va. and then to Judy's where they had a picnic for her mother, Pearlie. She is celebrating Mother's Day and also her return to her apartment. She had to have surgery and therapy due to a fall and has been away from her home for 4 months. Judy's family is warm and welcoming and it was a great time. Then I went to Goodwill and Walmart and came home and vacuumed and washed the floors, ate ice cream and made popcorn and watched a movie all by myself. And it was fun. Phil called around 8:45 and he and Susan were on their way to see Aunt Anne and family. They'll have a late night and early morning tomorrow but with three drivers to bring them home, they'll do okay.

Sun.-I'm so glad I went to church today. Great service and worship and altar time and fellowship afterwards. Went to the river in the afternoon and in the eve, Nathan came while his parents went fishing and about 6 or 7 friends from Chi Alpha. Michael made egg rolls and then they went down to the river. Phil, Philip, and Susan, came back and had a cooler full of huge trout. They caught their limit. They were second or third on a scene of an accident. A car was flipped on its' hood and the wheels were still spinning on Rt. 6. Alcohol was most likely a factor if the beer cans told a story. The young man wasn't wearing a seat belt and was thrown out of the car. If he had been wearing a seatbelt, he wouldn't have another chance not to drink and drive. Susan said that she hoped this would help him learn and that he would never do it again. No one else was hurt. He was bleeding from nose and seemed beat up but Phil talked with him and he just wanted to get home. Phil helped some people clean up the road and they were on their way before long. Someone stopped and walked back because they had seen the car flipping in their rear view mirror. Another young man had seen the whole thing happening. We said good bye to Jameka tonight. She is moving back home and will be looking for a job in communications. What a dear friend she's been. Aleesha, Selena, Mel, Brittany, Bryan, and-oh, I'm missing somebody, were here tonight. Tomorrow, Susan gets her wisdom teeth out. They are still outside, talking and having fun. The girls were thrilled to get to give milk to a calf tonight with a bottle. Oh, Phil brought home a running stroller for Nathan from Megan Nicholas's friend. It's really nice.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hertzler Doings~April 20-26, 2015

Mon.-Wild, windy, and rainy. Then to Asbury Street to the bakery for our goodies-a chocolate ├ęclair for me, a donut and scrapple pie (to take home) for Rosa, and Naomi's favorite chocolate croissant. Then we went to Tada and bought gifts and jewelry. When we came back 'home' we washed sheets, towels, vacuumed, and cleaned up. The packed the car. It's a good thing I sent two bags home with Bev who will drop them off at my in-laws tomorrow evening. We left around 1 and went to Crab Trap for lunches of lettuce wedges, crab soup, and beet and goat cheese salad. We made it back home in record time with black clouds looming ahead of us and warnings of tornados and hail from 5-10 this eve. We unloaded at Naomi's and said good-bye to dear Rosa and Naomi and I hurried off to Flower Warehouse where I got tall glass vases to display rocks from CO that a friend gave me, shells from Thailand, and arrowheads from our back yards. We met Mabe, Morgan, and Ashley at Yoder's and had the supper bar. Ashley said that her bf, Lauren, was being mean to her because she found out she was going to spend time with me. Naomi and I went with Ashley and Lauren to Nantucket and we have a special bond between us all. Planning to go with them to Nantucket the fall of 2016 so I'm starting a new envelope to save some ten's and twenty's here and there.  Mabe bought a gift for Naomi twice since he left it on the plane the first time. It was a lovely yellow eyelet dress and she had tried on several similar to it this past weekend. Every time Mabe and Naomi kissed, Morgan said, "Gross." I think she's 21. So funny. Mabe hugged and thanked me for being such a good friend to his wife. I wish I had said, "Thank you for being such a loving husband to my best friend and for being such a shepherd father to your children." I headed to Mom and Dad's to spend the night. Had a good talk with Michael on the way. Jordan and Dianah were down from Maine and Jordan came over to say hello and good bye. Lights were out by 10:30 but first a took a shower in their new bathroom. Oh, how I love these people, my dear in-laws, parents of my life's love.

Tues.-Linda had a lovely breakfast for the Hertzler women and Jonathan. Anne, Debra, Mom, and Karen were there. We had a peach French toast casserole, sausage, and fresh fruit, and very strong coffee because Jonathan helped Annie make it. We sat around and talked for awhile and then I went back with Karen to her place to hang out with Jonathan and her for awhile. Had a late lunch of potato soup at Mom and Dad's and then Mom and I went frame shopping. My brother, David, had noticed that Dad was bidding on several pictures and I think David bought the lot and gave the prints to Dad. Long story short, Mom and I found frames and framed the pictures and put them up in the bathroom and then went to bed. It took awhile but we were so .proud of our days work. We did have supper in there. Mom made chicken, sweet potatoes, raw veggies, Rosa's pasta salad, green beans, sourdough bread, and rhubarb strawberry tapioca. Michael passed his stage check today. Susan found red shoes, necklace, and earrings to go with her black dress for prom. Phil took Nathan and Alli out to town to pick up her car. Freeman and Phil had a board meeting tonight. Got to bed by 9:45. Leaving in the morning.

Wed.-Karen and Jonathan came over after we were finishing up a breakfast of fried mush and sunny side up eggs. We visited and said somewhat sad good byes. I always feel sad when I say good bye to Jonathan and wish I was closer to watch him grow. Went over to say good bye to Debra and Jim and Joe came in and chatted. I have such great sister in laws and brother in laws. Left around 9 and got home around 4 after stopping every hour and driving through 50 min. of heavy rain, high winds, and lightning. Got a lot unpacked in the evening.

Thurs.-Catch up day. Washing. Cleaning. Working in garden and old house. Catch up visit with Alli and Nathan. Susan got xrays at the dentist and it shows that wisdom teeth must come out. Made an apt in Midlothian for tomorrow at 11:30. Watched two Monks in the eve. with Phil and Susan.

Fri.-Went to dentist. She is scheduled for May 4 which is the very day we wanted. Hurried back. She got ready for prom and I ran out to Appomattox to fill her 5 prescriptions and get groceries. Came back and Phil came in to see Susan in her dress and we took pictures and then I took her out to prom, stopping first at Judy's so she could see her and also fix the zipper in the back so it wouldn't slip down. Needed to be hooked.  Took lots of pictures at the train station. Then the kids went to Macado's and I ran some errands and came back and took pictures of her and friend Andrew. I saw the dancing getting started as I gathered my belongings and headed home. Chace, Jordan, and Michael were playing their guitars and drums out in the garage and Buck Night was a video game night since a lot of the guys were at the prom. I finally caught up on my Blog. Yay.

Sat.-Too rainy to plant the tomatoes and flowers I bought yesterday. Michael worked on his soap bars; wrapping them with a proverb and sealing them with wax. This could be the start of something big. I tidied the house. Susan went to the gym. Then in the eve. we watched the movie about unfortunate events. Good actors and a message of perseverance.

Sun.-Still chilly and rainy. Good sermon on Pentecost. Came home and made some food with Susan. Then we watched Princess Diaries and some Sherlock Holmes with Phil.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hertzler Doings~April 13-19, 2015

Mon.-My brother Alan's 60th birthday. What a dear guy. Packed. Cleaned fridge and freezer, walked with Alli and Nathan. Susan prepared a house for the guys to work in tomorrow, moved here and at Happy Valley, and went to the gym. I had a fight with a renegade fire. Thankful the woods didn't burn down. (Singed the hair off my right arm, burned my face, got scratched up, and battled poison ivy later in the week.) (Writing this 1 1/2 weeks later.)

Tues.-Didn't sleep much. Left for Pa at 6. Stopped every hour. Rainy. Saw an almost accident in front of me with two tractor trailers. One swerved to miss a truck parked on the right at the same time the other one swayed towards the one swerving. So close. Went to Cabela's and got some shirts with my points. Arrived at Diane H's. around 3.While we were talking her neighbor stopped by and asked us to pray for her husband who is a doctor there in the valley. He's 82 and still practicing. Some medicine he took for rheum. arthritis caused sores to take over his mouth and he hadn't eaten for 6 days. I started telling her about a man in our church who couldn't eat and I made him mashed potato soup...and she said, "I can't believe you are saying this. Just yesterday I asked him what he would want to eat if he could eat and he said, 'Mashed potatoes, only thinner,' and she said, "Mashed potato soup," and he said, 'Yes!'" So, Diane had all the ingredients and soon we were taking soup up to them and he could eat it and he ate it the next day as well. The wife called from work the next day and was still reveling in the love of God, that when her husband wanted mashed potato soup, someone was there who could make it. It was wonderful. Diane took up some of our supper up to them for the wife to eat-mashed potatoes, pork tenderloin, broccoli, croissants, and salad. Later we had a chocolate cupcake. Zack was home and ate with us. I took a Jacuzzi bath to help my shoulder which hurt so badly from trying to put out the fire with a wet towel, which worked, by the way.  (the wet towel and the Jacuzzi therapy) Meghan called and Caleb called, wanting to discuss Revelation with Diane. Got to bed around 11.

Wed.-Had homemade bagels and pineapple for brunch. Sat around and talked until 11 and then we got showers and I left by noon and she went to work. I met Naomi at Yoder's for lunch. We had a baked potato with broccoli and cheese and a salad and then went to see our friend Jane, who is ill, and they are unable to find out what is wrong with her. Please Jesus, give her the key to her health. We went our separate ways and I ran into Goodwill and picked up a few books to read at the shore and then went to Rosalees by 4. She surprised me and had my brother, Abe, and his wife, Karen, there for supper. She made the best lasagna, a salad, homemade bread, homemade applesauce, peas, crumb cake, lemon pudding dessert, and I am not sure if I got everything. We had a really great time catching up with each other. I realized that Nathan looks like his Great Uncle Abie with his strawberry blonde hair combed to the side and his blueberry eyes. I mentioned how much Nathan looks like his Uncle Abie and I said, "No wonder I like Nathan so much." After Abie's left, Rosalee and I walked and talked in the neighborhood. Jim was working late. Rosalee is such an interesting person. Jim got home around 9:30 and I got to bed in Annika's 'old' bedroom around 11.

Thurs.-I awoke around 4:30 and wrote down what I did yesterday and then I went back to sleep until 8. Had a wonderful time with Rosalee-laughing, crying, talking, sharing. She made me an egg sandwich for breakfast and warmed up some leftovers for lunch. Then I left and went to Shady Maple to buy lunch supplies for the beach. Rosalee sent a loaf of sliced homemade bread and crumb cake along with me to take to the shore. Went to Naomi's and visited with Ashley. Naomi went to the local Italian restaurant and picked up a pizza like supper which we ate. Rosa came and when we were packed, we left around 6:10 and got to O.C. around 8:40 in spite of heavy traffic through Philly. Stopped at a grocery store and Rosa and I got some more food and picked up a few movies. We watched 'Rewrite' later that eve. It was just ok. Naomi fell asleep and went to bed. First we gave each other our gifts from each other.  I gave them gifts from Thailand-a bracelet, scarf, and carved soap. Naomi gave us a beach towel and a cooky book. Rosa gave us a bracelet, a scarf, and earrings. Her bracelet had a white bead with water from Mt. Everest in it and a black bead with mud from the Dead Sea. Bev's son had a motorcycle accident earlier in the week so she was not able to join us at this time.

Fri.-Leisurely wake up. Naomi brought me coffee in bed and Rosa joined her in my room since I had the king size bed and the largest bedroom. Then we had a breakfast of baked oatmeal, granola, yogurt, and fresh sliced strawberries and blueberries. Delicious. Then we got ready and went out to Atlantic City to the outlets. I found a grad outfit for Michael and Susan's graduations as well as some other nice things. We walked the boardwalk at OC when we got back and saw a wedding party getting their pictures taken on the beach. The bride's shoes were on the boardwalk and we put a little money in there to bless them. We saw them come up later and she gave a little jump and the grinned happily and she gave her new husband the money to put in his pocket. We came home and made spicy chicken and had that with pasta salad, celery, and blue cheese dressing, and ate while we watched another movie. Then another. Then to bed by 11.

Sat.-Woke up earlier and read the Psalms I am memorizing and Sarah's Key-an excellent novel based on real life history and I sat on the balcony with my coffee. Joined Naomi and Rosa for breakfast and sat on the sofas talking. Then we went out to the beach for awhile. When we came back to use the bathroom and make lunch, Bev arrived! She gave us our gifts-chocolate, water, and a future signed CD from Third Day.  Then we all went out on the beach. It was warm and sunny and I got burned. There were families on the beach with small children. So much fun to watch. We went out to Crab Trap for supper and I got the sweet potato encrusted salmon with spinach that I always get. We came back and watched a movie and ate Klondike bars.

Sun.-Woke early and caught up with Bev over 3 cups of coffee. Walked on boardwalk and bought mugs and dice game. Came back and packed our lunch and went out and froze on the beach. A young high school student came up to us and asked if he could interview us for a class. He asked if we believed in 'freewill.' We answered him and then asked what he believed. He did not believe in free will. Said he was an atheist and thinks we make all our decisions due to past experiences and genetic make up. That we have to do what we do. When he walked away, I said, "God loves you, Quentin." He said, "Thank you." I am not sure if he was responding to what I said or if he was thanking us for our time. I think about him a lot and know that he came up to us for a reason and that God really does love him dearly. After he left, it got too cold. No one else was on the beach and we decided to come home. Bev treated us to supper at Nonnies, our favorite Italian restaurant on Asbury Street. We all got our favorite meals and then shared two slices of lemon cake that was out of this world. Bev left for home then and we came back to the beach house and watched 'Dan in Real Life,' before hitting the sack.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hertzler Doings~April 6-12, 2015

Mon.-Beautiful sunny windy day. Did lots of wash and brought over summer clothes from old house and washed them too. Walked out the lane with Alli and Nathan and then they ate Easter leftovers together. Minus Nathan. He wasn't hungry. He loves his uncles and auntie. Worked up two raised beds and added potash and chicken fertilizer. It's supposed to rain this week and then I'll plant beans next Monday. Went over to Happy Valley on the gator and met Susan over there. She jogged. Brought her and Lucy back home and we made supper and watched two Monks. Phil picked up a tractor with Philip. Michael studied most of the day after being creative, playing the piano and the guitar and learning about soap making. Freeman called in the evening and asked if we could hear the family of coyotes singing across the road from them.

Tues.-Big event of the day was talking with Lindsay. Then homeschool grad meeting at New Life in the eve with the graduates present. Rained a good part of the day.

Wed.-Walked with Alli and Nathan, went down to the river and took pictures of the bluebells and threw rocks in the river, went over to Janelle's with Susan to learn some business and after Susan went home, Janelle and I had sushi,dumplings, and popcorn, and a movie, and then some American Idol.

Thurs.-Stormy night with sprinkles today. Guys working around here, etc. Philip excavated some of the trees behind the chicken pen. It looks nice. Michael got his book on soap making and read the whole thing. Whatever he is interested in, he looks into it and then does it. Susan was in Fville today-chiropractor, taking clothes to consignment, job hunting, basketball, etc. Softball was cancelled due to the wetness so she didn't go there to be with her friends. Did lots of odds and ends today and then went out to Appomattox to go to Walmart. They are remembering the Civil War there this week. I saw several re-enactors in their garb roaming the aisles of Walmart. Some were thrilled that the civil war tshirts were much cheaper there than what the stands were selling them for on the sidelines. I saw a young soldier furtively checking his phone held down by his side. It looked odd. Came home and made chicken in pineapple salsa. Made red beet eggs for Alli's birthday party on Sunday. Gathered and washed eggs too. Getting to bed early tonight for a change.

Fri.-Happy 27th Birthday, Alli! Busy day spent loving on Nathan, planting beans, working in old house, walking, getting ready for next week, tidying desk, talking to Naomi, etc. Michael made some lotion today for Alli's birthday and to sell his first order to Judy O. This lotion cured his athletes feet. Susan made healthy angel food cake and spaghetti squash, cleaned her room, and went to the gym. Not necessarily in this order. Guys worked in Richmond then around here. Phil got a job close by today and we celebrated by going out to Teresa's Place in Dillwyn. Stopped in to visit Steve and Dianna on the way home. Buck Night is over in the mancave. Tommy's 'preaching' tonight. Micah is coming home after being away two weeks. Janelle's parents met her halfway in Williamsburg. He can't wait to go to the Civil War festivities tomorrow.

Sat.-Beautiful day. Phil shot a turkey in the morning and Alli and Nathan were here while Freeman hunted over at HV for a short time. I slept 2 hours in the afternoon and then Alli called to see if I wanted Nathan while they go fishing and of course, I always want Nathan. I was inspired and got more done in the next 3 hours than I had all day. Exercised, cleaned, washed summer clothes, worked in old house, etc. I made potato salad in the morning for Alli's party tomorrow. Susan went to James River with Claire and Jodi for Claire's birthday. Michael made more homemade lotion and Philip worked on his house. Phil worked on job preparation. Susan and I watched a Bourne movie in the eve and Phil joined us when he got home.

Sun.-Jenny preached today on the woman at the well and it was good. I went over to see a friend who had a death in the family during the altar call and while Phil counted money. Came home and got ready for Alli's party and then went with Phil over to O'Briens to see the redbuds and bluebells. Astounding quiet beauty everywhere we looked. When we came back, everyone was here, and we put out the things for Alli's supper. We had rolls, meat, cheese, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, baked potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, dill pickles, red beet eggs, chips, angel food cake, strawberries, ice cream, and Cool Whip. After supper, Freeman took Nathan and went with Phil on the gator to see where Phil shot his turkey. Philip and Susan went over to the swamp where the snapping turtles were living and Alli worked on the computer a little for her new jamberry business. We had a photo shoot of Nathan when he got back and we sat him on a blanket out here by the pansies since the gator suddenly has a flat tire. We took the cutest baby picture ever which Alli is planning to enter in the contest and I got a great one of her and Nathan and then I asked her to take some of him with me and he was finished. But we got a cute one of him protesting and me laughing and Michael helped me put it on fb as my new profile picture. We also put on a close up of the bluebells down at the Appomattox river on our O'Brien farm as my new cover photo. We are all heading for bed and it's not quite 9. It was a good day.