Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 26-Oct.2, 2016

Mon.-Did a lot of catching up in the house. Worked in old house and cleaned entryway bathroom. Went over to Happy Valley and read for an hour or two. Watched some mystery movies with Phil and Susan in eve.

Tues.-Today was Judy's day. Her mama's funeral was at New Life and after her burial she had a meal at her place for family and friends. It was a significant day. My heart is full. Pearlie's life was full of love but also was her death. I came home and slept 3 hours.

Wed.-Alli and Nathan came over for lunch and stayed for awhile. We drove over to Happy Valley on the Polaris and Nathan helped me check the lights in the new house and the toilet in the old house. Took Phil to Susan's work for supper and it was delicious. We drove right into a wild storm afterwards. Caught up with Naomi on the phone. Made plans for a trip to FL in April. Hopefully.

Thurs.-Went for a massage and then to Walmart and Salvation Army. Got Phil 4 pairs of jeans. Alli and Nathan stopped in on their way home from doctor. His rash all over is probably due to heat.

Fri.-Quite a lot of rain from the southeast. Thunder and rain. Vacuumed and washed floors. Made potatoes and squash. Susan working double shift.

Sat.-Nathan was here for a few hours and we had a great time. He painted a few masterpieces and caused a riot on face book with his talent. In the evening we went to Joe and Norma Hertzler's for a Hertzler Reunion. It was good to sit around and talk with relatives, especially, I enjoyed talking to Norma and Pat. Pat writes a blog and she wrote up the event and posted it on facebook. I took a really cute picture of Nathan and Levi playing in the fish pond and posted that on Face book too. Joe had mikes set up and it was a musical evening we all enjoyed. Freeman had marinated venison roasts and they disappeared along with most of the hot dogs.

Sun.-Church and a relaxing afternoon and evening. Historical event took place at the Mohnton Museum. Pastors and others gathered together to worship and share communion and later walked around Longwood in prayer for this week and the vp debate. Farmville is in the news. The hair dressers who cut my hair are doing the hair and make up for one of the television stations this week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 19-25, 2016

Mon.-Drove Susan out to her classes through storms and torrential rain. I met Phil at Starbucks. It is his 60th birthday and Michael's 25th. Did a little shopping and reading. After class, we went to the Immediate Care Clinic and the doctor was surprised that Susan was doing so well and wanted 6 lottery numbers from her. "You're the luckiest person I know," he said, and promised to split the money if he wins. In good conscience, due to the accident's severity, he said we needed to go to ER. ER doctor confirmed that she was good to go and that her bruising and stiffness and pain were to be expected. We were so glad she didn't need more tests. Every day is a constant reminder that she is a walking miracle. The doctors both said that she has a virus and the first one said that she has an ear infection but that it is viral. She is having a hard time swallowing even water.

Tues.-Susan drove herself to school in Appomattox and came home, watched movies, and rested. I am exhausted and am resting with her. Got to talk to Lindsay for awhile. That was nice.
Susan's temp was up to 100. Pharyngitis and ear infection bothering her more than accident aches and pains.  Went to Michael and Jessica's in eve so Michael could help Susan send her homework to professor.

Wed.-Mickey took me to the dentist and I slept well afterwards.

Thurs.-Went to Farmville and ran errands. Susan went to school and to work afterwards.

Fri.-Cleaned house, made chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, sloppy jo, and lemon bars. Phil, Michael, and Freeman went to men's encounter. Jessica, Susan, and Alli had a movie night. She tried to get Nathan to sleep earlier but he just knows something is going to happen and won't settle down. Susan is feeling so much better. We cancelled her doctor apt for today. She can eat and drink now. Dr. T. said that she was experiencing spasms which made it difficult to swallow and breathe. She was going to go see him today and also the doctor but she was almost herself today. I'm so thankful.

Sat.-Had a great day with Alli, Nathan, and Jessica. Went to Lavender Farms and each of us bought a print of beautiful old hands. Went to Chinese for lunch and then to the flea market. I bought book ends of a little boy and girl reading. Also got someone an early Christmas gift since I had her name. Went to Kroger and Walmart and came home, tidied up, and said good bye to Susan as she left for work. Watched a movie, caught up on my blog and reading, called Rosalee-Annika is in labor, and talked with Naomi. Phil's at Encounter. It's nice to have an evening at home alone.

Sun.-Great service. Wonderful to hear the testimonies from Men's Encounter. Susan and I made the cauliflower sweet and sour vegan dish for lunch which we ate around 3 and watched a movie called 'Genius.' Pretty good. Annika had Ariel Joy last evening/

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 12-18, 2016

Mon.-Working on following my cleaning schedule. Took trash to dump. Made some black beans and rice and bean soup. Worked in old house. Washing blankets. Hoping to read an hour this afternoon so I get used to putting time aside to study Life Coaching. Going to Gathering Table tonight with Alli and Jessica. Susan has a long day of school and work. I read her what I read in my mother's journal about enjoying the moment you are in and not wishing you were anywhere else or doing something different. She was glad for the reminder. "I needed that."
Had a nice time at the Gathering Table with Alli and Jessica. Took a smoking gun picture and Susan loved it so much she said she was going to send it to her friends. She wanted me to make it my profile picture so I did. Got to bed really late. Am enjoying the book, "And they said it couldn't be done." Written by a nutritionist. Karen Hurd. I think I have the title right. So informative and potentially life changing.
The book club on facebook started reading "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality," by Peter Scazzero. It's so good. Am also reading "The Elephant in the Boardroom." '

Tues.-Today I was able to follow my schedule for the morning and then run errands in town. I picked up some chicken salad sandwiches at Millers and had lunch with Judy. I stopped in and visited Jessica and looked at marble games at Amish Originals. Picked up something for Phil at Hill and Davis and went to the bank and Walmart. Came home and froze the blueberries I picked up at Millers, made the sourdough bread that's been fermenting all day, put a roast in the crockpot that had kept my cooler cool all day, cleaned the guest bathroom, did some wash, visited with Susan and Philip separately, and hope to watch a movie with Susan soon.

Wed.-Had a wonderful bonding day with Nathan. We went to the river and played in the sand. In the house, he painted with water colors very happily and played with playdough, tractors, and superballs. He even snuggled while we watched a movie. Greg H. called me to talk to me about Life Coaching. Very helpful conversation. I was also able to keep on track with my cleaning and daily life schedule. Seems to give me a lot of energy to have simplified and organized this part of my life.

Thurs.-Jessica came over in the morning. I went to see Heidi and got a massage and then did some shopping in Appomattox. Found a queen sized comforter for Susan at Salvation Army for 20 dollars and some shirts for Michael. Also some yellow boots with white polka dots for Susan. She likes them. Am doing my housework this evening. Am also posting in ChickLits about the book 'Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" by Peter Scazzero. It's so good and has generated some interest. I'm hoping all of them buy the book and get involved.

Fri.-Went to Farmville with Janelle. Had Sushi at ShoGun and then took in the movie, "Sully." I highly recommend it. Then we headed to Miller's, then home. It was a nice day. Had Nathan overnight.

Sat.-Call early this morning from Susan. She got in a car accident after she left Claire's. Deer ran out in front of her. She swerved, overcorrected, hit a bank, and according to state police, flipped 6 times before her car came to rest against a tree. She crawled out of her broken window, called Claire, and after getting there, called Phil. He went to get her and helped her with the police and tow truck. They came home and she rested and gratefully saw the family as they came to see her. Julie came over later and Phil and I went to Whitney Fisher's wedding.

Sun.-Phil and I went to church. Susan rested. Had family here in evening for September birthday's.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 5-11, 2016

Mon.-Susan home. No school or work. Claire came later. I made and canned 25 quarts of vegetable soup. Canned 21 quarts, ate 2, and froze 2.  Phil is mowing and plans to work in the office once he's done. Susan canned hot peppers from her garden. Caught up with Lindsay. They need rain. Lord, send the rain.

Tues.-Claire spent the night. I went to Jessica's for coffee and catch up conversation. Then I headed to the auction where I got two big boxes of red, red and green, and green peppers. One for Freeman. One for me. I made 17 quarts and 5 pints of pickled peppers. Also canned 3 quarts of stewed tomato salad and 6 pints of 7 day pickles, and 1 quart of pickled onion rings made from Susan's onions and leftover brine. Bonnie Stoltzfus brought Rosalee's sweater over. It was mother's and she left it at Bonnie's when they came down for the wedding. It was so sweet of her to bring it over here. Nathan and Alli came over for a little visit today. Susan went to school in Appomattox and then to job training in Lynchburg. She's studying tonight and then we're going to watch a 'Murder She Wrote.' My mother and I used to watch it together.

Wed.-Big day in Farmville. Kacey trimmed my hair. Had lunch with Dianna at El Patron. Visited Jessica at work and got a southern shirt for Susan and a date book for myself. Visited Judy and Logan. Stopped in at Carousel, Goodwill, Restore, and Belk. Went to Walmart. So exhausted by the time I got home. Watched some Murder She Wrote with Phil and Susan. Been eating lousy since Labor Day weekend and am in so much pain and don't sleep well. Must get back to plant based diet. It works and I feel so much better.

Thurs.-Jessica came by to work on her birthday gifts for Michael on our computer so he can't see what she does on Amazon. Nice visit over breakfast potatoes with Susan and her. Sent home piano books with Jessica. Friend, Cindy, gave me adult beginner's books. Jessica will practice on a keyboard and come here once a week for lessons. That's the plan. Wanted to sign up for a red car painting class at Lib's but class was full. On waiting list. Susan went to school. Jess went to work. I'm working on wash, putting full canning jars away, etc. Nathan's coming today while his mommy's away.  We went down to the river and he spent an hour throwing stones in the water. Someday, I want to go there with him, and stay until he's done.

Fri.-Made a carrot cake, Fudge ribbon cake, and 2 quarts of tomato juice. Enjoyed Nathan here for awhile and Alli. Consulted with a life coach for an hour. Watched Diagnosis Murder with Susan and Phil in the eve.

Sat.-Phil woke me up in the middle of the night because I was crying out. Having a bad dream. I was about to be murdered. Took me awhile to fall back to sleep. Did a lot of catching up today. Cleaned the house too. Made a cleaning schedule. If I follow it, I shouldn't have to clean majorly on a Saturday again. The produce is winding down and a schedule should work now. Talked with Lisa P. for awhile, especially about Life Coaching. She's going to try to put me in touch with her coach. Went over to watch a movie with Alli and Nathan while Freeman and Phil went to help Steve with bear damage. The bears were a no show. Susan went to Julie's. Four big buck passed in front of my car on the way home. I would have hit them or they me if I had not braked hard. So beautiful in the cars headlights.

Sun.-Happy Birthday Dear Philip! Valor Day at church. (New Life AG) Phil and I helped greet and put badges on the First Responders. Johnny Garett was there. As he was coming, I announced to the others that he was mine. I said, "He gave me my first speeding ticket in Farmville and now I want to give him a ticket." And I did. I went to shake his hand and tell him that and instead he put his arm around me and gave me a hug. I thanked him for his service in keeping our roads and town safe. I felt especially emotional when I thanked the fire fighters. Gerneral Jerry Boykin preached a sermon that infused Courage into our souls and gave us hope for America. All of the First Responders went up front and many gathered around them to pray for them. How wonderful to know we have each other's backs. I talked with Debby G. later on at the meal. Her mama isn't doing so good. It's her Johnny's birthday too. Phil dropped off a signed copy of General Boykin's book-Never Surrender, to our local police officer. We watched some mysteries in the afternoon. Philip stopped in to say hello and tell us about their weekend at the shore. They camped out and had some exciting experiences. Michael, Jessica, Chace, Jordan, and Philip.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hertzler Doings-Aug. 29-Sept.4, 2016

Monday-Went out to Farmville. Visited Judy and her mama and family at the Woodland. Mama Pearlie is just waiting for Jesus to come and take her. Janelle, Micah, and I, went to see a movie. Florence something something. About a woman who loved to sing but really couldn't very well. Based on a true story. It was wonderful. It made me realize that we should do things whether or not we're good at them. Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant made a great team. My voice was hoarse from shrieking with laughter. Good thing we were the only ones in the theatre.

Tues.-Mark and Ferne Kraybill came and spent the night. Dear old friends. Ferne and I go back to my teen years.

Wed.-Had a nice breakfast and morning with Mark and Ferne. Phil was able to stay home and do paper work. Ferne encouraged me to put together a book from my writings. There were two notebooks of bloggings in the guest room and she was reading from one. We had a nice time of prayer together. Alli took me to the dentist in the afternoon and I got the crown I've been waiting for a year and a half.

Thurs.-Went to see Heidi, the masseuse, and then to Lynchburg. Lori King and I met at Robin Alexanders. Susan was learning her way around there. The Hoffman's and the Rossi's really like this restaurant. Heidi offered her place to Susan if the weather gets bad. So many nice people in this world.

Fri.-Nathan came for awhile this morning. Alli is getting ready for their party tomorrow.

Sat.-Nathan came again and the more I'm with him, the more I want to be with him. And I already always want to be with him.
 We went to Freeman and Alli's for their Labor Day picnic. Claire and Sam came as Susan's guests and the Rainey's came as ours. Logan and Bradley came down. Logan stayed at Michael's and Bradley stayed here. They had fun playing Cam Jam and Circle volleyball. Jordan and Chase were there too, and the Streams. Nichole and Mila came. Tom, Tommy, Serena, and Abby and Janelle and Micah were there as well. It was a nice party and the food was great.

Sunday-Got to visit with Sam this morning before he headed back to Roanoke. He and Phil had coffee on the front porch. Claire, Sam, Bradley, and Susan, built a fire down at the river last eve. Some owls were fighting and they sounded like monkeys, they said.  After church, Jenny invited us to El Patron. It was good to catch up with them. Phil and I watched Diagnosis Murder and made the syrup part of the 7 day pickles. Phil sliced while I stirred the brine. Michael took the guys fishing.