Monday, September 22, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 22-28, 2014

Mon.-Very busy day. Woke up an hour late. Studied. Went for a walk and had a visit with Alli and Nathan. Met the mail lady at the end of the lane with the Polaris. Met Helen there and picked up Serena and Micah. Delivered package to Happy Valley and gave them a tour of the fields, pond, houses, etc. Made lunch of leftover chili and hot dogs. Then I did my hour exercise video while they patiently joined in and played outside. Then they watched Ice Age while I did some clean up and wash. Gena came with the twins-Mason and Wade. We played with them and talked. Susan and I love Gena so much. Time flew by and before we knew it it was 5:30 and she headed for home. Serena and Micah headed for home inside the hour. I'm trying to do my Monday jobs. Very busy day.

Tues.-Another busy day. Did the Circuit Breaker-80 min. exercise. Went walking with Alli and Nathan over at Happy Valley. Dear little guy fell asleep as we bumped him along. Worked in old house. Studied more on the Holy Spirit. Did wash. Tidied house. Phil sick. Possibly stomach entero virus. Running a temp. Sharp pains in stomach. Walked/jogged out on the road 8/10ths of a mile. Watched a Pink Panther with Phil and Susan.  Philip is working on his house. Michael is either at Chace's or Chi Alpha. Life is full of changes. I will trust God because He is great and He is good. And He doesn't change.

Wed.-Rain! Phil still sick with fever and stomach pains all day. Did Leg day exercise. Studied. Got in some winter clothes and washed them. Went out early and got hair trimmed and bought Susan some shoes at Shoe Dept. Taught on Jesus' words on the Holy Spirit. Picked up grapes to make grape juice.

Thurs.-Cloudy day. Went out to town to run some errands. Came home and started on grape juice. Made 25 quarts from one big box. Tomorrow I'll use the steamer and won't get quite as many quarts. Had fun with Susan and Lucy tonight. Bought tickets for T. Two days without seeing Nathan. Phil's better. Maybe tomorrow I can see Nathan's smiley face.

Fri.-Grape juice! 60 Quart total. But got a walk in with Alli and a squeeze from Nathan in the morning.

Sat.-Busy day. Cleaning. Putting away grape juice. Cardio day. Movie night with Phil. Michael studying. Philip and Susan at Glory Reins Fund Raiser Hoe down.

Sun.-Great sermon on "Time" and how we use it. I decided that I've spent enough time worrying in my life and that I should spend more time trusting. Went to the picnic at Fuqua afterwards and cheered the bright orange team. All my kids were playing. Today's highlight was holding Nathan during church and having him fall asleep in my arms during worship. Enjoyed Gena and her two little guys today-Mason and Wade. Susan helped her hold them during church.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 15-22, 2014

Mon.-Busy day. Studying the words of Jesus on the Holy Spirit. Leg day in Xtreme Fitness. Cleaned up outside after Michael's party. Made a roast. Tidied purses. Ordered some capris in prep for walking in Johnny's footsteps. Sorted through many clothes. Playing piano more. Good talks with Susan. Alli and Nathan came for supper and a movie. Guys will get home late tonight.

Tues.-Studied. Cardio day. Went out to Farmville. Lunch with Dianna, hug from Bethany at Miller's, stopped at Dry Cleaners but they wouldn't dry clean 30 year old homemade Teddy Bear that Pat Borgmann had made me for Freeman. Guess I'll have to figure it out myself. Went to Goodwill and found 3 pairs of capris. And Unglued Devotional book. Met Alli and Nathan at Dr. Travis's and held him while he worked on Alli and was in with them when he worked on Nathan. He's so good with all ages of people. Went to Walmart, Shoe Dept., and came home. Philip went to Chi Alpha. Mike stayed here. Susan went out to do some CrossFit with some other folks from church. I went over to help Alli and Freeman with Nathan for a little while this eve. Didn't sleep but a few hours-maybe two-last night. I think tonight I will sleep well.

Wed.-Little internet. Now catching up. Made pumpkin whoopee pies. Went out to church. Jenny taught on the Holy Spirit at work in the NT. So good.

Thurs.-Went to Dr. Harvey. Got new crown. Slept off drugs until 4 in the afternoon. Made chocolate whoopee pies with white filling and chocolate with pb filling.

Fri.-Alli and Nathan were here this morning. Took a walk and had a nice visit. Did some things to get ready for party tomorrow. Vacuumed and washed floors. Cleaned up outside. Cleaned coolers. Played some basketball with Susan. Took a long walk on the turkey trail. Internet is back. Yahoo.
Oh! AND it's Phil and Michael's birthday! 58 and 23. Happy Birthday to two of the four greatest men in the whole wide world! Tim Plank went to be with Jesus today. He is Dave's uncle. And we're thinking about him.

Sat.-Busy day getting ready for Philip's birthday hoedown this evening. Philip made his chili. We had 3 kinds of whoopee pies and also hot dogs. Played volleyball and Katie and Alan led the square dancing. I danced with Nathan a little and held him on my lap afterwards and suddenly he was asleep. It was great fun. New Life, Chi Alpha, Liberty friends, and family were here. There were several other things going on today-softball tournament and Melissa's wedding-but we had just the right amount of people.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 8-14, 2014

Mon.-Rainy. Philip and Phil drove to Williamsburg and were back early afternoon. Freeman and Tommy worked in the long barn building a wall and shelves. Alli brought Nathan over for a little while so she could clean up the mess he made. ;) Susan slept in. She is fighting off a nasty sore throat. Gena, Mason, and Wade, came over. We had a great visit with them. I made some tortilla mixture for supper, tidied up my desk, studied Is. 61 notes, and went to check out Philip's house. It's a great house. Just needs a lot of work. Michael's at Chace's studying and Susan went out to the Farmville gym and to the girl's volleyball game at New Life. Today was arm day in my X-treme fitness training. Tomorrow is hardcore abs. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that handful of potato chips. Exercising like this makes me want to eat healthily too. Tomorrow it will be a week since I started. I've lost 3 pounds.

Tues.-Studied Isaiah. Exercised Ab Day. Cleaned the kitchen. Visited with Alli and Nathan. Took them on a gator ride over to happy valley. Took Susan to the doctor. No strep. No mono. Thank God.  Guys went to Chi Alpha. Phil went to board meeting. Susan is so relieved. She is singing and making cookies. I didn't go to a party tonight because my throat is sore and I am tired and the next two days are so busy. Watched "God's Not Dead." So good.

Wed.-Studied Isaiah. Exercised. Walked out the lane and back and did the stretch video. Worked in the old house for 15 min. Did some chores. Alli and Nathan came for several hours. Watched 'God's Not Dead'. I made some chicken, rice, and green beans. Susan went out to the gym and mowed. She worked on her blog a little. Took pictures from start to finish of potatoes she made and did some research. She's so happy she can hold Nathan. We went out to church tonight. She enjoyed youth group and I taught on Isaiah 61 and Luke 4. Our class prayed hard for America and for the terrorists, that they would see Jesus.

Thurs.-Happy Birthday Dear Philip! Michael put a post on face book about Philip being his best friend and brother-faithful and generous-and he asked others to say things about Philip. It made P's day. They are working in Williamsburg and will be home tomorrow. Alli came over tonight with Nathan and we watched 'In Love and War.' Michael has much work to do for school. Susan is spending the night with a friend. Davi misses her Phil. I went to Farmville for some good advice and stopped in to see Judy. She took a picture of Logan and I and put it on face book and people are mistakenly believing it's my grandson. Remembering 9/11 today and asking God to have mercy on our nation.

Fri.-Studying John 14 and the words Jesus had to say about the Holy Spirit. Michael made us a nice bacon, onion, green pepper, and cheese omelet and we laughed our way through breakfast watching the Three Stooges. Susan came home from the Helton's mid morning. She went to the gym, mowed, did some jobs, made some food, and bit me. I put that on face book. It was kind of funny. I did chest and back day and feel like the Incredible Hulk now. Nearly an hour of work out! Also vacuumed and washed the floors, worked in the old house, made turkey burger, rice, broccoli, and coconut macaroons. Alli came over in the eve for supper and we watched Robin Hood for almost an hour and then the guys came home from Williamsburg. We visited for awhile and sat outside. It's so nice and cool. Nathan was sitting on Phil's lap and was drooling over his ice cream and was trying to talk Phil into giving him some. He is nearly ready to start solids. I've been playing the piano and Phil loves it. It's not 8 and I'm getting ready to take a warm bath. The windows are open and it's cool outside. Good snuggling weather tonight.

Sat/Sun-Made cookies on Sat. Had Nathan in the eve. Church was great. Went to Cook Out with Phil after church and saw lots of Calvary Chapel friends. Michael's birthday party was this afternoon. About 25 kids enjoyed the river, volleyball, football, croquette, etc. Made hot dogs and s'mores down at the river. Perfect day. Great friends.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 1-7, 2014

Mon.-Moving slowly today. Phil made me eggs for breakfast. Freeman, Alli, and Nathan showed up soon after 8 and we processed about 6 pints and 12 or more honey bear containers of honey. Nathan is basically reaching for the person he wants to go to now. Susan put him to sleep when all else failed. He had been fighting sleep. I think he doesn't want to miss anything. Susan and I did wash and made food for several days. I went down to the river and relaxed in the water. Came back and Susan helped me figure out a good combination of flour for gluten free bread. Ready to test it now and watch a movie with Susan. Oh, and Philip and Michael went flying today.

Tues.-Focused on exercise and cleaning goals today. I have a list of house jobs to do daily and I've had them for awhile but actually started today by doing yesterday's and todays. Also started a 12 week DVD exercise program which will take at least an hour a day. Worked on the old house for 15 min. which is also a daily goal. I ate healthier and must get rid of all the chocolates we purchased on a whim at BB's. We'll save them for Philip's hoedown. Susan worked out and made some muffins as well as doing some other chores. She was going to mow but it was just too hot and the lawn isn't growing as quickly as usual. I studied Isaiah 61 using the FireBible and The Dake's Bible. Next I will study 'Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes.' There is a lot in the Bible about Jesus's second coming and it's so encouraging to read about the way it will be some day here on earth. Righteousness will be plentiful. How wonderful. Phil was working in the office and made a few trips here and there. Freeman, Philip, and Tommy, were working in Richmond. Michael went to Liberty. He's taking a music appreciation course besides a theology course and his other airline classes such as pilot etiquette, etc. Missed out on Nathan with my busy day schedule so I went down from 8-8:30. He is reaching for people now and giggles at Freeman. He was upset because Alli woke him up from his late nap. He wanted to nurse and go back to bed so I was trying to distract him. Naomi called earlier and we are so excited because our B&B for Nantucket is booked. We'll have a two bedroom suite. Ashley and Lauren are driving us up. We will be doing a lot of walking which is one of the reasons I'm focusing on getting in shape.

Wed.-Highlights of today. Followed my goal list and had a good time of study this morning, exercise, cleaning the old house, and house jobs. Then I went to Concord and got a long massage. Came home. Hurried. And went to church with Susan. Pastor Alvin taught on the Holy Spirit's work recorded in the Old Testament.  Wonderful. Jon and Cameron Rhew are the new youth pastors. The best part of my day was when Alli called and she got Nathan to giggle several times. I didn't see him today but I heard him!

Thurs.-Big exercise day-about 1 1/2 hours. I was in a sweat! 15 min. in old house plus jobs on job chart for Thursday-windows, dusting, baseboards, blinds, fans. Then went to Farmville and got groceries and relaxed with Judy and her two babies-Logan-grandbaby, and Brentley, great-grandbaby. Boh so precious. Had Nathan tonight. Phil took us on a gator ride and he was very happy. Then for the last half hour he was here he seemed to be in so much pain. Cried and cried. Dear little guy. We all took a turn, including Philip. Then daddy came. Phil and I got the beds ready in the mancave for Arnie and Marlin. They're putting in the central vac system next door. 

Fri.-Phil made scrapple and eggs for Arnie and Marlin. They are spending the night again tonight and will finish it up tomorrow. Marlin went to spend the eve with Freeman. Susan and I met Michael at Best Buy and he helped her pick out a computer. It is for her photography business and her blog-which is her writing/research project for this year. It will be on fitness and nutrition, etc. Susan and I spent the rest of the day at Goodwill, TJMax, Ross, Yogurt Yeni, Old Navy, and Sam's Club. I dropped her off at her car at the gym and she added a workout to her day. I came home and put things away, made the pizza we got for supper, did wash, etc. It's 9 and I'm headed to bed.

Sat.-It is amazing how much I get done when I write out my goals for the day. Went with Alli to Chai Time and met so many new women and got back in touch with some not new friends and it was great. Nathan did pretty well but wasn't too interested in eating since everything was new. It's odd to watch another person hold my grandbaby besides Alli. He kept looking at his mommy to see if it was okay. It always moves me, the way he watches his mama. I told her that she is his first love. I loved how Jenny shared how we are hidden in Christ. When a baby is in his mother's womb, he is hidden in her. We see his mother. But he is there. He is a person. We are hidden in the womb of Jesus, and when God looks at us, He sees Jesus. We are hidden in His perfection and in His holiness.
Susan's throat has been bothering her for 2 1/2 weeks. It looks pretty bad. She's achey too. But then, she feels better. Then she gets worse. I'm hoping it's allergies and not strep. Judy just left me know she has strep and I was there the other day and she hopes I don't get it. So, Susan took some Dayquil and had already taken some IBProfen and she felt good enough to cook some chicken for tomorrow's meal, do her jobs, and go to the rodeo with Philip and Sam Y. I made Phil's applepie ice cream pie. I cut up some apples and stewed them with a little water, coconut sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon, honey and butter. After they cooled I mixed them with butter pecan ice cream and put it into a graham cracker shell. After it froze solid, I made homemade whipped cream by beating whipping cream and adding a little 10x sugar. I took the bowl out to the freezer and put it on the pie and stuck it right back in the freezer.  We're celebrating September birthday's tomorrow-especially Phil's.
 I vacuumed and washed the floors, drove around on the gator and went over to HV and took pictures. Arn and Marlin were there. I made supper of chicken rice and curry and then took Phil over to Rainey's to drop off Steve's truck. Actually, I followed him, and brought him back home. Then, I did 'leg' day in the xtreme fitness regimen. I was supposed to do it yesterday but Arn and Marlin came in just as I got started and I didn't think they'd enjoy seeing me do squats while they ate scrapple and eggs. So, I walked and shopped yesterday and counted that. Much more fun to exercise while spending money than to exercise and sweat. I also figured out what notes I wanted Hannah to type for Wed. and that took a lot of pressure off of me. Phil and I are home alone. Chase and Michael made steaks down at the river and are chatting down there. I nearly flooded our home by forgetting to turn off the tub water. One more minute and splash.

Sun.-Good day at church. Came home and prepared for Phil's birthday supper. Did cardio. Went for an hour long gator ride. Read a little. Whole family here for Phil's birthday supper of chicken Caesar salad and applepie ice cream pie. Michael went down to my cottage to write later. Philip went to Joel and Ashley's. Susan's working on her new computer. Freeman and Alli and Nathan went home to take care of things before dark and the storm that may be coming.