Monday, August 26, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 26-Sept.1, 2013

Mon.-I kind of took my Sabbath Rest today. Philip and Tommy were working around here and Happy Valley. Susan went out to town and enjoyed volleyball practice and grocery shopping and dropped off Lindsay's box at the Post Office. Michael is out late at Liberty. Davi adores Susan and sits outside her bedroom door looking expectantly at the door knob. Oh-Helen brought Tommy over this morning and we enjoyed a cup of tea out on the front porch. I was wrapped in my big white terry cloth robe. How lovely to catch up a bit. There is a big bull who seems injured in our meadow. He may be roast beef next week. Poor thing.

Tues.-Living in the land of new motherhood. Half dazed from lack of sleep and shoulder and hip still in so much pain from holding puppy on 12 hour trip home from Fl. Highlight of today-a nice long catch up talk with Deb Lahr.

Wed.-Tom T. died this morning after a long battle with cancer. He played on the worship band at Hopewell with Phil and Paul for many years. Phil is very sad about this. Hopes to have Michael fly him up for the funeral.
Tonight I went to Micah's cat's funeral. Janelle, Micah, John, and Jeanne were also there. Buddy let his presence be known. We sat outside on chairs Janelle read a poem about Rainbow Bridge and we shared stories about Necko. Then we wrote things on the stones that were on top of the dirt on top of his remains. I wrote, "I wish I had known you, Necko. You were one smart cat. Aunt Annette" Micah had Janelle write, "I wish I had played with you more." He said 'group hug' when I was hugging Janelle good bye. He hugged us both hard. It was really a difficult experience for him, to lose that cat. And I sobbed the whole way home.

Thurs.-Phil took Davi to work with him and Susan and I left the house around 11 and got back after 8. Had a wonderful day of shopping in Lynchburg. The Abbott blessed Davi by wearing his special garments, praying for her, and sprinkling her with holy water.

Fri.-Feel better. Davi slept until 4 and then I slept longer until 7. Canned 16 pint of salsa. Went for physical therapy. Feel much better. Shoulder, hip, neck are back in place. Stopped in to see Catherine on the way home and had a nice visit with her. Made tortillas for supper. Philip went to see little Elizabeth Brooke-Joel and Ashley's baby girl.  Michael and Sara had a date down at the river. He is making her a special supper. Susan is super cleaning her room and getting rid of lots of things. Phil got his tractor ready for tomorrow. Davi is anxious today and we are not sure what is wrong. Her one ear is flopping. They used to both stand straight up. Not sure when this happened but the other day, she walked between my legs and I caught her head between my knees as they passed each other and I said, "It's a wonder I didn't just break her neck." Maybe that's when her ear was hurt. She doesn't seem quite as sure of herself with her one ear down and her one ear up but she is so cute.
In the news-Syria. And I keep thinking of the verse in Amos 6:1-"Woe to them that are at ease in Zion." There's more to it of course. Thinking they have it together and that all is well.
Also, I posted over 270 blogs on face book. Probably two a day for the past 135 days? Now, I want to download them all into a chip and take it to the print shop. Then I'll go through the 'book' and pick out favorite devotionals to make a real book of some kind. So help me God, if this is Your idea.
Oh, big brother Abe called today and talked a little business but first he asked me how my puppy was. I guess that means he was tracking me on Abby's face book page or else checking out my blog. It's nice to know he cares.

Sat.-It was a nice day. Davi slept until 4 again and then slept until 6. Starting to feel human again. Saw Freeman pulling in around 6:30 and when I went out he lifted his arms in victory. He had been over at the other farm less than 10 min. before he shot a bear. He did that the last time too. Officer H. came over to check it and gave us a few more tags for crop damage. Janelle and Micah and I hiked to the river. I walked. They hiked with walking sticks and heavy back packs, getting ready for the trip to the Grand Canyon in 5 weeks. They have to hike 7 miles down and 10 miles back up. They're going with Naomi and Mim and will stay down at the bottom for a night/day/night before hiking out the next day. Phil worked on harvesting corn most of the day but had lots of trouble. So much grass had grown up between the stalks. Tom and Tommy came over to help them. Philip went bear hunting in the eve. after working at cleaning up the barn for most of the day. Michael went to spend the eve. with Sarah. Susan helped Philip castrate some little piggies and super cleaned her room for most of the day. I did some cleaning too. Susan and I watched part of a movie in the eve. and then we all hit the sack early.

Sun.-Good things happened today. Good talks in the morning with my children. Good service. Good fellowship. Good worship. Good rest. Good ride to the river with Davi. Good visit with Steve and Diana. Good fun with Lindsay on face book.
Philip had a great day floating and fishing down/on the James River with some friends from New Covenant Church. Michael spent the day with Sarah and Susan took the truck out and watched the fireworks sitting on a futon mattress on the back with Julie and Colton. Rained before and after the fireworks.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 19-25, 2013

Mon.-Catch up day. Canned 8 quarts of tomato sauce after picking quite a few tomatoes. Washed about 6 loads of laundry, Unpacked. Babysat Puppy. Exercised. Erik and April came in the eve. Target practice. Volleyball. Frisbee. Living room time with popcorn and frozen bananas with pb inside dipped in chocolate and farewells. I am not liking this one little bit. Erik and my boys have been friends for a decade. It's hard to see him leave. And April is part of the family now too. Lord, bless them and use them and help us let them go.
Tues.-Saw a flock of turkeys resting on the lane. I called, "Ollie! Ollie.!" I'm quite sure it was Ollie with her family. Town time. New chiropractor. Like him. Chinese with Judy at her house. Walmart. Home. Nap. Supper. Having a baby puppy is like having a new baby. I am exhausted. So is Phil. Interrupted nighttime sleep. On watch all day. It's 6:30 and I can't wait to hit the sack. Thankful for talk with Lindsay today and good time with Judy. She sang to me and it made me cry. She thought it was the words of the song but it was the power and beauty in her bluegrass voice. She needs no mike. Then I sang her a song I wrote 30 some years ago that I thought she'd like because it's a little bluegrassy gospel. And then she cried. It's time for Judy to sing. She used to be in a singing group.  I'd have the Octoberfest just to hear her sing.

Wed.-Good day. Michael studied down at the cottage. Susan and Meredith pulled weeds at HV. I picked tomatoes and cleaned house. In the eve. went out to town to deliver a check and walk High Trail with a friend. Ended the eve. at Sweet Frog. Her little boy befriended everyone there. A large group of young women came in with one man. They were the RA's for Longwood and they said, 'We brought President ? along.' He gave us a little wave. Walmart was nuts. Parents and students buying toaster ovens, silverware, school supplies. They should have had more checkouts open. Moon is beautiful. Lightning is competing with Moon's brightness. Thinking of calling puppy Davi, after her mother. Pronounced Dah-vee. Accent on Dah.

Thurs.-Cleaning all day. Susan out to volleyball, chiro., and grocery shopping. Michael enjoying school. Guys got home around 7. Davi a little sad when Susan leaves. She thinks she's Susan's baby sister.

Fri.-Still cleaning. Love the way the LR and DR look. Now the rest of my house looks extra messy. Susan took Davi to vet. They said that she is huge and will probably end of being over 120 pounds! Angel was 85! Her coughing was from an earlier shot and they said it was good we brought her in although we didn't bring her in for that. Nothing can be done for her bent tip of tail. Must have gotten in caught in a door. It was definitely broken at some time in her previous life away from us and healed crookedly. When her tail gets bigger and hairier, Carolyn said we won't even notice. She calms right down when I stroke that little big of tail.

Sat.-more cleaning. So tired. Made chili. Michael to Lynchburg with Jordan to do some shopping. Philip to ball tournament. Freeman overnight at Abbey to wake up early to start pig. Alli back at her parent's for sleepover. Phil slept in and then went to Abbey to help Freeman to cut up pig. Abbey having a gratitude pig roast for contractors. Susan made homemade lotions, etc. this morning, mowed in early afternoon, and met Phil halfway between her and Richmond to get something and then to Philip's ball tournament.

Sun.-Slept in. Good time at church. Loved the fellowship afterwards outside on the patio. Loved that Leah was serving coffee and lemonade with Melva. Savvy and Harvest came home with us for pizza lunch and a cold swim in the pond. Harvest fell asleep on my chair and Philip and Susan fell asleep on the floor while Savvy made Chicken Alfreda Fettuccine. The rest of their family came for supper. Ate salad and Savvy's dish outside and then went skeet 'hunting' in the meadow.(After Freeman gave a lesson in bees and their hives. Fascinating. )  Showed the girls my cottage and river. Came back and had gourmet s'mores and sat around the fire talking. Lovely day with a loving family.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 12-18, 2013

Mon.-A catching up day. Feel a little sad not having Debra and Brads here. Susan went to town and I sent her a grocery list and she did well. Still very tired. Foot hurts. It seems I sprained it a few days ago. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Went to hear General Boykin speak on the Constitution at Piedmont Baptist. Susan served the BBQ meal with the Tran girls. Philip, Michael, Sarah, Phil, and I, shared a table with Dawn and Dean and her two girls. He was honored as a hero. I was stirred to become more involved with the direction our nation is taking. We will see what that will look like.

Tues.-Did wash. Made 10 pints of cucumber relish with Susan's help. Also canned ten pints of roasted tomatoes. Susan mowed our lawn and did wash and had her own list she was catching up on. Made fried green tomatoes for the first time. Really good. Phil and Philip had meetings tonight. I read the story of our engagement to Phil and he really laughed. I posted it on face book and am beginning to get some responses. Tomorrow, is the big day.

Wed.-Went to Appomattox today to run some errands. Gas, car wash, Kroger, Post Office, Salvation Army, Walmart, Baines-to buy a copy of the Constitution, and last but not least, I got a mint chocolate chip hand dipped ice cream cone from Country Charm after finding some things for Lindsay's Three at 'The Little Things in Life' consignment shop. Came home and prepared for our anniversary celebration. It's 31 years today. Asked face book to guess what we were giving each other for our anniversary gift. The ideas were skydiving, motorcycles, a cruise, a greenhouse, a horse, and many more. I finally told them we were getting a GS puppy. Philip, Michael, and Susan are all at New Life tonight at VE. Phil is looking at someone's roof that needs a Conklin product. He showed me where he could build me some storage shelves in the man cave. I don't have room for any more canned goods and I am not finished canning. D and I finally got to talk and catch up a bit. Buddy rolled in something horrendous and I don't plan on getting anywhere near him any time soon. Janelle will be back Sat. Hopefully some of it will wear off by then. Tommy was in ER tonight after a brush with a poisonous caterpillar-Puss Moth variety.

Thurs.-Left soon after 7 and raced to Marietta, Georgia, with several interuptions including pit stops and cop stops. Arrived 2 min. late to a surprise apt at Azita's Spa and Salon. Phil's gift to me. Two hours of a pampering manicure and pedicure with Lucy. Phil went to Parvez's restaurant where Parvez served him a plate of ribs. Later, Phil showed me their $5 million house that he and the boys built several years ago. Wow. They are such a dear couple and my guys enjoyed their stay at their place while they were building the house. Later, we went to a Thai restaurant where I got chicken cashew curry with rice and steamed vegetables. We drove an hour and had a great night sleep in a Choice motel.

Fri.-Drove an hour and found a quaint historic town-Perry, GA. Stopped in at an Antique Shop in an old theatre and Phil bought me a beautiful ceramic pitcher. Had coffee and biscotti at a little coffee shop a block away. Headed south. Stopped at another flea market and bought new queen size sheets that match 'The Last Supper' in our bedroom. Also a brass pig. Drove through severe rain and strong winds. Susan found a volleyball coach. Drove to Fred and Carolyn's and arrived around 5. Our puppy came to me right away and gave me a hug around the neck. The Borgman's took us to a pizza shop where we had anti-pasta salad and homemade Philly steak pizza. Had dessert at their place-mini apple pies and ice cream and slept well in their guest room with twin beds. We used the bathroom in their room since the guest room bathroom was gutted. But the fan's were on and 'they were covered' as Carolyn reassured us.

Sat.-Big breakfast of strawberries, bacon, eggs, pastries, and coffee. On our way around 9:30 with three puppies. Met another family in North Carolina and delivered one puppy to a happy family. Decided to drive straight home. Our puppy spent most of the trip on my lap. Lots of rain and several stops for the puppies to pee, etc. Got home around 10:45. Susan gave puppies a bath. Julie here. In bed by midnight I think.

Sun.-Puppies up with Phil at 4 or should I say Phil up with puppies at 4. This is a lot of fun for our family. Good to be at church. Feels like family at its best. Came home and left out puppies. Joy and daughter came to pick up male puppy from 7 hours north in Pa. Our little one seems depressed. Julie, Sarah, Kayla, Michael, Jordan, and Susan all here. Philip at Martin's playing cards. Working on puppy names and playing 'Apples to Apples.' I'll be making popcorn soon. Saw on face book that Phil's cousin lost almost all their belongings and their home to a house fire last eve. So sorry. No one hurt, thankfully. Alli and Freeman stopped in to see Puppy. Watched some of Whose Line is it anyway. They are so talented but can get so crass. Kayla and Sarah made blueberry muffins. Philip came home and laid on the floor with puppy. Everyone is in love with the little lady.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Aug.5-11, 2013

Mon.-It's nice to have both Susan and Michael home this week. Michael had a great vacation with the Warren's. He brought us gifts. A boxer dog wallet for Susan, a mug for Phil, and a blueberry muffin candle for me. I'm not sure what Philip got but I know he got something. Julie had spent the night and her mom and Mike, a friend of theirs, came to pick her up in the morning. First we picked corn to send with them and Kathy wrote me a check equaling to a dollar per ear. We figured out some exchange value of other things I had on hand-tomatoes, peaches, and potatoes-plus I will bring her more corn. Susan went out to Farmville later in the day to run some errands. She went shopping at Food Lion, Walmart, and Miller's. I gave her my card and she brought back the receipts. I'm thankful she enjoys grocery shopping. Michael ordered some books for school and picked corn for Ray and Ruth and did some other things on the farm. I made 5 quarts of salsa, peach crisp, and egg salad. Susan made homemade mac and cheese and mashed cauliflower with spinach which was out of this world. We had a lot for supper. Some other friends-James, David, and John-came by later for corn. I found a recipe for dishwasher soap tablets. And homemade Shout. The guys and I worked on the man cave for a bit today. Separately from each other. Our ideas of clean are just not the same. Debra and Bradley will be spending most of this week here and I am putting up beds for them over there amongst all the dead heads gracing the walls. I put a good smelling scent that is supposed to last for 30 days over there. You can smell it when you walk by it and that's about it.

Tues.-Good catch up conversations with Ginger and Lindsay on my cell phone. And Yay! Richard from Verizon came and fixed our phones! Been without for at least 2 weeks. I spent several hours cleaning the man cave today, getting it ready for Debra and Brads. Michael had class this morning at Liberty. Susan mowed Happy Valley. Made two chickens, homemade mayonnaise, homemade potato salad using that mayonnaise, fresh corn fritters, and fresh peach fritters. Michael and Susan helped. Phil and Freeman went over house plans. Philip was working at Guilds and came home soaked. He played some cards with Susan while he ate supper and then she helped him with his pigs. There were no eggs in the chicken house today but there was a big black snake. Mike to the rescue. Sold 100 ears to Reggie and Liz. They picked it up on their way to ball.

Wed.-Busy day cleaning house, etc. Debra and Bradley arrived after five. Debra was fine with the man cave. She had never seen it before. She was thinking we would be putting her in the boys bedroom. So we were checking into Janelle's extra basement bedroom availability. She will be surrounded with all kinds of dead heads and skins on the walls. But she doesn't mind. Brads will be with her. We just played chicken foot for a good hour. Fun. Bradley won. Looking forward to spending the rest of this week with them. Caught up with Judy on the phone this morning. It's so nice to have a phone again, except for all those telemarketing calls today. Freeman and Alli's third anniversary is today. I missed it! And she was here. Happy Beloved Anniversary to you both!

Thurs/-Relaxing morning at home, then to Farmville for the afternoon. Went to Sweet Frog for lunch, then to the Sweet Shop. Brads and Susan picked out some candy for the movies. Dropped them off at Sun Chase and then Deb and I went to the Greenfront's discount building. After much deliberation on colors of rugs for Deb and a possible sofa, I came home with two rugs for the man cave and a rug for our bedroom which matches 'The Last Supper' and my new bed cover. Burgundy's and golds. Took Debra to the fabric store and picked up the kids and then went back to get her. We also went to Goodwill where we found several nice things, then to Walmart where we bought pizza for supper. Came home and Debra made a tabbouleh type salad using quinoa, cucs, tomatoes, mint, basil, cilantro, and raspberry balsamic dressing. She also sliced tomatoes, put slices of mozzarella on top, and drizzled them with the same dressing. Delicious. I made lots of popcorn and the Spiggles came to pick up 200 ears of corn which Michael, Susan, and Brads had just picked, Debra measured her vehicle, and Michael did the cows, Phil came home, grabbed a bite to eat and headed out to Steve Maj's. Philip took care of pigs and finally, around 7:30, we settled down for a movie night-International Treasure 1. Love that movie! Debra and Brads headed over to the mancave and we all headed to our beds. (Janelle W. now married, had her baby, lives in Mexico. I want to go see her and said so on face book. 'Oh, Aunt Annette. Please do.' My heart longs to go see her as if she is one of my own.)

Fri.-Went to the Amish Produce auction in Pamplin. Bought two boxes of green peppers, a box of cucs, and a box of green beans. Susan took Bradley home for the afternoon while Debra and I headed to Farmville to complete our shopping. We did complete it and I can't wait to see the finished project in Debra's sun room. Came back home and made some supper and turned around and went back out to Farmville for ball. It was great to see some old ball friends out there. Alan and Anita Wissinger were there with two of their girls visiting Jay and Bonnie. Uncle Ed and Aunt Rhoda were there too. Susan treated us to chocolate dipped McD's ice cream cones on the way home. The worst thing about the eve. was the abundance of mosquitoes. They were after Philip and I. The best thing about the eve. was getting to hold baby Gideon again. He seemed to remember me and gave me sucking kisses on my chin.

Sat.-Debra and I canned 6 quarts of tomato juice and 7 quarts of sweet pepper strips this morning. She vacuumed the house for me too. Philip, Susan, and Brads went swimming in the river in the afternoon and Michael had some time with Bradley too. Tom and Tommy were over here working for part of the day. In the eve. we went to New Life to see the Critter County Shakespeare play. It was really funny. Lynney's breakdown, Steve and Scotty's whacking each other harder and harder in the chest, Dianna's 'smoochin' behind the barn until her false teeth were numb', Dee's just being there on stage, etc. were just some of the funniest parts for me. Tommy was in the house when we got home and Bradley went home with him overnight to go to church with them in the morning. I am thankful that I got to see Sarah W. tonight. It's been awhile since I've seen her. I am thankful that Debra completely lost it over Lynney and the squirrel. I am thankful that our purses covered the air conditioning vent right there beside my feet in the VE room.

Sun.-Made blueberry/banana baked oatmeal for breakfast. Went to church and it was good. Said good bye to Brads and Debra in the parking lot. Susan had gone to Calvary in order to be able to bring Bradley back to New Life to meet his mother. She went out to Chinese with Michael and Jordan. Philip went to Lapps for lunch. Phil and I came home and ate sweet corn and tuna salad made from the tuna I had canned from their catch. We actually watched an episode or two of Bonanza. Susan came home and sat down with us and asked, "What IS this?" Later, she and I both took naps and then Phil and I went for a drive to exchange milk/corn with a neighbor. It's thundering and raining and the sun is shining. It's a little after 6 and I am thinking of hitting the sack and sleeping for 12 hours. I'm unusually tired. Instead, Susan and I watched Miss Congeniality. I love my Susan.