Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hertzler Doings~April 28-May 4, 2014

Mon.-So nice to have this extra day at Ocean City. Cleaned up the house. Did wash and dishwasher. Packed up. Went to the beach for several hours. Bought 4 sweatshirts so we match and keep warm. Flagged down a skateboarder to take our pictures. A funny story came out of this situation. Naomi and I keep laughing about it. (Do you speak English? Let him alone; he's special.) After we piled everything in the car, we came back in and watched 'The Tourist' while the dishwasher finished running and the rush hour traffic made it's way through Philly.
 We made it home in less than 2 hours again. Dropped off Bev. I spent the night at Naomi's. Slept in Krissy's room.

Tues.-Had a nice cup of coffee while visiting with Mabe and Naomi in their living room. Headed to Mom and Dad's. Visited with Jim on the lane for awhile. So sorry his dog Lizzy was killed. Had a nice breakfast with Mom and Dad. Mom has shingles. Such an awful illness. Anne and Little David came and I got lots of hugs from him. He let me hold him on my lap for quite awhile. Such a smart little guy. Went over to visit Jonathan and Karen. He had been waiting since he saw me around 8:15 and I got there about 11:15. More hugs and kisses and he serenaded me with a guitar and made up song. Played on the floor with some blocks. Left around 12. Drove home through rain. Got here around 7:30. Phil and Susan helped me bring things in. Good to be home.

Wed.-Doing wash. Raining a Noah's Ark kind of rain. Puddles everywhere. Thunder and lightning. Phil working on books. Susan went out to town later to got to the gym, bank, get groceries, and attend youth group. Michael's at Chace's and is making him chicken rice with salsa and apricot for supper as a thank you for the use of his internet. I'm listening to Rosa's worship CD and finishing up wash and unpacking and communications with fb, email, and blogging. Oh-Mom sent home Susan's black and white quilt. So beautiful. She is tickled.

Thurs.-Busy day catching up, watching SAT DVD's with Susan, and playing softball in the eve. at home. Decided to see if I could still pitch and I was throwing really well 8 out of 10 times. Philip loaned us his 8 softballs and Susan got to hit time after time. Really great time. Little stiff now. Sat with ice on shoulder and hip and watched Monk with Susan and Phil. Michael at Chace's and Philip at the M's. Guys worked around here today. Put up two Martin boxes. I made a quiche for lunch using our sausage, eggs, spinach, and herbs. Worked 15 min. in old house. Amazing what you can get done if you are speed cleaning in a short amount of time.

Fri.-Homesick for my shore girls. Talked with Naomi later in the day. We're going to keep in touch a bit more regularly although any time we do talk,  it is like no time has passed. Thank you dear friend. Put in 15 min. in old house again. It's amazing what you can get done in that amount of time. 15 min. pulling weeds and 15 min. walking, too. Oh! And 15 min. pitching balls to Susan. Vacuumed and washed floors and went out to Farmville to run errands. Stopped in at Judy's and she fed me and gave me sweet tea and we talked for awhile. Visited R for 2nd time. Bought tomato plants, basil, marigolds, and Mom's Mother's Day geranium at B&M. Bought dog food at tractor supply and finished up at Walmart. Wrong time to go there. Bought a Rubbermaid container to house Susan's special quilt. Getting her ready for SAT's tomorrow. Bought pencils, erasers, and batteries for her calculator. Susan went out to town today as well and practiced her trio for Sunday and went to the gym. Phil went to look at sprayer. Guys are heading up to Pa tomorrow for trout season. Not sure where they are right now. Listened to Beth Moore's teaching that Bev gave me this morning while exercising. I'm reading the book by Joseph Prince that she gave as well. I love what Beth said about a holy discontent among God's people, because God is getting ready to pour our His Spirit on a dry and thirsty land.

Sat.-Busy day. Left shortly after 7 to go to Appomattox for SAT's for Susan, then to Tru-value Hardware to buy two plastic Adirondack chairs that were on sale for $15 each, then to Chai Time with Jenny and Savannah, then to Judy's to park and meet Janelle and Micah to enjoy The Heart of Va. for several hours. It's amazing how many people we knew from the community, family, church, Longwood, other churches, homeschool, etc. I bought a pair of earrings but really wanted to buy a piece of unusual pottery. The lady is an artist who makes it. She rolls out the clay and forms multi-segmented vases and beautiful plates, etc. Nothing was less than $35 but now I'm wishing I'd have gotten something. This is the kind of pottery I'd like to do because I don't think I'd ever get the hang of the wheel. Susan came out after her SAT's. She said her brain felt fried. I am sure she did well. She'll have another opportunity to take them in the fall. She hung out with Julie and Colton and friends and spent the eve at J's. Philip and Michael left around 9 this morning and headed up for the trout rodeo in Pa. They took a dark red geranium to Mom for Mother's Day along with a card we all signed. Janelle, Micah, and I visited with Tom, Judy, and Sammy Jo for awhile and drank Judy's sweet tea. Janelle said she could live on it. I came home and visited with Alli for awhile and we both sort of took naps. I have a sympathy belly to go along with hers. It's ridiculous but it's real. Phil and I went over to Happy Valley to get the tractor. The rain really gushed the debris out of the ditches up onto the road. Later, we took a little drive to see a den of little foxes right here on Cutbanks Rd. Phil worked on the farm and I tidied up and made some miniature cheesecakes. We're home alone until Susan gets home. Feeling the empty nest tonight. But it's okay.

Sun.-So good to be back at church. Worship sweet. Word on family strong. Held Gina's twins with Susan after church. Susan, Savannah, and Livi, sang their trio after the offering. Gave me goosebumps. People jumped to their feet clapping after they sang. Phil and I went to Sho-gun after church. They play the same worship music over and over and we love it. Came home and rested. Susan, Julie, Andrew, Colton, Tyler, and Mike, spent the afternoon down at the river and then came up and I made popcorn and they watched a movie in the man cave. Good friends. Good times.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hertzler Doings~April 21-27, 2014

Mon.-Ran errands all day from Appomattox to Farmville. Car worked on/observed both places. Susan drove out too and got left back light fixed. She had practice for Fine Arts, went to the gym, and then to softball. I got my hair cut by Julie at Great Escapes. She is going to help me grow it out. Cut it and said, "Don't come back for 12 weeks. Unless you can't stand it. Then we'll do something." I like her. Stopped in to be with Judy twice. Held little Logan and got him to sleep. (In Appomattox, I bought the shore girls their bracelets at B&L. Also saw Lisa and Desi there at Baine's. Nice to run into them. Picked up Pig Roast invitations at Village Print Shop. Farmville-in eve.-Went to Susan's game. Met Tom and Kathy L. at Dollar Tree and let them to the field. Phil met us there. Great game. Susan's team won. Kathy was so into the game-whistling, yelling instructions, etc. It was fun. Then we went to New Life and heard Susan's trio sing and also heard her solo. That girl can sing.

Tues.-Cleaned out the car and packed. Washed summer clothes from old house. Dyed hair. Slept well.

Wed.-Finished packing. Made caramel corn to take along. Susan had practice at New Life and also went to the gym. We're going tonight to hear the whole Fine Arts Group perform. Went to Dr. F. She said I jammed my toe and should ice it. It's been hurting my left big toe when I walk barefooted. Today is my mother's birthday. On the 18th, it was 2 years since she passed away from this old earth and went to heaven. Thanks be to God for such an incredible gift. Life and More Life.(The Fine Arts performance was heavenly. Susan nailed it. What a gutsy unaffected voice. Her trio did well too and I also enjoyed hearing Savy and Livi sing by themselves. All of the kids were courageous. What a great night.) Philip taped part of Susan's song and posted it on face book. And she made Freeman cry. We were all there to hear and support her. That girl showed no fear. Some of her homeschool friends came too-Colton, Tyler, David, James, Andrew, and Julie. And Julie's mama-Kathy.

Thurs.-Left home around 7 and arrived in Morgantown around 2. Made a quick stop at BB's and saw Shelly King and Freda Petersheim. Went to Rosalee's and had a nice visit and supper with her, Jim, and Katrina. Stew and Annika stopped in and we had a high old time. Went over to Naomi's and visited with her and Mabe. Got a shower and packed up the car when Rosa came. Left Naomi's a little after 10 in the eve. and went over to Bev's and packed up some more. The car was packed all around us. Rosa and Bev felt like they were in a cave in the back. We got to the shore house in less than 2 hours. We unpacked our things and exchanged our birthday gifts and were in bed by 2 Friday morning. Bev got us all the book-"Power of Right Believing" by Joseph Prince. Rosa got us a worship CD by Hillsong and a Max Lucado devotional and some pens, flashlights, and a tool kit from Choice Glass. She runs that business very well. Naomi got us a beach necklace and I got three bracelets from B&L for them.

Friday-Woke up slow. Tribe of men working next door on house were very loud at 7 in the morning. Something new in the house-photo's of the ocean sunsets have been made into large canvas prints. Beautiful. We had coffee, a breakfast of Naomi's yogurt, homemade granola, fresh strawberries and blueberries. Talked and walked the boardwalk. Came back for lunch. Watched a movie. Took a nap. Went to eat at Nonni's Italian Restaurant where we go every year. Came back and watched another movie.

Sat.-Went to Atlantic City. Ann Loft was our store of great bargains. Ate at our Mexican Restaurant. Came back to Ocean City and went out on the beach to freeze. Got Phil's call about Susan making the Nationals with Fine Arts Competition. We called her and screamed. Then I made a movie of the ocean with her singing in the background. Rosa pulled up a clip of her voice on fb. So beautiful. Got another movie and were in bed by 10. Bev and I talked until after 11.

Sun.-Slept until 7:30. Had coffee on the porch. Rosa made crepes. Vanilla cream filling with fresh strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream. Shared in depth with each other this morning. Went to the beach for several hours. Bev and I saw dolphins. Rosa fell on the boardwalk and hurt her knee and shoulder pretty badly. Had a splinter sticking out of her finger. Went to Crab Trap for supper. All had salmon. Watched two more movies-comedies. Not so great. The best part was the dancing at the end of the movie. (Our dancing) (Bev's and mine.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hertzler Doings~April 14-20, 2014

Mon.-Busy day. Susan made more eggs. We ran errands in Farmville. Goodwill, basketball practice, Fine Arts practice, gym, Judy twice, Hill and Davis, Walmart, Food Lion, Belk, and homeschool softball. I helped with the food. Susan's team won.

Tues.-Another busy egg day. Made lots of food between Susan and I. She delivered eggs, went back to Hill and Davis, to the bank, and to the gym. Phil had board meeting. Michael studying. Philip at home chasing errant cows back into the meadow. Worked out shore plans with Naomi.

Wed.-Had a great day in Midlothian today with Lisa H. (alias DDF). She drove and we got her car washed at a super cool place where they wash and vacuum it while you wait inside. Then we had lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant with barely any wait and great inexpensive food. Headed to TJMax and then to my dental appt. and then back to Ross and Kroger. Back at her house I got to see her oil painting for the cover of her third book and also saw the video of their camper bus. I hope somebody wonderful buys it. Susan worked on her eggs and delivered them to Miller's and then worked out and went to youth. Philip headed to youth from here and Michael has a night flight tonight. Lost some tomato plants last eve. They froze under the buckets. I watered them quickly this morning but still lost them. The basil looks a little fried as well even though I had the herbs completely covered. So, we had more than a frost. We had a freeze. And they're calling for the same tonight. Last night I dreamed that Alli's water broke. I'm glad it was a dream. Little guy needs to bake in the oven a little bit longer.

Thurs.-Got sick in the middle of the night. Stayed in bed all day bundled up with hat, sweatshirt, socks, pants, blankets. Upset stomach. Everyone else here and there.

Fri.-Able to get up. Doing a few odd jobs. Just want to sleep. Got better as day progressed. Packed up car for Grams and More. Made big crockpot full of gourmet mashed potatoes for Sunday. Susan to Richmond shopping with Savvy and Livy. Michael flew with Chace to Blue Ridge Airport and had supper with him out there. Some break-throughs for jobs for Phil.

Sat.-headed out early for Grams and More. Stopped at Millers and got some jars at the yard sale and two shirts for a dollar for Michael. Grams and More went well today. We had a shortened version. We had a welcome, a devotional, sang Easter hymns, and dipped pb eggs and had lunch made by Teresa. Got to hear the choir singing and can't wait for church tomorrow. Came home and cleaned house, did some wash, made a 7 layer salad, and visited the Lucas's next door. They're here for a few days. Jenny-Tom and Kathy's daughter- signed her third book and gave it to me. I know what I'm doing tonight. (Read it out loud to Phil-the whole thing!)

Sunday-He is Risen! He is risen indeed! Went to both services. Philip sang in the choir during the second service. Awesome worship. Freeman played guitar. Many accepted Christ. Came home and rested a little and then went to Tom's for a huge Easter dinner. McIntoshes came too. Had a great time. Brought chairs outside and we sang and played through 'You Were the Joy.' It was precious to be sitting between Phil and Jenny. Freeman played the guitar soundtrack. I couldn't believe how he got the rhythms and chord changes down exactly like the sound track. It's been over 12 years since he would have heard it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hertzler Doings~April 7-13, 2014

Mon.-Busy day doing wash, organizing winter clothes, cleaning off my desk, etc. Michael was at school and studying all day. Susan went out to town and got groceries, practiced for Fine Arts, and went to the gym. Now she is prepping for 6 days of meals. She's following a special diet that goes with lifting weights. It was cold and rainy all day.

Tues.-Beautiful day. Did some wash, cleaned up outside fridge, got a nice visit from Alli, received a precious email, went through all my pants and gave away a kitchen bag full and put away a kitchen bag full because they are too tight and organized what was left. Phil went through all his pants and now they fit into his bottom drawer instead of being piled on top of his dresser. Susan worked on eggs, went out to drama party, practiced for Fine Arts, worked out, practiced for Fine Arts again, came home and worked on eggs. It's a good thing she finished school this past weekend. So much is on her plate. Michael went to Chi Alpha and Philip went to have a 'meeting.' Phil drove me down to see the bluebells. They are buoyant and seem to have blue and purple light coming from the inside out. I wonder what they would look like under a black light. Hoping to hit the sack early tonight. Have to wake up early tomorrow and hit up Trader Joe's and Whole Foods before I have dental surgery at 11:00.

Wed.-Susan and I left the house by 7:45 and went to Richmond and hit up Trader Joes and Whole Foods before going to the dentist. She dropped me off to have dental surgery and then went to Ross where she made out like a bandit. Came home. I slept. She put stuff away, dipped eggs, and headed to town to deliver eggs, go to the gym, and youth group. Philip's meeting went well last eve. Just saying. Hitting the sack early. On dental drugs and pain meds. Nighty night. Guys worked around here today.

Thurs.-Slept all morning. Helped Susan a little with her eggs in the afternoon. She had a lot of orders to fill for personal and the local country store. Philip had choir practice tonight. Michael stayed home to study, etc. Phil and I went to Lowes to pick up some wheels to help move something and also got 4 more blueberry plants, 8 tomato plants, 1 black raspberry plant, and basil. Planted them when we got home. Susan went to ball without me. I'm still tired and spacey. Phil's working outside in the dark because he has busy plans for the weekend and needs to get things finished.

Fri.-Phil and Susan headed out early to go to the cabin in Potter County for trout season. She hasn't been there for over a decade. I went out to town for a meeting and then stopped in to have Chai with Jenny, and had a good catch up talk with Lindsay on the way home. Micah was here when I got home, helping Freeman with the bees. Abby and Serena came shortly afterward bringing three homemade pizzas with them. We watched several movies, ate pizza, popcorn, orange soda with vanilla ice cream, chips, and lime drink. All day, I had experienced ever increasing pain and started realizing that I might have a kidney stone. Fever up to 100.3, etc. Freeman brought me over the counter meds that Alli had when she had a kidney stone. Took heavy pain meds, drank chlorophyll, lemon water, and cranberry juice. Ate asparagus too. Started getting some relief. Slept through the night for the first time in a long time. Kids watched a movie and slept on a big bed on the floor.

Sat.-I made bacon and chocolate chip pancakes for the Abby, Serena, and Micah. They had breakfast in bed and watched an episode of Three Stooges. Then we took a quick trip down to the river and picked bluebells for Helen's birthday. She picked them up around 9:30 because the girls had karate at Calvary Chapel at 10. ///Tidied the house, drove down to the river to see the bluebells and cleaned up the cottage a little. Also drove to O'Brien's and stopped in to see Alli and Freeman a little. Freeman was planting dogwood trees and a butterfly bush and Alli was watering the soil to prepare it for grass seed. I was feeling my kidneys a little too much and decided not to venture down to the bluebells at O'Brien's on the gator-too much jostling and when I came home, I did very little the rest of the day. Made a soft supper of hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Watered the tomato plants. Said Hello to someone sweet and watched the fishers of men go out the door to try to reel in a scaled variety. Hit the sack early. Tomorrow's church and Jenny is preaching. Hurrah! I love when PBill preaches also. Or any of the pastors for that matter. But Jenny is preaching tomorrow. You'll wish you were there.

Sun.-The guys all went to Men's Prayer Breakfast. I picked up Alli and we went to the Freedom Track Sunday School. We took communion today. The men leaders stood up front with the baskets of all enclosed wafers and juice and we filed out to the left to partake of Christ's communion. On the way, we communed with each other, greeting each other like family, rejoicing in the hope we share together because of the body of Christ, broken for us. Sometimes, communion is solemn. Today, it was joyful and deep and healing. I loved it. So did others. I held baby Mason-one of Wade and Gina's twin boys, for the whole service. Jenny wanted me to leave him with her when I went to get communion. She preached a wonderful sermon on purpose, prophecy, and prayer. Not necessarily in that order. I delivered all of Susan's eggs and then stopped at Food Lion to get pure cranberry juice to help add my kidneys with whatever they're trying to do here. Watched Anne of Green Gables with Alli and then went with Phil and Alli to Helen's surprise birthday supper for about an hour. Phil and Susan had a nice time at the cabin and got home around 5:30. Susan drove most of the 7 hours home. Phil and Freeman were at Jesus Jamz at Longwood. Worship on campus. Jesus on campus. Just like that dream I had of Him 20 years ago.

Hertzler Doings~March 31-April 6, 2014

This week was so busy I didn't write at all!
Softball, meetings, a brush fire at HV, lunch in Appomattox with JM, gator ride, meeting, Chai, Sunday afternoon with the same. Somebody's prom. Philip a non-date for the prom. Joy restored for another loved one. Such a week of setting boundaries and priorities. I'm exhausted. But it's all good.