Monday, February 29, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 29-March 6, 2016

Mon.-Oh man, I've gained about 10 pounds with Susan not here. It didn't help that we got snowed in, that I fell twice and threw up numerous times and my ribs were put out of place, that I had to be away so much with the floors being done, and that I do such a good job making excuses.
Went out to Farmville and went to the bank, Walmart, Judy's, the chiropractor, (saw the Sandridges there), chatted with Lindsay numerous times on phone and texting, thank God for her, and had lunch with Nicole at Uptown and visited Jessica too. Nicole and I checked out Cato because I am getting desperate for a groom's mother outfit. Talked to Chris K. this morning for awhile. She said she orders dresses on line and gets a number of them and sends back what doesn't work. So, I tried that this eve after sending pictures out to Lindsay and getting her counsel. I ordered a pantsuit. It's black bottoms with flowy see thru material over the pants that make it look like a skirt and then I ordered a gold top that comes with it. The tops and bottoms were in all kinds of colors but this morning, Chris told me that she was told that the grooms mother is to wear beige and keep her mouth shut.
The girls dresses arrived today as well and they are like a coat of many colors. Beautifully made. Hope they fit! Took a walk in this beautiful weather. Phil worked on the lane. Philip worked some on the farm and his house. Freeman stopped in to say Hello. Michael and Jessica went to marriage counseling. And I've been chatting with Susan. She made lots of cream brulee. I'm not sure how to spell that. I'll be picking her up Wednesday and bringing her back home. She is sad to leave and happy to come home. That's contentment.

Tues.-Took Chris and Lori K out to Lynchburg to pick up 2 rental cars. One of their cars were totaled in the tornado and the other was dropped off to have the damage fixed. Did a little shopping while out there. Made some food when I came home and caught up on wash, etc. Watched 'Out of Africa' while doing exercises. Evergreen looks different. And I almost missed my turn off road from 460 because the terrain looks so strange with the trees down. But trash is in piles. And the workers are organized. And the chain saws are quiet.

Wed.-Charity, Hannah, and Abigale T. stopped in for a visit this morning. We had a nice time. I went over to watch Nathan while Alli took care of the animals because it was so cold and windy. Phil and I left at 7 to pick up Susan at the Richmond airport. We were happily reunited within 15 min. of our arrival. She talked of her adventures the whole ride home and it was wonderful. I videotaped her reunion with Lucy. Phil hit the sack. Had been up at 4 and it was after 10. Susan gave me beautiful gifts. A lovely multi colored blue scarf and a sand and broken glass/tile scene made by a local artisan. I slept really well after I warmed up. For some reason it took me awhile. I was warm when I went to bed and then started to shiver. Odd. Slept until 7 the next morning. Haven't done that for ages. It's good to have my precious girl home.

Thurs.-Spent the day with Susan. We picked up her car at the garage and dropped off the truck, went healthy food shopping at Kroger, and drove through Evergreen. Not many people are out cleaning the tornado sight. People had to go back to work. It will get busy during the weekend. But there are months, maybe years, of work ahead. Susan made us a wonderful lunch of soybeans, sautéed red chard, braised asparagus, cantaloupe, guacomali, and salsa . And tea. We watched some Downton Abbey while we ate and then she held Lucy on her lap. Lucy is not allowed on the new floors. Susan is carrying her to her room. Lucy is so happy. Alli and Nathan came for a visit. Jessica came and spent the night. It's a wintry mix. Susan's been singing all day. And she ordered lots of seeds. She's buying them herself, and in exchange for the use of the land, we will get to eat the fruit of the land. She is mostly wanting to see what grows best on this land. She made Jessica and I supper again this evening. So delicious and filling.

Fri-Sun.-Forgot to write so now I forget what happened. Susan had a birthday party with her girlfriends Saturday night. I made her a lemon cake and baked a pizza. Sunday, we had a shower for Jessica after church. Then some of her friends tried on dresses at her house afterwards. Freeman and family were up in Pa as was Philip for Marlin Petersheim's reception.
Robins are slurping up cold worms. I think spring has come. Someone needs to inform the temperature.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 22-28, 2015

Mon.-Alli took me to the dentist. Had to take the drugs. But they couldn't do the procedure. Slept from 4 in the afternoon until 4 Tuesday morning.

Tues.-At Dianna's most of the day and did a crash course with 6 other women on 'The Emotionally Healthy Woman.' Emotionally exhausting.

Wed..-To escape polyurethane fumes, went to Appomattox and ran errands. Met Janelle for lunch.
Put groceries away and was going over to Alli's when got alarm on phone to take cover immediately. Power went out right before that. We stayed in their basement while it stormed and hailed, etc. Got stuck in mud at Happy Valley when I went to check it before going home. Evergreen, Appomattox, and several areas close by were hit hard by a tornado.

Thurs.-Went over to help Lori K in Evergreen. Damage was so severe. Help came in great numbers. I left around noon because wasn't sure what to do. Visited Mickey and drove around to see damage on this side of 460 a few miles away. Visited Alli and Nathan. Made a carrot cake in eve. Windows are cracked open to help with fumes. I hope I can stay home tomorrow and catch up a little bit and not have to escape my own house. God help those who have no house to leave. Took pictures but don't have the heart to post them.

Fri.-Worked on house all day with windows open to help with fumes. The guys took off work early and helped a neighbor who had tornado chaos on his farm. Phil and I babysat Nathan in the eve. while Freeman and Alli went to a game night and cake walk at church. Nathan fell asleep sweetly in his bed snuggling with me. He wanted me to keep humming until he was asleep.

Sat.-Working on all the shelves, wiping with wet cloth, etc. Putting back some furniture I can move and waiting for Phil to put protectors on bottom of other furniture once he gets back from Dennis who is working on his shoulder and also Philip's overextended finger. Didn't sleep well again. Close my eyes and all I see is Evergreen's devastation. Do you know what sound you hear the day after a tornado? You hear chain saws. People have lost their pets and their purses and their son's ashes. And they have found them again! One man lost his life. One of Susan's friends had to identify him. It was his grandfather. They had been looking for him. He will be buried in the cemetery there at Evergreen with the warzone all around. He is at peace. I think people have lost their trust, too. One hears the wind and it scares her. I remember how long it took me not to be looking for a fire every time our dog barks. Last night she barked and Phil and I both sat up and looked. He got out of bed to check things out. And people have gained strength and resiliency that they did not know that had.
After the tornado left this area it visited my brother, David's area in DE, and then, Lancaster, where my other three siblings reside, was hit with a tornado as well.

Sun.-Good sermon on money. Alli, Freeman, and Nathan came over to work with the bees-they died-and play in the sun. I took Alli and Nathan for a gator ride. He was so excited to be back in our house, he was exploring everywhere. It's been two weeks at least due to the floors being done. It is Jessica's 22nd birthday. Philip had their friends over for homemade pizza. They shot some skeet in the afternoon as well. Beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 15-21, 2016

Mon.-Snow! Michael stayed home from work because he couldn't get out lane. Jessica had slept in Susan's bed with Lucy and her work was cancelled. We made some strides with their wedding. Michael worked on the mancave. Phil and the guys went to work. Started the Mindset book. Jess watched some of The Emotionally Healthy Woman DVD with me.

Tues.-Freezing rain. Rain. Most of the snow gone by eve. In the 50's. Jess helped me bake and clean. She made a berry cobbler and I made oatmeal raisin bars. She organized the entertainment center. I cleaned out two shelves of homeschooling things and put stuff from the dining room in them to get ready for the floor guy tomorrow. He's going to sand the new floor and put a sealer on it. Phil to his last board meeting tonight. Has served 7 years. Two terms.

Wed.-Fled the poly floor fragrance and went shopping in Lynchburg. Great sales at Penney's and Belk in the Mall and then spent some time with dear friend Betty Gibbs before heading home.

Thurs.-Not sure if I went to Lynchburg today or yesterday. Missed a day this week. (writing this later)

Fri.-Fled the last coat of poly and went out to Farmville for most of the day. Visited Dr. T. the chiropractor, Judy, Jessica, Uptown, Walmart, Goodwill, the Bank, etc. Went over to visit Nathan for a little while. Watched a movie with Phil in the eve.

Sat.-Did wash. Visited Dianna. Made Sloppy Jo and froze chili. Went ball room dancing in the eve.

Sun.-Not feeling well. Could be the polyurethane. Stayed from church morning and evening and rested all day.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 8-14, 2016

Mon.-Trip to Appomattox. Fell as I walked into Village Print shop, hitting my head, knee, etc. The three men inside were all EMT's. They took good care of me and helped me up. Feeling old.

Tues.-Trip to Farmville. Got to see Judy, Cameron, Ginger, Jessica, Elizabeth at Sleeping Bee, etc. Phil picked me up at Pro-Auto. Leaving car there for scratch buffing.
 Dr. Travis put my ribs back in. Saw Amy there and Zane and then Pastor Bill came in too.

Wed.-Rested all day. Saw Nathan for awhile today. Missed him too much.

Thurs.-Feeling better. House needs to be cleaned. It's Janelle's birthday. She dropped me off at car place on her way to subbing at Longwood this morning. Susan is having a wonderful time.

Fri.-Phil surprised me with a Valentine's lunch at the Babcock House.

Sat.-Ran some errands. Baby shower at New Life for Emily H. in afternoon. Ballroom dancing in the eve. with Phil and Larry Roth and Michael and Jess and Philip and A, and Tommy and Charity. I learned the waltz.

Sun.-Watched Nathan in the evening so Alli and Freeman could have a date at home. Had such a good time with him.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 1-7, 2016

Mon.-Left around 8 and took Susan to Richmond International Airport. She flew from their to JFK and then to San Juan. She connected with her family in Puerto Rico, said they were so nice, and that she was going to bed. (A little before 8.) I am so excited for her but I've had my meltdowns but now that she safely navigated the first flights alone ever in her life, I feel better. All of her writings have been with exclamation points.
After I dropped her off, I went and found where the Emotionally Healthy Leader Seminar was going to be, and then I went shopping at Steinmart across the street. I think I found my outfit for the wedding! I wanted something simple that I could wear comfortable shoes and was also thinking of slacks because of the shoes and the outdoors. I found black pants and a turquoise crocheted top. I sent a picture to Susan and she really liked it and said I should get it. I texted her and said something like, "Why do I always get the changing room next to the muttering old ladies?" She said that people looked at her in the airport because she laughed so loud.
Lunch was great at the Sheraton and I learned from Peter Scazzero about being an Emotionally Healthy Leader and got to talk to him a little and he signed my book and said that it wasn't good to have read his book in 2 days but I told him that I only got it Wed. and read it Thursday and Friday. But I'll read it again and use the other resources I bought. It's so good. The premise is this: One cannot be spiritually mature unless one is emotionally healthy. It makes so much sense. Most problems in the church have more to do with the lack of emotional maturity and we chalk it up to spiritual maturity. My heart and mind are full and I have many questions. I slept like a log though. Phil and I talked and then watched Downton Abbey. Lucy was glad to come in but she misses her Susan. Michael and Jess went to marriage counseling. Philip had supper with us and told us of his ventures.

Tues.-Up early, starting to read, journal. Saw Susan's picture out the front or back of her house. They live in the rain forest. It's breathtakingly beautiful. She made some cheese from goat's milk, milked a goat, planted trees, hung out with the ten year old boy, Linden, went to the river, and read while relaxing on a hammock. I tried to get some work done but had a hard time focusing. I also watched 'The Emotionally Healthy Woman' by Geri Scazzero. So good. Phil and I watched the rest of Downton Abbey. End of Season 6. All's well that ends well.

Wed.-Lots of rain changed my plans to get groceries and meet Lisa for coffee. We talked on the phone instead. Watched more of The Emotionally Healthy Woman. Phil and I watched it in the eve. too. I cut Michael's soap for him since it was too soft for him to cut. So satisfying. Tidied the house and did some wash and watched a movie, too. Very relaxing day. In the 60s and the spring peepers have revived.

Thurs.-Was going to go to the dentist but got a vicious stomach virus or reaction to something for all day after 10:30 and have slept when I could. Phil stopped and bought me pretzels, crackers, and bananas. Susan coached me from afar and said I should sleep as much as possible. My head hurt like crazy and I was concerned about blacking out.
Happier news, Susan is having a wonderful time. She learned how to make Kombucha and feta cheese and herb cheese and how to cook casa something squash. She is organizing shelves for her host, Amy. She gets a 5 min shower a day since they collect rain water. She milks the goats. They went over to visit a friend the other night and got back at midnight so she got to take a nap the next day. The neighbor has an emu named Toom toom and a peacock that sounds like it's yelling for help all of the time. She keeps checking on Isaac whenever she hears that scream. Isaac is blonde haired big blue eyed and 2 1/2. She's been reading. Is on her third book already. We keep in touch. I'm so glad I got a smart phone. She has enough internet to text and that's about it. A chiropractor was visiting from NY and worked on her back. I am so happy for her.

Fri.-Barely moved. So stiff and sore from stomach upset effects.

Sat.-Doing little bits of things. Yesterday I did vacuum and wash the floor and watched movies and stretched. Today I took care of the critters and trash and made chocolate cupcakes and bread and read Mindset and For the Love. Jessica and Michael looked at a house to rent. Philip went with them to check it out. Phil drove up to Pa with Steve R. Susan weeded some fence in PR covered from head to toe and sweating bullets. She made a smoothie with local fruit. Later, Linden shot 2 field chickens and then Susan and Amy dressed them with herb paste. She organized some shelves earlier. Michael is meeting up with his friend, Matt, later, and Jessica went to the Lavender fields with Alli and their friend, Beth. Jessica is coming back later and we're making a vanilla cake with whipped icing for her friend, Taylor's birthday tomorrow. I'm going to clean out some kitchen drawers.

Sunday-Nice day of rest.