Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"WHO"-a Birthday poem for Susan written by my mother

Susan had this poem stored amongst her precious things and asked if I'd keep it for her. I have her permission to blog it. There is no date on it so we are not sure how old Susan was when my mother wrote it for her. How well she describes my lovely daughter.


Whose lively spirit looks out at you
    From shining eyes of liquid blue?

Who likes to cook creatively
   And makes choice treats for her family?

Who likes critters that squiggle and squirm,
   And even finds pleasure in the lowly worm?

Who likes to play with beads and strings
    And makes so many beautiful things?

Who attracts friends in her own special way
Like honey draws bees on a sunshiney day?

Who, then, can make an ordinary day shine
Just by placing her warm hand in mine?

Whose life has a purpose for many great things
Given to her by her great King of Kings?

Who adds to our lives her unique, special touch?
Why, it's Susan, the one that we all love so much!

Happy Birthday, honey.
What a precious poem to read about my precious daughter
written by my precious mama.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 23-29, 2013

Mon.-Productive day. Did wash, cleaned out the cold frame and put 3 loads of organic matter on top and mixed it in. Sewed 6 buttons on a sweater for Susan while I sat in the sun and caught some Vit. D. Exercised, Talked with Katherine and Sarah and D. Guys worked on Freeman's house. Michael went to school. Alli stopped in for a visit. Tommy mowed the fields. Susan went to Farmville and did her Monday projects plus had volleyball practice. Made incredible spaghetti squash with tomatoes, cheese, garlic, basil...broiled. And made crock pot Thai cashew chicken with rice and broccoli. Also, sorted through summer clothes, threw out some, stored some, put some back into drawers, and gave some away. Every morning, Susan and I exercise at the same time. She goes over to the man cave and I stay in the living room and listen to Zig Ziglar or Dale Carnegie. Then we have a 3 song tidy in our bedrooms, both working as fast as we can.
I am thankful that the work of God is to believe on Him whom He has sent.
I am thankful that my to-do list got halfway done.
I am thankful that no matter what is going to happen in our nation,
God is in control, and in Him, there is a stillness and a voice that speaks.

Tues.-Watched the documentary, "Trail of Tears" with Susan. I never knew there were black Indians. I never knew the Indians were shipped to Boarding Schools and were not allowed to speak anything but English. Nor did I know that they received more education than most whites at the time. Susan went out for volleyball practice in the afternoon. I made brown rice tortillas while cleaning out the fridge. Guys came home for lunch and were home for supper shortly after 5. I could get used to this.
Finding out that Phil and the rest of the Kenyan team had coffee in the mall that is in crisis in Nairobi. So sad. And scary. Our times are in His hands. And if our times are in His hands, then our life experiences are as well. If they are in His hands, then we can trust Him with them, can we not. I am 56 and still learning to trust Him. I guess I will be learning to trust Him when I'm 99 and wanting to go parachuting. I am thankful that He is trustworthy. And that I really believe He is trustworthy. So, therefore, I can trust Him. I am thankful for the times He's looked me in the face and asked the question, "Did I tell you to worry about that?" I am thankful that as I hear another's burden, I can roll it over on to Him and not try to fix it. It sets me free to care and to enter in to another's sorrow and wait with them for God to move.

Wed.-Spent most of the day in the Farmville area. Had lunch with DDF at Merks; went to muscle therapy-Dennis says I have sprained my foot in two places; went to the bank, Walmart, Sweet Frog by myself to read a chapter in 'Praying Circles around your Children' by Mark Batterson; went to Mom's and More where we talked about that chapter and shared. Oh, how I love that group of women! Came home and went to bed. Philip and Susan came out for youth group and Susan got to drive Philip's big truck. Michael had a close call the other night when someone was driving towards him on 460 on his side of 460. Sarah was praying for him. Helen saw the same thing and called 911.

Thurs.-Worked outside for an hour on the flower garden. Planted 18 pansies. I love when it snows and their hardy happy heads peep out and smile summer warmth in winter. Worked in the old house. Have been listening to teachings on goal setting etc. and realize that I need to have an end in mind when it comes to goals. Instead of having a goal to clean the old house, I need to have a goal to have it cleaned by the end of November. And then the strategy to bring that goal about would be to work in the old house 15 min. a day, 6 days a week. Same with weight loss. I need to have a specific goal of weight loss by a certain time.
Susan finished mowing at Happy Valley. She lost keys and I found them by retracing her drive in the truck using the gator. Watched Monk with Susan and Phil for a little while and heated/chilled my foot. Good day.

Fri.-Picked up a battery for the mower from Corey's shop in Appomattox. He gave it to us since the last one he gave us was the wrong size and sitting on the seat kept shorting it out. Also went to Walmart while there. Worked on old house and planted more pansies. Did some wash. Susan mowed around here probably for the last time this summer. Watched Monk this eve. Julie coming overnight. Michael with Sarah. Philip stayed home.

Sat.-Cleaned the house while Susan and Julie cleaned Happy Valley. Phil and Michael picked up a load of firewood from the Abbey. I picked up Little Beulah-Susan's friend, Brooke, who reminds her of my mother. Same maiden last name and her father's from our area in Pa. He's a blond version of my cousin Marv. Big event of the day was the fund-raiser hoe-down at Glory Reins Ranch. Sarah's family owns the ranch and has a ministry to troubled children using horses. Everybody brought food and it was set up in the barn that Phil and boys had built several years ago. It was so much fun to see so many homeschool and community families. I laughed and enjoyed myself so very much. The girls-Brooke, Julie, and Susan, and the guys-Philip and Michael, as well as a good hundred more of each, met together down in the arena where they danced the night away. The polka, the Virginia Reel, the Chicken, the Snowball, the Waltz, etc. etc. raised up such a cloud of dust it looked like a tornado was coming or going. It was a great time. I love this family and their call to missions right in their back yard.

Sun.-Brooke had spent the night and went to church with us. It was a great service-14 baptisms, 6 people accepting Christ-one of which was the mother of a girl that was baptized! Testimonies...worship....healing service. Phil and I both had a meeting after church. Phil's went longer so I took the girls' to La Parota but it would have been a half hour wait so we went to Golden Palace instead. Then we went back for Phil, who was just getting out of his meeting. Took Brooke home and came home and watched a movie. Susan went out to Farmville again for Savannah's 18th birthday party. Philip and Michael spent the afternoon at Warren's. Michael had spent the night there. Stayed at the grandparents place. Some families camped over and had outdoor breakfast and church services. Philip and Phil shot in their bows in the eve. I read some things that confirm the feeling that life as we know it is drastically going to change. What does this mean? Perhaps, it's a good thing. But, as I watched the young folk dancing with healthy enjoyment while the dust rose up around them, it looked like a dream. And I thought, 'Cherish these moments. We should all cherish these moments. Hold them dear. Because, life as we know it, is drastically going to change.' And I pray for those young people and the life that they thought they would have, and I pray that they will find God and cling desperately to Him, as all else fails. And I pray that weeks, months, years, from now, I will look on these words I have written, and say, 'I don't know why I said that but I'm so glad that I was wrong.'

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 16-22, 2013

Mon.-A good day. Got some little errands and jobs out of the way and enjoyed some time with Kathryn in town and had supper together at Mercks.  Susan had volleyball practice and went grocery shopping. Phil bought a Benedictine Bus because Nolte told him to and now that is in our front yard. We don't plan to keep it for long.

Tues.-What did I do today? Not sure. Did go to Susan's volleyball game, then to Judy's, then to Walmart. I scream like a maniac at the games but so do the other mother's around me.

Wed.-Picked up Micah from Helen's and took him to Dr. Harvey's in Appomattox. First real visit to a dentist office and he had no cavities. Dr. H. said he looks like Brad Pitts son with Angelina. Then he brought in a magazine and showed me a picture and they could be twins. Dr. H. said to me, "He is a nice young man." And I felt so proud. Then, we went to Granny B's because we were starving and Micah had two glasses of milk, a burger, fries, and some of my rolls with jelly on it. I had fried chicken, fries, and cole slaw, and some rolls too. Then we went to Millie's store-The Little Things in Life-and found Micah a camouflaged winter vest, a black and white checked flannel shirt, and two pairs of Gap sweatpants. Then we went to CARQUEST and got oil and then to Krogers to get gas and groceries and then to the car wash and then to Noah's Last Stop where we paid to get into the petting zoo. Oh, first we went to the Pamplin P.O. to pick up a package. I wanted ice cream all day but Micah was too full and when I mentioned it again, he patted my shoulder and asked, 'Aunt Annette, do you want ice cream?' "I do!" I said. "I've been wanting it all day." He said, "You should get some ice cream." So, we stopped at Tolley's and he got a grape Popsicle stick and I got a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. And then I had my ice cream fix and stopped talking about it. We met Janelle at Noah's. I loved the covey of white doves. They kept flying in a swooping dozen over our heads as we fed the llamas, goats, and donkeys. So beautiful. Phil asked me if I'd like a dove cote and I said 'Yes' and he said, "I'll get you some white doves for you to watch." Which I thought was sweet. Came home and foot was killing me so put some ice on it and had a meltdown because I have things to do and can hardly walk sometimes and I miss Johnny after spending half a day with his son. Decided to stay home from church because I was such a mess but within 30 secs. into my pity party God showed up and said, "Go." And I went and was glad I did. Mom's and More was great.  PJ had a back to school night for the youth and there were over 70 kids there. Philip brought wood for the bonfire and they served it up in the parking lot on a car hood. Pretty creative. Got home, took a hot bath, and snuggled with a 56 year old.

Thurs.-Woke up snuggling with a 57 year old. Happy Birthday Phil AND Happy Birthday Michael! Mike is 22. I bought Philip and Michael huge black bean bag chairs for their birthdays plus two more besides for the man cave visitors. Freeman was here this morning too, and the six of us went around a circle and prayed for Freeman and Alli's new house and the adventure of building it, starting today. The basement walls are up and the guys are framing it. It's so nice to have them close by. I made potato soup for lunch and Susan seasoned it. Then, we made Michael's birthday cake. I made three round brownie cakes, cut them in half while they were still hot. Susan put on chocolate wafers on each half and then topped each half with one of the following-crushed butterfingers, crushed snickers bars, and then she made the peanut butter filling for her eggs and put that in the middle of one also. We wrapped them and froze them and tomorrow, we'll put ice cream between the two layers-Heath bar and Reeses pb. Then we'll freeze them again and ice them quickly with Cool Whip Cream Cheese icing which Susan made that is also unbelievably delicious. Then, we'll freeze the whole thing and bring it out Sunday night.
Susan went out to NL to meet her team. They have an away game and she'll be home late tonight. They won!!!

Fri.-Phil and the guys were working on Freeman's house right down the road. It's so nice to have them close to home. They come here to have lunch. Susan and I added ice cream to Michael's cake and stuck in back in the fridge. Amos F. was going to come spend the night and then go to a wedding tomorrow but the wedding was actually moved up until this eve. because of the storm forecasted in Williamsburg. So, he didn't come after all. The man cave had a bit of a brush up and the futon mattresses are now there and the bathroom is clean so there is good in it all. Did wash and dusted and rested my foot. Made an appt. with Dennis and he thinks it is a bad sprain. I've been concerned that it might be fractured because of the one little spot that makes me yelp when its touched. He's going to get the bones back in place next Wed. and it should feel better by then. Made a huge amount of gluten free pancakes. Recipe from Helen's sister Rachel, on face book.

Sat.-Nice day at home cleaning the house, prepping the pizza toppings for homemade pizza for Michael's party tomorrow, went to Peter and Ivona's for a party and here it was his birthday but he wasn't telling. Philip went to the Lapp's to play Rook. Michael was with Sarah and Freeman and Alli were at the party too. Susan opted to stay home. She hurt her knee and back in that last volleyball game and is very tired. Went to bed early.
Sarah's family had a special birthday supper for Michael, cake, candles, gifts, song, and all. He felt so loved.

Sun.-Good morning at church. Had fun taking some pictures of church life. Church packed. College Sunday. I'm always so challenged with the sermon and personal word. I'll share a few highlights from Pastor Bills sermon and put it in quotes.

"It's the little things. Make a slight alteration. A little adjustment.
Have purpose. Use your talents to shape people for the kingdom of God.
Start your day by being still. Develop a lifestyle of getting still.
Re-invest in your former vision and dreams.

1. A vision for life will bring focus.
Strip off every weight.
Weights-worry, time wasters, clutter, dead-end relationships
Do inventory.

2. A vision for your life will bring endurance.
Press on until you get to the end.
Fight for your marriage, kids, health.

3. A vision for life will bring you fulfillment.
The question is not 'What is your talent?'
The question is 'What are you doing with it?"
The college students were invited to a lunch after church.
We started making pizza in the afternoon for Michael's party and just started baking them while we watched The New Three Stooges movie. Freeman had to leave early to go play for Worship Night so we started early. Alli stayed after he left and we rested and played Chicken Foot. Michael and Sara went over to the man cave and he played the guitar and Philip went on a hike. Michelle and Karl came over and brought goodies for the three September birthdays-an apple pie for Philip, a shoofly pie for Phil, and a peanut butter pie for Michael. Karl helped Michelle make them last eve. We had a nice visit. They helped us eat the ice cream cake. Julie joined us for a few hours in the afternoon. The guys brought their new bean bags over to increase our seating.

I am thankful for our family, our church, our home.

I am thankful that even though I am not writing like I used to that people are still reading what I write/wrote. I pray that they will find Christ in my words. And compassion. And humanity. This week, I had 148 hits from the US; 29-Russia; 15-Ukraine; 10-France; 8-Sweden; 5-China; 3-Canada; 2-S. Korea; 1-Germany; 1-Poland. These are not huge numbers but they represent people. Oh God, bless the peoples of this world and help them look for You and find You. Amen.

I am thankful for the reminder to make a slight adjustment. How easy it is to worry rather than be grateful. I want to make the slight adjustment to be thankful. Perhaps that light will turn off the darkness of worry.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 9-15, 2013

Mon-Wed.-Spent these wonderful days at the Outer Banks with Susan, Philip, Chace, Erik, Jordan, and Tommy. Enjoyed photographing a beautiful pink sunrise with Tommy and Susan. Celebrated Philip's 25th on the 11th. The day before served up a birthday treat for lunch. Waffle bowl banana splits outside on the picnic table. They came out of the pool and drip-dried while eating and then went into a food comma and watched movies and took naps. We'd go out on the beach from mid morning to a bit after noon. They played in the waves and tried their hand at the surf boards. They played round circle volleyball and a Frisbee game with cylinder plastic baskets. It was a great three days of really relaxing. Weather was perfect, friendships were sweet, food was great. It's hard to sum up in a few words what heaven is like on earth.
Susan and I drove home Wed. eve. We stopped at an ice cream cone drive through and ordered large. We ate about a foot of ice cream. Each. I've never had a cone like that before in my life! I won't need ice cream for a long time which is a good thing since we're jumping back into our clean eating today.
Thank you Philip, for sharing your raffle draw winning of this beautiful beach house for these days. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Thurs.-It's hard to get back to work after being on vacation. But we did. Washed, unpacked, and made 7 quarts of salsa.I listened to Zig Ziglar's Goal Setting CD's while working. So good!  Susan went out to volleyball practice and their team almost won in the eve. I was too busy making salsa and catching up to go. We now have beef in the freezer so I made hamburgers for Phil and I for supper and he went bear hunting while I finished up some jobs. Davi has been so excited to see me that she has tripped me up numerous times today and my foot is really hurting and my hip is out. Trying to be patient and remember that she just wants me to play with her. Phil and Freeman working at R's this week finishing up a chicken house. Michael headed down to the beach house after school and got there before 10. Lindsay's blog award came in the mail today-a door organizer. She had asked what we would do with one if we had one and I think I was the only one who responded so I won. I said that I'd use the pockets to organize the stuff on my desk.  But the real prize was the photos of Lindsay and the girls. 5 of them. So precious to me.

Fri.-Susan found a baby piglet today. She brought him into the house and we wrapped him in warm towels and fed him milk replacer with a dropper until Susan went to the vet with Davi to get her shots and brought back a little bottle. Meanwhile, Janelle and Micah stopped by to pick up the turtle shell Phil had found for Micah. He enjoyed feeding the little piglet and we got in some cuddle time and I don't think he even realized it. I made some chocolate chip gluten free pancakes that were amazing and Janelle went from having a bite of mine to having 1 1/2 of her own. Made gluten free soft pretzels in the eve. They had much room for improvement and the chickens ate more of them than we did.

Sat.-Did some wash and then decided to can vegetable soup instead of canning tomato juice and making the soup later, I just cooked the tomatoes, strained them, and made the soup right away and I've been making it all day. We had some to eat and we'll have some tomorrow too so I think, all told, we would have 28 quarts worth. I browned 8 pounds of ground beef and added 4 packs of our corn, plus green beans, limas, soybeans, turnips, celery, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, a pepper, and peas. Plus a quart of frozen yellow tomatoes. And 3 cans of beans-black, white, and kidney. Delicious. I'll be up late. Have another batch of 7 quarts to do and 4 more to do another day.
Piglet died in the night. Kind of sad but kind of a relief. Full time job to feed a baby piglet. Davi wanted it to come out and be her chew toy. But now we don't have to protect the little piggy anymore. Philip got home this afternoon some time. We have yet to see Michael. He's hanging with the guys and probably going to see someone special. Phil's been working on the farm since he got back from Suffolk. Had a work day at a hunting camp that he and Susan joined. Susan weed whacked today, got in her winter clothes and washed them, did other wash, helped me with the soup and cleaning the house, etc. She loved the beach but is happy to be home.

Sun.-Canned soup until 11:30 last eve. and slept in until 8:30. Really good morning at church. Pastor Bill spoke on relationships. His sermon series has been on The Rocks in our lives, as in Solid Rocks on which to build a foundation. First week was on Hearing God's voice and obeying it. Second week was on making the most of our time. (I missed this as I was making the most of our time at the beach.)
This week was on Relationships-Loving God and loving each other. It's important to bridge the gaps in our lives between God and one another. Seek to understand each other and to find out each others' interests.
 1-Be quick to listen. Slow to speak. Slow to become angry.
2-Keep your word-do what you say. Builds trust. Underpromise and overdeliver!!!!
  3-Honor one another. Respect each other's property and time. Be humble. Think of other's as better than yourselves.
 4-Offer encouragement. ''What she didn't see in me, she began to praise in me, and it became part of my life." PBill regarding Jenny, his wife. 'Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.' To encourage means to be pour courage into. When you see and verbalize greatness in others, it raises their value, in your eyes and theirs. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that 'our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be the one we want to be.' Andrew Carnegie-steel industry-"Go into the mine looking for gold. Don't look for the dirt-look for the gold." The people who are the happiest are those who find gold in others." (Faith at work.)
 5-Give and ask for forgiveness. Give the person the benefit of the doubt. Let it go. 'I don't need to win this fight.' "Forgive the inexcusable in others because God has forgive the inexcusable in you." C.S. Lewis. (Unless otherwise noted, all comments were written down in my sermon book as quotes from Pastor Bill.)
Came home after visiting and watched 'Emma' and rested and went back in the eve. for church business meeting with Phil. Susan was still sleeping when we left. She slept until 8.
Four points of focus Pastor Bill shared in regard to the direction of New Life.
1-Connect-with God and each other.Matt.22:37-39
2-Grow-in relationship with God and each other; become more Christ-like. Eph. 4:15
3-Serve-provide opportunities to use gifts and talents for the Lord.
Everyone involved in ministry- 1 Pet. 4:10,11
4-Go-missions minded. Locally. Globally. Matt. 28:19,20

I think the emotion that best describes how I feel right now is the word written vertically on a beautiful painting as I walked into the ladies' restroom. HOPE. I feel hopeful. And I am thankful.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Sept 2-8, 2013

Mon.-Planned school day schedule with Susan. She had a headache that increased into a full migraine complete with nausea. Rested most of the day and then slept when it got better. Was able to join the family for supper. Freeman made pig and bear ribs. Delicious. Phil home chopping corn. Weeds complicating things. Bear damaged over half of corn. Mitch and Mickey were here before supper. Brought us an apple cheddar cheese pie which we ate with ice cream after supper. Mitch just hugs and hugs Phil. It's pretty precious.

Tues.-Susan's first official day of school. And I planned and created a curriculum for a full credit of speech/communication/leadership, using Dale Carnegie's, Zig Ziglar's, Great Teacher's DVD's, and 'Secrets of Great Communicators.' I'm excited because I want to do it with her. Next year she'll be doing writing and research. Perhaps a blog on nutrition. Thesis. Book. We shall see. Phil here working on books all day and working on silage at night. Philip out to shoot a bear after work. Susan to volleyball practice and a movie with some friends. Michael to Chace's to study and use the internet. Finished up writing special checks today thanks to Mother. It's so much fun, I want to do it more often. I am sure God will provide.

Wed.-Visited with Helen. Saw girls painting projects-clothespins and rocks. Micah was playing happily on the floor building a castle with blocks. Interesting. He likes to build buildings with his ipad too. Michael had wisdom tooth trouble. Canned 6 Quart tomato sauce. Guys home early from a new project. Philip went hiking for miles. Phil went bear hunting. Susan went to the chiropractor and to volleyball practice.
Davi is getting on my nerves. I net to set aside time to just play with her and give her attention. She demands it by walking right in front of me and around my ankles and nipping my toes. I am not a patient person and I am sorry.

Thurs.-Big day. Went shopping in Appomattox and met DDF at Baines for a rice and bean wrap. Came home and put things away and then went to Farmville to meet a friend, get a haircut, and go to the chiro. Which I never did because I would have had to wait for an hour. Went to Goodwill and found two new shirts from Gap for Michael. Plus some books of course. Went to Susan's first volleyball game. They did well but didn't win. Susan is an aggressive player. She's not afraid to get down, dive, or spike. Can't believe she's only been playing for 2 weeks. Melissa M. is a really good coach and the team of girls are really nice. It's fun to see people again. Sat with Amy and Jenny and Michael and Sarah came over and joined us. Jenny is doing a beautiful job decorating the church. It's a good thing I'm not in charge. Went shopping afterwards at Walmart. Susan went out with Julie and two of their friends. Phil and guys spent the night in Fredericksburg because they're working on a military job. Davi did not let me have as much sleep as I would have liked.

Fri.-Made tortilla bean/bear/salsa mix, monster cookies, rice, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, and bok choy and spinach with garlic. Froze it. Did some packing. Susan and I are hoping to head for the beach tomorrow. She mowed both places. Davi was outside with me to catch some rays but she begged to come back in. I wonder if being all black makes her get hotter quicker. She enjoys riding on the gator out the lane to get the mail. Michael has school. Guys will be home before long. Syria and America's involvement in the crisis over there is in the news. I wonder what it is all about. Micah was with Judy today and she took him to Grandparents Day at New Life. He has been talking a lot to her and standing shoulder to shoulder with her in the kitchen. I think he likes her size and I think he likes her responses to him. She'll be taking care of him next week. She said that she asked him to get Dane out of his crib and he did and had a big grin on his face.

Sat.-Phil and Susan checked out a family hunting camp about 3 hours east of  us. Susan drove there. Left around 5:30. On the way home, she discovered hundreds of seed ticks had made a home under her jeans. Phil stopped at a pharmacy for tweezers, tape, and nail polish. They got home after picking up frozen meat and another errand and an hour later, she and I were on the road to the Outer Banks. Philip won a beach house for a week at the Abbey Sports raffle. Got here after 9 in the dark and couldn't tell how far away we were from the beach.

Sun.-Enjoyed the hot tub this morning. Drove to the beach. It's just a little over 1/10th of a mile away. Came back. Susan and I lazed around and then went to the beach for several hours. Came back. Rested. Got in the pool and went shopping about 10 miles South. One store has everything 50% off. Got Susan two hoodies, sweatpants, and a swim suit. The guys-Tommy T., Chace and Erik, Jordan and Philip, arrived soon after 6. It was so much fun showing them our house! Ate supper of hot dogs and baked beans and Tommy's pumpkin whoopee pies. Then we went to the beach. They played volleyball in a circle and then went into the waves. PJ came jogging down the beach soon afterwards. They are just a mile and a half away. Staff has a working retreat. Played some sort of Frisbee until it was too dark to see. The crescent moon is out with Venus, I think, by his side. Walked back to the house. The guys showered outside and ran off to the hot tub while Susan and I made ourselves scarce. They are playing a game around the table and I am thinking about hitting the sack but it is kind of noisy above my head.