Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Book Adventure

I have been posting writings from my blog on face book.
These are writings from the past 4 1/2 years.
I am observing responses and numbers.
I am recording what I observe.

Every time I post a blog, I print it out
and slip it in a sheet protector and put it in order
in a big 1 1/2 inch lavender three-ring notebook.

I am making my own book.

Last spring, I won a devotional contest with Zondervan.
My writing on 1 Corinthians 13 will be in their new
Mom's NIV Devotional Bible this spring.

A contact person from Zondervan e-mailed me
and asked if I would be willing to do some radio
interviews/advertising about writing the devotional.
I asked her a few questions and she said she would get back
to me but that it might be awhile because they were lining up
time slots with radio stations.

This opportunity inspired me to put my writings out there
for others to see. I've always felt shy about posting things
I've written as a status on face book, but I don't feel as shy anymore.

It helps when people make comments or click that they
'like' what I wrote.
I am trying not to be so needy in this area but I still am.

I realize that the things I've written are like the mina's or talents
that God has given me.
I shouldn't bury them or even bank them.
I should invest them and let them bring in a harvest for God.
He should benefit from the gifts He's given me.
Other's should benefit from the gifts He's given me.

He is the giver; the Investor.

He is the chaff blower.
He blows away the chaff in my writing
and hopefully, people will benefit from the gold that is left.

Hopefully, as they see the chaff and the weakness,
it will help them not be afraid to be human.
Hopefully, they will use their gifts more too,
when they see me using mine,
even though I am afraid.

It's like having people over when your house is not perfect.
They see your house with it's dust and living
and they say to themselves,
"I can do this too, as long as I don't have to have things perfect.
They do it imperfectly. I can do it imperfectly too."

And together, we give what little minas we have,
and Jesus says, "Look at them. They've given their whole livelihood."

I don't know if I'll ever have a real book printed
or an e-book available.

But, I like my lavender one on my desk.
Phil likes it too.
He likes me to read my stories to him.

And that means more to me than anything else.

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 25-March 3, 2013

Mon.-Great day at home. Washing, tidying, Susan making Easter Eggs, Alli here-watching Cooking DVD's together, 7 layer salad supper with chicken for the hard working guys plus pizza, Quelf with Logan and Susan in the eve.///Thankful for Mondays. I love Mondays. Thankful for gratitude and the way the men around here express it for anything we make them. Thankful for freedom to think what I think and to love everyone. Thankful for God.

Tues.-I made the best potato soup ever this morning. Susan dipped eggs and bagged them. We loaded up the car with soup and eggs and went to Farmville and made some egg deliveries before homeschool co-op. I went to Judy's and Catherine Mac pulled in right ahead of me. We had a great lunch of soup, toasted cheese garlic bread, and blueberry turnovers. Judy makes me think about things I've never thought of before when she tells stories about her relatives. I ran a few errands before picking up Susan after drama and then brought her back to Judy's where I got to visit with Catherine just a little longer before she went home. Susan used Judy's mixer and made 6 batches of egg dough. I took her out to New Life for a basketball party and alumni game. It was pouring like crazy. I had to put both shirts in the dryer at Judy's. I was wearing a fleece vest that Catherine gave me and a pair of Tom's fleece pants. They are about 6 inches too short. Judy sent a picture to Jessie and Jessie wrote back, "Sexy mama." Yeah, right. I'm here at Judy's watching the news wrapped up in a blanket eating her food and drinking her tea. Sammy Jo is eating cheese and pepperoni. She's wearing a polka dotted dress and blue jeans with a blue ruffle on the bottom that Grandma Judy just sewed on for her. Sammy Jo wants to wash her hair tonight because it's greasy. She was Susan's taste tester but after awhile she began to hop about and Grandma said, "No more sugar for you." I am watching news for the first time in a long time and it is a bit unsettling.///Thankful that Susan had a nice basketball party. Thankful that this time with Judy was like having a women's retreat at her house. Thankful that Susan was awake enough to drive home because I was slipping into a food coma.

Wed. Went to the dentist in Appomattox and ran some errands. Bought a half a gallon of super balls at Salvation Army for a dollar and put them in an old 2 quart blue canning jar and set them on my plant shelf. The sun shines through some of them and it looks like old-fashioned fun days in a jar. Lindsay and I dreamed about going to a Writer's Conference together and we are getting advice from writer friends on face book. The kids went to CC for youth group and Logan gave his testimony and at the end, had a prayer and blessing for each of his peers. Pretty special time. ///Thankful that this tooth that is bothering me will soon not be bothering me any longer. Thankful that my dentist is also the mayor of Appomattox and he's not stuck-up at all. Thankful that the kids at CC have gotten to know Logan and will really miss him.

Thurs.-Micah came today from 8:30-2:00. Helen's grandma passed away and she is up in Pa with her family. Micah tried to teach me how to play Chess and I think I would have beat him if the game hadn't frozen up. Rosalee had her surgery to remove her stent this morning and the surgery was not successful. They had to put another stent in and now she has to wait 6 weeks to see if the ureter will work on its own or they have to go to HMed. and have the ureter removed and then reattached to her bladder. So disappointed for her. Called and we both cried. 'Thank you for your tears," she said. Michael came home from Liberty to spend Logan's last night here with him. We had a supper of pizza and raw veggies and Alli and Freeman were with us too. After Phil finished his farm work, he and I played Quelf with Philip, Michael, Susan, and Logan. Such a silly fun game.///Thankful for Janelle's advice to attend The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference this summer. Thankful for time with Micah and how he almost crawled into my lap while we were playing chess. Thankful for Logan and how easy it was to have him here. Thankful for his kind helpful ways and that being around Susan made him wish he had a sister.

Fri.-Micah was here again today. He helped me make a birthday cake for Susan and we spent some time outside cleaning up and sweeping up the garage. We made some playdough and he made a perfectly purple pepperoni pizza. Talked with the lady who heads up the Greater Phila. Christian Writer's Conference today on the phone for some time. She's so personable and then she prayed for Lindsay and I before she hung up. I called Lindsay right away. So excited. Decided to have Susan's birthday supper tonight as a family. She'll have a party another day but tonight we're having roasted chicken, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake and probably chocolate ice cream too. Susan got alot of Algebra 11 done today and dipped 97 peanut butter eggs. ///Thankful that a former student from CCA won a blue ribbon for her speech on Fanny Crosby. When the judge asked her why she chose this topic she said, "Because my old music teacher, Mrs. Hertzler, loved her as a musician, I decided to choose this topic." Made me cry. Makes me smile. Thankful for how pretty the black birds sound in the trees. Thankful for Micah's rosy cheeks after our gator ride out to the mail box and back. Thankful for the Tres playing Uno and for the memories of Susan shared during her birthday dessert celebration.

Sat.-Prosperous day. Cleaned the house, did wash and worked outside and sewed on The Last Supper. Susan helped Phil with the cows, formed a lot of eggs and cleaned her room. Her friend, Julie T., came in the afternoon and they went to the Jr. Play at LBC in the eve. Michael went also. Phil worked on fencing, etc. Philip went to an auction and then to a benefit dinner for the Benedictine HS Sports program with some of his friends. ///Thankful to have Michael around. Thankful that Logan called last eve. when he got home to let us know he was home. Thankful-Susan hugged Michael and said, "I like it when you're home." He said, "I like being home too." Thankful for leisurely breakfast of scrapple and eggs. Thankful for the haybine Philip bought at the auction under Phil's directive. Thankful for the flock of red-wing black birds eating bird food on the front porch.

Sun.-Nice leisurely morning at home with every one. Appreciate those at church who live this day to the fullest and are faithful to what they know to do right now. I am thankful for the word about the blind man. The thought of Jesus possibly creating new eyes for non-existing ones out of clay blew me away. '"By doing so He was saying, "I AM God." Bam!' (P.A.T.) Just like Peter wanted his whole body to be washed so he could be part of Jesus, so I want Jesus to cover me with His clay, so every part of me--body, soul, spirit,-can see Him clearly and to be created into wholeness the way I was meant to be. Michael took Susan to Sho-Gun for her birthday. Phil and I went to have lunch with Marilyn and her daughter, Alicia, and Alicia's daughter, Emilee. What a pleasant lunch we had. Phil took a nap but we kept waking him up with our loud raucous laughter. We had pork and bean soup, sausage, salad, corn meal muffins, and dessert. Dessert was a chocolate mousse made from avocado, cocoa, coconut oil, and agave. It was made into a pie with crushed almonds as the crust. Decadent and healthy. Took Phil to NL for musical practise. Came home and rested and visited on face book. Philip had a nice day with his friends. (He had a late night last night. He went to a boxing match sponsored by the Benedictine High School. Out of several hundred people, he won a raffle prize. A week at a house in NC. It was the best prize to get. The monetary prize of $10,000 would have been nice but everyone always donates the money right back to the school. There was a $5,000 prize of his and her matching watches. And the third prize was a week at the shore in a house that holds 12-14 people. ) Susan and Michael went to the Warren's in the eve. ///Thankful that Mom called tonight. Thankful that she is not badly hurt after her fall but I'm sorry her face got banged up. Thankful for big brothers who love their little sister. Thankful that Susan is excited about what she and I are going to do for her birthday tomorrow.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Abortion Kills More Than Guns

This is a letter to the editor of the Farmville Herald-
a local newspaper in our area.

It is written by a friend of ours and an elder of our church.

I asked if I could copy it here and also share it on face book.
He said, "Yes."
A big thanks to Doyne Simpson.

Editor, The Herald:

     I am writing in response to the woman's letter titled "Abortion and Gun Rights Contradiction" published in the February 8 issue of The Farmville Herald.  The contradictions by animal rights activists and those activists in favor of abortion have always amazed me.  Animal rights activists will fight to save an owl or a rat, etc. and in the same breath will also argue that banning guns will keep people from killing other people and that children and schools will be safe.  It's sad to me that the most dangerous place for a child to be is in his mother's womb.  More children die every day by abortion than by guns or illness.  But we don't like to talk about that.  You never hear on the news the awful death these children experience.  You argue that we should ban guns.  I argue we should ban saline injections and forceps.  If our forefathers had know this would occur, they would have written laws to protect the unborn in our Constitution.  They could never have imagined a world in which people would consider aborting a human baby.  Hitler, on the other hand, would have loved it.

     I really appreciate and enjoy each issue of The Farmville Herald.  I read these letters from Liberals all the time and wanted to respond with my own letter.  We have been quiet too long and looks what's happened to the country we love.

Doyne Simpson

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hertzler Doings-Feb. 18-24, 2013

Mon.-Jennifer G. and her two precious boys came over and braved our 'sketchy' lane. She made homemade bread with her own bare hands and it turned out deliciously. We also canned 22 quarts of vegetable venison soup and had soup to spare for our lunch and for several suppers. She headed for home about the same time we headed out to Farmville for basketball practice. I ran some errands after dropping Susan off and then went to Judy's and was there when she came home. She brought us fish and chips from Long John Silvers. Samantha stopped by and it was nice to visit with her. I went back out to New Life and picked up Susan and Bethany and called it a day.///I am thankful for Jennifer, Caleb, and Rainer.  Surely, Jesus must have looked at people the way Rainer looks at me. And Susan. Especially Susan. Both boys are in love with Susan. But I don't mind second place because second place is pretty good too. I am thankful for Jen's peaceful ways and her kindness towards her children. I am thankful for friends who love my daughter also.

Tues.-Woke up early with thoughts from a week of sleepless nights all organized in my head. I got up and wrote them down. I started canning my quart jars of soup. I had kept them in a cooler overnight on the back porch. Michelle M. stopped in for a surprise visit. I love when people do that. Meanwhile, we captured the intentional sweet mutt that's been mooning around our property for the past four days. He thinks he's in love with Lucy. Animal control came and took him off our hands. I hope somebody nice adopts him. I hope they live very far away. Susan and I went out to the Sweet Shop but it was closed due to a medical emergency. I dropped Susan off at Homeschool co-op and then went to the bank and to Riverside where I met Marilyn F. for a happy lunch. Then I dropped off a check at Southern States, got some gas, and went to Pairets to order a gold plaque that says, "Handcrafted by Richard Putt." It's going to be inserted somewhere on the framed crocheted masterpiece, 'The Last Supper.' I went to the DMV to meet Jen to give her her cooled canned soup and saw Bethany and Helen coming out of the building. I wanted to do my Aborigines but there was a man about 10 feet away and I didn't want to be responsible for any thing that may have happened if I startled him, which I would have. So, I just nicely yelled, "Bethany!" And she happily waved her sheet of paper and I knew she had gotten her driver's license. They came over and met Jen.
I picked up Susan from drama class-they will be performing Nickolaus Nickleby in a month or two-and headed for New Life. I went to Judy's house and soon she was home. We had some vegetable soup for supper that I had brought along. We visited and rested and Sammy Jo came with her mama and papa. Josh told me he liked my blog writings and that just thrilled my soul. I went out to the Longwood/Liberty Men's basketball game around 8 and it was wild. The place was packed. Much of the girl's team and guys team from New Life had gotten in free, thanks to Michelle M. Some of their parents were there too and it was just great. In the midst of the game, Cindy Z. told me that Leonard and Marty's son, 22, was killed that day on his way home from his girlfriend's home. He hit a patch of ice. I know his uncles (Gene and Dave)  and aunt (Loretta)  well and it breaks my heart for the whole family. The final score of the game was something absolutely insane. I think it was 102-101. Longwood won. ///I am thankful for the great community spirit that I felt tonight at the game. I sat beside a teacher from Longwood. She's in the phys ed dept and knew Michelle well. I am thankful for the shining eyes of those around me who were so involved in the process of the game that they forgot to be dignified. I am thankful for my new turquoise hoodie. It says, "Longwood University" on it. Last time, I went to the girl's Liberty/Longwood game and wore my red Liberty hoodie. This time, I wore my other loyalties. One must be fair and just, you know.I love a good game and cheer for every basket made no matter which team made it. I think God must too.

Wed.-Slept like a baby last night. When Phil is gone, the Night Owl comes out in me. Went to bed after midnight and slept straight through until 7:30. Wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep all day. Did some wash and cleaning and watched History DVD's and Princess Diaries with Susan. Phil, Philip, and Dave, are on their way home from NC. Put up trusses for two days. ///I am thankful for ears to hear Susan's sweet singing. I am thankful for an abundance of eggs. I am thankful for a day not to go anywhere. I am thankful for freedom of thought and the freedom of speech.

Thurs.-Busy morn at home. Busy early afternoon running errands in Appomattox. Busy late afternoon and evening in Farmville. ///Thankful for Anna M. who loaded up my car with bulk candy ingredients from her store-433 dollars worth!  Thankful for Travis M. and that it's so hard to say good bye to him. Thankful for Phil who wanted to cry when he heard that Dave S.'s barn burned down. Thankful that no one as hurt.

Fri.-Susan started making peanut butter eggs today. Michael was home mid morning. Played guitar and sang old Hopewell songs. I made a daffodil cake using 6 separated eggs. Philip had first BUCK meeting tonight. Brother's Upholding Christ's Kingdom. Michael took Susan to her last basketball game. They got home way after midnight. Lost game by 7 points. Thankful for the lack of snow. Thankful for safe travels for the kids. Thankful for an abundance of eggs.

Sat.-Cleaned house. Susan went shopping with Sarah W. Philip went to auction. Phil worked on office stuff. Michael ran errands for Phil. Alli and Freeman stopped over and made some plans. I posted Doyne's letter to the editor on my blog and on face book. Have been making bear meat all day to take to the Mac party tonight. Susan and Sarah had such a great time shopping. Freeman and Alli went with us to the party. On the way we had a flat tire. Stopped along 460 and used our portable air pressure machine to fill it up and then put fix-a-flat in it. Drove to Sheetz and added more air. Were a little late to the party. Has been a year since Michael's son passed away and he's been having these gatherings to give back to the people who helped him during that time. We had a great time.  ///I am thankful that truth will win. I am thankful that God sits in heaven and laughs at the tricks of mere men.  I am thankful that I am a pawn in His Hand.

Sun.-Nice morning at home. Philip, Michael, and Susan, went to Calvary Chapel. Phil and I went to church and heard Pastor Jerry speak on marriage, prayer, and sex. I'd love to post some of his quotes on face book but I'm not sure if we would have room for all the curiosity seekers who would come to our church next week. Went out to eat Chinese with Steve and Dianna and Doyne joined us too. Saw our children there and others from church. La Parota had burned down yesterday or the day before. Golden Palace was very busy. I took Phil back to church for musical practise and then drove the big white truck home since our tire was very flat again this morning. Logan woke up with his dad at 3 in Pa and got to CC soon after 10. He joined his cousins for church and Chinese and was resting in the living room with Susan and Michael when I got home. They were watching The Goonies and sleeping too. I took a food coma nap and woke up around 6. The kids left for Bible quizzing at CC and then to the Warrens. Phil and I ate Breyer's strawberry ice cream and popcorn and watched The Bourne Legacy. ///I love days like this. Thankful for the flock of robins, jays, bluebirds, and cardinals. Thankful for the love at our church. Thankful that disagreeing with someone doesn't mean that we don't love each other. Thankful for open hearts and open minds and open spirits.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 11-17, 2013

Mon.-Reading in the O.T. how displeased the LORD was when Israel demanded to have a king to judge them, rule over them, think for them, lead their battles. They wanted to not have to hear God through a king instead of a prophet. They wanted someone else to do the work for them to keep them in line instead of keeping themselves in line. They rejected God that He should not reign over them. They preferred man's reign over God's. So sad. So real time.
Babysat Henry today. He is just a treasure. Susan took a sick day. Fighting a cold.  She worked on my computer on some things for her Easter Candy business. Henry was busy. Painting, playing with play dough, putting refrigerator magnets in my slippers, eating, etc. I took him out to town to drop Susan off at New Life and he fell asleep quickly on the way. I went to Judy's and left him sleep in the car under the carport and made myself a cup of tea and ate Judy's snacks. She wasn't there but has told me to make myself at home. It's so nice to have a house in town. Dianna came and picked the dear little darling up. He's not feeling the best. I met Janelle at the bank parking lot to go walking with her while Micah was at karate. I heard a car running and asked, "Whose car is running?" It was hers and the keys were in it. We made a trip back to her place to get her spare key. We had time to go to Sweet Frog for her birthday. Happy 42! Came back home after picking up Susan. What a nice surprise. Phil was home. I thought he'd be elsewhere but he was home.///Thankful for Lindsay and the fact that they got out of their house for the first time today after Big Winter storm Nemo. She said that they had to get out. The girls were running up and down in the gym. She said that the snow was plowed so high that it was hard to see around it at the corners while driving. She had to let Gil know if he could pull out or not. It was scary. I am thankful that they are safe.I am thankful that I could spend some time with Janelle on her birthday.  I am thankful for the beautiful pink and lavender sunset and how it morphed into a deep crimson sunset. Such extravagant beauty. Surely, God must be the artist.

Tues.-Reading about David in 1 Sam. 18. There were three things about him that won him the favor of all Israel and Judah. He behaved wisely in all his ways. The LORD was with him. And he went out and came in before them.  He was one of them. This is the man God chose to shepherd His people Israel. What a man of vision. What a shepherd. What a man to look for.
After I dropped Susan off at co-op, I went over to Judy's. She was making wonderful muffins and I put my warm soup on the stove to heat up. We figured out how to face talk with Lindsay and the girls for Adi's birthday. It seemed to be much easier than skyping. I got to see their house and back yard and front yard and all of their snow. I saw Gil working on his computer in the corner. I heard his voice interjecting once in awhile. I got to see loose teeth and missing teeth and leggings and dimples and dances. It was wonderful. I had to cry when we hung up after an hour or so. Lindsay had a homesick look in her eyes and it broke my heart. I need to see her soon.
Had some lunch with Judy and then she left to get SJ and I went to the bank and to the new sweet shop on Main Street Farmville. They have bacon chocolate truffles! I just looked. The owner has an interesting accent. Sounds Scottish or Australian.  He said that they've been having steady business. After picking up Susan and taking her to McD's for a chicken wrap and then to New Life for the games, I met DDF at Barnes and Noble for coffee lattes and understanding conversation and friendship. Then I went to watch Susan's game. It was a little rough. I stress-ate tortilla chips with warm junk cheese spread over them while I was taking money for the game. Met Mr. Landis who looks like a blond version of my cousin, Marv. His daughter is the one who reminds Susan of my mother. Mother was a Landis from Lancaster County too. I am sure we are related. Susan's game got pretty scrappy because the girls are willing to be aggressive and grab balls out of each other's hands. Ashley was in Haiti and Jenny wasn't playing due to last week's head injury. We lost pretty bad. But Susan made a little less than half of the points we scored.  She stayed for the guys game and went home with Jenny overnight. I went to Walmart and got home at 8:45.///I'm thankful that Phil helped unload and load the dishwasher. I'm thankful that Lucy only woke me up once during the night. I'm thankful that when we are uneasy about something and can't put our finger on what it is, we can still pray, because God hears the groanings that cannot be put into words. Praying for America.

Wed.-Had a whole day to myself. I listened to my mother's chorale CD's, made my blog book by putting copies of fb blogs in protective sheets, made stir-fry, cleaned my bedroom and desk, talked on the phone with several friends, and had a lot of quietness. It was great to see everyone when they came back home. Phil was at a Conklin seminar all day. The guys went out to Lynchburg in the eve. to be with Michael and friends at Hibachi. Susan was at Calvary and Phil picked her up on his way home. I didn't sleep much again. Almost a week of restless sleep. Praying for America. For our church. For our family. Wondering what's up.///Thankful for men's singing voices and the transport back in time to my childhood home and the music we listened to.  Thankful for a day to be alone and thankful that it's not like this every day. Thankful for the multitude of cardinals, wrens, junkos, chickadees, and bluejays, on my front porch feeders. It seems they are getting tamer.

Thurs.-Fun Day. Picked up Bethany at Trinity around 1:00 and Susan drove her and I to the Amherst Thrift Store. We found some things and met Catherine M. and also her friend, Jeannette, who works there. We met a man there working at the store from India who uses crayons and cheap paper and draws whatever of interest he finds and sells his drawings for 5 and 10 dollars and donates the proceeds to the thrift store. Next time, I want to bring him some nicer paper and some photographs. I'd like to see what he can do with the picture of Phil and Angel and their last minutes together and another of Susan and Lucy and another of Michael and his plane and another of Phil and I and one of Alli and Freeman and one of Philip and his pig. Basically, I will give him our Christmas newsletter and see what beauty comes from his hand. He's only been in America for two years or less and it was a bit hard to understand him but I gathered that he had taught art in India and then I saw a framed picture of a newspaper article and it said that he taught art for 25 years in India. He is so grateful to this community that he wants to give back. He draws in the back with cheap materials and he is good at what he does. I want to buy him an art studio and paint brushes and palettes and a desk or at least a chair. He stands there, with his broken crayons and kindergarten newsprint tablet and he works on a low cabinet of sorts and he is a king. He is royalty. I told him I'll be back soon with a photo and he said 'Two' and I said, 'Yes, two.' And then I said, 'Don't die.' I said it selfishly and I meant it.

After we left the art museum we went to Farmville and visited the new sweet shop and I bought the girls their only little box of chosen chocolates entitled 'Painted Ladies' hailing the whole way from Vermont. They said they were lucky to get them because of all the snow up there. We also explored a business opportunity for Susan and are very excited. I took the girls to New Life for basketball practise and ran to Walmart. The place was as Crowded as Christmas and I had only to observe all of the flowers, chocolates, cards, and teddy bears, to realize why Virginia is For Lovers. I lost my pizza from the bottom of my cart somewhere between the clerk and my car and went back in to customer service to see if anyone turned in a lost pizza. She told me to bring in my receipt and to go get another pizza which I did. I told her that maybe someone was hungry and needed the other pizza.

Then I met Janelle at karate and she did not lock her keys in her car this time so we got to go for a fast-paced half hour walk. We were getting a bit silly with me losing the rubber foot on my walking sticks and having to go look for it on the street and also earlier, we were dressing into warmer clothes (adding on) right there in the bank parking lot and some people were laughing at us and a dog was barking rather loudly at our antics. My antics, actually, because Janelle wasn't with me at that point. 
I picked up the girls and took Jenny and Bethany to Calvary and headed back home. It's the first night in a week that I have really slept and I slept from 10 until 8:30. And I could keep on sleeping. ///Thankful for that sleep, and for the nice young couple with the 8 month old baby who own the sweet shop, and thankful for his thick Irish accent and that she was right there to interpret if we needed help. Thankful for Mrs. Mac and her friendship and courage and words to set the captive free. Thankful for friends and family and friends who are family. Amen.

Fri.-Made heart shaped 'peanut butter egg's- and dipped them in chocolate and made a plate for each family member with 5 hearts. Made a nice Valentine supper of roasted chicken, baked sweet potatoes and reg. potatoes, mixed veggies and raw veggies. Dawson F. joined us for supper and Logan went with his cousin, Meredith, to CC's Valentine Banquet. ///Thankful for family ties, family business, and family love.

Sat.-Love Sat. morning coffee and breakfast's which the boys make. Scrapple, bacon, fried potatoes, and eggs. Enjoying the fruit of our pigs and hens. Phil worked on his new computer with Michael and then spent the rest of the day harvesting manure out of the barn and spreading it on the fields. It snowed most of the day and now that it is evening and getting colder, it is really beginning to lay. Weather man says if you don't have to travel in this stay home. Michael, Philip, and Susan went to Travis's farewell party. Phil went to pick up calves from Steve. Logan's taking a late evening nap. And most of the day, I worked on tacking down The Last Supper. Dave P. was here and we measured things and he is going to bring some crown molding over and have us look at it. We called for glass prices at the Glass Place in town and found that it will cost lest than we expected. My neck is stiff from all the stitching and leaning over the masterpiece.///Thankful for a Sat. at home-we were going to go to a neighborhood party but changed our minds in order to finish the barn work and sewing project; thankful that I found out a friend who was in pain is no longer in pain; Thankful for the snow on the black trees and for the birds who grace my snowy front porch. They are enjoying a continual feast from the bird feeders although it does seem that certain kinds of birds eat at certain times. The black birds had their share today too. As did the blue jays, junkos, wrens, and cardinals.

Sun.-We got at least 6 inches of snow. The lane was a sheet of ice so we stayed home and had Home Church. Philip preached from the Proverbs. Logan shared two hymns-Trust and Obey and Jesus Saves. I read several stories I had written up from the Bible. Susan shared a testimony and Phil administered the order of events. Michael spent Sat. night at a friends house nearby the party because it just wasn't safe to come home. Philip and Susan left the party early in the eve. and on the back roads, traveled about 8 mph. They couldn't get up the hill on our lane and after trying a time or two, parked the car at the bottom of the hill in the field. We had a nice day, watching movies, making chocolate chip cookies, reading, sleeping, and playing Dutch Blitz.///I am thankful that Michael got home by noon. I am thankful that we were missed at church. I am thankful for the snow and the way it makes junky things look beautiful.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 4-10, 2013

Mon.-Susan, Alli, and I had a nice time swimming indoors at the neighbors pool. $5 for one hour. Susan worked on Driver's Ed and I worked on picking out some writings and doing wash, making supper, and tacking down The Last Supper. Hoping to have it ready for display down at the Abbey for Easter. Dave P. is going to stop in some day soon and take some measurements to make a frame. Susan went out to basketball practise and Logan came back to us. He came bearing gifts from BB's. He called from the store and asked me if I wanted anything so I ordered a 5 lb. block of Farmer's cheese. It costs $13. Susan and I are going to load up on supplies when we go up in March. ///Two happy writing things happened today. Paul H. asked if he could use my words from my blog about his wife, Lisa's, book, 'The Third Peril.' So, he's quoting me somewhere to promote her book. And Tina E., whose husband has books printed, wondered 'aloud' on my writing about 'Hands' as to whether I had ever thought of putting my writings in a book. Oh, and I got a package in the mail from Ashley. She bought a lovely light weight hand woven blanket for me in India and sent me a picture of herself with two little children with a hand-written note in the back. For these happy moments of my day, I am thankful.

Tues.-I love Tuesdays. Susan and I went to Belk and purchased $25 worth of Clinique and received 5 free items. Then I took her to co-op and went to Miller's to meet Teresa and her two girls, Mattie and Haley. We had a nice lunch together. Shopped at Walmart and picked up Susan and took her to New Life for practise. She stayed for the boys game and went to Applebee's afterwards and had much fun. Meanwhile, I came home and took care of household things and then went to KNIT group where the Beth Moore study was on the dangers of cynicism. So good. Logan came back to us last eve. but tonight after work was the first time I saw him. I thought he had grown. ///I am thankful for this group of women who get so excited when they see me. I feel like a celebrity and I feel like I can be a nobody. So relaxing. I am thankful that Jenny, Bethany, and Susan, spontaneously sang 'The Star Spangled Banner' before the game. I bet it was beautiful. I am thankful for words and the gift of putting them together in the right way sometimes.

Wed.-Last night at KNIT group, we were watching Beth Moore and her study of James. She said that 40 years ago, you would not find women from different denominations sitting down and studying the Bible together. I felt an immediate overwhelming gratitude towards my mother. Because 40 years ago, she was doing just that. She sought God and found Him in Catholics and Anglicans and Charismatics and Mennonites. She found Him in her raw honest humanity as she searched the Scriptures and related to others beyond her denomination. She went to a neighborhood Bible Study for 25 years and helped lead women's retreats for 25 years and these groups embraced all seekers. I don't know if she had too many peers that were reading Fenelon, Guyon, Lewis, Augustine, H.W. Smith, Chesterton, Nouwen, etc. I wonder if she felt lonely in the depths of her search for God. But I think loneliness deepens our search. I am so thankful that I had a mother like her.
I washed Ashley's gift from India. A hand woven light weight blanket. It's still hanging on the line. I took Susan to the Dr. today for a badly infected toe. Instead of doing surgery, Dr. W. put her on an antibiotic. It makes her feel sick almost immediately. Had a nice long chat with Lindsay today and made some plans for when we go up to Pa. Oh, I hope it works for them to come down and see Susan and I. Made lots of food-quiche, a turkey, 4 packs of bacon burgers, 2 packs of scrapple. It's in the fridge and back porch. Worked on The Last Supper too. Posted another writing. Lindsay wants me to get a pinnable image so she can pin my blog to  pinterest. Judy said that someday she'll be able to say, "I knew her when..." but that's not what I want. I want to write and I want my life to stay the way it is. I like it. ///I am thankful that I just heard Phil's truck pull up. He left for New Jersey last night with Roger and they went to pick up a corn planter in NJ to replace the one that got burned in the fire. I am thankful for Susan and her happy singing and the way she can ignore pain while playing basketball and then barely be able to walk as soon as the game is over.

Thurs.-Nice day at home. Worked more on The Last Supper. Susan soaked her poor toe in hot Epsom salt water and studied Driver's Ed. Took her out to basketball practise in the eve. I ran some errands. Sent Adi her birthday gift and bought one for Lindsay. Her birthday is today! Happy Birthday Lindsay! They are expecting 3 feet of snow tomorrow! I feel as if it is going to happen here. So excited for them. Asked God to give me some encouragement about writing if that is what He wanted me to do and then I started thinking about DDF and a few minutes later, I saw her at Walmart and she was such an encouragement. Thank you God. Helped Janelle pick out glass frames at the eye care store in Walmart. ///Thankful for 8 healthy piggies born today. Thankful for the fun time I had with Janelle. Thankful for a writer friend who has travelled the road before me and understands its loneliness.

Fri.-Noticed in Ps. 105 encouraging directives to our soul's function toward the LORD. Action words: Give thanks...Call upon...Make known...Sing to Him...Talk of all...Glory in...Heart rejoice...Seek the Lord...Seek His strength...Seek His face..Remember His works, wonders, and judgements.  All within the first few verses. We wouldn't have time to worry if we were doing these things.
Cleaned the house, did wash, took Susan to New Life, had a meeting, met Rebecca S., went to the game, the guys were there, didn't know they were coming, gym overfilled, Girls lost game, Ashley's last game, Jenny got hurt, Susan stayed for guys varsity game, Rebecca and I went to Macado's, had a nice visit, took her back to campus, went to Judy's to hang out until Susan was finished with the gang at Applebee's, called her at 10:10-just ordering, went home, Susan went to Bethany's, will pick her up in morn. Restless night, Unable to sleep for at least 3 reasons, one of which was eating a huge appetizer at Macado's. ///Thankful for how bad I feel on junk food and that that should be the cure. Thankful for my new friend, Rebecca. Thankful for Michelle M. who worked to get us passes for tomorrow's game at Longwood.

Sat.-Picked up Susan at Uncle Tom's this morn. Later picked up Jenny and took the girl's to the basketball game at Longwood. Liberty won. Great game and good playing. Betty and Kelly came too. Came back home and got ready to go out to church for Valentine's banquet where we learned more about the differences between men and women. It is important to receive each other and each other's differences. Logan was here when we came home. He had spent the day since noon with the Tom's celebrating Abby's birthday at Liberty's fake snow hill. They had wanted Susan to come too but we had the game plans. Jenny is spending the night. Jordan is out in the man cave with the guys. I saw some interesting pictures on face book that Susan took while we were gone. I guess she didn't take the one where she was holding Philip in her arms like a baby with apparent ease. Steve brought 3 calves and a cow over today. They seem to be settling in with each other and getting used to the new arrangements.///I am thankful that Susan's toe is feeling better. I am thankful for thoughts and the freedom to know my own mind. I am thankful to be home. It's been a busy run around week.

Sun.-A bit weary. Three nights in a row with little sleep. Many thoughts are wrestling around in my head, trying to get organized. Finally, this morning, I had an organized three point presentation all ready in my brain. No one else but myself may ever hear it, but that's okay, because now I'm thinking my own thoughts again. Thank God. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight.
Church was interesting this morning. Freeman led a worship song. That was exciting. Pastor Jerry and Laura shared more on marriage. It was really good. We left right away because Phil had gotten up early to go to the Men's Prayer Breakfast after working all week in Richmond and he needed to come home and take a nap before heading back out for musical practise. We relaxed with no movie in the afternoon. Made some popcorn and homemade ice cream. Michael, Susan, and Logan, all seem a little sick with something in the cold arena. Michael had a slight temp. and was getting sicker as the day went on and he had to go back to Liberty. I said that I wish I could keep him here and take care of him and he said he wished that too. Philip had some friends come and they went down to the river to roast hot dogs and s'mores. Susan, Susan D., Joel and Ashley, and some others. I read more of my blog starting from the beginning to pick out devotionals to share and print out for possible future use. ///Thankful that little Elijah Thomas made it safely into the world last night. Thankful for a day of rest where I feel absolutely no pressure to do a thing. Love to just sit there and listen to the kids interact with each other. Thankful for my husband and that I don't feel wounded when I listen to a pastor talk about how a husband should treat his wife. Thankful that my conscience convicted me when I heard how wives should treat their husbands. There is always room for improvement, isn't there. Thankful for a worship leader who shares the stage and wants God to be worshipped.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Gift from Heaven

Michael brought me a piece of paper yesterday.
He was going through his box of treasures and found a poem
my mother had written for his 16th birthday-Sept. 2008.

First she expressed her frustration with her computer-
"I can't center this dumb thing, so here goes."



Michael, Michael
Full of grace
Steadfast of purpose
A smile on his face.

He loves to explore
Down by the creek
Burnished copper curls
On his cheek.

At home in the kitchen
In the fields he is great.
Loved as a student
As a fixer first rate.

What will he do?
What will he be?
He will follow God's purpose
And we shall see.

Isn't that beautiful?
 It was like receiving a gift from heaven
when Michael placed her words in my hand.