Monday, October 21, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 21-27, 2013

Mon.-Slept in until 8. Did a little wash and some other stuff. Still in a lot of jaw pain from dental surgery. Talked on the phone for the first time today. It's true that happiness is happier once you've known great sorrow. So I think that not having severe pain will be much more of a joy since I've known severe pain. Susan had basketball practice today and ran some errands in Farmville. Pigs got out yesterday and ran like a gang through our yard, rooting up the grass and causing general havoc. Chi Alpha is coming Sat. and I hope their poop jobs disintegrate a little. (The pigs poop jobs, that is.) Michael is very busy with school. 18 credits this semester. The guys put the windows in Freeman's house today. Davi is banned to the outside cage this evening since she checked out the pig droppings too closely. Candles are burning to help eliminate her odorous remains or should I say the remains of her odor. It's going to get cold this week. I'll have to cover up the lettuce in our cold frame.

Tues.-Another day of hanging in there with the pain. Had a nice Happy Birthday Rosalee chat with her. Susan, I realize, needs to cook something before she studies. Today, she sliced some cabbage, drizzled it with oil, sprinkled it with garlic salt, and broiled it. It was so good. Phil came home for lunch and Philip was home for supper but then went out to see Susan's volleyball game and then to Chi Alpha. I was starting to put together a study notebook for Richard Mayberry's WW1 and discovered that there is already one already made so I ordered one for WW1 and WW11 and saved myself many hours. I just do not 'get' these wars. It's hard to ask questions when you don't get the answers. It is hard to think straight when I'm on so many meds. I noticed that it is hard to clean up clutter too since my brain cannot seem to organize itself. I am praying specific things for our family and for our church and know that God hears me and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I ask or think which is a good thing when one isn't thinking that straight to begin with. It's not dependent on me and how I feel or don't feel. He is the dependable one. He is the faithful one. He is the good one.

Wed.-Susan drove us to Richmond for my dentist appt. He says things look good but I may have a hemotoma on the right side. Gave me two more prescriptions for antibiotic and pain meds. Went to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Home Goods. Susan and Philip went to YG in the eve.

Thurs.-Went to Susan's last volleyball game in the eve. They played well but lost.

Fri.-Did some cleaning up outside and inside. Tommy here today. Susan mowed, cleaned, packed, cooked, invented, and went to youth retreat for an overnighter. Philip had BUCK night and Sarah, Jordan, and Michael went out to Lynchburg for the eve. Michael had an aviation presentation at Liberty and also had a philosophy paper due. 18 credits is keeping him scrambling. Lucy knew Susan was leaving today and looked at her reproachfully. Davi was also mourning but was much happier when Phil came home. I'm not sure if I wrote this before but the day I had my surgery, Lucy was really worried about me and wanted to crawl up beside me in bed. We put a sheet on the comforter and she snuggled next to me for a good 20 min. without Susan in the room. I don't remember any of it but the sweetness of her trying to get up to me and be near me just like she comforts Susan.

Sat-Cleaned house, etc. and got ready for Chi Alpha to come in afternoon/eve. Philip made his famous chili. They played volleyball, checked out the cows and pigs, played the tubular Frisbee game, roasted marshmallows, ate caramel corn, sat around the fire, had a gator ride or two, etc. Jenny and the girls came also and Susan brought Savannah and Harvest back with her from the retreat. My highlight was getting to know little Hannah and the strength of her delightful personality.

Sun.-Great teaching on facing our fears and living in the realm of faith rather than in the little land of fear. Susan and I went to La Parota while Phil helped Steve with some church business. Came home and watched a Food movie with Phil and Susan-documentary on where our food comes from. Took a nap. Susan went to Julie's for a party. Phil and I read and played with Davi. Michael was with Sarah all day and Philip just got home after being away all day. It's nice to look up on stage and see both Freeman and Philip playing the guitar.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 14-20, 2013

Mon.-Canned 16 quarts of applesauce. Tidied up the house after the party and all the dirt tracked in.

Tues.-Washed 4,5 loads of camo in no-scent spray and 5 loads of other wash and Susan washed several loads too. But the big news is this. I went with Alli to the Dr. and we heard the baby's heart beat and saw it's little peanut sized body. 1 centimeter long! I was told I could tell a few people because they were going to let it out and before I knew it, there was a regular party going on right out loud on face book. It was wonderful. Is wonderful. I keep getting bleeps. Saw Shippey's and Kathy tonight several times. Printing out their tickets here. Kathy gave us a memory foam double mattress and we'll cut it in half for two twin beds. Susan went out to voice lessons and groceries. We're heading out early tomorrow for dental surgery for me.

Wed.-Dental surgery. Those people are so fine. Susan met someone at whole foods in the parking lot and bought a camera lens she found on Craig's List. Professional photography-he and his wife. She bought groceries while I slept and put ice on my lower jaw-both sides. Also went to Trader Joe's. Came home. I went to bed and she brought in groceries and put refrigerated things away and went out to basketball try-outs and youth. I've been sleeping. Delightful to sleep and sleep. Got my pain under control by using other pain meds inside the 6 hours I have to wait for the good stuff. Icing all the time and need to for the next 48 hours. People are still writing on face book about the baby. I realize that people are hungry for good news. I got over 100 likes for the combine date with Phil and it was really a simple little thing. But people are hungry for simple little happy things. And the joy of hearing our new baby's heartbeat-people are so happy for us-for Alli, Freeman, and the Streams. We are good news deficient and I think I want to post about happy times even as I post warning blogs about hard times ahead.

Thurs.-sleeping,sleeping, sleeping. Susan organizing food from Whole Foods. Had an away volleyball game in Richmond. Explained shirt word misunderstanding to I.E.

Fri.-sleeping. Susan cleaning.

Sat.-Finally awake. Tidied up a little bit. Did some wash. Watched some Monk, knitted, and worked in between. Susan extra sleepy. Michael at a wedding in NC since yesterday. Philip building Freeman's roof with David and Jimmy. Phil working around the farm and going hunting for bear this eve. We're headed to bed early tonight.

Sun.-Stayed home from church. Drank coffee for the first time in almost a week and couldn't settle down. Phil, Philip, and Freeman went to men's prayer breakfast. Freeman spoke. Surprise to Phil and Philip. Susan got a red box movie after church and came home to share the afternoon with me. Rested and watched movies all afternoon. Some with Philip. Phil went to see Dennis after church. He's sitting up in a chair and has some use of his hands. Wonderful news. Michael went to see Sarah in afternoon. Running out of pain meds and still need them as soon as I can have them. I guess I'll call if I'm still on 10 out of 10 pain scale after 5 hours and the help of aleve in between. Hope everything is okay. Left side is fine. It's the right side that's doing me in. Can't really talk much. Don't talk on the phone. Can do a little work. Mostly rest and ice. Enough about me. So glad the worst is over. At least, I hope it is.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 7-13, 2013

Mon.-Started Shred Diet. Lots to eat. Need to do cardio but can't with a sprained foot.

Tues.-New dishwasher and time in the eve. with Jeff and Karalee over at Martins!

Wed.-Phil combining the corn. Guys working on Freeman's house until noon. Rain. Lunch with Jeff and Karalee. Made applesauce and watched dog training DVD in the afternoon after feeding Janelle and Micah's fish. Made 8 quarts with 3 kettles of apples. Bought 2 bushels from Meredith. Dan and Kelli called in eve and got key for Happy Valley. They're here for a week. Philip and Susan at youth group. I decided to stay home since tomorrow is a big day and I thought Phil was working on combine and I don't like anyone to be running any kind equipment without someone else around on the farm. Phil actually went looking for corn crop criminals down at the low grounds. It's pitch black and he's not back yet. Shippey's needed key to gate and it turns out that this is why I felt I needed to stay home tonight. They wouldn't have gotten through to anyone if I wasn't home. And they wouldn't have been able to get into their property.

Thurs.-Busy day. Went to muscle therapist in afternoon; then to Walmart, Miller's, Judy's, then home. Susan's volleyball game was cancelled after they waited for an hour. She went out to Cook Out with a few friends. Watched a guitar DVD in the eve. Beautiful music. Michael's bday gift to Phil. Bought peanut M&M's to give to Sarah when she cuts my hair for the first time. She didn't want me to pay her. Just wanted a hug. Rain. Rain. Rain. Hoodie and tea weather. I am loving it. Philip went to worship practice tonight. He will be playing the next two Sunday's. They won't plug him in to help him get out of the jitters and he's so happy about that!
Today is Abie Schneck's fifth birthday in heaven. He would have been 28 here on earth. My sister's dear son.

Fri.-How fortunate that our friend, Kelly, is sleeping in her ancestor's home next door. She is a chiropractor practicing in California, and came over to pop Alli's ribs back in place. Alli was coughing so hard she dislocated her ribs. Susan and I headed to Lynchburg and got hunting clothes for her at Ollies and then to a specialty shop we went to buy running shoes. Phil called me while he was unloading corn from the combine and invited me to ride around with him for awhile. I put on my shoes, took the chicken out of the oven to cool, and climbed up the ladder to join him. Little rabbits ran everywhere to escape us. The swamp was eerily beautiful in its fall showing of lavenders, browns, oranges, yellows, and greens. Philip had Buck night tonight here. Susan went to homecoming alumni vs. present volleyball team/game, Michael spent the eve. with Sarah, Phil is still working the corn, and I made caramel corn for Philip's birthday party on Sunday.

Sat.-Did some housework, yard work, cooking, resting my foot, and watched a movie this eve. with Susan and Phil. Philip and Michael are with the guys for supper/eve. Erik and Travis are here for Heather and Jack's wedding. Susan, Alli, and Freeman went. Beautiful wedding. Miserable weather. But she had a great time. Needed to get ready for Philip's party plus stay off my foot as much as possible so I opted not to go. It was nice to see the Warren's today. Stopped in for a few minutes to share our bounty on their way to the dollar theatre. I love that family. Almost finished a scarf I started about 2 years ago or was it just last year. Just in time for this cooler weather.
Got 90 likes on face book about riding the combine with Phil status.

Sun.-Great Day. Church. Money Talk. Challenged. Friends. Afternoon Birthday party for Philip. At least 30 kids here I think. Philip made chili over a propane heater under the porch roof. Sour cream and cheddar cheese as toppings. Caramel corn for dessert. Mostly rained. Played volleyball, video games in man cave, and cards in the house. Got to hold Joel and Ashley's little baby. Erik and April were here. Philip prayed for them before they left and she sang, "Jesus loves me" in her head while he prayed so she couldn't hear him and then cry. So I cried for us both. Let me see if I can remember who all came. Joel, Ashley, Elizabeth, Erik, April, Jordan, Sarah, Gavin, Andrew, Kayla, Jacob, the Martin boys, Whitney, Cynthia, Steve, Ben, Freeman, Alli, Shippey's, Lucas's, Danny, Ben E., Isaac, Austin, Tommy T., and I'm sure I'm missing some. Plus Michael and Susan and Phil and I. Great party.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 30-Oct.6, 2013

Mon.-Today's highlight-went to Liberty Station with PBill and Jenny and Steve and Dianna to celebrate Phil's birthday. Lovely time and had a waitress with a powerful testimony.

Tues.-Highlights-out to town with Susan. First voice lessons with Sarah for Suz. She loved it. Went to Belks. Met Dianna and stopped in at Judy's and held Dane of all things! He used to cry and hide when he saw me. Judy's step dad, Butch, passed away this week. Picked up my car from Susan at NL. Went grocery shopping and came back and watched her team win three games in a row. Great fun to sit between Miriam and Phyllis.

Wed.-Highlights-the guys coming home at lunch and having Meredith and Tommy here because they are working at Happy Valley, weed whacking and mulching with Susan. Good catch up talk with Lindsay in afternoon. Went to see Judy and Pearly and Debbie at Butch's viewing in Keysville. Came back to Mom's and More at church.

Thurs.-Took Susan to Appomattox-new nurse practitioner that we loved! She showed Susan how to take care of her ingrown toenail and gave us prescription for antibiotics which we got filled just in case she needed it. Went to Coreys for him to check the Polaris battery. Bought some food and mums at Kroger.  Made sandwiches for the guys. Dishwasher quit yesterday. I'm spoiled. Making food for the retreat. Bacon, hard boiled eggs, and mashed make mashed potato soup with toppings of eggs and bacon. Mom and Dad coming this weekend also. Using the last of our homegrown chicken which happens to be the ornery rooster. Hope it makes some nice rooster corn noodle soup. He looks tough and scrawny....(I threw him and his broth to the pigs via Philip and swore him to secrecy.) I cooked and cooked him and he never loosened up. And I made the kitchen so hot. The windows were open and the air conditioning came on. Watched 'The Hiding Place' with Susan and remembered quite accurately the different scenes that I watched 40 years ago at Susan's age. It affected me the same way. Couldn't stop crying. When Michael got home, he and Susan watched CCA's 2008 DVD and we had a high old time laughing and remembering and being a little embarrassed at times. I actually turned red when there was a video of me dancing around with the kids in music. I've lost weight since that first year though. Freeman and Alli's house rafters are up and the plywood is going on.

Fri.-Raced around like crazy to get ready for a 24 hour retreat at the Lake House with ladies. Picked up Gwen and Jenny and we were on our way by 3. Had a wonderful time. Roomed with Ginger. Jesus joined us at the house and things will never be the same. Behold, He makes all things new.

Sat.-Arrived home sometime after 8. Glorious day.

Sun.-Church was good because God was there. Mom and Dad were too and thoroughly enjoyed it and are so glad for what we are experiencing. They liked our pastor and his wife. Had lunch here together and then Tom's joined us for a hot dog roast and supper. We had a nice time visiting with each other. Very tired. Didn't sleep much the past two nights. Judy called this morning. Her brother's wife passed away this morning. Two deaths in one week for this precious family. Jesus, help.