Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December, 2016-Hertzler Doings

Well, life has been busy.
I want to write down about our Christmas this year and then hopefully,
next year, I'll be more consistent with writing.

Our immediate family celebrated Christmas on the 18th.
We got together at 1:30, after church, and had homemade zucchini yeast rolls
and made sandwiches with a turkey and ham I cooked.
We added cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion.
We did this last year too, I think, and everyone likes this.
Later, we had cinnamon rolls-just baked, and caramel popcorn.
Daniel, Susan's boyfriend, was with us.

Michael read the Christmas story and then we went around and sang our favorite Christmas songs.
It was pure torture for Nathan for some reason. He had his head bent down and he was looking sideways with his eyes. At one point, he laid down on the floor, face down.
After awhile, I got a tablet and markers, and sat on the floor and started drawing while we sang.
He soon joined me and then sat on my lap with his fire truck.

We gave each other our pulled name gifts and then we gave other gifts. It was a wonderful Christmas.
(Michael and Jessica gave me a book a day or two later which had kind words from many lovely people. I couldn't stop crying and it made me want to be like the person they were writing about. I especially appreciated the words from our immediate and extended family members.)
We watched Home Alone together.

Christmas weekend, we went to Pa. Some went caroling. We had lunch at Joe and Karen's Christmas Day and had a nice time visiting. On Monday, we went to my brother, Abe's, for lunch. There were 3 new babies there. Oh, what fun. The kids played 'Now you have it, Now you don't.' We left there around 4 and got home by 9:30.

I'm leaving many details out but mostly, I want to say, that I am so thankful for family.
Our family, Phil's family, my family.
We love each other.
We are not perfect and all relationships are not perfect
but we love each other.
And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else or be part of anyone else's family.

My sister-in-law, Linda, told me she noticed that my blog was stuck on Politics and Burn Out.
So, now it's not stuck there anymore.
Thanks for reading, Linda.
And thanks for reading, friends.

We missed the Bantons this year but exchanged gifts via the mail.
I'm looking at a pillow cover that Lindsay made.
Black checked with a green Christmas tree. It covers a pillow on the glider-a gift from Happy Valley friends.

God was with us, is with us, and will be with us.
I am thankful.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Political Burn-Out and "Family"

For nearly a month I have read numerous political posts a day.
 I can't seem to help myself. It's like I've become a political conflict junkie.

One thing I read makes me feel justified.
Another post I read makes me feel shamed.

And in the Church realm there are those saying, "If you are a Christ follower, how could you vote for him?" Or, "She is evil. How could you vote for such wickedness?"

I have people I dearly love who are happy or grieved. I've been on an emotional political roller coaster ride and I want to get off and I don't know how.

Until now.

I just read something that I think is my exit strategy.

Brennan Manning, in his book, "The Wisdom of Tenderness" says,

'To say, "Abba, Father," in the Spirit is to say that we're children.
It's to acknowledge that other people are our brothers and sisters in the human family.

This understanding affects our lifestyle because it implies acceptance of others
and responsibility for others: we do our best to give family members whatever they need.

This familial relationship is to be taken literally for it's a thing of flesh and blood in the bond
of the Holy Spirit. True Christian community is the realization and actualization of
"Our Father, who art in heaven."

So, I think that my 'family' doesn't need me to read and empathize with every opposing news flash or viewpoint that comes along.

I think my family needs me to pray with Jesus' His ageless words,

"OUR Father,
who art in heaven.
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give US this day, OUR daily bread.
And forgive US OUR debts as WE
forgive OUR debtors.
And lead US not into temptation,
but deliver US from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.
Such wonderful words, "OUR, US, WE."
Not, "Us" and "Them."

"THINE is the kingdom, and the power and the glory,"
reminds me of Who really has us in His care.

To be "Delivered from evil," is all of our hearts cry.
Praying this prayer is the best way I know to be 'family' in a divisive situation.

It is the best way I know how to protect the people who are being attacked on both sides.

It is the best way I know to empathize and see the big picture.

It is the best way I know how to love.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hertzler Doings~November, 2016

For some reason, I think less and less of writing.

So far this month, we've flown to CA and visited Tom and Kathy. We really relaxed there. Kathy and I rested in the hot tub after walking a mile around the block. Phil and Tom watched the news, talked, and read. They took us out to eat on the hill and we watched the sun set and the lights come on. The next eve. Jenny, Brian, and the boys came over. We had charbroiled burgers for supper and the alarms went off and the security system people called four times. It made the house smell like a picnic. Phil and I took off early the next day in our convertible red mustang. We drove the coast part way and got out and took in one of the beaches. My hair was blowing like crazy and it was a little scary. I felt like I should be wearing a helmet. We saw mountains of shrubs and rock and vast fields of rice, nut and fruit trees, etc. We stopped and bought local pistachios at a produce stand.

After we arrived in San Francisco, we drove around Lumbard Street and the other crazy streets and nearly got hit by a car that did not see us. I was sure he had swiped us and when we looked their was a streak on the side of our car. Phil had said that a book wouldn't have fit between us but it was more like a paper. He apologized with a wave and we gave him a thumbs up and we didn't have an accident with multiple cars which we surely would have if Phil hadn't slammed on the brakes.

We also stopped in to see Old Sacramento .(We actually did this on Sunday on the way to the wedding.) I'd like to spend more time there but I never need to drive those crazy streets where you can't see over the top of your car when you're at the stop sign.

We met Eric and Kendra at Sessions and I got to hold Theodore. He's 7 weeks old. She ordered for us and it was fun to eat from the different plates of food. Kendra is a delightful person. At age 31, she is considered young in San Francisco to have a baby. And when they tell people they want 3, people can scarcely believe it. Later, as I walked Theo around outside and put him to sleep while looking at the Golden Gate Bridge at night, a young family asked me how old my baby was. I had to tell them twice that he wasn't mine. So, maybe women wait to start having children when they're 58 in SF.

We drove and hour and got a King Suite. The next morning we took it easy and eventually made our way to Roseville where we went to Danny Fisher and Jennifer Crutchfields wedding. We got to sit with Marv and Sherri and Uncle Ed and Aunt Rhoda at the reception. The wedding was outside and beautiful. It meant so much to Danny and his parents that we came. The groomsmen-Tommy H. and Andrew F. -worked things out so that the bride and groom could drive off in our rented red mustang convertible. That was so sweet. The drove through our pathway of long lighted sparklers glowing in the dark. We soon had our car back.

We got our motel and the next morning, headed early to the Sacramento Airport. When we arrived in Minneapolis, we had over a 3 hour wait and soon afterwards I heard someone calling my name. It was Kenny Spencer. He and Angel waited with us and we got to hear his testimony. Time flew by. Angel and I went for a walk and somehow our clocks were messed up and the guys were trying to call us and even had us paged. We raced back and everyone was already on the plane and they were waiting on us. Shwew. And when we got on the plane, we had seats right across from each other. It was just great.

We drove home from Richmond without a glitch and were happy to sleep in our own beds.
Had a physical. Sugar levels normal.
Susan had court. All charges dropped. Judge seemed surprised she had been charged since a deer was involved. Yay!
Voted. Trump is now President. Va. went to HC.
Alli, Jessica, and I, hosted The Gathering Table here on Monday night, the 4th. It was a Thanksgiving theme. We had probably 28 women in our little house and it was wonderful. I even 'did' my rap for them and they laughed so hard. Michael grilled our turkey for us, using a homemade juice. I think he's getting some orders for Thanksgiving.
Jessica started working full time for Phil on Monday, the 14th.
I went to Lynchburg to a podiatrist on Tues, the 15th. I'm getting some inserts made and also bought some support socks. He thinks my left foot especially is turning in such a way that the nerves are affected and it gives me the sensation that my toes are turning to mush but they aren't really. I nearly cried with relief. I'll go back in a few weeks to get fitted with inserts.
I went to two Goodwill's afterwards and found some little girl things and got a few things for Jessica. I have her name for Christmas. Also found a shirt for Phil, a shirt for D., a shirt for Susan, and some shirts and pants for myself. That was fun.
Thanksgiving-We had a good time together in the evening but we were missing Daniel. In the afternoon, when he and Susan were at the gym, he experienced acute chest pain. Long story short, he's been in the hospital since Thanksgiving and today is Dec. 1. He was moved to Lynchburg today. Diagnosis-a collapsed lung. They are hoping to avoid surgery by keeping the drainage vacuum going and hoping the lung seals up on its on.

Hertzler Doings~November, 2016

For some reason, I think less and less of writing.

So far this month, we've flown to CA and visited Tom and Kathy. We really relaxed there. Kathy and I rested in the hot tub after walking a mile around the block. Phil and Tom watched the news, talked, and read. They took us out to eat on the hill and we watched the sun set and the lights come on. The next eve. Jenny, Brian, and the boys came over. We had charbroiled burgers for supper and the alarms went off and the security system people called four times. It made the house smell like a picnic. Phil and I took off early the next day in our convertible red mustang. We drove the coast part way and got out and took in one of the beaches. My hair was blowing like crazy and it was a little scary. I felt like I should be wearing a helmet. We saw mountains of shrubs and rock and vast fields of rice, nut and fruit trees, etc. We stopped and bought local pistachios at a produce stand.

After we arrived in San Francisco, we drove around Lumbard Street and the other crazy streets and nearly got hit by a car that did not see us. I was sure he had swiped us and when we looked their was a streak on the side of our car. Phil had said that a book wouldn't have fit between us but it was more like a paper. He apologized with a wave and we gave him a thumbs up and we didn't have an accident with multiple cars which we surely would have if Phil hadn't slammed on the brakes.

We also stopped in to see Old Sacramento .(We actually did this on Sunday on the way to the wedding.) I'd like to spend more time there but I never need to drive those crazy streets where you can't see over the top of your car when you're at the stop sign.

We met Eric and Kendra at Sessions and I got to hold Theodore. He's 7 weeks old. She ordered for us and it was fun to eat from the different plates of food. Kendra is a delightful person. At age 31, she is considered young in San Francisco to have a baby. And when they tell people they want 3, people can scarcely believe it. Later, as I walked Theo around outside and put him to sleep while looking at the Golden Gate Bridge at night, a young family asked me how old my baby was. I had to tell them twice that he wasn't mine. So, maybe women wait to start having children when they're 58 in SF.

We drove and hour and got a King Suite. The next morning we took it easy and eventually made our way to Roseville where we went to Danny Fisher and Jennifer Crutchfields wedding. We got to sit with Marv and Sherri and Uncle Ed and Aunt Rhoda at the reception. The wedding was outside and beautiful. It meant so much to Danny and his parents that we came. The groomsmen-Tommy H. and Andrew F. -worked things out so that the bride and groom could drive off in our rented red mustang convertible. That was so sweet. The drove through our pathway of long lighted sparklers glowing in the dark. We soon had our car back.

We got our motel and the next morning, headed early to the Sacramento Airport. When we arrived in Minneapolis, we had over a 3 hour wait and soon afterwards I heard someone calling my name. It was Kenny Spencer. He and Angel waited with us and we got to hear his testimony. Time flew by. Angel and I went for a walk and somehow our clocks were messed up and the guys were trying to call us and even had us paged. We raced back and everyone was already on the plane and they were waiting on us. Shwew. And when we got on the plane, we had seats right across from each other. It was just great.

We drove home from Richmond without a glitch and were happy to sleep in our own beds.
Had a physical. Sugar levels normal.
Susan had court. All charges dropped. Judge seemed surprised she had been charged since a deer was involved. Yay!
Voted. Trump is now President. Va. went to HC.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 14-30, 2016

Another busy week. The weather has been warm during the day and cool at night. We got Nathan his Christmas gift-A green wagon from Amish Originals. As I pulled it towards my car, some folks took a picture of it and plan to buy one for their granddaughter. Amish Originals has the best price. I also got a dog bed for the inside and it covers most of the bottom and is so soft. Nathan wasn't so sure of it at first but once he got the hang of it, he didn't want to come inside. He cried and cried and then rested his head on the windowsill and stared at his new green wagon.

Tom and Kathy are in from CA and we went to see them and will take them out to Susan's workplace tomorrow eve. (Thursday) with almost all of the rest of our family.

I made a vegan Shepherds pie with lentils and veggies and mashed potatoes and cauliflower for the top. It is really good. Our own corn helped make it good. I also am making 2 large lasagnes for Phil to take on his hunting trip.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 17-23, 2016

Mon.-Susan didn't have school today so we were making healthy things like rice paper bacon and tempeh bacon and chocolate chip cookie dough and veggie burgers, etc. Steve Majeski and his friend, Better, were here for awhile as well as Matt G and son, fixing the heating situation. Everything comes out of our bedroom closet from the one side and all of what is on floor. Phil and Susan ran to Farmville to take care of his truck. I finished up dishes and wash and blogging etc. Lindsay called earlier and I walked while we caught up. We went to see them last year at this time. Adi enjoyed her piano recital-liked playing in front of people ! Emma has a solo voice but would prefer singing with others. Life is interesting and unexpected and mostly wonderful. Jessica and Susan invited me to be part of their girl's movie night tonight. A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle.

Tues.-Worked in house and old house. Nathan and Alli came and watched a movie she brought-Water Horse. Interesting story.

Wed.-Vacuumed and washed the floors. Had Nathan in afternoon so Alli could do the same at her house. We went to the river for awhile. He was brave and went chasing a leaf down the river. Had to take his clothes off because he was sopping. It's 80 at least. Indian Summer. Phil is working on farm and office. Jacob King-Christi's husband, is doing some planting for Phil on the farm. Susan is at school. Julie is coming over this eve. and we'll have a girl's night. Phil will be working in the fields until late.

Well, life keeps hurrying along. I had Nathan Friday and Saturday so Freeman and Alli could go to Williamsburg to celebrate their anniversary. He did really well and we explained that they would be away overnight and that he would sleep in my bed. It was so cute when they came back and he realized who they were. "Dada Dada!" he yelled and ran to Freeman.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 10-16, 2016

Mon.-A lovely day catching up from the weekend away. Packed up some summer clothes and brought in some winter ones. Alli and Nathan stopped in for a little visit too. Phil, Susan, and I, watched some Diagnosis Murder in the eve. Woodstove needs some work and it's a bit chilly inside.

Tues.-36 degrees this morning. Wrote some notes for Encounter this weekend. Susan's friend, D., came over for lunch. It was nice Phil was home. It's a beautiful day.

Wed.-Great day in Farmville. Lunch with Lisa H. While there with her at Uptown got the news that Freeman and Alli are expecting a little girl. Her name will be Raquel Anne. Isn't that beautiful?!

Thurs.-Had coffee with Jessica at her house. Later, Alli and Nathan came over to our place for a visit. He is just so adorable. Got to see the pics of Raquel also and just had to hold them close for awhile. Apparently Nathan was engrossed in the whole sonogram process and is beginning to understand that there is a baby in his mama's belly. They announced it on Facebook with a picture of a pink pumpkin beside Nathan's bigger pumpkin that he painted. Both were beautiful. I had a nice time with Nathan showing him how jacks spin. I was saying "Stop that" to the jacks when they ran into each other and he giggled and giggled. I decided to see how long it would last. My voice got hoarse from saying 'Stop that" in funny ways. He giggled and giggled and laid himself back to laugh hard, bumping his head and needing kisses. We took a ride on the gator while mimi made herself a toasted cheese sandwich. We saw a turtle and checked the electricity at Happy Valley. (He likes to turn on the lights and fan.) Susan aced her English test plus got extra credit. I made two kinds of granola bars without oil. So delicious. Also packed for Encounter weekend and prepared for it by calling my small group. Michael and Phil are digging up the line that goes from the woodstove to the house. They are laying it deeper and checking to see where it is broken. It's been cold some of these days without any heat. Susan is working tonight. Jessica is babysitting. I saw Mitch Miller's obituary on facebook today. Dave Cook sent it to me. What a great guy. What a dear friend. I am so sad that he is gone. Jonathan's tribute to him on Facebook says it all. I saw it as we drove home from Pa on Sunday and almost made Phil pull off before I told him the news but there was nowhere to pull off and he had already heard my cry of sorrow.

Fri.-Busy day. Went over to be with Nathan while Alli did some things. Packed for Encounter. Went out early to buy something at Jess's work. Went to Encounter meeting and got ready for the eve.

Fri./Sat-Wonderful Encounter at New Life. Spoke Sat. morning. Wasn't very nervous this time. Loved my small group. What a joy it is to watch Women get free. Spent the night at Judy's. Up at 5:45 Sat to be at church by 7.

Sun.-Daniel came to pick up Susan and took her to church. He opens the door for her when they go places. They are now face book official. It is a joy to hear so many wonderful things about him. We all went out to eat at Shogun so the family could meet him. Tommy T. and Allison B. came as well. Watched a movie with Daniel and Susan in the eve. They hung here all day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 3-9, 2016

Mon.-Great day catching up on housework, making potato salad for tomorrow night, and making plans for the weekend. Marvin Glover passed away last week after a long bout with cancer. His viewing is tonight. We are going to his funeral tomorrow. We bought our farm from Marvin and Margaret.

Tues.-So many people came to Marvin's funeral that there was overflow in the fellowship hall. They could hear everything though. Susan and I sat in the last two seats. It was a beautiful day. Margaret and Marvin have been married 60 some years. Tonight we're going to Michael and Jessica's for a good bye party for Erin West. She is heading back to China on the 10th. VP debate in Farmville this eve. Apparently Pence won.

Wed.-Went out to Farmville and ran some errands and visited with Jessica, Judy, and went to Encounter meeting.

Thurs.-Jessica came over for a visit. I got us packed up for weekend and ran Alli and Nathan out to pick up her car and then I got a haircut from Jennifer H. There aren't many people like her. She is just dear. Made sushi in the evening to take along on our trip.

Fri.-Got up early and Phil drove us to Pa in the rain. Went to Anne's to visit, rest, shower, and change for Becca Berg and Andy Hollinger's wedding at the Berg Homestead. What a wonderful wedding. Becca is so special to me because I was there when she was born. Got to meet the midwife that was there. Everything was so beautiful, especially the bride, and the groom's face and demeanor when he saw her was priceless. It was wonderful to be with family and friends and it was also very fun to dance with the young people on the dance floor.

Sat.-Had a hard time moving. Felt like a hangover in my body only I don't even know what that feels like. I guess I should dance more often so my body doesn't go into shock. We had a nice morning with Joe, Karen, and Jonathan. Also stopped in for a quick visit with Mom and Dad and then we went over to Weaver's Orchard to pick up 4 fruit baskets and visit Anne and Ed a little. Then we headed to Rosalee's for a quick lunch of pizza supposedly. The driveway was full. She had a surprise for us. Uncle Paul and Aunt Ann Landis and Marie, Abie and Karen D. were there. She had a big meal which she served on Mother's china. She had homemade bread and jelly, broccoli salad, applesauce, chili, deviled eggs, ice cream, cool whip, and a pumpkin dessert. We had a wonderful time. Then Phil and I went to LMH for my 40th class reunion and had a great time reconnecting with old friends. It was especially good to see Jitter and Freda, Jane and Amos, John Stahl-Wert, Joyce Webster, Loretta Smucker, Nancy High, Twila Frey, Vonnie, and oh so many more. I just love our class. We left there 1 1/2 hours after it was over as did most everyone and went to Mabe and Naomi where we stayed along with John and Bev Wangler until after 11:30. Came home to Joe and Karen's and crashed.

Sun.-Woke up at 5. Had a little visit with Karen before everyone else woke up. Said our good bye's and had a huge breakfast at Mom and Dad's. Paul stopped in and then Logan. Wonderful visit. We left them after 10 and Phil drove us home as we listened to the end of John's book on CD-WITH. Got home in a little over 6 hours. We unpacked and caught up with Susan and are now heading over to Freeman's for homemade pizza and a visit with Joanna Balmer and her husband Rick and two children. We have been quite the party animals and we are tired!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 26-Oct.2, 2016

Mon.-Did a lot of catching up in the house. Worked in old house and cleaned entryway bathroom. Went over to Happy Valley and read for an hour or two. Watched some mystery movies with Phil and Susan in eve.

Tues.-Today was Judy's day. Her mama's funeral was at New Life and after her burial she had a meal at her place for family and friends. It was a significant day. My heart is full. Pearlie's life was full of love but also was her death. I came home and slept 3 hours.

Wed.-Alli and Nathan came over for lunch and stayed for awhile. We drove over to Happy Valley on the Polaris and Nathan helped me check the lights in the new house and the toilet in the old house. Took Phil to Susan's work for supper and it was delicious. We drove right into a wild storm afterwards. Caught up with Naomi on the phone. Made plans for a trip to FL in April. Hopefully.

Thurs.-Went for a massage and then to Walmart and Salvation Army. Got Phil 4 pairs of jeans. Alli and Nathan stopped in on their way home from doctor. His rash all over is probably due to heat.

Fri.-Quite a lot of rain from the southeast. Thunder and rain. Vacuumed and washed floors. Made potatoes and squash. Susan working double shift.

Sat.-Nathan was here for a few hours and we had a great time. He painted a few masterpieces and caused a riot on face book with his talent. In the evening we went to Joe and Norma Hertzler's for a Hertzler Reunion. It was good to sit around and talk with relatives, especially, I enjoyed talking to Norma and Pat. Pat writes a blog and she wrote up the event and posted it on facebook. I took a really cute picture of Nathan and Levi playing in the fish pond and posted that on Face book too. Joe had mikes set up and it was a musical evening we all enjoyed. Freeman had marinated venison roasts and they disappeared along with most of the hot dogs.

Sun.-Church and a relaxing afternoon and evening. Historical event took place at the Mohnton Museum. Pastors and others gathered together to worship and share communion and later walked around Longwood in prayer for this week and the vp debate. Farmville is in the news. The hair dressers who cut my hair are doing the hair and make up for one of the television stations this week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 19-25, 2016

Mon.-Drove Susan out to her classes through storms and torrential rain. I met Phil at Starbucks. It is his 60th birthday and Michael's 25th. Did a little shopping and reading. After class, we went to the Immediate Care Clinic and the doctor was surprised that Susan was doing so well and wanted 6 lottery numbers from her. "You're the luckiest person I know," he said, and promised to split the money if he wins. In good conscience, due to the accident's severity, he said we needed to go to ER. ER doctor confirmed that she was good to go and that her bruising and stiffness and pain were to be expected. We were so glad she didn't need more tests. Every day is a constant reminder that she is a walking miracle. The doctors both said that she has a virus and the first one said that she has an ear infection but that it is viral. She is having a hard time swallowing even water.

Tues.-Susan drove herself to school in Appomattox and came home, watched movies, and rested. I am exhausted and am resting with her. Got to talk to Lindsay for awhile. That was nice.
Susan's temp was up to 100. Pharyngitis and ear infection bothering her more than accident aches and pains.  Went to Michael and Jessica's in eve so Michael could help Susan send her homework to professor.

Wed.-Mickey took me to the dentist and I slept well afterwards.

Thurs.-Went to Farmville and ran errands. Susan went to school and to work afterwards.

Fri.-Cleaned house, made chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, sloppy jo, and lemon bars. Phil, Michael, and Freeman went to men's encounter. Jessica, Susan, and Alli had a movie night. She tried to get Nathan to sleep earlier but he just knows something is going to happen and won't settle down. Susan is feeling so much better. We cancelled her doctor apt for today. She can eat and drink now. Dr. T. said that she was experiencing spasms which made it difficult to swallow and breathe. She was going to go see him today and also the doctor but she was almost herself today. I'm so thankful.

Sat.-Had a great day with Alli, Nathan, and Jessica. Went to Lavender Farms and each of us bought a print of beautiful old hands. Went to Chinese for lunch and then to the flea market. I bought book ends of a little boy and girl reading. Also got someone an early Christmas gift since I had her name. Went to Kroger and Walmart and came home, tidied up, and said good bye to Susan as she left for work. Watched a movie, caught up on my blog and reading, called Rosalee-Annika is in labor, and talked with Naomi. Phil's at Encounter. It's nice to have an evening at home alone.

Sun.-Great service. Wonderful to hear the testimonies from Men's Encounter. Susan and I made the cauliflower sweet and sour vegan dish for lunch which we ate around 3 and watched a movie called 'Genius.' Pretty good. Annika had Ariel Joy last evening/

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 12-18, 2016

Mon.-Working on following my cleaning schedule. Took trash to dump. Made some black beans and rice and bean soup. Worked in old house. Washing blankets. Hoping to read an hour this afternoon so I get used to putting time aside to study Life Coaching. Going to Gathering Table tonight with Alli and Jessica. Susan has a long day of school and work. I read her what I read in my mother's journal about enjoying the moment you are in and not wishing you were anywhere else or doing something different. She was glad for the reminder. "I needed that."
Had a nice time at the Gathering Table with Alli and Jessica. Took a smoking gun picture and Susan loved it so much she said she was going to send it to her friends. She wanted me to make it my profile picture so I did. Got to bed really late. Am enjoying the book, "And they said it couldn't be done." Written by a nutritionist. Karen Hurd. I think I have the title right. So informative and potentially life changing.
The book club on facebook started reading "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality," by Peter Scazzero. It's so good. Am also reading "The Elephant in the Boardroom." '

Tues.-Today I was able to follow my schedule for the morning and then run errands in town. I picked up some chicken salad sandwiches at Millers and had lunch with Judy. I stopped in and visited Jessica and looked at marble games at Amish Originals. Picked up something for Phil at Hill and Davis and went to the bank and Walmart. Came home and froze the blueberries I picked up at Millers, made the sourdough bread that's been fermenting all day, put a roast in the crockpot that had kept my cooler cool all day, cleaned the guest bathroom, did some wash, visited with Susan and Philip separately, and hope to watch a movie with Susan soon.

Wed.-Had a wonderful bonding day with Nathan. We went to the river and played in the sand. In the house, he painted with water colors very happily and played with playdough, tractors, and superballs. He even snuggled while we watched a movie. Greg H. called me to talk to me about Life Coaching. Very helpful conversation. I was also able to keep on track with my cleaning and daily life schedule. Seems to give me a lot of energy to have simplified and organized this part of my life.

Thurs.-Jessica came over in the morning. I went to see Heidi and got a massage and then did some shopping in Appomattox. Found a queen sized comforter for Susan at Salvation Army for 20 dollars and some shirts for Michael. Also some yellow boots with white polka dots for Susan. She likes them. Am doing my housework this evening. Am also posting in ChickLits about the book 'Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" by Peter Scazzero. It's so good and has generated some interest. I'm hoping all of them buy the book and get involved.

Fri.-Went to Farmville with Janelle. Had Sushi at ShoGun and then took in the movie, "Sully." I highly recommend it. Then we headed to Miller's, then home. It was a nice day. Had Nathan overnight.

Sat.-Call early this morning from Susan. She got in a car accident after she left Claire's. Deer ran out in front of her. She swerved, overcorrected, hit a bank, and according to state police, flipped 6 times before her car came to rest against a tree. She crawled out of her broken window, called Claire, and after getting there, called Phil. He went to get her and helped her with the police and tow truck. They came home and she rested and gratefully saw the family as they came to see her. Julie came over later and Phil and I went to Whitney Fisher's wedding.

Sun.-Phil and I went to church. Susan rested. Had family here in evening for September birthday's.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 5-11, 2016

Mon.-Susan home. No school or work. Claire came later. I made and canned 25 quarts of vegetable soup. Canned 21 quarts, ate 2, and froze 2.  Phil is mowing and plans to work in the office once he's done. Susan canned hot peppers from her garden. Caught up with Lindsay. They need rain. Lord, send the rain.

Tues.-Claire spent the night. I went to Jessica's for coffee and catch up conversation. Then I headed to the auction where I got two big boxes of red, red and green, and green peppers. One for Freeman. One for me. I made 17 quarts and 5 pints of pickled peppers. Also canned 3 quarts of stewed tomato salad and 6 pints of 7 day pickles, and 1 quart of pickled onion rings made from Susan's onions and leftover brine. Bonnie Stoltzfus brought Rosalee's sweater over. It was mother's and she left it at Bonnie's when they came down for the wedding. It was so sweet of her to bring it over here. Nathan and Alli came over for a little visit today. Susan went to school in Appomattox and then to job training in Lynchburg. She's studying tonight and then we're going to watch a 'Murder She Wrote.' My mother and I used to watch it together.

Wed.-Big day in Farmville. Kacey trimmed my hair. Had lunch with Dianna at El Patron. Visited Jessica at work and got a southern shirt for Susan and a date book for myself. Visited Judy and Logan. Stopped in at Carousel, Goodwill, Restore, and Belk. Went to Walmart. So exhausted by the time I got home. Watched some Murder She Wrote with Phil and Susan. Been eating lousy since Labor Day weekend and am in so much pain and don't sleep well. Must get back to plant based diet. It works and I feel so much better.

Thurs.-Jessica came by to work on her birthday gifts for Michael on our computer so he can't see what she does on Amazon. Nice visit over breakfast potatoes with Susan and her. Sent home piano books with Jessica. Friend, Cindy, gave me adult beginner's books. Jessica will practice on a keyboard and come here once a week for lessons. That's the plan. Wanted to sign up for a red car painting class at Lib's but class was full. On waiting list. Susan went to school. Jess went to work. I'm working on wash, putting full canning jars away, etc. Nathan's coming today while his mommy's away.  We went down to the river and he spent an hour throwing stones in the water. Someday, I want to go there with him, and stay until he's done.

Fri.-Made a carrot cake, Fudge ribbon cake, and 2 quarts of tomato juice. Enjoyed Nathan here for awhile and Alli. Consulted with a life coach for an hour. Watched Diagnosis Murder with Susan and Phil in the eve.

Sat.-Phil woke me up in the middle of the night because I was crying out. Having a bad dream. I was about to be murdered. Took me awhile to fall back to sleep. Did a lot of catching up today. Cleaned the house too. Made a cleaning schedule. If I follow it, I shouldn't have to clean majorly on a Saturday again. The produce is winding down and a schedule should work now. Talked with Lisa P. for awhile, especially about Life Coaching. She's going to try to put me in touch with her coach. Went over to watch a movie with Alli and Nathan while Freeman and Phil went to help Steve with bear damage. The bears were a no show. Susan went to Julie's. Four big buck passed in front of my car on the way home. I would have hit them or they me if I had not braked hard. So beautiful in the cars headlights.

Sun.-Happy Birthday Dear Philip! Valor Day at church. (New Life AG) Phil and I helped greet and put badges on the First Responders. Johnny Garett was there. As he was coming, I announced to the others that he was mine. I said, "He gave me my first speeding ticket in Farmville and now I want to give him a ticket." And I did. I went to shake his hand and tell him that and instead he put his arm around me and gave me a hug. I thanked him for his service in keeping our roads and town safe. I felt especially emotional when I thanked the fire fighters. Gerneral Jerry Boykin preached a sermon that infused Courage into our souls and gave us hope for America. All of the First Responders went up front and many gathered around them to pray for them. How wonderful to know we have each other's backs. I talked with Debby G. later on at the meal. Her mama isn't doing so good. It's her Johnny's birthday too. Phil dropped off a signed copy of General Boykin's book-Never Surrender, to our local police officer. We watched some mysteries in the afternoon. Philip stopped in to say hello and tell us about their weekend at the shore. They camped out and had some exciting experiences. Michael, Jessica, Chace, Jordan, and Philip.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hertzler Doings-Aug. 29-Sept.4, 2016

Monday-Went out to Farmville. Visited Judy and her mama and family at the Woodland. Mama Pearlie is just waiting for Jesus to come and take her. Janelle, Micah, and I, went to see a movie. Florence something something. About a woman who loved to sing but really couldn't very well. Based on a true story. It was wonderful. It made me realize that we should do things whether or not we're good at them. Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant made a great team. My voice was hoarse from shrieking with laughter. Good thing we were the only ones in the theatre.

Tues.-Mark and Ferne Kraybill came and spent the night. Dear old friends. Ferne and I go back to my teen years.

Wed.-Had a nice breakfast and morning with Mark and Ferne. Phil was able to stay home and do paper work. Ferne encouraged me to put together a book from my writings. There were two notebooks of bloggings in the guest room and she was reading from one. We had a nice time of prayer together. Alli took me to the dentist in the afternoon and I got the crown I've been waiting for a year and a half.

Thurs.-Went to see Heidi, the masseuse, and then to Lynchburg. Lori King and I met at Robin Alexanders. Susan was learning her way around there. The Hoffman's and the Rossi's really like this restaurant. Heidi offered her place to Susan if the weather gets bad. So many nice people in this world.

Fri.-Nathan came for awhile this morning. Alli is getting ready for their party tomorrow.

Sat.-Nathan came again and the more I'm with him, the more I want to be with him. And I already always want to be with him.
 We went to Freeman and Alli's for their Labor Day picnic. Claire and Sam came as Susan's guests and the Rainey's came as ours. Logan and Bradley came down. Logan stayed at Michael's and Bradley stayed here. They had fun playing Cam Jam and Circle volleyball. Jordan and Chase were there too, and the Streams. Nichole and Mila came. Tom, Tommy, Serena, and Abby and Janelle and Micah were there as well. It was a nice party and the food was great.

Sunday-Got to visit with Sam this morning before he headed back to Roanoke. He and Phil had coffee on the front porch. Claire, Sam, Bradley, and Susan, built a fire down at the river last eve. Some owls were fighting and they sounded like monkeys, they said.  After church, Jenny invited us to El Patron. It was good to catch up with them. Phil and I watched Diagnosis Murder and made the syrup part of the 7 day pickles. Phil sliced while I stirred the brine. Michael took the guys fishing.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 22-28, 2016

Mon.-Susan started her classes today at LCC. She took 5 pages of notes in Biology and remembered what she had studied in high school. The gym there has a free membership so she can go work out between classes. Jessica and I were going to clean the old house at HV but decided to wait until another day she has off this week. So we enjoyed coffee, breakfast, and conversation instead.
I went outside and got a little corner of ground prepped to hold Johnny's crepe murtle bush. The dogs attended and were a little forlorn because Susan is gone. Also took care of chickens, picked some tomatoes, brought in beets, cabbage, and cauliflower, and eggs from fridge.
Will finish up the 7 day pickles, make the insides of egg rolls, make quiche, steam cauliflower, cook beets, make baked oatmeal, and maybe zucchini yeast rolls. And take little breaks to stretch and tidy up things.
Susan enjoyed both classes and has her books lined up. Part of me would love to go back to college. But I think I'll read some books I've had in a pile for awhile. And I hope to organize the old house this fall. And the mancave.

Tues.-Sunday-I keep forgetting to write and wonder if I just need to stop blogging for awhile. This week, Kathy Lucas came in from CA to judge C-ponies. It was nice to be with her and our family got with her for dinner on Thursday or Friday over at Happy Valley. 

On Wed., I had lunch with Dianna at La Parota to celebrate her birthday. It was so good to catch up.

On Sunday, we went to Lonnie and Traci Smith's for a picnic. Michael and Jessica came along. They have a beautiful place.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 15-21, 2016

Mon-Thurs.-I haven't written. Life is busy with the garden, etc. Susan was really sick with an upper respiratory infection and I took her to the doctor. An antibiotic is making her feel much better. Also, went to Lynchburg Thursday and she signed up for classes and applied for some jobs and bought some comfy fall clothes for school. We visited Judy and her mom at the hospital. Michael was here when we got home watching Three stooges. He had helped Phil with a project in the barn. It was nice and familiar to have him here.
We had a crazy thunderstorm and sirens went off at Pamplin and Phil even heard them. Michael and Jess live right near the firehouse and it was a scary thing to hear in the midst of raucous thundering and lightning. I slept through it. I am sleeping better than I can ever remember sleeping.
We also had some excitement with a flying object and power lines but that's all I'll say about that. Coyotes are right down in our meadow. We've lost at least 4 calves to them. Davi hates them.
Jessica came over one morning and learned now to sew buttons on a shirt. She's going to take off on this sewing knowledge because she learns quickly and does well. I need to show her my stash of material. I visited her later that day out in town and bought a pretty scarf and sweater with her help.
Been reading in my mother's journal and learning from the things that helped her. I copy down some of her words in my own notebook and I cry for the struggle she had. I'm so glad she's with Him. I asked Him to thank her for me when He sees her and He said, "I see her every day." I'm glad she finally knows how special and wonderful she is.

Friday, Sat.-Canned bear, vegetable soup, dill pickles. Froze butternut squash and zucchini squash. Didn't get much cleaned. Exhausted.

Sun.-Guest speaker. Writer of 'Still in the Storm.' Ordered it on Amazon. Reading Frank P.s books "The Present Darkness" and "Piercing the Darkness." Slept in afternoon. Philip had a party with Chi Alpha friends at lake. Freeman and Alli and Nathan came here and F. made the bear ribs. Incredible.
Drove the gator over to HV. Kids were floating on inner tubes in the pond. I want to do that. Maybe I found my swimming hole. Been worried about snappers. Restless sleep. So many people have so many troubles. Shelly K's nephew in terrible accident-brain injuries. Jamie and Ginger's niece has symptoms doctors can't diagnose. A praying night.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 8-14, 2016

Mon.-Had breakfast at Joe and Karens and did some wash. Visited with Debra for about half and hour because I forgot she had to leave. We decided to meet in Winchester some time. Had a delicious garden lunch with Mom and Dad. She dug up some crepe myrtle bushes-one for each of my children and one for us. They were offshoots of a bush that Tom and Evie, Andy and Lucille, Charlie and Joyce, and Geri F. had given them when Johnny died. She also gave me yellow lily bulbs. Jonathan helped to fill in the pots with dirt using a grown up shovel. He goes out to the barn several mornings a week at 3:30 to help in the barn. He loves to work and he is quite the go-getter. We played a fun game last evening because he got us doing it.
Left the farm around 2 and stopped in to see Gina Smoker B. She was canning tomato sauce with a neighbor. Her mother brought the boys back. She keeps them for part of the day on Monday's. Gina is such a dear friend. We miss each other. She had moved down to Va. for awhile but her husbands work has her back in Pa. She gave me a jar of blueberry jam. She is canning up a storm. Her twin boys are blonde and blue eyed darlings and her youngest was taking a nap and I had to go see him.
Then I went to Naomi's. We relaxed outside on her new patio and went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Her dad was there and he paid for our meal. It's always good to see him and I got a great picture of them together. We watched the Olympics when we got home. She and Mabe had just gotten back from their Florida home.

Tues.-Had coffee together in her living room. Talking and Talking. Went out to Flower Warehouse only it's not called that anymore. Bought all of my Christmas Ornament for my kids. And the little boys, Jonathan and David. We went to Shady Maple for lunch and also got groceries. Then to the fabric outlet. Naomi got material to cover her pillows downstairs and I got material for a skirt. She had not known it was there and I was glad to show it to her. She just got a sewing machine. We said good bye from there and it's always really hard to leave her. We are both sad that we are so far apart.
Went to Diane Horan's from there. Lounged in her pool for awhile and when Caleb came home, he joined us pool side and we caught up a little. Steve joined us later and it was wonderful to see him and visit with them. I haven't seen him for over a decade I'm sure. Dear good friends. He made steak for dinner. We also had Bob Evans mashed potatoes which are wonderful, salad, and roasted brussel sprouts. Then all the chocolate we wanted for dessert. I love to go into their walk in pantry because it has snack and candy drawers and shelves.  Zach was home for dinner too. We had a high old time recounting funny stories. I hurt from laughing. Then we watched some Olympics and went to bed.

Wed.-Left Diane and drove through crazy traffic north to meet Lindsay, Emma, Adi, and Ben, at Bear Mountain State park. They came bearing gifts. Adi had made an eye sleep mask for me. I wanted to wear it on the way home so I wouldn't see all the traffic and have another panic attack. Emma had painted a picture of Susan's Sr. picture. (Susan knew who it was right away and claimed it as her own when I got home.) They made a crayon holder for Nathan, too. We had a few wonderful hours together just being in each other's presence and talking and eating our wonderful picnic lunch. The kids played in the playground in the misty gentle rain and Lindsay and I sat on the picnic tables chatting. We walked by the lake to the zoo and saw bear, foxes, a bobcat, a weasel, fish, frogs, snakes, etc. Ben was very excited. He is so adorable and kissable. They rode the beautiful carousel two times and the bored attendant rested his head on his desk. We also visited the gift shop and lodge. I found out later that one of my high school friends, Cheryl Weber, was there with her family. She saw our picture on facebook and messaged me. It was hard to say good bye and I had to cry a little. I got home before they did and the trip home wasn't as bad.
I relaxed in Diane's whirlpool and had a wonderful dinner of chicken, salad, and fries. And chocolate. We went to bed early.

Thurs.-I slept at least 8 hours. We had a nice visit over coffee, hard boiled egg, and a Jenny Craig breakfast bar. It's so hard to say good bye. I left at 9:40. Stopped about 40 min. later at Cabela's and bought a hoodie and black shirt with Cabela's points. The hoodie was on sale and I didn't realize it. I stopped at rest stops and in Harrisonburg at a Goodwill. Got home at 7. Unloaded. Visited with Susan and Phil for a little. Had a hard time getting to sleep because I'd close my eyes and see tractor trailers everywhere. What a wonderful vacation I had. What a wonderful family I have to come back to. Surely it is a wonderful life.

Fri.-Sun.-Busy catching up. Produce. Putting my stuff away. Went to a car show at church on Sunday and while the guys checked out engines, Alli, Nathan, and I, tackled Walmart. Alli helped an older man in trouble and one of the employees were moved to tears by her wanting to help someone whom she didn't even know. The kids took us out to eat on Sunday at Ruby Tuesdays and shared things they appreciated about our 34 year old marriage. It was a sweet weekend.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 1-7, 2016

Busy week. Getting ready to go to Pa.
Relieved that we are not doing the pig roast this year.
Canning 7 day pickles.
Making plans to see Lindsay.
Coffee with Jessica in their home.
Making zucchini yeast rolls. Out of this world good.
Phil harvesting hay. Bushhogging corn.
Susan harvesting cucumbers, squash, tomatoes.
Susan taking English and Math placement tests.
Did well on both.
Did math test in 45 min. Usually takes people 3 hours. Used calculator once or twice and then realized she could have used it whole time. Scored high. Can take any Math course she wants.

Left Wed. eve and spent the night in Harrisonburg. Forgot my toiletry bag and ran to Dollar Tree to buy essentials.
It made the trip so much easier. Went straight to Anne's and spent the afternoon, eve.. night, Friday morning and early afternoon with her and David. Picked up 13 boxes of jars from Andrea M. and a box of John Deere toy tractor and equipment. Paid 50 dollars and the corn harvester is 45 dollars new.
My highlight was reading to David in my bed with Anne on the other side of him. Sweet time.
Friday afternoon I visited Audrey Hanlon at Garden Spot. There was no time lost between us and we had a nice meal together at the café and she showed me around and also took me to her beautiful apartment. What a dear eternal friend she is.
Went to Rosalee's and spent both Friday night and Saturday night there. Steve and Katrina came down. Katrina is due in 2 weeks. They had a 3 hour drive. Such a sweet time with them. Jim, Rosalee, and I, went to a Diffenbach cousin reunion at Sissy and Barry's in Elizabethtown. Robby and Rocky were there. Also, Jay and Connie, Barb Groff, Earl and his daughter, Cheryl, my brother Abe and his wife, Karen. We all brought food and Barry and Sandy (Sissy) provided chicken, pork bbq, drinks, homemade ice cream and toppings. My cousin, Charlene, died of a massive stroke just 5 weeks ago. I was so excited about seeing her. She was only 68. Cheryl came back from Mozambique. We had a great time sitting around talking about our parents, grandparents, childhood, present day times, etc. I hope we do it again. Sissy showed us around her property. Some families are in the health profession. Our family has many in the teaching profession. Even married teachers.

On Sunday, I went to Hopewell. Sat beside Evie T. We would have gotten kicked out of high school if we were classmates. I just love her. Had lunch with Mom and Dad. Karen and Jonathan came over to visit. We had a get together in the evening for Jim's birthday at Joe and Karen's. Grilled cheeseburgers, salad, corn on the cob, ice cream, raspberry dessert and chocolate zucchini cake.
I love our family.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hertzler Doings-July 25-31, 2016

Have done close to 70 jars of all kinds of pickles and more will be added soon once the 7 day crock pickles are finished. You know what you're getting for Christmas, anyway.

Susan's back from the shore and we are having a good time together.
She's picking and we're both processing and freezing squash and of course the cucumbers. Tomatoes are just starting.

Alli has announced her pregnancy on facebook. That was fun. A picture of N holding the sonogram photo. "The best picture of our two kids together." Something like that. He wasn't happy because she turned off his movie in order to get him focused. It looks like he's upset about having a sibling.

Michael and Jessica went up to Pa for their getaway. Had a nice time with the family and with Jim and Rosalee, too.

Philip has been working on his lawn but this crazy storm washed his seed away and he'll have to reconstruct and start over. He's been making bread, pies, Stromboli, etc. Is going to bake some things for the bake sale.

Freeman's been working night shift for nearly 4 months. Phil's been going out and helping him for several hours a night this week.

Today, Thursday the 28th, I'm heading out to Farmville to get my car inspected. Am hoping to make cucumber sushi before I go to treat Judy to lunch. Dianna's loaning me her car to get around. Have lots of stops so am hoping to go out early to get my running around done before the inspection.

It stormed last night and the night before. We needed the rain. Our friends, Paul and Lisa, had a lot of electrical damage. And other friends, the Landis', had a huge tree get struck by lightning and go down right beside their house, brushing the sides as it went down.

I heard that we're singing hymns this Sunday at church. That's exciting! So, if I don't get to write again, there's a little snapshot into our lives.

Oh, Emma turned 10! She's Gil and Lindsay's oldest. Happy Birthday Emma Dear!

Michael and Jessica moved on Sat. They invited everyone over Sunday evening who helped them move. She had stayed up until 1 Sunday morning and got up again at 6 and she had their house looking like a home. I don't know how she did it. It's beautiful and warm.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hertzler Doings~July 18-24, 2016

Mon.-Picked up Mom and Dad and took them to Janelle's for breakfast. They left there with Beth around 11. Janelle and I went out to town. I came home and tried to catch up a little. Taking care of garden, etc. while Susan is at shore.

Tues.-Jessica came and helped me sort through garden produce before she went to work. Had a quick breakfast and coffee together. Quite a lot of produce to take to CCA's community market. Watching Nathan while Freeman and Alli go out to Farmville. He'll go with me to market delivery since they won't be back. That will be fun.

Sorry folks. Garden is in full swing. Hot and dry here. Hope to get back to writing more later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~July 11-17, 2016

Mon.-Mom, Dad, Susan, and I, made 10 quarts of dill pickles. Jessica came to visit before work. It's always good to see her. Alli and Nathan visited a little.  Mom and I went out to town. I saw the chiropractor and he hooked Mom up to a heater for her neck while he worked on others and me. We went to see Jessica at Greenfront Accessories and also to Amish Originals to see Angie Gridley. Went to visit Philip and see his property in eve. with Mom and Dad. Michael stopped in after work.

Tues.-Got to hear the rest of Dad's book he started reading to me yesterday. Mom and I made sushi while he read. Susan made 40 dollars on her produce today at Cornerstone. Cynthia bought it straight from her. It rained a bit this evening. Freeman stopped over this morning and visited. Had lunch with us. Dad is organizing his book. Phil's been around working on a bid. Coyotes got a calf this morning. We declare War.

Wed.-Sun.-Writing after the fact again. Had a really nice time with Mom and Dad. Took them over to Tom's Thurs. morning. Was with them in the eve. Sunday we had a drop in for them. Tom's were here-all except Meredith, who had stopped in Wed. to see them. Janelle, her aunt Beth, and Micah were here. Ron, Kathy, Joe, Norma, Steve, Dianna, Tommy T., all of ours except Susan were here. It was a happening place. Got to catch up with Karl and Michelle after everyone left. Little Levi is a dear.
Sunday morning service was so good. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Subject tackled well and preventative measures encouraged. Prayers for all marriages afterwards.

Hertzler Doings~July 4-10, 2016

Mon.-Happy 4rth of July. I am writing this days afterwards so I forget if this was the day we went over to Karl and Michelles for supper and fireworks. We had a really great time.

Tues-Sat.-Days full of family, gardening, working outside before it gets too hot.

Sun.-Beth B. drove Mom and Dad down. They joined us for Freeman's party at just the right time. We had a good time sharing with Freeman the things we appreciate about him and we sang some songs together, too. It was a really nice day. We now have a guest room and Mom and Dad are staying with us until Thursday morning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hertzler Doings~June 27-July 3, 2016

Mon.-I love Monday's. Traveled with Phil to Lynchburg to pick up something for business. Talked to Mom on way home and made some plans for while they are down here.

Tues.-Went to SPA-Southside Produce Auction with Susan. Hung out with Cynthia S. and caught on to some of the ropes. Heirloom tomatoes were bringing 25 bucks a single layer flat. Susan has mostly heirloom tomatoes planted. We bought beets, pineapple, potatoes, onions, tomatoes-I think that's it. Went to Cynthia's house afterwards to pick up the potatoes they had dug from their garden. They are so good. Went to Kroger, then to buy 2 beds, then Susan went to the gym and I went to Walmart. Got home and processed the groceries and auction food, watched several Murder She Wrotes, and hit the sack. The sky was beautiful tonight. Somewhere there must have been quite a storm.

Wed.-Holliday Lake with Alli, Nathan, Susan, Jessica, and I. Great fun. Got burned. Went out to town later and picked up new glasses.

Thurs.-Two beds delivered today. Yay! Julie came over and it was so nice to see her. Later, Susan and I made sushi and watched 'MSWrote.'

Sat.-the 2nd. Happy 32nd Birthday to Freeman! He has a gift of comfort and he figures things out. He is an artist with wood and with words. I feel like I get to have another chance to be with him. Nathan reminds me so much of him.

Sun.-Susan went to the shore this weekend with Claire. We are going to celebrate Freeman's birthday next weekend and hope that Grandma and Grandpa Hertzler can join us.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hertzler Doings~June 13-26, 2016

Writing June 25th.

Quick catch up on some things.

Had a great time at the IF gathering of women around Amy Helton's pool.
Made deviled eggs. Disappeared quickly.

Been spending Wed. mornings with Jess. We went out to be with her and she comes here for breakfast. Made sushi for breakfast this week with her. She posted pictures on face book. People want to learn and Alli offered to host a party. Wouldn't that be fun to do every month or every other month? Other people could teach how to make certain things. Michael's good at spring rolls. Erin could teach Chinese dumplings, etc.

Got a massage and my hip felt so much better. My muscles are so tight that chiropractic measures don't hold. I'm going to keep stretching and get a therapeutic massage once a month if possible. Pec muscles are completely tight. Probably from always having to sleep on left side due to vertigo.

I haven't been able to take any pain meds. I stop breathing. After eating a lot of wheat product I stopped breathing the other night.

Since eating this way-basically no meat, dairy, oil,- I haven't choked. I choked all the time before. Have lost about 10 pounds and have much more energy. I still have much joint and feet pain and think I need to go back to cutting out wheat completely and see how that goes. Susan and I have so much fun making food.

Made quiche and cinnamon rolls for Amanda Carneal's wedding brunch. The girls slept over at Dianna's and she baked the rolls and warmed up the quiche and then called me and they all shouted their thanks.
Amanda and Scotty got married on the 18th on the Rainey lawn. It was hot and windy. The reception was in their open barn. Really nice.

Had a wonderful Father's Day time with Phil. Janelle and Micah came. We shared around the table the things we appreciate about Phil and then, surprising even himself, he asked us all to share with Micah a memory we have of his dad. It was an emotional time. Janelle said later that Micah really liked hearing new stories about his dad. He asks her for them and she has to tell the same stories again. Our kids played a game outside with Micah-volleyball in a circle. They all had things to do in the late afternoon. Phil and I played Apples to Apples with Janelle and Micah. I won. Micah almost did.

Found out that Jim and Debra are going to be grandparents for the first time. (Jordan and Dianah). Michelle is pregnant, Karalee is pregnant, my sister's two daughters are pregnant, my brother Abe's daughter, Kendra, is pregnant...I'm going to be a Great Aunt 3 times on both sides within the next 8 months! I loved my great aunts. I look like one of mine.

Been busy working outside mulching the gardens, weeding, watering, etc. We've gotten some good rain in the past few days. Susan has gotten straw down between all of her rows. She's working so hard. She spends time with her friends when she can and she works hard at home too.

Nathan is becoming his own little man. He knows what he wants and communicates well. We all just love him so much. Freeman is still working nights. He's used to seeing his daddy during the day now.

Had a meat crisis when the freezer door was left open. It lost it's sealing ability. Michael and Freeman helped me out by coming and getting meat. Freeman made some stew and soup and canned it. I canned a roast and 4 quarts of wild turkey. Made a huge pan of meatloaf and froze portions of it and cooked up the trout and froze it in bags for Phil's lunch and made some containers of meals with meat loaf or fish with pasta or rice and peas and corn for Phil's lunch as well.

Tonight we're going to babysit Nathan so his mom and dad can have a date night.

In the news, England voted to leave the EU.
WV is in a state of emergency with flooding and 14 deaths so far.
Trump is gaining favor with evangelicals. Some of them. Dobson says that Trump accepted Jesus.
I read what people write and wonder and think and wait.

Sunday-relaxing day. Spent an hour at the river until the flies started bothering me. Watched Bill W. with Phil-about the man who started AA. Watched some 'Murder She Wrote's' with Phil and Susan.

Friday, June 10, 2016

"Daughter", He Called Her.

Jesus called women, "Woman," when He addressed them.
Or, He called them by their first name, as in "Mary."

But one time, and it is recorded as the only time, He called a woman, "Daughter."

I've been thinking about this.

An important leader asked Jesus to come heal his daughter,
and on the way,
a desperate woman touched the hem of His garment
in the hopes of being healed,
and she was!

Jesus stopped everything
and sought out the one
who caused healing virtue to leave His body.

And He said to her, "Daughter, be happy.
Your faith has made you well."

When someone calls you "Daughter"
it makes you feel young.
Cared for.
Like you have a father.

I can imagine that this disease had robbed youthfulness from this precious woman.
And I believe that not only did He heal her body,
but He healed her mind and the way she perceived herself
by addressing her as "Daughter."

She was young again.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hertzler Doings~June 6-12, 2016

Mon.-Had a good day a home following my schedule of QT, walk, garden, old house, exercise, piano. Washed clothes and worked in my bedroom and got a corner of my desk organized.
Susan went out to Lynchburg to meet a friend for dinner. Had a good time.

Tues.-Phil scraped his car against some heavy equipment as he was backing out his lane. Poor guy. I was shocked to see it and called Phil this morning to see what had happened. Stuck with my schedule this morning. Nathan came in afternoon for a few hours while Alli and Freeman did some cleaning up at her GM's house, emptying a drysink. He is such a sharp little guy. Had gotten ahold of my phone without me knowing and had found the video of himself he wanted to watch and was watching it. You show him or tell him something one time and he gets it. We took several gator rides and he wanted to sit in the seat by himself and then he stood and held on and tried to see if he could balance without holding on. Janelle had given me a playdough set for him and he plays and plays with it. He asked for pop pop so I made him popcorn and he wants me to hold him while it pops. He also is going back and crawling up on the bench and playing the piano. He loves the wheelbarrow Janelle gave him and he tried pushing it through the grass but it got stuck because he wasn't lifting up the handles but when I showed him, he never got it stuck again. Susan went to the gym and then to get groceries and she made some of the food when she got back. We've been eating a plant based diet and I am not nearly as stiff and am starting to trim up a little. I have a long way to go but cutting out dairy, meat, and oils, is really helping.
Jessica is coming for breakfast around 6:40 in the morning and then Janelle and I are running errands in Farmville in the afternoon. Most importantly, we are going car shopping.
Then, Thursday, Alli, Nathan, and I, are meeting Lori K. and we're going to meet Bethany and Caed at Amazement Square. It's Lori's birthday. We're going to have lunch back at Bethany's.

Wed.-Janelle brought a Prius home to try it out. Kenny Spencer is a good sales man.

Thurs.-Had a great time at Amazement Square. Need to take Nathan back and let him play as long as he'd like in each area. His attention span is unusual for any age. Went back to Bethany's and visited. Sweet time. Lori will be moving before long and I am sad about that. Janelle bought the Prius.

Fri.-Today's highlight: Nathan spent the night! He slept in our bed with me and Phil slept in the guest room. He did really well. Claire came and the girls had fun on the pond in the boat.

Sat.-Nathan woke up cheerful. We took him to Freeman and Alli's around 8 and the whole family was there for a pancake breakfast. Claire too. It was really nice. We're going to aim to do this once a month. The girls watered plants and spent time at the river. I'm transplanting herbs and cleaning our bedroom and house. It's supposed to be in the 90's today. Phil and I went out to Farmville to go to Lowes, pick up a movie, and pick up take out. How much fun was that?!

Hertzler Doings~May 30-June 5, 2016

Another week gone by without me writing. How quickly I can lose a habit!
So what even happened ?
Well, I found out I am going to be a great aunt again! At least four times in the next year I will have that privilege.
We got lots of little quail and I stayed home from a quick trip to Pa (for Phil and Susan) so I could stir them up and try to keep them from squishing each other. We lost quite a few but still have just as many but it was sad to see their little stiff forms under the pile of clueless other balls of fluff.
Phil and Susan took in a greenhouse, stopped in to see the Horans, Mostellers, and I was thinking someone else. Susie, his cousin, was in from Kansas with her new husband, Lee. Her first husband, Danny, had passed away with cancer over ten years ago, I think.
They had a great time with the family and Jonathan had to be told to let Susan go when it was time for them to leave.
Earlier in the week, Susan had planted 150 sweet potato plants and more peppers, tomatoes, and squash plants.
Philip went catfishing with Tommy T.

Earlier in the week I went out to have breakfast with Jessica and her neighbor, Miss Pearlie. That was such a treat. Oh, the same day, Janelle showed me how to hook up with a card company online. I posted pictures and wrote words and the company rejected all six. Janelle couldn't believe it. Told me to try again the next morning and get another person but I've run out of time. Busy with the outside, old house, and trying to declutter my bedroom.
Got my own sermon on Sunday. Live TODAY. LIVE today. So good.

I stayed home from church to take care of the quail and also missed a bridal shower but I had been overly tired all weekend and I just rested most of the days. Found out Janelle felt the same way and we both were comforted by that.

Betty G. came over Sunday eve. and we had a nice time visiting for several hours and Phil and Susan got home and he had someone with whom to talk politics. They both think about things a lot. I try to avoid thinking about things that scare me.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hertzler Doings~May 23-May 29, 2016

Been a busy week. Didn't take the time to write because the internet is sometimes working and sometimes not. Summer finally hit and we turned the air on but the third day in, our AC is not working. Had some time with Janelle and Helen at the homeschool curriculum sale yesterday. Janelle did better than the rest of us combined. I sold something but then spent that much.
Philip has been working on grading his property. Freeman and Alli spread mulch on their yard. Susan's been mowing and working in her garden. Had some friends over for a fire down at the river. Michael and Jessica went to Va Beach and stayed with some friends over there and visited another. Phil's been busy in the fields.
Got to see Nathan a lot this week. He is so precious. He and I took Susan over to Happy Valley so she could jog and when she got up to run he said, "Susan, sit!"
So she did and then got out later.
Everything is beautiful and green.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hertzler Doings~May 16-22, 2016

Internet issues. Finally have some Friday, the 20th.

This weeks highlights:
Went to Short Pump with some fun ladies I know from New Life. Had a wonderful supper at Longhorn Steak House. Great conversation.
Saw Nathan and Alli more since Freeman is sleeping during the day.
Every time I am with him, nothing else matters. He's learning to play piano all on his own and knows how to operate my phone to find the video of himself that he likes. He'll be 2 soon.
Susan got to go to the shore with Claire's family for several days.
Davi got lost but our neighbor found her after 20 hours of lostness.
Rosalee's son, Abie, has been in heaven for 7 years-May 20.
Sat., I may go to Lavender Farms to hear friend Jeanne speak on gardening and then to Michelle Meadows wedding in the afternoon. Brother David's 53rd birthday is Saturday too.

Not sure if I'll have internet again for awhile so that's my quick catch up. It's been raining a lot and today is happier so maybe that's why I have internet.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~May 9-15, 2016

Mon.-Thurs.-Been having trouble with our internet and am thankful for the window of opportunity to write here. Celebrated a birthday on Tuesday. I turned 58 and was born in 1958. I heard from all of my siblings, which was so nice. Been working on the raised beds. Planted herbs and Susan planted lots of seeds to transplant when they are big enough plants. Yesterday, she and Claire planted all kinds of heirloom tomato plants we picked up for a dollar each at the Community Market at CCA on Tuesday. It's been raining for so many days. Phil got 20 acres of corn planted plus our sweet corn planted as well. Nathan and Alli came over yesterday and she made some sofa pillow covers for both of us. When Nathan came in the house, he pointed above the TV and went on about how the picture that belongs there wasn't there anymore, so I took him to the dining room and showed him where I hung it and then he was fine. He was so tired and I took him for a gator ride but he was so interested in the tree tops and birds, etc. that he would even snap his head back to keep looking at them. I don't know if I'll get to write again this week due to the internet. Tonight, my friend Judy is coming out to see the new addition and to have supper with me. Tomorrow eve, Jessica and I have a catch up dinner night planned. Last night, I went to the Bible Study up at Walkers. There were 18 women there. I really like that it's 2 miles away and I'm home by 8:15. I get to spend time with Minkey there, and that's an added benefit. Right now, I'm watching a downy wood pecker sneaking around the trunk of our walnut tree.

Fri-Sun.-Life goes on...without the internet.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hertzler Doings~May 2-8, 2016

Mon.-Busy day. Cleaning up bedroom over there, Susan moving into it, Jenna here helping, Susan working in garden, etc. I did wash and helped Susan a little and met Lisa H. at Granny B's. Dear Deep Friend. DDF. Went shopping at Walmart and got some stuff to help with the mancave organization and clean up. Philip and Phil cleaned and froze fish in the eve.

Internet has been down so I'm writing here a week and a half later.

Wed.-Got my hair trimmed while Janelle watched. I took her out to get her car fixed. We like going out like this to Farmville together once in awhile.
Thurs.- Went to Dr. Harvey and finally, successfully, got a mold taken for the crown that needs to go on my implant.
 Went out with Phil Friday eve. to see Madi Stoltzfus in the play Cinderella at LCA. So good. And she's such a dear. Sat in 2nd row.
 Went to Chai Time on Saturday and skipped the heart of Va. Felt like I needed to catch up on stuff at home.

On Sunday, everyone came here around 4 for Mother's Day and to celebrate Alli's and my birthdays. Freeman deep fried tilapia fillets, fries, and turkey nuggets. We had oven fries as well plus salad, chocolate cupcakes, and the daisy cake from the Mennonite cookbook my mother would make me for my birthday. I took it out of the oven, smelled my mother, and had to cry for a little bit. I am really missing her.

Davi enjoys jumping in the air and attacking the bubbles we blow from the wand. Nathan giggles and giggles while he watches her and keeps a distance since he found that she doesn't see him and knocks him over or even bites a bubble if it's on his hand.

It was the best Mother's Day ever.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 25-May 1, 2016

Mon.-Busy relaxing day at home finally starting to get back into the schedule of things. A friend of Susan's passed away today. Michael W. We are sad for his family. He was too young to die.

Tues.-Naomi called today. I miss her so much. I got some things done today and enjoyed riding around the gator several times. First, I went with Phil to watch him get watercress. It's actually a little too bitter to eat. But it was a fun little date in the middle of the day. We drove around and looked for tea in the meadow too. The meadow is yellow with buttercups. Susan mowed over at Happy Valley. No one sees it. I said I'd go over and take pictures and send them to Kathy. On the way back, I decided to go up the trail and look for Phil's phone he lost a long time ago. I felt I should go around to the right. When I did, and rounded the corner, I came upon a field of crimson clover, alive with buzzing bees and flitting butterflies. The sun was hitting the flowers just right and it looked like a living field of rubies. I was overwhelmed with the beauty and the gift from God. When I came back, I took Phil over, and he was blessed too. Philip had planted crimson clover for the deer to feast on. It will be gone long before hunting season but meanwhile, they have something to eat. So will the bear. Bears?
Phil is doing a bit better. Still coughs a lot. But he went out to Bedford and Lynchburg for a few hours. I called Kathy and we caught up a little. She had knee surgery and she and Tom are taking it easy. I want to drop everything and go be with them for a week.

Wed.-Went out to Farmville to help Jessica set up their house. I stayed until after lunch and then she worked a miracle and turned their house into a home. Ran errands. Chiropractor, Goodwill, Belk, Church, etc. Got to visit with dear Judy awhile. I love her. Phil called and said someone was here so I skipped Walmart and stopped quickly at the trading Post where a woman shared her testimony of a life of abuse and heartache, attempted suicide, and how God wrapped His arms around her and kept her alive and gave her grace to not only forgive a terrible person but to take care of them in their last years on earth. It was amazing, really. Got home to see somebody briefly, who is remaining a secret at this point due to reasons of surprise and then they went with Phil up to see Freeman and Alli and Nathan and later went out to be with Michael and Jessica. Minkey invited Alli and I up to Walkers Presbyterian for a Women's Bible Study. 15 women were there. Second time having it. Studying Max Lucado's book-Next Door Savior. I really enjoyed it. 6:30-8. So doable. And I don't have to drive home in the dark. And it's only 2 miles away.

Thurs.-It rained during the night and it's cooler. Our guest had breakfast with us and then left. Susan left to go to Richmond with Julie and Jenna, who spent the night last night, left for classes. I went out to the dentist to get a panoramic xray of my teeth. Also went to Salvation Army. The Old Rugged Cross was playing on the radio and the store manager, Karen, and a man who came in to shop, were both singing it too. It's been a week of wonderful God revelations-what with the beautiful field of gold (buttercups), the breathtaking hill of rubies (red clover), the testimony of the women who came back from the brink of death and despair, the Old Rugged Cross duet in Salvation Army, the many times today I heard myself being called, 'Honey, Dear, Sweetie,' today, visiting with the shop ladies at B & L and Country Charm...well, it was a good day. I was moving slow. Phil went to the Dr. yesterday and got put on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. He's feeling slow too. It's okay. We're being slow together. Oh, I bought 13 quarts of strawberries. Alli is getting about half of them to make jam. I made strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream tonight for supper. After we had dessert, I made delicious burgers with our beef with little slider rolls, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion also, for me. Got to visit with Philip a little bit. I miss my kids! I found a book on Amazon about Speaking Spanglish on the Construction Site. Only it said it better than that. Phil ordered it because they work with Spanish speaking people. I'm about to take a hot bath and crawl between clean sheets.

Fri.-Froze 5 quart whole strawberries, planted herbs, tomatoes, and lettuce into containers and put on front porch, and made enough egg salad for 50 people. Had some good times with Suz. We watched Inception (again) and I finally got it but never ask me to explain it.

Sat.-Went to MWalker's funeral this morning. Church was full of people who loved him. Susan went to Jenna's afterwards and Phil and I went to Cumberland to pick up sweet corn seed at Hertzler's. Phil and Philip missed Christi's wedding at 4:30 due to a cow having birthing trouble. Philip stopped in to see Christi after the wedding and it meant a lot to Shirley that he came. Phil, Philip, and Freeman then headed up to Pa for trout fishing. Alli and I spent the evening together. I made icing with Nathan for her delicious homemade cake. We kind of watched 'Cars 2', She gave me supper and the cake was amazing. Michael and Jessica cleaned the bedroom and mancave and went out on a date in the eve with a gift card to Appleby's.

Sun.-Alli and Nathan picked me up for church. Michael and Jessica, Susan, Alli, and Nathan, and Tommy T. were here for pizza and a movie in the afternoon. Jenna came later and spent the night. She is so dear. Phil and the guys got home around 8. Thunderstorms during the night.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 18-24, 2016

Mon.-We walked up to Asbury for pastries and coffee and then up to the boardwalk to find a woven blanket for Rosa and then back to our place. We cleaned and washed the sheets and towels and packed the car. We went to Crab Trap for a late lunch and ran into Philly traffic on the way back. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts in Morgantown for a decaf caramel coffee latte cold. After saying goodbye to Rosa, Naomi and I headed the Flower Warehouse. I found the crocheted top I've been looking for all year. Mabe treated us to supper at Summerfield Farms. Went to bed early.

Tues.-Had a nice morning visiting with Mabe and Naomi with our coffee. Said goodbye to my dear friends and went towards Morgantown. Stopped at BB's and loaded up on mayonnaise and salsa, etc. Went with Karen and Jonathan to pick up her order at an Amish store. It was so good to see them and Jonathan helped me shop with his little cart and put some things in that he wanted. Karen says he has me wrapped around his little finger and I said, 'Just once in awhile, whenever I see him.' Something like that. Had lunch with Mom and Dad and looked through old pictures and took pictures of some old pictures. Left there around 2 and headed to Diane H's. Caleb's girl came over to meet me. She's sweet. Diane took me out to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Came home and took a hot Jacuzzi bath. Slept well.

Wed.-Had coffee with Di and Zach and left around 11. It is hard to leave her. We see each other once or twice a year and don't communicate much in between but it seems to work for us. I stopped at Cabela's and used some points to buy camo lounge pants for Suz. I drank coke this time. It seems to help me stay awake. I had a scary half hour as I drove through Luray. There was thick smoke hanging over the mountains and the road and it was a sunny day but there was no sun. I called Phil and asked him to check into it and as soon as I got to Harrisonburg and out of the smoke, I stopped at a Sheetz. They told me that a wildfire has been burning out of control in the Shenandoah State Park and 5-6,000 acres were already burned. No structures so far have burned and no one hurt. There are 15 fires burning in Va. at this time. Got home around 8. Phil helped me unload. A hot Epsom salt bath never felt so good.

Thurs.-Unpacked. Washed clothes. caught up with Susan. Alli took me to the dentist since I had to be be drugged. Slept all day...

Fri.-and all night until 7 this morning. Phil slept on chair. He is coughing and has flulike symptoms. Running a fever. I am running a fever too-99.6. Rested most of the day. Alli and N came for a visit. We blew bubbles on the front porch out into the lawn and Davi did her best to attack them all even if it meant she rammed herself up against the house. N giggled and giggled. He sat on my lap and didn't want to leave. We missed each other terribly. :)

Sat.-Went out to Farmville with Alli and N and stopped at the bank, the yard sale at NL, and the Farmer's Market. N does not like bluegrass music. He held his ears while the band played at the market and he had a little scowl on his face. Decided to just rest with Phil in the afternoon.

Sun.-Something really good happened at church today. I think it's called unity. It was wonderful. Michael and Jessica were back from their honeymoon. So good to see them. They came over later and visited and told us about their Chattanooga adventures and later went fishing. Philip and some of their other friends came over in the eve and they went to the river to roast hot dogs and smores.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 11-17, 2018

Mon.-Another busy day. Went out to town to clean up after the wedding and almost everything but my dutch ovens soaking was already cleaned up! I found lots of pork over in the youth fridge and Lindsay and Susan packaged that up at home and froze it. Ran other errands out in town and then the Bantons came over for lunch and the afternoon and we had a great time. I made a cake for Claire E. and took the girl's on a gator ride and ended up at the river for awhile. They love it down there. As always, they are all so wonderful to be with and the time sped by too quickly. Around 6, our whole family went over to Happy Valley and had supper with the Shippey's. Kelly made roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, pork loin, chicken, salad, and brownies with ice cream. First though, she made an artichoke spinach dip. I remember the recipe. 1 cup each of mayo, sour cream, and parmesean cheese, and mozarello cheese.. Mix with one can each of artichokes and spinach. Add salt and pepper and 1 T. herb seasoning. Bake at 350 for 20 min. Serve with little slices of soft French bread. I was full before we started the main course.

Tues.-Claire and Susan spent the night in the mancave bedroom. They went down to the river in the dark last night and got a little spooked by the branches cracking around them. Went down again today. The river is our happy place and the bugs aren't bad right now. Last year the little 'bee's were tormenting me so much I spent little time down there during the summer. The bluebells are still pretty but will be gone in a few days. Haven't heard from the honeymooners. No news is good news. And I don't expect to hear from them.

(It's April 25th and I am going to try to catch up on blog today.)

I packed for a week in Pa and the shore. Shippey's had us over with the rest of the family. She made chicken, pork loin, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and hot caramel and chocolate syrup salted caramel ice cream with warm brownies.

Wed.-Met Bantons at the Food Lion in Dillwyn and Lindsay rode with me until we reached a Starbucks in Harrisonburg. Enjoyed coffee and snuggles with Adi. It was hard for me to say good-bye. Had a hard time staying awake this trip. Pulled off and slept in a store parking lot and went shopping at the thrift store when I woke up. Stopped at Glenwood Foods before arriving at Rosalee's around 3:30. Had such a nice visit with her. Jim brought Benji, Mother's cat, all wrapped up in a blanket and I held him for a long time. Rosalee served a delicious supper on Mother's dishes. (turkey sausage, brown butter noodles, peas, salad, applesauce, applepie filling cake and ice cream.) Katrina and Annika are both expecting. Found out Abie's and Karen's Kendra is too. Christmas should be really exciting this year. Nathan will be the oldest little cousin. Went to Naomi's by 7:30 and settled to bed early. I always sleep well at Naomi's.

Thurs.-Rosa met us and we went over to ? Oh, I forget the name. Summerfield Farms? We bought breakfast sandwiches and saw Tom Berg there. His baby girl is getting married. I've always had a special place in my heart that holds her dear because I was there at her birth. We headed towards Atlantic City and went shopping at the outlets because the owners of the beach house doing some work on it. We found things at Dress Barn, Ann Loft, and Van Huesen, and ate at our Mexican Restaurant. We came back to OC and got settled n our rooms and then walked the boardwalk from beginning to end. We ordered pizza and asked for it to be delivered and it got to our place before we did. We watched 'Shall We Dance?' and got to bed early. Woke up and fell back to sleep again. I feel like I could sleep all day.

Friday-Lazy morning. Walked up and shopped on Asbury. Got our pastry at the bakery. We had a lot of packages and asked Bev where she was and didn't she pull up just as we were coming out of a store. She brought lunch and we went to the beach and walked on the boardwalk. We ordered in Chinese and watched 'The Intern.' This is new for us this year. The ordering in. And we love it. We want to be hunkered down at night watching a movie in our PJ's instead of dressing up and going out to a nice restaurant. Again, we packed far more clothes than we needed. Plus bought some more. Someday we'll learn.

Sat.-Note I copied from face book.  For Aluminum removal from body eat coconut oil and drink Fuji mineral water-1 liter per day for 5 days in one hour. Did I copy that right? We had a leisurely breakfast of Naomi's yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, Cinnamon rolls that Bev brought from Shady Maple, and coffee. We walked up to Asbury and watched The Doo Dah parade. 500 beagles with their owners plus other parade like things-bands, etc. Shopped and found Christmas gifts for the girls and right now gifts of jewelry from Ta-dah. Got another fresh pastry from the bakery. Came back to house and rested and watched another movie and got dressed to go out to the Melting Pot that night. It was interesting. And funny. Rosa kept sighing and saying, "There's so much meat." Later, we found out that Naomi had slipped 5 pieces of her meat over to Rosa's plate. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. A lady came in and caused some problems at the front desk just as we were leaving. One of the girls at the desk called 911 or security. Bev herded us out the door in the wrong direction down the street. It was a little scary. I wonder if the lady is homeless and what happened to her to make her lose her mind. We came home and watched 'Nantucket'-a Moby Dick story. Very good, as was The Intern for the most part. I won't mention that movie that had us in tears about best friends and one dying of cancer.

Sun.-Naomi and I walked the board walk. I found a soft blue sweatshirt for Susan and a life guard hoodie for N. We ate the best pizza in the world made by several generations of an Italian family. Also got a Kohl's orange cream and vanilla twist ice cream. Oh, and a licorice pipe in honor of my dad. It always embarrasses Naomi a little when I act like it's a real pipe as we stroll down the boardwalk. It can't be as embarrassing as the tail of toilet paper that trailed down my backside for half of the stroll down the boardwalk. Oh, this year we started a journal. Now we're trying to remember the past 20 years of crazy things that happened. That being one of them.
Came back and Bev and Rosa joined us all bundled up on the beach for several hours. Ordered out at an Italian Restaurant. Watched another movie. Then Bev had to leave. But she was rested and happy. Watched the Proposal on TV and went to bed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 4-10, 2016

Mon.-Wedding week! Went out to town and ran errands and planned a spontaneous married women with Jessica dinner at La Parota. There were 8 of us around the table and a friend dropped in and she got fun gifts and we gave her good wise fun advice. 60 degrees when I went to bed.

Tues.-Freeze warning. Hoping our friends in Pa don't lose their fruit tree blossoms to this cold. Guys working around here today after putting in long days at a baby formula plant.
Susan helped Tommy T. and Jessica make 600 mini cupcakes tonight.

Wed.-Busy doing things to get ready for the weekend.

Thursday-Such a downpour of rain. So glad we changed the venue from Happy Valley to the church.

Fri-Sun.-Wedding Weekend! What a wonderful time! I'll try to catch up later.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hertzler Doings~March 29-April 3, 2016

Mon.-Had a pleasant day in town. Shopping. Time with Jessica. Highlights? Found her wedding shoes-cowboy boots at Tractor Supply where she received a wedding blessing from the cashier. Seeing their little love nest in town and meeting her neighbor who knows nothing about anything and she is in her 80's and said, "I'll be a mother to you." And earlier, we both got to hold Baby Sterling H. at Greenfront. He is a week old and his mom was celebrating her birthday with her hubby and older son. Well, he's 5. Visited Judy with Jessica and we gave her some sewing work and laughed so loudly about things that Jessica invited us to her bachelorette party. But I don't want to embarrass Susan.

Tues.-Worked around the house and went to retrieve my jean shirt from Helen. I left it there Sunday.Took a picture of her tulips with Tommy's old truck behind them and people on facebook seemed to really love that photo.

Wed.-Got so much done today. Cleaned entryway and bathroom, worked in gardens, took N for a walk over at OBriens and took pics of redbuds and put him to sleep, cleaned up porches, made burgers, got Phil's wedding shirt ready, washed Kathy L's bedding since Mice were playing in there, cleaned up the dining room, vacuumed, etc. It's such a beautiful day. Susan cleaned her room and is finished cleaning the old house at HV and is mowing. Michael is getting off work early and will take care of the Redhot flat tire. I still need to do my stretches, put away the eggs, finish the wash, etc. Tomorrow I need to go to look for the outfit I need for the wedding since the one I ordered from the lady might not come in!

Thurs.-Met Betty G. at the mall in Lynchburg to return her books and she went shopping with me and we found my black flowy pants for the wedding at Christopher Banks!!!! We spent more time together later, at Zoe's kitchen and Fresh Market. I went to a consignment shop right down the road and then headed home and picked up the red hot tire and got some pizzas to make for the guys suppers on their way home from 12 hour work days. Crashed in the eve and watched a Monk with Phil.

Friday-Sunday-Busy, busy. Sunday afternoon we had some time down at the river loving bluebells and Nathan's giggling over the dogs in the water and his love of the sound of rocks plunking in the river. Freeman and Susan practiced their song for the wedding. Later, Susan went over to have supper with Philip and Jessica and Michael made quick tea donuts. We had popcorn and a movie when Philip and Susan came over. Nathan had gotten pretty wet in the river so they went home earlier. Such a nice day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hertzler Doings~March 21-27, 2016

Mon.-Feeling much better.  Still have residual cough but no achiness and fever.  Worked and rested all day. Susan is enjoying the shore with her friends. I hope she can go to the shore with these friends the rest of her life. One of them has a grandmother with a beach house and they are down there with her now. They help her clean it at the beginning of the season and then enjoy their free time together. Phil worked on getting ready for the week after he got home. They are starting a new job with many restrictions. And they have an hours drive both ways. They wanted them to work seven 12 hour days but Phil told them they won't work Sunday's. So, it should be about 2 weeks of early morning until late at night. 6-8. Overtime pay is the reward. MJ signed rental lease on a house. Book Club is reading Ragamuffin Gospel. So, so good.

Tues.-Today I went to Farmville and had lunch at Judy's. She ordered in wings and fries from Pizza Hut and had them delivered. Her daughter in law, Crystal, was there. I've always enjoyed being with her. We had a really nice time. After that I went to see Dr. Travis. He worked me over and got some ribs back in place. I had a coughing fit that put some of them out of place. Then I went to the accountants and got some things notarized, then to the PO to mail those things and to the dry cleaners to pick up the Phil's suit for the wedding, then to Jessica's work to give her a hug, then to Pairets where I bought 2 plain soft tshirts, then to Walmart and then home, glory be. Oh, on my way to town I stopped in to drop some things off at Janelles and got to see her new spelling cards for Micah. They are really great. I gave the info to Judy for Sammy Jo. I put the groceries away and then went to be with Nathan a little. We took a stroll over to OBrien's and he wasn't supposed to take a nap because it was late in the day but I couldn't keep him awake. I turned around and came back and we woke him up and he wasn't happy with us but then I played hide and seek with him and was having a hard time breathing he gave me such a cardio workout and he is completely knowledgeable about the game now so it's hard to pull one over on him. He wasn't happy when I left after about an hour. Came home and took care of the chickens, trash, garbage, and supper. Talked to Judy some more too. What a dear friend to all of our family. Phil got home around 8 and then had to go to Farmville to pick up some things from Lowes from work tomorrow. He said the day went well. He looks tired.
I am so thankful to be feeling better. Fever free and I can move more freely and don't cough so much.

Wed.-Had a long great day shopping in Lynchburg with Jessica. Went to pick up my pants but the lady texted me and said they hadn't come in yet.  First we went to Peebles and used Lori's 40 and 50 % off coupons on things already on sale. Then we went to see Lori and Bethany and Caed and Caed went right to Jessica and liked her. Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory. Then to Lifeway where we got a cake topper and Bible. Then to Michaels where we got more wedding things and ACMoore, Kohls, Rue 21, back to Lifeway where we went Michael and then over to Sam's Club where we got the dry goods for the wedding. Jessica and Michael went their own way and I went to the mall and found the shirt I wanted two weeks ago. It was hanging right where I hid it in plain sight. Then I went to Peebles on the way home and got the shoes that I thought about all day. Stopped in at Evergreen and got some boxes for them to use to pack and came home shortly before Phil. What a day. I found 3 things for Nathan's Easter gift. A little vest that I got for under 4 bucks at Peebles, a Veggie Tale Easter Story, and a huge ball that looks like a tennis ball. The moon is unusually beautiful tonight.

Thursday-Had a wonderful day with Nathan and then with Alli also, down at the river and back up at the house. Nathan played in the sand and threw stones in the river for 2 hours and he didn't want to leave.

Fri.-Did some cooking for Easter and had Nathan while Alli cleaned over at Happy Valley. Susan came home yesterday from the shore but had to work. Tonight she was able to come home and we watched a movie she redboxed about the guys who climbed Mt. Everest. Some returned. Some remain. None of us could understand why someone would do something like climb a mountain that could conquer you. I understand as far as empathizing with someone who wants to do it but I don't understand personally. It's not a mountain I want to climb.

Sat.-Finished up food for tomorrow and cleaned the house I think.

Sun-Wonderful Easter Sunrise service and breakfast at Walkers Presbyterian. Then great service at church and then went to Tom and Helen's for a pleasant afternoon. Nathan and Levi played so well together and one time, I was holding them both. We took pictures of the grandpas-Tom and Phil; their children, Freeman and Michelle, and Nathan and Levi. Altogether. Sang a little too but were I ate too much to sing with gusto. Watched Zorro in the eve with Phil and Susan.