Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Jan. 25-Jan. 31, 2016

Well, here it is, Thursday eve. already, and I haven't written anything all week.
Life went back to semi normal yesterday. Jessica left to go to work after being here since Thursday night. Susan went back to work. Which means that our lane is good to go with the higher temps. It's not really been safe to go out before.
I helped Phil take his truck out to Farmville Tuesday night so I knew we could get out on Wed. Janelle went with me and we hit the town yesterday. We were out for 5 hours, ending our errands at Food Lion. Micah was ready for her to get home.
We had a nice week of being snowed in and never once did we get tired of Jessica nor did she get weary of us, as far as I know. She is such a dear sister to Susan and they giggle and talk. Michael has played games and watched movies and been with Susan as much as possible because he is very aware that she will be leaving for Puerto Rico for a month and soon afterwards, he will get married and things will never quite be the same as they are now.
I got into one of my laughing fits again and Susan recorded it. I don't think Michael had ever seen me like that. It was after a Julia Roberts movie and funny thing is, it happened another time after a different Julia Roberts movie. Oh well.
I finished the fast early because it started to snow so I started to eat and I think I may have gained everything back that I lost. Which is ridiculous and utterly human.
Nathan and Alli came over today and I made him Kool Aid playdough and he had the time of his life with it. I also started to read a book by Peter Scazzero-'The Emotionally Healthy Leader. It's so good. And hard. But good. But I forgot about it while Nathan was here because just being around him makes me the healthiest emotional person around. He is just a joy. That little darling boy.
Tomorrow, I hope to catch up some more in the house. Today I vacuumed and made quiche, red beet eggs, pumpkin ice cream with gingersnaps and put together some ice cream sandwiches. I vacuumed the floors and cleaned one of the bathrooms.

Here it is, Tuesday of next week, and I'm finally getting to writing. Highlight was Sunday afternoon with the family. We went around and shared with Susan what we love and appreciate about her. Phil prayed for her and we had a nice supper of taco salad and homemade ice cream sandwiches and pumpkin ice cream parfait with gingersnaps. They played the Farming Game and colored. Freeman colored a neat buck. I asked him to draw me a picture of the inside of a log cabin so I could hang it in our dining room. Freeman was in Va. Beach Friday and Sat helping with a youth Encounter. It was really a nice weekend/Sunday. I love my family and I like them too. Nathan was great fun as usual. He's starting to say words. He saw my big stainless steel bowl and said, "Pop-pop." He loves popcorn.
Susan and Jessica stayed up late and watched a movie.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Jan. 18-24, 2016

Mon.-Alli called. The Justin Weaver family had contacted her via facebook asking for a magic eraser. One of their children had decorated the wall of the house they were staying with a crayon. I ran one over and got to see them. The crayon came up quickly. I dropped off the portacrib at Alli's and visited Nathan a little. Today's a stay at home clean up the house do wash kind of day.

Tues.-Thurs.-Busy getting ready for Big Snow on Friday. Walmart and Kroger were crazy but Nathan was really snuggly while I was watching him beforehand so I could handle the madness. Went to the dentist on Thursday to get a permanent crown. Alli called and said her dad had an accident with fire and his left hand was badly burned as well as his right hand and face. The doctor was amazed he didn't lose his eyesight. They sent him home after cleaning the hand and seeing that the swelling had gone down passed the danger point. Thank you God. Susan is at work and may spend the night at a friends. We could get 2 feet of snow. I keep praying for safety. VA had 468 accidents reported last eve with just the dusting of snow. One fatality in Bedford. That's right where the guys have been working this week. I've been making food and doing all the wash and filling the coolers with water. I bought another bird feeder and filled it with sunflower seeds. The chickens and the dog buckets are filled with food. Philip went to buy supplies for his house so he can work on it while snowed in. He's racing to get the downstairs done so people can stay there when it's wedding time April 9th. Michael and Jessica sent out a Facebook invitation to keep down costs and we'll send out invitations to others later. So, Karen and Linda, if you are reading this, please save the date!

Fri.-It started snowing soon after 8 this morning. Phil called Mom and Dad and we talked with them for awhile. Susan came home at midnight last night and Jess spent the night so we are all snowed in here. We got about 5 inches and now, it is nearly 12 hours later, and there is freezing rain with wind. I am filling up a tub for a bath and am hoping it fills up before we lose power and I hope we don't lose power at all, of course. Jess and I worked in the kitchen organizing the pantry and corner cupboard for several hours. Susan worked on her taxes and took a nap or two. Michael worked on his computer and also cleaned the mancave. I made some potato soup and homemade bread and the Farm Show Grand Champion Whoopie Pies. I have no trouble believing they got a blue ribbon. He used butter instead of shortening for both the cake and the icing and he used buttermilk instead of soda water for the batter. Phil has been going through his emails and reading and tonight we watched 'Little Men' while Michael and Susan played The Farming Game and Jessica colored a  kitchen scene at the table while they played. It's been a good day. I'm hoping along with everyone else that power stays on.

Sat.-Wonderful snow day making food, playing games, watching movies.

Sun.-Total of 10-12 inches. Took early morning pictures of the setting moon and rising sun. Had wonderful family church at home. New Life was cancelled and we couldn't have gotten out if it wasn't. Philip drove over and walked down the lane to join us for a few hours and then later plowed out our lane. When he went to leave on his truck, he almost didn't make it twice. Phil told us all not to go anywhere unless we had to tomorrow. I miss Nathan. I posted a little picture of him on face book with a little homemade poem-"Snow, snow, go away; Grandma misses Nathan Ray." Today was another day of eating, playing games, and watching movies. I am so relaxed and fat.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Jan. 11-17, 2016

Mon.-Took Susan to Dr. this morning and I got groceries while she was in office. She has a severe sore throat and her ears hurt. Was put on a z-pack and slept most of the day. I made a roast and pureed vegetable soup. Made Susan some fruit smoothie with probiotic in it morn and eve. Michael watched a Murder She Wrote with us in the eve. and made Susan some homemade cough syrup with honey and essential oils. It's really comforting to the throat and opens up the sinuses. Phil had to go to Richmond twice today because they gave him the wrong size lumber for Dave. The guys worked at Dillwyn and then came back here to work as well. I mended the 'new' comforter I got at Goodwill. It's so pretty but it came apart at some of the seams when I washed it.

Tues.-Today, Jessica got her dress at Church Street Bridal in Lynchburg. It was a Clinefield or something like that, brand new, for a fraction of the cost. It was fun to be with her mom and six sisters and her roommate, Taylor. The dress she said yes to was the first dress she and her mom picked out and the first one she tried on. We had a great time. I was sorry that Susan was too sick to come.
In the morning, our water heater broke, and I had to take everything out of our bedroom closet. It was a mess when I got home. Phil was getting parts to fix it when I got back. I moved stuff around so we could walk to our bed and took everything off the bed so we could sleep.

Wed.-Worked on organizing the closet and throwing things away, giving things away, storing and organizing what was left. I'm ready to go to the shore. Or, maybe, I feel that way because I just talked with Naomi about going in April. Susan went to work. She didn't have much of a voice. But she's feeling a bit better. Michael and Jessica went to youth.

Thurs.-I can't remember what happened today. Am writing this on Monday the 18th.

Fri.-Went out to Farmville with Janelle in eve. to attend a Farmville Women's Leadership Meeting. Discussed the book 'Better Than Before' by Gretchen Rubin. I really enjoyed being with these ladies and spending time with Janelle.

Sat.-Went out to New Life for 1:00 Memorial service for Arleen Liotta. It was great to see old New Life. We are still a family when it is all said and done. Ran some errands and visited Judy before coming home.

Sun.-Church. Out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. Nathan came over and delighted us with his presence. Philip had Michael, Jess, and Susan over. Made them toasted cheese sandwiches with tomato soup after he made homemade bread. Phil and I watched AD in eve. and then a Monk with Susan.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Jan. 4-10, 2016

Mon.-First Day of Daniel Fast. Terrible headache by eve. Went out to Appomattox in morning and got my temporary crown put back in. It was snowing like crazy. Went to the Post Office to send Downton Abbey back to Naomi-we caught up on the phone this morning on my walkabout. Went to Walmart, Kroger, and Tractor Supply. Susan had cleaned up the house and cooked while I was gone. She went in to work around 3. I did some wash and tidying up and took some pictures of the sunset. It never gets old-His artwork. The video Jessica posted of me eating enough ice cream to last me for 21 days has probably hit about 100 likes on face book. I'm not quite as embarrassed as I was at first. I made a huge pot of vegetable soup. It needs something. Probably beef. Not getting it this time. I had this thought the other week about birds. If we act like an ostrich with it's head in the sand-"Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you" kind of thing, then we are destined for 'government by emergency' and look like chickens with their heads chopped off. 'I didn't see that comin'' sort of thing. Which always leads to death. Disaster. Chaos. Circling Vultures. And I'm sad about that.

Tues.-Susan and I spent the day Goodwilling in Lynchburg. Found some great buys, especially for Susan's trip to Puerto Rico.

Wed.-Took Jenny M. to Charlottesville. She was fitted for a boot for her broken foot. Joined Phil at church in the eve. for the family anointing service. I love our church and it's people. So happy and excited I could barely sleep.

Thurs.-Had a short morning with Susan before she went to work. Nathan and Alli and Jessica were here at different times and it was a sweet day. Jessica and I rode the gator out to get the mail. We wrapped Nathan in a blanket and he'd tuck his little face in under the covers and snuggle to keep protected from the cold wind. It was a balmy 40 here today but the gator wind chill made it colder. Our chocolate covered fruit arrived from the Lucas's last evening. I'm eating fruits and vegetables for awhile. It's good chocolate comes from the cocoa bean. Michael came home from work early and joined Jessica here. We watched some I Love Lucy in the eve before J went to clean P's house and Michael made another batch of soap and I took a book to the bathtub.

Fri.-Today I decluttered and deep cleaned the laundry room. It is #1 declutter. #2-next week, will be the kitchen. I think I'd better get started tomorrow. Phil and I watched some Longmire in the eve. He and the guys got back from NC this afternoon after working there yesterday and spending the night.

Sat.-Cleaned house and Phil put up pictures in the new dining room. Watched Jessica's gift to Phil in eve. AD. Enjoying it.

Sun.-Wonderful church service. Church full. Good to have the college students back. Pastor Bill preached on entering the rest of God. Murmuring and complaining keep us from entering His rest. Had lunch at home with Phil. Alli and Freeman went to see Star Wars 4 and we had a blast with Nathan. His language skills have taken a whole different tune/turn and it's so much fun to hear him say 'tractor' and 'stick.' Michael and Jessica visited awhile and Erin West came over for a few hours. Sheri Koenig stopped in to drop off Michael's calligraphy book and to pick up another book from Phil. (Wheel of Time series.) Susan came home right before Freeman and Alli got back. She and I watched a Murder She Wrote and hit the sack early.