Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hertzler Doings~May 26-June 1, 2014

Mon-Happy Memorial Day. Guys went to work. Susan and I went to the gym. Well, she went to the gym, and I ran errands and stopped in to see Judy. Then I picked up Susan and we came back to Judy's again for Susan to change for softball. She caught an outfield ball. Just kept running forward with her glove held out. Always a good time.

Tues.-Went to Meg Davis' funeral in Appomattox. Dear old friend from CCA. 53 years old. She always treated my kids like they were the most important people on the earth. And she and I got into some trouble for talking about things a little too loudly. Once, Susan put a staple into her finger. Teri, the secretary, tried to get it out. Meg said, "If I had some vodka, I'd give it to you." Teri said, "Meg!" Meg said, "Well, I would!" Meg fell ill a few weeks ago and went to get checked out and received a death sentence. Went quickly in a few weeks. Cancer. I loved the things they shared about her. I know of no other heart quite like hers who wouldn't turn away a needy teenager or a hurting animal. Had some great talks with her this year. Both at Walmart. Susan had her first day of training at the Babcock House. She'll work a few hours over lunch each day from Tues-Fri. Perfect job for her. Michael and I came home from the funeral and I changed and raced over to pick up Alli to take her to her doctor appt. Baby Ray is due next Monday. Whoot! Whoot! I ran some errands while she was at the doctor. Also stopped in to see Judy. Then we went to Walmart and Sweet Frog. Came home. Made chicken, venison, and burgers, and salad and brussel sprouts. Helen brought 10 bags of mulch over when she came to pick up Tommy. Davi helped herself to a bag so Susan and I decided to spread mulch as quickly as we could. Finished cleaning up the kitchen and putting wash away. Busy busy day. Loved it.

Wed.-A day at home for me. Worked on our bedroom. Did some wash. Played the piano. Exercised. Walked. Cleaned up in the old house a little. Watered the garden. Had our first red raspberry and gave Susan one too. Made two kinds of strawberry shortcake. Ate an onion sandwich. Watched Monk with Michael and Phil in the eve. Susan got up and organized her room, did wash, went to work at the Babcock House, went to the gym, had a big tire fall on her foot, came home, iced it, took arnica and IBprofen, mowed Happy Valley and our place. Philip worked on his property for an hour after work. Michael scooped and spread chicken poop all day. Bless his heart. Honeysuckle is breathtakingly heavenly around here.

Thurs.-Supercleaned pantry in our bedroom. Enjoyed homeschool ball.  Had a nervous breakdown with the laughing until I cried right in front of Debra, Jeannie, and Jenny. It's usually when I crack myself up. This time it had to do with Debra asking where to buy salt water mixed with coconut oil combo for hair.  I told her I'd make it for her and sell it to her. (You had to be there. Well, that might not have helped. There were those who were there who had no idea why I was sobbing and laughing hysterically.) It was a little embarrassing when I realized a homeschool father had been viewing the whole scene. Oh well. What can you do. Felt wonderful. Stopped in at Judy's afterwards.

Friday-Nice day with Micah making cookies, going for a gator ride over to Happy Valley, visiting the island, watching the ducklings, etc. Vacuumed and washed the floors. Relaxing evening. Michael gave Micah a sweet memory today. Told him about his dad, Johnny, carrying him around in his backpack, looking over the property they now live on. He told him how much his daddy loved him. And soon afterwards, I called Micah, "Johnny."

Sat.-Focused on the food pantry in the kitchen today. Took hours! But now I know where everything is and the mice droppings are all cleaned up. I put eucalyptus oil on cotton balls and put them in the corners of the shelves. Supposed to keep out mice and bugs. Philip went to a Phil Joel concert at New Life in the eve. Michael watched a movie with a friend and Susan and I watched 'The Great Gatsby'. I knew she'd be disgusted with the ending.

Sun.-Pastor Betty preached today. So good. Phil and I got some food at Walmart before heading home. Susan went to Appleby's with the H's and Michael stayed out with his buddies. Philip came home later and then PB, Harv, Sav, and Linds, came over and went fishing. I read in the cool sunshine 'Seeds of Hope' by Henri Nouwen. So good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hertzler Doings-May 19-25, 2014

Mon.-Feeling so much better. Made 5 batches of freezer strawberry jam. Went out to town. Dropped Susan at gym. Ran errands. Stopped in to see Judy. Went to ball. Had a nice time visiting. One of the girls were hurt playing ball. Needed 5 stitches on her eye lid. She was so sweet and calm. I love these people.

Tues.-Dragging today. Helped Alli make two batches of strawberry jam and 2 batches of cinnamon rolls for the freezer. She also made some mac and cheese to freeze and a strawberry shortcake for supper. So inspired, I came home and used the rest of her sour cream to make a strawberry shortcake for supper. Sliced up strawberries and lightly sugared them and had a relaxing supper with Michael watching Monk. Phil getting ready to plant corn. Susan at gym. Philip out a friend's house. Michael studying. I drove all over creation-down to the river, over to O'Briens, over to Happy Valley-to see the wonders of 5 inches of rain and how it changes the terrain. Phil went with me to Happy Valley on the gator. We saw the little gaggle of geese swimming and the little ducklings following their mother in the pond. The white peonies are in full bloom in front of the swing by the house. All is peaceful there. Heading to bed. Tomorrow is dentist day and I probably shouldn't write with those drugs in my system.

Wed.-Michael took me to the dentist. Had to take two little pills and came home and slept until 4. Still sleepy and can't remember names. Found out that dear friend Meg Davis passed away at 11:30 this morning. We were going to see her after CCA grad this Friday. Michael and Susan are sad. She knew how to be a friend to all. Cancer took her quickly in one month. Happy Birthday little brother David!

Thurs.-Still sleepy. Highlight-homeschool softball and talking with Jenny M. Stopped in at Judy's between gym and softball. Susan had gotten something in her eye. We put whole milk in it and rested awhile. Thank you, dear Judy, for always being there.

Fri.-CCA graduation at 10. Out to Farmville. Amanda visited in eve. Had toasted mac and cheese sandwiches for supper. Susan with Julie and friends to local restaurant to hear a band. Made brownies and strawberries to go with supper. Broke out in hives and couldn't sleep. Body not used to sugar. Planted flowers. Made big lettuce salad from garden. Phil spreading chicken manure.

Sat.-Good day. Cleaned house. Made a trifle for Plank's BBQ this eve. Did wash. Made chicken, macaroni, hard boiled eggs for food for tomorrow. Susan mowed and worked at Happy Valley and went out with Julie and friends. The rest of us will end up at Planks sometime this eve. Michael, Philip, and Wade going fishing later. Posted this on face book today. "There are those who point a finger and say with a frown, "I'm watching you." And there are those who give a thumbs up and say with an encouraging smile, "I'm watching you." Be kind. It is hard not to give someone exactly what they are watching for." Wanting to get some sun and exercise so I'm going to do my stretches and strength building out on front porch. Have a Happy Birthday big brother Abe!

Sun.-Pastor Bill preached his best sermon ever on 'Resolving Conflict.' From the book of James- we fight because we want something and we strive to get it from others instead of asking God for it. Phil counts money after church and I get to stay and visit. Went to Chinese after church and Philip and Michael and buddies were there. Susan brought home a movie for us to watch-The Secret Life of Walter ?-pretty good. She took a nap. Phil took a nap. I drove around all over the place in my gator. Michael and Jordan hung out and jammed with drums and electric guitar outside. Philip took a walk-a-bout and found a perfect arrowhead. Reading about self-publishing. Would like to compile blog devotionals into a book some day before long.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hertzler Doings~May 12-18, 2014

Mon.-Such a great day. Laughed so hard with Susan. Went out to town. Dropped in to see 3 friends while I was there and Susan was doing her things. We stopped at Cross Fit and found that you have to be 18 to join. That was disappointing for Susan. Also went shopping for shoes and she found some. Took her to the gym and then went to Walmart and after picking her up, we went to ball. She won her game, gave I. his pb eggs and sweet tea for his birthday, got to see Phyllis and Amy and catch up with them a little bit, and headed for home. It was a delightful evening with homeschool families and the storm sprinkled on us and gave us shade but did not rain on our party. I felt so grateful to see I. could play. Last week, a ball had flicked up from a stone and hit him on his c. artery on his neck and he's had some challenges from that, but tonight, he was laughing and playing and I am so thankful that there is not sorrow for his family and others who care for them. One of Susan's Fisher cousins hit a line drive right at her while she was on 3rd base and she just swerved her head out of the way and missed being killed or having her face rearranged. She did it so calmly and I think few people realized what a close call it was. I am full of thankfulness tonight.

Tues.-Had a busy hot day. Susan took Alli out to her doctor apt this afternoon. Lawn is growing rapidly so she mowed again today. Michael is working around the farm, weed wacking, etc. I worked on sorting clothes in bedroom, organizing old house, exercised, washed 4 loads of wash, sent out pig roast emails to homeschoolers and others, made stuffed portabella mushrooms, and went out to Farmville with Susan. She dropped me off at Sweet Frog where I met Danielle and Teresa for two hours while she worked out. Went to walmart afterwards. We were reading Stevia ingredients and suddenly Susan got whacked on the head with a big bag of something. "Are you okay?" I asked. "It's just a bag of marshmallows." I looked around. We were not in the marshmallow aisle. Danielle and Teresa came laughing around the corner as did another couple who wanted to see what happened when Danielle hurled a big of large marshmallows over the top of one aisle into another. It was fun. Susan sang half of the way home and we pulled into our lane in no time. She told Danielle and Teresa the 'Obama can't ban These Guns' tank top story. I didn't realize guns meant arms and got a little upset with her one time when she wore it with her friends around. She loves to tell on me. Phil's back really hurts him and Susan is working on it with the massage machine. Davi is not happy. She is barking aggressively at the machine and she came back here to be with me but the called her out and are making her lie down and are trying to reassure her that everything is okay. She still does not sound so happy.

Wed.-A day at home. So nice. Made some chicken and packed it into 5 oz packs. Also made rice and chicken with salsa and pineapples for supper. I didn't have apricot jam so I added a whole can of gingerale but didn't tell anyone. Incredible. Again worked on doing some things in 15 min. increments-old house, walk, kitchen, desk, back room. Talked with Judy, Sara, and Lindsay today. Made plans with Lindsay because they are coming the week before the pig roast and staying for a few days afterwards. Alli came over in the afternoon and we worked on some recipes to make and freeze. The plan is to do them next Tuesday. It rained off and on.  Phil and Michael spread chicken manure. I opened the windows because it was cooler outside than inside this eve. but then I realize that it might not have been such a good idea. I hope our clothes don't smell bad. Michael, Jordan, and Chase, took the gator to the pond and went fishing and Susan and Philip drove together to church. Just like the good old days.

Thurs.-Rained like crazy. 5 inches. Got lots done. Obviously no softball.

Fri.-Phil drove me down to the river. The lower field was river since the banks had overflowed. Tidied house, made some egg salad and mashed potato soup, played ball with Susan, good talk with Philip, had the house to ourselves this eve. Michael is helping a friend-A-move. Susan is with some friends. Philip fell asleep and never made it over to the Lapp's. Freeman and Alli stopped in for a little while. Getting to bed before 9.

Sat.-Grams and More. New Life yard sale. Found 4 glasses of pink depression ware for $2.00. Heard about Haitian missions trip from Anita and Margaret as we sat around and shared at Grams and More. Sang some hymns. Had taco soup, salad, and Anita's strawberry dessert. Reminded Becky how to knit again. Played Pick One with Robin and Becky. Went from there to Jason and Cynthia's wedding. Held in front yard of their house. So beautiful. Phil and I didn't stay for the reception. I wasn't feeling well-allergies, congestion, constant tickle in my throat making me cough-and he had lots of farm work to do. Philip and Michael stayed for an hour and then came home and got ready for their evening, making sausage burgers and waiting for two friends to show up. They got stuck with their car in an unlikely spot and Philip's truck got stuck then also. Will have to wait until things dry up to get them out. They had supper together in here and then watched a movie and Philip took them home since they had no vehicle. Susan stayed for the whole reception and had a great time with friends there.

Sun.-Stayed home from church. Feel wiped. Can't talk without coughing. Dizzy from meds. Sat in sun. Slept, etc. Truly a day of rest. Everyone scattered doing their own things. Susan got groceries on her way home. Bought ingredients to make me chicken soup and got some oranges. Also brought me a movie, "Book Thief", which was really good. Narrator comments a bit strange however but besides that, a great movie.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hertzler Doings~May 5-May 11, 2014

Mon.-Rained off and on all day. Made some food, did wash, cleaned up, etc. Went out for basketball practice and gym for Susan while I ran errands. Then we went to softball since the weather cleared up. Sat with Teresa and Doug, Ron and Kathy, and Lillian and Debra. Susan's team didn't win but they were missing some key players. Susan went to Taco Bell afterwards while I helped with the food table.

Tues.-Great day. Got lots done and laughed till I cried and laughed more than I cried with Susan. (She was only laughing.) Susan mowed later in the day but the lawn mower quit and when Michael got home, he helped her load it and they took it over to Corey's to get it fixed. Michael spoke after chapel at CCA today and pictures were posted on fb. He spoke on aviation and passed around a flight map that he had given me M's house and are making sausage burgers for supper. Pitched to Susan again this afternoon and one of her hits made it to the chicken fence. Phil and I drove down to the spring and got some watercress. Susan and I have gone through two kettles of peppermint tea already today and I just made another gallon. If you put lemon stevia in peppermint/spearmint tea, you will have a perfectly healthy sweet drink. Lucy started barking tonight and Susan told her to be quiet but I said, 'That is not her normal bark. She is barking like something is wrong.' I looked out and she was barking at something in her cage. Susan went out. Then she grabbed Lucy and literally carried her into the house. She didn't want Lucy to attack the big 6 foot black snake that was just beginning to work its way into her cage. It ended up in the garden shed spread out on the shelf. I thought it looked bumpy, as if it had swallowed some eggs.

Wed.-Great day. Went shopping for clothes with Janelle in Lynchburg. We both did well. Cato's, Penney's, Christopher Banks, and Goodwill. Ate lunch at Hibachi. Came home for half an hour and went out to Charlies to have supper with Kathy and Tom L. and Freeman, Alli, Philip, Michael, Susan, and Phil. Baby Ray is thinking about coming soon to brighten our lives. Most of us got the Italian buffet. Alli got a chicken salad sandwich. Susan and Philip left to go to youth group and Michael left to go for more studying. Phil and I came home and worked on our computers. I wrote something on face book today. "My mother's garden lives on in mine. She dug up peonies from her mother's garden and planted them in hers and then I did the same. Their pink buds are full of promise and will soon be drooping with fragrant heavy blooms. The transplanted Lilies of the Valley and Irises are blooming also; all sweet reminders of her." So many people liked this and commented that they have plants from their grandmothers gardens as well. Gardens are a tangible expression of a beautiful legacy. Last Saturday I wrote on fb-"Sometimes it's the husband of the woman who is expecting who gains the sympathy weight. This time, it appears to be the mother-in-law who is gaining the sympathy weight. This baby had better come soon." Over 50 liked this status as well and others added comments also. Maybe I should always blog my personal statements on fb for those who read my blog that don't have fb, such as Karen and Naomi. ;) 

Thurs.-Had some time with Kathy L. today. Drove the big white truck out to Walmart with her and picked up two black rocking chairs for their front porch. Washed/dried their sheets also only to find that their tickets are for tomorrow, not today. Did some wash. Davi pulled my new clothes off the line and got them dirty. Four pieces. I was so mad I wanted to spit. :) She went into her pen and knew she was a bad girl. I soaked the clothes in water, hydrogen peroxide, and Dawn, and all of the dirt and grass stains came out. Went out to Farmville late afternoon. Susan to gym, I to Food Lion and Judy's and then back to pick up Susan at the gym and then to softball. I helped with the food while Susan wasn't playing and then got to watch her play. Isaac went to catch a ball and it flipped up and hit his Adam's apple. After passing out several times, they checked him out and the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. The kids were on the field on their knees praying and Jeannie E. grabbed my hand and we prayed hard. It was such a relief to hear Isaac's laughter. Steve M. was here when we got home. Phil's helping him set up a budget for his mission work. Talked with a little girl tonight at ball who has some speech challenges. I've been around her quite a bit but never really talked with her. We were alone for a little while and sat on the picnic benches and she talked and talked. After awhile, I figured her language out. She doesn't use s's and she switches her g's and d's. She told me about her dog only she called him god. Her god died and she got a new god and I think his name is Buttercup. It was the most enjoyable 5 min. of my day, just to sit and listen to her.

Fri.-Busy day. Susan baked and cooked. Burned her leg on a hot pan. Pretty long burn. Sizzled and blistered. It was very hot. Watered the plants twice. Did wash, paperwork, pulled weeds, worked in old house, etc. This eve. we went to Liberty Baptist to watch the homeschooled production of "The Music Man." It was incredible. Susan went to Freeman and Alli's overnight. Free and her are getting up early to go turkey hunting.

Sat.-Happy 56th birthday to me. And here I thought I was 56 this whole year. I just gained a year! It was a wonderful day from start to finish. Philip and Michael sang 'Happy Birthday...Happy Long Life' when I came out of my bedroom and then held me and said, "I-Yi Mommy," in that comforting tone that always makes me cry. Phil and Susan both got me flowers. Phil-azaleas and Susan, a beautiful hanging plant. Susan made me stuffed portabella mushrooms for lunch and gave me a whole container of raspberries to eat on my own. She regaled me with funny stories of her morning with Freeman turkey hunting. They didn't get anything. Everyone was extra kind and extra sweet and said I shouldn't work etc. but I did and then we went to Ashley and Derek's wedding in the evening. It got rained out but it was fun and we ran into the barn and watched two best friend's get married. Saw some friends from Pa. and it was just a wonderful time. Got the idea from Dave Plank to build a barn like that to house receptions etc. I think I'd like that better than chicken barns over at O'Briens.

Sun.-Happy Mother's Day! It's wonderful to think about Mother and what she is doing now. Today I got more birthday gifts-a fillable soap scrubber from Philip, apricot body lotion and a cool mason drinking jar and sweet card from Jenny, and a beautiful homemade cedar plaque from Freeman and Alli. In wood-burning stenciled letters, it says, "YOU ARE OUR WIFE, MOTHER, AND GRANDMA OF NOBLE CHARACTER PROVERBS 31:10-31." I know right where I want to put it. In my heart and by the front entrance. Michael and Freeman made my favorite Mother's Day supper of fish and chips and we watched 'Saving Mr. Banks' together. It was another lovely day.