Monday, August 22, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 22-28, 2016

Mon.-Susan started her classes today at LCC. She took 5 pages of notes in Biology and remembered what she had studied in high school. The gym there has a free membership so she can go work out between classes. Jessica and I were going to clean the old house at HV but decided to wait until another day she has off this week. So we enjoyed coffee, breakfast, and conversation instead.
I went outside and got a little corner of ground prepped to hold Johnny's crepe murtle bush. The dogs attended and were a little forlorn because Susan is gone. Also took care of chickens, picked some tomatoes, brought in beets, cabbage, and cauliflower, and eggs from fridge.
Will finish up the 7 day pickles, make the insides of egg rolls, make quiche, steam cauliflower, cook beets, make baked oatmeal, and maybe zucchini yeast rolls. And take little breaks to stretch and tidy up things.
Susan enjoyed both classes and has her books lined up. Part of me would love to go back to college. But I think I'll read some books I've had in a pile for awhile. And I hope to organize the old house this fall. And the mancave.

Tues.-Sunday-I keep forgetting to write and wonder if I just need to stop blogging for awhile. This week, Kathy Lucas came in from CA to judge C-ponies. It was nice to be with her and our family got with her for dinner on Thursday or Friday over at Happy Valley. 

On Wed., I had lunch with Dianna at La Parota to celebrate her birthday. It was so good to catch up.

On Sunday, we went to Lonnie and Traci Smith's for a picnic. Michael and Jessica came along. They have a beautiful place.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 15-21, 2016

Mon-Thurs.-I haven't written. Life is busy with the garden, etc. Susan was really sick with an upper respiratory infection and I took her to the doctor. An antibiotic is making her feel much better. Also, went to Lynchburg Thursday and she signed up for classes and applied for some jobs and bought some comfy fall clothes for school. We visited Judy and her mom at the hospital. Michael was here when we got home watching Three stooges. He had helped Phil with a project in the barn. It was nice and familiar to have him here.
We had a crazy thunderstorm and sirens went off at Pamplin and Phil even heard them. Michael and Jess live right near the firehouse and it was a scary thing to hear in the midst of raucous thundering and lightning. I slept through it. I am sleeping better than I can ever remember sleeping.
We also had some excitement with a flying object and power lines but that's all I'll say about that. Coyotes are right down in our meadow. We've lost at least 4 calves to them. Davi hates them.
Jessica came over one morning and learned now to sew buttons on a shirt. She's going to take off on this sewing knowledge because she learns quickly and does well. I need to show her my stash of material. I visited her later that day out in town and bought a pretty scarf and sweater with her help.
Been reading in my mother's journal and learning from the things that helped her. I copy down some of her words in my own notebook and I cry for the struggle she had. I'm so glad she's with Him. I asked Him to thank her for me when He sees her and He said, "I see her every day." I'm glad she finally knows how special and wonderful she is.

Friday, Sat.-Canned bear, vegetable soup, dill pickles. Froze butternut squash and zucchini squash. Didn't get much cleaned. Exhausted.

Sun.-Guest speaker. Writer of 'Still in the Storm.' Ordered it on Amazon. Reading Frank P.s books "The Present Darkness" and "Piercing the Darkness." Slept in afternoon. Philip had a party with Chi Alpha friends at lake. Freeman and Alli and Nathan came here and F. made the bear ribs. Incredible.
Drove the gator over to HV. Kids were floating on inner tubes in the pond. I want to do that. Maybe I found my swimming hole. Been worried about snappers. Restless sleep. So many people have so many troubles. Shelly K's nephew in terrible accident-brain injuries. Jamie and Ginger's niece has symptoms doctors can't diagnose. A praying night.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 8-14, 2016

Mon.-Had breakfast at Joe and Karens and did some wash. Visited with Debra for about half and hour because I forgot she had to leave. We decided to meet in Winchester some time. Had a delicious garden lunch with Mom and Dad. She dug up some crepe myrtle bushes-one for each of my children and one for us. They were offshoots of a bush that Tom and Evie, Andy and Lucille, Charlie and Joyce, and Geri F. had given them when Johnny died. She also gave me yellow lily bulbs. Jonathan helped to fill in the pots with dirt using a grown up shovel. He goes out to the barn several mornings a week at 3:30 to help in the barn. He loves to work and he is quite the go-getter. We played a fun game last evening because he got us doing it.
Left the farm around 2 and stopped in to see Gina Smoker B. She was canning tomato sauce with a neighbor. Her mother brought the boys back. She keeps them for part of the day on Monday's. Gina is such a dear friend. We miss each other. She had moved down to Va. for awhile but her husbands work has her back in Pa. She gave me a jar of blueberry jam. She is canning up a storm. Her twin boys are blonde and blue eyed darlings and her youngest was taking a nap and I had to go see him.
Then I went to Naomi's. We relaxed outside on her new patio and went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Her dad was there and he paid for our meal. It's always good to see him and I got a great picture of them together. We watched the Olympics when we got home. She and Mabe had just gotten back from their Florida home.

Tues.-Had coffee together in her living room. Talking and Talking. Went out to Flower Warehouse only it's not called that anymore. Bought all of my Christmas Ornament for my kids. And the little boys, Jonathan and David. We went to Shady Maple for lunch and also got groceries. Then to the fabric outlet. Naomi got material to cover her pillows downstairs and I got material for a skirt. She had not known it was there and I was glad to show it to her. She just got a sewing machine. We said good bye from there and it's always really hard to leave her. We are both sad that we are so far apart.
Went to Diane Horan's from there. Lounged in her pool for awhile and when Caleb came home, he joined us pool side and we caught up a little. Steve joined us later and it was wonderful to see him and visit with them. I haven't seen him for over a decade I'm sure. Dear good friends. He made steak for dinner. We also had Bob Evans mashed potatoes which are wonderful, salad, and roasted brussel sprouts. Then all the chocolate we wanted for dessert. I love to go into their walk in pantry because it has snack and candy drawers and shelves.  Zach was home for dinner too. We had a high old time recounting funny stories. I hurt from laughing. Then we watched some Olympics and went to bed.

Wed.-Left Diane and drove through crazy traffic north to meet Lindsay, Emma, Adi, and Ben, at Bear Mountain State park. They came bearing gifts. Adi had made an eye sleep mask for me. I wanted to wear it on the way home so I wouldn't see all the traffic and have another panic attack. Emma had painted a picture of Susan's Sr. picture. (Susan knew who it was right away and claimed it as her own when I got home.) They made a crayon holder for Nathan, too. We had a few wonderful hours together just being in each other's presence and talking and eating our wonderful picnic lunch. The kids played in the playground in the misty gentle rain and Lindsay and I sat on the picnic tables chatting. We walked by the lake to the zoo and saw bear, foxes, a bobcat, a weasel, fish, frogs, snakes, etc. Ben was very excited. He is so adorable and kissable. They rode the beautiful carousel two times and the bored attendant rested his head on his desk. We also visited the gift shop and lodge. I found out later that one of my high school friends, Cheryl Weber, was there with her family. She saw our picture on facebook and messaged me. It was hard to say good bye and I had to cry a little. I got home before they did and the trip home wasn't as bad.
I relaxed in Diane's whirlpool and had a wonderful dinner of chicken, salad, and fries. And chocolate. We went to bed early.

Thurs.-I slept at least 8 hours. We had a nice visit over coffee, hard boiled egg, and a Jenny Craig breakfast bar. It's so hard to say good bye. I left at 9:40. Stopped about 40 min. later at Cabela's and bought a hoodie and black shirt with Cabela's points. The hoodie was on sale and I didn't realize it. I stopped at rest stops and in Harrisonburg at a Goodwill. Got home at 7. Unloaded. Visited with Susan and Phil for a little. Had a hard time getting to sleep because I'd close my eyes and see tractor trailers everywhere. What a wonderful vacation I had. What a wonderful family I have to come back to. Surely it is a wonderful life.

Fri.-Sun.-Busy catching up. Produce. Putting my stuff away. Went to a car show at church on Sunday and while the guys checked out engines, Alli, Nathan, and I, tackled Walmart. Alli helped an older man in trouble and one of the employees were moved to tears by her wanting to help someone whom she didn't even know. The kids took us out to eat on Sunday at Ruby Tuesdays and shared things they appreciated about our 34 year old marriage. It was a sweet weekend.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 1-7, 2016

Busy week. Getting ready to go to Pa.
Relieved that we are not doing the pig roast this year.
Canning 7 day pickles.
Making plans to see Lindsay.
Coffee with Jessica in their home.
Making zucchini yeast rolls. Out of this world good.
Phil harvesting hay. Bushhogging corn.
Susan harvesting cucumbers, squash, tomatoes.
Susan taking English and Math placement tests.
Did well on both.
Did math test in 45 min. Usually takes people 3 hours. Used calculator once or twice and then realized she could have used it whole time. Scored high. Can take any Math course she wants.

Left Wed. eve and spent the night in Harrisonburg. Forgot my toiletry bag and ran to Dollar Tree to buy essentials.
It made the trip so much easier. Went straight to Anne's and spent the afternoon, eve.. night, Friday morning and early afternoon with her and David. Picked up 13 boxes of jars from Andrea M. and a box of John Deere toy tractor and equipment. Paid 50 dollars and the corn harvester is 45 dollars new.
My highlight was reading to David in my bed with Anne on the other side of him. Sweet time.
Friday afternoon I visited Audrey Hanlon at Garden Spot. There was no time lost between us and we had a nice meal together at the café and she showed me around and also took me to her beautiful apartment. What a dear eternal friend she is.
Went to Rosalee's and spent both Friday night and Saturday night there. Steve and Katrina came down. Katrina is due in 2 weeks. They had a 3 hour drive. Such a sweet time with them. Jim, Rosalee, and I, went to a Diffenbach cousin reunion at Sissy and Barry's in Elizabethtown. Robby and Rocky were there. Also, Jay and Connie, Barb Groff, Earl and his daughter, Cheryl, my brother Abe and his wife, Karen. We all brought food and Barry and Sandy (Sissy) provided chicken, pork bbq, drinks, homemade ice cream and toppings. My cousin, Charlene, died of a massive stroke just 5 weeks ago. I was so excited about seeing her. She was only 68. Cheryl came back from Mozambique. We had a great time sitting around talking about our parents, grandparents, childhood, present day times, etc. I hope we do it again. Sissy showed us around her property. Some families are in the health profession. Our family has many in the teaching profession. Even married teachers.

On Sunday, I went to Hopewell. Sat beside Evie T. We would have gotten kicked out of high school if we were classmates. I just love her. Had lunch with Mom and Dad. Karen and Jonathan came over to visit. We had a get together in the evening for Jim's birthday at Joe and Karen's. Grilled cheeseburgers, salad, corn on the cob, ice cream, raspberry dessert and chocolate zucchini cake.
I love our family.