Monday, July 29, 2013

Hertzler Doings~July 29-Aug.4, 2013

Mon.-Day at home alone what with Susan in Kentucky with Makenzie and Michael down south with the Warren's. Had a lovely day, actually, catching up with Lindsay and Lisa on the phone, doing wash, canning salsa, unpacking, doing wash, sweeping floors, emptying trash, garbage, watering chickens, reading, listening to Christian radio, making four kinds of dried scented homemade laundry soap, making corn calls, etc. Wanted to make it down to the river but rested in bed with a book and peanut M&M's instead. Got a text from Danielle. Her grandpa Johnny is with Jesus now. Remembering the years in our twenties when we helped start a church in Downingtown with that precious man and his wife and about 30 others form the mother church, Hopewell. We experienced church in it's finest. Philip is rubbing my neck and shoulders while I'm writing this. He's been working out and getting quite muscular. He dictated the last two lines to me. Now he's laughing. What a dear son he is. "I try," he said, after he read this.  "You don't have to try," I said. "You already are." "Oh, you're so kind," said he.

Tues.-Went to Amish Produce Auction and bought two boxes of beautiful peaches for 16.50 each, 2 boxes of yellow tomatoes to freeze to make chili look pretty-2 each, 2 bags of new potatoes for 6.50 each, and a box of bell peppers for Freeman for 7.50. Ate a fry pie for the first time and some homemade ice cream at the snack stand. Saw Miriam M. and Liz K. there. Otherwise I knew nobody there. The auctioneer was really good. Came home and finished a good book that Rosalee had given me and then got to work on the tomatoes. I mixed peppers, onions, garlic, and celery with them after chopping them up after scalding them to get the skins off. They are beautifully yellow but not ripe. I'm going to wait awhile on the next box. Heard some great news from the Banton's today. It's a boy!!!! Well, that means a whole new wardrobe for this baby. I was so sure he was a boy that I would have doubted myself forever if he was a girl. Well, maybe not forever. I would have just doubted my gut feelings about the gender of unseen Banton babies for a long time. Made a chicken for cold sandwiches this week and also browned sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes and used that as a base for a quiche for supper. Phil picked more corn for Kathy this eve. Philip's playing guitar. Mike and Susan are our of state. John Fisher's viewing and funeral is tomorrow at Calvary Chapel at 5-7 and 7:30 and on Friday it will be at Petra in Pa. Jesus, give the family your strength and peace, especially Lydia.

Wed.-Spent some time at Baine's with DDF and a cup of coffee and a blueberry scone. We sat at the little table at the top of the stairs and talked. Later, I went to John Fisher's viewing and got to see Wilma and Mary Jane and Lydia and other of his children and in laws and grand children. Then I went to Walmart and over to Judy's where I read 'Jesus Calling' for a precious half hour. No one was there but Him. Went back to Calvary Chapel where I met Phil for Johnny's Memorial Service. What a blessed time. What a legacy. It was so good to be with all the folks that we know from Pa. In spite of the different pathways we've all taken, we all come together when we are celebrating the life of a man who knew how to love us all unconditionally. He was friendly to everyone and he refused to worry. I think there is a connection between those two strengths. It is hard to be friendly when one is worried. And one is less inclined to worry when one has friends to confide in. My heart is full. I am inspired. Lord, give this dear family strength for the days ahead. They are traveling to Pa. for the services and burial that will take place there.

Thurs.-Finally got my desk somewhat cleaned off today. Also did wash, canned 3 pints of tomatoey things, froze the yellow tomato chili mixture I made yesterday, made chili, laughed with Beth and Lucy-Janelle's aunts, made coffee for Lucy, considered joining them at Holliday Lake, took care of chickens, burned the trash, cleaned the house, made supper, watched some Monk, overdosed on sweet corn, mapped out a plan for tomorrow, realized I have about 40 writings left to post and then I'll download all of the ones I've posted on face book into a chip and take them to the printers, missed Susan so much I cried, prayed for Michael, kissed Phil, and made Philip happy with chicken salad toasted bagel sandwiches for supper. The sky is beautifully gray and the trees foretell a coming storm. It's 7:07 and it's time for bed.

Fri.-Went to Beckley, WVA. and walked around Tamarack Artisans Center for about an hour, then met Susan and the Kissicks at the motel. A hard good bye. Made it home in good time.

Sat.-made healthy jam with peaches-Susan did it. Mixed 2 cups peaches, 2 Tablespoons chia seeds, and a dropper full of stevia. Blend and refrigerate. Also canned 6 quart of Tomato juice, 5 pints of sweet peppers, and froze 7 quarts of yellow tomatoes. Durell, Adriane, and Arlen Stoltzfus stopped in for a visit.The twins are both working with YWAM. One in Holland, the other Australia. Such a pleasure to see them. Susan mowed our entire property. Jonathan, Wendy, and Jr. stopped in for a visit and to pick up some corn.

Sun.-Great church service. Went to Williamsburg to meet Eldon, Sandy, and Kera Stoltzfus. Julie and Susan came with us. Nolte met us for dinner at the Inn. Had a pleasant time walking around Colonial Williamsburg, getting ideas for a house. Eldon is an architect. Fun ride home. Stopped for ice cream at Mcd's. Julie's spending the night.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hertzler Doings~July 22-28, 2013

Mon.-Susan took off for King's Dominion around 8 this morning. She went to Jenny's and Hannah C's dad, Mike, took the three of them plus Claire and Jody to KD and is picking them up later. They met up with some other friends out there and are having a happy dad. Alli came over around 8 and we started making bread and butter pickles. She finished them on her own (8qt) and also canned 12 quart of their own homegrown potatoes. I'm proud of her. Michael studied all day. I went to Farmville around noon and went to Bailey's with my trunk full of corn where I met up with some who had responded to my face book message. My car was inspected without a hitch but they said something about the tie-rod becoming frayed and we decided to get it fixed and they had the part and the time to do it. I had lunch at Riverside while waiting for the inspection and when we decided to fix it, Dianna came and picked me up and we went to Starbucks to get a hot/cold caramel coffee and visited at 90 mph. She took me to Judy's where I relaxed and at Sweet Shop chocolates and smiled at Dane. I saw the news for the first time in ages as well. Judy and I talked uninterrupted for a good hour which was a real gift. Laurel came and picked me up and took me back to Bailey's and I headed for Walmart and saw Julie and Kathy and I was so glad Julie was unhurt and alive after Sat.'s accident and had to hug her a couple of times. Life. Never take it for granted. I am still overwhelmed from Sunday's worship service from the rhema word that God makes all things new. It directs my prayers and praise about everything. I feel new. Shopped a bit and came home and Alli was still here, bless her heart. I told her I'd take out the jars from the pressure cooker and she was glad to head home. She had cleaned up and the house looked nice. I put groceries away, tried to make phone calls but the phone wasn't working, walked around with Lucy, picked some tomatoes, ate a creamscicle, collected mugs from the boy's bathroom, drew a bathtub full of water, and played sleuth on face book. Phil worked all day and came home and mowed hay and picked corn. It's dark now and he is still out there. Lord, let him know you're with him, joying in the harvest of corn and and souls.

Tues.-Busy day with lots of weed whacking going on (Susan), tomato picking, pulling weeds, and I forget what else!(Not sure what happened to Wed.)

Thurs.-Made some pizza sauce with lots of little tomatoes pureed in my nutribullet along with onions, peppers, garlic, and basil. Poured each mixture into a large crockpot. Turned it on high and kept lid off and cooked it down while I cleaned the house, did some washing and packing, and partied at Ron and Kathy's with some dear old friends. Dave and Krista Stoltzfus, who are missionary friends in Hong Kong, visited with some of the Hopewell Gang Locals over supper and then later, showed a video and shared about their work. It was a lovely evening and it was great to see the Martins, Gridleys, Stoltzfus's and Rancks. We always say that we should get together more often. It is so relaxing and easy. Homemade ice cream was incredible. Came home and canned 5 pints of pizza sauce and got ready for breakfast tomorrow with David and Krista, Conrad, Anthony, and Seth. They are excited about having homemade scrapple. D said that he doesn't think his boys have ever had it. We'll have homemade sausage and homemade eggs as well.

Fri.-Breakfast with Dave and Krista, Conrad, Anthony, and Seth. They visited Philip's pigs after breakfast to thank them for the sausage and scrapple. Walker Covington's funeral was at 11 at Walker's Presbyterian. Washed, cleaned, packed, and left at 5. Spent the night at a pet motel in Beckley. Lucy restless. Susan took her into bathroom and confined her until she fell asleep and then carried her back into the main room.

Sat.-Stopped at a Walmart in Beckley. Biggest and best one I've ever seen. A lot of good economy in the area with the coal mines. Walked into the men's bathroom and things didn't look quite right and I made an embarrassed beeline out the door just as a young man was going in. 'Wrong door?' he queried with a smile. Later, he found us in the parking lot and made friends with Lucy while we put her cage together. He has several boxers at home. We hurriedly moved things around because it began to rain huge drops. Stopped at Sheetz for breakfast coffee and fruit. Later, at a rest stop, we visited with two couples who owned two cherry red corvettes. They had been at a corvette convention and were headed back to Chicago. They made friends with us through Lucy. Later, we passed them, and the women were driving the cars. Been having trouble with my cell phone. Can't make or receive calls. They gave my number to someone else who has been receiving my calls. New programming crashed their system. Got to Makenzie's by noon. Couldn't stop crying when I saw her. She's 16. Phil and I went out later to have the Pasquali experience of Ranch Cheese Fries. We brought several orders back to the K's. Phil took a nap and I helped get ready for her party that evening. Highlight was singing with Phil, Tim, and Sam playing the guitar. Mimi, Kathy, and I, sang with them and they regaled us with their early years as travelling musicians and the days when they were the starting band for Alan Jackson. Slept overnight in the basement.

Sun.-On our way by 8:30. Lucy didn't know what to think as we pulled away. Susan is spending the week and I'll pick meet her halfway in a few days. Read from a book about Psalm 23 to Phil as he drove. We talked about worship and what it the word 'new' may mean in light of worship, relationships, and life. Stopped at Cabela's in Charleston and bought a big sieve stirrer for making scrapple. Also bought a queen sized camouflage comforter set for half price and a camouflage jacket for me. We used cabela points and with the great sales, we hardly paid a thing. Stopped at Sam's Club for a pizza lunch. Traveled until Beckley where we visited the Tamarack Artisan Center/Local crafts, etc. Were happy to get home. Phil picked corn and we had a supper while we finished the last tenth of The Sting. We've been trying to see the end of it for over a week. Michael left today to go with Sarah's family for a week of vacation down south. Philip was at Holliday Lake with friends. Missing my kiddos. Heard that church was great and that Freeman was hysterical-playing the part of Pastor Alvin for his farewell roast. Saw pictures and didn't even know it was him.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hertzler Doings~July 15-21, 2013

Mon.-Hot week in the forecast. Picked some beans. Went to be with DDF and family for a few hours in the afternoon. To lose a son at the age of 22 can never be right. Why, God? Why?

Tues.-Freeman hurt his back yesterday but after a visit with DF he is doing much better. He'll take it easy this week. Alli took off work to play nursefriend. Brought Lucy in out of the heat. Worked on taking notes on a writing project with LB. Called DDF and her eye is much better. Made a salad for supper. Had several really good talks on the phone. With my heart aching for the Hoffmans, I find it hard to focus. It doesn't seem fair for life to go on. I just want to be with them. Am missing Susan too. And I'm much more organized when she is here.

Wed.-Freeman spent the day here in the AC, resting his back. I ran errands in Appomattox and got back home right after Susan got back from Girl's Retreat. She's worn out but had a nice time. Alli and Freeman stayed for supper- BCLT sandwich-bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato....Watched some Duck Dynasty for the first time. Interesting...entertaining...and feels slightly familiar for some reason.

Thurs.-Met Danielle at the house down the road to go over housekeeping for the Hoffman's guests coming in this weekend. Took a trip to Farmville. Millers, Gas, Bank, Amish Originals to pick up jars Sarah left there for me, (she responded to my request for jars on face book), hair cut by Mac,  muscle therapy, visit with a friend, and Walmart. Susan mowed both places-9 hours worth of mowing. Got burned. Philip and Michael went to worship practice. Not sure if Freeman was able to go because of his back. I went with Phil to Jennifer's to get a haircut. Played with her three beautiful children. Phil and I ate our own corn on the cob for dinner when we got back. Susan went to bed early.

Fri.-Busy day. Met Lisa and Paul and her brother and family at the Weidman's house. Had a time of it getting the air to work but Paul figured it out once they got there. I can't think what else happened this day. Phil and Michael picked corn in the eve., Philip prepared for his Frisbee golf tournament tomorrow, and Susan went out to First Friday Movie night. Julie came and spent the night.

Sat.-Got up early. Had a nice morning freezing corn. Peter and Ivona came and we taught them how to blanch, cut off, and freeze corn. They were such a help. She washed all the dishes and swept the floor. Julie and Susan helped too. I went over to Hoffman's to receive food. Came back home. Went to funeral. Packed and overflowing. So meaningful. Paul and Lisa both shared. The college boys shared too. On the way home, we called Philip back because our phones had been turned off. He said that J. had an accident. We were soon there. So thankful she was ok. Car is totaled. Phil took me to H's and then took Susan home and came back. So many wonderful people came to bless Paul and Lisa and Desi. I feel buoyed up by all the show of love and support for them. Met extended family and enjoyed them so much and Karen and John, their neighbors. We want to do a six-um sometime soon.

Sun.- We stopped in at Piedmont to give arnica to J. and it wasn't long afterwards that she texted Susan and said it was already working. Church A blessing from start to finish. During one of the songs, I realized that nothing is more impossible than death. It's so final. And Jesus has conquered death. Therefore, nothing else is impossible for Him to conquer if He has already conquered the worse possible thing. Also, it was either in a song or a prayer, but the revelation that He makes all things new overwhelmed me. He's not just about restoring or redeeming what was. He is all about making something out of nothing. Making something that wasn't there before. Making something new. Alleluia! He will do that for us. I am sure. I also appreciate the prayers for those in Michael's and Susan's age group. The prayers and prophecy's and hope and courage. Thank you God. We connected with several people after church to give them corn. Sara gave me 48 canning jars and Audrey also gave me a box. Just ask on face book and people will respond! Got 3 dozen earlier this week for Alli and Freeman. Came home and Phil picked corn for us and we were beginning to eat it when Will and Amanda stopped in and visited for several hours. Philip also brought Harvest and Savannah back with him and Jordan and Hayley came over and they went swimming in the lake in the midst of the storm. They came back and played Apples to Apples and then went back out into the pond. Later, after pizza, etc, they played it some more in the mancave. Philip took S and H back home shortly after 8:30. I really enjoyed all of the hubbub today. Lindsay said on face book that Adi said that 10 or her 49 kids are going to live with us. At least until she gets her third house built. I am honored that she wants to entrust 10 of her kids to me. I wrote back and said, 'Aww....only 10..." etc.  Oh, Josh G. brought his dad and sis out here to shoot their guns. That was going on during the thunderstorm. They were under cover. It is a mess back there. I care but I would rather have people here in our mess than wait until we have no mess to have people here because then, they'd never be welcome to come.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

He Could Not Be Hidden

When I hear the phrase, 'What is hidden will be revealed,'
I think, 'Be sure your sins will find you out.'

And that is true.

But other things that are hidden will be revealed as well.

Solomon says it this way,
"God will bring every work into judgment,
including every secret thing,
whether good or evil."

Jesus said that there is nothing covered that will not be revealed,
and nothing hidden that will not be known.
He was speaking about the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

He was saying that if we act differently in the light
than we do in the dark,
how we act in the dark will be revealed.
Whatever we speak in the dark
will be heard in the light.
What we have whispered in the ear
will be shouted from the housetop.

Jesus also said this.
'If you have a lamp, don't hide it under the bed
or under a basket.
Set it on top of a lamp stand.
For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed,
and anything kept secret will be brought to light.'

I like this.
He is saying that we shouldn't hide our light.
He is saying that even our hidden light
will be revealed.

One time,
when Jesus wanted to get away from it all,
He entered a house
and wanted no one to know it.

But He could not be hidden.

His light came through the cracks in the house.
Through the windows.
Out the door.
His light shouted from the rooftops.
"I AM here! Light is in this house!"

And a desperate woman heard Light's cry.
Saw the Light.
And came and fell at His feet. 

And when she went home a short time later,
Light had come into her daughter,
and there was no more night.

Holy, Holy God!
Thank you for leaving the Light of Heaven
to reveal Your Light on earth.

Thank you that You cannot be hidden.
Eccl. 12:14; Luke 12:2; Mark 4:21,22; Mark 7:24

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hertzler Doings~July 8-14, 2013

Mon.-Michael flew this morning and worked around the farm the rest of the day. Susan ran some errands in Farmville and took in a movie with SM. She visited with Judy between events. I went with Robin W. to Richmond. We shopped at Sam's Club, the mall, Kohl's, Famous Footwear, etc. Our big excitement was finding the devotional I wrote in the Mom's NIV devotional Bible at the Christian Bookstore in the mall. She encouraged me to buy the Bible and get my name engraved on the cover and it seemed like the right thing to do. I called Lindsay during lunch to tell her about it. She is the one who encouraged me to enter the contest. Also called Michael since he 'helped' me write it. Got home around 8:30. Had left our house at 10:30. Got to talk a lot, shop a lot, and hear the W's. adoption stories that made us both cry.

Tues.-Good day at home playing catch up with wash, cleaning, phone calls, cleaning up outside, etc. Evans T. came and took the back seat out of our car. Something messed up the upholstery. He may have it fixed by tomorrow. Michael flew again today and worked around the farm. He met the guys at work at Freeman and Alli's new 'house'. They are going to work on water proofing the foundation. Susan got her food ready for Girl's Retreat and cleaned her room and somewhat packed. She's been practicing basketball several times today. I just saw her swish a basket. I posted about my exciting moment yesterday on face book and so many dear friends wrote and encouraged. Nearly 90 likes.(100)  Face book at its finest-rejoicing with those who rejoice. I also like when weeping is shared. Face book can be very good. Someday maybe, 100 years from now, someone will read this and say, 'Face book. What's face book?'

Wed.-Went out to Appomattox to work out a phone plan for Susan but Phil had to be there so it will have to wait. Bought some veggies at a produce stand and stopped in at Kroger for a few things. Since ordering from Vitacost we don't have to do nearly as much shopping in a store. Rained again. Washed clothes. I can't remember what else we did today.

Thurs.-Raining. Went out to Farmville to drop off car. Susan and I then visited Judy and Sammy Jo and went to Food Lion. Came home and made rice, bean/chicken/salsa mix, and acorn squash. Susan made a hot mixture with olive oil in which we tossed sweet potato fries. Baked them. She made chipotole homemade mayonnaise and we ate fries dipped in that sauce along with cucumbers while we watched Monk. So pleasant. She made several kinds of gluten free/sugar free protein bars. Delicious. I threw a roast in the crockpot too and took a nap. Jeff K was here digging a trench for the new pipeline and it rained so hard he came into the man cave and fell asleep. Phil and Susan went to the Guilds for the eve. to plan a chicken house (and play dominoes) and also stopped in at the cellular place. I went to a birthday party at El Patron for Robin W. Had such a great eve. Even 'did' my rap for them. I told Robin the rap was about her-real class. What a sweet friend she is. And Michael's Sarah is just like her sweet mama. Lindsay told me to eat mangoes this week. Which tells me a whole lot more. ;) I could hold their baby in my hand right now. It would fit into my palm.

Fri.-Got some corn and green beans from Helen. Grammy Doss was there. I always love seeing her. Had a nice chat with Bethany. Got a great hug from Micah. Janelle looks happy. Helen was picking more green beans in her garden. I don't know anyone who works so hard nor anyone who is so hospitable. Also went out to Farmville to get car from Bailey's. Stopped in at Judy's for hugs and talking before coming home. Sammy Jo wanted me to tickle her belly and I nearly put her to sleep. The little boy that Judy takes care of who always cried when he saw me, now smiles at me. That's a relief. Susan made an amazing lunch with black beans, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and rice, I think. Also broiled green beans with olive oil and spices. I ate a large tomato from our garden. She also made chocolate brownies using black beans. It's pretty good. Philip didn't care for it before or after we told him what was in it. Phil liked it. I ate 'clean' all day and feel so much better. We watched a movie tonight-The Story of Pi- I think it's called. Interesting. Lucy got a little rowdy at the end and it was hard to hear. Miss Pretty had at least 10 piglets this evening. They are so cute. Susan took pictures. Also, Mr. Evans brought back the back seat of our car-all reupholstered-for $73. Matched it perfectly. The guys were building a chicken house at Rich's all day. Michael left for somewhere. I can't imagine where. ;) Oh-I got a corner of a room cleaned up in the old house. Yay! Anything can happen in 15 min. a day.

Sat.-Washed, cleaned, went to Lynchburg with Phil to pick up some things for him to fix the water pipe. He went to Dennis-muscle therapist. Last week, in 15 min., this man fixed for Phil what has been hurting him for many years. Went again today and has one more session and will probably not need to go back. He broke up the scar tissue in his rotator cuff and Phil can move freely again. So thankful.
I got a call from DDF today.  Her son was killed in a car accident this early morning. It is just not believable. God help us now.

Sun.-Great church service. Lunch at Sho-gun with PB. Played chicken foot dominoes with Phil in eve. It's addictive. Susan left for Girl's Retreat this morning. Lucy's mournful.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hertzler Doings-July 1-7, 2013

Mon.-Out to Farmville. First voice lesson. Exciting. Raining. 2 1/4 inches.

Tues.-Happy Birthday dear Freeman. 29 years old. Susan and I called him at lunch and sang to him. Heard Phil saying, "Oh no..." He remembered it last night but forgot it today. Decided to do all of my list before cracking open the computer and I had so much more time! Later went out to Rustburg with Teresa and Elisabeth to get blueberries from Yoder's Farm. They went to NJ to pick them up. We were the first ones there and they asked us what the prices were because their bookkeeper wasn't around. One of them asked me if I was related to Joe Hertzler. Yes, second cousins, I believe. Susan went to Bible Study at L's.  Michael made supper-bear meat, sausage, bean, salsa, and rice mixture with tortillas. I froze nearly 40 pounds of beautiful blueberries. I have a bit of a headache and my lips feel numb. Must have been sprayed. Will thaw them in a little water and apple cider vinegar to get rid of any residual sprays.

Wed.-made marinated carrots and caramel popcorn for the July 4th parties we will be going to.

Thurs.-Spent a few hours with Dianna and Henry. Went to the Timma's and then to the Macs for evening parties. Susan and Michael went to the Warren's. Philip stayed home and then he and Michael had some friends over in the eve. It really was a vacation day.

Fri.-Micah spend the morning with me. We were down at the river for 1 1/2 hours and they were delightful minutes. Later, I made Freeman's chocolate cake and chili with corn bread baked on top. Philip did some farm work and then went to Southern States. Harvest met him there and came back here with him. They spent the afternoon in kayaks on the river and are spending the eve. out at ball. Susan went with them and they met Savannah there. Went to Cook Out afterwards. Late night.

Sat.-Dr. F. No vertigo! Cleaned the house. Michael, Sarah, Kayla, Travis, Corinne, Erik and April spent the eve here at the pond. Fishing, etc. Susan and Philip went to the Benson party.

Sun.-Good word at church. It's nice to have the family all together again. Boys went to Erik's to celebrate his birthday. Susan, Phil, and I watched Jane Eyre. Freeman and Alli came over and started smoking the ribs. Had a late supper of ribs, potato salad, veggies, and amazing chocolate cake. It's almost 8:30 and Sarah, Michael, Susan, and Philip, are playing Apples to Apples-Jr. It's fun to watch them threaten each other and argue with each other. Lucy is playing happily with her toys. She smells like skunk.