Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sermon-Feb.28, 2010

"Get ready for God to pour out the amazing. God wants to do the miraculous. You have to long for it; ask for it. " Pastor Alvin L~

Song: "How beautiful the blood..."

(The following is what I heard during Pastor Frank's sermon.)

Be careful not to be the distraction that interferes
with the ability of others to worship or to hear the Word of God.

The Spirit of the Lord will never say anything outside of
what the Word says.

Scripture:Nehemiah 4~
When Sanballat heard that the Jews were rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem, he was furious and indignant and mocked the Jews. He spoke to others about them and called them 'feeble' and scorned their efforts to build a wall from the rubbish of burned stones. Tobiah made fun of them as well, saying that even if a fox climbed the wall, it would break down.
Nehemiah prayed judgment down on the mockers, saying, "Hear, O God, for we are despised; turn their reproach on their own heads, and give them as plunder to a land of captivity! Do not cover their iniquity, and do not let their sin be blotted out from before You; for they have provoked You to anger before the builders."
So they continued to build the wall and before long, it was halfway finished, because the people had a mind to work.
Now, the same people who made fun of them before, plus some others, heard that the walls were actually starting to look pretty good and they got angry. (I wonder if they were afraid of the strength that they saw.) They tried to intimidate the Jews again and decided to gather together to attack Jerusalem and cause confusion.
But Nehemiah and his people continued to pray and they set up a watch against their enemies day and night.
Then Judah of the Jews said that the workers were getting worn out and there was so much rubbish that they were not able to keep building the wall. The enemies were threatening to come in unawares and kill them as they worked so that their work would have to stop.
The Jews who lived near the enemies heard alot of talk and they came and told the other Jews that there was no way out of this mess. "No matter which way we turn, they'll be on us. We're trapped."
So Nehemiah positioned men behind the lower parts of the wall and at all the entrances. He put them together in family groups and they had their weapons with them. Nehemiah told them not to be afraid. "Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses."
Then the enemies found out that their plot had been exposed and that the Jewish people were ready for them, watching and working as they rebuilt the wall. They realized that God had brought their plot to nothing.
From that time on, half of the people built the wall while the other half acted as warriors, carrying weapons, ready to defend the builders should the enemy try to stop their work. The leaders of Judah fully supported the workers.
Those who were building on the wall and those carrying burdens, loaded themselves so that with one hand, they worked at construction, and with the other hand, they held a weapon. Every worker had a sword by his side.
Standing beside Nehemiah, was one worker who carried the trumpet.
Nehemiah told all of the leaders and the people, "The work is scattered and we are separated from each other. Whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet, gather to us here. Our God will fight for us."
So this is how they worked, from sun up to sun down. Even at night, they stood guard. No one even took their clothes off, except on wash days.
It took 40 different groups of people 52 days to finish building the wall. It was 8 foot thick and 1.5 miles long. Amazing. It took 21 years to rebuild the temple. A different kind of work, my husband says. Block laying is different than craftsmanship. In the process, the enemies of the Jewish people tried to discourage them, as in the above account. They also tried to distract Nehemiah and pull him away from the work, through threat and intimidation, but it didn't work. In the end, the enemies realized that the work was done by God and they "were very disheartened in their own eyes." The nations around Jerusalem also saw the rebuilding of the wall as a work of God. How amazing that they rebuilt the wall, using the burned stones from the wall and city that had been earlier destroyed. God had sent another nation to take His people into captivity when His children had turned away from Him. When they turned back to Him, He brought some of them back into their land, and gave them the strength to rebuild the wall and withstand their enemies. Beauty out of ashes, again.)

"Don't get tired of this."
Don't get tired of building the wall.
We are halfway there.
Don't settle for halfway.
Just as the enemy attacks increased when they realized that the Jews were actually going on with the work, so the attacks against us will increase when we decide to 'finish the wall.' People will talk about us. "Do you really think that if you worship God, without request, you will experience revival?" Not only will they talk about us, they will come against us. "Do you really think you can build a wall from this rubble of people you have to work with?" "Who are you to think you can accomplish anything?"

I am only halfway with God.
I don't know everything.
The way I do things isn't for everyone.
I am drinking milk in some areas.
I need to keep building the wall.
God takes the feeble things and makes great things.
It's the feeble, the no-accounts, the sick, the poor that
God's power can work through.

A city is known by it's wall.
A wall is it's identity.

Ezekial 31-The prophet saw a valley of dried bones. Can these bones live? The prophet saw dry bones, but God saw an army.
He looks at the dry bones in His body and says "I can make an army from what is dead and defeated, broken and wounded. I can make an army from the dry bones of brokenness, depression, and disappointment. I am building a church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against."

Nehemiah prayed that the reproach of their enemies would return on their own heads. We need to set up a guard against our enemies so they cannot throw us into confusion.

The rubble overwhelmed the builders. No one had added more rubble. In fact, they had less rubble because they were using it to rebuild the walls. It was because they were tired and discouraged and the enemy was beginning to taunt them. They began to believe the words of the enemy. (Perhaps they should have carted away the unusable rubble instead of trying to work around it.)

Story-When the Golden Gate Bridge was being built, 23 men lost their lives by the time it was halfway finished. They called a halt to the work and constructed a huge net and put it under the construction site. The second half of the bridge was built in 1/3 of the time it took to build the first half because the men were no longer afraid. The ten men who fell during this phase of the construction were especially grateful for the safety net.

Our lives are on fast forward. We must get rid of the fear because we don't have much time. (Our safety nets must be in place. I've been thinking about those words-"safety nets" for about a month now. Oh God, help us get our safety nets in place so we can work without fear!)

Don't camp near the enemy. Camp your ear near the mouth of God. Park your tent as closely to God as possible. You will hear the loudest what you are closest to.

Build with the rubble.(Remove unusable rubble. I'm not talking about people but baggage in our lives; the rubble that twists our ankles when we step on it as we are reaching upwards with a building block.)
Build with the very thing you think is your obstacle.
Use it; don't let it overwhelm you.

How can I fight forward?
By remembering the goodness of God;
that He's never lost a battle;
that no weapon formed against me will prosper;
that I love Him and He loves me;
He's bought me with His blood;
He's redeemed me;
He never gives up on me.
I can finish this thing.
I can hear Him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant."
I can endure to the end because He gives me strength
and He is good.

Nehemiah didn't recast the vision about rebuilding the wall.
He simply reminded them to 'Remember God' and 'Fight for Your Family.'

Think about David and Goliath.
David retrieved 5 smooth stones in the river.
They were smooth and ready for the slingshot
because they had stayed in the river.
Stay in the river of God
and get your rough edges smoothed off.
When God needs a stone to use in His weapon
against the enemy, you'll be ready
to be released from His hand.
Not every building block has joy, hope,
and faith written on it.
Some building blocks have scrawled
on their sides, "Hardship, sorrow, pain."
We lay these blocks side by side.
The block of joy with its companion of vision
side by side with the strength and
stability of sorrow.

How encouraging to hear the words,
"You are halfway there."
I thought we weren't halfway there yet.
But those words gave me quite a lift.
I'm going to make it.
We're going to make it.

I believe the wall shall yet be built
and the enemy will have to acknowledge
that God built the wall. Very little worth
building is built without a battle.
Don't leave the work to go to war.

Focus on God.
Focus on Family.
Focus on the Fellowship.

One eye on the work.
One eye watching.
One charred stone at a time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Potpourri of Thoughts

I have so many things I've been thinking about
and not enough time to blog them,
so in order to de-clutter my brain,
I am going to think 'outloud'
through my fingers to make more room
for other thoughts.

The Bible is full of verses that refer to mercy and truth being the two vital components of justice. If we act only in mercy, we'll be off kilter emotionally and things will get out of hand at home or in the classroom. If we act only in truth, we will be hard. But, if we take mercy in one hand and truth in the other and weigh them closely so they balance, then, we will have Justice. Justice is the foundation of trust. But that's another story.

Safety Nets
No one likes having an airbag going off, or having their car scraped up by a guard rail, but it sure beats the alternative. Likewise, integrity and guidelines may cause some to be an airbag or a guard rail in an institution. They may make things uncomfortable for a time, but it's better than crashing.
The safety net of true worship is righteousness and justice. Sometimes, we want to bypass the building of a firm foundation, but unless we do, we are headed for the alternative we so dearly want to avoid.

Without forgiveness, there is no relationship.

The one who is blind, thinks he is not.
The one who can see, knows he has blind spots.

Sad fact: The Children of Israel wanted a King, because Samuel the prophet was getting old, and his sons were not godly enough to take his place.

Heb. 11:26-...Moses "looked" to the reward. Bible notes say, "The word literally means 'to look away from everything else in order to look intently on one object." The direction we are looking is the direction our lives will take.

Sampson had just killed 1000 men. A great victory. But he cries out to God, "You have given me this great deliverance; now shall I die of thirst?"
You would think that among those 1000 dead bodies,
he could find some canteens with water in them.
Many great men in the Bible seem to have a meltdown after a great victory. How often do we come through some great crisis with victory and then fall apart at some small inconvenience or threat?
Sampson had 20 good years after that whole drama and God continued to use him to bring judgment on the enemies of His children. Things are seldom as bad as they seem.
Take a nap. Eat some protein. Drink water.
See how you feel tomorrow.
Now I feel a bit better. I've given up on writing a book report on every book I read and I probably won't blog all the prayers in the Bible. Shwew! That's a relief!

The Daily Dozen

If I were to move to another country,
and could only take 12 books,
these are the books I would take.
They are scattered across my desk
and I read them often.
I feel richer than a billionaire
because of my collection.
I write this because most readers
are always looking for a good book.
The ones I recommend here
will not disappoint you.

1-NKJV Study Bible
2-Strongs Exhaustive Concordance
3-'Celebration of Discipline'-Foster
4-'Disciplines of the Inner Life'-Benson
5-'Early Will I Seek You'-Augustine
6-'Streams in the Desert'-Mrs. Charles Cowman
7-'Daily Help'-Charles Spurgeon
8-'The Supplied Life'-Bill Freeman
9-'My Utmost for His Highest'-Oswald Chambers
10-'A Year With C.S.Lewis'-Daily Readings from his classics
11-'Hymns of Glorious Praise'
12-'Biblical Journal Notes'-by B.L.D.-My mother

I worry that people will look at my list and think I am spiritual.
Or maybe they will think that I think that I am spiritual.
But I am hungry for God, homesick for heaven, and in need of comfort.
My appetite for books such as these reveals my needs.

I am so glad that Jesus said that He did not come to help those who are healthy,
but to help those who are sick. I am so glad that My Beloved Physician takes time to diagnosis my need and prescribe perfect medicine that has no ill side effects.

The pleasant words I read are as a honeycomb,
sweet to my mind and healing to my body. (Prov. 16:24)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worship With Request

I've been thinking alot about worshiping God
without making requests from Him.
I think I am finally getting an understanding
about what adoration is all about.

But now,
I've been reading in Matthew,
and everything I read portrays worship WITH request.

Matt. 8 records the story of the leper.
He came and worshiped Jesus and said,
"Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean."
Jesus said, "I am willing. Be clean."
And the leper lost his old identity and gained a new one.

Matt. 9 records the story of Jarius's daughter.
Jarius was a leader in the local synagogue.
He came to Jesus and worshiped Him,
saying, "My daughter has just died,
but if You come and lay Your hand on her,
she will live."
And that's just what happened.

Then I thought about The Lord's Prayer.
It starts out with worship.

"Our Father, which art in Heaven.
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in Heaven."

Then come the requests.

"Give us this day our daily bread."
Feed us. Take care of our needs.

"And forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors."
Forgive us as we forgive others.

"And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil."
Keep us from getting ourselves
into trouble, and keep us from
the troubles caused by evil.

And here comes Worship again.
"For thine is the Kingdom,
and the Power,
and the Glory,
forever. Amen."

A Worship Sandwich.

But why the requests
for Provision,
and Protection?

Because His is the Kingdom.
We ask because He is the King.
And the King is also Our Father.

Could it be,
that our very requests
are also worship;
a proclaiming of who He is?

Like the leper,
we worship,
and request for cleansing,
because He Is the Cleanser
and the Changer of our Identity.

Like Jarius,
we worship,
and request a miracle
because He is our Hope for life
and without Him
we have none.

for Who He is.

Worship, for Who He is
and What He may do.

Praise, for what He has done,
and Who He has been in our lives.

for answering our prayers.

with Requests,
Is Worship.

Holy, Holy God.

Carrying Seed to Sow

I read a verse the other day
from Psalm 126:6.
"He who goes out weeping,
carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him."

Then I read a newsy letter from my sister.
She told me what she was doing.
She teaches Bible Classes after
school hours for public school children.
She is helping people at church
with their deaf child
and is teaching sign language to
a group of interested people.
She's having a hymn sing in her home
once a month.
And I know she takes good care of my mother.

Last May,
her 23 year old son was killed
in a freak vehicular accident.
She is grieving.

When I read the verse,
I thought of her.
She is going out weeping,
but she IS going out,
not hiding in a cave.

She is carrying seed to sow,
doing the good works that God
prepared in advance for her to do,
sorrow or no sorrow,
and she is sowing those seeds.

And she will return with songs of joy,
carrying her sheaves with her.
What a harvest she will bring in!

In this world of trouble,
if we'd wait until our sorrows
were over, before we sow the seeds
of good deeds,
we would never sow.

I think our tears
are also seeds.

We sow tears
and reap joy.


Miss Dr. Doolittle

My daughter, Susan, is an animal lover.
Animals know she loves them.
The duck that runs from the boys,
eats out of her hand.
The rabbits that escape from their cage
because the 'stupid cows' knocked them over,
don't want to escape from their cage.
They find Susan as quickly as they can.

She took the Dutch rabbit out in the snow
and laid him on his back.
He just laid there,
his one leg twitching.
All of her rabbits rest contentedly in her hands,
lying on their backs,
because right after they are born,
she holds them like that.
She does that everyday,
and they are as comfortable lounging around
on their backs as they are sitting
on their legs.

One of her teachers at school
calls her 'The Frog Whisperer.'
If her frogs get too noisy
or start banging around,
she tells them to be quiet
and they listen.
The other day,
I was excited about my weight loss
and proclaimed my victory
to the household.
The frogs got all excited.
'They are happy for you, Mom,'
she interpreted.
She gets them to do tricks.
One time I paid a dollar for a ticket
to attend her frog circus.
It was worth more than a dollar.

Phil's mother, Ginny,
watched Susan play with them
as she stretched them out and
showed off their skills.
She said, "They look so...

Last week,
Susan brought a rabbit outside and left him
hop around.
After awhile,
a cardinal came and investigated
the rabbit.
They appeared to be touching noses.

Sheila and Jasmine are two cows
that Michael and Philip have raised since
they were a day old.
Sheila ate some wire or something
and we lost her.
Susan held Sheila's head in her lap
as she lay dying,
stroking it and talking kindly to her.
A few days later,
she tried to comfort Jasmine,
who was standing at the spot
where her friend Sheila died,
head hanging low in grief.

Don't tell me animals don't have souls.
They have a mind.
They have a will.
They have emotions.
They have souls.

Animals know that Susan loves them.
Animals trust their souls to Susan.
Little Miss Dr. Doolittle.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Blogger Post

Please check out the new blog I posted on my sidebar.
Well, actually, Lindsay did it since I only appear capable
of using the computer.

It's entitled "Just Sayin"
and it's written by Pastor Rob,
the associate pastor of our church.

It is well worth your time
to check him out
because he is a student of the Word,
has a great imagination,
and is smart.

I learn something new everytime I read his posts.

As an interesting side note,
his daughter Alli,
is marrying Freeman,
our oldest son,
this summer.

But I would have posted
his blogsite on my sidebar
even if that were not the case.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Sermon-Feb.21, 2010

Pastor Frank's sermon with my additions and subtractions. ;)

In God, our cup is overflowing. (ah)

Not only has He given us life; He has given us abundant life.
Not only does He give us peace; He gives us peace that passes understanding.
Not only is He a Mighty God; He is Almighty God.

John 4:19-24-The Woman at the Well-vs. 23-"The hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him." v24-"God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

(I just had this thought. If God was a Mind, we'd have to worship Him in mind. If He was emotion, we'd have to worship Him in emotion. If He was a body, we'd have to worship Him in body. But He is a Spirit. Our spirit is where the Spirit of God dwells when we've been born anew. True worship happens when our spirit meets with His Spirit. It sounds like a way of life to me. It sounds like we're abiding in Him-who is the way, the truth, and the life- and He is abiding in us.) ah


God is looking, right now, at this moment, for true worship. When God finds true worship, He shows up. We often quote the scripture, 'Ask and it shall be given unto you; Seek and ye shall find; Knock and the door shall be open unto you..." This verse is about us pursuing God. But what if we reversed it? What if God is knocking on the door of our church and the door of our hearts to see if we will open up our whole lives to God?

There is plenty of Show Worship and False worship around.

Selective worship-choosing what you want to hear and ignoring the rest.
?????? worship- Substance with no feeling; feeling with no substance.(Subjective worship?)
Superstitious worship-If you don't worship, you won't be blessed.

What does true worship really look like?
We worship with our spirit and with our understanding of the truth.

1)True Worship is Scriptural.

Worship deals with salvation. Many Samaritans believed in Him because He told the Samaritan woman everything she had ever done. They said, "We believe that You are the Messiah of the world." We must be saved in order to worship Him. God won't accept dialogue from your mouth that doesn't come from your heart. (I personally think that this is one of the ways we believers take the name of the Lord in vain. We can look like we are really worshiping but we can be thinking about many other things even as we sing His name.)

God is not impressed by our singing or musical talent or who we are.
God has angels singing for Him.

The Word within us forms our worship. The more we know about God, the deeper our worship of Him. If we don't know Him, we can't worship Him.

2) Worship is Spiritual.

We worship Him from our Spirit where He dwells, and with our mind where truth
is discerned.

In Gary Thomas's book-'Sacred Pathways', he describes the nine different pathways people take to relate to God through Jesus Christ.

The naturalist loves God through the out of doors.
The sensates love God through their senses.
The traditionalists love God through rituals and symbolism.
The ascetics love God in solitude and simplicity.
The activists love God through confrontation.
The caregivers love God by loving others.
The enthusiasts love God with mystery and celebration.
The contemplatives love God through adoration.
The intellectuals love God with their minds.

Taking these nine different temperaments, and add to them different personalities and likes and dislikes, no wonder God is still seeking those who will worship Him. (PF)

(I look at it this way. God has made so many different kinds of people and He loves the different ways we worship Him. I think we worship God best in spirit and truth when we worship Him on our own souls pathway(s) to God. We can jump on to another's pathway and worship Him in their way for a time, but our discomfort being there does not mean we are not spiritual or do not love God. We are just more comfortable in our own soul's pathway to God. It is the way He has made us. We are, in fact, more truthful there, and our spirit knows how to touch His Spirit with a certain intimacy that is ours and His alone.

Imagine an orchestra using it's instruments to worship God. Imagine that the activist is a trumpet and the naturalist a flute. Perhaps the sensate is a cello and the traditionalist a harp. Maybe the ascetic is an alto clarinet; the caregiver a violin; the enthusiast a drum; the contemplative a saxophone and the intellectual a piano. Imagine each person worshiping God with their own spirit, their spirit meeting with God's Spirit, and each playing their own instrument. I believe God loves that kind of worship. How beautiful for all the instruments to be playing individually and yet corporately to make sweet music to God. What a tragedy if we'd insist that only one instrument play the symphony of worship. ah)

3) God is pleased with sacrificial worship.

The woman left something at the well that had become the altar where she met Jesus. She left her water jar. She was there with her water jar at that time of day because she had issues. She had quite a few husbands and not many people wanted to socialize with her.

Jesus wants to meet you right in the midst of your issues.

We give up something every time we come to worship Him.
If we don't praise Him, the rocks will.
Michael pointed out a verse he had just read at the beginning of the service.
He was reading Proverbs 21 since it was Feb. 21.

Prov. 21:3 says,
"To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice."

It made me think of this verse in Psalm 97:2-
"Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of His throne."

Oh, that the foundation of our worship around the throne be composed of His very own righteousness and justice that make up the foundation of His throne. O God, help us understand what this means! Fill us with Your righteousness and Justice so our sacrifice of worship is acceptable to You! ah

I came home from church and opened up the little book I pick up several times during any day. It's entitled 'Discipline For the Inner Life' by Bob and Michael Benson. I was in the section of adoration and the next reading described perfectly what I think is at the heart of what Pastor Frank has been preaching about these past few weeks. This does not mean that we don't praise and worship God for what He has done for us or Who He has been to us. We find that kind of worship all throughout Scripture. But this writing describes an adoration that goes beyond that kind of worship. I read it to Michael and he could hardly contain himself. Here goes:

From 'An Autobiography of Prayer' by Albert E. Day~

"...the highest adoration is not occupied
with the recollection of favors received
and mercies extended,
though they do help one be aware
of the true nature of God.

There is still,
in all such recollection,
a remnant of that self-centeredness
which it should be
the purpose of prayer to escape.

In it,
we are still thinking of God in terms
of something to be done to "me"
or for "me."

We never really adore Him,
until we arrive at the moment
when we worship Him
for what He is in Himself,
apart from any consideration
of the impact of His Divine Self-hood
upon our desires and our welfare.

Then we love Him for Himself alone.

Then we adore Him,
regardless of whether
any personal benefit
is in anticipation or not.

Then it is not what He has done for us
or what we expect Him to do for us,
but what He has been from eternity
before we existed,
and what He is now
even if we were not here to need Him,
and what He will be forever
whether that "forever" includes us or not-
it is that which captivates us
and evokes from us
the selfless offering of self in worship.

That is pure adoration.

Nothing less is worthy of the name."

Therefore, the sacrifice of worship requires us to take our
personal existence out of the equation of worship.

He is Beauty and Light; Truth and Goodness; Love and Perfection.
He has always been and always will be Who and What He is,
regardless of our existence.

We don't worship Him
so He'll show up.
We cannot orchestrate worship
in order to orchestrate His presence.
He is beyond all that.
'He isn't a tame lion.'

The truth of His existence
exalts His Spirit within mine,
and I worship Him
Who Was and Who Is
and Who Is To Come. ah

Gems from My Mother's Journal

Hosea 2:19, 23~And here God pictures Himself as a loving Husband~"I will betroth you to me forever, yes, I will betroth you to me in ~~~loving kindness and compassion. I will betroth you to me in faithfulness. Then you will know the Lord.~~~"And I will say to those who were not My people, 'You are My people!' and they will say, 'Thou art My God!'" (A prayer and a hope for our unsaved loved ones.ah)

A Wonderful Statement! Joshua 21:45-"Not one of the good promises which the Lord had made to the House of Israel failed; All came to pass."

Joshua 24:7-"But when they cried out to the LORD, He put darkness between you and the Egyptians."
Exodus 14:10
~In this story of the Israelites from Exodus through Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, I noticed that God responded when the Israelites cried to Him. At the Red Sea they cried to the Lord but complained bitterly to Moses. Even so, God performed this wonderful miracle of the darkness. And I wonder again, would He prefer our crying to Him even in complaint rather than not at all? And I remember that in reading the prophets there were times where the prophets said to them after some terrible experiences, "Even then, you did not cry out to the Lord your God."

Hertzler Doings-Feb.22-28, 2010

Mon.-Phil, Freeman, and Philip home due to rain and due to the fact that the job in Richmond is wrapping up for the time being. Phil is checking into other jobs right now. Phil worked on paper work and the guys worked on other projects. Freeman got the internet up and running. My blogging notebook is backed up. I went for an hour walk today, out the lane and then to the left on Cutbanks, down to the tobacco barn. Probably three miles. It started to rain on the way back but I was so hot it felt good. I weighed myself this morning and I had reached the goal the insurance company had for me. Somehow, in the last two years, I have lost 35 pounds and 5 inches off my waist. They would like me to lose another 25 lbs but I think I will try for 15 lbs and see what I look like. I started married life underweight at 120 lbs and kept 20 lbs with each child plus added 10 more for good luck! So I still weigh 55 more lbs than I did when we were married. I ate a cookie today and it was too sweet and tasted so fatty. I'd rather have lettuce! I guess the brain and the body can get used to anything. I made oatmeal raisin cookies at Freeman's request and I added chocolate chips to the last half of the dough. Also made cornmeal mush with mom and dad's home roasted cornmeal. We'll fry it up tomorrow morning. Michael loves it.

The computer won't save this entry so I had to print it. I guess I'll add a day at a time.

Tues.-Back teaching music. Michael came in my room during a break and read me the letter he will memorize for the Civil War Recitatio. It is a letter that a soldier wrote to his wife during the war. He died a week later. His wife did not get the letter until the war was over. It is SAD. He is very excited to memorize it and said, "Plus, there are some really good lines in it." I think he will be using them to express his love for someone special some day. Susan spent several hours dipping eggs and filling orders.

Wed.-School. Errands. Home. Church. Sara. To bed exhausted.(Not because of Sara)

Thurs.-Wiped out. Good to have a sunny day at home.

Fri.-Great day at home. Studied. Exercised. Blogged. Cleaned. Caught up with Carleen and Judy.
Cooked. Made an incredible bear roast with horse radish and mushrooms in crockpot, plus mashed potatoes, and veggies. Also bear scrapple for tomorrow. Watched Ocean's 12 with Phil and Susan. Michael worked at Krogers. Freeman went to bed early. Philip went with Christi to a dress up dinner theatre put on by Whitney F. and her group. Oh-Michael and Susan had an encounter with a possum on their way home from school. Michael won.

Sat.-Day at home to wash, clean, cook. Freeman smoked bear ribs. Phil out with Dave P. to check windows on the place that Phil might be working on. Philip trapping. Went to see Dr. F. Says I am dealing with mold in the house issues. We don't see any mold. Low energy, achey.

Sun-So good to be at church with friends. Good service. Home for the afternoon. Guys here visiting Mike and Philip, Alli here with Freeman, and Kelli S. here with Susan. Phil napping on sofa, Alli and Freeman baking cookies, I'm blogging and reading Mother Teresa book, and girls out hiking around. Going to Financial Peace Class tonight.

Hertzler Doings-Feb. 15-21, 2010

I am writing this the Monday after last week. Our internet has been down. I will jot down some of last week's highlights.

Back teaching after disrupted schedule for three weeks due to weather. Enjoyed every moment of it. Had lunch with Lindsay and the girls at Longwood Cafeteria on Thursday. Again I sense God's presence hovering over the campus. Friday I canned 13 qt of chicken corn noodle soup made from Mom's homemade chicken she sent with Anne. Ran into Dawn at Kroger's after just wishing I could read more of her writings. Walked 2 miles on Sat. in the beautiful sunshine. On Sunday, a pile of kids came and courageously slid down to the river on trucks. Mud everywhere. Philip figured out a way to cook pizza's over the fire. They made s'mores and hot dogs too. Anna's first time here and she kept saying how beautiful it is. Haley spent the afternoon with Susan and we went to Financial Peace Class in the eve.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Disappointed with God

I've been thinking about Mary of Bethany.

After Lazarus was risen from the dead,
there was a party for Jesus given at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

Mary took a pound of pure spikenard and poured it over Jesus.
It was worth a year's wages.
This fragrance stayed with Him from that party time
until the crucifixion and perhaps even after His resurrection.
Our pastor spoke about her last week
and I've been thinking about her ever since.

I was thinking about how much she loved Him.
I was thinking about how He disappointed her
 when He didn't come to heal Lazarus.

He let Lazarus die in order to bring glory to God through his resurrection.

I have been wondering if she loved Him
 because He brought her brother back to life.

I've been thinking about why I love Him so much.

It's not because He brought anyone I love back to life.

I think I love Him so much because when He didn't bring them back to life
or keep them from dying,
that I was able to let Him know how disappointed I was in Him.

He didn't discard my disappointment or think I was irreverent.
He wept with me and asked me to show Him where my grief lay hidden in a tomb.

Just like He did for Mary.

I think Mary and I love Him so much
because He let us say,
"If only You had been here...this would not have happened."

I think we love Him because He was not disappointed with our disappointment.

What's in a Name?

..."I will set him on high, because he has known My name." Psalm 91:14b

Names tell alot about a person.
They speak of a person's character, what he has done, and where he has lived.
My maiden name, Diffenbach, means 'Deep River.'
I suppose that my ancestors lived near a deep river at one time.
Those who have the last name of 'Carpenter' most likely have carpenters
in their family tree.

So, I've been thinking about the verse in Psalm 91:14b.
It holds a promise.
God will set us on high if we know His name.

I believe the more we know about what is contained in His name,
the more we will understand His character, who He is,
and what He does.

Our church has been focusing on the discipline of worshiping Christ
without request. I think, that as we know His name, and proclaim His names,
we are proclaiming Him as the answer to our requests that we are not making. For example, instead of asking God to take care of our needs, we worship Him as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

We worship the Answer instead of focusing on our need.
We know His name, Jehovah Jireh, and we know His name
because we need Him. Our knowledge of His name
comes from our need and experiencing Him as the Answer.

I have a little book I started reading since Psalm 91, vs. 14, made its way back into my world. I bought the book for $.99 years ago. It's entitled, 'Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord," and is written by Charles E. Hurlburt and T.C. Horton.

Each writing takes a name of Christ or God, gives a verse, a short teaching, and a prayer. Each day, I reread the names I've already read.
I want to know His names.
I want to know Him.

These are the names I've read and studied so far:

'The Seed of the Woman'
"The Angel of Jehovah'
"Shiloh (Peacemaker)
"The Stone of Israel"
"A Star"
"A Sceptre"
"The Rock of My Salvation"
"The Light of the Morning"
"The Captain of the Host of the Lord"
"Tender Grass"
"The Daysman"
"My Glory"
"The Lifter Up of My Head"
"My Rock and My Fortress"
"A Worm and no man"

Each name that describes God and Jesus shows us more of who He is.
He is so rich and full.
We sing, "O for a thousand tongues to Sing..."
We will never on this earth, get to have a thousand tongues to sing His praise.
But I am thinking, that with two names to a page, and another 80 pages to go,
I may have close to 200 or more names to praise,
and that may be just as good as having a thousand tongues
to sing My Great Redeemer's praise....
The following is a sample entry from the book.
I love this one in particular and often ponder its meaning.

"The Meat (Meal) Offering"

"And when any will offer a meat offering unto the LORD, his offering shall be of fine flour; and he shall pour oil upon it, and put frankincense thereon." Lev. 2:1

"Perfect communion with our God as shown in the "MEAT OFFERING" was in many sense the highest pattern which our Savior set for men. Shall we not make it the chiefest plan of every day to have time when we enter into such worship with Him that we may truly say, "There is nothing between Thee and me, dear Lord," and then carry the sweetness of that deep communion unmarred and uninterrupted through all the hours. Most Holy Meal Offering, "El Elyon, as Thou didst pour upon the fine meal of Thy perfect life the Holy Oil of Thy most Holy Spirit, and the frankincense of Thy perfect adoration, and offer all for me, so I, accepting Thine which only hallows mine, pour forth my soul, my blood-cleansed soul, in worship. Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord. Amen."

Hertzler Doings-Feb 8-14, 2010

Mon.-Susan and I both still feeling bad from rye bread reaction. She stayed home from school. Phil and I have been taking the Financial Peace course at church. So today, I helped Susan set up a budget. Every month, I will give her $15.oo for her to purchase clothes. Since she is growing rapidly, this is not much. I will give her an extra $10 when she needs to buy shoes. I set up ways for her to earn money every month. For $5.00 a job, she can do the following once a month: clean the pantry, clean under the sink and kettle drawer, clean and organize the tupperware drawer, do the same with the spice cupboard above the microwave, clean the fridge, clean the utensil drawers, and organize the entertainment center. Because she is part of the family, she does the following jobs on an almost daily basis, without pay: clean her bedroom and bathroom, vacuum the house, burn the trash, empty the garbage and the junk trash, empty the dishwasher and takes care of her animals. For every $10.00 she makes, she tithes 1.00 and invests the same amount in a long term investment, like saving for some sort of money market. She saves $4.00 for a short term project such as going to a youth retreat or buying a camera or an Ipod. She can spend $4.oo on things like crickets and candy, etc. She bought a 13 pocket small folder to keep all her money dealings in. She is making eggs to sell again this year and buys all the ingredients with her own money from her egg fund.
Caught up with Helen on phone today. Meredith has a new job working at a Farmer's Market. We could sell old bottles and jars there as well as baked goods. Blogged, washed, and tidied house.

Tues.-No school! Snow! Awake alot during the night. Praying and waiting. Watching and wondering...Still sick...a bit disoriented. Susan, too.

Wed.-No School. Feeling a bit better. Philip's cow, Sheila, ate some wire or something. So sad. She is like a pet. Susan held her head in her lap as she was dying.

Thurs.-Finally got out to Dr. F. She said that if rye gets fermented it produces something like argonat(sp?) or something like that, which can cause hallucinations. No wonder I have felt so disoriented. My spleen, liver, kidney, and thyroid were enlarged. Neck and back thrown way off course.
Went to CCA's Ring Ceremony at the Babcock House. Sat with Rindy, Carl, and John. Had such great conversation about Kal--'s adoption and Rindy's mission trips. Cody D. was presented his ring by Michael and Clarissa. They both said something really nice about him.

Fri.-Didn't sleep most of last night. Upset stomach from all that wonderful rich food-mashed potatoes, green beans, salmon, chicken...butter and sauces, etc...So good though. Ran errands in Appomattox. Went to see Sheila at the Babcock House. She had foot surgery. Went to Krogers, Baines, Cut-Ups, Peebles, CVS, Dollar Store...looked and looked for birthday gifts for Adi and Emma.
Anne and Dave came down from Pa. Met them over at Tom's for a pizza night. Alli came too as did our whole family. She holds her own amidst the larger than life combined Hertzler families. Anne and Dave spent the night at Tom's.

Sat.-Anne and Dave came over. Dave helped Phil fix a tire on some big equipment and also with fire wood. Anne, Susan, and I went to Farmville. Stopped first at Adi's birthday party and had a nice time celebrating her delightful 2 years of life. I can't imagine life without her or Emma, or Gil and Lindsay for that matter. Lindsay made a Mickey Mouse cake using fondant and rice krispy candy to form some figures. Mia helped her. Gil's parents, Benny and Jane, were also there and Nikki and Jack. We made our own homemade pizzas. Also had some of the delicious cake and chocolate covered strawberries. I found little summer hats for the girls with Tinkerbelle and Little Mermaid on them, water colors, and an outfit for each. We also went to the bank, Amish Originals, Daily Grind, and Walmart.
Came home and made sweet and sour chicken with rice and salad and chocolate marvel cupcakes and ice cream. It was nice to all sit down together for a meal. It doesn't happen too often anymore. Anne, Dave, Susan, and Phil and I watched a movie after supper that Anne had brought along. Ate popcorn. Stuffed. Set them up with a single air mattress next to the sofa in the living room because they didn't want to be separated. How sweet they are together.

Sun.-Phil made potatoes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. Freeman prepared a sermon in 2 min. after Phil asked him, and gave it in 2 min. and it was really good. (Jer. 29:11.12) As we ate, we all shared memories we have of Anne that Dave might not know. They both really enjoyed that. Phil's been planning a Valentine Surprise for me since Christmas. We left around 9:15 because we had a 2 hour drive. Phil told me we were going to have a romantic getaway. Ha! Anne and Dave left shortly afterwards. Phil drove me to Bridgewater, Harrisonburg, and pulled into an authentic Italian Restaurant. To make a long story short, we met Mabe and Naomi there!!!! What a wonderful surprise! I miss Naomi more than words can say. I am going up to hear her speak in April, and also to go to the shore with her and Rosa and Bev. We missed seeing each other at Christmas, so now I can handle waiting until April to see her again.
We went back to Krissy's dorm to see Ashley and Morgan as well. Met Zach, Krissy's boyfriend, and their roommates, Kelli and Biz and Biz's boyfriend, Stephen. We had 4 wonderful hours together. Then we came home for half an hour and went back out to Farmville for the Financial Peace class. So good.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Revival Fire

Every where I turn, I hear people praying for revival.
Our church is praying.
The religious groups on TV are praying.
Perhaps Jesus is praying;
praying for revival in our homes, our community, our state,
our nation, and the world.

Several years ago, I read something in my Bible about revival.
I printed it out and put it on my wall and read it from time to time.
A few weeks ago, I was in a cleaning frenzy and took off
the faded writing from my bedroom wall.

As I was reading through Thessalonians the other day
I came across the teaching again.
It's taken from a Jack Hayford Study Bible.
I think that anyone who is interested
in experiencing revival in our land
may also be interested in this teaching.

"1 Thess. 5:19-"Do not quench the Spirit."

"Guard Against Dwindling Fires, REVIVAL.

Revival fires wane for various reasons.
Sometimes the purposes of God have been fulfilled
as believers have been quickened to evangelism
and new outreaches have been birthed and carried out.

Other times, genuine revival can be cut short
and the fire of the Holy Spirit quenched through unrealized compromise.

True spiritual fires dwindle
1) when we allow the excitement of crowds and miracles to dull our ears to hearing the foundational truths of the Holy Spirit's counsel;

2) when we look to the visitation of the Spirit to shore up weaknesses in the local fellowship rather than correct problems;

3) when we allow an attitude of pride and showmanship to distort the simplicity of God's workings, and the visitation is reduced to a cleverly publicized event;

4) when we fail to maintain the balance of the pastoral needs of the congregation, substituting the sheer energy of the meetings for shepherd care and faithful feeding of the sheep;

5) when we neglect to make disciples who would have multiplied the effectiveness of the revival;

6) when we allow breakdown of authority and unity in the leadership team through prayerlessness, weariness, or functioning outside the boundaries of individuals' giftings;

7) when we look to "professionals" to further the growth of the church instead of fostering the release of ministries that have bonded to the life and value system of the congregation;

8) when we lose the focus and object of loving worship by using "worship" as a means of stimulating desired responses in people;

9) when we allow the "busyness and excitement" of revival to take priority over vigilance in humble prayer and intercession; or

10) when we see revival as a way to advance a private local "kingdom" (congregation), rather than to benefit the whole body of Christ. "

It is obvious that someone has been through this before, either experiencing it themselves, or observing other's experiences. As we pray for revival, let's use the wisdom of someone who has gone before us, and pray for these concerns as well. ah

Monday, February 8, 2010


"I want to be deepened, not pepped up," she said to me this morning.

It got me to thinking.
How are we deepened?
How do we equip others to be deepened?
The first step is to be striving for depth ourselves.
Why be a mile wide and an inch deep?
Surface water gets brackish.
We need to make wells and dig deeper,
where the water is sweet.

A short time later, I was reading from 'The Celebration of Discipline'
by Richard J. Foster.
Chapter 5 is on 'The Discipline of Study.'
I think this holds the answer to being deepened.

"Many Christians remain in bondage to fears and anxieties
simply because they do not avail themselves
of the Discipline of study.

They may be faithful in church attendance and earnest in fulfilling their religious duties, and still they are not changed.

I am not here speaking only of those who are going
through mere religious forms,
but of those who are genuinely seeking
to worship and obey Jesus Christ
as Lord and Master.

They may sing with gusto,
pray in the Spirit,
live as obediently as they know,
even receive divine visions and revelations,
and yet the tenor of their lives remains unchanged.


Because they have never taken up
one of the central ways God uses to change us: study.

Jesus made it unmistakably clear that the
knowledge of the truth will set us free.

"You will know the truth,
and the truth will make you free."
(John 8:32)

Good feelings will not free us.
Ecstatic experiences will not free us.
Getting "high on Jesus" will not free us.
Without a knowledge of the truth,
we will not be free."

He went on to say that study involves four steps.

1)Repetition-"Repetition regularly channels the mind in a specific direction,
thus ingraining habits of thought."

2)Concentration-"Concentration centers the mind. It focuses the attention on what is being studied."

3)Comprehension-"Comprehension focuses on the knowledge of the truth. It leads to insight and discernment...providing a basis for a true perception of reality."

4)Reflection-"Although comprehension defines what we are studying, reflection defines the significance of what we are studying. Reflection brings us to see things from God's perspective. Jesus speaks often of ears that do not hear and eyes that do not see. When we ponder the meaning of what we study, we come to hear and see in a new way."

Sometimes, I study a topic, like fasting.
Then I read everything I can find on it.
I look up scriptures and read good books.

Other times, I read a chapter or a book in the Bible,
and pray, 'Lord, show me something new.'
He usually does.
I go through a time where I don't seem to 'get' much.
But I keep reading.
I keep plowing the soil,adding bits of nutrients
and fertilizer to my garden, so that when I do get
an understanding,
my soil is plowed and ready to receive
the good seed.
The fields produce more when the soil has been primed.

If you are not a good reader,
just read a verse or a psalm.
Don't let the feeling of
inadequacy keep you from the very
source of adequacy.

I believe,
that the more you hear,
the more He will entrust you
with more to hear.

Also, you could get CD's or tapes of the scriptures
and listen to them.
Studying does not always involve
a desk, a pen, and some paper.

Focus on a well of study that you are interested in.
Why be a jack of all trades and a master of none?
You don't have to know deeply about everything.

That's what the body of Christ is for.
We give cold cups of water from our wells to each other
and so nourish our body with living water.

Sometimes, I read the Scriptures
like I eat a box of chocolates.
I nibble a bit from the top of each treasure,
enjoying the flavor,
and getting an overall taste of what is good.

Other times,
I read the Scriptures
like I eat a single Dove chocolate.
I let it melt in my mouth,
savoring every bit of
it's sweet dark deepness.

The important thing is that we taste
and see that the Lord is good,
and then sit down to eat.

Sunday Sermon-Feb 7, 2010

Worship Reading-Psalm 91-My friend, Diane, had just sent me a book on Psalm 91. I started reading it on Saturday. It was moving to hear it read during worship. I've avoided it since Johnny died, but it was always my favorite psalm. It's coming back on its own; seeking me out. I have to taste and see what it wants from me.

My take and understanding of Pastor Frank's sermon:

Think about Jesus and the woman at the well.

His disciples saw the woman,
But Jesus saw the city.

Many of us just see a Sunday service,
but God sees a city.

Many just see a city,
But God sees a nation.

Many see a cloud the size of a man's hand,
But God sees an abundance of rain.

Some see the present time of trouble,
But God sees us filled with His glory.
Vindication by the Holy Spirit-John 12:1-8

Jesus came to Bethany, to the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.
It was six days before the Passover.
Lazarus sat at the table with Jesus while Martha prepared and served supper.
Mary took a pound of pure oil of spikenard, and anointed the feet of Jesus, wiping His feet with her hair. (It was worth an entire year's wage.)
The whole house was filled with the fragrance of this oil.
But Judas, who was a thief and was in charge of the money box,
protested the extravagant act,
"Why didn't you sell this oil and give the proceeds to the poor?"
He didn't care about the poor,
he just wanted more money for the box because he helped himself to it from time to time.
But Jesus defended her, saying, "Let her alone; she has kept this for the day of my burial. For the poor you will always have with you, but I won't always be here."
Oh, to be vindicated by Jesus.
The accuser of our brethren is constantly trying to raise up hindrances in our lives.
"I want to be vindicated-not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God.
I want the church, my children, my life to be vindicated by the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit, vindicate Your people again."

The same Spirit that chose me and drew me and called me will also vindicate me.
He will stand before me, after I have done my best for Him, and reveal the truth regarding me.
He will defend and vindicate me.
Vindicate means to clear, as from an accusation or suspicion; To validate worth in light of later developments.

Mary had an undeniable passion for the Lord.
People had come to their house, not only to see Jesus, but also to see Lazarus.
He was not only a phenomena, he was their friend, come back to life.
The house was full.
Mary didn't allow the presence of others to
deter her from her passion for Christ.
She poured out her passion on Him.
She spoke without speaking.

The test of a thief is this;
a thief opposes the extravagance of a passion.
A thief tries to steal your worship by reminding you of all your troubles
and of all the poor (needs) around you.
The enemy hates when we worship God without making requests from Him.

A thief wanted to rob the moment of passion from Mary.
He wanted her to second guess her motive and her love.
But, Jesus stuck up for her and said that even if no one else
understood what He was about to go through,
she did. She had listened well,
and it meant a great deal to Him.

This perfume was absorbed into His skin.
He would smell the worship poured out on His life every day
until His crucifixion. It would sustain Him and carry
Him through the crucifixion itself.

Why was she so passionate towards Jesus?
It was because there was a moment in her life
where Jesus had touched her and proved Himself real.
He raised her brother from the dead.

(I think He touched her many times before.
She often sat at His feet and listened to Him.
I think she loved Him so much that she was so disappointed
in Him when He didn't come and heal her brother.
She was looking for a healing,
but He disappointed her and broke her heart.
Then He gave her a resurrection.)

11 Cor. 2:14-"Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life."

Our lives in Christ have such a fragrance that people have to make a decision to be attracted or to run away. The aroma of worship in this place is so strong, that it causes those who would cause disunity to leave or change.
What is in your home is so strong that people will either want to stay there or never come back. Your passion for God will either bring them in or cause them to flee.

1 Tim, 3:15, 16-Unadulterated Worship is "...knowing how to conduct ourselves in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth..."

"The mystery of godliness is this:
God was manifested in the flesh,
Justified in the Spirit,
Seen by angels,
Preached among the Gentiles,
Believed on in the world,
Received up in glory."

Jesus was justified in the Spirit.
People said things like,
"Isn't this the carpenter's son?" and
"Can any good come out of Nazareth?"
He never said a word of defense in front of His accusers.
He never held a cruel thought.
He loved those who were abusing Him
as much as He loved the one who poured the oil on Him.

Someone was worried that Jesus was telling the truth
about coming back to life.
So, they placed a stone in front of the entrance to His grave.

He was vindicated by the Spirit-The stone was rolled away.
He rose from the dead.
He ascended.
One day every nation will bow down before Him.
He will be completely vindicated!

If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead
dwells in you....what kind of vindication are you going
to see in your life?
People are soon going to find out that it was because of you that things turned around.
People will find out after the fact that it was because of you that tragedy was averted.

The thief is getting you to look at the extravagance of what is being poured out,
but God is breathing it in.
Spent some time at the altar,
with the lover and vindicator of my soul.
I desired not to lift my arms up to Him
but to place my arms around Him and hold Him close.
I felt Him pour His oil on my head;
warm and dripping it went down my arms
and off my fingers..
down my legs unto my feet.
"I am not going to wipe off your feet.
I want the oil of my fragrance
to leave footprints of My presence
wherever you go...
How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring Good News..."
I wrote a song for Mary of Bethany 25 years ago.
I kept hearing it in my mind while Pastor Frank spoke.

Jesus, lover of my soul
I cannot bear to look into Your eyes
For they tell me you are leaving
They say that you are grieving
Why must you say good-bye

So I'll anoint your feet
with the oil of sweet perfume
And I will dry the tears
that are flowing down your cheeks
I'll hold you in my heart
even when You're gone
I'll say good-bye before they bury You.

Jesus, lover of My soul
I long to stay forever at Your feet
to hear the truth that sets me free
Your words of peace
they quiet me
Why must you say good-bye?

Jesus, lover of My soul
You love the world as much as you love me
So I'll turn your face to Calvary
I know they'll hang You on a tree
But the time has come for me to
say good-bye

So, I'll anoint your feet
with the oil of sweet perfume
And I will dry the tears
that are flowing down your cheeks
I'll hold you in my heart
even when you're gone
I'll say good-bye
before they bury You.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dove Love or Pigeon Religion

I heard a teaching the other day on GodTV by R.T. Kendall-
He told this story.

He was standing in front of a large group of people, worshiping God, singing with the congregation, "Praise the Lord, the God of Heaven," when he looked out and saw someone in the crowd who had done irreparable emotional damage to one of his children. He began to get very upset as he thought about what they had done. "How could they have done that? How can they stand there and worship God?"

Then the Lord spoke to him and asked, "You are praying for revival, aren't you?"
"Would you rather that I judge that person or would you rather have revival?"
"I want revival."
"Pray for them."
"Lord, I pray for them."
"That's not good enough. Ask me to bless them."
"Bless them."
"Say it again."
"Bless them."
"Say it again."
"Bless them."
"Do you mean it?"
"What if I really bless them?"
"Lord, you wouldn't do that, would you?"
It was through that personal interchange with the Lord, that he was able to get up and address the crowd with peace in his soul, rather than torment.
John 1:32-The account of John baptizing Jesus-"And John bore witness, saying, "I saw the spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and He remained upon Him."

John knew that Jesus was the Messiah because the Holy Spirit came down like a dove and rested on Jesus and stayed .

A dove is a shy, peaceful bird. It won't stay around if it's treated unkindly.
The Holy Spirit, like the dove, will fly away if we grieve Him.

A pigeon is not as reserved as a dove. It's more pushy and insists on having its own way. But people confuse the dove and the pigeon because they are similar in appearance.

The Holy Spirit will not come down and stay with a person who is bitter; who is always pointing the finger. When we point the finger, the dove flies away and we are left to ourselves.

When we totally forgive the one who did us wrong, we won't tell anyone what they did.

We punish people with our tongue. We can't bear the thought of anyone looking up to them anymore. The lack of control of the tongue causes the dove to fly away. Too often, we just have to say something to get it off of our chest.

John the Baptist said, " I knew He was the Messiah, because the dove came down and stayed."

Sometimes, we think that people need to know what they did; that we shouldn't forgive them unless they ask to be forgiven. But on the cross, Jesus said, "Father, forgive them. They don't know what they are doing."

Sometimes, people not only don't ask for forgiveness, they don't even know that they've hurt us. Our problem is, we want to make sure they know.

When the ungrieved Spirit in me recognizes the ungrieved Spirit in you, our fellowship in the Spirit is sweet.

We keep records of wrongs and we lose the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
Tear up the record of wrongs. Denying that the person wronged you is not walking in forgiveness. Face the awfulness of what they did, and then forgive them. Forgiveness is an act of your will. This does not mean that we trust the offender. We forgive them. We let them off the hook. But we are not foolish with our trust. (The speaker forgave the one who offended his child, but I doubt if he allowed him to have a relationship with his child again.)

Do you want the anointing of the spirit more than you want personal vindication?

If our church body and the body of Christ became void of bitterness and walked in forgiveness, who knows what could happen to this part of the world, because we want His glory and His honor more than we want to look good and be right?!(RTKendall)

We cannot make a peaceful home for the dove to remain if we are bitter and unforgiving. We waste our breath, praying for revival, asking for the Holy Spirit to come, if we have not cleansed our lives of 'pigeon religion', the appearance of the dove without its pure heart.

Sometimes, we might forgive a person, but make an inner vow to never let anyone ever hurt us like that again. Other people are held at a distance because of what someone else did to us. If we are truly going to love others and be loved by them, we have to take the risk of being hurt again. If God gave us grace to forgive once, He will give us grace to forgive again. If we withhold fellowship from others because of our fear of being hurt, we are rejecting them in another's name, and we give them something to forgive in us. And, we may miss a great blessing that God had in store for more than just us. If we truly believe that it is 'all about Him', we won't be so afraid of having relationships with others. We won't be so fearful of being hurt. Jesus related to Judas and He knew he would betray Him. This is no easy task. I don't know a human being on earth who hasn't said in his/her heart, 'Never Again.'
Sometimes, that's good. Sometimes, it isn't. God give us discernment beyond the hurt in our heart.

Help us, Lord, to love one another with a pure heart.
Help us to forgive, as You forgave.
Let Your Spirit come to us and remain.
Let Your Dove alight on us and stay.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hertzler Doings-Feb 1-7, 2010

Mon.-no school due to snow leftovers. Took down the manger scenes and put up other mementos. Ryan and Philip were trapping on river. Philip got wet right away in the morning and was wet all day. Michael worked in afternoon and eve. at Krogers and got the info that there will be no school tomorrow either. Phil in office most of the day. Michael got his tags moved over to his new car. Freeman organized his possessions and went to see Alli. Susan and I watched The Bachelor in the eve. and it is plain weird. How can a guy be in love with 5 different girls at the same time?

Tues.-No school. Michael worked at Kroger in eve. Took him 50 min to get home. Almost went off the road into the ditch and the cliff 5 times on his way down our lane. They sent him home early. Eating too much and not getting a whole lot done.

Wed.-No school. We weren't going to go anyway because we couldn't get out of our lane.
Made some bread. Did a few things. Feeling foggy. Loved the sun. Michael tried to get out to Farmville but our lane wouldn't let him so he backed back down it and came home.
Chatted with Susan's teacher on facebook. She will fax her work to her if we can't get in. Now, that's a friend and a teacher! I haven't been out since last Wed. night. I could become a very chubby hermit at this rate. Two hour delay tomorrow. We'll see...Need to get groceries. Wish I felt motivated. I am just waiting. Waiting. Not nervously or with fear, but just waiting. I guess I'll know what I am waiting for when it happens.

Thurs.-Got out the lane. Ran errands and waited in a long line at Krogers. Went to Dr. Forand. She said my thyroid is enlarged..explains the sluggishness. Ate some Rye bread when I got home with Susan. Threw up. Could it be the rye bread?

Fri.-feel like cement was poured into the mold of my body. Dragging all day. Snow turned to freezing rain turned to snow. I dreamed about Abie last night. We were at a large retreat center with my side of the family. He was suddenly in a room with my mother, Freeman, and I. I asked him how he was and what Heaven was like. He shook his head side to side, searching for words, 'Heaven is...wonderful.' Mother asked him what he would be studying and who his professor would be if he had not died and he told her. His face was filled out nicely and his hair was tousled. After awhile, he said, 'It's time for me to go,' and he went straight up in the air through the ceiling. I was telling everyone about seeing him. I remember walking hand in hand with my Uncle Merv telling him about seeing Abie. When I told Phil my dream, we both had to cry. It was a nice start to my lazy day. Susan and I watched 'Paris when it Sizzles'. Audrey Hepburn plays in it. I had borrowed it from Lindsay. It was written by someone with severe ADHD. It was awful. Afterwards, I said to Susan, "I'm not sure if I can be friends with Lindsay anymore." That struck us both so funny we couldn't stop laughing. Ryan and Philip caught a beaver or an otter, I forget which. Daniel Petersheim came over in the eve. to weather the storm here since he lives alone. He is so polite and friendly. Our whole family loves him. I made baked blueberry oatmeal, scrapple, and homemade mac and cheese with Christmas ham bits scattered in it. Mike made some Kroger pizzas and the guys played video games in their apartment. Phil, Susan, and I watched Twister until the electricity went off permanently around 11. Went to bed but Phil got up after about an hour because he was concerned about the pipes freezing. Michael helped him hook up the generator and they slept next to each other in the hay until the tractor warmed up. It took them a couple hours and when he came back to bed, he couldn't get warm. I finally got him two heating pads and that did the trick and he was off snoring, and then I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up.

Sat.-Hung around together, playing games, eating, etc. Electricity came back on around 11:30. Phil plowed lane in eve. Naomi called. They have 2 feet of snow.

Sun.-So happy to go to church and hug people and talk with them. Held Adi in church and she fell asleep. Lindsay's 29th birthday. Freeman had spent the weekend with them at The Chi Alpha Retreat. Travis and Chace here in afternoon. Phil, Susan, Freeman and I watched alot of Monk in the afternoon. Philip at Harvest Youth's Super Bowl party. Freeman went to Chi Alpha's Super Bowl party. Susan threw up after eating rye bread and I feel sick on it too. I wonder if I throw out the rye flour and the rest of the bread if the chickens, or birds, or dogs will start throwing up too. Maybe I should burn it. It's the oddest thing.
Phil had to run out Sunday eve. to our furnace guy and get a thing to fix the fan. The house was getting really cold because the fan wasn't working. School is starting 2 hours late tomorrow.