Monday, March 18, 2013

Hertzler Doings~March 18-24, 2013

Mon.-Rainy chilly day. I think I like every kind of weather. Susan worked on her eggs and lollipops. I went to Appomattox and got my hair trimmed and went to Krogers. Alli and Freeman both have a stomach flu. Phil and Susan went to the livestock auction in the afternoon and she continued with dipping eggs in the eve. and doing wash. I made kale soup and potato soup. Michael helped by chopping up the vegetables with Cutco. Phil worked around here most of the day. Philip worked with Dave. My oral surgery site seems to be doing better. Last night the pain levels were the highest and I had a hard time breathing. But oragel, arnica, pain meds, salt water rinse, and a cold pack, finally won. Thank God. I didn't want to have to go back to Richmond today. Pretty wiped out. Hoping to get to bed soon. Thankful that Philip got to go play basketball tonight. Thankful for this week with Michael on spring break. It was hard to see him go back to school. Thankful for the sounds of tub water running, the dryer flinging clothes about, Susan dipping eggs, rain, and Phil, working on his computer.

(Writing the following catch-up writing on April 3rd and 4th)

Tues.~Lots of errands while Susan at co-op. Packed for Pa.

Wed.~Left for Pa around 8. Susan drove 3 hours and more while in Pa. We stopped in to see Pastor Frank and Lisa in Warrenton and had a nice lunch with them. Great to see them. Got to Joe and Karen's around 5:30. Jonathan ran right to us. Caught up with Karen as far as everything about Jonathan goes. Unpacked car. So much stuff. Joe and Karen left for the airport around 7. Jonathan cried and cried when they told him they were leaving. Had most of us in tears too. Distracted him with his bath. He just sat in the tub for a long time and said mournfully, 'Mommy, Daddy' over and over. Nice bedtime ritual of reading, praying for those who mentions, praying Numbers 6 over him-"The Lord bless you and keep you...", singing to him, rocking. Lucy howled from her cage in the garage. Not allowed in the house due to a number of things.///Thankful for the safe trip. Thankful to reconnect with Lisa and PFrank. Thankful that Joe and Karen get to take a vacation to England.

Thurs.-Jonathan woke up crying around 4:30 this morning. I walked in and he was on his back, eyes opened. He said, "Hi." I picked him up and gave him his cup. "Juice," he said. I rocked him back to sleep. Jonathan isn't feeling well. Woke him up this morning at 8:30. Visited Mom and Aunt Rhoda and Aunt Mae and three of their cousins. She had them over for the day. They worked on their projects of cross-stitch, rug braiding, etc. together while they visited. Jonathan fell asleep in Susans arms  around 11:30. Kept on sleeping when we went across the road to his house. Slept until I woke him up at 3:50. He sat on one of our laps until 4:30 and seemed a lot better. Mom visited in eve. Susan and I watched American Idol for the first time in years. Read a scripture that keeps echoing in my heart as if it was written today. Jesus said to His disciples in the garden, "Are you still resting? The Son of Man is being betrayed into the hand of sinners." ///Thankful for a most wonderful mother-in-law and her sweet sisters. Thankful that Jonathan is sad that his parents went away but he's not beyond being comforted. Thankful for Jonathan.

Fri.-Heard about the Folz fire. Feel deeply for them. Mom and Dad watched Jonathan so Susan and I could check out Debra's 'jewelry store' next door. Went to BB's. Linda came over in the eve. I think this is also the day we had breakfast at Naomi's. I'm not sure. Life got busy. Linda kept referring to me as Aunt Annette. That night, Jonathan would say, "Aunt Ette! Aunt Ette!" I'd go check on him.  He was practising saying my name. Eventually he settled on 'Aunt Anne.' When he saw the picture of his other Aunt Anne and I together, he would say, "Two Aunt Anne's." Restless night for him. Up 3 or 4 times before settling for the night. Thought he threw up at one point. Just not feeling well. Poor little guy.///Thankful for all the Aunt's and Uncle's in this little guys life. Debra stopped over one of the days and he was so happy to see her too. Thankful for strength for this day. Thankful for the peace of God.

Sat.-Now my stomach is upset. Went to Annie's with Mom and Jonathan. Thought it might be the vitamins I took. Not so. Fun to watch the little boys play together. David talks in long sentences. I couldn't understand what he said and talked 'nonsense' talk back to him. He looked at me with his sweet smile and gestured with his palms up and shoulders shrugging as if to say, "I don't have any idea what you just said." Two wonderful smart little boys. How precious they are. Jesus, let them live long and happy lives serving you and giving joy to those around them.  Back home, Susan curled up on the patio bench with a blanket with Lucy. Vernie called. Said she could take Jonathan in the morning if I was still sick. Susan got violently sick in the night. Thankful for a house with three bathrooms. Thankful for Mom, Susan, and Anne. Thankful for all my dear sister in laws.

Sun.-Vernie (Karen's mother) came and got Jonathan this morning around 8:30. Susan and I rested all day. Susan couldn't keep ice chips down. Had temp of 103.2. Stayed near her. Slept in Joe and Karen's bed so I could be near her. She is light headed and clammy. ///Thankful for a day of rest. Thankful for Bev, who visited us yesterday, and brought us ginger ale and sprite. Thankful that we sometimes don't realize how good we feel until we feel really bad.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hertzler Doings~March 11-17, 2013

Mon.-Woke up an hour or two later than normal and felt behind all day. Daylight Savings Time. Michael passed his flying test today and now he can fly solo. Freeman and Alli went to settlement. He posted a picture of the house they want to build on face book and told everyone the news. So many good friends were happy for them. Susan put in a full day with farm work, candy egg forming, Civil War DVD lectures, and then spent the eve. in Lynchburg with Phil at the cattle auction. Michael stacked firewood in the afternoon. I did lots of Monday chores. It felt like spring in the 60's. Read in Gal. 5:6 this morning that the only thing that is beneficial is faith, working through love. ///Thankful for Phil's happy tomahawk find. (not at our place) It's strange. Melissa S. found one in their backyard today as well. Thankful to talk in depth with several friends today and realize that I'm not alone in this sense of intensified pressure.  Thankful for Lucy's funny, almost human ways, that endear her to us.Thankful that Philip had a happy day and that he was so happy that he got to hold Chloe this past Sunday.

Tues.-Went out to town early to run errands-bank, Walmart, Belk-and then to co-op. I went to Riverside and had lunch with Dianna and Laurell. Then to Judys to show her The Last Supper and to get her professional sewing opinion about how much tacking down should be done. I played doll house with Sammy Jo in her little room closet and got completely out of hand. My voice was hoarse by the time I left and I was completely worn out. It's so nice to have Michael home for spring break. He was making some meat when we got home. Bear burgers and mystery meat for their lunch tomorrow. ///Thankful for good conversations with my children. Thankful that buttercream filling mixed with peppermint extract and dipped in dark chocolate is out of this world. Thankful that Phil, Freeman, and Alli, can all ride together to musical practise. Thankful for Sammy Jo's giggles and Judy's whoops and her video taking and sending to Jessie to make her laugh. Jessie usually writes back, "Face book worthy!" Judy says, "I wouldn't dare!"

Wed.-Day at home to do odds and ends. Cleaning. Cooking. Washing clothes. Finished this book in chapel with Susan-"Every Body Matters" by Gary Thomas. Excellent read. Susan made strawberry eggs to dip in chocolate today. She listened to Civil War DVD's while she worked. Michael worked at the Abbey all day, cutting wood. His back hurt him. Freeman came in to give me a hug after work. That's always nice when he does that. Phil was going to be home early but due to the lack of a signed check, he had to go back to the Abbey to find the man. Went to Guild's on his way home to check out their greenhouse needs and finally got home at 8:45.///Thankful for the surprise mixed weather shower and high winds mid afternoon. And for the sun that came out afterwards. Thankful for a chance to clean off my desk, tidy my room, vacuum the house, and wash the kitchen floor.

Thurs.-Thankful that Susan safely drove us to Richmond to the dentist for a tooth extraction for me-failed root canal-then to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Goodwill. She put things away and I slept the Clonopin away. Slept all night too.

Fri.-Still sleepy. Juggling pain meds. Lucy disappeared around 1. We've been looking for her. Missed a pastoral search committee meeting, Lisa H's. book signing, a quick visit with Judy, Susan's meet-up spot for a party and sleepover, and the Knit group game night. Rough afternoon and evening. Buck Night for Philip. Michael had some time with Jordan. Phil, Susan, and I hit the sack early. Hoping for sleep and a puppy tomorrow. Thankful for caring friends who I saw walking while driving around looking for Lucy. Thankful for the number of times I heard the words repeated, "She'll come back." Thankful for hope in a better tomorrow. Jesus, please take care of little lucy in the dark.

Sat.-Took Susan to Appomattox for drama practise at Liberty. She took the profile pictures of the actors. Came home and posted some homemade signs on the mailbox. 'Lost Boxer-Fawn Female-and our phone number. Our neighbor came over to talk to me while I was doing this and suggested we look at a certain area down one of the back roads. A short time later, Phil and Philip went there, and there she was! She had been missing for 24 hours. I feel like I've age 24 years! They called Susan at drama practise and it was so wonderful for her to know that Lucy was found. Lucy is acting strangely-shy, traumatized maybe? Does she think we abandoned her? Not sure. Very tired and lethargic. Julie T. brought Susan home and is spending the night. They went to the river and came back before the storm-hail, lightning, rain, thunder, high winds-and later watched a chick flick, while Phil and I went and picked up Peter and Ivana and went to the Macs for an Italian dinner evening. They had a good time and Mike invited them to come each time. Peter was so impressed with Mike's lasagna and said that it tasted like the authentic sauce he had in Naples, Italy. And Michael doesn't really know what he did to make it taste that way.Peter made homemade bread and brought it along. It was a really great night. I love our church and our friends. I'm thankful for this open door and open arms that were reached out to our friends this evening. I am thankful that Lucy was once lost but is now found and will be fully restored to us as we assure her of our love. I am thankful for pain meds because my jaw is really hurting me now. I love you Lord, for you have heard my prayer, and have not let the waters flood over me.

Sun.-Michael and Philip made a 'real' Hertzler breakfast-homemade raw fries, eggs, and scrapple. Julie T. had spent the night here and so did Jordan, so our table was filled. Had a really good teaching about forgiveness by Pastor Jerry. We left quickly so Phil could get some rest in before a full afternoon and eve. of Easter musical practise. The girls stopped at Walmart on their way home and bought some donuts and cookies n' cream ice cream for their lunch. I went out with Phil to see dress rehearsal since I'll be in Pa. when they have their performances. They have about a 45 person choir singing with a sound track while a video displays scenes portraying the life of Christ from Genesis to Revelation. It's very good. Very moving. I love how Christ is portrayed. I can't wait to see Him. As I went to leave, Freeman called out, "Good bye Mom." I think it was Becky that said, "Everyone say goodbye to Annette" and they all waved and said good-bye. And I carried the warmth with me all the way home. I felt like maybe I was enjoying it too much. Like maybe I was getting proud of all that love so as I drove, I said, "I give their love to you, Lord." And He said, at least I think He said, "No, I want you to have it. I already have their love. I want you to feel it too." And it was nice. And I received it as a gift from my brothers and sisters at New Life. And it felt good. Came home to an empty house and have been visiting on face book and eating some rice macaroni. I have much pain and wish I would have gotten that prescription for pain meds after all. Aleve and IBProfen is not cutting it. Tomorrow I will see how I am. Because I'm not to drive with the pain meds in my system. But it's worse at night and I wouldn't be driving anyway. Susan and Michael are at the Warrens. Philip-I'm not sure where he is. Phil is still at New Life or on his way home with Freeman and Alli. It's 7:30.The tub is filling up. The towels are in the dryer. And I see that they are calling for snow tomorrow. I am hoping that nothing tampers with our trip to Pa. ///I am thankful that Lucy seems better. More like her old self. I am thankful for Larry Roth and how he started eating one of Susan's Easter eggs right there in church. I am thankful that Lucy is asleep on her blanket in our house. I am thankful for the love. I am thankful that Freeman is so comfortable being on stage and doesn't look at all like he's in front of a firing squad. I am thankful that I love to be alone and I love to be with family and others. I am thankful that I reconnected with an old high school friend on face book tonight and we are planning to meet halfway in Richmond and spend some time together. I used to nearly live at her house.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hertzler Doings~March 4-10, 2013

Mon.-Spent a wonderful day with Susan on this, her sixteenth birthday. She drove us towards Richmond and we spent several hours at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. She fell asleep on the way home. I was driving. Got slightly lost but a very nice man at the Rest Stop told me how to make it right. We stopped at Walmart on the way home and got a chick flick. Something about an undercover bridesmaid. We roasted vegetables from Whole Foods in the oven and made the guys some hot dogs and fried potatoes. Did you know that brussel sprouts grow on a stem?///Thankful for all the well wishes and likes that my post got about Susan's birth and going to the hospital in a snowstorm with a snowplow in front of the truck. Thankful that things I wrote several years ago minister to me now and give me courage. Thankful for this little girl who is a beautiful young woman that brightens our lives and the lives of so many. Thankful for her compassion and wisdom and the way her brothers and father love her. And of course, I love her too.

Tues.-Went out to Farmville for homeschool co-op. I dropped car off at Baileys. Brakes are screeching. Walked to Riverside and met DDF and she helped me. No guile. No hypocrisy. No manipulation. No condemnation. What a friend she is. Wisdom. Comfort. Understanding. I am thankful for her and my other friends as well. How rich am I.  She dropped me off at Baileys. The brakes were fine. They cleaned them up a bit. Screeching just a little bit now. Ran some errands. 'Broke' into Judy's house and put some daffodils and other things on her counter. She loves to come home from a hard day at work and find a note from me. She turned 60 today. That's hard to believe. She was one of those who loved me first when we moved to this area and I am eternally grateful for her love and friendship. Picked up Richard Putt's plaque at Pairets and they were so friendly in there. Braved Walmart and it was crazy and people were so sweet in spite of the busyness. Bought supplies for Susan's party this weekend. Picked her up over half an hour late because I got stuck in a slow line. The dear check out lady usually works the floor. She doesn't usually run the cash register. I kept telling her what a great job she was doing. Susan and I stopped at Miller's on the way home and got some seeds and dried milk. I forgot supplies to make hot chocolate mix so I figured I could make the syrup on the stove and add the dried milk/water to that mix for her party. Came home and made some supper. Phil's not feeling well. He had been working in dusty conditions and his head is stuffed up. We made ramen noodle soup with lots of onion, garlic, celery, carrots, cut up chicken, and extra broth. We watched The Bourne Identity while we ate. The rain is really coming down and it may turn to snow. We thought we might be getting 12 inches but now they are saying that we'll get a few inches. Maybe. It's supposed to be 60 on Sat. so it won't last long. And I'm supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow but we shall see.///I am so thankful for dear abiding friendships. I am thankful for dear abiding family. And I am thankful for face book, so I can see what some of my dear friends and family are up to. I am thankful that Emily went forward with my idea of creating a blog entitled 'The Messy Cook' and has written her first piece already. Very interesting writing and funny, too.

Wed.-Was snowing when we woke up. Decided to brave the roads in the white truck. Susan drove me to Dr. Harvey's dentist office. It's much more relaxing to drive through snow while drugged. Unfortunately, once there, I needed two more pills. We almost called it a day and came home but suddenly the meds kicked in and I stopped getting vertigo every time they tilted me backward. Got a filling for a cavity and new white filling on the same tooth. While working on that tooth, the tooth that needs to be extracted and that has been driving me crazy, broke off on its own. No wonder I kept thinking I could pull it out. It's such a relief to have it gone. I'll still need surgery to remove its roots. The root canal had broken off. Perhaps from a head blow that ruined the root of a tooth on the other side as well. So, we came home. I don't remember the ride. And I slept all day and all night except to watch a movie in the eve. ///Thankful for clonopin. What would I do without it? Thankful for the kindest dearest dentist in the world. What would I do without him? Thankful for a brave daughter who doesn't mind driving in adverse conditions. What would I ever do without her? Thankful for the mercies of God shown through medicine, dentists, and family.

Thurs.-Don't remember this day. Still sleeping. I think I watched a movie with Susan. Slept well all night.

Fri.-Great day. Finally caught up in sleep. When I walk, I don't turn in circles. Got lots done. Washing, cleaning, cooking. Dear friend working at Happy Valley and got to catch up with them a bit. Michael home for Spring Break. Lindsay getting lots of snow in CT. Working out plans for going up to Pa. Kids are playing Uno and Phil and I are working on our computers. Lucy trying to get attention from someone. Anyone. Dishwasher is going. Dryer is humming. Kids are laughing and singing. Thankful for this precious time. Thankful for Michael singing ,"Suzie Q-baby I love you...". Thankful that Sarah took Susan to Liberty to hear Tebow speak at Convo-then the three went out to eat afterwards. Was reading in 1 Sam. 12-when Solomon was born. Solomon means 'peace.' God sent word by Nathan that He loved their new baby. He called him 'Jedidiah' meaning "Beloved of God." Also read where they crowned David. 75 Pounds of gold and precious stones weighed down glory and honor on his head. As long as he was wearing that crown, he'd not forget who he was.

Sat.-Reading Ps. 141-David was on the run and couldn't go to the temple to pray, burn incense, or offer a sacrifice. "Let my prayer be set before You as incense; the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice." Cleaned up outside and inside, preparing for Susan's party and Spring's arrival as well. The kids started arriving around 4:30. The ate Philip's homemade chili, roasted hot dogs, added homemade mac and cheese to their chili, and had the option of  making s'mores with different kinds of chocolates. They played volleyball into the dark and then played different versions of hide n' seek such as 'Ghost in the graveyard', etc.///Thankful for the new friend I met tonight. She brought her two girls the whole way from Blackstone and stayed the evening. Jenny M. An amazing woman. At one point I asked, "Are you writing these things (her life experiences) down?" And she said that she jounals every day. Thankful for the guitar playing and the star gazing around the fire and the cheerful conversation. Thankful for Susan's good friends and their love for her. Thankful for Philip's birthday prayer of blessing over Susan.

Sun.-Cows mooing most of the night. Lost sleep. Woke up thinking about how Michael had his head back in his chair last night and was 'considering the heavens.' Those verses came to mind. "...the stars...the work of His fingers..." and also that He knows their names. Looked up in Genesis and it says He set the lesser lights along with the greater lights in the heavens. I wonder, did He form the stars, name them, and put them in their place? Job may be the oldest book in the Bible. And the stars names referred to in Job are the same names they are referred to today. Did God say, "Let there be light?" and then take that light and form its' shape and then just place it there in the heavens? What is man that thou art mindful of him, or the son of man, that thou visitest him? Yet, you have made us a little lower than the angels and crowned us with glory and honor.  This is mind boggling. That God is so intimately involved with the stars that He knows their names. Did He hold their light in His hands?

The cows caused us some trouble this morning and Phil and I were late for church. It was a meaningful service. Much food for thought about salt. I looked up Da Vinci's Last Supper and the container of salt IS spilled right in front of Judas. Salt meaning loyalty. Salt meaning covenant. Trust.
The spilling of salt-betrayal. Have salt in ourselves and in the church and in our homes. Be loyal to one another. Don't spill your salt.

Came home and visited with Susan a bit. Phil took a nap and then went to Musical Practise. Susan and Michael went to Warren's. I took a nap and woke up and thought the lawn was covered with white doves. When I put my glasses on, I saw that the styrofoam cups had been scattered across the lawn. I was inspired to clean up the rest of the party. It's a beautiful day. Sat outside on the porch and soon the birds forgot I was there. The starlings sounded like little piglets as they gorged themselves on the bird food.
Philip went to Yoder's. I had several hours alone. Caught up with Sara on the phone. Phil got home in good time after practise and a meeting. Lucy's having quite the dream while she sleeps on Angel's mat. I wonder if I should wake her up. That reminds me--two nights ago, I had a bad dream. I couldn't remember what it was. But my left eye had a blood vessel broken in it. I'd hate to see the other guy.
///I'm thankful that the more rifts and offensives that are healed and mended in our church body, the more healthy we will be as a whole. I'm thankful for those who serve faithfully because they have this day to live and breathe in. I'm thankful that He said we should cast all our cares on Him, for He cares for us. I'm thankful, that I cannot look the Creator of the named stars in the face and stay worried or afraid. I'm thankful for salt.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Protect Innocent Human Life

This was the title of a letter to the editor of a local paper in our area.
It was written by a friend of mine, Kathy Tran.
I use it here with her permission.
'Editor, The Herald:

I write in response to the letter written by MF last Friday, Feb. 8.  There is a lot of confusion on the subjects of abortion and gun rights.  I am certain she is not the only person who does not understand why a reasonable person would be against abortion but for (pro) guns.  First, she may see contradictions because she is not in possession of all of the facts.  She says that there are elected officials "who are adamantly opposed to any reasonable gun regulations." I would challenge her to name one.  A little research will find that pro-Second Amendment representatives do not want criminals or persons with mental illness to have guns.  Background checks and registering guns are laws which are already on the books.  Why make more laws if we do not enforce the laws we already have?  Now that is confusing.  Second, she may not know about the tendency of bad guys to think twice when they may wonder if the person they plan to attack can defend themselves with deadly force.  Please, MF, and other confused citizens, go to and look up the many stories of people who have protected themselves and their families, sometimes needing to fire a gun and other times, just the sight of an unloaded gun causes the criminal to wet his pants and run for his life.  Also, look up the stories of people who lost loved ones because they did not have their gun.

The other contradiction she expressed concern about was regarding the subject of abortion. This confusion is easily cleared up with one word--innocence.  Babies growing in their mother's womb are a vulnerable and innocent people needing protection.  Even Planned Parenthood recognizes the trauma to mothers who have aborted their babies by offering post-traumatic syndrome counseling.  Forty years after Roe v. Wade, pro-life activists marched on Washington, D.C. "in the tens or even hundreds of thousands" (as reported in the article by Ross Douthat in the February 8 Farmville Herald) because 75 percent of Americans understand that abortion is morally wrong.  And one last example to clear up any confusion, when ObamaCare was passed, the last nasty deal made was on the issue of abortion.  A pro-life Democrat wasn't going to vote for a bill that would include abortion; alas, I believe he was suckered. 

Protecting innocent human life is the top priority of government at all levels.  "We hold these truths to be, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Isn't  And if that doesn't convince you, Dr. Seuss, through his character Horton says- "A person is a person, no matter how small."'

Kathy Tran

Prayer for America

Our church recently participated in a 21 day fast.

During a celebration service on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013,
my friend, Betty Gibbs, read a prayer she wrote for our nation.

I asked if I could write it here for others to read and pray.


Sovereign Lord of this Nation,

Nearly 250 years ago, you empowered our nation's founders with the vision, faith, and courage to
create a form of government based on your laws.  They knew that what makes men good Christians
makes them good citizens.  But we have fallen far from their vision.  Today we have leaders who
want to separate faith from public life.  We have forsaken virtue in favor of pride, greed, and
 unrighteousness of every kind.  In just this past week, we peacefully celebrated the inauguration of our President for a second term, and in the same week, we marked 40 years of the legalized murder of innocent, unborn babies.  Please forgive us, Lord.  Show us how to become bold in our conviction that all life is sacred because You are its only source.  Thank you for those who have fought for the protection of the unborn over these 40 years.  Bless and strengthen them.  And show us how to defend liberty.

You have called us to be your ambassadors outside the church walls--to influence public policy with your standards.  Give us insight and courage to do that.  Help us be quick to acknowledge your favor and glad to do your will.  And while it's true our nation is suffering from poor choices and disobeying You, we take comfort in knowing that even in the midst of national judgment, You are able to keep your own.  You are still able to deliver us from evil.  Thank you, Lord, that You are mindful of us and hear our prayers.

Thank you for those who have fought and sacrificed for the prosperity and freedom we enjoy today.  As citizens of earth, give us wisdom, discernment, and understanding.  As  citizens of heaven, give us clean hands, pure hearts, and compassion for the hurting and lost.  Forgive us for expecting our government to do what You have commanded your church to do.  Help us to be mindful of the legacy we will leave  future generations and let it not be one of debt and corruption.

Make us like the men of the tribe of Issachar--who understand the times and knew what to do.  Thank you for Your undeserved blessings on this nation, forgive us for wandering from your standard of righteous and truth.  Raise up leaders who are filled with your Spirit and are uncompromising in their desire to honor You in all they do--men and women of integrity.  We need your wisdom and strength to manage the resources you have entrusted to us.  And we humbly beg you to pour out your Holy Spirit on your people and this nation.  Thank you for richly blessing us and the United States of America.

You deserve all the glory, honor, and praise. Amen.