Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 25-May 1, 2016

Mon.-Busy relaxing day at home finally starting to get back into the schedule of things. A friend of Susan's passed away today. Michael W. We are sad for his family. He was too young to die.

Tues.-Naomi called today. I miss her so much. I got some things done today and enjoyed riding around the gator several times. First, I went with Phil to watch him get watercress. It's actually a little too bitter to eat. But it was a fun little date in the middle of the day. We drove around and looked for tea in the meadow too. The meadow is yellow with buttercups. Susan mowed over at Happy Valley. No one sees it. I said I'd go over and take pictures and send them to Kathy. On the way back, I decided to go up the trail and look for Phil's phone he lost a long time ago. I felt I should go around to the right. When I did, and rounded the corner, I came upon a field of crimson clover, alive with buzzing bees and flitting butterflies. The sun was hitting the flowers just right and it looked like a living field of rubies. I was overwhelmed with the beauty and the gift from God. When I came back, I took Phil over, and he was blessed too. Philip had planted crimson clover for the deer to feast on. It will be gone long before hunting season but meanwhile, they have something to eat. So will the bear. Bears?
Phil is doing a bit better. Still coughs a lot. But he went out to Bedford and Lynchburg for a few hours. I called Kathy and we caught up a little. She had knee surgery and she and Tom are taking it easy. I want to drop everything and go be with them for a week.

Wed.-Went out to Farmville to help Jessica set up their house. I stayed until after lunch and then she worked a miracle and turned their house into a home. Ran errands. Chiropractor, Goodwill, Belk, Church, etc. Got to visit with dear Judy awhile. I love her. Phil called and said someone was here so I skipped Walmart and stopped quickly at the trading Post where a woman shared her testimony of a life of abuse and heartache, attempted suicide, and how God wrapped His arms around her and kept her alive and gave her grace to not only forgive a terrible person but to take care of them in their last years on earth. It was amazing, really. Got home to see somebody briefly, who is remaining a secret at this point due to reasons of surprise and then they went with Phil up to see Freeman and Alli and Nathan and later went out to be with Michael and Jessica. Minkey invited Alli and I up to Walkers Presbyterian for a Women's Bible Study. 15 women were there. Second time having it. Studying Max Lucado's book-Next Door Savior. I really enjoyed it. 6:30-8. So doable. And I don't have to drive home in the dark. And it's only 2 miles away.

Thurs.-It rained during the night and it's cooler. Our guest had breakfast with us and then left. Susan left to go to Richmond with Julie and Jenna, who spent the night last night, left for classes. I went out to the dentist to get a panoramic xray of my teeth. Also went to Salvation Army. The Old Rugged Cross was playing on the radio and the store manager, Karen, and a man who came in to shop, were both singing it too. It's been a week of wonderful God revelations-what with the beautiful field of gold (buttercups), the breathtaking hill of rubies (red clover), the testimony of the women who came back from the brink of death and despair, the Old Rugged Cross duet in Salvation Army, the many times today I heard myself being called, 'Honey, Dear, Sweetie,' today, visiting with the shop ladies at B & L and Country Charm...well, it was a good day. I was moving slow. Phil went to the Dr. yesterday and got put on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. He's feeling slow too. It's okay. We're being slow together. Oh, I bought 13 quarts of strawberries. Alli is getting about half of them to make jam. I made strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream tonight for supper. After we had dessert, I made delicious burgers with our beef with little slider rolls, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion also, for me. Got to visit with Philip a little bit. I miss my kids! I found a book on Amazon about Speaking Spanglish on the Construction Site. Only it said it better than that. Phil ordered it because they work with Spanish speaking people. I'm about to take a hot bath and crawl between clean sheets.

Fri.-Froze 5 quart whole strawberries, planted herbs, tomatoes, and lettuce into containers and put on front porch, and made enough egg salad for 50 people. Had some good times with Suz. We watched Inception (again) and I finally got it but never ask me to explain it.

Sat.-Went to MWalker's funeral this morning. Church was full of people who loved him. Susan went to Jenna's afterwards and Phil and I went to Cumberland to pick up sweet corn seed at Hertzler's. Phil and Philip missed Christi's wedding at 4:30 due to a cow having birthing trouble. Philip stopped in to see Christi after the wedding and it meant a lot to Shirley that he came. Phil, Philip, and Freeman then headed up to Pa for trout fishing. Alli and I spent the evening together. I made icing with Nathan for her delicious homemade cake. We kind of watched 'Cars 2', She gave me supper and the cake was amazing. Michael and Jessica cleaned the bedroom and mancave and went out on a date in the eve with a gift card to Appleby's.

Sun.-Alli and Nathan picked me up for church. Michael and Jessica, Susan, Alli, and Nathan, and Tommy T. were here for pizza and a movie in the afternoon. Jenna came later and spent the night. She is so dear. Phil and the guys got home around 8. Thunderstorms during the night.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 18-24, 2016

Mon.-We walked up to Asbury for pastries and coffee and then up to the boardwalk to find a woven blanket for Rosa and then back to our place. We cleaned and washed the sheets and towels and packed the car. We went to Crab Trap for a late lunch and ran into Philly traffic on the way back. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts in Morgantown for a decaf caramel coffee latte cold. After saying goodbye to Rosa, Naomi and I headed the Flower Warehouse. I found the crocheted top I've been looking for all year. Mabe treated us to supper at Summerfield Farms. Went to bed early.

Tues.-Had a nice morning visiting with Mabe and Naomi with our coffee. Said goodbye to my dear friends and went towards Morgantown. Stopped at BB's and loaded up on mayonnaise and salsa, etc. Went with Karen and Jonathan to pick up her order at an Amish store. It was so good to see them and Jonathan helped me shop with his little cart and put some things in that he wanted. Karen says he has me wrapped around his little finger and I said, 'Just once in awhile, whenever I see him.' Something like that. Had lunch with Mom and Dad and looked through old pictures and took pictures of some old pictures. Left there around 2 and headed to Diane H's. Caleb's girl came over to meet me. She's sweet. Diane took me out to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Came home and took a hot Jacuzzi bath. Slept well.

Wed.-Had coffee with Di and Zach and left around 11. It is hard to leave her. We see each other once or twice a year and don't communicate much in between but it seems to work for us. I stopped at Cabela's and used some points to buy camo lounge pants for Suz. I drank coke this time. It seems to help me stay awake. I had a scary half hour as I drove through Luray. There was thick smoke hanging over the mountains and the road and it was a sunny day but there was no sun. I called Phil and asked him to check into it and as soon as I got to Harrisonburg and out of the smoke, I stopped at a Sheetz. They told me that a wildfire has been burning out of control in the Shenandoah State Park and 5-6,000 acres were already burned. No structures so far have burned and no one hurt. There are 15 fires burning in Va. at this time. Got home around 8. Phil helped me unload. A hot Epsom salt bath never felt so good.

Thurs.-Unpacked. Washed clothes. caught up with Susan. Alli took me to the dentist since I had to be be drugged. Slept all day...

Fri.-and all night until 7 this morning. Phil slept on chair. He is coughing and has flulike symptoms. Running a fever. I am running a fever too-99.6. Rested most of the day. Alli and N came for a visit. We blew bubbles on the front porch out into the lawn and Davi did her best to attack them all even if it meant she rammed herself up against the house. N giggled and giggled. He sat on my lap and didn't want to leave. We missed each other terribly. :)

Sat.-Went out to Farmville with Alli and N and stopped at the bank, the yard sale at NL, and the Farmer's Market. N does not like bluegrass music. He held his ears while the band played at the market and he had a little scowl on his face. Decided to just rest with Phil in the afternoon.

Sun.-Something really good happened at church today. I think it's called unity. It was wonderful. Michael and Jessica were back from their honeymoon. So good to see them. They came over later and visited and told us about their Chattanooga adventures and later went fishing. Philip and some of their other friends came over in the eve and they went to the river to roast hot dogs and smores.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 11-17, 2018

Mon.-Another busy day. Went out to town to clean up after the wedding and almost everything but my dutch ovens soaking was already cleaned up! I found lots of pork over in the youth fridge and Lindsay and Susan packaged that up at home and froze it. Ran other errands out in town and then the Bantons came over for lunch and the afternoon and we had a great time. I made a cake for Claire E. and took the girl's on a gator ride and ended up at the river for awhile. They love it down there. As always, they are all so wonderful to be with and the time sped by too quickly. Around 6, our whole family went over to Happy Valley and had supper with the Shippey's. Kelly made roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, pork loin, chicken, salad, and brownies with ice cream. First though, she made an artichoke spinach dip. I remember the recipe. 1 cup each of mayo, sour cream, and parmesean cheese, and mozarello cheese.. Mix with one can each of artichokes and spinach. Add salt and pepper and 1 T. herb seasoning. Bake at 350 for 20 min. Serve with little slices of soft French bread. I was full before we started the main course.

Tues.-Claire and Susan spent the night in the mancave bedroom. They went down to the river in the dark last night and got a little spooked by the branches cracking around them. Went down again today. The river is our happy place and the bugs aren't bad right now. Last year the little 'bee's were tormenting me so much I spent little time down there during the summer. The bluebells are still pretty but will be gone in a few days. Haven't heard from the honeymooners. No news is good news. And I don't expect to hear from them.

(It's April 25th and I am going to try to catch up on blog today.)

I packed for a week in Pa and the shore. Shippey's had us over with the rest of the family. She made chicken, pork loin, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and hot caramel and chocolate syrup salted caramel ice cream with warm brownies.

Wed.-Met Bantons at the Food Lion in Dillwyn and Lindsay rode with me until we reached a Starbucks in Harrisonburg. Enjoyed coffee and snuggles with Adi. It was hard for me to say good-bye. Had a hard time staying awake this trip. Pulled off and slept in a store parking lot and went shopping at the thrift store when I woke up. Stopped at Glenwood Foods before arriving at Rosalee's around 3:30. Had such a nice visit with her. Jim brought Benji, Mother's cat, all wrapped up in a blanket and I held him for a long time. Rosalee served a delicious supper on Mother's dishes. (turkey sausage, brown butter noodles, peas, salad, applesauce, applepie filling cake and ice cream.) Katrina and Annika are both expecting. Found out Abie's and Karen's Kendra is too. Christmas should be really exciting this year. Nathan will be the oldest little cousin. Went to Naomi's by 7:30 and settled to bed early. I always sleep well at Naomi's.

Thurs.-Rosa met us and we went over to ? Oh, I forget the name. Summerfield Farms? We bought breakfast sandwiches and saw Tom Berg there. His baby girl is getting married. I've always had a special place in my heart that holds her dear because I was there at her birth. We headed towards Atlantic City and went shopping at the outlets because the owners of the beach house doing some work on it. We found things at Dress Barn, Ann Loft, and Van Huesen, and ate at our Mexican Restaurant. We came back to OC and got settled n our rooms and then walked the boardwalk from beginning to end. We ordered pizza and asked for it to be delivered and it got to our place before we did. We watched 'Shall We Dance?' and got to bed early. Woke up and fell back to sleep again. I feel like I could sleep all day.

Friday-Lazy morning. Walked up and shopped on Asbury. Got our pastry at the bakery. We had a lot of packages and asked Bev where she was and didn't she pull up just as we were coming out of a store. She brought lunch and we went to the beach and walked on the boardwalk. We ordered in Chinese and watched 'The Intern.' This is new for us this year. The ordering in. And we love it. We want to be hunkered down at night watching a movie in our PJ's instead of dressing up and going out to a nice restaurant. Again, we packed far more clothes than we needed. Plus bought some more. Someday we'll learn.

Sat.-Note I copied from face book.  For Aluminum removal from body eat coconut oil and drink Fuji mineral water-1 liter per day for 5 days in one hour. Did I copy that right? We had a leisurely breakfast of Naomi's yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, Cinnamon rolls that Bev brought from Shady Maple, and coffee. We walked up to Asbury and watched The Doo Dah parade. 500 beagles with their owners plus other parade like things-bands, etc. Shopped and found Christmas gifts for the girls and right now gifts of jewelry from Ta-dah. Got another fresh pastry from the bakery. Came back to house and rested and watched another movie and got dressed to go out to the Melting Pot that night. It was interesting. And funny. Rosa kept sighing and saying, "There's so much meat." Later, we found out that Naomi had slipped 5 pieces of her meat over to Rosa's plate. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. A lady came in and caused some problems at the front desk just as we were leaving. One of the girls at the desk called 911 or security. Bev herded us out the door in the wrong direction down the street. It was a little scary. I wonder if the lady is homeless and what happened to her to make her lose her mind. We came home and watched 'Nantucket'-a Moby Dick story. Very good, as was The Intern for the most part. I won't mention that movie that had us in tears about best friends and one dying of cancer.

Sun.-Naomi and I walked the board walk. I found a soft blue sweatshirt for Susan and a life guard hoodie for N. We ate the best pizza in the world made by several generations of an Italian family. Also got a Kohl's orange cream and vanilla twist ice cream. Oh, and a licorice pipe in honor of my dad. It always embarrasses Naomi a little when I act like it's a real pipe as we stroll down the boardwalk. It can't be as embarrassing as the tail of toilet paper that trailed down my backside for half of the stroll down the boardwalk. Oh, this year we started a journal. Now we're trying to remember the past 20 years of crazy things that happened. That being one of them.
Came back and Bev and Rosa joined us all bundled up on the beach for several hours. Ordered out at an Italian Restaurant. Watched another movie. Then Bev had to leave. But she was rested and happy. Watched the Proposal on TV and went to bed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hertzler Doings~April 4-10, 2016

Mon.-Wedding week! Went out to town and ran errands and planned a spontaneous married women with Jessica dinner at La Parota. There were 8 of us around the table and a friend dropped in and she got fun gifts and we gave her good wise fun advice. 60 degrees when I went to bed.

Tues.-Freeze warning. Hoping our friends in Pa don't lose their fruit tree blossoms to this cold. Guys working around here today after putting in long days at a baby formula plant.
Susan helped Tommy T. and Jessica make 600 mini cupcakes tonight.

Wed.-Busy doing things to get ready for the weekend.

Thursday-Such a downpour of rain. So glad we changed the venue from Happy Valley to the church.

Fri-Sun.-Wedding Weekend! What a wonderful time! I'll try to catch up later.