Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 24-30, 2015

Mon.-Made some more tea towels out of old flour sacks. They're so pretty. Erin drank coffee and contemplated job positions. Went with Kathy to BWW to meet Phil for supper. On the way, we blew out a tire. Michael came and fixed it in 10 min. We had pulled over at Noah's Last Stop. Phil ordered us a delicious burger and fries. Susan was our waitress. He left to go to a board meeting and Kathy and I took our time. Then she dropped me off at Uptown where some women from church were gathering to hang out. It was a good time. He picked me up after the meeting and we went home.

Tues.-Said good bye to Kathy this morning. Took care of N while Alli had an eye apt. He fell asleep on the gator and I snuggled with him for awhile. He slept in our bed for an hour and a half. Such a darling curly head. Then Alli took me to the dentist where I got a front tooth fixed. Then I came home and slept for awhile and then got up and brushed my teeth and slept through the night. Susan worked late. Michael and Jessica had an oils meeting and learned more about essential oils.

Wed.-Got up early and took a walk and walked backwards too. This develops another set up muscles. I worked in the old house and gardens and then came in and started working on tomatoes. Helen had brought over a 5 gallon bucket. Janelle dropped Micah off and he has been reading and creating and eating and watching Three Stooges. As soon as I am finished canning these stewed tomatoes, I am going to take him for a gator ride over to Happy Valley. A big branch fell down some time between my last visit to Kathy and going back an hour or two after she left to make sure things were okay and that she got off. I want to see what really happened and see if it's the swing tree. Susan is taking it easy here today before going to work. Truman (Phil's dad) is getting hip replacement surgery probably as I type these words. We are waiting to hear word. He did well.

Thurs.-Micah was here this morning. He watched Hidalgo while I exercised and walked with Nathan and Alli. Then I dropped him off at his house but the key was missing so I brought him back and he was here with Phil for several hours. I went to town and had lunch with Dianna, then coffee with Lisa while my car was at Bailey's. Lisa and I checked out The Red Door and The Clay Place on main street. I'm so excited to think about taking some classes at both places. We had such a nice talk with the lady at the Red Door. And the lady at the Pottery place is so nice also. After Lisa dropped me off to get my car I went to New Life to pick up some paper work and then headed to Walmart and then to Judy's for supper. She had picked up some food at the Hong Kong restaurant there at Food Lion. Her friend, Vicki, was there also. I helped Sammy Jo with her school work and wish I could teach Sammy Jo full time. She is a sharp one. Came home and Phil and Susan helped me with the groceries and Susan and I caught up and then we both headed to bed earlier than usual. She had a nice brunch with a friend. She was going to mow but it's been so hot and there's been so little rain that the grass isn't growing.  This was such a great day. I felt good and had no fever!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 17-23, 2015

Mon.-Erin went on a 7 mile run this morning and Davi went with her. They picked up another dog on Mt. Pleasant and Susan later knocked on the neighbor's doors until she found someone who knew 'Dixie.' She and Erin went to the gym. I did some more work in the old house, made some food, exercised, memorized some Psalms, read a book, did some wash, etc. The rag weed must be flourishing. Running a temp. 99.6. Sometimes I am normal but most days I have a temp. Not sure what is going on. Been like this for over a month.

Tues.-Ran errands in Farmville and got drenched in the rain. Met Jessica after work and she showed me her house and dried my clothes in the dryer. Much nicer to finish shopping at Walmart without being sopping wet.

Wed.-Watched some TV with Janelle and Micah. Came home and did some stuff and watched 'The Theory of Everything'. Stephen Hawkings. The guy who acted his part should win many awards. Nice eve. hanging out with Susan. Temp. 100.3. Starting to wonder if that bee sting I got in CA is giving me issues.

Thurs.-Kathy L. came to HV in the eve! Talked with Mom on the phone. Janelle and Helen and their children went to King's Dominion for the day and had a great time.

Fri.-Alli and N came over to visit and we went over to see Kathy. Lungs are really bothering me. Made some tea towels out of flour sack material that Mickey had given me and altered a dress. Studied some from Michael's oil book. Dusted. Looked through a box of photos. Worked in the garden. Walked. And not in that order at all. Susan starting her first real day of work tonight. The past six days of work have been training.

Sat.-Had a nice time with Nathan today while F/A worked on their yard. Then I cleaned up a little, went over to HV, rested and read. Went to bed early and slept through the night. Philip had a game. Lost.Erin got stopped by a cop in Farmville after the game. She had forgotten to turn her lights on.

Sun.-Had a wonderful Chinese meal by Erin West in the eve. She put us to work making dumplings but first we had cooked meat, mixed ingredients with thawed meat, super chopped carrots, mushrooms, garlic, and onions. tore up cabbage, and cleaned green beans. We made egg custard dessert first and then assembled dumplings when all other ingredients were ready. She stir-fried the green beans and then the cabbage while we boiled the dumplings in water. There were ten of us around the table. Phil and I, Michael and Jessica, Susan and Erin, Philip, Samantha, Tommy, and Tayloe. Tommy brought apple strudel cupcakes. Later, we watched Hobbit 2. Only Phil and Erin were still awake at the end. Erin spent the night.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 10-16, 2015

Mon.-Slept in until 8:45. Picked apple pears and lemons. Phil was up early, working on his computer to get a bid in. Kathy made a big breakfast of scrambled eggs and cheese, yogurt, fruit, apple pears, apple pie, and coffee. Phil and I headed out to the Nixon Library. He was a better president that I thought. He did so much good for our country. It matters how you end because what you've done last is how people remember you. We had an early supper of pulled pork and salad and fresh fruit. Brian came over and took us to IV-Ranch. He drove us around and we hiked about two miles. We saw a coyote, a tarantula, a great horned oil, a whipporill, bobcat tracks, and stairways to heaven. We drove to a high point and watched the glorious sunset and the lights come on in Los Angeles in the valley. Such stark beauty. CA is growing on me. Came home. Jenny, Gabe, and Seth were there. We watched some sort of athletic Ninja competition. Kelly and Dan came over for about an hour and visited. Kathy and I got in the hot tub and stayed until after 11. Got into bed around 11:35.

Tues.-Dan, Kelly, Blythe, and Sloane, came over for breakfast. Kelly made homemade cinnamon rolls in the cast iron skillet. She put butter on them before AND after baking. Plus she added extra cinnamon. Later, Kathy and I went to the Mother's Store and bought groceries and snacks for our trip home. We came back and swam for an hour and then we got ready and said our good-byes to Tom and Kathy and headed to LA around 5:15. We ate again at our Thai Restaurant. This time I got snow peas and chicken and rice. Phil got the same thing only he got broccoli instead of snow peas. We watched The Devil Wears Prada and then slept until our alarm went off around 4:30.

Wed.-We caught the transport bus from the motel to the airport around 4:50. At the airport, a real live mermaid sat beside Phil and told us of her experiences in Hawaii being filed and photographed. Just that morning she had been swimming as a mermaid with the dolphins. She was flying back to her home in Amsterdam. She reminded me of my friend Bev, and it was so easy to love her. Her hair was bright red/pink and she wore a colorful dress that made her look like an Amazon parrot.She was very friendly and full of spiritual awareness. Everything was spiritual to her-playing with the children, seeing the light beams come down from under the water, etc. Jesus loves her. She is seeking for freedom and beauty and I believe that she will find Him. Some people never seek. She is seeking. Jesus, reveal yourself to her and show her Whom she is longing for.Her name is Gaby and if you are reading this, please pray for our new friend. The flight was great. I got to watched 'Gut Morgan, Ramon.' Heard a lot of German and Spanish and read English sub-titles. It was a wonderful story. The plane was freezing even with a blanket and our air knob turned off. Too cold to sleep.
We got to Atlanta and had an hour to walk around, relax, and read. Got to Richmond around 5 and home around 7. It's good to be back home.

Thurs.-Slept in. No power due to our telephone poles being changed out. Visited with Alli and Nathan. Susan spent the night at a friend's last eve. because she went to a concert and had some parking ticket business to attend to early this morning at a court that was closer to her friend's house. I went out to Appomattox and picked up some chicken food. Stopped at the P.O. and sent a beach house to Naomi. and then I went to Cellular One and got a Smart Phone! My flip phone is over 12 years old for myself and I bought it used. So excited to be able to text without punching each number several times. Got groceries at Krogers. Did 4 loads of wash, made bruschetta and did some other catch up things.

Fri.-Happy 33rd Anniversary to us! Caught up with Susan this morning. Alli brought Nathan over while she ran some errands. Susan went to work at BDubs. Jessica came over for a visit and an eve. with Michael. They went to the Babcock House for supper and came back here to watch Sound of Music. Jessica has never seen it before and it is so much fun watching it with her.Phil and I went out to Farmville to get a part for the tractor and to get milkshakes at Cook Out. I made ginger snap cookies when we got home and watched the movie with Michael and Jessica and Phil worked in the fields. Susan has a birthday party to attend tonight. I called and talked with Kathy. We miss each other. It's been a good day.

Sat.-Cleaned the house and stayed in bed afterwards and read. Have a temp of 99.9, sore throat and upset stomach.

Sun.-Erin West was sleeping on my sofa this morning. She went to Philip's game last night. They won. Church was good. Went to Shogun afterwards with Sammi, Philip, Erin, and Phil. Susan went to the James River with Claire. Had these plans made already. In the afternoon, Michael and Jessica joined us and we watched a movie. I drove Erin to Happy Valley and then over to Freeman and Alli's. We gave N a ride on the gator over at O'Brien's and when we came back, he happily showed his house to Erin with the help of his daddy. Erin spent the night on our sofa since three hours to drive with jetlag is too much. She's been back in the states after being away for four years for only a week.