Monday, July 28, 2014

Hertzler Doings~July 28-Aug. 3, 1014

Mon.-Susan left for MK's today and got there around 6:00. Drove the whole way there by herself. Lucy was forlorn and laid on top of her suitcase and sighed. We had some corn orders to fill today. I went out to Appomattox and got a crown for my implant and did it without meds. Felt a little woozy afterwards and sat out on their porch before driving. Got more jars at Salvation Army and Walmart. Found a Cato jean skirt at SA too and I had been looking at them at Cato's. Took Alli over to see her daddy painting windows at HV. Nathan fell asleep on her lap. He likes gator rides. She let me keep him while she went out to the bank then. Made some scrambled egg mixtures in the waffle machine and we had tomato, bacon, and waffled egg sandwiches for supper. Filled more corn orders in the eve.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hertzler Doings~July 21-27, 2014

Mon.-Went on a spontaneous shopping trip to Lynchburg with Susan. Made out like a bandit and had no buyer's remorse. Hit up the Goodwills, the mall, Yeti Yogurt, Ross's, and Old Navy. Got home after 8. Started a load of Goodwill wash and called it a day.

Tues.-Did lots of wash. Susan worked. I made 7 quarts of salsa. Michael studied down at the river. The guys worked next door. Phil worked on the books all morning at the dining room table. Nathan came in the eve. so his mom and dad could have a quiet dinner. Phil picked me up while we were walking around outside. He, Nathan, was being a little fussy. So, we went on a gator ride around the corn fields and he went right to sleep. He was wearing a large Cabela's camouflage bib and a Pamper. He was so happy to see his daddy when he came.I didn't see him yesterday and he looks different already. And, he wants to stand. Precious little hobbit.  Steve Majeski's church in Africa was threated by fire. Oscar's home burned to the ground and a 7 year old in the congregation died. Such a tragedy. God help them and God help us help them.

Wed.-I can't even remember what I did today. I cleaned the fridge out, one segment at a time. Had a nap with Nathan for 1 1/2 hours in between fridge shelve cleaning. Drove around in my gator down around the river and the corn fields for awhile. Studied and exercised this morning. Susan did some incredible baking, mowed HV, and went out to the gym. Michael did some school and hung out around here. Philip and the guys worked in Richmond and got home early. He went to youth tonight. NL asked if they could use some of my blog writings for their website. That's exciting. Also working on corn orders. It's coming in and is so delicious.

Thurs.-Had a nice storm this morning. Got to study for several hours again. I am going through Matthew and writing down most of it and observing Jesus' ways, His words, and how they might apply to me. He is the healthiest person I know and I am checking out how He handled life. He's magnificent and humble, courageous and calm. And He was not afraid of man. He never succumbed to peer pressure. He spoke the truth and then let it be. He was always in control but never controlling. He got angry and didn't feel bad about it. He not only seeks and saves the lost but He seeks and saves that which we've lost. Lost dreams, hopes, childhoods, peace, joy. He restores us to the flock and to Himself. He is all goodness but never soft. He is tender but strong. I think about Him all the time. He was dependent on God His Father and didn't entrust Himself to man. But He loved man. He encouraged Peter and then He rebuked Peter and His love for Peter never changed. And He, this magnificent person. This Son of God. Left us His Spirit. And His Spirit is in me. And it is all of the above and more. He is my health for my body, soul, and spirit. I breathe Him in. He breathes me in. And we are in each other. I love Him.
Didn't know I was going to write all that but maybe it's time. Made some sauce today. Also did some paper work, read down at the river, raced back home in time to escape the storm, enjoyed the storm, watched a movie, made that special rice and chicken with salsa, pineapple and apricot jam that everyone likes, listened to a recorded song that Michael just wrote, enjoyed Philip and Susan's antics, asked Phil to get the eggs because black snakes make me nervous, and read a book in the tub before going to bed. But I do that every night. No wonder my neck is stiff. Didn't see Nathan today but Alli spent the day with her family in Lynchburg and I got to see pictures of Noni holding him and I loved that he was being loved by her. If I feel this way about him, how must God feel about us? He just wants to love us and He just wants us loved. He knows that we'll love Him because He first loved us.

Fri.-Cooked some food for the weekend, spent some time at the river working on my tan, reading a book, getting my feet wet. The corn for tomorrow's order was picked tonight as was the corn we'll do as a family. Nick, a friend of Michaels,was here to help. Susan got some black streaks in her hair and looks pretty cute. Philip played Rook with Cynthia, Jason, and Kelsey M. Kelsey and him won!  Nathan was here this eve while his mama took his daddy out on date to Hibachi. I fell asleep with Nathan in our bed and he was giggling happy dreams. Such a wonderful gift from heaven to hear and see. Was he dreaming about angels tossing him gently back and forth?

Sat.-Sweet corn processing day. Freeman set up turkey fryer pot outside and filled it with water. Had several Rubbermaid containers chilling down the corn. Brought it in and then we'd chill it with ice in here. Were finished up by noon. 51 packs of Incredible. Nick, Michael's friend, helped.Alli and Nathan were helping out too. Nathan took a nap on the recliner. First his Uncle Philip put him to sleep and he slept a little while back on our bed. But he did better when he was with the loud family and loud music. Nick and Michael then went floating on the river. Philip excavated. Phil farmed. Susan worked out. I cleaned the house and did wash. Then, I went to Judy's for Sammy Jo's birthday party and then to Belk where I found some buys. But first I went to Goodwill and got suitcases. These will definitely stand out in the conveyor belt. Pale orange and very used but also very sturdy. No one will steal them. Susan cleaned her room, packed for KY, and mowed the lawn. Philip went to the Benson's overnight for a fishing party. Michael went to a Christmas in July party. Susan helped Phil pick several hundred ears of corn to deliver to folks at church tomorrow. I did more wash, ate corn, folded wash, etc. Busy day but wonderful. Woke up this morning making a list about what Jesus was/is like. I wish I had written it down. Tonight, I'll sleep with a paper and pen by my bed. XO

Sun.-We took a lot of corn to church to fill orders. It's nice to save people gas and time. Came home and rested after church. Nathan came and took a nap with me while mommy and daddy went fishing. The others watched a movie while Phil and I slept. Susan got ready for her trip to KY by cutting up lots of fruit.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hertzler Doings~July 14-20, 2014

Mon.-Catch up day. Washing, exercising, finished up homeschool year and applied for next, babysat Nathan for an hour while he slept in his car seat, picked a gallon of green beans and cleaned and cooked them, visited with Kathy and Tom next door and got the tour of their new residence going up and inherited some leftover food, watched a movie with Susan-The Goonies, while Phil and Philip went to the Lynchburg Livestock Market and Michael met with friends. Susan mowed our yard today, worked out, and got groceries. I needed a day like today.

Tues.-Emily came here and we took a meal to a friends place and then went to Babcock House where Susan waited on us. Then we went to B & L, Country Charm (where we got hand dipped ice cream cones), Baines, and Walmart. Came back home and put away loads of ingredients for the men's prayer breakfast on Sunday. We rested a little and then took the gator over to Happy Valley. The guys are making great progress on the house. I took the fruit out of the basement fridge since the Lucas's left last night instead of this morning. They thought they'd get to eat the fruit for breakfast but their flight left sooner than they thought. Nathan came to visit for several hours and we had a really nice time. I was watching Monk with Susan, Michael, and Emily, and when I'd look down, Nathan was smiling at me. No wonder my neck is stiff. Susan held him later and she was eating chicken out of a can. He was completely enraptured by her and every time she put a piece of chicken in her mouth, he smiled.

Wed.-Dentist. Slept.

Thurs.-Made salsa, 100 cinnamon rolls, picked tomatoes, green beans, had some Nathan time. Susan worked at BH, worked out, and made food.

Fri.-Busy day in Farmville. Got some groceries, went to the bank, had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with Judy, Had  #5 with R., got a hair trim, stopped in at the fabric store to get some cheesecloth for Susan's homemade Greek yogurt making project, and stopped at Lowe's for Phil. Came home. Made some chicken, potatoes, and corn. Went over to HV with Phil and Susan. Picked some blackberries. Watched a Monk and hit the sack early. Susan had some good tippers today. Guys got off at 2 today. Philip worked on his property. Michael worked on school work at Chace's. Weather is cooler. A nice break.

Sat.-Susan had a volleyball tournament for most of the day at New Life. Michael made 4 egg casseroles and sausage gravy for the men's prayer breakfast. Nathan visited for awhile while his mommy and daddy went shopping in Appomattox. They got 5 boxes of canning jars at Salvation Army. Philip had a game this eve. and had a friend, Andy, come to visit for a little while. Phil fixed the seals on the John Deere and worked on equipment, processed a load of commodities, watched a movie with the family. I laid out over at Happy Valley late afternoon. Working on a tan for when we got on vacation. News from a few days ago-Malaysian airline shot down over the Ukraine. Held Lucy on my lap on the floor for awhile tonight and braided Susan's hair so it's wavy in the morning.

Sun.-Church was wonderful. Jenny introduced me to another 'Annette'. She teaches Spanish at Longwood. The men's prayer breakfast was successful and they were happy with the breakfast casseroles and sausage gravy and I got lots of thank you hugs for the cinnamon rolls. We ate leftovers all day. Am reading Lost Shepherd by Agnes Sanford. Rosalee reminded me of it. We watched Nathan in the eve. so Alli and Freeman could go to church.