Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Jan. 19-25, 2015

Mon.-Today's highlight was having time for loving Nathan for an hour while his mommy made him delicious homemade organic pear puree and then watching a movie with her and Susan when she came back. Last test from Dr. came back negative. But when those natural herbs come in the mail to get rid of little inhabitants, I'm going to take them, just to be sure. Phil's dad came home from rehab today. Isaiah 35:3-8.

Tues.-Made a big pot of vegetable soup this morning. Took Phil out to get his truck in Farmville and then ran errands. Went to CVS to get photos of Thailand made. Went to Belk, Walmart, Cato, Shoe Dept., Miller's, B&M Greenhouse, and Judy's to pick up my movie. The Greenhouse lady told me that if I took hyacinth bulbs and refrigerated them for 5-6 weeks so they have a 'winter', then I could place them in vases of water and the roots would grow and then the flowers would also. I bought some that were rooted and ready to bloom at Kroger a few weeks ago and it was so nice to have all that springtime in our windowsill. Susan went to the gym and had basketball practice. Michael and Philip went to Chi Alpha this eve. I think. And Phil had a board meeting. Watched a Monk episode with Susan after we put the groceries away. Hot tub is waiting and an Andy Andrews book.

Wed.-Had Nathan while his mommy went to an appt. and he fell asleep in our bed and she snuck in and we talked a little and then she went home until he woke up about 2 1/2 hours later. What a little darling. He's doing army crawls on his tummy and likes when we hold him by his arms so he can walk. He's having a growth spurt and eating really well. I went to Dr. F. in the afternoon and then sorted through yarn, material, and patterns. I washed big storage containers and consolidated those things and have several bags for Goodwill and one for Judy. Watched two Columbo's with Phil and Susan in the eve.

Thurs.-Spent the day at Judy's with Logan while she was with her mother Pearlie, who fell and broke her hip. Stayed on in the afternoon and visited with Judy then went to Debby M's where Sara and Amber made the party of four to have supper and watch a movie and have popcorn, brownies, and animal crackers. Susan's team won again!

Fri.-Had Nathan for a little while Mommy ran out to get tires and groceries. He is just so precious. I love feeding him. He ate all his food plus over half of a banana. It was snowing for a little but then turned to rain. Vacuumed and washed the floors and am trying to organize the back room and our bathroom. Made baked potatoes and cheddar cauliflower/broccoli/squash/carrots to put on top plus veg. soup and garlic butter bagels. Michael made the garlic bagels. So good. Guys had buck night and Claire came home with Susan so Tommy and Claire were here for supper because he stayed until the eve. The guys had a great time over in the man cave and Susan and Claire watched a movie and had popcorn over here. Phil and I watched a Columbo. Slept great.

Sat.-Guys are butchering a pig today and making sausage. Nathan and Alli came over for a visit. Made apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast. Phil's visiting Roger over at the Lawler's. Claire went home. Susan to gym. I'm about to work on the back room and put the venison meatloaf into a container. Ricky Benson came over in the eve. Susan made cheddar cheese garlic biscuits and Philip fried up every kind of sausage into patties and we had breakfast for dinner. Michael went with Meredith to her work banquet. Caught up with Lindsay on face book in the eve. They have 5 inches of snow and it continues to fall. I wish I could get snowed in with her and the family.

Sun.-Great send off service with Pastor Alvin and Charity. Michael made homemade pizza and then around 3 some friends started coming. They are playing Quelf now in the man cave. Tommy T. and Sheri K., Ricky, Melissa, and other Chi Alpha friends. Alli brought Nathan over for a little over an hour and we passed him around and played with him. Susan went to Fisher's for a bonfire. Phil caught up with his sister Anne and told her about Thailand and how much it meant to him to be with Pastor Joi. It felt like he got to hold his brother again.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Jan.12-18, 2015

Mon.-Did a few things today. Exercised. Went to the Dr. for tests to see if there is a reason I don't feel good and if it has to do with Thailand. Got a few groceries. Made pureed vegetable soup. Went to bed soon after six. The end. Oh! And Naomi called and she walked to the mailbox while we were talking and the package I sent her came and she loved the cards from Nantucket. That was fun.

Tues.-Slept from 7 last night until 7 this morning and then off and on all day. The end.

Wed.-Blood work negative. Was up more. Resting on chair. Watching Columbo. Talked with Mom. Dad's still in rehab.

Thurs.-Read the news on face book that Michael made the Dean's List! Congratulations! Took car to Bailey's to check brakes. Judy came and got me and I rested at her place. She served me lunch in Tom's chair. Incredible potato soup, chicken soup, and bruschetta. Then we watched Calendar Girl's which is a great girl movie only for those 50 and older. We cried. We laughed. She said that her sister Debby would lay an egg watching this and that she wishes she could get a copy for all of her friends. Susan picked me up and took me to Bailey's on her way to basketball practice. Brakes will be good until inspection. Got a few groceries. Came home. Folded wash. Michael's at school. Phil's taking Susan out for a date to Lynchburg. I'm hitting the sack soon. Oh, Erma Wenger passed away this morning. Was relieved for her and saddened for her family. I am sure she and mother are reveling with each other about the wonders of heaven's air. Both were using oxygen when they took their last breath here. Philip may be working on his house tonight. Not sure yet.

Fri.-A shout out to my Lindsay Lou. I still can't believe we missed them at Christmas. We were in Thailand and they were here and slept in our bed and were beloved by my boys and Alli and Nathan. I am still finding sweet notes in different places. What a fun thing to do for someone.  Feeling a little better today. Dusted and vacuumed. Helped Susan with a  toilety problem over at HV. Went to her basketball game tonight. They really won. We were all there. She played well and wisely with her sprained back. I love those girls on her team. And her coach. Coaches. Oh, I also put together Susan's report card for all four high school years. She has a 96% grade average for her five main courses. It will be even higher when I add in some extracurricular activities. Way to go Suz. Saw Nathan at the game tonight. Dear little guy was not excited about all the yelling and screaming and his little teeth need to appear so he's not in so much pain. So precious is he, I can hardly stand it. Uncle Ed was there tonight with Marv. Phil and I stopped at Tractor Supply on the way home and got chicken pellets and dog food. Phil's talking to his Dad on the phone. He's still in rehab. Hopefully, he'll get home soon.

Sat.-I like getting my cleaning done Monday through Friday-splitting up the chores a little bit here and a little bit there. Then, on Sat. morning, I can visit with my family, knitting, while Michael plays guitar and Susan makes breakfast. I also started a little drawing textbook because I want to paint. Everything in me wants to paint beautiful clouds right after dawn and right before dusk. Susan worked over at HV for a little today. Phil worked at the Lawler's and put a bid together. Michael studied. Philip worked on his house. Freeman and Alli had a visit from Justin and Elizabeth Weaver and their four children. Alli, Nathan, and I, went to Michelle's baby shower this afternoon at Calvary Chapel and I got to see some friends I miss. I ate cake. During my fast. But I need to forgive myself and move on. Someone else was there from our church and weighs half my weight and is also fasting and she didn't give in except to eat part of the scone her daughter couldn't finish. I excuse myself by saying that I want to celebrate Michelle's baby by eating cake so that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. God isn't disappointed with me. I'm just a little disappointed in me. Mostly because I am just starting to feel better and now I put all that back in my body. Oh well, I ate enough desserts for the next two weeks so I'm good to go. Alli and Freeman may be bringing Nathan over for awhile so they can prepare for SS class. There was a bag of apples and lots of apple cider on our front porch when I got home. Thank you Ed! Susan's spending the eve. with Jenny, Claire, Molly, and Mary. They went to a Longwood basketball game, then to Uptown for a live show. We had a nice evening with Nathan- the uncles, Phil, and I.

Sun.-Great church service. Relaxing afternoon of rest, movies, and popcorn. Philip at Prayer and Praise in eve.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Jan. 5-11, 2015

Mon.-Today is the first day that I felt alive in the U.S. And it's the 13th day. And they said to allow one day of recovery for each hour time difference and there were 13 hours difference between Va and Thailand. So I should have trusted the statistics instead of thinking I was sick with something foreign. Thought I was going to be a hermit forever. But today I met Jenny for lunch at Uptown, ran errands, visited Judy, and had dinner with Candi at La Parota.  Came home and froze turkey special meat-having bought all 12 packages on sale. Heard a lot about the flu today and how the hospital is full. The New Life basketball team is selling donuts as a fund raiser right in the midst of the New Life fast. Maybe we should sell vegetable soup instead. Or salad. Happy Eleventh Birthday to Micah! He and Janelle will be home here Friday night.

Tues.-Went out to Appomattox and visited Walmart, Kroger, Lisa at Baine's, Village Print Shop to get my Nantucket photo cards, B and L, and Salvation Army. Kept Nathan for a little while in the afternoon. I love that little guy. I bought a little seat for him at Carousels yesterday and put it on top of the card table in front of the door window and he watched the birds. He drank water from a little sippy cup and ate a whole container of pears. I wanted to eat them but I fed him instead. Made potato soup and chicken vegetable soup and chicken drumsticks and we took some potato soup over to Travis M. They can put it in a blender since he's not supposed to chew for a month. Michael and Susan are watching old movies-Animated Peter Pan and then, Annie. Philip's been trapping. It's getting cold. Nearly freezing. Snowing in Pa and Culpepper.

Wed.-Today I caught up on M-W job list. Then I went to see Nathan. He was in a high mood, talking and yelling loudly and happily. He's begun his army crawl. He gets a little toy, tosses it about a foot away, and army crawls over to it. He loves to watch his mommy cook. In the evening, Phil and I went to church for family night. The rest of our family had other plans. (Susan went to Lynchburg Goodwilling with Shorty and then to the gym.) The church leaders lined the middle aisle and anointed and prayed and blessed families/individuals as they walked through. Then the leaders walked through. It was incredible. I was so happy that I hardly slept. Ran the water tonight to keep the pipes from freezing.

Thurs.-Nearly 0 degrees. Michael is cutting firewood. Guys are over at Lawlers. Phil is going to check out a job about 2 hours away with his cousin's son-D. Susan will go out this afternoon and meet her team and go for a game in Richmond. (They won again. 8-0 wins/losses now. Lady Lions Unbeaten.)  Danny F. brought her home after midnight. Guys game afterwards. Janelle and Micah are flying home. Will get here tomorrow eve. She's hoping the snow in NY doesn't cause a delay. Guys went over to Bethany's for a little get together for her while she's home from the ministry in Georgia.

Fri.-So tired today. Perhaps I shouldn't have eaten that bag of chocolate yesterday. I knew it would be a temptation during the fast coming up so I eliminated the temptation. Why do I do things like that? Did wash, looked up some stuff on-line-(Hoagies/Gifted Information)-a lady who teaches the gifted sat next to Phil on a flight and she gave him the hoagie website, exercised and watched a Columbo with Susan before heading out to get her car at Bailey's. It let her sit on her way to New Life yesterday. It needed a new radiator, etc. She then went to basketball practice while I went to the PO to send some packages, stopped in at Carousel-the new and great thrift store in Farmville-went to Judy's and snuggled with Logan because he was so snuggly after his nap. Tom and Sammy Jo both got home while I was there. Had some more chocolate to help Judy get rid of her temptation. Went to Walmart and bought fruit and vegetables. Came home. Got in the tub and talked with Lindsay for awhile. Always so good to talk with someone from our side of the family. Susan got her warm up suit today. Her initials are embroidered on the suit and she looks sharp in navy blue. She seems to have a cold. Philip, Michael, and Jordan, headed to Pa for Eric Weaver's wedding tomorrow afternoon. Jordan is going to stay and visit with Travis while the guys are with family. They left around 5:30 and should be there by midnight. I think they're staying with Aunt Karen, bless her heart, and are hoping to have breakfast with Grandma tomorrow morning. I talked with Phil's dad Wed. night. He was still in the hospital but he sounded wonderful and I've stopped being so weepy about him. He's going for some physical therapy and then will be home. Thank God. It was in the 40's today. Felt like I could get a tan compared to the frostbite I could have gotten yesterday.

Sat.-Guys are in Pa for Eric's outdoor wedding. Lots of bonfires all around. They went to see Grandpa H. at rehab. Susan is fighting a cold. She went to the gym to work it off and then later to Noel's birthday party. I made Philip's camouflage fleece blanket, vacuumed and washed the floors, and wrapped myself in a blanket and sat in a chair out in the sun. I think I am ready to go to the doctor next week and whip whatever smuggled themselves back within me from Thailand. Phil and I drove to a mile up the road to babysit Nathan while his parents went out to eat. We watched a high action movie and Phil worked his charm on Nathan and he was happy in his arms as he danced about during any movie music. He is just adorable. There is nobody like him. Nobody eats sweet potatoes and applesauce like him. Nobody looks at my face like he does. Nobody says, "Numnumnum" while he eats like he does. Nobody smiles at his mommy and daddy like he does. Nobody throws his toys with the quickness and strength that he does. There is nobody like him and I am in love.

Sun.-Rode with Alli and Freeman to church this morning. Nathan fell asleep on the way and he was all cuddly with me during the SS hour. His parents are teaching a class from the book 'Anonymous,' and Philip and I will be watching the little guy. Church was great. We redboxed some movies and both were really strange. The first one was 'Transcendence' and the second one was 'Noah.' I kept thinking that Noah couldn't get any worse but it did. The guys got home from Pa. They had a nice time at Eric's wedding.