Monday, September 1, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 1-7, 2014

Mon.-Moving slowly today. Phil made me eggs for breakfast. Freeman, Alli, and Nathan showed up soon after 8 and we processed about 6 pints and 12 or more honey bear containers of honey. Nathan is basically reaching for the person he wants to go to now. Susan put him to sleep when all else failed. He had been fighting sleep. I think he doesn't want to miss anything. Susan and I did wash and made food for several days. I went down to the river and relaxed in the water. Came back and Susan helped me figure out a good combination of flour for gluten free bread. Ready to test it now and watch a movie with Susan. Oh, and Philip and Michael went flying today.

Tues.-Focused on exercise and cleaning goals today. I have a list of house jobs to do daily and I've had them for awhile but actually started today by doing yesterday's and todays. Also started a 12 week DVD exercise program which will take at least an hour a day. Worked on the old house for 15 min. which is also a daily goal. I ate healthier and must get rid of all the chocolates we purchased on a whim at BB's. We'll save them for Philip's hoedown. Susan worked out and made some muffins as well as doing some other chores. She was going to mow but it was just too hot and the lawn isn't growing as quickly as usual. I studied Isaiah 61 using the FireBible and The Dake's Bible. Next I will study 'Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes.' There is a lot in the Bible about Jesus's second coming and it's so encouraging to read about the way it will be some day here on earth. Righteousness will be plentiful. How wonderful. Phil was working in the office and made a few trips here and there. Freeman, Philip, and Tommy, were working in Richmond. Michael went to Liberty. He's taking a music appreciation course besides a theology course and his other airline classes such as pilot etiquette, etc. Missed out on Nathan with my busy day schedule so I went down from 8-8:30. He is reaching for people now and giggles at Freeman. He was upset because Alli woke him up from his late nap. He wanted to nurse and go back to bed so I was trying to distract him. Naomi called earlier and we are so excited because our B&B for Nantucket is booked. We'll have two bedroom suite. Ashley and Lauren are driving us up. We will be doing a lot of walking which is one of the reasons I'm focusing on getting in shape.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 25-31, 2014

Mon.-Studied, exercised, shopped in Appomattox while Susan worked out at the gym. Then she joined me and we found some perfect clothes in Peebles for our future excursions. Also bought her some jewelry at B&L that I've been wanting to get her and she found herself some big pearls. As I put groceries away, Susan made some of the best food I've ever eaten. Chicken, vegetables, rice, cashews, green peppers. Wow. After she went to the volleyball games I went over to Helen's and got some corn and tomatoes. Then I stopped in at Alli's and watched Nathan while she fed the dogs. They came here for the evening and we attempted to watch an extremely long movie about Pocahontas that I borrowed from Helen. New Land I think it's called. Michael is studying and doing an on line theology course. The guys put in a full day's work. The coyotes are howling extra loud. And it's time for bed.

Tues.-Watched Nathan for a little while-Alli got groceries. Then I went to Dr. Harvey's to get xrays for tooth pain. May be sinuses. Have appt. for new fillings in 3 weeks. Dr. F is sure it's the ragweed. Canned 7 qts tomato juice. Guys came home early today. Michael and Philip went to Chi Alpha and Susan went to Andrew F's going away party. Headed over to Europe for 4 months with Calvary Chapel. I studied Is. 61 and got my notebook organized for Wed. nights at church. Little Nathan is teething and miserable. Am glad Freeman is home and is able to take turns with Alli holding the little guy.

Wed.-Took the car to Bailey's. Lisa H. met me there and we went to Uptown Café. I love that place. Great food and friendly faces. Bailey's rotated the tires and replaced one that had wires exposed. Said it could have exploded any time, that I shouldn't even touch it. Went to Dr. F's on way home and she worked on my jaw and sinuses. Teeth are better today. Alli came over and brought lunch for her and Freeman and then took a nap with Nathan on our bed. I did some cooking, washing clothes, exercising, etc. Played with Nathan and then packed for the long weekend up in Pa. Susan got another phone today and is finishing up the mowing and will pack when she comes in. Phil's working over at O'Briens. Philip's at youth group and Michael's at Chace's working on school.

Thurs.-Susan drove us to Diane Horan's from 8-3 with several stops and one very long 30 min. traffic jam. Got there before D. did and she told me the number to punch in to get into the house. I found the chocolate stash right away in her pantry. She came home soon and the three of us sat in the pool and chatted until Zach got home.  I took a nice long Jacuzzi bath while Diane made a delicious supper of Steve's chicken, homemade mac and cheese, and tomato salad. Oh! And her famous handmixed chocolate chip cookies with coffee. Diane can tell a funny story and one of them put me over the edge and I saw anxious looks among them. But it felt good. Slept in Meg's room. Susan had the guest room.

Fri.-Had a few hours with Diane alone this morning drinking coffee, eating eggs and bread with honey, and chocolate chip cookies. A chocolate chip cookie, I should say. D. took Susan and I on a Corvette ride around the neighborhood. D. showed me her gardens and we sat around and talked, took a nap, and left around 4. We got to BB's around 5 and shopped and filled the trunk. Then we went to Joe and Karen's and visited with Jonathan also and we took him with us to visit Debra, Bradley, Anne, Dave, and David. Jordan, too, I think. Grandpa's weren't home. They were with Uncle Allen. Debra's mother showed me her apartment. I said, "I want to live here!" She said, "Pick a number" or "Get in line". Apparently I'm not the only one who likes how cozy Debra made the two rooms Karalee designed. Susan saw a movie with Brads and a few of his friends and after they left, those two stayed up until nearly 2:00 talking. I hit the sack relatively early after spending some quality time with Karen and Jonathan while Joseph slept on the couch. Oh, how I love my sister in laws. And Oh how I miss them. I liked the new puffy mattress in 'my' bedroom.

Sat.-Had a nice leisurely breakfast with Karen, Joe, and Jonathan. Homemade waffles and homemade peach, strawberry, and vanilla yogurt. She makes it by the gallon. Mom called and we went to Walmart together and had a nice time visiting. Susan and I went over for lunch then and had toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches and peaches. Started getting ready for Travis and Corinne's wedding around 1:00. Wedding was at 3 at Weaver's Orchard. Got to see Anne, Ed, Kimberly, Justin, Elizabeth, their four children, Uncle Allen, and Linda Renno. Anne showed me their new old place. Such a dear friend she is. They gave us a huge bag of apples. The wedding festivities took place between 3-9. Philip and Michael were in the party as were Chace and Eric and Jordan. I got to dance with Travis and tell him how much I appreciate him. Had to cry a little bit. It's amazing that Corrine and Travis met in Farmville and will be living in Birdsboro. One of my favorite things of the wedding was when Corinne and her father danced a slow dance together and then went into numerous other kinds of dances. Learned 'The Shuffle.' Susan and I left around 8:30. She and Brads went to get a pizza at Walmart and Jordan and Dianah and Bradley and her watched a movie and ate pizza. I had another nice visit with Jonathan and Karen. He told her that she and daddy need to go away again so I can take care of him. Maybe in March if they go on a missions trip. We'll see. Jonathan kept telling us to stop talking because he wanted to do a little show for us.

Sun.-I woke up Jonathan and snuggled with him for a little while. Then Susan and I met Michael, Philip, Chace, and Jordan, at Grandpa and Grandma Hertzler's for breakfast. They recited Psalm 103 together. It was beautiful and meaningful. Mom had made blueberry baked oatmeal. We also had some donuts the guys brought, concord grapes, peaches, and coffee. Jordan and Bradley came over and then Jim and Debra. We stood in a circle and dad led us in a prayer. The guys left and then our car did that security system freeze so we 'hurried back' into the house sooner than dad expected when he said those words. Had another nice visit. Dad blessed me with "God bless you and give you grace, joy, and peace, as you minister to your children and your good man." We got gas at Joanna and I changed from my jeans into stretch pants right there in the car. Got onto the turnpike around 9:40 and were home 5 1/2 hours later. I went to bed at 6:30 and slept until 7 the next morning.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Aug. 18-24, 2014

Mon.-Busy rainy Monday. Washed clothes, made some mashed potatoes and venison mushroom gravy, rice, 2 quarts tomato juice, and butter beans. Baked oatmeal also later on in the evening when Nathan and Alli were here. Watched two movies. 'Heaven is for Real' and 'Divergents.'  Enjoyed them both. Michael had his first day at Liberty. Guys were rained out at their job in W.

Tues.-Went to Farmville. Stopped in to visit Judy, meet with Jenny and Savvy at Uptown, went to the PO and bank, and then headed towards Midlothian with the girl's day out I promised Savvy for her grad gift. We found some great buys at TJMax, Old Navy, and Target. Had supper at Chipotle and got back to her place after 8. Showed the 'girls' our buys and headed home. Alli, Nathan, Susan, and Michael, were all here. Nathan didn't want to sleep. After trying to settle him we were quite sure he was missing his daddy. She strapped him in his car seat and he was really crying and I started to whistle and he stopped crying immediately and smiled. I kept whistling, Alli kept whistling, and his little eyes started drooping. She took him the long way home and I think he went to sleep. Guys were rained out again in W.

Wed.-Great day catching up with correspondence, wash, etc. Eve. with Nathan and Alli watching 'Walk the Line.' Nathan loves this music. Stops crying immediately. He talked to me tonight more than ever but he sang with 'June Carter.' What a crooner he is. Taught Michael how to iron his shirt and pants today. He bought an ironing board and is going to do his own from now on. Important for him to look pressed and professional for the airlines. Susan went to the gym and got groceries, took care of Phil's calves, etc. We went for a ride on the gator today to see the hornet's nest over at Happy Valley. Susan got stung by one on her foot on our property yesterday. I wanted to make sure she knew where this one was. Beautiful lightning tonight. Saw where they are predicting an early colder and snowier than average winter in our area this year.

Thurs.-Today's big event was going out to Richmond early to shop at Home Goods, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. Then went to the Richmond airport during rush hour and picked up Janelle and Micah. They had been in Alberta for 2 weeks.

Fri.-Didn't sleep well last night. Took herbal supplement to help me sleep from Whole Foods and Susan didn't sleep either after taking them. We were restful but our minds were so alert. I think it would be a great thing to take on a plane to help me relax and yet stay alert. Anyway. Got the back room somewhat cleaned up today and organized a notebook to prepare for studying to teach some Wed. nights this fall. Did wash and took care of Nathan while Mommy went grocery shopping. He chuckled and smiled deeply 5 times in a row-each time I said, "Mommy's going to tell me because you can't!" He thought that was hysterical. Or at least humorous. But his mommy called later in the day and he had belly laughed. I forget why but oh, this is so much fun. It's nice to have Phil and the guys home from Williamsburg. Nathan and Alli are happy too, that Freeman is home.

Sat.-Busy Sat. making pot roast, cleaning house, loving on Nathan.

Sun.-Nathan's baby dedication. Streams were there and it was so good to have them sitting beside us. Susan felt awful but didn't want to miss Nathan's dedication so she came for that and left. Has a sore throat, stiff neck, and headache. Made some exciting plans for the near future. Phil and I drove the gator all over kingdom come. Found some elderberries. Next year, I want to get them a little sooner and make some tincture for the winter season. PB and Livi came for a key to the fishing spot. In the 70's. Overcast.