Monday, February 23, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 23-March 2, 2015

Mon.-Took my time this morning to do wash, exercise, read, visit with Susan and Michael, and then went out to Farmville for several hours. Haven't been out for over a week due to the weather. Went to the bank, P.O., gas station, Judy's, Sleeping Bee, Tractor Supply, and Walmart. Ruthie is back at work at the bank. Uses a wheel chair and has no cast. Should be able to walk by April 1.  Michael went out to school. Susan had basketball practice and then the gym. The ground is a slushy mess. One must wear rubber boots to navigate around the yard. The temps are dropping this eve. Some schools were cancelled for the day due to ice and the fact that they were calling for more snow last eve. but I didn't see any.

Tues.-Nathan blessed us with his presence today. What a dear little darling. We all love him so much. I did some wash and made a chicken cashew stir fry. Really tired today. Not sleeping well. Someone I know found life too hard and I believe she is now in the arms of God. But how hard for those who loved her. Caught up with Lindsay a little this morning. I sent her a box for her birthday and she should get it by Thursday. Happy Belated Birthday Lindsay Lou!  Talked with Naomi again tonight. One of our friends is dealing with a deep sorrow and we're keeping in touch about that and other things. Michael flew today. Engine Out procedures. The propeller wasn't spinning and he was in the air and took a selfie. Put it on face book. I couldn't watch. Susan had basketball practice. It ran late because they are singing the National Athem for the guys game on Thursday. She is singing some of it by herself. I may have to skip Bible Study Wed. night and go out on Thursday instead.

Wed.-Visited Nathan at his house this morning. He was so tickled. We snuggled and played and when I put on my coat, it really seemed like he tried to take it off. I forgot to say that last week when Nathan was here, I said, "Thank you," to Susan for something and Nathan said, "You're welcome" in his little voice plain as day. I asked Susan if she had said it to sound like him but she hadn't and I really didn't think she had. We tried to set up a similar situation but he didn't bite but we are sure he said "You're welcome." He's been standing for a second or so on his own as well and getting on all fours like he's getting ready to crawl. Right now he does an army crawl and he gets to where he wants to go quite rapidly. I think he's going to be an Olympic swimmer. I worked more in our bedroom cleaning out stuff and also got a pile of clothes ready to go to the consignment shop. Michael went to church. I stayed home because I plan to go out tomorrow eve. and everyone knows that if I get too busy I get unpeaceful. Philip stayed home and we watched a Columbo together and had popcorn. Susan went to the gym and then met Phil for a date at the Babcock House. Her lifting shoes came in the mail and she tried them on and I wouldn't be surprised if she slept with them tonight; she was so happy. I entered a poetry contest today. A children's poem-149 words not counting the 3 word title. $500 first prize plus I get 6 months worth of writer's magazines free for the $15 registration. I couldn't think of a new poem and all of a sudden I thought of the poem I've been singing since Freeman was a baby and that we're singing to Nathan now, having sung it to all his uncles and aunt while they were growing up. I entitled it 'Love Song Lullaby' and it starts out with, "I love you, love you, love you, like a frog loves flies...etc." Three stanzes. Had to erase several 'ands' to bring it back below 150. I hope I win. Please Jesus.

Thurs.-We got at least 4 inches of snow during the night. So wet and beautiful. Phil lost control of his truck and went into a ditch. Someone helped him and Philip get out. Nathan came and brightened our lives while mommy and daddy went grocery shopping. He took a nap with me and it was nice. I cleaned up another corner in our bedroom. Michael, Susan, and Philip played Monopoly Deal in the eve. I made some toasted nut and seed candy with honey and brown sugar and cinnamon. So good.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hertzler Doings~Feb. 16-22, 2015

Mon.-Made lots of food-quiche, chicken, rice, potatoes, blueberry muffins, etc. to get ready for snow and possible power outages. Went over in morning to help Alli with Nathan so she could get the outside work done. Freeman, Phil, and Philip, are at Culpeper working and staying overnight. It began to softly snow around noon and was coming down hard by mid afternoon. Later, Michael rescued Alli and N in Philip's truck because all three of their carbon monoxide alarms were going off. They spent the night here. It was nice to feel the stirrings of a little guy against my back during the night and in the morning, he snuggled back to sleep in my arms, and I am happy.

Tues.-A lazy day, eating, watching movies, shoveling snow, and playing with Nathan. Guys are coming home tonight.

Wed.-Woke up around 4:30 and had time to myself to read the Bible, study my assertiveness book, and be quiet. Exercised. Phil home. Others went back to Culpeper and had a disappointing day. Phil took Susan to the gym and he went to the Babcock House and had lunch with Peter. Only Philip's truck could get out the lane but he worked on plowing it this eve. Susan was going through her clothes and getting rid of things and so was I. Went through 8 drawers and now they are nice and organized. I made some sesame seed candy. I toasted the seeds-1 1/2 cups-in an iron skillet, stirring with a wooden spoon on medium heat for 5-8 min. until golden brown. Threw in some sea salt. Then added 1/2 cup of honey and stirred that into the seeds and cooked them for about 5 minutes until nice and thick and then spread them on a greased cookie sheet and cut them and let them cool. So delicious. Watched Nacho Libre with Susan tonight. First time I've seen it. Had to really laugh at the song he made up for his nun girlfriend in the wilderness. Phil took a hot bath to try to get some feeling back in his feet. Been outside so long in this terrible cold. Supposed to get -4 tonight. Mickey called and said that they are calling for ice on Saturday and possible power outages. Janelle called and talked for awhile today. Her grandmother in Alberta passed away. Put a box together today for Lindsay and the girls. I think I should do that every month or so.

Thurs.-Three degrees this morning. Philip home and had day off to work on his house. Michael here in the morning and then headed to Liberty. First day he could get out to go to school. Liberty had school yesterday but was canceled for Monday and Tuesday. Freeman dug Susan's car out. I kept plugging away, digging out my room, filling bags to go to a consignment shop, to other's, and to the old house. It's overwhelming to realize I have an old house that needs to be sorted through but hopefully, I can keep doing this every day for a year or two and begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. Michael went from school to worship practice. Susan had a game in Richmond. The roads weren't that great going out. She went to New Life and then rode with Jacob Fisher to the game. J At least that was the plan. (Jacob's mother is Phil's first cousin.) They won! By a lot! 13 wins. Zero losses. Now they are ready for tournaments!  Phil put in a new toilet in our bathroom. Ours leaked and the doohinky thing inside was broken. It was nice to visit with Philip for awhile before he headed for bed. Freeman stopped in to give me a hug earlier today before he went home. I love my kids.

Fri.-Another day at home for me. Michael went shopping at the Red Wing Shoe Store in Midlothian and bought himself a pair of really great boots. Susan cleaned out and organized the tea cupboard, did some wash, went to bball practice, got groceries, and went to the gym. The guys worked on the Wright's garage. I made some food, relaxed with Michael and Monk in the afternoon, and organized my green sewing drawers-something I hadn't done since I was 16 probably. In the eve. I watched a movie with Phil. Today's highlight was catching up with Lindsay on face book's chatify.

Sat.-Started snowing...freezing rain...wintry mix. Had Nathan while Alli and Freeman got groceries and Alli and N stayed while Freeman cut and loaded two haulings of firewood. Susan did some baking. Michael and Philip went shopping for a dinner they are serving tomorrow. Phil worked over at the Lawlers and on the farm and over at HV.  In the eve. the three played some card games and then we all watched a Pink Panther movie. Found out that a friend passed away on Wed. in Pa. Nobody seems to know the details yet. She was only 59 and although she wasn't a close friend, I always liked her and she always was kind to me about my writing. Another friend is in the hospital far from home in need of blood and surgery. Jesus, thank you for being here. Being near. What would we ever do without you?

Sun.-Roads were bad and SS was cancelled. After Michael and Philip got to the end of the lane in Philip's four-wheel drive truck with lots of weight in the back, Michael called, and said it had taken 'all that time' just to get out the lane. A sheet of ice and the road was not much better. Philip buckled up and drove 20 mph. We decided to stay home and had home church which was really nice. We took naps and then visited with Philip and Michael while they made a Valentine Dinner for the single ladies at church. Freeman, Alli, and Nathan came over for a visit as well. Susan went with them to the dinner and Phil and I watched 'The Notebook' and it made us both so sad but one of us was more expressive about that sadness than the other.  Guys and Susan had a great time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Friend With Benefits

Pastor Bill spoke about Great Marriages on Sunday.
He also explained what 'A friend with benefits' means in our world today.

This year, I am hoping to memorize a familiar Psalm each month.
In January, I focused on Psalm 27.
In February, I am focusing on Psalm 103.
As I reread it this morning, I thought about my friend with benefits.

A Friend with Benefits.
Unforgettable Ones.

He forgives all my sins and
Heals all my diseases.

He redeems my life from destruction and
Crowns me with lovingkindness and tender mercies.

He satisfies my mouth with good things
so that my youth is renewed like the eagles.

He is righteous, merciful, and just.
He reveals His ways and His actions.

He is slow to anger and abounds in mercy.
He bestows His High Heavenly Mercy on me
instead of punishing me as my sins deserve.

He not only forgives my sins
but He removes my sins far away from me
and never brings them up to shame me
because He has forgotten them.

He pities me because He knows I came from dust.
He shows me compassionate mercy.

Bless the LORD, O my soul
And forget not all His benefits.

Bless the LORD, O my benefitted soul.