Monday, December 1, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Dec. 1-7, 2014

Mon.-Busy day in Fville. Met DDF at Uptown Café for coffee and cranberry/orange scone. Always so great to be with her. Went to the bank and the hair stylist to get some hair oil, went to the new thrift there on the right-Carousel's-nice place. Went to B and M and bought 3 packs of pansies to plant so they look pretty in the snow. Went to Food Lion, Judy's, and Walmart. Came home. Unpacked. Went to Dr. F. Came home. Made two chickens. Watched a Columbo with Susan and Phil. Guys worked on firewood most of the day. It was a warm flip flop day. Tomorrow it's supposed to sleet.

Tues.-cold rainy day. Had Nathan for a little while. Made lots of food for the next couple days. Planted over a dozen pansies to decorate the snow when it comes.

Wed.-Guys are still working around here cleaning up, building garage cabinets, etc. Nathan came for a little while and took a short nap on a gator ride. I wrapped him up in his great grandpa Streams camouflage pant blanket that I knotted for him. He had on a fluorescent orange jacket and he matched the blanket. I took a picture of him and he looked like he had red hair. I packed up some things today, gave some things away, moved some things to old house, and reorganized some disorganization and told myself I'll work on it another day. Janelle and Micah stopped in to pick up some things and we had a nice visit. Susan worked out at the gym. Phi working on getting a job permit for the L's. Phil and Philip set traps. Michael was out with a friend most of the day. He is enjoying his calligraphy tools and paper. He wrote a thank you note to some one in calligraphy and sealed the envelope with red wax and an 'M' emblem. Hoping to get to bed early tonight.

Thurs.-Lunch with Dianna at Miller's. Regular New Life reunion out there. Learned later that up until 11 months old baby's think you cease to exist when your face is hidden. Good catch up talk with J and am enjoying my crème colored blankie. Went to Goodwill and got a few books and then to Walmart, then to Susan's game. All but Michael were there to cheer Susan on. He had a night flight. Nathan came with Alli and met Freeman there. Nathan loved the game and it egged Susan on to know he was watching her. Phil bought me a supper of burger and fries there. Susan hurt her back during the game and had a rough evening. Slept with phone by my bed so she could call me from her room if she needed help getting up.

Fri.-Took Susan to Dr. Travis and he took her in immediately and worked on her a long time. No need for xrays since this was a muscle/tissue injury. Said she strained/sprained the long muscles of her back and across the bottom of her back. Basically whiplash. They were so kind. Loaned us a back brace. Susan used ice and heat all day plus took a Tylenol and IBprofen together every three hours. Watched lots of Monk. She is still very stiff and sore but it is a relief to know that nothing is broken or blown. Dr. T. said a sprain hurts more than a break and it is more difficult to recover from this whiplash injury than a broken bone. I did some basic chores around the house and outside and watched some Monk with Susan. Guys went to PAlvin and Charity's Chi Alpha farewell party. Felt so thankful all day for hope and for kindness. So many people were good to us today and went out of their way to help us.

Sat.-Did a lot of odds and ends today. Went to Dr. F and took Susan to Dennis. What a great help he is. Susan also went to the Longwood game with friends for Molly's birthday. I hung out at Judy's until the game was over. Guys went hunting. Michael's making breakfast-cooking now-for church tomorrow. Phil was busy with many things. Rainy day.

Sun.-Michael made two big pans of breakfast casserole for the final Encounter Journey class at church. Delicious and a little bit more than enough. Jenny preached on 'The Peace of God.' So good. Full of scripture just as are Pastor Bill's sermons. Came home with Freeman and Alli to their place and then they brought Nathan and I back to our place and we had fun with him while his parents went to 'Cinderella' production in Farmville. We had a little family meeting after they got back and discussed some future plans. Nathan and I got into the swing of things. I flip him and he likes to be flipped. I started counting, "One...Two..." and before I hit three and sometimes two he would arch his little back and start flipping over. He didn't want to stop. Then he threw up a little and I felt a little bad but couldn't stop laughing. Nervous laughter, probably. Philip and M shot guns for awhile and then Philip, Michael, and M, went to Marv F. for a formal dinner. Susan, Phil, and I, spent the evening getting ready for some adventures coming up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Nov. 24-30 2014

Mon.-Heading to the dentist early this morning. A #2 extraction. Should be sleeping it off the rest of the day. Susan has an away game this eve. (Her team won-) Michael got 91 on his aviation test.

Tues.-Still drowsy.

Wed.-Making food, etc. for tomorrow. Kristy U. and husband Austin stopped in for a visit. Guys were working around here. Wintry mix.

Thurs.-Happy Thanksgiving. Susan wrapped the turkey in bacon and her special rub yesterday and I put it in the oven around 7. Alli and Freeman and Nathan went to her family for lunch and then came here for the evening. Around 5 we went over to Grace Chapel and visited with the Masts who came to the area. What a nice family. Phil's mother's brother was here, Uncle Ollie, and his wife, Barbie. We saw lots of the family and it is always nice to spend time with them. So, just for the record, I want to write down what we had for lunch. Susan's bacon turkey, sliced ham, Michael's oyster filling, our sweet corn, glazed carrots, macaroni and cheese, gourmet potatoes, sweet potato casserole, chunky homemade applesauce, seven layer salad, and cranberry. For the evening of desserts we had pumpkin ice cream dessert with gingersnap crust, bts cake, apple/bluberry/raspberry pie, apple cake, Cool Whip, hot fudge sundae cake, and vanilla ice cream. Oh, and peanut butter fudge. We went around and shared the things we are thankful for.  It's been a wonderful day.

Fri.-Both Philip and Freeman shot a buck this morning. Had fun with Nathan. Fed him applesauce and sweet potatoes. He's a very neat eater. And he croons happily while he eats. We ate leftovers all day, including for breakfast. I organized the kitchen a little. Put vitamins in my helmer drawers. Philip put it together for me Thanksgiving morning. He was a little frustrated because the manual had no words-only pictures. Ikea. It was half as tall, deep, and wide, than I had anticipated. But it works. Half as much as I expected, but it works. I made 30 cinnamon rolls for Christmas. Froze them. Michael gave Phil an early Christmas present and they are listening to a DVD of a music band. Philip, Susan, and friend, are over in the mancave watching Shrek. I'm thinking about going to bed really early tonight. Food coma again.

Sat.-Busy day organizing vitamins and clutter areas in the kitchen. Worked in our bedroom a little and vacuumed and washed floors in the house. Also almost finished Nathan's comforter made from his Great granddaddy Stream's camouflage pants. Once I got started, I couldn't stop. But to make my day complete, Nathan came over for awhile so Mommy could shop in crazy busy Farmville. His daddy and uncles and grandpa came in for lunch. He had a grand time. He really needed a nap so I laid down on my bed since I needed one too, and tucked him by my side and every time I opened my eyes, he was looking back up at me. He is so precious. Philip shot a doe.  Phil lost his phone in the woods. The boys made jerky and made a movie out of it and posted it on face book. Susan went to see Heidi for a much needed deep muscle massage, spent some time with a friend and worked out at the gym, did some wash, made some food, and did some chores around here. Listening to my mother's CD of Handel as we go to sleep.

Sun.-Great sermon by Pastor Alvin on the sword of the Spirit. Phil counts money after church so I get to socialize. Held Max for awhile during church. He and Nathan are a month apart and someday, they may be playmates. Stopped at Wendy's for a burger on the way home. Philip, M, Michael, and Susan were eating pizza and watching Shrek 2. Helped Phil look for his phone at HV for a little while. Too rough and tough and left him to do it on his own. Didn't find it. Finished Nathan's camouflage comforter. Made some T. plans with Susan. Watched Ocean's Eleven. Hit the sack at 9:30.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Nov. 17-23, 2014

Mon.-Busy day of studying, washing, snuggling with Nathan at his house, making applesauce, apple fritters, fries, completing half an exercise DVD-, and heading to Susan's first game with Phil. Michael and Philip are going also. It's been a cold rainy day. Guys have been doing odd jobs. Philip wet to the core from putting up a window from the outside in for our bedroom. Will post later about the results of the game! They won! 34-20.

Tues.-Busy day. Philip put up the living room window. So cold outside. I took a walk but cut it short because I hadn't dressed warmly enough. Put up Christmas decorations. Kept it simple with a white light 3 foot Christmas tree with a Jordanian manger scene underneath and under that the pitcher and basin filled with white lights and greens, grapes, berries, etc. Then on our kitchen table, I put a white candle with cover and clear and red grapes around it at the base. So pretty and so easy. Made another apple dessert-apple dumpling cake. Oh my. Also made a cheesy potato broccoli soup for supper. Worked on tidying up the house a little and spent an hour in my bedroom. It's the last room to get touched unfortunately. Caught up with Lindsay on the phone and that made cleaning so much easier. Watched another Columbo with Susan. Phil at a meeting. Michael at Chi Alpha. Philip worked on his house. It's my mother in law's birthday today. We tried to call her several times to sing happy birthday but there was no answer. Maybe Dad took her away for the day or overnight. He'd do something special like that for her.

Wed.-Visited Nathan a little bit today. He's fighting a cold. He watched his mommy's every move as she ate and swept the floor. She is his first love and it is so precious to see. Guys are putting up windows and things are being moved around. Oh! I remember now. Phil and I left around 7 and went to Richmond to the antique store and picked up the door knobs for Happy Valley. Then he surprised me with breakfast at a diner. It was so nice. THEN, I went to see Nathan. I also washed our glassware that is on the shelves in the kitchen. Was too busy to go to church.

Thurs.-Went out to town and ran to at least 10 places. Visited S. and met her grandmamma. Visited Judy and held Logan and met some of her other relatives. Got groceries, sent my glasses back to Zenni, looked for curtains at dollar store, picked up Janelle and Micah at Longwood Library and headed back home with a pizza. Stuff is everywhere with the shelving down and windows being put in and the trim being painted. I panicked a little because women are coming here Sat. night for a party and I'm not sure if I can pull it all together. Plus, made an apt. to get my tooth extracted on Monday and Thanksgiving is Thursday. Well, I should just breathe. Tonight, I am making 4 more things ahead of time for the Thanksgiving meal. Michael is going to make oyster filling and Susan is going to cover the turkey with woven bacon. Phil is painting windowsills. Susan got a new toilet in her bathroom and tomorrow I'll get new fixtures for the kitchen sink. Everything is a mess but it will be worth it all.

Fri.-Happy Birthday Benjamin Philip. Or was your birthday yesterday? Busy day cleaning up outside-porches, bathroom, entryway, yard-and then putting things back into their place in the house after the windows were painted and dry and the blinds put up and the shelves put up. Now our bedroom needs major help. I can't throw away any notes, books, or letters. Thus, the clutter. Michael enjoyed his visit down the river. Philip is headed to BH. Susan went to an away game. Phil and I are settling down for a long winter's Columbo movie.

Sat.-Worked on cleaning the house and getting ready for tonight's party. Had a visit from Alli and Nathan early afternoon while Freeman was butchering his deer. Camo Girls N' Pearls had chili, s'mores and a bonfire in the eve. Such a good time with twenty other adventurous women.

Sun.-Another great sermon by Pastor Bill on the armor of God. Today's lesson was on the helmet of salvation. The battles we face are most often in our minds. The helmet is a renewed mind. Came home and Philip and Michael made bacon burgers and fries. I made mac and cheese earlier and it was warm and bubbly in the crockpot. M-Lynne was here. She sat with us in church. After lunch, the kids watched Hunger Games 1 in the mancave. Phil and I watched two Columbo's. It's been a relaxing day.