Monday, October 20, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 6-12, 2014

Mon.-Still in Nantucket. Woke up at 7. Naomi was out on sofa because she had felt 'ruchy.' After breakfast we walked around town and did some shopping. I got a t-shirt for Nathan that says, "I still live with my parents." I bought myself a peach sweat shirt with the work Nantucket in white across the front. We bought our tickets for the ride across. We had lunch down at the harbor. I had a Thai chicken salad. It was so hot that Ashley took off her sweater and was plenty warm in her tank top. We sat on the front porch of the Robert's house and enjoyed our chocolates, chocolate 'cigars', coffees, and Chai Lattes. I laid down on the outside sofa and Naomi snoozed on the wicker chair and the girls read and relaxed and we all enjoyed the busy hum of people's voices and passing cars of this small vast island. Reluctant to leave, we stood in line to board the ferry to cross back over to Hyannis. (The name of this town was the butt of many jokes all weekend.) The girls and I stayed outside on the ferry for the crossing over. It was warmer and less wet than our earlier trip. It seemed to me that men kept coming out to look at Ashley. Finally, I aimed my camera right at one of them who was looking right at us and zoomed in. They stopped coming out to stare after that. She denies it all but I'm pretty sure that people thought I was the guardian of two movie stars. The girls had a certain beautiful flare about them and I can't blame people for taking pictures of them. I'm sure I took the most of anyone. I talked with Ashley about my thoughts about the difficulties that the blind man had after he was healed by Jesus. Now he could see the squalor, he had to work and be responsible. He could no longer beg. Ashley said, "But think of all the beauty he would have missed if he couldn't see." And the beauty of sight is worth the pain of seeing and the responsibility of working.
After we landed, the girls got the car while Naomi and I stayed with our luggage. Naomi loaded the car with the strength and organization of one so skilled as she. We hit the road around 6:30 PM and arrived home sometime after 1 AM. We played rhyming games, etc on the way home. We had played some IQ games on the way up. The rhyming game is one that I would play with my mother. The one person says the riddle-something like say 'Seafood Platter' and the answer has to rhyme. "Fish Dish." It was fun. We avoided nearly an hour of traffic jam but following Lauren's navigational skills. We got lost in Queens for about three minutes but our GPS rescued us quickly and brought us out through the lower level of the GW Bridge and as we passed all those stuck in the upper level-having just recently been there ourselves-one of the girls called out, 'Good bye Suckers!'
We all spent the night at Naomi's. Actually, I think Lauren went home. She lives about 15 min. away.

Tues.-We said good bye to Mabe and Ashley as they left in the morning. Naomi and I had coffee while she humored Tink by throwing him his new now-squeakless toy. He would fiercely growl at her while she tried to take his green rubber bone from him and then she would throw it and say, "This is the last time." She did this for awhile. Then we took off towards New Holland, stopping at Good's where we both purchased the same black sweater. We went to the bank, the Amish Walmart, to Stoltzfus' Meatmarket where I saw a video of a classmate of mine-Myron-whose family owns and runs the meat market. We bought a breakfast of milk and two 9 inch apple fritters. We went shopping at the outlets and had Mexican for lunch. We made out like a bandit shopping especially with Naomi's anointing for shopping. Things were 50-70 percent off and then we had a 10% off coupon. (I brought home a suitcase of new clothes from both shopping excursions.)  We ended our big shopping day by going to see Ashley and Krissy's 4 story house on the outskirts of Lancaster city. It was built in 1905. We had stopped at Target and filled two three photo frames for Ashley and Lauren and gave it to them before heading out for supper at a local authentic Thai restaurant. Mabe joined us before we went and Krissy was there too. I love their house. They have painted it and decorated it and are about to tear up the carpet and put down hard wood laminate. Ashley downloaded several hundred of my photos I think. They are going to make a creative memory book or something like it. Back to the Thai restaurant. I ordered Chicken cashew and it was so spicy. Our waiter was from Malaysia. We had a nice little chat about Thailand. We walked back 'home' several blocks. Ashley informed me that I am no longer her mother's best friend but that I am now her best friend. I felt sad when it was time to say good bye to the girls. Naomi and I went back to her place. I tried on different things to make lots of different outfits. I'm 56 I think and I am trying to pay more attention to what I wear. It's about time, most likely. Hit the sack around 11:30 and it was nice to fall asleep to a windy thunderstorm.

Wed. Had coffee and yogurt parfait with Naomi and Tink. Repacked my bags. Said a sad good bye. Arrived at Mom and Dad's soon after 11. Had a nice catch up chat with Susan on the way. Mom served a great garden lunch of tomato, onion, kale, and cheese sandwiches, buttered beets, and homegrown watermelon. I did some wash and visited with Karen. We took a long walk up into the woods while Jonathan helped his Uncle Paul with firewood. Later, I watched Karen make whoopee pies and ate one. Jonathan is quite the little worker. He showed me how he scoops the poop in the barn. He knows what he's doing, too, and he'll only be four years old in December. He works with his dad, uncles, grandpa, and visits his grandma and aunts, and goes to preschool several mornings a week. He has a precious mama and has a wonderful life.  Mom had another great supper from their garden-carrot salad, green beans from Karen's garden, ham, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and bread and butter with homemade jam. After supper is when Karen and I watched Jonathan work in the barn. Mom and I visited for awhile and then Linda came down and we talked for several hours and Brads joined us after he got back from wherever he was. I took a bath after they left and turned out the light before 11.


Hertzler Doings~Sept 29-Oct. 5, 2014

Mon.-Busy day packing for upcoming trip to Nantucket. Arm day. Walked/ran and then walked later at Happy Valley with Alli and Nathan. Susan is busy super cleaning her room. Went to the gym also and got groceries earlier in the day. Nathan seems to be teething and in pain. Dear little guy. I have 6 bags packed for my upcoming week and a half. A bag and a half for Nantucket. Plus my purse. A bag for overnight at Diane's and then Naomi's. And a bag for when I'm staying in Pa. plus a toiletry bag.

Tues.-Too much stuff is in my life! Whatever I bring I have to lug 1/4 a mile uphill from the landing harbor in Nantucket. I've gotta lighten up, literally. Susan took me to the dentist today. My filling was fractured and he thinks my tooth is too. Took a long nap afterwards until Susan woke me up to give me her incredible pureed vegetable soup complete with shredded cheese and sour cream. I finished packing and decided to use my new PJ top-a black flowy thing-as a dress shirt for Nantucket with my leopard print scarf.  Packed up the car. Went to Lynchburg with Phil to drop off a check and have some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream. He got coffee with Heath Bar crunched into it. I wanted the pumpkin ice cream but they were out so I had the chocolate made the same was as the pumpkin pie. I told him my mother used ginger snaps instead of graham crackers and I heard and saw a lightbulb go off in his head. "That would be good," said he. Came home. Tidied the house. Got more things ready. And took a bath all before 8 o'clock. Gotta get that sleep while the clonopin is still in my system. I've been thinking about being thankful again, recording my thanks, and recording the songs and the verses on my mind. Last night, in the tub, I sang over and over at the top of my lungs, "Thou art my hiding place" and "The Lord is my keeper." Tonight, I'm thankful for the soaring guitar player flying with his music, Philip, so happy about a questionable word I used today-"Now I can say that word,"-Freeman posting pictures of Nathan driving the pettibone with Phil, Susan, highly motivated, cleaning her room from top to bottom, and Phil, driving the gator in the dark, checking on his traps, ever patient with his drugged up wife. And tomorrow-I'm headed out to spend some time with my best friends in Pa. I may get homesick before this week and a half are up but I'll just focus on each day. I asked Phil what he is looking forward to while I am away and he said, "You coming back." He had asked me what I was looking forward to doing in Nantucket and I said, "Riding the moped behind Ashley on the beach, visiting the Lighthouse, eating out, walking everywhere, etc." So I returned his question. Oh-Jeanne G. nominated me for a fun blog reward of some kind. I printed her comment and have to figure out now what to do. Good night sweet world.

Wed.-(writing this weeks after the fact-having taken some notes)-Left home around 7 and arrived at Diane H's around 5. Stopped at a mall on the way and bought a gray silky top and a black sweater. Also stopped at Cabela's and bought a fleece jacket and flannel shirt. Using my Cabela points, I only owed 33 cents. When I got to Diane's, she wanted to take me shopping. We went to Stein Mart in the Corvette with the roof down and we shopped and she bought it all and wouldn't let me see the prices. We also went to Soma and she got me two of those. With the heat blasting and the cold wind blowing and lots of new clothes, we had an exhilarating time. Had supper of chicken salad, etc. after 9 and visited with Zack and his college friends. Slept all night in the guest bed.

Thurs.-Breakfast of eggs, ham, cheese, and coffee, while discussing everything in the whole wide world including the link between emotions and physical health. She is doing a study on it. She packed me a lunch and she headed to work and I headed to Naomi's. Arrived around 2:30. (Just writing about all this makes me so happy again.) I showed her my new clothes. We walked to Mary S. and I picked up a Shaklee product. Tink peed on every property. Naomi served me Pumpkin Latte coffee that she had made from a recipe in Good Housekeeping. We had pizza on top of pizza that we picked up at the Italian restaurant at the corner in Blue Ball. Ashley and her friend, Lauren, arrived soon afterwards and we packed up and left for Nantucket around 6:30. Ashley bravely drove through NYC traffic and we arrived at our motel on the mainland around 1:15 AM. The regular Glick motel was full so we drove a few blocks to Double Tree ?(can't read my own notes) where a very friendly front desk man gave us cookies, water, and a toothbrush and toothpaste for Lauren. I said many words I don't usually say in our short travel. Turns out that the air on the way to Nantucket brings out the best and the "worst" in me. But it was fun. Had a few hours of sleep.

Fri.-Had to hustle, dragging our suitcases for half a mile or less to find the ferry. The ride on the ferry was thrilling. We were outside. I faced the wind and Nantucket and the spray was glorious. I felt like I was leaving the past behind and starting anew. Like being born again. After we checked in to The Robert's House, dragging our suitcases over uphill cobblestoned streets and side walks, we went shopping and had lunch. We had a little tray of crackers, cheeses, cranberries, fig jam, and bread for an appetizer. I had fried potato cakes. Naomi got a salad and French onion soup and the girls had lobster bisque. I took many pictures of houses, flowers, and my girls. I am thoroughly happy. The prices here are too pricey but we found a thrift shop. I found an original painting by M. Joyce Zeigler. It's entitled 'Swimming Party' and it was in a cheap frame. It was priced at $2.00 and the check out lady raised her eyebrows and looked at me when she saw it. "I know!" I said. Since then, I've googled the artist and I see that I am really fortunate. I've bought a beautiful frame for it and it's in our living room now along with framed cards of Nantucket and the shaker basket I bought at the thrift and the tiny little pitcher with flowers from my garden. I bought two starfish later on and picked some shells and these are in my basket in front of my $2.00 Canadian Geese Swim Party.  We went out to eat that night at a great place. We had fried dill pickles for an appetizer and I had chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach, honey glazed carrits, tomato bisque with toasted cheese, and a Caesar salad-all for $25. We have a lovely place to stay. When you walk up several flights of stairs, there is a number 33 on the door. That was my father's auction number. Our only complaint was that we couldn't lock the door from the inside and if we locked it from the outside, the people inside tend to panic because they can't get out.

Sat.-I slept on the sofa for reasons I won't explain but Naomi did the same then for the next two nights. I guess we're getting too old to sleep in the same bed together what with snoring and restless legs and late night phone calls from certain peoples husbands. ;) We had breakfast in the basement at our establishment. Naomi went in her fleece jammies and some people really really gave her the 'look'. But she knows who she is and it didn't bother her a bit. But Ashley, her 25 year old daughter, was a little embarrassed. You see, we had to walk a little ways to the other house to get to our breakfast. Ashley came up and put her arm around her mother and every time we passed someone she said, "Don't worry; we'll find your family." Have I mentioned that her jammies were a loud shade of turquoise and that we ourselves were loudly talking and laughing and retelling the funny stories about how Naomi put the word 'shady' in Shady Maple when she thought the man standing behind her out of sight but not out of touch was her husband. We told the story of the gracefully flowing toilet paper that got stuck in the top of my pants and how we strolled among thousands of no longer bored  vacationers on the boardwalk and how two sister fought it out about who would be the one to tell me. They told Naomi and she turned me around for our other friends to see and they both helplessly collapsed on the nearest bench having been overcome by laughter that I can only hope heals them in some way. We told about the little gift that attached itself to Ashley's briefcase right in front of her whole college class and how she denied truthfully but unconvincingly that this attachment was indeed not hers. And the time Morgan set her back pack on the grate in her college room and somehow managed to get the large metal flap connected to the bottom of her back pack and how she walked up to the front of the room and clanked it down loudly in front of her professor. Realzing now why her back pack was so clumsily heavy she said, "Oops, excuse me," and traipsed back the long pathway to the naked vent and banged its missing piece into the hole that had been exposed.  And the time Susan threw me under the bus as a 3 or 4 year old, telling the pediatrician, "Michael's wearing underwear, I'm wearing underwear, but my mommy's not wearing any underwear." "Oh, the things we learn," said he. Or the time she said to a full dentist office waiting room as my hand was in my purse, "My mommy's got a gun," and the time she said to the pediatrician after she passed gas and smelled up the room and then he walked in-"My mommy just passed gas." And my all time favorite story of Naomi's when she had just a few articles of clothing on and the girls told her that their neighbor was on the phone and she scooted downstairs and in fact, he was standing at the door and was not on the phone. "Oops," she cried, (why is this their favorite statement?) and she scooted right back up and put on some pants and a shirt. All the while the neighbor was laughing. And she laughed too. I mean, what else can you do at a time like that?
It's in the 60's. I know I am writing this past and present but hopefully you will understand that although I am writing this in the past, it was in the present that I jotted down notes. We got slowly ready for our day after breakfast, relaxing in the process. We went to Brandt Point Lighthouse and then to the Whaling Museum where we saw a 45 min. movie about the history of Nantucket. I bought myself some gold basket earrings and cards to frame.
Oh-All during our time with Ashley and Lauren, the affectionately called us 'Ninny Muggins'. Which means 'Old People.' We went to Nix Pub again for supper and the girls had oysters-one dollar a piece, and we shared Naomi's Nacho chips. I had Caesar salad. There was a guy at the bar with his 10 month old daughter in a front loading knap sack. We all thought he was so sweet. His wife joined him later. It's nice to see a man take care of a baby. Naomi loves my black hat. Later that night, we had some hot chocolate and went to the book store. I am not sure what this means but my notes are: "passing lots of gas, burning matches, carting cameras." I own up to the camera note and the burning matches note but I'm quite sure the other note was about someone else. You know who you are. Naomi and I watched an Agatha Christie movie. It was too scary so we watched The Voice, which wasn't scary at all.
Ashley said to me today, "Your soul is the color of light pink roses." So is yours, Ashley. So is yours.

Sun.-After a breakfast of chocolate crescents, coffee, cereal, yogurt, vanilla breakfast cake, and fruit, we rented double mopeds and rode all over the island. Went to Siansun light, Brandt point, the winery, a great grocery store near the winery,  the beach, the oldest house, a beautiful church, and had lunch at the only existing working windmill in a certain area of space-is it the US Naomi? We sat on the bench and ate food that Naomi and Ashley provided-sharp cheese cubes, crunchy purple grapes, pita crackers, pistachios, goat cheese with pesto sauce and tomato paste, and peach sparkling cider. We came back and regrouped and walked to the beach and took some sunset pictures and ate at a Mexican Place. On the way home, I jumped behind a big tree and jumped out at Lauren, creatively shouting, "BOO!" which scared her so bad I laughed so hard I peed my pants. The poor cop stationed with his bike at the corner may have done the same. Suddenly Naomi realized that she had left her purse at the restaurant so Lauren, having recently been scared, took off at a run and retrieved it, much to Naomi's relief. Meanwhile, Ashley and I kept on heartlessly laughing and reliving the pleasures of giving Lauren a fright. Ashley, having done this earlier. Later that evening, Naomi and I looked at hundreds of photos that we had taken and the girls sat down in the lobby and visited.( I called Phil. He had taken Alli, Freeman, and smiling Nathan out to Chinese for lunch. Michael and Philip were there. Susan, Julie, and Colton went to the Richmond State Fair. Michael was playing with the worship team at Jesus Jamz. Philip was walking the properties.)  Lauren said, "In my circle of friends, I'm you." The girls visited in the lobby again. Naomi read. I watched 'National Treasure 2' and accidently ate my quarter pound of salted caramel chocolate fudge during the most intense scenes.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Sept. 22-28, 2014

Mon.-Very busy day. Woke up an hour late. Studied. Went for a walk and had a visit with Alli and Nathan. Met the mail lady at the end of the lane with the Polaris. Met Helen there and picked up Serena and Micah. Delivered package to Happy Valley and gave them a tour of the fields, pond, houses, etc. Made lunch of leftover chili and hot dogs. Then I did my hour exercise video while they patiently joined in and played outside. Then they watched Ice Age while I did some clean up and wash. Gena came with the twins-Mason and Wade. We played with them and talked. Susan and I love Gena so much. Time flew by and before we knew it it was 5:30 and she headed for home. Serena and Micah headed for home inside the hour. I'm trying to do my Monday jobs. Very busy day.

Tues.-Another busy day. Did the Circuit Breaker-80 min. exercise. Went walking with Alli and Nathan over at Happy Valley. Dear little guy fell asleep as we bumped him along. Worked in old house. Studied more on the Holy Spirit. Did wash. Tidied house. Phil sick. Possibly stomach entero virus. Running a temp. Sharp pains in stomach. Walked/jogged out on the road 8/10ths of a mile. Watched a Pink Panther with Phil and Susan.  Philip is working on his house. Michael is either at Chace's or Chi Alpha. Life is full of changes. I will trust God because He is great and He is good. And He doesn't change.

Wed.-Rain! Phil still sick with fever and stomach pains all day. Did Leg day exercise. Studied. Got in some winter clothes and washed them. Went out early and got hair trimmed and bought Susan some shoes at Shoe Dept. Taught on Jesus' words on the Holy Spirit. Picked up grapes to make grape juice.

Thurs.-Cloudy day. Went out to town to run some errands. Came home and started on grape juice. Made 25 quarts from one big box. Tomorrow I'll use the steamer and won't get quite as many quarts. Had fun with Susan and Lucy tonight. Bought tickets for T. Two days without seeing Nathan. Phil's better. Maybe tomorrow I can see Nathan's smiley face.

Fri.-Grape juice! 60 Quart total. But got a walk in with Alli and a squeeze from Nathan in the morning.

Sat.-Busy day. Cleaning. Putting away grape juice. Cardio day. Movie night with Phil. Michael studying. Philip and Susan at Glory Reins Fund Raiser Hoe down.

Sun.-Great sermon on "Time" and how we use it. I decided that I've spent enough time worrying in my life and that I should spend more time trusting. Went to the picnic at Fuqua afterwards and cheered the bright orange team. All my kids were playing. Today's highlight was holding Nathan during church and having him fall asleep in my arms during worship. Enjoyed Gena and her two little guys today-Mason and Wade. Susan helped her hold them during church.