Monday, October 27, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2014

Mon.-Alli, Nathan, and I, made it the whole way out the lane and back. Red Stroller and coffee in hand. Cleaned out the fridge and made a big chicken curry with rice stir fry for supper. Michael helped Phil get the combine and Philip helped some guys get their corn in the grain bins. Phil combined for many hours and I delivered supper to him in a bucket. Susan and I watched a Columbo and hit the sack.

Tues.-I had Nathan for a little while so his mommy could clean the house. He fell asleep in his red stroller and took a nap in the shade-80 degrees here-for at least two hours while I mended and cleaned Freeman's humongous teddy bear that was given to him before he was born. Pat B. handmade it. I studied, too, and sat on the back steps. Alli came then, and sat near him, while I cleaned the outside fridge. Later I swept the garage and cleaned the butcher shop. I'm in a race with winter. It's so beautiful here. The trees are at their peak. Susan went to Jenny's in the eve. to practice basketball. Michael had school and was helping around the farm. Phil is combining here and will finish up tomorrow and head over to O'Brien's and then Happy Valley. They will be racing the rain that is to come tomorrow afternoon.

Wed.-Took Nathan for a little walk while his mommy ran to get groceries. He slept for about half an hour and then we played and caught up with Great Aunt Helen on the phone. She told me about her dancing escapades at her nephew's wedding and how her calf muscle popped and she has to take it easy for awhile. How pleasant her voice and her love and kindness. I tell you, I have the best sister in laws in the world. I have the best friends too. And the best family. My heart is full and overflows. I studied The Holy Spirit for awhile this morning, trying to condense months of study into 30 minutes for the Women's Encounter that is coming up. What do I want them to take away? That's the question I keep asking. That Jesus loves them. That the Holy Spirit has always been at work in the world. That now He is in us, never to leave us or forsake us. That He is our helper, teacher, guide, comforter. That He does not judge by the seeing of his eyes nor by the hearing of his ears. And that He gives good gifts that we are to use in love to build up the body. Oh God, what else? Teach me. Use me. I'm making a big roast and blueberry pie and I mixed up hot chocolate mix. It tastes a little funny and I'm concerned that there may be aspartame in it. The combine is still doing it's job and Phil works from Dawn to Dusk. Susan took the car out to Andy's because she smelled burning rubber. They looked and looked and finally found a plastic bag in the exhaust pipe. They didn't charge. She hung out with Shorty after their walk/gym workout and Shorty helped her with transportation. I'm headed out to church tonight for dinner and an Encounter meeting.

Thurs.-Susan and I combined our activities in Appomattox and as I was dropping her off at the gym, some electricians pointed out that I had a flat tire. They changed it and I went on my way with their business info to pass on to Phil. Got my eyes checked and had a list of things to do but my eyes were dilated and I could barely see, so I picked up Susan and she drove us to Tim Tolley's to get the tire fixed. We had to buy a new used one because I had ruined it by driving on it flat. We came home and I rested my eyes. Keli P. came and we went over to the storage unit on another parcel of land and loaded up her van. Came back and had supper and I got to see many pictures on her computer of her time in Zambia. She slept on the sofa.

Fri.-Keli and I continued with the unloading and reloading of her van. Michael M. came to see some furniture and we decided on his advice that it should go to Habitat for Humanity. Kelli took it there and we will load up the rest of her stuff when she comes back. Right now, it is sprawled out near cornfields. She gave me some boxes of beautiful stones that she found on her property in Colorado. I'm thrilled. Micah will love looking through them and so will Nathan. I want to figure out a neat way to display them. She also gave me a tall shelf which I put in the butcher shop to hold my grape juice jars. Phil and Michael are headed to the cabin for the weekend. Susan went to the gym and is now headed to the chiropractor, grocery shopping, and basketball practice. She'll come home for a few hours and then head to a friends place for the evening. I'm going to watch Nathan this eve. so Alli and Freeman can have a date at their house. I'm a little bit crazy about him.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 20-26, 2014

Mon.-Walked with Alli and Nathan over at Happy Valley and visited our CA family. Said Good bye to the Lucas's. Susan got home from Makenzie's early this afternoon and went over to visit them. Shippey's and their friends, the Martins, came over for supper. Pizza, baked potatoes, seven layer salad, and hot fudge sundae cake and ice cream. Guys were working at the Abbey today and had a meeting at church and joined us later. Susan was at basketball practice. Michael was sleeping. He's feeling better but missed school today to sleep off the fever/virus.

Tues.-Alli took me to the dentist. Guys are working on the barn, Freeman on the shop. Shippey's left. Susan had basketball practice. I slept off the dental drugs from 4-9 and then slept through the night. The meat in the crockpot got completely dried out. Never once thought of it.

Wed.-Micah was here. We cut out his monk like Star Wars outfit and sewed it up. He loves it. He's a pretty good tailor. Went to church in eve. Jenny taught on the Holy Spirit in Revelation. So good.

Thurs.-Exercised in morning. Made a Thai dish with chicken, rice, cashews, fish sauce, and coconut milk. Took corn to Diane at church for the Helton's. Jr's Father passed away. Hung around church for awhile. Prayed in the sanctuary. Jesus said, "It's My church," and I stopped worrying. Talked to R. for awhile. Visited Judy. Went to Food Lion and Walmart. Alli called. Nathan's Dr. visit went well. He weighs now at 4 1/2 months what Freeman weighed at a year. Watched Columbo with Phil, Philip, Susan. Michael is at worship practice.

Fri.-Up early. Thawed cinnamon buns. Baked and iced them with cream cheese icing and caramel icing. Made 4 big egg casseroles and sausage gravy. Sent it all with Phil in the eve. for Men's Encounter breakfast tomorrow morning. Susan went to basketball practice. All of the guys are going to the Encounter this weekend.
Alli and Nathan came over in eve. We went for a gator ride and took beautiful fall and baby pictures over at Happy Valley. Alli gave Nathan a bath in the sink. He loved it.

Sat.-I kept Nathan while Alli went fishing with Camo girls. I need to keep him more often. He slept on my lap for about an hour and a half. We took two walks in the stroller. He loves being outside. In the afternoon I tidied the house and made some food. They came back in the eve. and we watched another Columbo and had supper. Just before they left, I took the red exercise band and waved it around and said, "Choo, choo, choo!" at Nathan who was sitting on his mommy's lap. He laughed and giggled for a long time and I have two videos to prove it. It was wonderful. Then, he showed some assertive creativity and wanted to have the band himself and he spent some time examining it. I am listening to assertiveness CD's and had just heard the term 'assertive creativity' and it was fun to see Nathan exhibit it so well. It's 10:15. The guys just got home from Encounter. I can't wait to hear all about it. I am so happy. I am finally caught up with my blog.

Sun.-Wonderful morning at church. Men shared about how God met them at the Encounter this weekend. Went to Ruby Tuesday's with Steve and Dianna. Came home and watched a few Columbo's and hit the sack early.

Hertzler Doings~Oct. 13-19, 2014

Mon.-Playing catch-up. Wash. Summer/fall switch-arounds going on. Visited Nathan. Helped Suz with Happy Valley. Catch up conversation with Lindsay.

Tues.-Still playing catchup. Had a wonderful time with Lisa H.-DDF-at Baines complete with coffee and scones. She and Paul are leaving for the south-visiting family and book tour. The weather is war, wild, wed, and windy with warnings for tornadoes.

Wed.-I found my $2.00 original painting artist on the web. She's a teacher and artist extraordinaire. Bought matching frames for that picture-8x10-and three 5x7 frames for the Nantucket cards I purchased at the Whaling Museum. I have them set up on some furniture in the living room. I caught up with Naomi on the phone. Her girls are getting hardwood laminate laid down in their beautiful city home. I shopped in Appomattox while Susan's car was being fixed and she was at the gym. Shippey's and Lucas's have arrived. Taught on the work, fruit, gifts, and exhortations of the Holy Spirit. A guy who was working on power lines drove by and just came in. It was great to have him. He goes to a Holiness Church in NC.

Thurs.-Nathan cut his first tooth. Second one coming soon. Had some kidney/back pain. That AZO stuff you can buy at Walmart really works. Went out to Farmville. Got 'A Tree for Peter' photocopied by Sarah W. at Longwood Print Shop. It's for the Banton's. I read the story on Lindsay's old ipod I think, and she is making CD's of it and the girls will be able to read along with it. She is making a copy for Nathan as well. Visited with Jenny, Ruth at the bank, Judy and Logan, went to Belk, Walmart, and the Smoker's. New baby arrived home today. Went back out with Phil to Lowe's and Belk. Stopped in at Smoker's again with a gift for Mommy instead of baby. Got to hold him earlier.

Fri.-Tom and Kathy came over to go out to eat for supper and stayed with us and helped us eat ours. Chili and Corn quiche. So good. Susan left to go to Makenzie's for a long weekend. Walked with Alli and Nathan. It's been nice to see Alli's dad, Rob, painting over at Happy Valley. Nathan likes him. Philip put new siding around the bottom of the double wide. It's newly insulated underneath and this siding will help keep the cold out in winter and the cold in in summer.

Sat.-Trying to study, "The Knowledge of the Holy," by Tozer, but can't get past the first page. Made over 100 cinnamon rolls and froze them unrisen. Michael passed his stagecheck. He has now shown himself as a proficient commercial single engine pilot. He flew with someone he never flew with before. It's really testing his teacher's ability to instruct and his ability to learn.
Went to "Almost Elton John" concert in the eve. at the Pocahontas Park with the Lucas's, Shippey's, and Martins. 'Elton John' almost, has been a friend of Dan's since childhood. We got front row seats and backstage passes and got our pictures taken with him. He is a dear man, humble, sweet even, and too busy to have a wife and family. It was great fun but it was a Hops festival and many people, women especially, were showing the effects of too much beer.

Sun.-Great service at church, relaxing afternoon with Phil, Alli, and Nathan. Freeman is at Gary C's wedding in Pa. Watched Columbo. Four-wheeler is back home. Michael has a 101 temp and upset stomach. Tried out new essential oil-'Plague.' Rubbed it on the bottom of his feet and diffused it with steam.  This has been another busy week after a very busy week and I am writing this at least a week later by looking at some very sparse notes.