Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Bite of a Cobra

My husband, Phil, has a life-long friend who is a missionary in Kenya. His name is Johnny Brynan.  He is helping the children in his area receive an education. He has helped bring a source of water to the village. He has fed the locals physically and spiritually. He sent us an email a few days ago. I asked if I could share his dilemma. He said I could.

Here is the first part of his email.

"As you know, we live in an area with many varieties of poisonous snakes, and last week one of our trusted workers was bitten on his lower leg by a cobra; he is now in serious condition. David has been working with us for about eight years, and has been a great blessing to us on all of our building projects.  I brought him to a hospital here in Nakuru last evening, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of his treatment will be.

The doctor told me it is too late to administer anti-venom, because the snake's venom has already spread throughout his leg. David's foot and leg have swollen to three times their normal size, and his skin is deteriorating rapidly.  David will live, but it is likely they will have to amputate his leg to save him. I was going to attach a picture of his foot and leg with this email, but I thought better of that idea due to the horrible effects of the poison.

Like most people in our area, David lives in a small round hut made of sticks and mud, and cannot begin to afford this hospital stay and doctor fees.  I can't remember a time when I made an appeal to all of you for your help while I was in Kenya, but this seems to be an emergency.

Thanks to all of you who will join us in prayer for David, and if any of you can contribute a little toward David's medical expenses it will be appreciated more than you know. Thank you in advance for your help during this emergency. 

I am visiting David in the hospital and consulting with his doctors while I am in Nakuru, and I will update you all on his condition."

(Johnny Brynan)

If any one reading this wants to help in any way, great or small, please send checks to:

Light of Life Missions
320 Brookwood Dr,
Palmyra, Pa.

Write on memo: 'David's Medical Costs'

There are no overhead costs. Every penny you send will be used to help David.
If funds exceed his costs, the money will be used to help build a girl's dormitory so that the girls coming from the bush will not have to walk many miles to school every day.

Please pray for a miracle for David.

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