Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hertzler Doings Blog Break

Dear Family and Friends who read my blog,

Thank you for reading my blog.
I am going to take a  "Hertzler Doings" blog break for a little while.

I'm working on making a Bullet Journal with thoughts, quotes, etc.

I'm also working on two questions as I try to de-clutter my house.
Do I love this?
Do I need this?

I'm also working on getting healthier and am not eating meat, dairy, much wheat or sweet, and fats.
I'm losing a little weight, bit by bit.

I'm also working on developing the relationships with women I do have and making new friends.

But most of all, I am trying to get my act together so I can be ready for Rochelle who is coming soon!
My nesting instincts have kicked in!

So, I'm just letting you know, that I may not be writing as regularly as I did.
And I'm okay.
Life is just changing and I'm focusing on some other things.

I love and appreciate you all.

Love and prayers,

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