Monday, January 28, 2013

Hertzler Doings-Jan. 28-Feb.3, 2013

Mon.-Icy morning turned to sunny day. Went out to Farmville and spent the morning with Laura Q. We had breakfast at Riverside and then went shopping with her gift certificate at Amish Originals. Also stopped in at Sleeping Bee. Lovely time together. Came home and Susan made us veggie burgers for lunch. They were incredible. She used white beans and sweet potatoes. Talked with Lindsay in the afternoon and got excited about Zondervan's radio interview and a mentoring project we hope to do together soon. Took Susan out to meet Ashley. Made supper. Did wash. Took a walk. Tidied house. Not necessarily in that order.///Thankful that Lindsay explained to me about 'felt need'. It's when you look past the symptoms and the details and consider a person's 'felt need.' If you look at a person as if they are your child and you are their parent, and give them mercy and understanding about their behavior in light of their real need, then you are considering their 'felt need.' I always learn from her. Thankful that I got to check in with Rosalee. She's having supper tonight with Uncle Paul and Aunt Ann. It's Uncle Paul's birthday supper and Marie and Galen and Jim and Rosalee will join them at Olive Garden. Rosalee's life is getting busy again and they are doing things with and for others. I am so thankful that she is so much better. Thank you, thank you, Lord.

Tues.-This morning, Lucy looked so forlorn. She misses her Angel. I was sitting on my exercise mat and she came over and I began to pet her head and I prayed that God would comfort her and she sat down right there on my lap on the floor. She's never done that before. Then she wanted to lay on her back and exercise right beside me or under my legs. Her depth of affection was a bit annoying but I couldn't help but feel that she did experience the comfort of the Lord and wanted to express that in her love for me. Then we went for a walk. She started exploring along the fence and suddenly experienced an electric shock. She yelped and ran and looked at me as if I was a terrible traitor. She wouldn't come near me. I had to convince her that it was not I who had shocked her. It took awhile.
Phil was home working on paperwork today. I took Susan to Farmville. First I got my blood work done for the insurance company. Then we went to Belk and then to Anatomy/Drama class. I went to Judy's so she could take my vitals and then to Walmart and then to Baileys. They rotated my tires while I had a feta cheese salad at Riverside. I stopped in to see Ginger for about 15 min. She's so sweet. So encouraging. After I picked up Susan, we got her some chicken and checked out Goodwill for a special book Lindsay and I are looking for. Then I took her to New Life for basketball practice and headed home. Bear roasts had been simmering under a blanket of horseradish all day in the crock pot. I made rice and soybeans and had some raw veggies and that was supper. I copied and pasted for the first time from my blog to face book. I want to take some of my favorite writings and begin to share them more publicly and perhaps, someday, they'll be some sort of devotional book. ///I am thankful that God is in control, that the church is His, and that He knows all things and does all things well. For all concerned.

Wed.-Got my blood work and stats sent off to the insurance company. Very scatter brained today. Wind was wild and warm. Susan and I both got hair cuts and shopped at Kroger. I like having her along to shop. We have both been eating healthily. She has been making wonderful things to eat and drink. We made our first mozzarella cheese. It was so good but I kept it in the hot water too long and melted it so we only had about a cup of cheese from a gallon of milk. The good expensive whole milk organic kind. So, to make it worth our while, we'll need to buy a good milk cow. The kids went to CC for youth group tonight. Phil's back is really hurting him again. Found out that a friend from church has an accelerated kind of cancer. And organized plans for Friday nights sleepover with Micah, Serena, and Abby. I haven't been sleeping much and I think that's why I can't seem to keep my head together and my activities accomplished. So, I'll sign off now.///Thankful for the weather. I love the sound. Lord, protect us all. Thankful that I am free to post my writings. I always felt shy about it before. Still do but I want to share them now. Thankful that Lucy is rising up to her calling as guard dog. She was growling and barking at some hunting dogs this eve.

Thurs.-1 Sam. 3:19-"So Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground."  Growth. The presence of God. No fruitless words. Wow.
Great day. Phil home. Guys working in shop here. Susan worked on Driver's Ed and had basketball practice. Freeman smoked two unlucky roosters and Alli and him joined us for supper. I made potato soup and cheesy tortilla chips. Freeman joined the guys in the parlor for some video game activity and Alli and I watched Hugo and were joined by others as they came in. Weather cold and windy. Loose siding pounding on the wall kept Susan awake most of last night. Sounded like someone banging on the door. Phil got his hair cut by Jennifer. Dr. F. worked a long time on his back and he is feeling much better. I have so much energy. Am getting more accomplished. Please God, help me continue to eat healthily. ///Thankful for a day at home. Thankful for interruptions. Thankful for Lucy's humorous refusal to take a walk with me. She still thinks I am the one who shocked her. We have fun putting a voice to her expressions.

Fri.-Great day getting things done and ready for nieces Abby and Serena, and nephew, Micah, to come over for a sleepover. Picked them up around 5. Helen sent two homemade pizzas home with us. We watched two movies-'Mosters vs. Aliens' and 'Flushed Away.' We ate lots of popcorn. They settled down easily in the night on a big homemade bed made of blankets on the floor. Abby slept on the sofa. They had a pile of books and were settled and lights out by 10. Meanwhile, over at the mancave, Meredith, Logan, Susan, Michael, and Sara were having their own party with the Farming Game and twirling around looking at the stars and shining a flashlight in each others eyes. Apparently, if you look at the stars for a certain amount of time, and twirl, and someone shines a flashlight in your eyes, you drop down immediately. And apparently, it works. You become totally disoriented and don't know where your body is in space. Sounds like vertigo to me. Little Sammy Jo has the stomach bug and I found out via facebook that she had to go to the ER to have an IV of fluids put in her since she can't keep anything down. What did they do in days before IV's when babies and older people got dehydrated? ///Thankful for IV's, and sweet nieces and nephews, and times of finding joy in simple things. On one of our sleepovers in the summer, we were down at the river and talked about how we are going to keep on doing this even after they are married. "Good bye, dear. I'm going to Aunt Annette's for a sleepover tonight. No, you can't come along. It's just for we three."

Sat.-Made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The Three watched 'It Takes Two'. Abby's pick. But the sound was so low and we were so loud that they couldn't hear. So, I took out the video and am sending it home with Abby so she can watch it at home and they were so happy to watch The Three Stooges instead. Hopefully, Phil will have some time to watch it with them since that's part of our tradition. (He did.) Logan ate and then headed for Pa. He has an appointment to keep and then will be coming back. We'll miss him.  I'll take the children home after lunch. When they are here, I get a sudden urge to adopt them and keep them forever. But I guess I can have them whenever I want them and this way, their parents won't have to give them up, and no one needs to sign any papers or pay any money. They also watched Despicable Me and had leftover pizza for lunch. I vacuumed and washed the floor in the afternoon and then made homemade donuts from scratch and also homemade fries. Sent a plate of donuts with Michael. He went to the guys house for the eve. They were going to come here but Travis was on call because of the possibility of snow and he needed to be closer to town. So Philip didn't get to be with them because his pig started having piglets. We watched 'Unknown'. A real heart thumper and mind twister. Now I need to watch it again from this perspective. We say that God knows our end from our beginning. That's what we can say when we have seen a movie before. We know it's end from it's beginning. We've seen the whole thing. God has already seen our life. He knows how it is going to play out. He knows the choices we'll make. He's in control and gives us freedom. I like a movie much better the second time around because I know its end from its beginning and it is far less complicated and stressful and I enjoy it. I realized just a few minutes ago that my father passed away on this day in the year 2004. I wonder what he is doing now. ///I am thankful for the sympathy card we received in the mail from Pastor and Laura. It was so kind. It was sent to comfort us about Angel. It's been a week since she's gone. Ollie is starting to come around more. We thought we had lost her too. I am thankful that my dad is happier than he has ever been. I'm thankful for my cheerful memories of him. I am thankful for the lovely morning with my nieces and nephew and for their friendship with one another.

Sun.-Great morning at church. The boys and Susan went with Jordan, Travis, and Nick to Liberty's hockey game against VT. Liberty won by two points. Phil, Freeman, and Alli went to musical practice. I stayed home alone and relaxed. ///I am thankful for the sweet presence of Jesus at church this morning, and for the love among us, and for the great teaching on love.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hertzler Doings-Jan. 21-27, 2013

Mon.-Profitable day. I love having my daughter at home with me. She spent the morning making healthy food and reading about healthy things and then she buckled down and studied several chapters in Algebra 2. After BB practise, she worked on Anatomy. I exercised right after my Quiet Time which always seems to add hours to my day. Everything else I did was a bonus. Tidied the house, caught up with paper work, sent some letters in the mail, ordered some things on-line, played with Lucy and Angel in the sun, took my vitamins, drank lemon/cucumber water-lost most of the stiffness in my left knee.Drinking water is the answer for so many infirmities and dehydration is the cause of so many of them. I also tacked down more of The Last Supper. It's so big that I can spend an hour on it and only a small area gets tacked down. I want to find a place that will make a gold plaque that has Richard Putt's name engraved on it so he can be honored for crocheting it. The Abbey wants to display it and there may be other church's who want to do the same but, someday, it will welcome people into the foyer of our new home.  Phil went out to the mall with Dave P. to look at the work scope of the new TJMax. He's building it. Someone from the Republican committee called to talk with Phil about his future involvement. He turned them down a year ago because of his schedule and not much has changed since then. ///I'm thankful for this wonderful day and Susan's happy conversation. I'm thankful that Lucy enjoys being free outside and that she's so adorable. She wanted some of my brussel sprouts the other day and she laid her head on my knee and looked imploringly into my eyes and I just had to share them with her. I am thankful that I am full of hope for this coming year for our family, our church, and our nation.

Tues.-Laurel brought Henry over. He was sound asleep in the car and I tried to carry him in. He woke up, looked at me, and laughed outloud. What a delightful child! I took him to town with us. We dropped off Susan and then went to Walmart. He took off down the aisle and I had to chase him-which he thought was great fun-and buckle him in-which he did not like. I grabbed a bag of cheese sticks and opened them as we shopped and he ate 9 1/2 half of them throughout the day. It's all he ate. Laurel's going to get me for that trick. When we checked out of Walmart, he said, "Thank you" to the clerk. As we went to leave, he said again, "Thank you." She was busy with the next customer so he answered for himself and said, "You're welcome!" She stopped what she was doing and said, "So sweet." "I know," I said, proud as a grandmother. It was so cold that I quickly changed my mind about other stopping places and went instead to Judy's. She had told me earlier in the day that I could stop by even if she wasn't home. She was working and Henry and I enjoyed her house to ourselves for nearly 2 hours. He led the way back to the toys as if he had been there before. He promptly lined all the cars up in a row. We watched some Barnie as he lazily sprawled on my lap. I made him a little nest on the floor, thinking he'd go to sleep, but I don't think it entered his mind. I finished off Judy's banana bread and made a cup of tea. She had a box of tea and sweetener on the counter, waiting for me. What a friend. I met Laurel in the parking lot near the church office in town and he didn't want to leave me. She was smart enough to feel good about that. I went to Miller's and bought some bread making supplies. An older gentleman commented on the weather as he got ready to leave the store. "It's as cold as a mother-in-law's kiss." I never heard that one before. Met Betty G. at Perini's and did some catching up over salad and sweet potato fries. Went to Susan's game. They played well but lost to the other team but not by much. Met Pastor Betty's little 'Ho-Ho". (little lap dog) He's a cute as a button. Medishare called and I need to have my results in soon which means I need to lose about a pound and a half a day for the next seven days. ///Thankful for Naomi's call-shore dates planned for end of April!!! Thankful for a house in town and a friend there to make me welcome.(Been missing having Lindsay in town.) Thankful for Henry and his sweet mama.

Wed.-Our heat stopped working in the coldest night of the year. Boyer's came and had it fixed by 10. Needed a new motor. Running so much better now and will use much less electricity. Susan wasn't feeling all that great so she watched some American 'history' movies-'Tucker' and 'Last Ounce of Courage.' Henry came mid-morning and was here until about 5. He is so smart and well-behaved. He loves to draw and organize things. Yesterday, it was cars in a row. Today, he lined up all our refrigerator magnets on my bathtub edge. I made Kool-aid Playdough for him and he played with it for an hour while I cleaned up and worked on a New Life Lions fleece scarf-colors-blue, white, and gold. When Laurel came, he was not ready to go. Susan carried him out to the car and he cried when he had to leave her. Later, Laurel couldn't wake him up. He was sleeping so soundly. Philip and Logan went to Calvary in the eve. and Phil, Susan, and I watched Tucker. Tucker reminds me of my husband. And the man who portrays Tucker reminds me of Phil. 'Thank you' said Phil, when I told him. Today I ate fruits, veggies, almonds, pumpkin seeds, vitamins, organic cranberry juice with water and apple cider vinegar with water. (Horrible) Took my vitamins, exercised, and I feel great.///Thankful for Laurel's leap to the piano and the song she began to play and sing. Thankful for the strength to eat healthily today. Thankful for heat!

Thurs.-Lost 1 lb. yesterday. Awoke early. Reading about Jesus, age 12, in the temple. His parents were missing him for 5 days! One days travel time away+one day travelling back+three days searching. I've lost a child for 10 min. already and nearly lost my mind. Can't imagine 5 days worth of panic. Took Susan, Bethany, and Tommy to basketball practice in the afternoon. Filled up with gas, got some groceries at Krogers, and stopped in for 5 min. to see Sammy Jo and Judy. Hurried home and finished supper-roasted chicken, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, steamed vegetables, salad, and applesauce. Logan, Philip, Susan, and I got to sit down together. Phil had to run to Guild's real quick.///Thankful for this memory-last week, Philip and Logan were buying $400 worth of groceries for the Edge Retreat. The clerk was very solemn. The boys were trying to make her smile. Logan said, "We're stocking up for Winterstorm Susan." "I didn't hear about that one, " she said. Also thankful that when Laurel took a look at my toe yesterday, she thought it looked so much better. Then she said, "Give it a few years and try to forget about it." It was just what I needed to hear because I had thought it should be looking better. I may never be able to wear dressy shoes again but they're not all what they're cracked up to be. Thankful for Laurel's message on the phone. Henry didn't want to lay down and take a nap. He sniffed, "I go to Annie's house?" She wanted me to know that he considers me a source of comfort. That's nice.

Philip, Logan, and Freeman were buying supplies at Lowe's this week. Freeman was talking in his Russian accent and the guys dared him to talk to the check-out clerk that way but then they forgot about it. When he went up to check out he started talking to her in that accent and Philip started laughing so hard he had to go look at magazines and Logan was chuckling and Freeman kept coughing while talking in order to cover up his laughing because the guys were making it hard for him to keep a straight face. This is a story you have to hear them tell because it is an auditory story and must be heard as such.

Sat.-Rough day. Angel's wound on her foot looked worse. Her leg was swollen. Reminded us of Sampson right before we had to ease him out of pain into the Happy Heavenly Hunting Grounds. Phil and Susan took her in and the blood tests showed an aggressive cancer. They had to say good bye to her there. The vet hugged Phil and I am so glad that Susan was there for him. They brought her home. Michael dug a grave down at the river beside Sampson and Phil and I took her down in the gator. I can't write about it anymore. I feel like I lost a family member. And I hurt even more for Phil. Last night, Angel insisted in going into Susan's room with her. Susan made a bed for her on the floor with her comforter and laid down on the floor with her. Angel laid her head on Susan's stomach and Susan knew that this was it.
In the eve. we went our separate ways. Phil and I to the Mac's for an evening of fellowship. Philip and Susan to Lapps for a brownie bake-off. Michael and Logan to Warren's for taco salad.
I showed Phil the comments on facebook in response to Susan's picture of Angel and her sad good-bye. We are so thankful for friends who understand how a dog can be a family member. Lucy looks for Angel and so does Ollie. I am thankful that Angel alerted us to our hay barn fire and Phil was able to save a $12,000 tractor. I am thankful for the time she protected Susan from a pack of wild hunting dogs who were chasing her. But most of all, I am thankful, because Angel taught me how to worship God by the way she worshipped us. She was always listening, always watching our faces, always willing to do what we asked.

Sun.-Good morning at church. Came home and had sandwiches together as a family. Freeman and Alli here too. Michelle M. stopped in later. Susan, Logan, Michelle, and I played Dutch Blitz and Pick One. M. and I took a walk. S, L,and M went to Warren's. Michael went back to school. Phil and I went out to church for Celebration Ceremony. ///Thankful for the wisdom from above that is first pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality  and without hypocrisy. Thankful for the kindness of others in light of Angel's death. Thankful for the prayers for Phil's back. He wrenched it pretty badly yesterday.

Monday, January 21, 2013

God's Faithfulness

I found this writing that I never printed before.
It was written several years ago.
Perhaps, someone needs it now.

Sometimes, God's faithfulness hurts.

He is faithful to keep us from falling and will present us faultless before His glorious throne.

But to do that, He exposes the faults that could lead to sin that could make us fall.

Exposure hurts.

He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

But to do that, He has to remove scales from our eyes so we can see our sins and sometimes He uses others who are not as blind.

Seeing hurts.

Sometimes it seems He is more faithful to us than He is to others.

He exposes our sin and removes the scales and all eyes are on us and we are the ones that need to repent and make things right-even though others have not been right either.

But during this time, He is being faithful to us. He is keeping and cleansing us.

He is with us in our corner, taking our punishment with us.

He is wiping our tears of remorse and humiliation.

It is our turn to grieve.

And what of the others who have been wrong?

He will be faithful to show them their sin on another day.

Maybe this is their day to be faithfully defended.

He knows how to be faithful to all sides.

His goal is to make for Himself a bride.

I'm getting a bit weary of the 'no spot or wrinkle' sort of thing that God is after in His bride.

Couldn't it be someone else's turn?

Can we have a little more fairness here?

Meanwhile, I'm working on being grateful for His faithfulness towards me.

What someone said

Someone told me something their daughter said to her father

and the words were such a blessing and a challenge to me

that I never want to forget them.

Oh, that this would be true of me.

"Dad," she said.

When you meet her,

you know that God is real.

You know that He inhabits people.

I have never felt this way around anyone."

Oh, God.

Inhabit me,

so others know you are real.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hertzler Doings-Jan. 14-20, 2013

Mon.-Mark 12:37-"And the common people heard Him gladly." Rained all day. Still nearly 70 degrees. I like having chapel three times a week again. Made Mystery Meat given from someone else's  freezer. Turned out to be a rather large leg of lamb. Delicious but I have mental blocks that prohibit my enjoyment of the final product. Tidied house. Did wash. Susan colored her anatomy coloring book. Alli came over for lunch and a movie-"Serendipity." We watched a baking DVD as well. Took Susan to meet Ashley. Susan's knee and neck are bothering her. Neck is still probably hurting from that girl pulling her ponytail during the game.  I have found out several things about myself during this basketball season. #1-When I forget myself, I am really loud. #2-I am not a pacifist.///I'm thankful for Anne Lamott's book-"Plan B". Although her language, political views, lifestyle, and theology sometimes makes me squirm,(enough disclaimers?) I find myself laying her book down and weeping. She makes me love Jesus more. I am thankful for this quote from her book, spoken by her vet who was helping her help her old dog die peacefully. Anne says, "I gave her morphine, prayed, talked to her softly, and called the vet. He had me put the phone beside her head, and listened for a moment. "She's really not in distress," he assured me. "This is hard work, like labor.  And she has you, Jesus, and narcotics.  We should all be so lucky." This reminded me of my mother and again, I had to cry. Because, in the very end, she did not need narcotics, as we had feared she would, and in the end, Jesus and a gentle night nurse, were by her side.

Tues.-Have been praying these verses for our family, church family and families, and our nation. Combined NIV and NKJV-Phil. 1:9-11-"I pray that our love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, that we may be able to discern what is best and approve the things that are excellent, that we would be sincere and without offense until the day of Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God." Raining and colder. Hugh F's strawberries have begun blooming and a grandchild has already eaten two ripe strawberries. They were going to plant 10 more acres of strawberry plants on this past Sun. afternoon. Went to homeschool co-op. Susan had drama auditions after Anatomy class. She recited "IF" by Rudyard Kipling. Andrew said it made him feel like a failure. Afterwards, I took her to basketball practice. I had lunch with Marilyn F. and somewhat caught up with her. Ran errands and went to Judy's instead of Walmart. Had a nice time with Sammy Jo and her mama and papa and grandma. Had my laptop along and checked into face book and answered some emails. We still have no internet. Went to Susan's game in the eve. and sat with Marilyn, her daughter, and granddaughter. Her grandson was playing on the other team. We had fun hollering for opposing teams and clapping politely for the other. They want me to teach them my Aborigines mating call which comes hurling out of my diaphram and vocal chords whether I want it to or not after our team makes a basket. Guys all came from work to watch Susan play. Alli met Freeman there. The other girls team wore intimidating black suits cut out at the shoulders and they were tall and thin and buff and they loved 3 point shots and they won. Susan's shin splints were hurting her badly. Bethany's shin splints hurt so badly she couldn't play at all so Susan played the whole game minus about 20 secs. April, the coach, thought that the fourth quarter was the third and didn't do as much subbing as she had wanted to. The crowd was quieter and the girls felt sluggish. Jenny's arm was wrapped. I blame the rain for every one's mood and heavy bodies.///I'm thankful for a renewed friendship with Marilyn F. Thankful that Sammy Jo waits at her grandma's window, watching for me. Thankful that on face book, I got to see a picture of Adi, and her creative way of making a natural surrounding for her train set with the scarves I sent her in the mail.

Wed. I talked with someone this week whose husband has left her for another woman. She said that he said that 'they' have never been so godly in their lives. I have seen this before-this sense of 'false peace' that accompanies deep deception. I thought about God and what little I really know about Him. The Godliest thing about God in my eyes is this: He will never leave me or forsake me. So, if a person is truly godly and is God-like, he would never leave or abandon his family. I thought about how blind is the one who says, "I see clearly" and how poor is the one who says, " I am rich and have need of nothing." How hard it is to relate to someone who thinks they walk in truth but are so obviously living a lie.
Had a great day with Susan and caught up with a number of friends on the phone. Found out why we don't have Internet. The Internet provider had lost our credit card info. so they couldn't automatically deduct their fee so we had a back balance due to their own computer glitch. They did give us some money back but this has been pretty frustrating.
Rain continues. Snow in forecast for tomorrow.
///I am thankful for friends who are happy to reconnect and don't make me feel guilty for not being better at keeping in touch. I am thankful that although it is easy to cross the line from truth to deception, it is also very hard to do so, because God bends over backwards to keep us far from the edge. I am thankful for this wonderful day with my daughter.

Thurs.-Mark 16:14-
"He rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they did not believe those who had seen Him after He had risen." When they saw Him, they believed. But they didn't believe another's testimony. We do that, don't we. I do that. Someone says, "Jesus did this...I saw Him here." and I say, "Sure you did. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay...See you later." Sometimes, until I see Him do the same thing with my own eyes, I do not believe and my heart is hardened. Sometimes it is hard to believe when people seem flaky. But maybe, I miss Jesus sometimes, because I don't look past people's flakiness. Jesus rebukes with words of relationship. 'Why did you doubt? How long must I put up with you? When will you believe? Where are you going? What are you doing?' Words of relationship. Why. How. When. Where. What. Like a reporter who cares about me personally, Jesus invades my life with the fellowship of uncomfortable loving questions. Thank God, He never says, "Shame on you," to His beloved. Why would He put on us what His blood has taken away? Shame makes you squirm and then freezes you in the very mire you are trying to get out of.  But He does ask the hard questions of rebuke and turns around and gives His once doubting disciples and still doubting us these great words of commission. 'Go into the world around you and preach the gospel. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. Whoever doesn't believe will be condemned. And those who believe will have signs that follow them. In my name they will cast out demons and speak with new tongues; they will take up snakes and not be harmed. If they drink poison, they won't get hurt and they'll lay hands on sick people and they will get well.'
And then, without so much as a fare-thee-well, He was received back up into Heaven and sat down beside God's right side. And the disciples did what He commanded and everything happened just as He said. 
Went out to Farmville to run errands and go to a meeting. Sent Makenzie her package. Got lens replaced in my glasses. Walmart. Mirror replaced in mother's oval frame.  Started snowing after I got home. Got at least 3 inches. Guys got home just as it started around 5. Ate a supper of bear/venison meatloaf, potatoes, cheesy cauliflower, cole slaw, and pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing that I had frozen since Christmas. Watched some Three Stooges. Logan fell asleep as he sat in front of my easy chair. Went to bed by 8. Phil and I talked for awhile and listened to the rolling thunder that seemed to last for a minute. It began to rain and the lightning was fantastic. ///I am thankful that every one is home. I am thankful that Philip's ugly pink jeep is beautiful with its coating of snow. I am thankful for Lucy's surprise and joy over this cold white fluff.

Fri.-Slept late in the morn. Close to 8. Guys all home. First sight of today out my desk window was Philip in a red hoodie, walking with bags of bacon in hand, and Ollie, running after him, as if he didn't want his feet to feel the snow. A little black calf got out and ran happily across the front yard, kicking in delight, and Lucy chased him and finally came back after Susan yelled for awhile. All morning until after two, Philip and Logan and sometimes Susan and I, were working on preparing the food for Calvary's Edge retreat. Philip volunteered to make all the food. They cut up gallons of peppers, onions, and celery, and fried bacon and sausage and bear meat for breakfast, chili, and spaghetti. Will be serving 40-50 people. They cleaned up after themselves really well, thanks to Logan. He's even vacuuming now. I think he is homesick for his clean house and his mother, father, and brothers. Phil ran out to Lynchburg and I literally, have spent an hour or two, catching up on my blog.(10 days worth) The snow is melting and we've lost about 3/4 of our snow already. But it is still beautiful. The sky is blue and Philip is walking around in a t-shirt outside. Studied for Sunday School class while Susan and Phil ran some errands. They took a door to Dave P. and visited with Sheriff and then went and picked out some movies. Logan and Philip went to The Edge Retreat at Marv's and Joel's with their truck packed with food. I made some popcorn and Susan made some bean dip and we watched 'Hugo.' Jeanne and John had recommended it to them when they stopped to talk as they walked along Hixburg Rd. It was a lovely film and one I recommend.///Thankful for time to catch up on blogging and for time to study and for a nice eve. with Phil and Susan. A number of friends on face book have posted that they have been without power for over 24 hours. One said that she can see her breath in her house! I'm thankful we have electricity. ;)

Sat.-A great Sat. at home, cleaning the house, doing wash, sweeping dog hair off the porches, etc. Phil worked at gathering scrap metal all day. Michael helped him and then tried to fix his speedometer with Travis's help. He came home in the afternoon and watched a new Bourne movie with Susan, Sarah, and I, and then went back to work on it some more. We made pizza and caramel corn and Sarah brought coconut M&M's. She had to leave by 5. Susan cleaned out the chicken house and worked on cleaning her room and the bathroom. Philip and Logan are still at the Retreat. I studied for the Sunday School class I am teaching for Dianna tomorrow. I haven't taught adults for a very long time and I don't think I've ever taught men and women together. Please Jesus, help Your point get across.///I am thankful for a warmer day and that Sarah invited me to come over to the sofa to snuggle with her and Susan. I am thankful for an evening at home. I am thankful for Phil's footsteps on the back porch.

Sun.-Great morning at church. Teaching on The Lord's Table and The Table of demons. Visual lesson from a difficult passage. Sunday School class went well. Taught on meditation. Went out to eat with the Qualls after service. So thankful for their time with our church. Came home and Phil went to check on otter traps. Grunerts came over for a visit and it was wonderful. I love hearing articulate smart friendly people say what they want to say. Watched two movies with Phil and went to bed. Meanwhile, the kids were scattered. All were at Calvary and then Susan went to Lapps, Philip came home for a nap and went back to Lapps for the game. Michael and Logan went to Uncle Tom's to play games and then Michael went somewhere else I think and then came home and got his things together and went back to Liberty. Logan and Meredith went over to Warren's. Phil and I have been experiencing some empty nesting.///I'm thankful for good friends for our children. Thankful for The Bourne Legacy and Last Ounce of Courage. Both movies are about ethics. They just portrayed these values quite differently. Thankful for the Lord's table and that He is present to partake with us there.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hertzler Doings-Jan.7-13, 2013

Mon.-Awoke to a quiet house. Michael went to work at the Abbey with the rest of them. Susan at Jenny's. Had a nice day, making bear stew and salad, doing wash, tidying up, exercising, working on setting up Susan's driver's ed program, walking with Alli, watching 'First Wives Club' with Alli, and waiting for Kathy L. and Kelly S. to show up before dark.They're in from CA. Freeman had hydraulic fluid 'explode' up his nose at work today. He's okay though./// I'm thankful that he wasn't hurt and that Philip wasn't hurt as he climbed the walls doing demo work. Thankful that Alli kept me company and that Ollie may be Ollivette, after all. Thankful for these words from Ps. 84:5,6-"Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, Whose heart is set on pilgrimage, As they pass through the Valley of Baca, They make it a spring; The rain also covers it with pools. They go from strength to strength; Each one appears before God in Zion."

Tues.-So, I am writing about the 8th and it is Jan. 18th. So much trouble with our internet. Rosalee's stent procedure was successful. Stent is totally internalized. Next procedure due in 6 weeks. Went out to Homeschool co-op. First meeting since Chrstmas break. Met DDF at Merks. She gave me her next two books. I began reading 'The Third Peril' as she went into the restroom and when she came back I said, "I'll see you later." I was already engrossed with her book. Had a sweet time as always with her. Picked up Susan and ran some errands and then dropped her off at New Life and ran more errands. Found five newish books at Goodwill. Especially interested in Lucado's book-'Facing Your Giants' since I am interested in David and finding him in others. Went to New Life's game in the eve. Girl's played a good game but lost to a very aggressive team. Phil, Logan, Freeman, and Philip. stopped in at half time. Came home and had to unwind for awhile. Foul playing makes me mad. Philip and Susan went out with others after the game.///Thankful that no one was seriously hurt tonight and that I did not seriously hurt anyone. Thankful that Judy moved to town and that I can drive by her place and see if she's there.  Thankful I got to sit beside Ron and Kathy tonight and just 'be' with them. What a precious family they have and what a comfort to have them as neighbors.

Wed.-Out to Lynchburg to leg Dr., the mall, Sam's Club, Appomattox, bank. Came home and put away Sam's Club stuff and made supper and 'relaxed' with DDF's heart thumping book-The Third Peril. The book is magnifying my burden to pray for America during these 21 days of fasting and prayer that our church is participating in along with other churches in the nation and possibly world.

Thurs.-Eccl. 9:17,18-"Words of the wise, spoken quietly, should be heard rather than the shout of a ruler of fools, Wisdom is better than weapons of war; But one sinner destroys much good." I need this verse during basketball season especially.
Dr. F. worked on Susan this morning. Her whole head/neck/body has been hurting. Some 'unmentionable word' basketball player grabbed her ponytail and jerked her down when she went up for a rebound. Makes me so mad. Half the time I'm scared someone is really going to hurt her and half the time I'm scared she is really going to hurt someone else and that I'll have to use my sister's line-'Good thing my brother is a lawyer.' Sometimes it seems like the kids are playing the Ungolden Rule-'Do unto others before others do unto you.'
Spent nearly an hour sitting in the sun by the walls of my cottage on Mother's blue lawn chair reading 'The Third Peril.' I read Lisa's books every second I can including when I use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Susan met Ashley and Bethany at Trinity for BB practice and Helen and I talked for awhile after they left.  I told her the sense that I'm getting that our present worries will seem like fond memories when we face what is ahead for our nation. She told me of a similar sense. They were driving home from Pa. and came on snow. The back end of their van swerved three times into the pathway of oncoming cars and then swung back again. They stopped for gas and got lost on a back road and saw the beauty of the falling snow. When they found their way back, the snow was turning to ice, and they saw several cars that had careened over to their side from the northbound lane. And she had the same sense. That the snow was pretty nice compared to the ice and she had a longing to be back in the snow that makes the back end swerve rather than the ice that causes a car to careen over to oncoming traffic. 
Logan and Michael made Logan's bacon burgers for supper.  I made homemade rolls earlier in the day and for supper we had burgers with cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, mayo, catsup, and also homemade fries and salad. I had been eating lightly but indulged in 1 1/2 rolls and 1/2 burger and I can honestly say, 'It was not worth it.'
Went out and picked up Susan and when I came home I had a JOB. Six roosters too many had been slaughtered and it was my job to clean them. Oh, one escaped, so I only had 5 to clean. Stuck one unlucky fellow in the pot to cook overnight. Michael looked menacing as he came toward the house in the dark in his black woolen trench coat with a bloody Cutco meat cleaver in his hand. Scared Logan a little bit, I think.///Thankful that Michael gets to stay home tomorrow and rest (has a cold) and get ready to go back to Liberty. Lump in my throat. Thankful for an abundance of food. Thankful for Mike M's 'vision' to have open houses monthly to gather people together so that we are used to being with each other should life circumstances ever compel us to be together more often.  Thankful for the consistent invitation to come, even though we've missed the gatherings so far.

Fri.-Phil forgot to set the alarm. He overslept and sent the guys to the Abbey and stayed home to work on paperwork. Read Ps. 88. 'A Psalm of Despondency.' The Psalmist is asking God to hear his cry, for he is like to die. Everything is wrong, he has no friends, and God has hid his face from him.  It is what it is and the only sense of hope is this: the the One he is crying out to is his LORD, and the God of his salvation.  I found it strangely comforting. To be able to say that what is is what is.
Had chapel with Susan today. She's so tired. She was wrapped up on the sofa and watched History DVDs for over an hour.  I made Makenzie a queen size green fleece pillow case and a case for the Bible we got her made from the same material. Had a meeting in Farmville at 3. Dropped Susan off at NL. After meeting I went to see Judy. She said that Sammy Jo was waiting at the window for me for at least half an hour.  I had a quick visit then went to New Life and caught the tail end of the Boy's Varsity Game. Phil and Mike were already there. Susan played a fabulous game and made the first two points and at least 6 more after that. Our team won but the other team put up quite a fight. They had a really nice coach. Phil and I went home after the game. Philip and Freeman were there for Susan's game. Freeman took the truck home and the kids went out with friends afterwards. Mike is leaving for Liberty in the morning. Boo hoo. Finished Lisa's 'The Third Peril,' and started reading 'The Harbinger.' This past week of reserved eating and praying, it is America that I am weeping over. And as I began reading 'The Harbinger,' my heard pounded as a witness, as I read words that sorted out the muddled thoughts I've been afraid to think clearly.///Thankful that Judy moved to town. Thankful for Susan's incredible playing and for her brothers and cousin who yelled so loudly for her. Thankful that Phil was home all day.

Sat.-Phil and I took over the kitchen table this morning. He was working on paper work and I was mending clothes that had patiently waited for years. Tidied the house and stayed near Michael until he left for Liberty. Went down to the river and read 'The Harbinger.' Logan, Philip, and Freeman, went to a gun show in Richmond. Later in the eve., Susan, Logan, and I played Dutch Blitz and Pick One. He had some very interesting spellings of words I've never heard of before. I think he's gifted. ///Thankful for warm weather, Logan's interesting spellings, and my summer river in the midst of winter.

Sun.-Great morning at church.  Philip, Logan, and Susan, went to Calvary. In the afternoon, I finished reading 'The Harbinger' outside on the sunny porch. Phil had board meeting in afternoon. Susan and I watched Monk and Logan joined us after he gave himself a haircut with a scissors. He has some hills and valleys on his head but he's not worried about it. He's been cleaning up after the boys and brought in armloads of mugs and cups. It's a little embarrassing. Philip set traps for otters and went over to Martin's to play Rook.///Thankful for days of rest, pastors, and the sheep in our community.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eating Again

Pastor Jerry, our interim pastor, shared the following concept. It set me free from an inner sort of chiding. I hope it will do the same for you.

Do you remember what you had for breakfast yesterday? last week? last month? last year?

Probably not, but the important thing is this: you ate.

In the same way, we may not remember what we 'ate' from The Bread of Life-
The Word of God-yesterday, last week, last month, or last year,
but the important thing is this: we ate.

What we eat, sustains our energy levels until we eat again.
It seems to have a short-lived effect
but what we eat builds our body at a cellular level.

We are what we eat.
We become what we feed our spirit, soul, and body.
Healthier, fatter, leaner, saltier, sweeter, darker, lighter, etc.

So, eat the Word.
It doesn't have to be a smorgasbord ingestion.
It can simply be a verse, a psalm, a portion of
the gospels or epistles.

Ingest it.
Digest it.
Apply it.
And then, eat again.

Don't worry if you can't remember what you read the day before.

If you read it, ingested it, and digested it, applied it,
it has already become part of who you are
at a spiritual cellular level.

And your next 'meal' or 'snack' will
build upon your previous inner strength.

So eat, and enjoy!
And eat, and enjoy, again!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Things Remain

I was challenged this week to focus on two things.

Love God and look for ways to be a blessing to others.

What would happen if when I wake up, I would set my heart on God and love Him
and when I got out of bed and go out to the kitchen,
I would set my heart on being a blessing to my husband,
daughters, and sons.

What would happen if when I go to church,
I would block out the distractions that come
from other's worship ways
and worship Him in spirit and in truth,
and then look for someone to bless with
an encouraging word.

What would happen if when I go into the dreaded black hole
of Walmart and I love God and think about those I am
maneuvering my cart around as they truly are-
dearly beloved of God and more important than I am,
and how I can bless these dear souls
who were created with such dignity and are
but a little lower than the angels,
crowned with glory and honor.

I tell you what would happen
if we focused on these two things.

The world would be a sweeter place.

More people would love God and each other.

Walls would come down in our own lives
and others lives and we would no longer wish for
a different outcome in any given situation
because we would see God in everything
and everyone.

We wouldn't feel shy and as if we had nothing to offer.

Cups would overflow because nothing would be going down the drain.

Jesus knew what He was talking about when He said that there were
only two laws necessary and that those two laws summed up all the law.
If we practiced these two laws, all of the other laws would be kept as well-
at least the important ones.

Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength,
and love your neighbor as yourself.

I am focusing on only one goal this year-
to fulfill this commandment of God.

Please Jesus,
help me love you more,
and help me be a blessing to others.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Don't Quit

I read this story to our family on Christmas Day. I got it from a book entitled "Stories for the Heart" compiled by Alice Gray. This particular story was written by Charles Swindoll. I couldn't read it without crying but I kept pushing through. I wish every one in the world could read this story.
Ignace Jan Paderewski, the famous composer-pianist, was scheduled to perform at a great concert hall in America.  It was an evening to remember-black tuxedos and long evening dresses, a high-society extravaganza. Present in the audience that evening was a mother with her fidgety nine-year-old son.  Weary of waiting, he squirmed constantly in his seat. His mother was in hopes that her son would be encouraged to practice the piano if he could just hear the immortal Paderewski at the keyboards. So-against his wishes-he had come.

As she turned to talk with friends, her son could stay seated no longer.  He slipped away from her side, strangely drawn to the ebony concert grand Steinway and its leather tufted stool on the huge stage flooded with blinding lights.  Without much notice from the sophisticated audience, the boy sat down at the stool, staring wide-eyed at the black and white keys.  He placed his small, trembling fingers in the right location and began to play "Chopsticks."  The roar of the crowd was hushed as hundreds of frowning faces pointed in his direction.  Irritated and embarrassed, they began to shout:

"Get that boy away from there!"
"Who'd bring a kid that young in here?"
"Where's his mother?"
"Somebody stop him!"

Backstage, the master overheard the sounds out front and quickly put together in his mind what was happening.  Hurriedly, he grabbed his coat and rushed toward the stage.  Without one word of announcement he stooped over behind the boy, reached around both sides, and began to improvise a counter melody to harmonize with and enhance "Chopsticks."  As the two of them played together, Paderewski kept whispering in the boy's ear:
'Keep going.  Don't quit.  Keep on playing...don't stop...don't quit.'

And so it is with us.

We hammer away on our project, which seems about as significant as "Chopsticks" in a concert hall. And about the time we are ready to give up, along comes the Master, who leans over and whispers:
'Now keep going; don't quit. Keep on...don't stop; don't quit,' as He improvises on our behalf, providing just the right touch at just the right moment.

Hertzler Doings-Dec.31-Jan.6, 2013

Mon.-Alli, Susan, and I, went out to Lynchburg to do some shopping. Met the Heltons and the Gibbs as they were walking in the mall. Logan, my nephew, came in the eve. He'll be here for a month or so to work with Phil. He is a real gem. After supper, he went with Mike and Susan to a New Year's party at Warren's. Philip went to Calvary. Phil and I worked on sending out our newsletter via email and snail mail. It took us over 3 hours and we still aren't quite finished. We had gotten 50 newsletters printed at Staples and I picked them up when we went to Lynchburg. We are sending copies to those whose emails we do not have. We went to bed at 11:30 and fell asleep right before midnight. That was unplanned.
 I want to get back to writing down thanksgivings every day./// So, today's #1-Internet is fixed! Something was fried out there in the connection center.  #2-Thankful for Amy Helton's-"I love you." and #3-Jr.s hug and kind ways. #5-Thankful for how much they love Susan. #6-Thankful that Logan got here safely. He ran out of gas and took a wrong turn when he was almost here but he's here.

Tues.-Happy New Year! Took down Christmas decorations. Made a turkey. Caught up blogging-glory be! Kids watched a movie and relaxed. Philip got Ben Lapp's help in bringing back his pink jeep. He and Phil went hunting. Laid back day and it's only half over. So relieved to finally be caught up with Hertzler Doings. Freeman and Alli came over. Freeman went hunting with Phil and Philip. Alli relaxed around here.  Ordered a mozzarella cheese making kit and a gluten free cookbook on Amazon. Susan went out to Basketball practice. Hit the sack early./// Thankful for a sugar free day. The first in a long time. Thankful for my precious family. Thankful to be able to see what Lindsay and Gil are up to via face book.

Wed.-Met Marcie at Pino's. After lunch, we went shopping at Salvation Army. Found 5 shirts for Michael and a new red Cabela's hoodie for Susan for $4. I stopped in and picked up newsletters at the Village Print Shop. Stopped in to see Linda at B/L's, mailed some newsletters, dropped off a movie, checked out the Dollar General for a white elephant gift (found one that Marcie actually liked at Salvation Army), bought a few things at Millie's store, and came home. Watched Scamper with Susan. Michael caught the end and enjoyed reminiscing. The kids loved this movie when they were little. Susan and Michael went to youth group at CC and then out to eat with S/G. I stayed home and caught up with Rosalee-things are starting to look up-did some wash and made my nut/seed/coconut candy using honey, maple syrup, walnut oil, and coconut oil. Mix dried nuts and seeds together. Melt the oils and sweeteners together. Toss and coat the dried nuts, etc. Bake in the oven at 250 and stir every 15 min. for an hour. It's delicious and healthy for you. ///Thankful for Rosalee's new doctor and the way he listened to her. Thankful for a new friend's words, 'Your blog is phenomenal!', Thankful for friends who are more like sisters.

Thurs.-Thankful for a day at home, for the nice talks that Susan, Mike, and I have together, and for the benefits of coconut oil.

Fri.-Read the account in Judges 11 today of Jephtah's rash vow. He promised God that he would sacrifice as a burnt offering the first thing that would come out of his house if he won the battle. Two words come to mind. Stupid. Idiot. What was he thinking? That one of his little pigs would scoot out the door before his wife or daughter? It was his only child that come out to greet him. She danced with joy and swung her timbrel around and her father tore his clothes in grief. The notes in my Bible say, "The episode reflects tragic deterioration of understanding God's ways, a conditioning resulting from the recurrent backslidings during this era." Interesting. Backsliding-sliding away from God, slides us farther and farther away from understanding His ways. His loving, good, and holy ways. The loss of faith seems to result in the loss of common sense.
Went out to Farmville in the afternoon and bought some basketballs for the girl's team at New Life. Susan so happy about that. Dropped her off at NL and then I tore back to Walmart. Met an old friend as I was leaving. Marilyn F. Took ticket money at the game and loved meeting the people and taking their money. Susan's team won-30-19. She looked like Amazon Woman, with a braid going across the side of her head, and her fearless face beaming. As soon as the game was over, I was the first out the door. Went to Dianna's for the Mom's and More Christmas party. Dianna 'loved' the Santa Claus soap dispenser she picked which I had brought. I chose Ruth's gift. A jar of pickled pig's feet, which I am going to rewrap and give to Steve L. for his birthday tomorrow. I think this gift originated with him and has been making it's rounds at different parties.
Michael took Susan to Macado's with some friends and brought her back home after the game.
Phil was here when I got home. He has been in Fort Washington for 3 days. I saw a video of the school structure where they are putting up trusses and it is huge. Logan, Dave P., Freeman, and Philip, have been working with him there. Five guys make setting trusses much easier.///Thankful for the women at New Life, that the guys are safe at home, and that Logan is here.

Sat.-Nice breakfast Mike made with sausage and potatoes. Guys worked around the farm. I made some cheesy wholegrain pasta with broccoli and carrots which they all loved lunch and a chicken dish for supper. Cleaned the house. Relaxing day. Sara L. had her baby. Leah F. lost Dave 8 years ago today. Birth and Death=Life. Thankful for little Chloe Rose, having everyone back home again, and that Angel left Phil to come to me. It's so funny. Ollie likes Phil to pet him now. He lays down beside Angel and he pets one and then the other. We videotaped Phil petting Ollie and Ollie kept pecking at Phil's hand. I guess he was petting him back.

Sun.-Good morning at church. Relaxed with Phil in afternoon. Allie had to work. Philip, Michael, Logan, and Susan at CC. Susan went home with Jenny afterwards. I'll see her again on Mon. eve. They want to practice basketball together. Guys went out to eat with their friends and then Logan spent the day at Tom's. Michael and Logan went to Warrens in the eve. Philip with Ben. Restful day for us.

Hertzler Doings-Dec. 24-Dec.30, 2012

Mon.-Susan drove for awhile when we reached Virginia. She drove through freezing rain and when we stopped for gas, Phil took over. We got into snow in the mountains on 64. Cars were pulled off and people were walking around. Freeman and Alli were behind us by about 40 min. and they had about a 30 min. delay at the same place and later we found out that that area of the road was shut down. We got home around noon, unpacked, and prepared the house and farm for Christmas Day tomorrow.

Tues.-Merry Christmas 2012! I made cinnamon rolls and Mike made a breakfast of scrapple, potatoes, sausage, eggs, biscuits, and sausage gravy. Then we gathered in the living room and Phil and I, along with Freeman's help, recited Luke 2-"And there were in the same country..." We both had memorized it in school using the KJ version. We went around the circle, requesting a Christmas song and sharing a verse that had become particularly meaningful to us this year. We pulled names and for memory sake, I'll share the gifts/givers. Freeman gave Michael a refurbished rifle. Alli gave Susan a basket full of fun girl stuff-a scarf and hat, nail polish, chap stick, etc. Philip gave me a bright red Liberty hoodie which he had earlier heard me long for. Michael gave Alli a cutco spatula knife. Susan gave Philip a soft navy Aeropostal hoodie, Phil gave Freeman a Backwoodsman Subscription, I gave Phil dress clothes, including a green tie that the guys admired. We gave Susan a snow camouflage bomber hat and Alli pink longjohns-both things from Cabela's. The boys got Superman boxers and a illustrated green Christmas shirt that says, "With a Face like this, Who needs Mistletoe?" They promptly modeled them for us and we banned the pictures from face book. I gave each of the kids an ornament, symbolizing their year, with a little note included. Freeman-a hunter-'success in your hunt for a family homeplace.' Philip-a bear hunter with a bow and arrow-"So glad you got the bear instead of the other way around." Michael-an antique Walt Disney airplane-"for breaking the bonds of earth." Alli-a cupcake snowman-to remember working at The Babcock House and for memories of watching baking DVD's together. Susan-a boxer dog with a red scarf that looks just like Lucy-"Because you loved her before you got her and because you love her still. Phil-a little hourglass-"Because our time together grows more precious." They also got a 'little card' and some chapstick and everyone was very happy. Then we played Scattergories and Monopoly and did some other things as a family. Alli and Freeman went home to catch up from their busy weekend, Philip and Susan went to Lapp's to go mudding with Cynthia and Jenny in Philip's pink jeep. Unfortunately, he flooded it. Phil showed Michael where to cut firewood this week. I cleaned up the house and watched Sea Biscuit.
I am so thankful that Emmanuel is with us, setting up His Kingdom in our home, making things right. Glory to God on earth, Peace, Goodwill towards men. On earth peace, goodwill towards us! For this is a personal baby, a personal Savior, a personal Reigning King.

Wed.-Ps. 73:23-26. Relaxing day, doing wash, watching movies, eating leftovers, tacking down the Last Supper on a burgundy background. Phil's visa company informed him that someone who claimed to be me bought on line lingerie. They declined it, thinking it abnormal activity, and they were correct. I also got a scam phone call, asking me to verify the next 15 numbers after the 4 on my visa card. I ended up reporting them to the local sheriff-talked with a cop, etc. They said that most of these calls from overseas. The best thing to do is get the word out and never give out your card info. unless you have initiated the call. Fortunately, I did not give them my number, and I let them know that I thought they were not legit. I want to write it up on a separate blog so other people are warned. Philip, Michael, and Susan went to CC in the eve. Phil and I watched Airforce One. A real heart thumper. Angel barked alot during the night. I opened the back door and the neighbors big white dog and smaller hunting dog were eating dog food out of a bag on our back porch. I yelled at them and they ran away and haven't been back since. Car is at Bailey's. Started shaking on way up to Pa. (sensors were off-spark plugs fried)

Thurs.-Susan and I went to run errands in Appomatox-Bank deposit and Walmart where I bought a 6 1/2 foot prelit tree for $20 and a 3 foot white lighted tree for $10. Our lights were out on our other Christmas tree and I didn't put it up this year for various reasons. Got our final 2 pics developed for our newsletter. Quite sure I got another scam call today. They hung up when I said that I got a scam call yesterday. Watch out for area codes in the 400's. I told someone that the next time someone wants me to verify my 16 digit card number, I am going to say, "4666-6666-6666-6666." I'm going to say it in a lovely way with various voice inflections.
Rosalee is still running a fever. She has to wait 2 more weeks to get her next procedure done. She thought it was going to happen yesterday. Alli came over and we watched 'Hook.' Took Susan to meet Ashley for BB practice. Watched another movie with Michael in the eve.

Fri.-Thinking about Mary and the way she asked a question. "How can this be...seeing that I know not a man."She didn't ask, 'How can this be true?' but, 'How are you going to make this true?'  It was an honest question based on normal facts of life. It wasn't a doubting or unbelieving question. And the angel answered her with an honest answer and she accepted it. I was thinking about this in light of tribulation. Tribulation is a fact of life. And He said that He will overcome the world that holds the tribulations of life. We ask not, "How can you possibly overcome this hard cruel world," but we ask, "How will you overcome it? How will you make things right in this impossible situation? " And He says, "Watch and see." Oh God, give me eyes that focus on how you overcome rather than eyes that focus on the tribulations.
Car is still at Baileys. Worked around house. Stitched more of The Last Supper to the burgundy background. Worked on newsletter. Phil, Philip, and Freeman came home.  Alli brought The Three Muskateers over and Michael, Susan, and I watched it with her. Had popcorn. She was here when Freeman came home. He brought our car home from the garage. Bill nearly $900.

Sat.-Out to Farmville on church business from 10-3. Stopped at Belk and got Phil two shirts-white and black. Also went to Walmart which was packed. Still no internet.

Sun.-Great morning service. Pastor Richard B. was our guest speaker. Out to eat at RT with B's and C's. Susan to Macado's with F and A. They dropped her off later. Michael took her out to Les Miserables with the Warrens and others. They did not care for the movie-everything was sung except for a few lines. The finale was great however. Phil and I read our own books for several hours in the afternoon. I read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. Well written eye opener. Later, we watched an old Christmas movie starring Jimmy Durante. I remember my mother liking his repertoires. Alli and Freeman came over to look at some papers in the eve. A nice day of rest.