Monday, June 29, 2015

Hertzler Doings~June 29-July 5, 2015 and July 6-12, 2015

Mon.-Got up early. Quiet Time, walk, worked in old house. Made high protein waffles with cottage cheese, oats, 4 eggs, coconut oil, etc. Picked green beans. Susan and Claire helped to clean them. Made red beets and red beet eggs, mashed potatoes, smashed cauliflower, and crock pot venison. Called the dentist about my left side hitting sooner than right and the pain it is causing and started to cry on the phone. Was so embarrassed. They put me in asap-tomorrow afternoon at 3:45. Michael mowed the lawn and chicken pen. Guys got back early. Packed up for Williamsburg tomorrow. Job there. Claire and Susan checking out Lynchburg. Met her folks out there. Phil took Susan out for supper. Their monthly date. Windows were open all day. Running a temp. Taking a bath and going to bed. It's 7:40.

Tues.-the guys are working at William and Mary College in Williamsburg. Michael went out to a farewell party for Mr. M. Mr. M is starting a new flight school out in CA. Wants us to stop in when we go out. Took Alli out to Appomattox to drop off her car and came back. Cleaned the old house for 15 min. earlier this morning. It's amazing how much you can get done. Met Lisa at Granny Bee's and then we went to CVS and True Value together. Went to see Dr. Harvey then. My bite is off for sure and that muscle is inflamed and at the end, I asked if he still wouldn't take an xray for my peace of mind and he did and here I am in bad need of a root canal in the very back molar and it needs to be taken care of right away. Put me on an antibiotic and offered to write a prescription for pain meds. I am relieved that it's not all in my head. Even though it is. My whole face hurts. He thinks I may need physical therapy to get my jaw to stay in place. I'm seeing Dennis tomorrow so that may help. Met Teresa and we went to Rustburg and got oodles of blueberries. Susan and I washed and bagged them to freeze. Alli came over and I took N for a gator ride. We saw a deer and turned off the engine and watched for awhile. He was so relaxed when we got home that he laid his head against my face and then left me rock him for awhile. He ate well and Alli was glad. Hopefully, they'll have a good night. Star of Bethlehem was visible for some this eve. It's too cloudy to see it. First time since 2,000 years ago.

Wed.-Slept in this morning! Feeling better. Went to see Dennis and he helped with my hip, shoulder, and put my jaw back into place. My right side actually touches now-although still hitting left side first. Made apt for root canal and plan to spend the night at Betty's because she lives near the dental office and I have to be out there by 7:45 in the morning. Visited Katherine with Judy and it was good. Went to Walmart, Bank, Tractor Supply, and Millers. Came home and put things away, rested, and wrote up Susan's transcripts. Michael volunteered to type them. Susan and I did her Seton testing this morning. She mowed at HV and went to the gym. Still running a temp at 99.8 but feeling better.

Wed. the 8-Been out of commission with an infected gum/tooth/jaw? etc. Running a fever and very tired but getting better. Tomorrow is root canal day in Lynchburg. They upped my apt by a week. Thank God. I'm wondering if getting my jaw worked on and rubbing those muscles actually spread the infection because that's when everything got much worse. Not sure how those things work. I drove the gator to Happy Valley today. Wore me out. Also made 5 pints of salsa and   froze two bags of green beans. So I must be better.

Sun.-the 12th. Have sweet corn this week Did up a bunch with Philip, Michael, Susan, and Phil. Sold a lot . So good to be back in church. Will try to write more consistently this next week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hertzler Doings~June 22-28, 2015

Mon.-Day at home, catching up on washing, resting, and putting a few things away. Went over to Happy Valley in the eve. and were treated to supper by the Lucas' and Shippey's. They made us Mexican food that was out of this world. Such good friends. Kathy worked on Philip's back and then Freeman's and Michaels. How nice to have a chiropractor as a friend. Claire came to spend the night and the girls slept in my cottage and plan on making breakfast down at the river.

Tues.-Michael and I made natural lotion this morning. Mine was all used up from Mother's Day. We put in some Egyptian Goddess oil in half of it. Today is another day of catch up. I need to go to the dentist to get a crown put back on. We went out to Charlie's-Phil, Michael, and I- last Friday after working on the farm all day. We met Tom and Kathy Lucas there and my crown popped off while there. Just glad I didn't swallow it. After the dentist, I'm spending the afternoon with Janelle and Micah, watching a movie and checking out her jewelry samples.

Wed.-Caught up with Lindsay a little bit. Blur of a day.

Thurs.-Went over to see Tom and Kathy, Jenny, Brian, Gabe, and Seth. Gator got a flat tire on the way back. Walked up to Mickey's, got her key, used her phone, and Susan came and got me. Guys working late tonight. Caught up with Naomi on phone. We both need the beach. Michael with Jordan, Susan with DF in Lynchburg and with Claire in eve. We all need some vacation days after such a busy time getting ready for the pig roast and it's aftermath. Nathan and Alli are coming for supper and eve. He couldn't understand why he couldn't get a ride on the gator. We took him over to see it on the lane and Alli drove with the windows down and the air blowing and I held him on my lap and we went to visit our neighbors and he seemed rather satisfied after that. I gave him another quick bath in a 5 gallon bucket on the porch and then wrapped him in a towel and rocked him on the porch for a little bit. He is all boy and he is delightful.

Fri.-Got up early and had the house vacuumed and floor washed and several loads of wash done by 8. Made Calico Beans for Sunday lunch. Went to see Dennis-sports therapist. My right side-hip-was an inch higher than the left. No wonder so uncomfortable. Went to Judy's and changed afterward and then to Food Lion and then home. Phil was home early today. Went with him to Cumberland to pick up insulation and we stopped at a little side grill and bought chicken. Came home and watched a Monk with Susan. Michael's with a group of Chi Alpha kids, bowling.

Sat.-Rained off and on all day. I had wanted to go to the Lavender Fields and take an art class and paint a masterpiece of lavender fields but didn't risk the 40 dollars due to the weather report and it was a good call. Went over to Happy Valley several times, taking things over for tomorrow's meal. They are hosting it because they have a huge table that we can all fit around. Alli and Nathan came and she and Susan and I watched a chick flick-Calendar Girls. It's really a chick flick. I hold my breath if the men in our household come around because they might see something they don't want to. But with all women in the room, there is this sense of feminine beauty and dignity. Unless I am just totally messed up, which I could be. Freeman went to Pa to pick up something from Bill G. and got caught in the traffic from a fatal accident with two people dying and then other accidents happening due to the back up. It was a lazier day and it was nice.

Sun.-Great church service. The Lucas's and Hughes came with us and the Everharts visited today too. We had lunch over at Happy Valley afterwards-pork bbq sandwiches, Calico beans, cole slaw, and dill pickles and ice cream. Sweet tea too. We played 'Pick One' and 'Tenzies' afterwards for awhile. Jessica was there as well and that was nice. She came here afterwards. Claire came over in the afternoon/eve. They're watching 'The Hobbit' which I cannot bear to watch. Give me Calendar Girls anyday.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hertzler Doings~June 15-21, 2015

Mon.-Picked green beans and did some outside work before the heat hit. Heat index 102 apparently. Cleaned the living room, especially the book shelf, game cupboard, and bench beside the door. Also tidied my bedroom a little and cleaned the entryway to the man cave in prep for Sat. The CA neighbors are coming in this eve. so I turned on the air conditioners in the bedrooms and made up one bed and cleaned the basement a little. Susan mowed and weed whacked over there and got a nice sunburn. Michael worked on the farm and took extra insulation back to Lynchburg. He and Jordan floated down the river on inner tubes this eve. Phil and Freeman got home and turned around and went to a board meeting at church. Philip went home to work on his house. Susan and I will probably watch a movie and try to cool down. The AC is running constantly. 60 % chance of thunderstorms tonight. We can always hope.

Well, it's Tuesday, the 22nd and I am just getting back on here. Had a busy week getting ready for the pig roast on Sat. the 20th. Lee University Traveling Choir was here thanks to their director, Chris Carneal, who is a friend of ours from church. We had storm after storm come blowing in and tents and food and people got wet. Some took cover in their cars, barns, garage, and our house. Some went home. The last one was like a hurricane and then there was one more after that when it just rained. Some friends stayed and cleaned up for us. Made a world of difference. I was in the house during the worst storm and Wendy Brynan comes bursting through the front door asking if she could help with something. I screamed and screamed. Freeman knew it might happen and all kept it a secret. They stayed and visited for awhile that evening. Also, Tim Schaeur came and brought Dennis and Holly Miller. Amos and Rowena and Matt and Melanie, Durell and Melanie, and all their children were here. There were at least 300 people here. Everyone seemed to have a great time in spite of the hourly storms. A rainbow settled over the farm at the end and an eagle flew over close by as we cleaned up Sunday eve after our Father's Day meal together. Susan and I stayed home from church. So exhausted. Slept off and on all day. It's the second year we were stormed out in a row. We are thinking of moving the date to September.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hertzler Doings~June 8-14, 2015

Mon.-Cleaned up outside. Took care of Nathan while Alli helped Susan clean Happy Valley. Went to 'IF' at Marva's in the eve. Asian theme. Took homemade egg rolls. Everything was wonderful and we had a great time. Stopped and picked up Teresa on the way. Rained earlier. Beautiful sunset.

Tues.-Cleaned up the cottage and barn and some porch clutter. Made supper and had Alli and Nathan over. Gator rides and Nathan stretched out his leg to relax just like he saw his daddy and granddaddy do earlier. So cute. We watched Sandlot. Guys got home late from Richmond.

Wed.-Michael mowed here. Susan worked at Happy Valley. I went with Lori K. to shop in Lynchburg. Ross and Kohl's were good to me. Got pig roast supplies plus other things at Sam's on Lori's card. Had lunch at Zoe's. So good. Worn out when got home and made a Sam's Club pizza and watched Hidalgo with Susan. Guys got home a little earlier than last night. Had a great time with Lori today.

Thurs.-Been waking up as early as Phil. Having good times of quiet with God and then working like crazy outside while it is not too hot. Mulched the front gardens and cleaned the back porch and scrubbed the shoes that were hanging around and put them all in a laundry basket out there.Worked in old house, watered the vegetables and flowers. Made quiche, egg salad, and wild turkey in the crock pot. Helped Susan by addressing thank you card envelopes. Alli and I took Nathan to the river and he wasn't sure about it at first but then we got him throwing stones which he did consistently for at least half an hour. He played in the sand too and we all had to wash off in the river and then came home and got cleaned up. They stayed for supper and Alli helped me change my profile picture. The guys got home and played with Nathan and then they went home, as did Philip. Susan worked at HV mulching all afternoon. Michael worked on his business, ordering labels, etc. and did some weed whacking. Phil checked HV because there is a final inspection tomorrow. Susan and I watched a Monk this eve. and Phil worked in the office.

Fri.-All roads lead to the pig roast at this point. I forgot to write down what I did. Oh, yes. Went to Dr. F. then to Farmville where I got ice, ice cream, and other things for pig roast.

Sat.-Took care of Nathan and cleaned our house.

Sun.-Great church service. Lunch at our house for family and JL. Watched a movie after taking Nathan for a gator ride. He no sleep. Phil went to find arrow heads in a field, Freeman and Alli took N home, Susan, J, and Michael went over to Philip's for a Chinese supper that he is making them, and I am home alone with an approaching thunderstorm and I love it. I love having people around. And I love to be alone.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hertzler Doings~June 1-7, 2015

It's Thursday eve. and my computer isn't accepting internet service this week, hence the late write up. I have windows of opportunity to face book, email, or write, and it's working now so I'm jumping on.

I've been to Bailey's auto service twice this week to get the rim of a tire ground down. It was flaking and was causing the tires to leak. I went Monday and Wed. and now the two back tires are as good as their going to get.  Got to see Michelle M. while I was out Wed.

Nathan turned One on the 3rd. He even had a little shirt on that said it was his first birthday. He was even sweeter than usual and at one point, he planted a wet sloppy kiss on my lips and just stayed there. Michael said, "Ew, Nathan. That's my mommy!"

Naomi called and they had to put Tink down. What a little Godsend he was. God will send another gift very soon.

It's been raining most of the week and we are grateful. I've been working on the old house and organizing the pig roast room. I helped Philip with his cupboards one evening and today, Michael and I made multi-colored bar swirled bar soap.  

The guys have been cleaning up the man cave because Chi Alpha kids are camping out here Friday night. I wonder if they have a back up plan if it rains.

The guys and Susan have been working over at Happy Valley. The Lucas's are coming on the 15th. Kathy and I need to practice our song for the Pig Roast. I got the CD yesterday.

Today I made the taco meat mix for Sunday's lunch and the Asian meat mix for Monday night's IF gathering. Also made pineapple bacon cheese ball dip. So good.

Friday afternoon, Chi Alpha kids from Longwood started coming. I think nearly 20 people were here for supper and there were some great people heading up the food and fellowship. We roasted hot dogs and s'mores. Tents were set up in our front yard and in back of the old house. Some slept through the night. Jessica L. and Michael made a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, biscuits, bacon, and cinnamon rolls. They went down to the river mid morning(Saturday) and packed up and left shortly after noon. We got ready to go to Nathan's party. One Year Old! Alli opened his gifts. It was good to see the Streams. Sara and Amber were there too as were Heidi and Ryan. Rob's mother was there. Bea. Came home. Susan mowed Happy Valley. Phil made hay. Philip moved. Michael worked on developing his business. I got eggs and watered chickens and emptied the dishwasher, and got ready for our family lunch tomorrow. Susan, Phil, and I, watched a movie but I went to bed soon after it started. Well, first I took a bath and wrote in my blog. Had a neat time talking with Hannah about a book study idea. She is such a good listener.